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Format Change & Slow Updates

I think I haven’t been posting much, so it’s time for a small update. I guess? I just updated my background yesterday with a much cleaner(?) and clearer(?) design, so that’s one new thing. I’m not changing much of my theme, since I actually still like this one.

The lack of posts, again.

School always is eating up at my time, unfortunately. And the fact that I have a long backlog of remaining posts isn’t actually helping to improve my motivation to type more. I’ve actually been focusing more on studies more recently, and the early years for me I was actually neglecting studies to work my way up. (or something.) I was posting a lot, but now I’m just taking it easy, hoping to manage everything slowly. Due to the huge amount of posts I have to finish, I have decided that Ken ga Kimi Long Summaries will be on hold. I understand that people would want to know more about the plot, but the length I have to type is tiring me out. I will be posting a spoiler-free review soon, and get the individual summaries out slowly. Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate posts will continue as they are much easier on my sanity to write, so there’s that. I’m hoping to clear Dance with Devils soon, so I can get out a newer review. As for now, games I’m planning to finish before July are MoshiKami, Scared Rider Xechs and hopefully, Black Wolves Saga Last Hope. For information on the formatting of posts and why Ken ga Kimi is on hold, its below.

Post style changes

I’ve always been very indecisive over the format of my posts, whether I wanted the post to be long summaries, short summaries, or a just spoiler-free ones. With the range of reviews I’ve been doing recently, I honestly have some groundwork for game reviews at least. Not sure if I’m still going to do more drama cd reviews, just like in my starting days where I actually posted a lot. So here’s roughly the format for types of posts. For my normal otome game reviews, it will be summaries posted in one whole posts, just a few paragraphs summarising the entire game. This will be normal for DwD and Moshikami. However, in the case of games which have too many dudes for their own good, like Utapri and Dialovers, they will be split so it looks cleaner. It will be something like the latest Dialover DF post.

For series which I really like to be detailed about, they will be in long summaries. As of current Ken ga Kimi is the only one like that so it will slowly be posted. Just, really slowly. These reviews can be up to 10k words long per guy and recently I have no mood to do it. I will be posting a spoiler-free review directly before doing summaries, so people can have an insight if it was good. Lastly, I’ve started posting quite a few announcement posts, mainly for rejet, because I really like them and love to cover their announcements. They’re also to make the blog more lively than collect dust with no new reviews.

That’s all for now I guess; hopefully I’ll get that KgK Spoiler-Free review out soon!



The First Post of 2016: A round up of end-2015

Happy Belated New Year! Or maybe not as Chinese New Year is coming around the corner……. As the amazing procrastinator I am regarding this blog since my huge exams last year, I finally found the mood to collate a post of all the things that’s happened at end 2015. This technically means that I’m just covering 2 events: AFA2015 & Cosfest Christmas 2015. Also, an update on what I want to do for this year. (I mean, finish my backlog of games before my anniversary or my 3rd anniversary will be even drier xD) I’ll keep this under a cut; also I believe for people who thoroughly enjoyed AFA2015, please dont read the AFA section because its a salt post regarding it. I hate to say this, but this will be quite the salt post for that. The featured image is from hereContinue reading

Update Post: What’s going on & Giveaway!

I did explain this at the beginning of the year, but I’ll be talking about it again. I had left this blog on a semi-hiatus from the beginning of the year to focus on my studies for my exams this year. And look, we’re already reaching the end of my exams! So I figured that it would be a good time to work on a reivew that has been hanging since 2 months ago which I halfway wrote. And there, we have my reason as to why I finally posted my DLMB review! Will be putting this under a cut as it’s too long haha.
Continue reading

Crap, its 2 years??! Oh no????!

Wow, I can’t believe this is the 2nd year I’m running this blog. Thanks to my friend, who I’ll be crediting her later, she has made my blog a logo!!! I will be updated the blog with the updated logo soon! Well, I guess I’ve been slow in posting recently due to a lot of things happening, but first, a rundown of what happened in this entire year of blogging! Continue reading

Happy New Year! And of course, an update on the future of this blog.

No don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a bad news thing. It’s not that my blog’s closing down or anything, just that I’ll have to explain what’s going on recently. If you’ve realised, i’ve been throwing one review after another, that I’m pretty sure my readers are wondering what happened to me? Did a robot take over this blog. Lol no im kidding it was me typing this all this while xD. I haven’t covered much things lately, and I would like to cover everything in one shot, and of course, announcements. Continue reading

What to Review next?

As you realise, I’ve been very slow in terms of reviewing otome games, and thus I haven’t been posting new reviews every now and then. The reason to this is because lately I’ve been cooped up doing my schoolwork, so I don’t have much time to sit down, and play my PSP in front of my com like I used to. My PSP as I said before, has been on a terrible burnout where the battery runs out in like 30mins just running a umd. With this, I’m pretty much stuck to playing psp games at home, whereas for my psvita, I can constantly play it outside. I even preordered Re:Vice d!!

Eitherway the main point of this post is to tell everyone that I probably won’t be able to churn out another review until late July or something, but I have a few things which are currently in the burner which I want to review. There are a few phone games, as well as a few drama cds I would like to review. Also, I would like to show some of my recent merchandise!! I recent ordered the utapri silver dust plug, a lip on my prince drama cd, and got my utapri figure!!!


Therefore, I would like you guys to vote what you want me to review!!

GHP, Amnesia V Ed. & Updates

I havent been posting personal posts lately, and I just have the time to write a short post. Lately school has been overwhelming me a lot and exams are coming, so I barely have the time to play otome games cept when I go out and play with my vita which has more power than my psp since my psp battery is on a weird burnout. Well I figured that I would be getting GHP and ended up ordering it expecting it to come in a month or so while I finish brocon….but it came in a week after I ordered it O.o Well whatever, looks like I wont be ordering anything until im done with some games i guess.

DSC_0328                                         DSC_0326


Also, I got Amnesia V Edition, and I’m in the midst of playing it right now along with trying to clear the FD for Toki no Kizuna. The mini games are really funny to play with especially scissors-paper-stone where I beat Toma 13-0 HAHA.

DSC_0329   DSC_0330

(Guess what, i’m already done with Shin’s route oops~)

Also, I have some announcements to make regarding the blog, since my exams are coming VERY VERY SOON. I probably won’t be finishing the Toki Fd anytime soon since my exams start on 5 May, and I can’t afford to slack. I’m probably thinking of clearing Chitose’s route throughout the exams as study breaks, and I’ll play my top 2 + omakes after the exams. (*´▽`*)Well I guess I’ll shall do a preview of what im going to play in order, but as per usual PC will be the slowest backlog.

PSP Games Toki FD -> Brocon -> Nise no Chigiri -> GHP -> Jyuzaengi (lol 和風 game)
PS Vita Amnesia V Ed. -> Steins; Gate (surprise xDDD) -> Moujitsukai to Oujisama
PC Dot Kareshi II -> Dot Kareshi III -> Dousei Kareshi Butterfly Lip -> Tiny x Machine Gun

I’m planning on trying to find time before the holidays start to finish up both dot kareshis, since it didn’t take very long to clear the first one anyway, and I’m already into the common route by quite a bit. I’ll try to finish Disc II at least, or maybe even try doing Disc III. Another case is the question where I will play Hakuouki SSL, but I’m still considering since my PS vita backlog is a snail (then my pc backlog is a sloth xDDDDD), and I went to read Amazon reviews….and they weren’t very good. It was an average of 3 stars O_O. Well there are other people out there who are planning to play SSL, so I’m still considering here and there if it’s really worth the cash, since it’s about $66 for the regular edition!!.

Yep that’s about it. I’ll post another review soon in May, and I hope to clean my backlog faster at least!! xDDDD

Merry Christmas!!

I guess this is pretty late for me since it’s 2 hours before the end of 25 December, but yeah, I’ll wish all my follower a Merry Christmas. I just started out only for a while, so thank you for all the support so far, so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! The most I’ll do is to just do a rundown on my progress.

Finished will be in Bold, In-progress is in Italics.

  • Utapri Debut: Cecil, Tokiya, Otoya, Natsuki, Syo, Ren, Masato
  • Dot Kareshi: Common Route, Priest, Magician, Thief, Hero
  • Dialovers V Edition: Ayato, Kanato, Laito, Shu, Reiji, Subaru

Yep thats all for now yeah, the try my best to write the Utapri debut post before the end of the year, so see you guys for now!!