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Collar x Malice

Hoshino Ichika is a new police officer working to hear the concerns of the people in the streets on Shinjuku, now dangerously quiet due to the ongoing X-Day incidents committed by the terrorist group Adonis. One day on her way home one night, she gets knocked out and wakes up to have a collar put on her by the same terrorist group, who demands her to investigate the X-Day incident along with a bunch of ex-policemen who are currently running a detective agency. What will happen to Ichika? More under the cut. Continue reading


Brothers Conflict ~Passion Pink~

The story is about how our heroine, Ema, who is living with her dad when her dad decides to remarry!! So in order not to disturb them, she decides to move in with her new siblings at a mansion called sunrise mansion! However, for some reason her new stepmom has a shit ton and sons so she’s got a 13 new brothers now, but she’s only living with 11 of them. The ages pretty much range from 31-12 and characters are completely different, and Passion Pink covers 7 of these brothers. Continue reading

K Project -Missing Kings-

As the name says, yes. I went to the K -missing kings- premier, and watched the entire thing in a cinema. This is the 2nd time im watching an anime movie in a cinema, and im writing a spoiler free review for this. I watch the anime, the cast is crazy good so why not? ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ
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Dot Kareshi I: We’re 8-bit Lovers ~Densetsu no Otome~

Dot Kareshi is a 3-game series by Rejet which is set in the world of an RPG game. The heroine is pretty much you, a person who’s completely addicted to the RPG game “Unlimited Quest” and grinded all your party members to the max level. However you suck at this game so bad with the quests that your party members are all angry at you so they use a game bug to drag you into to redeem yourself. Sadly because of you all of your characters are all perverted, so you somehow have to bear with them. More Spoilers under the cut.  Continue reading