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Diabolik Lovers ~Lost Eden~ Mukami Routes + Final Thoughts

After the passing of Karl Heinz, the Mukamis are left with no one to rely on after themselves. Seeing the Demon World fall to chaos while the Sakamakis aren’t able to enter the Demon World, they take things into their hands to protect the home that they were raised in: Karl Heinz’s Castle, Eden. After a run in with Kino and seeing how demons are gonna attack Yui left and right since she’s Eve, they decide to keep her safe while protecting their childhood home that Karl Heinz left behind. Continue reading


Diabolik Lovers ~Lost Eden~ Sakamaki Routes

After the passing of Karl Heinz, one of the Sakamaki brothers receives his powers and becomes the leader of the family, technically turning into the leader of the vampires. However, the power within him is still unstable and they’re unable to enter the Demon World due to that. With the instability within the different races, as well as the powers they have to keep in check, Yui now has to support her man while they (try to) get the Demon World to settle down, while keeping Kino away because he’s after that very power. Continue reading

Diabolik Lovers ~Lost Eden~ Tsukinami Routes

For the Tsukinamis, they’re pretty much on their own doing their own thing. With the death of Karl Heinz, the Tsukinamis have been bombarded with requests from other clans to form alliances, but Carla’s reluctant to do so since they pride themselves as First Bloods. Since the First Bloods don’t work with anyone, the two decide to take the demon world for themselves, seeing the state of conflict the world in. Yui, being pretty much part of them now follows along with their decision. Continue reading

Diabolik Lovers ~Lost Eden~ Kino Route

And here with have the next game in the trashy vampire series, Diabolik Lovers. Karl Heinz has passed on and has his powers passed on to one of his sons, one of the Sakamaki bros. Being unable to control his powers, the Sakamakis choose to stay in the Human World, but the Demon World is slowly falling to chaos with the lack of a powerful leader. Meanwhile, a new group of rebels, the Ravens, are coming together to take over the Demon World, led by a new vampire introduced to the game, Kino. This post will be all about him, and it’s slightly long for a summary I do so do bear with me! Spoilers are underneath! Continue reading