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Dot Kareshi II: We’re 8bit Lovers! ~Tenku no Kiss~

Yes after pretty much a year after finishing the first one, I finally return with the second game. Just, don’t ask why this took so long. As I said, I’m a sloth at PC games and with my overloaded backlog, I don’t really have to motivation to do this sometimes. This time I’m back with the next round of 8bit mans, which includes a Paladin, Monk, Dancer & Beast Tamer. However this time, the trouble this, this entire “sucked into game thing” ISNT a bug!! The game god tells you that lol the makers ain’t gonna care even if you complain cuz this was all part of it! More spoilers under the cut. Continue reading


Diabolik Lovers ~Limited V Edition~

Hearing about this game I was pretty much like “Eww no” and tried to avoid this game like the wind but yeah I figure I’d watch the anime. However before that I got more & more intrigued thanks to my favourite seiyuus appearing in the fandisk so I decided to give the drama cds a try and before I knew I was in love with the Mukamis. but obviously I couldn’t ignore the Sakamakis so I figured i watch the anime. But yeah I pretty much took the anime adaptation with a grain of salt so I figured: play the game!! After finding out that there was extra stuff inside the PSVITA version I decided to play this. Enough of my backstory of how I meet this game so yeah time to get to the plot seriously.

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Diabolik Lovers MORE, BLOOD ドS吸血 CD Vol 4 Review ~Mukami Azusa~

Finally I’ve hit Vol 4 but lol but I’m not done with all my reviews yet cuz I still have like tons of stuff to finish up. Besides my Drama CD AND Otome game backlogs are crying and weeping at me so after I finish this review I will be taking my own time with Norn9 Trio drama CD until I’ve completed the games that I need to urgently complete.

Azusa was the first dude I got attracted too since I’m a fan of Kishio Daisuke, and this was the disc which brought me into Dialovers, and he’s such a sweetheart that he holds a special place in my heart now. Azusa’s the Do-S and Do-M among all the Mukami bros, and he often wants Yui to cut and stab him. He sounds pretty much like a weirdo and such but yeah, he’s a cute one to me. Continue reading

Dot Kareshi I: We’re 8-bit Lovers ~Densetsu no Otome~

Dot Kareshi is a 3-game series by Rejet which is set in the world of an RPG game. The heroine is pretty much you, a person who’s completely addicted to the RPG game “Unlimited Quest” and grinded all your party members to the max level. However you suck at this game so bad with the quests that your party members are all angry at you so they use a game bug to drag you into to redeem yourself. Sadly because of you all of your characters are all perverted, so you somehow have to bear with them. More Spoilers under the cut.  Continue reading

BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Gullian Guinor

At last, I’m finally reaching the end of Bloody Nightmare. Gullian’s route is only unlocked if you clear both ends for Rath, but he’s actually worthwhile doing so!! Gullian’s very violent, in a way where he wants to kill all his enemies, but he’s actually a ball of cute!! He’s pretty much like a kid every time, but his childishness actually makes him cute. Okay lets leave it at that and get on with the review, shall we? Continue reading

BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Arles V Felnoir

After Rath, I’m moving towards Arles. Arles is the leader of the wolves, and he’s the biggest among all of them, and he looks super fluffy!!! He’s also Rath’s older brother, but he lost contact with Rath because he became a knight in the castle. However, due to the Elvira-Mejojo incident, he felt the castle, and made a new cover name for himself. Continue reading

Diabolik Lovers MORE, BLOOD ドS吸血 CD Vol 3 Review ~Mukami Ruki~

Yeah so my craziness continued to the next disc, because of the seiyuu, and the character as well. Mukami Ruki is the oldest of the Mukami bros, and commands them to do whatever he wants. He never does the dirty work, and leaves to his younger bros to do. Voiced by Sakurai Takahiro, he is a very kind person outside, but there’s a side of brutality he’s hiding from everyone. Reminds me of Mejojo of BWS ∑(O_O;) Okay he isn’t but his voice DOES SOUND LIKE MEJOJO, Ruki’s the more….gentle one among the bros. Okay I shall explain this in the reviews. Continue reading

BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Rath Vogart

Rath is a young wolf of his race, and he has silver hair, AND FRICKIN FLUFFY EARS I WANNA TOUCH THANKS TO MY BIASNESS. Also he has a eye patch on his left eye thanks to Zodiva infecting him and that eye has lost it’s sight. He barely talks to anyone, since he isn’t able to trust anyone at all because he thinks that he’ll be rejected as a wolf. He tends to show his feelings through his actions, and he can never explain them properly.  Continue reading