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Sengoku Night Blood

When hakuouki, diabolik lovers, and touken ranbu are put into a blender, you get the hot mess called Sengoku Night Blood, Senbura for short. Senbura is a mobile game created by Otomate and Marvelous. Otomate decided that it’ll be a great idea to earn a quick buck or two by following the crowd and blending all their games which sold like hot cakes to the masses. Eitherway, the story of Senbura is of a girl, who I shall name MC, landing into the world of Shinga, which so happens to be made of VAMPRIES and WEREWOLVES. They also so happen to be hot warlords from the Sengoku Era who are trying to take over the country. More shit under the cut. Continue reading


Onmyouji by NetEase Games

So the game was hyping in my country quite a bit as I heard the character designs of the game were pretty as hell, and guess what, I tried it and and promptly slipped down the hell called Onmyouji. Onmyouji is a “fantasy turn-based rpg”, which tells the story of Abe no Seimei, in the fictional world of probably, feudal Japan. He meets quite a few interesting characters along the way, and that’s so much of the story I can get into. The game is made by NetEase games, a company which actually manages operations of quite a few popular western games like Overwatch, in China. The game is currently available in Chinese and Japanese, but I’m playing the Chinese version. Further details will be under the cut. Continue reading

Gossip Girl: PARTY Review

I’ve been playing Gossip Girl by Voltage for a very long time now, and I finally got down into reviewing the game officially after collecting all my overall thoughts of the game and after briefly playing the JP Version. The plot of Gossip girl is simple. You, the MC, moves into the Upper East Side, and into the privileged lives of the characters of Gossip Girl, meeting the hot guys in town and fall in love with them. Crudely speaking from one of my friends, “dating rich guys, everyone’s dream”. Enough starter blabbering, let’s get on with the review. Just a note, this entire review will be spoiler free due to Voltage Party’s policy of not sharing spoilers of their PARTY games.

DISCLAIMER: Blur ass me didn’t know of Gossip Girl’s stopping updates until 28 Sep, so a portion of this review may or may not be valid. I will cross over parts which are invalid, since I didn’t want my effort to go to waste when I wrote this review already. :’D

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