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Brothers Conflict ~Passion Pink~

The story is about how our heroine, Ema, who is living with her dad when her dad decides to remarry!! So in order not to disturb them, she decides to move in with her new siblings at a mansion called sunrise mansion! However, for some reason her new stepmom has a shit ton and sons so she’s got a 13 new brothers now, but she’s only living with 11 of them. The ages pretty much range from 31-12 and characters are completely different, and Passion Pink covers 7 of these brothers. Continue reading


BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Julian

As we know, Julian’s the gardener of the garden that Fiona lives in, and secretly is the crown prince of Weblin. Although he ain’t a prince anymore. He’s pretty much simply sweet, and is the person who spends the most time talking to Fiona when she was living in the castle. He isn’t good with a sword either, and just wants a peaceful life. FYI I’m actually going to complete this in the different groups from Nekos, Humans and then wolves. Continue reading