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[Translation] 決めたよHand in Hand + ダイスキだったらダイジョウブ!Lyrics

So if you thought my previous translation was the last of my dumb Love Live translations on this otome game blog, you were wrong! I’m back with yet another translation from the Love Live series, this time the Sunshine series. In commemoration of Sunshine giving me feels from episode 3, I will be translating the 2nd years single! I love both the songs a lot, especially Daisuki dattara Daijoubu, which brought tears to my eyes when it played throughout the episode. Kimetayo Hand in Hand is such a upbeat song which I really love too. As such, let’s get on with the translation! As per usual, I will not be providing romaji for the songs. Continue reading


[Translation] MOMENT RING & さようならへさよなら!Lyrics

I guess everyone was expecting another review from me….but well…..11 guys in Utapri…..(I swear I’m almost done don’t kill me please) If you guys do check out my Twitter I’ve been raving about Love Live for quite a while, and since μ’s is coming to end, they made a final single where I have so much feels for. So, I decided to make a translation of both songs in the final single! For Love Live fans who happen to chance this little blog of mine for translations, these songs have a lot of feels. At the same time, I don’t always do lyrics so I will not be proving Romaji. Japanese lyrics & translations will be under a cut! Continue reading