Wait….it’s already a year???

As the title says, i can’t believe it’s a year since I’ve been blogging already since I started from my blogspot. Wow. Time really flies fast.

Okay well, I first started blogging when I decided to make a otome game review blog on Blogspot. WordPress told me that my blog’s was one year old on 7 July, but my first post on blogspot was actually on 9 July, which basically means, I wanted to make this blog even before I posted something on blogspot haha. (ノ^∇^) My first post over there was Hakuouki, on the 9th of July, so I figured my anniversary date would be the 10th! Okay but still, I’m kinda late for my anniversary so yeah. Eitherway, let’s a have a runthrough through this year then!

Amazingly, this year, I did quite a few things, and some other things also happened. I’ll be including what happened on my blogspot too as well. Here’s a list then!

Events Which happened:

  • 9/4/13 – Blog officially started with barely any posts
  • 9/7/13 – First Review posted on Blogspot
  • 26/8/13 – Big move to WordPress
  • 26/10/13 – First time watching an anime movie in a cinema!!
  • 10/11/13 – Met Suwabe Junichi in person for the first time in my life, also first time meeting a seiyuu
  • 11/11/13 – Met Kimura Ryohei & Osaka Ryouta in person for the first time.
  • 23/12/13 – Got my Vita!!
  • 5/7/14 – Watched K project movie premier

Honestly, I find all these happenings quite big in my life, so I’m listing all of it down. Some of them may sound really, really dumb, but I still appreciate them since they were quite life-changing after all. Hope to have more interesting things happening in the next year!! In total, I’ve played 20 games this year~

Games reviewed & brief thoughts:


  • Hakuouki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~: The very first otome game I play, which was the localization, and brought me into the world of otome. I still love as the first game I played where I fell in love with all the characters, so I feel kinda sad towards the terrible milking it has.
  • Uta no Prince-Sama Repeat: The next game I got as a present, and it brought me further in and to love the series so much as I do right now. Really loved the remake after seeing how bad the CGs were in the original one.
  • Uta no Prince-sama Music: I loved the music game. It was terribly fun and I really got to love it, expanding my love for the series with the nice music =w=
  • Hakuouki ~Zuisuroku~: This fandisc was fun, even with the little content in it. I got the fluff out of all the characters, especially when I was still fan of the Hakuouki fanchise. Nice fandisc to add to the fun.
  • Uta no Prince-sama Amazing Aria: The Utapri fandisc for A Class. I still remember when I was blushing so hard at the Masato love end HAHAHA I STILL REMEMBER IT SO WELL. Also I can never forget the 60 year old voice 14 year old saotome. That was terribly hilarious imao.
  • Uta no Prince-sama Sweet Serenade: SEXY TIME. That’s all I remember from this fandisc. REN SEXY TIME. TOKIYA SEXY TIME. OH YEAH RYUYA SEXY TIME TOO LOL. Loved the sensei routes and pretty much everyone’s routes in this game. This fandisc was quite unforgettable in my opinion.
  • Toki no Kizuna ~Sekigahara Kitan~: The second 和風 game which I played, and its tougher than Hakuouki. I remember myself having no idea what the fuck was going on until the CG parts lol. I should go and play it one more time hehe. Although making it a prequel of hakuouki is rather lame, though.
  • Hakuouki ~Bakumatsu Musorouku~: LOL TERRIBLE HACK AND SLASH GAME. HOW DID IT GET A LOCALIZATION LOL. Eitherway this game was just terrible, the hack and slash was terrible tbh and the programming was terrible and it’s only a way to give fanservice and shti thats all.
  • Arcana Famiglia: Felicita is kickass awesome. I love her as a heroine a lot, and I really love all the characters in this game as well. Although Felicita was making some weird noises along with her having no dialogue, but I liked it a lot and the plot was nice.
  • Norn9: This game was wonderful despite the crazy loopholes and plotholes inside the endings. I seriously didnt touch the bad ends cuz they were weird. Really weird. Eitherway I really love this game, especially the characters. The sci-fi plot was really hilarious and my cup of tea to be honest. Also Natsuhiko~ (*´▽`*)
  • Hakuouki ~Remeiroku~: LONG ASS GAME. DARN YOU LONG ASS GAME. I tell you I pretty much spend half my weekends during this entire period to finish this shit where I just got gore, war facts and other stuff where I was falling asleep to. I even remember myself napping during Serizawa’s route on the couch!!!
  • BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~: GORE. TRAUMA. CRAZY DRAMA. WONDERFUL. The plot was wonderful in my opinion, I really loved it just that I couldn’t take the crazy characters. Although, I would love to study up more on their personalities really cuz I really like studying these things. This was such a good game that I’m playing the PSP version as well to get the most of it.
  • Uta no Prince-sama Debut: GET THE HOMO OUT OF MY FACE THANK YOU. The homo just terrified the hell out of me. To be honest the issue was just with the overwhelming amount of homo with rewrote all the parts which were supposed to be romantic moments. About the princes moping around: i dont think it’s that bad in my opnion. It’s just then growing into adults, and i feel that it’s essential for them to survive in the industry and stuff since they’re growing up and becoming better idols.
  • Dot Kareshi I: This was really fun and funny!! Although the perverted RPG dudes was kinda hilarious and kinda sexy at the same time to be honest. I really hope I can finish the other 2 discs soon!!
  • Arcana Famiglia FD: ASH IS MY BABY. Not as much as Pace, but still, THIS WAS SO CUTE AS EVER. It’s a very good fandisc for AF series as I really loved the series as a whole. Although I find the character development terrible for some, and maybe more for other characters.
  • Urakata Hakuouki: KOZUE IS BEST HEROINE FOR THE YEAR. She’s calm, she thinks things through when she has too, although she rages sometimes. I don’t find her that “blur” unlike some other heroines, although the pursuables are a different story. I feel that Katsura & Takasugi kinda plain in a way but hmmm….the character development for the other 2 was better.
  • Diabolik Lovers ~Limited V Edition~: Wow the abuse. This was really fresh in my opinion in terms of games, also the dummy head mic wow. this has a good story and crazy characters. sasuga rejet as per usual. Although the after stories are kinda….yeah.
  • Toki no Kizuna ~Hanayui Tsuzuri~: Fluffy. But I felt that formalities weren’t my cup of tea. I kinda felt the formalities were kinda too much except in Chitose’s and Senkimaru’s routes. I was looking for romance, and I got it. But, the problem is that the formalities were kinda too stiff for me in my honest opinion.

On to the Drama CDs, This year, I’ve reviewed 4 drama cds!!

Drama CDs I’ve reviewed & Translated:


  • Dialovers More Blood Vol 2: HAHA YOU LITTLE SHIT KOU. Yep he is a little shit, that’s all I have to say.
  • Dialovers More Blood Vol 3: Ruki is other shit who plays mind games with you. And makes you freak out cuz he’s heavy Do-S. That’s why I love him.
  • Norn9 Trio drama cd Vol 1: So fluffy!! I really like this one since there was so much fluff. And wow….character development in this thing. It was done good. They stretched Senri’s character really badly in this one. Along with Kakeru’s although he’s quite a bitch, but still, THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT (´▽`ʃƪ)
  • Dialovers More Blood Vol 4: Azusa you weirdo baka. He’s so cute, but if he wasn’t that weird I would love him a lot.

The year has been great, but sadly I have to say that my speed in terms of the games aren’t going to be very good. I’ve got a Vita, but I’m also using it for RPGs as well, and like I’ve said, My PSP’s terrible burnout. Also, I have my real life to attend to as well. I may be really slow for the translations nowadays, but I’ll try by best to clear out whatever I want to pots here. Also, my Drama CD reviews are not going to be so detailed anymore., and I’ll be reducing them to a summary since I barely have the time to sit down and write posts nowadays, and I tend to write a lot of posts on just one day and take super long post writing breaks. I tend to write from WordPress Mobile a lot as well so, I guess that’s how I try to making up for the lack of tiem I have in front of my computer to type things out!!

Also, I’ve been putting tons of banners on  the sidebar, so you guys can roughly see what I’m prolly gonna review so you guys can hope and guess what’s coming next xDD. But yeah,  I dont have an exact plan as to what I’m gonna play for the next year. I’ll try not to be that inactive as much as possible!!


This year’s best game winner. Although I may not really like the series anymore due to milking, but I still love it deep down.

Well the games this year have been giving me good and bad aftertastes as the same time. I’m not sure how to explain this, but yeah, this year has been filled with tons of experiences, and I had a lot of fun this while blogging. I’ve had bad and good aftertastes with everything, as well as getting infatuated with quite a few things.

I really felt that this year passed by to quickly. Maybe it’s 2014 which is passing too quickly, cuz I still remember playing the Arcana FD like it was yesterday!! Yeah, I wish I had more time to do more things though. Time just flies by so quickly, and before I know it I’m reaching a critical part of my life. I’m not sure how the going’s gonna be in the next year though, I just hope that things in my life could be more balanced out by next year. I really have not much to say, really. Just that, really, thank you reading my blog, I honestly didn’t think I’d get this far in the first place at all! Yep that’s pretty much all I have to say really, just Thank you so much for the support. With that, I’m signing off. Hope you guys look forward to my next review which is prolly Amnesia haha.

11 thoughts on “Wait….it’s already a year???

  1. Yssa

    Congrats on the anniversary! 20 games in a year is pretty good; I can’t even barely finish a game in month! haha XD I hope you’ll still find the time to play despite events irl :3
    Here’s for more otoge to come! Cheers!~

  2. Bunny

    Hello there! Congratulations on your one year anniversary! 😀 And omg, I have no idea you have me in your blogroll as well. It’s always nice to meet another otome gamer, so I’ll be adding you to my blogroll too if you don’t mind! ^^

  3. Hinano

    congrats on the one year. (*^_^*)
    and wow you met the Swab! How in the world did that happen, I’m so jelly 😦
    only otome game seiyuu I ever met was Kakihara Tetsuya lol. They never bring any decent guests to this side of the coast!

    1. Shuu Post author

      It happened due to the anime called Space Dandy lol. Animax had at a booth at the yearly convention over here and they brought him and Yurin over. The only thing is that I couldn’t get him to sign other things like my utapri debut game box as they were giving his and yurin’s autograph on pieces of paper sadly and they were just…passing then out lol.

      you can read this post if you want xDDD: https://ancientshining.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/afa-2013-day-2-saturday/

      1. Hinano

        whhhattt wtf that sucks. for kakki, the first day they let him sign anything (most people came with fairy tail stuff except me and my Amnesia lmao)…but yea 2nd day they would only let him sign the gundam crap. I hate when people use voice actors to sell shit like that. it only makes me hate the franchise.

      2. Shuu Post author

        Tbh I find that the cons are kinds over promoting gundam when not that many people like it anymore. Well sadly for my events they barely let you interact sadly.

  4. kirinano

    Congratulations on the one year. It seems like you reviewed quite a lot of stuff in a year. HOW DO YOU DO IT!? ahah I don’t know how some otome gamers do it. I know I can’t. I try, but it doesn’t work out (*Ծ﹏Ծ). I’ll be looking on what wonders you’ll be reviewing in the future~

    And it’s nice how you got to meet them seiyuus! For some reason, I always go on the wrong days lol. I’m not committed enough to go to the convention for all days orz.

    1. Shuu Post author

      Ah I was quite on a roll last year neglecting my rpg backlog but yeah this year i’ve been quite slow. I’ve been trying to catch up on that backlog as well as clearing my otome game backlog plus studies.

      Well for conventions I guese its probably cuz of the distance? Singapore’s quite small, so getting to conventions dont take that much time really so I can go on 2 days.


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