Brothers Conflict ~Passion Pink~

The story is about how our heroine, Ema, who is living with her dad when her dad decides to remarry!! So in order not to disturb them, she decides to move in with her new siblings at a mansion called sunrise mansion! However, for some reason her new stepmom has a shit ton and sons so she’s got a 13 new brothers now, but she’s only living with 11 of them. The ages pretty much range from 31-12 and characters are completely different, and Passion Pink covers 7 of these brothers.

This game was fucking tough and my motivation was almost drained out because of it, but thanks to this guide I was able to make a few smooth runs…..except for Subaru, Hikaru & Tsubaki. Subaru was just because i missed a CG cuz I picked the wrong option, but I have a few mini tips here. Also, another thing is that I really got fed up with the entire thing so i just stopped after I finished all the individual routes and I didn’t finish the family end so this is kidna incomplete…..but I don’t want to give a fuck anymore honestly. I’ll explain why in my final thoughts.

  • To get Hikaru’s route, you need to start over a new game after playing 1 route, then his first even will activate on 29/10. If you see a pink star icon beside the image when you save, means that you can get the event.
  • For Tsubaki, you need to bond with Azusa. Tsubaki’s event 3, [2人の姿], will not activate unless you have 1 heart with Azusa. If you don’t trigger this event, you will not get the Tsubaki love end. Do be careful though, don’t raise Azusa’s affection too high if you want the love end.

Subaru (CV: Ono Daisuke)

BCPP_0052Subaru is the really socially awkward brother who’s never fallen in love before. He’s 19 and he’s studying in university with a mad passion for basketball. He got into basketball thanks to reading some basketball manga in Tsubaki’s room lol. Ema first crashes into him at the 2nd floor bathroom when both of them half naked causing Subaru to turn red in complete embarrassment. (sucks for you dude, Subaru you virgin lol.) Ema goes to see his practice matches with Yusuke with him fanboying over his older brother being so cool. At the family vacation on Miwa’s private island, Ema almost drowns when Subaru grabs her when he realises he’s groping her boobs and drop her back into the water lol. (ノ^∇^) The key thing that happens is on his 20th birthday, when Subaru gets drunk while drinking with Tsubaki, Azusa & Kaname when Ema sees him on the floor, and he tells her to stay with him, and falls on top of her!! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ Subaru ends up confesing, kisses her and soon falls asleep after that. ♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪ Tsubaki & Azusa soon come to save the day to get him off her and the next few days Subaru get super awkward around her and soon apologises to her.  Eitherway midway through the route Ema finds out that she’s not her dad’s kid, and she was adopted!! Ema breaks down soon after finding out that her dad ain’t actually her dad, but Subaru comes to calm her down. This will happen in everyone’s route so I’m not gonna go into details and leave it at that.

BCPP_0060Sadly Subaru’s basketball gets worse since he can’t seem to shoot 3-pointers as per usual and continues practicing, and even takes Ema with him one day!! Although, he denies the fact that he ain’t doing well. He also tells Ema the reason why he wanted to play basketball, thanks to a manga xDDD. On Christmas eve, Ema ends up watching a DVD anime together with some of the brothers, where she soon falls asleep on the couch. Somehow Subaru appears in the living room when Tsubaki & Kaname tell him to carry Ema back to her room. Subaru does so, but her ends up blushing like hell, as well as getting teased by Tsubaki & Kaname to make some “good christmas memories” LOL. ヾ| ̄ー ̄|ノ ワーイ♪ヾ| ̄ー ̄|ノ ワーイ♪ Ema soon wakes up while he’s searching her pockets for her room keys which ends up with him blushing and running away saying that she should be able to get into her room herself since she’s a awake. However, Subaru’s condition continues to worsen as he plays basketball with Yusuke one day, and turns out he might be removed from the startup line due to him not shooting 3-pointers, and turns out the cause was Ema. Subaru continues trying to deal with it by himself, and Yusuke tells Ema to try and help him, at least by staying with him. It turns out that the reason why Subaru’s basketball was getting worse was because he can’t control his overwhelming feelings for Ema! Turns out he’s got his feelings for Ema all messed up, and takes her out another day to practice and he actually get the ball in!!

BCPP_0062At the ending, Ema tells Subaru that she’s planning to go to Subaru’s university, where he starts getting all happy and starts blushing. He then gets Ema to go to the championship match where he tell her that he’s gonna play for her, and does really well with Ema cheering on. ワーイ。(⌒∇⌒。)三(。⌒∇⌒)。ワーイ Yusuke also tell her to be with Subaru, and runs away, prolly crying cuz of his crush on Ema. After winning, Subaru confesses to Ema, saying that he’s in love with her, and asks her to watch all his matches as he’s going to play his matches at top condition for her. A week later, he takes Ema out to watch a pro basketball game where he talks about he wants to pro a someday, and Ema tells him that he’ll get there someday. He then hugs her, and says that he really loves her, and asks her to stay by his side. ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪ In the extra Epilogue, Ema keeps trying to ask Subaru out on a date but he’s too busy, when Tsubaki, Rui tell him that someone confessed to her at school. Subaru completely freaks out over this and he takes her to his room, and apologises to Ema for ignoring her. He ends up kissing her only on the forehead, and Ema looks at him saying how cute he is, and he kisses her on her lips. ヽ( ´¬`)ノ ワ〜イ Well tbh this route felt really weird in terms of the story flow cuz how did Subaru become from blushing to “I LOVE YOU” like that? Okay maybe I just forgot or something but I really feel that the development wasn’t really good at all. So sadly Subaru’s route was really, really plain to me and I didnt really enjoy it.

Kaname (CV: Suwabe Junichi)

BCPP_0021Kaname was crazy. What I mean by crazy, is that HE’S FUCKING RANDY. Throughout the entire route I actually almost passed out and fainted over all his events. He’s the type who could date like, tons of girls at one go. The guy was randy as shit and the character I was thinking about throughout this route was Jinguji Ren. That shit. Kaname first kisses Ema’s hand at their first meeting, and the route starts off with Ema finding out about Kaname’s monk job where Ukyo hates like shit as he’s actually doing host work there actually. Although the amazing thing is, on Kaname’s 2nd event while they’re out on the family vacation, Ema goes out with him at night to the beach, where they accidentally fall inside the water. However, suddenly, Kaname’s urges just take over him and he kisses Ema right on the beach! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) After this incident, Ema starts getting all awkward around Kaname, like during dinnertime where she touches the guy’s fingers, and she drops the sauce that she was passing to Yusuke! Right after that, Kaname then takes Ema out for a drive to a high spot with nice lights, and kisses her there again! ヽ(゚∀゚ヽ 三 ノ゚∀゚)ノ He continues doing smexy things to her until they stop, and they soon go home. Ema continues to be awkward with him until one day, where Tsubaki invites her out to watch a movie with him, and kaname grabs her and tells Tsubaki that she’s going with him. Kaname then takes Ema to his room, where she refuses to go in due to the awkwardness. She soon goes in again, and Kaname talks to her, and Ema says that she’ll talk to him as he stops doing things to her, and soon the awkwardness subsides.

BCPP_0023But sadly this doesn’t stay for very long as Kaname starts falling more in love with Ema and starts getting jelly over everything, and letting her into his room for sleepovers. Also, he kisses her while she’s sleeping going like “i think im falling for you” (´ω`★) They do more romantic things, but I’m worried that if I say more I’m gonna nosebleed myself (=´∇`=)For Christmas, Kaname takes her out to a hotel for classy dinner, and he drinks alcohol causing Ema to freak out when he starts going like “oh hey i just drank alcohol looks like we’re staying for the night here!!” ヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ)(ノ*゚ー゚)ノ Thankfully, they end up taking a cab home. During New Year, Ema goes to pray at the temple with Tsubaki and Yusuke, where they start wishing for stuff like “i wish that ema could love me!!”, and she ends up getting grabbed by Kaname and they hide in a corner with him asking what she prayed for lol. In January, he then takes Ema out for another drive, but sadly, on the way home, they accidentally kill a kitten on the road, where he buries it and pray for it. ヽ(´□`。)ノ The next month, Ema goes to Kaname’s room to have a sleepover but Kaname’s sexual urges are going nuts and he starts kissing Ema’s neck when she suddenly falls asleep ヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ)ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ(ノ*゚ー゚)ノ ワーイワーイワーイ♪  Their romance starts developing when one day Ema’s going home with Tsubaki & Yusuke she sees Kaname hanging out with another woman at the cafe, and she runs off crying.

BCPP_0027Later that night, Tsubaki confronts Kaname at Ema’s door where he says that he’s taking Ema for himself since Kaname’s just hurting Ema and toying with her feelings at his rate. Kaname then breaks him phone, and tells Tsubaki that he’s serious about Ema so he ain’t gonna contact anymore woman anymore. Tsubaki soon leaves, and Ema appears at the doorway and Kaname realises that seh’s been listening in on the entire argument. He then takes her to a spot where they can see the town since they two realise their feelings each other, and THEY BANG IN THE CAR THERE. ィェィ♪(v〃∇〃)ハ(〃∇〃v)ィェィ♪  In the epilogue, a year has passed, and Ema’s graduating from high school & going to college. Suddenly, Yusuke comes into the classroom while she’s talking to her friend saying that someone’s waiting for her at the school gate. It turns out to be Kaname who’s waiting for her at the gate with his car and a bouquet of roses. (≖‿≖) He congratulates her, and Ema’s asks what happened to him. Turns out he cut his, stopped being a monk and now he’s working in his Mom’s company for Ema ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/ In the Extra epilogue, their inside Kaname’s room where he has just come back from work and asks Ema to give him his ‘reward’ for him working, so hard, and they spend the night in his room. The next morning Ukyo calls Ema’s phone and rages when hears Kaname answering the phone and Kaname tells him to shut up and let Ema sleep since they were banging really hard last night lol. °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° No really, Kaname’s route was randy that I was almost faintng from this route.

Hikaru (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

BCPP_0099Hikaru is a crossdresser. A legit crossdresser. Okay the thing is that Hikaru doesn’t appear at all until like November, and his first event only happens in late-Oct. Eitherway Hikaru doesn’t stay at the mansion and stays at his own place since he’s a writer and he’s off to do his own shit. He writes crime suspense novels so he crossdresses in order to get into the field of “being a criminal” and everything. He also uses that form to go and tale to high school girls, and his lady persona is so much to the level that Ema mistakes him as Kaname’s girlfriend when they first meet!! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 Soon Hikaru asks Ema to be interviewed by him, and she starts going over to his place to be interviewed by him since he barely gets to talk to high school girls and interview. Soon Hikaru shows his man side to Ema when he crashes into her during Christmas where they light candles together. For the interviews, he also starts asking about her type and mimicking all the brothers to try and get her reactions. Although, he’s actually quite randy himself, and starts asking Ema when she stays over if she’s staying over cuz she thinks of him as more of a sister. Ema obviously says she doesn’t think like that, and they stay over her Hikaru trying not to ichaicha with her. They continue doing more interviewing, and she continues staying over using the “more interviewing” excuse. Hikaru then kisses her while pushing her down on the bed and telling her that she should be careful since she’s staying over with an adult. (((\(@v@)/))) They continue going out using the excuse of “interviews”, when one day she finds out that Hikaru actually was in the same high school as her & Yusuke!!

BCPP_0109She also cleans up her place, and at the 3rd time she stays over, Hikaru uses her to de-stress and uses her as his hug pillow. Suddenly he gets an idea and immediately jumps out of bed to start writing haha (“⌒∇⌒”) At the ending, they’re doing one of the interviews again, and Ema’s pretty much in love with Hikaru at that point. He then does a Masaomi/Azusa confession, where Ema gets extremely upset and runs out saying that she doesn’t want to be interviewed anymore, saying that he’s only using the interviews as an excuse to go out with her and how much she likes him and that he ain’t returning them. She then runs off and avoids and ignores him for a few days. One day, she receives the manuscript of Hikaru’s latest novel where it has how he fell in love with Ema inside there. He then arrives at her place, and apologises to her, and says that he’s really in love with her so he doesn’t want to let her go. In the epilogue, Hikaru’s latest novel is published and the other brothers all find it suspicious cuz it reminds them of Ema. Tsubaki then starts complaining on how Ema’s been visiting Hikaru’s place often and there’s not one to do their chores for them. Ema soon leaves to his place, and she starts asking him about why he ain’t crossdressing anymore and he’s like “im crossdressing for my job thats all!” and he aint some weirdo. They then make out on the bed where he says that he cant hold back anymore. ワーイヾ(´ρ`)ノ゛ワーイ In the extra epilogue, Ema’s at Hikaru’s novel reception/event thing where he starts making out with her after Kaname tries to hit on her, and he says that he even booked a hotel room for them to have a nice banging session that night. ワーイ♪♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪♪ワーイ Hikaru was crazy randy and his levels were at Kaname’s. I really have nothing to say about him, except for that fact that Okamoto making those girly noises and swapping to the deep male voice mmmmm.

Masaomi (CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki)

BCPP_0001Masaomi’s the oldest of all the brothers, and he seems like the super blur and laid back type of guy who’s a doctor. But in actual fact, he’s friggin cute and is a babe. (*^▽^*) He often goes out with Wataru, but ends up getting mistaken for Wataru’s dad lol. Masaomi’s a pediatrician, where he basically deals with kids who are sick, and he gives them sweet and toys to make then happy. He even sews Usa-tans for the kids to play with, and for Wataru as well. He plays with fireworks during the 2nd night of the family vacation with Ema by the beach. He also takes care of Ema when she’s sick, and they do the extremely cute forehead touch thing. 。◕‿◕。We also find out that Masaomi is actually afraid of blood! Yes while he was treating someone, the person was bleeding and he was pretty much freaking out while helping the person. When Ema decides to go over to his room to sleepover, he ends up switching off the lights before sleeping, and ends up falling on top of Ema, kissing her in the end. (“⌒∇⌒”) Masomi’s just really so cute ok. Eitherway one day Miwa pops by the mansion and tells Masa-nii to go to the omiai thing since Miwa wants him to get married soon to some rich girl. Although, she still wishes that he would marry someone like Ema tho. xDDDD  Kaname and Wataru decide to go and spy on his omiai, and Kaname takes Ema along since she looks bothered about it. When they get there they end up seeing him apologise to the person saying that he’s already got someone in his mind already so they can’t get together.

BCPP_0004For Christmas, he gives her Usa-tan No. 3 and even pretends to be the Usa-tan. He also adds that there’s secrets hidden at the back of the Usa-tan and tells Ema to try and find it. They also end up treating an old granny when they’re about to go out on a drive, and at the end of it he hugs Ema! He thanks her for giving him strength while treating the granny on the road, and for forgiving him for wasting her entire day away. U\(●~▽~●)Уイェーイ!Masaomi soon tells Ema about why he wanted to be doctor, and that was to protect his family and help then when he could. One day, she’s playing games with Subaru & Yusuke in the living room when Masa-nii comes back super tired. She ends up popping by his room and talk to him, where he reveals that he’s kinda jealous of Subaru & Yusuke as they get to play games with her and they have this big age gap between each other. Ema then tells him that she likes spending time with him so it’s okay. Reaching the end, one day Wataru decides to help out in the kitchen when he gets this giant cut on his arm. Ukyo calls the ambulance while telling Ema to get Masaomi. Ema gets Masaomi, but due to his blood issue he passes out after seeing the blood on Wataru’s arm. Azusa soon comes by anyway and asks Wataru if he’s okay, and everyone seems pretty calm about it anyway. Ema ends up slapping Masaomi telling him to get a grip of himself and not be a wimp. Masaomi soon overcomes his fears and he slowly tries to get control of the situation, but ends up passing out after the ambulance arrives and is taken to the hospital as well. Masa-nii soon wakes up there and tells Ema that thanks to her he managed to help Wataru.

BCPP_0010He then says how useless he is since he wanted to become a doctor to help his family but he’s scared of blood. Soon Wataru & Ukyo come running in, with Wataru super worried about Masa-nii. After finding out he’s got to stay overnight, Ukyo tells Ema to stay with Masa-nii for the night. At the ending, Masaomi calls Ema to his room, and he tells her that he’s gonne overcome his fear of blood by doing stuff in surgery to overcome his fear of it. He also tells her that he likes her, and he wants her by his side as his lover, and she agrees and they kiss. (*^▽^)/ In the Epilogue, it’s basically them getting married when Ema’s hit the legal age to get married, with pretty much all the other bros get pissy at the scene. In the Extra epilogue, Tsubaki gets super pissy in the living room and tells everyone that Ema’s pregnant which causes a few reactions like: pissy bros, happy bros, and yusuke crying saying that he thought he had a chance xDDD (oh yusuke poor you.) Tsubaki then talks about how he’s gonna chase after the kid if it’s a girl and starts imagining things like getting married to Ema’s kid XDDDD. (imfao in the end they’re stilling chasing ema’s kids lol cuz they cant get her xD) I really have to say that Masaomi was a pile of cute. He wasn’t exactly my favourite, since I kinda prefer Kaname more cuz of the randy. But yeah. Masaomi was quite a babe honestly, and what I liked about this route was basically the fluff and cute.

Futo (CV: KENN)

BCPP_0083Futo’s a randy and bratty teenager who has a lot of pride but the thing is since he’s like 14 nobody actually takes his pride seriously and it’s written off as being a “bratty little shit”. Although he’s 14 Futo’s a full-time idol and doesn’t spend much time in the house since he has work. He doesn’t appear until late June where Ema crashes into him sleeping into the living room one night. He accuses her of intruding into the house and calls her dumb causing her to get pissed. Also this little shit also complains and tells everybody to not disturb him since he’s tired after so much work so when Ema calls him up for a date he pretty much yells at her. Well during the family trip Ema sees Futo filming on the beach and sees how hardworking he is while he’s acting but he catches her anyway. Along the way he always gets her to go inside his room and watch DVDs together with her, and he always starts saying nice sweet otome lines to her, when he suddenly trolls her by going like “haha guess what I actually said this in a drama before just kidding” which which makes Ema flip out. He crashes into her at home after she goes to Rui’s place for a nice hairdo when Futo realises he’s got a cute sis. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* Also Rui always styles Futo’s hair since he doesn’t want anybody to style his hair lol. He also invites her to his Christmas concert where he says things directed at her onstage and apologises for what he said. (▰˘◡˘▰)

BCPP_0088Soon during one of those days that he drags her to his room he admits that he wants to be an actor in the future and is only being a idol to start it off. He also tells Ema that he’s starring a big role in a movie but and he’ll be given the offer of being an actor if he does well in this role, and also the fact that he seriously doesn’t care about his idol job but he’s taking his acting very seriously. However the issue is that he often gets scolded by the director so it’s not going too well for him. He then tells Ema to comfort him by kissing him so that he’ll feel better and all. She then tells him that its okay that he’s bad for now since she likes him striving for the best for his dream. In late February Futo also takes her out on a night date as he’s too busy with work. They go and see sakura blossoms at night, and he tells her that he got into high school and he’s gonna be even closer to his nee-san but it’s a secret until she finds out. Ema then finds out that he enrolled in her high school when he appears at her school during the entrance ceremony. Futo then tells her that it’s the secret that h’es been keeping from her, and tells her that he wanted to enroll in drama school but his boss told him that he should got to a normal high school. He also enrolled in Ema’s school cuz he loves her anyway ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ and he wants to go home from school together with her like any usual kid and not as some cool celebrity cuz it’s gonna be even tougher. Therefore after this he always makes appointments to go home with Ema after school every now and then. They then have an after school date during those days and she buys crepe and he gets a bite from it. ワーイ♪♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪♪ワーイ

BCPP_0093One day Ema goes to the library to look for some book when she meets Futo reading his script there. He then says that he’s about to go to work when Ema asks if he’s grown taller. He goes like “yeah I have neesan” and hugs her telling Ema that he wants to relax a bit before going to work and its his reward was doing well in the movie. わぁいヽ(ω・ヽ)(ノ・ω)ノ わぁい♪  Ema then says that he’ll give it to him after he becomes an actor, and he’s like “pfffttt fine we’ll continue this in your room later. Futo then leaves saying sth like “nee-san, im starting to grow older right now” under his breath. (゚ー゚*ヽ)(ノ*゚ー゚)ノ At the ending, Ema’s at the cinema watching Futo’s movie when suddenly she finds him on top of her and freaks out. Turns out he sneaked to the set beside her and sneak kisses her causing her to freak out and he tells her to shut up or they’ll be found out lol. In the Extra Epilogue, Ema’s got a date with Futo and she’s waiting for his call. Juli then tells her to go to him room to check out what’s going on and tells her to get back before it’s late. She then enters his room to find him sleeping. She watches him sleep when he wakes up and tells her that he was faking it and was waiting for her to kiss him. xD He adds that he woke up cuz she probably won’t do that anyway. He then jumps on her saying that they’ll just have a date in his room since he’s too tired to get out of him room, and says that they’ll have some sexy time then. ワーイ。(⌒∇⌒。)三(。⌒∇⌒)。ワーイ Futo you little shit. That was really his charm point cuz he’s really shitty and and cute at the same time.

Yusuke (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa)

BCPP_0070Yusuke is a super adorable baby who’s had a crush on Ema every since he first met her. Sadly the greatest disaster that could happen to his life that his crush became his stepsister!! Yusuke is Ema’s classmate and is the one who’s the most shocked when he sees her at the mansion while freaking out at the same time. Also he’s actually quite cute in a way where he actually cries over documentaries, dramas and what not and blushes A LOT because of Ema lol. During the vacation at the island, he first freaks out when he sees Ema walking around in a nice bikini (✧≖‿ゝ≖) and ends up freaking out even harder when he finds out Ema injured her foot and carries her to find Masaomi when turns out it’s a misunderstanding cuz her foot wasn’t actually bleeding leaving Tsubaki lolling at him while he gets angry. (~˘▾˘)~ Yusuke’s also terrible at waking up and so when one day Ukyo tells Ema to go and call him up she ends up being grabbed into his arms while Yusuke’s still having a horny dream about him. He ends up waking up and blushing super hard anyway while freaking out, and kicks her outta his room lol. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・ Ema also teaches him hoe to do his work since he’s a giant baka and he’s pretty much the one Ukyo’s worried about in terms of getting university but Ema helps him anyway. For Christmas, he ends up treating Ema to Parfait and it turns out ITS COUPLE DAY so they get COUPLE SERVICE in which there’s only 1 parfait for 2 people (✧≖‿ゝ≖) leaving Yusuke in a blushing mess again haha.

BCPP_0072Soon real shit hits the fan when Ema’s classmate Sasakura confesses to her & asks her to go out with him. Ema declines and tells him that she’s already got someone in mind and he’s like “oh so the rumour about you & yusuke going out is real huh”, and Ema ends up telling him that they’re step-siblings and thus they end up hanging out together a lot. Sasakura’s like “i’ve not given up yet!!” and runs away. However more shit hits the fan when Yusuke starts avoiding Ema because of the rumour going around in the school causing her to get upset since she’s starting to realise that she actually likes Yusuke. Sasakura sees her crying one day and asks her what’s wrong when Yusuke comes by, gets fucking angry and jelly that Ema’s hanging out with Sasakura and he ends up getting punched by Sasakura for being a pissy bitch. He soon apologises to her while she’s tending to his injury for avoiding her and tells her he won’t do that douchey shit again. The worst shit hits the fan when a new starts and some ho who seems to be Yusuke’s ex-girlfriend comes and sticks to him non-stop. The bitchy ho ends up being a total bitch to Ema by talking shit to her and bullying by dragging Yusuke away from Ema & throwing her shoes out. This leaves Ema with a problem when Futo comes to save the day! He ends up hearing Ema out and gives her a ride back home on his car to work. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* Futo then confronts Yusuke and tells him about the bullying towards Ema and threatens the guy that if he ain’t gonna take care of her, he’s gonna do it himself.

BCPP_0076Yusuke’s super shocked that Ema’s getting bullied, and one day tells Ema to go the rooftop and confesses to her there in front of the ho & Futo. ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ Yep so in the epilogue, they’ve pretty much graduated from high school, and Yusuke manages to get into the same university as Ema and he’s darn happy since he worked super hard to get in and he gets to be with Ema .❣◕ ‿ ◕❣ He ends up asking her to marry him and she agrees to anyway soon in the future. In the Extra Epilogue, Ema’s hanging out in Yusuke’s room studying and Yusuke’s pretty much going like “can we take a break i’ve been studying for shit ass long” and Ema’s like “NO YOU MUST STUDY.” Sadly Yusuke’s horny dreams about doing horny stuff with Ema in his room will never come through, but he ends up kissing her anyway, telling her that it’s his form of break, and they can do that anyway since they’re dating. ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ Yusuke was really really so cute especially when he starts blushing when he actually does randy stuff to Ema like pulling her into his bed while hes having his horny dreams xD. Oh yeah he stutters a lot too when embarrassed and that makes him especially cute cuz wow moe. He’s pretty much one of my favourites among the dudes in this one.

Tsubaki (CV: Suzumura Kenichi)

BCPP_0033Tsubaki’s supposed to be the cute and mischievious oniichan that I went like かわいいwwwwwww when I first met him but the terrible game system just made his route tiring instead of fun. But nevertheless I still like his character a lot honestly! Tsubaki’s part of the triplets of the family which includes Azusa & Natsume. However Natsume lives away from the family so he’s only got Azusa to glue to at home. Adding on to how much he loves Azusa, he’s also a siscon who loves Ema a lot as well, and since he can’t pick, HE TAKES BOTH. Tsubaki’s also a seiyuu and he often does roles with Azusa since they’re the identical twins in the triplets and they get paired a lot together. Ema goes to one of their events one day, and Tsubaki tells her to meet them backstage, and Tsubaki busts outta the door, excited to see her, and Azusa tells him to calm down. Also, if you didn’t know, Tsubaki’s actually the older twin. ~(‾⌣‾~) During the family vacation the twins invite Ema to get on a boat to one of the neighbouring islands to have fun by themselves. Soon it rains and Tsubaki says that their boat may be busted and Ema gets scared, and the twins hold her hands to calm her down. ワーイヾ(´ρ`)ノ゛ワーイ Although that turns out to be a big fat lie from Tsubaki to make Ema get closer to them~ (✧≖‿ゝ≖) One day Ema spots the twins practicing seiyuu lines with each other and she freaks out thinks that they’re BLing away xD. However the shit in this route starts hitting the fan when Tsubaki starts getting upset over his old roles and saying how crappy they are & that he needs to get better.

BCPP_0040He also tells her about the anime which let him decide that he wanted to be a seiyuu due to this robot anime and turns out they’re having a new story so he’s auditioning for it. He’s super hyped about it and hopes he can get in. However the terrible shit that hits the fan is that he ends up getting rejected for the audition, and the author had already decided that they wanted AZUSA to be the main character. This depresses him a lot cuz he was actually the one who dragged Azusa into the seiyuu world but now Azusa’s actually getting better than him. Also he wanted the roles that badly as well, and thus that’s pretty much the add on to his stress. At the same time Azusa loves Tsubaki a lot so he tries to tell the people that he ain’t accepting the role but they won’t listen. Tsubaki also locks himself up in the room and doesn’t come out for dinner, Ema goes and finds him in a giant slump. He then starts going on about how shitty a seiyuu he is and he’s pretty much there as some kind of poster boy only. Ema then tells him that he’s got his own way of voice acting so he should stop trying to be like Azusa, and be himself instead. Tsubaki soon cheers up and cuddle Ema to sleep for the rest of the night. Later in February, Azusa collapses on the floor due to overwork causing Tsubaki to freak out super hard and grabs his twin bro while screaming his name until Ukyo gets him off Azusa so that they can get him to the hospital. Ema ends up trying to calm the poor guy but who knew, Azusa has to stay in the hospital for a while more. Tsubaki ends up taking the robot anime job in place of Azusa due to his condition, and he continues being emo & upset that he’s only Azusa’s “replacement”.

BCPP_0044Ema then has to tell him that she likes his voice for who she is and he doesnt need to copy his younger brother or something to be good. He then decides to stop trying to be like Azusa and instead being himself instead. When Azusa gets discharged from the hospital Tsubaki & Ema go bring him back where Tsubaki apologises to Azusa. Azusa also confesses to Ema that he’s got his heart stolen by her……but her heart’s already stolen by someone else (OMG NO I FEEL SO SORRY FOR AZUSA HERE BBY), which is basically Tsubaki. Tsubaki ends up cuddling the both of them anyway and they make up. In the ending, Tsubaki calls Ema over to go and watch an anime where Azusa’s voicing the lead with him. He then tells Ema that next time he’s ain’t gonna get Azusa to practice lines with him since he’s younger bro is now his rival, and instead wants Ema to read the girl lines instead!! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* He then grabs Ema and they start ichaichaing all over his bed. d=(´▽`)=b He then tells her that his room is soundproof so she can make all the sounds she wants while they ichaicha. (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ)♥ In the extra epilogue Ema’s waiting at the station for Tsubaki when he surprises her by using the deep voice of one of the new characters he’s voicing. He then tells her to cut the “tsubaki-san”s and call hi mtsubaki for once, and they go on their date. Tsubaki overall was a cute character but honestly what pissed me off completely while doing his route was the damn system so yeah, but his super otakuness and what not just made him so darn cute!!

~Final Thoughts~

I played this game cuz I watched the anime, and found it to be your usual highschooler dating a bunch of hot bachelors stories, so I didn’t find anything problematic with the story except for the fact that the story was broken up into bits and pieces in terms of events and the only time where they could jam in some plot was at the ending, which was pretty much rushed. The event system really caused this to happen making it look like it was super rushed and everything. Well I personally didn’t have any problems with the story neither the art, but the only problem was:



No really I have never seen such an annoying otome game system before. Maybe my patience just runs low with those stat-raiser type systems but this was far too annoying. I’ve heard tons of warnings regarding the system….and honestly I didn’t expect it to be this bad. The entire system was setting Ema’s schedule every week and playing through similar events on the weekends where you get to go on dates. Yeah, this was fun, at the beginning of the route, but once you collected all the date conversations it jsst becomes super boring and I found myself falling asleep extremely easy playing this damn game. I couldn’t even a some time to do something work when suddenly it changes to “haha time to set your schedule for Ema AGAIN” which just made me so darn pissed. I couldn’t stand the game at all and how the mechanics work, and thus I pretty much missed out a few “parallel” ends like the futo & yusuke end, the twin end and others. My patience for the game just ran dry after finishing Yusuke’s route, and Tsubaki’s was left as a boring pile of crap which I stereotyped with all the lame routes. Honestly if this game has a less shitty system I would have definitely cleared it, but no. I don’t have the damn patience to try and get the different ends really. Storywise, character-wise, it was totally ok, but the system just ruined everything.

1 thought on “Brothers Conflict ~Passion Pink~

  1. Hinano

    lol I’m laughing at your rage because I’ve played so much worse stat raisers than this (*cough Last Escort) but I do say this is definitely one of the worse ones simply because of no stuff like 巻き戻し and no quick save. I think they fixed that in Brilliant Blue but I’m unmotivated to bother with that since its just copy pasta aside from the brief scenes with the other brothers.


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