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Arcana Famiglia ~Festa Regalo!~

Arcana Famiglia Festa Regalo is pretty much a Utapri Music 1 & 2, where you play a simple cooking game to unlock scenarios and such. The story begins one day when Feli wants to cook, and when her daughtercon dad Mondo finds out about it he rages and says that he wants to eat her cooking. He then announces that he’s getting his mafia gang to battle it out in a cooking battle and they all have to participate. The prize for winning is getting his authority for 1 day. Feli then has to partner up with one of her mans to gather ingredients and cook up something to please the judges. Continue reading


Arcana Famiglia ~Vascello Phantasma no Majutsushi~

Well I figured that I would be moving on to the fandisk of the Arcana since Amnesia was pretty cheap in my region. This game introduces a new Character, Ash, and some extra plot stuff inside this game. Everything’s fine on Regalo, but there’s been a mysterious near Regalo, so everyone’s worried. Suddenly one day Ash comes crashing into their base, stealing all the Taroco, as well as Feli. He drags her up to the Phantom Ghost Ship and gives the cards to guy named Joshua, but he contracts with Justice and turns into a skeleton.

At the same time Ash also contracts with the Magician, and suddenly skeletons start appearing on the trip. Feli’s man harem comes to save her, but they get into the fog and they get all separated. Feli then ends up with one of the menz, and the menz she’s with is her lover yeah. Continue reading

Arcana Famiglia ~La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia~

I decided to start on Arcana Famiglia since I watched the anime and got interested about it. Besides, we have a badass heroine who kicks but almost every time. Again, I got too lazy to do any endings apart from Ending 1, which is the best ending so you’ll only get that. Unless I bother trying to go and find every ending so I’ll just take the best. So well our heroine, Felicita is the daughter of a mafia boss and is living on a small Island named Regalo. She’s gets to boss around and kick everyone around her and they are apparently…..Italian. So one day it’s her daddy’s birthday, and he says he’s planning on retiring. He decides to hold an event called the Arcana Duello and picks 7 guys with the powers of the Tarocco to participate. The winner gets to marry Felicita and gets the title of the boss of the family. Of course our heroine doesn’t want to sit back and be a housewife, so she decides to train to become stronger. Continue reading