AFA 2013 – Day 2 Saturday

I ended up not playing any otome games except for Utapri on the go, but I did go to a crazy Anime event of the year!! Yep, it’s the time for Anime Festival Asia in Singapore! No really, I had loads of fun today, and I don’t regret coming to this year’s festival. Okay there were tons of things and tons of events so I am just going to cover the guests first.

If you see Suwabe and Kimura, I'm not kidding. They really are coming. More like, I met Suwabe already.

If you see Suwabe and Kimura, I’m not kidding. They really are coming. More like, I met Suwabe already.

Yeah, it’s mostly cosplayers and stuff, not much of a big deal tho. BUT THE SEIYUUS. OH GOD THE SEIYUUS. Also, we have the singers and stuffs here:

WOW THANKYep. I wanted to go to Valvrave night, Yeahh but I couldn’t *SOBS HEAVILY IN A CORNER* because of cash problems.

As per usual the event was crazily packed as shit; and I really hate SQUEEZING INTO CROWDS THANK SO IT WAS A BIG, GIANT SQUASH. You know I really wanna get into the good stuff but yeah, complain first, then we get to the good stuff. Either way my sis had helped the 2 of us buy early tickets on Friday, so we had no problem trying to get into the event early. I’m actually glad that we arrived at 8am, 1hr before the gates opened, and the crowds weren’t as big compared to the afternoon and evening. However, WE HAD TO QUEUE SO EVERYONE ENDED UP SITTING ON THE FLOOR AS ORDERED BY THE PEOPLE TO LIKE PRIMARY SCHOOL KIDS AND TRY AND KILL TIME. Good thing was, it was really orderly tho, and I managed to work on Cecil’s route a bit.


Yeah we always have to start with the loots no questions about it really.

No really. It was SNK haven at the art section, and I didn't even dare lookg anywhere else cuz it was all SNK

No really. It was SNK haven at the art section, and I didn’t even dare look anywhere else cuz it was all SNK, so it was biased towards seiyuus.

I pretty much bought loads of stuff that I didn’t expect to be there, and not buying stuff that was expected to have there. Yeah, I’m into harem animes thanks to my male friends, so I try to get some harems stuffs, but none of them had harem stuffs cuz it was all sold to the men. So I ended up getting all the stuff more related to otome games orz. Also, I’m gonna show ur seriously detailed pics on the loots I got so continue reading.



  • Suzumura Kenichi – All Right
  • Okamoto Nobuhiko – Palette
  • Ono Daisuke – Downstairs
  • T.M. Revolution x Nana Mizuki – Preserved Roses

No really, I wasn’t expecting any of the CDs sung by seiyuus to appear in stores. NEVER. I expected Preserved Roses to be there cuz the featured anime this year was Kakumeki Valvrave, so Preserved Roses was a must-buy for me. For the other albums, it was pretty much a coincidence that while queuing up for the ODEX booth I was looking at the ads on the walls of the booth on what they sold, and I came across Lantis. Yeah my sis was pretty much expecting it to be some promotional ad but when we went in WE FOUND OUT THEY WERE SELLING ALBUMS I WAS SO DAMM HAPPY. Since the other stuff inside the booth were pretty much what I didn’t want, we settled on those 3 albums. (although there was Trignal Album ARRGGHHH I CANT DECIDE)

Anyway our purchases totaled up to $100++ thanks to Japanese yen being higher then SGD so we had to pay more. then we found out that purchasing $100 at the booth would entitle us to a autograph session with Junichi Suwabe I TOOK IT.  (okay more on that later we’re still talking about loots.


Folder and pencilboard

Left to right: Shinonono Houki from Infinite Stratos File, Kai Toshiki from Cardfight!! Vanguard Pencil Board. and Jinguji Ren Prince Summer File


Masato and Ren fan-made badges, Cecillia from Infinite Stratos fan made badge, Suzugamori Ren fomr Cardfight!! Vanguard

Masato and Ren fan-made badges, Cecillia from Infinite Stratos fan made badge, Suzugamori Ren fomr Cardfight!! Vanguard

How should I put it, I didn’t buy doujins or art because they’re weren’t to my taste cuz it was fully SNK. Also, there were too many Utapri fan-made badges to the level where I had a hard time choosing the badges I wanted. Official goods and over stuffs weren’t needed (to me) and not to my taste at all. I really wanted a figure, but cash problems so yeahhh.


Yeah there were events like meeting with the cosplayers and such, and a talk session with directors of some anime, but I didn’t buy the stage tickets so I didn’t really go to the director talks. Also I wasn’t really interested in the famous cosplayers so I really didn’t give a care. The one thing which really glowed at me was the MEETING WITH jUNICHI SUWABE AND YURIN for Space Dandy. (I’m pretty sure it’s a gag anime no doubts about it) It was by Animax and it was held on the stage. However I wanted to get sth good out of Suwabe-san coming, so I went to redeem the ticket for the autograph session ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪

I also went for the Mini Stage event but 10mins after it started I got fed up with all the rabid fangirls in front and I ended up not being able to see anything. So I ended up doing the autograph session instead WHICH WAS MUCH MORE FUN WHERE U GET TO SEE FANGIRLS LOOK AT U IN ENVY. Too bad photography wasn’t allowed for privacy issues so that wasn’t really nice for me. Okay Suabe-san was so hot okay and I somehow managed to keep myself civilised until I ran out with the Autograph. No really it was so darn awkward to the level I almost couldn’t spout out the japanese line I was supposed to say to the both of them. So I managed to spout it out and when Suwabe returned it with his nice smile and a “arigato” I was pretty much \(*T▽T*)/ワーイ♪ internally.

And I ended up getting a nice autograph on the card for space dandy:SAMSUNG CSC


The cosaply was great overall, and I found tons of characters being cosplayed and I was really happy. There’s nothing much to talk about on this topic, so I’ll do a pic spam.

If you see your cosplay in this photo gallery and you would like me to take it down/credit it (since I don’t know you guys), I’ll be glad to do so if you really don’t want it on the net. Just put a comment there stating how u want me to credit it/want me to delete it, and I’ll immediately do so.

Also I will be attending the Kimura Ryohei Event on later today (because by the time this is posted its past midnight  xDDD) and it might turn out into a conference so if you wanna ask questions this is pretty much your only chance to do so!!! Yeah so I need to sleep for AFA next day so look forward to my next post.  It’s over already so im striking this out.


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