BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Julian

As we know, Julian’s the gardener of the garden that Fiona lives in, and secretly is the crown prince of Weblin. Although he ain’t a prince anymore. He’s pretty much simply sweet, and is the person who spends the most time talking to Fiona when she was living in the castle. He isn’t good with a sword either, and just wants a peaceful life. FYI I’m actually going to complete this in the different groups from Nekos, Humans and then wolves.

For people who came for Julian’s route, if u need the main plot, you can check out Mejojo’s post for the full details.

At the dance party, Fiona decides to leave the dance hall since she knows that Mejojo and Auger are busy with their prince duties, and she doesn’t know anyone there to dance with. Also, she knows that a girl without any dance partner at a dance party is called a wallflower, and thus she returns to the garden instead. If Mejojo asks where she went, she would just tell him that she was tired from the party. When she arrives at the garden, she hers some footsteps, and she sees Julian, the servant who wanted to serve her earlier. He asks why she isn’t at the party, and Fiona tells him that she’s still suspected of being a witch, and dancing with the princes in public isn’t allowed. Julian understands, and says that it’s waste because Fiona’s dressed up so beautifully. Fiona gets embarrassed and she blushes, and she realises, Julian doesn’t have a feel of a servant at all.

She usually gets praised by her servants, but the praise from Julian felt…different. There was something different about him. She then agrees with him, and Julian offers to dance with her. He can’t enter the dance hall, so he asks Fiona is it okay for them to dance inside the garden. Fiona thinks for a while, and Julian withdraws his hand saying that she can refuse. Fiona shakes her head saying that it’s not that she didn’t want to dance with a servant. Julian just felt really different from any servant. Julian then holds out his hand and she takes it, and Fiona realises Julian feels more like a noble than a servant. They dance slowly to one song, and Julian says that it’s really difficult to dance in the garden, as her heels might get stuck in the soil.

Julian 5Fiona’s pretty okay with that and adds that the stars in the sky are really beautiful. Julian says that they are, and says that they wouldn’t care about their opinion at all. Fiona’s puzzled about what he said and asks why he said, but Julian only shrugs it off and asks her to continue dancing. It’s weird to leave a high-class dance party and dance with a gardener, but Fiona feels that she had a great time dancing with Julian.

Soon she learns that Julian used to be the crown prince of Weblin, but he was torn from his position because of his mother’s attempts to assassinate the twins. The princes then gave him a chance to live in the castle and be the gardener for the garden, on the condition that he could never leave the palace from then on. Rath then gets caught by the neko twins and Arles and the wolves come to save him. Arles then bites Fiona’s neck, and this causes Mejojo to go into rage mode and strangle her. She then sees a dream.

Fiona believes that she’s in the castle, and the person who’s calling out to her is Julian. Suddenly, before she knows it she almost gets blown away by a wind, and Julian somehow manages to catch her before she’s blown away. However, Julian uses too much strength to catch her, and they end up falling, with Fiona in his arms. Julian then asks if she’s okay, and she replies asking if he was okay, since he fell flat on the ground. She landed on him, so she’s pretty fine. Julian then comments that she’s really light, and carries her as he stands up. Fiona struggles to grab his shoulder, and realises that he has to be strong since he’s a a gardener. He then says it’s just because she’s like and mutters “If I was that strong…..” Fiona’s puzzled by what he said, and she’s put down by Julian. Julian’s biting his lips angrily and says that he’s not strong at all.

He continues by saying that he’s a pathetic prince, and during the time Alres bit Fiona’s shoulder, he was too scared and he could only stare at them. He isn’t like a prince at all, he believes that he’s so cowardly, he can never be like Mejojo or Auger. He caused Fiona to get such a wound, and he feels so useless. Julian touches her shoulder, and she realises that is doesn’t hurt at all. That’s because she’s in a dream. She wonders if this is really what Julian is feeling, as the dream felt really real. She doesn’t want Julian to continue being depressed, so she decides to cheer him up a little by telling him that she was happy when he tried to protect her from Arles. Julian then says that unable to get up after being pushed away from Arles was the same as putting her in danger. Fiona feels that she couldn’t cheer him up, but Julians eyes look more peaceful now.

Julian 6Fiona’s pretty much convinced that she managed to cheer up the guy, and he says that he would be good if the wound heal faster. Suddenly, Julian puts his lips on the wound, so to ease the pain from the wound. Fiona doesn’t feel the pain tho, and instead feels the tickle of his tongue on her wound. Julian’s pretty much trying to lick all over the wound, and Fiona gets as embarrassed cuz the dreams all so real to her. Julian then says “You’re cute when you get embarrassed.” and Fiona flushes bright red.ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ He then hugs her tightly. She then says that if he’s only healing her wound he can let go now, telling him that she’s okay. She then starts stroking Julian’s hair, and this continues until she wakes up.

She then finds Nesso and Zara together with her, and they say that they’re gonna go and escape from the palace. Julian wants to go too, and Fiona wonders if it;s okay for him to do so as he’s abandoning his country. Julian says that hes’ pretty okay with it, since he really wants to see the outside world. They leave together with Julian through the sewers, and they find out Julian’s broken, because of the neko twins. Also whenever he faces the twins he’ll listen to their every command, because he’s already broken by them. They manage to escape from Auger, and at the mountain hut where Fiona & co are resting him, Julian then says he’s useless and he can’t be trusted. In front of the neko twins, he won’t be able to control him self cuz he’s been tortured by them and his inner self will listen to them so that he will be praised by the twins.

Soon they get to the wolf HQ and they stay for the night there. When Arles asks her what she wants to do, she says that she’s going to leave the country and live a happy life together with her family. Arles respects this decision, and the next morning, Nesso & Zara prepare to leave the country. Fiona wakes up earlier than usual that day, and they start teasing her about how she usually oversleeps when she was in the tower. Julian also adds that he had to wake her up in the castle too when she overslept. Fiona protests, and they stop teasing her. Fiona’s decided that she’s gonna have a happy life now, together with her family. Zara then asks Julian what he’s gonna do, and Julian says he really wants to go with them. Nesso & Zara are pretty surprised by that statement, and they are really worried that Julian might betray them again. This makes Julian a little sad, but he knows that he might go out of control.

Julian then tells Nesso & Zara his true name, Julian Von Garibaldhi. The 2 are really shocked to find out that he used to be a prince, as it was announced to the public that Julian and his mom died due to a disease. Since that incident, he was turned into a gardener by the neko twins. Julian then admits that he has been tortured by the twins, forcing him to submit to the both of them. Now, there are 2 sides of him – one who goes really crazy and wants the neko twins to praise him and the another, his normal self. The crazy side would be triggered any time any one of the twins talked to him, and he would follow their orders immediately, without fail, as that side of him didn’t want any punishment from the twins. He really wanted to run away from the twins, but he couldn’t, and led them to the sewers to meet Auger. Fiond then says they’ll need some strength to stop him if he goes bonkers again.

All 13Nesso then says he’s okay with Julian coming along, cuz he’s pretty weak. Julian a little insulted by this, but Nesso explains that if Julian suddenly goes crazy, he would be able to fight the guy and knock him out if he went nuts. Zara then says that he might go call enemies to them, but Nesso says that he’ll think about the solution to that later. Zara then says that they’re okay with Julian going with them. Julian then asks if it’s really okay, Nesso says that they’ll be coming out with a countermeasure just in case he goes crazy. Nesso then continues saying he might have to kill Julian if they had to, and if he’s really okay with that. Julian’s like “i’m pretty okay with you killing me man” and Nesso continues saying that they’re going to be against the neko twins he he choose this path.

However, Julian doesn’t have any regrets, and they welcome him to travel outta the country together with them. Nesso wonders if he needs to call Julian “Julian-sama” with formalities and all, but Julian tells him to stop. He’s only a gardener now, so there’s no need for any formalities. However, they all feel rather upset over the fact that they couldn’t get the wolves’ help in trying to find the cure for Zodiva. There might be a chance Fiona’s infected with Zodiva, so they were hoping they could find the cure if it really infected her. They’re about to leave when Rath pops up, drawing his knives. Nesso was about to draw his sword just in case he was going to attack them, but Rath cuts himself instead. They’re pretty much shocked to see that as the blood drips out from his arm. He wipes the blood with a cloth and passes it to Fiona telling her, “the blood of a wolf….you need it, right?”

Rath 3Turns out that Rath was going to give them some blood samples of the wolves, and he had given them Arles’, Gullian’s and his own blood sample to them on a cloth. Zara asks if they actually cooperated, but Rath says that he got their blood by force. Zara asks why he did this from them, but he says that he didn’t want to cooperate as a wolf, and he didn’t know why he did that. He then walks straight towards Fiona, and mutters, “I didn’t want you to die.” as he touches her cheek gently. He had cursed everything in the world, and yet Fiona was a Lobeira who could die anytime and was being accused as a witch. Rath feels that he and Fiona are similar, that’s why he wanted to help her. Soon he leaves them and Fiona tries to call out to him, but fails. She has no choice but to shout a “Thank you!” to him as he leaves. As he turns to look at them, Fiona can see him nodding.

They soon leave, and they move quickly towards the border of the country. Zara had tried coat their shoes with wax to make them waterproof, but it wasn’t working as they were walking through the wet areas. The forest they were in was extremely wet, and they have trouble as their feet were getting cold. Nesso wanted to carry her all the way through the area, but she declined the offer as she felt that he was overprotective. Soon, they realise that they’re approaching a river. Nesso goes forward to check, and tells them that the depth of the river could go up to their waist. Zara suggests that they find another way to cross the river, cuz the current temperature shouldn’t be fooled around with. Soon, Fiona spots some rocks which edges are just above the water, and they could cross over the river through that path. After checking out the path, Nesso says that it’s very dangerous for Fiona to cross the river, and wants someone to cross with her.

Fiona picks Julian, and Zara & Nesso are really shocked. Zara then asks if she’s really okay for Julian to help her. She says it’s totally okay, and the 2 help each other to cross the river. After jumping towards 1 rock, Julian holds out his hand to help Fiona cross. He ends up losing his balance, almost falling off the rock, but Fiona grabs him, assuring Nesso & Zara that they’re okay. Julian then asks why is did she choose him. She then answers him saying that she didn’t want to rely on Nesso & Zara too much, and she could try doing it herself. Fiona then jumps to the next rock, then helping Julian cross. As they continue, Fiona feels happy that she’s happy to help someone, especially Julian. Soon they reach the final rock, and since it’s a bit far apart from the rock they’re on, Julian jumps first. He then holds out his hand to support Fiona crossing.

Julian 7Fiona says she’s gonna cross, and takes a big leap toward Julian. However she used too much power to jump towards Julian, and ends up making him fall over, with her on top of him, and their lisp are almost touching O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ Fiona immediately apologises for doing so, and Julian adds that her lips are really sweet. He also asks if it was her first kiss, but Fiona tells him that she’s been kissing Pearl & Richie when she was in the tower, and it wasn’t her first. Fiona then says if she is heavy, but Julian then says that she’s pretty light. Fiona then blushes saying that it’s embarrassing doing this, and Julian says that she’s rather cute when she’s saying that. However they get interrupted by Nesso who starts asking what the hell they’re doing. The two instantly get up, and smile at each other.

Soon they’re out of the wet area, and the forest they were in was drier than the one they were previously in. It was getting late and they had to a set up a camp for them to rest. The only problem was the the temperature, which could cause Fiona to catch a cold. Zara makes a bowl of soup for the rest to eat, and he tells Fiona to stay close to the fire. Fiona passes the ingredients she had picked up along the way under Zara’s instructions, and they could be use to make the soup. Soon, Nesso and Julian return from picking up firewood. They were freezing cold, and Zara asks them to warm up beside the fire, and Julian asks if the amount of firewood could continue keeping them warm. If there wasn’t enough, he could go and pick up more. Zara, not wanting them to get any colder, says that it’s going to be his turn next to search if they do run out.

Fiona was cooking the soup, and Nesso was frowning in disapproval. It wasn’t normal for female nobles to be doing cooking, and thus Nesso didn’t like her doing that at all. This also reminds him about the time where Fiona first made sweets for the family. Julian then says that he would love to eat the sweets she made, and Nesso & Zara suddenly turn silent. Julian wonders why they are doing this, and said that it was a failure. They start commenting about how it was edible, but it was strange. Fiona then asks them to stop teasing her, since she was really embarrassed by what he said. She then explains that the first sweets she made was chocolate chip cookies, and when they were made, they looked like cookies….but tasted like bread. The the group started laughing, and Zara wonders why how they turned into that. Even her dad said that the cookies tasted like bread, and everyone got a good laugh out of it.

After eating, everyone decides to rest. Fiona can’t sleep because of the cold, and she hears someone tossing and turning in the dark. She wonders if it’s Julian. Suddenly, she hers Julian asking her if she was still awake. She pulls down her blanket a little, and sees him looking at her. Fiona then tells Julian that her hands and feet are still cold, and he suggest trading places with him as his side could be warmer. She then points out that he’s sleeping with Nesso & Zara, while she’s alone on her side. This is because she’s the only girl, an they can’t sleep with her and having people sleep together with you will definitely make someone feel warmer. Fiona then tries to pull her blanket harder to feel warmer, when suddenly Julian asks, “Can I…..stay with you?” ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ He then says that she’s Lobeira, and he can be her cover for the wind.

Fiona feels embarrassed, but she quietly nods at him. Julian slowly moves to her side, and she feels something warm on her back. Fiona’s blocking Julian from the fire, and he won’t be able to feel warm, and she suggests for him to move closer to the fire. Julian then says that he’s here to block her from the wind, and not make her even colder. She then feels Julian moving closer to her back for him to seek warmth. Fiona gets more embarrassed by this, but she pushes it away as she tells him that he can come closer. Julian’s shocked by what she said, and she says that it’s okay if he doesn’t want to. Julian then says he’s okay with doing so, and says he’s happier that way. Fiona gets more embarrassed, and he says “I didn’t mean it in that way!!” Fiona blushes bright red, as Julian’ arms go around her body.

Julian 9She’s glad it’s dark, and the fire’s hiding her red face as she feels Julian behind her. The night passes slowly as they sleep together.

The next morning, the group has breakfast and they leave their camp. Julian looks a little down, and Zara asks him if he still has any feelings leftover for Weblin. Julian nods as he really does, since it was the country he was born in, and he didn’t want to go. However, his existence was already erased from the country, and he could leave any time he wanted. Soon, they start walking towards the border of the country. They soon they reach the border, and Nesso starts slowing down, telling everyone that it might be guarded. There wasn’t any guards, and Nesso said they just need to go through a mountain pass to get to the nearby country. They were expecting a giant cliff down as the border, but they could just use the pass. However the pass was usually guarded by 2 guards, and they are living in a hut nearby, and they could call for reinforcements if there were people trying to escape.

2 guards were easy for Nesso, but they could call for reinforcements, so they start thinking about what to do. Nesso then says that there is a path for them to get into the next country. The rest of the was shocked that he knew about it, and Nesso said that his group was sent to do borderline security, and Fiona realises that borderline security is for the lower class knights. The neko twins nust have really hated Nesso to the level where they would send him to do jobs for lower class knights. Fiona the apologises for causing so much trouble for them, and he says it wasn’t her fault as he and Edgar were the ones who refused Mejojo’s requests for her to be sent to the castle. They also notice that the area doesn’t have many guards around, and the neko twins might have another plan to catch them. They decide to use the path that Nesso suggest.

However, Nesso then states that the path was really dangerous. It had a straight path across the border, but the path was crumbling, and if it really broke they would fall into the valley below. He then takes them to the path, and Fiona asks if anyone actually knows about the path. Nesso then says that he found the path by incident when he was out patrolling, and they decided not to report it to the princes since it was way too dangerous for anyone to cross. He then thanks his decision then of not reporting it to the princes, as it was helping them now. Julian then asks if its really okay for them to cross the path like that. Nesso then points out that animals are able to cross it, so the path wasn’t as unstable as they thought. Julian then says that it’s impossible to cross the path all together, and says that walking in pairs would be much better. They could hold on to each other, and that would be much safer.

Nesso & Zara jump down to check if the path’s safe, and the confirm it is. Julian and Fiona are going down next, but Fiona’s scared. The two assure each other that everything would be fine, and walk down, facing straight, wiping any nervous thoughts they have. Suddenly, while they’re in the middle of the path, Nesso tells them to hurry up. Zara then shouts at them telling them that there are pursers. Julian tells Fiona to speed up their footsteps, while watching the road in front of them. Julian then shouts at them saying that if they continue moving forward, the path would crumble and they would all fall. The knights have no choice but to stop, and one curses saying that they can’t go any further. The two use this chance to go down the path fast and steadily. However, they had to do sth to stop them from pursuing them, as the knights have used arrows to attempt to shoot them down.

Fiona tells Julian about this, and he proceeds to shout at the knights in a low voice. “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU’RE AIMING YOUR ARROWS AT? I’m Julian Von Garibaldhi, the heir to the throne!! By aiming those arrows at me, you’re defying royal order!!” Most of the knights stop in their tracks, but one of them shouts at the rest to not be deceived, as Julian was only a gardener. Julian continues by shouting “SHUT UP, PEASANT!!”  ((((;゜Д゜))) Fiona’s pretty shocked by Julian’s tone, compared to the gentle tone he had previously. The soldiers are pretty much shocked and tricked by that, and Julian takes Fiona’s hand and continues down the path. However, we hear a voice, that says, “Julian, it seems that you have learnt something new, huh?” It was the person they didn’t want to see the most. Auger was now standing between the knights.

Fiona gets shocked, and asks why is Auger there. It wasn’t usual for him to come to the remote areas in Weblin. Fiona then asks why he was there, and Auger explains that when they found out she was missing, they went to check their tower. However the tower was empty, and Mejojo figured that they were fleeing the country. They decided to tighten the security around the borders of the country, and Auger was going about checking on the different exit points of the country. He then says how lucky he was to crash into them….or it was just their bad luck of picking the exit Auger was heading towards. Fiona then feels Julian’s hand shivering, at the sight of Auger. Auger then asks what has Julian learnt. An imitation of Mejojo? He then praises Julian that he has learnt a new trick. Julian tries to den this, but his voice is hoarse, and his feel was much different from earlier.

Auger the states that Julian that was interesting, but disgusting. Impersonating Mejojo was just plain disgusting to Auger, and asked Julian if he wanted to kill Mejojo and take the throne. He then starts laughing, which causes Julian to shiver in fear. Fiona grips Julian’s hand tightly, telling him that it’s going to be okay. Auger then proceeds to ask Julian, “You were calling the knights peasants, huh? AREN’T U THE PEASANT?” He then explains that the knights had a rank, unlike Julian who was only a gardener. He was a prince who fell to the rank of a gardener. With that line, Julian stops shivering, and he stares at Auger blankly, as if he was a puppet without feelings. No matter how much Fiona calls out to him, he wouldn’t respond. Nesso and Zara also attempt to do so, but he won’t wake up.

Auger then says that Julian is a good kid, and he has to listen to him as Julian’s his toy. Auger then asks Julian if he wanted to be punished. Julian replies, “No…..I don’t want to be punished…..Please, don’t give me punishment….” Fiona then tells him that he’s got her. She’s seen the many sides of him, and knows so much about him…..yet the bond they had between then was breaking apart. Auger then continues saying how painful punishments are, and how Julian doesn’t want to receive those. Julian then continues on with his “PLEASE PRAISE ME!” and “PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!” lines, and Auger says he’s gonna give him a chance. Julian then continues saying about how kind Auger is to give him a chance, since he’s a useless piece of crap. He continues saying how much of a piece of crap he is. Auger then tells Julian that he just needs to follow his orders to gain his forgiveness.

Julian 11The order is, “Bring Fiona to my side.” Upon hearing that, Julian grabs Fiona tightly, and slowly walks towards Auger. Fiona continues screaming at him asking him to let go of her, but he continues walking towards Auger as Auger continues to praise him. Nesso & Zara do so too, but hearing Auger say that he’s gonna give Julian loads of love and affection, Julian continues walking towards Auger, pulling Fiona along. Fiona starts crying, as she looks at Julian’s lifeless eyes, and suddenly, Julian stops. Fiona decides to make use of this chance to to convince Julian even further. She tells him that they could be free together, and going to Auger’s side won’t do them any good since they won’t be happy. Before she knows it, Julian calls out her name, and his eyes return to life.

Upon seeing this, Fiona grabs his hand tightly, and more tears run down her cheeks. The Julian she knew had come back. Auger is standing there in surprise, and Julian shouts, “I’m not your toy anymore!!!” With that, he grabs Fiona and they quickly get off the path. On the other hand, Auger’s in a fit of rage as he screams and shouts, saying “JULIAN IS MY TOY. JULIAN IS ME AND NII-SAN’S TOY!! HOW DARE YOU STEAL MY TOY AWAY FROM ME!!!” Soon they get down the path, Julian had completely turned back into his real self. The side who wanted praise and affection from the neko twins had completely disappeared from him. After getting into the next country, they met up with Fiona’s dad, Pearl and Richie. Soon, they move into a brand new house and live in a brand new place.

One day, Julian comes finding her inside the living room. Most of the family had gone off to find something to do, Nesso looking for a job which needed swordskills, Zara finding some work regarding medicine, and her father working as a tutor as he was a famous Earl. Only Julian and Fiona hadn’t gotten used to their new environment, and they both sigh. Her father had brought a couple of things from the tower where they could sell and get some money to continue their lifestyle, but they can’t continue relying on his wealth. They needed to find their own income. Fiona wanted to work, but the entire family was against it cuz she could catch a sickness easily, and they would all blame themselves if something did happen. Fiona decided that if she was going to find a job, she had to find one where she wouldn’t have to push herself too hard, but she wasn’t sure if there was such a job.

Julian and Fiona were rather similar, in a way. Fiona was raised in the tower, while after losing his succession rights he was stuck inside the palace gardens, and didn’t know much about the outside world. Nesso & Zara could adapt to the new country, but for Julian and Fiona, it would be tough. Julian sighs, and puts his head on the table. Fiona then says that he can take his time, but Julian complains that she’s pampering him too much, but Julian just sighs and asks if she’s asking him to rely on the rest of the family for now. Fiona then says she’s in the same position as him, but he retorts saying that she’s a girl, and it’s different. Julian then sighs again, and Fiona rubs his hair gently. He then complains that he doesn’t want this to continue.

Fiona asks him what’s wrong, and Julian stares at her straight. He then says that he’s a pathetic guy who can’t even find a job properly, and he says, “I want to support you.” Fiona is surprised by what he says, and she finds herself blushing and turning red. Julian then says that he can’t give her a luxurious life, but at least he can give her a life where she doesn’t need to work. He then asks, “I’m still jobless right now, but will you walk the same path as me?” With this, Fiona agrees, as they’re both free now. They can go and find their new lives. It’ll be a tough time, but they’ll definitely be able to find it.

Julian 13Fiona squeezes Julian’s hand, as he kisses her, saying that they’ll be together forever.

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As Julian drags Fiona towards Auger, he keeps saying “I AM AUGER AND MEJOJO’S TOY. I AM AUGER AND MEJOJO’S TOY.” No matter how Nesso & Zara try to call out to him to stop, he wouldn’t listen at all. Looking at Julian, Fiona’s too scared of him and pushes him away hard. Julian’s shocked for a moment, but before they realise it, it was too late. The path had crumbled…..and Julian was falling. The Julian she loved…was falling. Fiona then screamed. She screamed til her voice was hoarse, until it felt like blood was going to come out of her throat. She had killed Julian. She had killed him, by pushing him away. She had killed the Julian she loved. Even if Julian wasn’t going to come back…she still screamed.

Julian 14Auger on the other hand, was busy laughing at how interesting they were. Nesso & Zara then ask her to come to them, but she can’t move. They were so close, yet, she couldn’t move. Auger then orders the knights to go and grab her, while Nesso proceeds to grab her as well. However, she’s caught by the knights first. The knights grab her hands, and drags her towards Auger’s side. Nesso & Zara cry out her name, but she doesn’t hear it anymore. Auger says that he’s gonna take good care of her, although she was broken already. Fiona wonders…was he referring to her? She didn’t know anymore.

She had killed Julian with her own hands. That incident would be forever imprinted in her mind, as the tears fell down her cheek.

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The true end happens when you choose to go and save Weblin, instead of deciding to leave with Nesso & Zara outta the country. When Julian tries to convince the twins to cooperate with the wolves, Fiona sees Auger taking out a small knife, trying to do sth to Julian. Fiona doesn’t know what he’s gonna do to Julian, but she immediately stops Auger. Auger laughs and says it’s such a shame that she noticed, and he takes out a knife from his pocket. It’s a tiny knife, but it was sharp. It could be used to kill people secretly. Fiona’s prety much horrified by this and she’s glad she stopped the guy before sth happened. Mejojo then laughs and says it’s interesting, that Fiona and Julian was sharing such a special relationship.

Auger then kicks Julian down, and starts stepping on him, saying that he doesn’t like it at all. Fiona was meant to Mejojo’s, and to him, Julian can’t protect her. Fiona says that she was just trying to save him, but Auger doesn’t listen. Julian’s pretty much on the ground crying in pain, and Fiona can’t say anymore, as it could hurt Julian even more. Auger then says that Julian ain’t needed as a toy, and continues to kick him. Fiona couldn’t do anything, and at this rate, Julian would be killed. She screams at them to stop, saying that she’ll take his place, and shielding him from the the neko twins. Julian tells her not to help him and tries to push her away, but she doesn’t budge. Hearing this, Mejojo asks Fiona if she’s willing to replace Julian as their toy. He continues by saying how weird she is, and saying that she’s going to get Julian’s punishment. Auger tries to scare her, but she doesn’t say a word; if she gets scared by them, it’s a loss to her.

After not hearing Fiona say anything, Mejojo and Auger say that they’re gonna clean her from the dirtiness of the wolves. Auger then drags her somewhere. Fiona doesn’t know where shes’s going though, but she’s not afraid because Julian’s with her, as he’s being dragged by Auger through the chain as well. He then says that she’ll be alright, because the person the twins are gonna punish is him. He then says, “I’m really sorry that you’re gonna see the pathetic side of me.” Julian didn’t want Fiona to see his awful side, but they had no choice as the twins had them trapped already. Suddenly, Fiona is pulled forward by Auger, who asks what kind of friendly conversation they’re having. If they were talking, the twins also had to join in the conversation. Mejojo then asks if Fiona is trying to make him jealous, and says that she might need punishment as well.

Mejojo chuckles and they continue being dragged. Suddenly, Fiona realises…..they aren’t going to the garden. Mejojo then says how she didn’t like the garden that was prepared for her, and they have decided to give her a better room. It’s their favourite room, and Julian definitely knows about it. Julian shivers, and Fiona realises where they’re taking her. They were going to the dungeon, where Julian was broken. When they arrived there, they chain Fiona up, and lifts the chain where her feet are almost touching the floor. Julian screams and asks why he isn’t the one getting tortured, and they realise – the twins have been wanting to torture Fiona from the beginning. Julian pleads them not to torture Fiona, and torture him instead, but Auger just kicks him and says that they’ll play with him when they have the time to later.

Auger then connects Julian’s chains to the other side of the wall, and says that Julian’s doing only watching this time. Mejojo then asks Fiona if she’s afraid, and Fiona only replies saying that she wants them to let Julian go. Mejojo then asks her to know her position. Her family’s pretty much fled the country, and she didn’t have any high title anymore, and yet she was speaking to them as if they were on the same level. When Fiona realises this, she starts crying, Mejojo says that he’s gonna give her a chance, to pick who she wants to be tortured by. She picks Mejojo, as Auger was about to kill Julian earlier, and she’s too afraid to be tortured by him. Mejojo ends up whipping her, and Fiona has to call him “Mejojo-sama”. They end up putting the crest of Weblin on the back of her neck, and they do all of this, which Julian watching.

Julian is pretty much shocked by what he’s seeing, and Fiona sees that his eyes are hiding some rage, where she doesn’t understand. The wolves soon know about Fiona’s failure, and the wolves get ready their plan to raid the castle. Nesso & Zara also agree to go along with them, so that they can save Fiona. One day, Auger comes to pick her up from the underground dungeon, saying that he has a piece of news for her. Then, she sees Julian dragged by Auger. Since the day she was first punished, Fiona’s been locked up in the underground dungeon and chained to the wall, and Julian was back to being a servant. At the moment, Fiona realises Julian’s staring at her blankly. She wonders what he’s thinking right now, seeing her in such a disgraceful state. However, he doesn’t say a word, and he’s just staring at her.

Auger then drags her to the throne room, and he whispers something to Julian before they go in. Julian leaves, and Fiona was brought in. Fiona wonders what Julian’s gone to do, but she’s glad cuz Julian didn’t have to see her pathetic side. Mejojo then tells her that the wolves are going to attack the castle, and among the wolves, they found a human and rabbit. Fiona definitely knows who they are, and she starts pleading Mejojo to spare there lives. Suddenly, Julian comes in with a tea set, and Fiona gets upset as Julian’s going to see her pathetic side again. Seeing the tea set, Auger gets a new idea. He pours the tea into a cup, and pours the tea from the cup all over the floor. He asks her to drink the tea of the carpet, and they would consider sparing Nesso & Zara’s lives, but Fiona’s pretty sure it’s a lie. It was just meant for her to lose her dignity.

Mejojo then laughs, saying that he wondered why Auger brought in the tea set, and it was for THIS. Fiona then motions to the ground, think that maybe, if she did as told, she could be able to save Nesso and Zara’s lives. She can hear Julian pouring more tea for Mejojo and Auger. Suddenly, she hears a loud thud, and she wonders if she did something, as she could have made the twins angry. She then hears Julian’s soft voice, telling her to look up. To her astonishment, Auger has collapsed on the floor, and Mejojo’s gasping in pain. Fiona asks Julian what’s going on, and he explains that he poisoned the twins- only to the level where they wont’ move though, it won’t kill them. Fiona then asks why he didn’t attempt to kill them, and he plainly says that he was thinking about many things when setting up the whole plan.

Fiona wants to ask more, but Julian’s smile comforts her, and she doesn’t ask a thing. However, Julian’s aura feels different from usual, and she wonders why. Mejojo then asks what they’re going to do with them. Kill them? Auger then tells them if they kill them they’re defying imperial rule, and Fiona starts to panic. Julian then calms her down, telling her everything will be fine. Julian suddenly says “come in”, and a bunch of soldiers come rushing in under his command. The soldiers grab the twins tight, and the twins realise – those weren’t the palace knights. Julian then explains that these are the personal guards of Fiona’s Uncle, Elvira’s dad. He then walks in, and says that it’s such a shame to meet Fiona in that state. Seeing how her uncle looks so much like her father, she goes and hugs him, and her uncle assures her that’s everything’s fine now.

The neko twins are pretty much pissed by Julian now, and they ask what Julian did. Julian explains that while the twins weren’t looking, he went to contact Fiona’s uncle, and explained everything that happened, especially the corruption of the twins. Fiona’s Uncle then thanks Julian for telling him about the truth of Elvira’s death, and how he came to realise that the twins’ actions were too much. The neko twins are pretty much shocked, and they get especially angry when Julian asks them if they thought he wouldn’t do anything. Turns out, they though Julian was so stupid, they left him alone, and Julian started working in secret, which caused most of the nobles to disagree with what the twins were doing. Julian wasn’t a toy to them anymore.

Fiona’s Uncle says he’s taking back Fiona now, and Mejojo asks what they’re gonna do about the throne now. Julian then says he’s gonna take over, and rule over Weblin. Mejojo then retorts back saying that Julian’s rights to the throne were already taken away. Julian replies saying that the person who removed his rights to the throne – their father, was already dead, and he was killed by them. Fiona’s shocked upon hearing that statement, as she didn’t know the twins had actually killed their father. The king was such a nice man, and yet the princes had to kill him. Mejojo would have gotten the throne in the end. She didn’t understand them at all. She really could never understand. Mejojo and Auger screamed saying that they didn’t have proof, but the previous kings’ doctor said that the previous kings couldn’t have died so easily, and the only people who visited him room were the twins.

After finding out everything, the nobles decided that they couldn’t follow Mejojo & Auger now, and now they support Julian. Fiona’s Uncle then continues to acknowledge Julian as the next king. The twins are majorly shocked to hear that. Soon, the guards proceed to bring the neko twins away, as they continue to scream and shout at them. Fiona then asks Julian if he was really going to take the throne, as there might still people who still supported the twins. Julian tells her that although only a small number of nobles were told about this, the corruption of the twins would spread to the public anytime, and most people would agree with his rule. Now, Zodiva could be cured properly with the cooperation of the wolves. Julian thanks Fiona’s Uncle for doing this, and he thanks Julian as well for finding out the truth of Elvira.  Julian says that he won’t be as good of a king compared to the twins, but he’ll try his best to lift up to everyone’s expectations.

Fiona then remembers that the wolves were going to attack the castle, and they needed to stop them. Julian then tells Fiona that he sent out all the guard to stop the wolves, telling them they do not want war, and now, it’s only the 3 of them in the palace. They had managed to get the knights to trust them through arresting the CCK, and all of them were sent out to the capital. Julian then says that he’s going to wait for Arles to arrive at the gate. Fiona says that she wants to come along too, and he agrees. As Julian takes out his hand, Fiona takes it, and he says he feels much more secure with her holding his hand. They walk to the gate. The wolves soon arrive at the castle, surprised to see the castle completely empty. There’s only Fiona and Julian holding hands. Arles walks out of the pack, while Nesso & Zara scold her for making them worry so much.

Fiona cries at this reunion, and Julian explains everything that happened to Arles. Gullian starts whining & complaining about how they don’t get to fight at all, while Rath sighs by his side. Arles then asks what’s going to happen to the twins. Julian says that they’ll lose their rights to the throne, and no longer be part of the royal family. Also, they’ll be imprisoned in the palace forever. Gullian starts complaining about how he can finish them off in second if they drag them there, but Arles just keeps quiet. Julian then says, “Yes. They’ll be imprisoned. Just like me.” Upon hearing that, Arles tells the rest of the wolves to retreat. However, Fiona felt that something about his answer was weird, and it felt…scary. Gullian starts whining as the wolves leave, and Rath asks Arles if it’s really okay. Arles says that it’ll definitely be okay.

Julian 16Arles also tells Julian if he needed anything from them, he could send a messenger anytime, and Julian nods. Zara then says it’ll take a while for everything to settle down, and they can finally rest back at the tower. However, Julian looks sad as Zara says that. Fiona asks him if anything’s wrong, and Julian turns red as he looks at her. He then says, “Fiona! I really need you!! Would you…stay with me in the palace?” Fiona then hears Nesso sighing in the background as he says that, and Julian says that it’s okay if she refuses. Thinking about how much Julian’s been through, Fiona agrees, and says that she wants to stay in the castle with him. Nesso sighs again, and Zara smiles.

Meanwhile at the wolves side, Rath asks why Arles left it to Julian to settle everything. Arles repeats what Julian says, “Just like me.” Rath immediately understands, while Gullian doesn’t understand at all. Arles just concludes it saying that the twins are going to suffer in pain, which leaves Gullian convinced, and Rath shocked.

Soon, Edgar had returned to the tower together with Pearl & Richie, and the rest of Fiona’s family was living happily back at the tower. Fiona now lives in the palace garden, happy with Julian by her side.

One day, Fiona’s waiting for Julian to come and visit her in the garden, and wonders who he got caught by. Lately, Julian’s been extremely busy with his duties as a king, and he was usually caught by 1 or 2 nobles on the way while coming to visit her. However, when he had the time, he would come to the garden and drink tea with her, and even tend to the garden together with her. Fiona’s pretty happy having such a life in the palace. When she asks a maid about what happened, the maid replies, saying that he’s left his office, and he’s probably coming to visit her soon. The maids usually keep her company in the garden; and although she’s allowed outside of it, she never dares to leave the garden. After all those incidents which happened to her in the castle, she never dared to step out to the rest of the palace.

Soon, Julian arrives, and the maids leave the garden. They’re giving them time to be alone. Julian says that he’s home, and Fiona asks how was work going, and Julian replies saying that it’s pretty good. She then goes to ask who he got caught by, and Julian replies that he was caught by some noble. Julian then proceeds to make tea, since he was more used to doing things himself, since he used to be a gardener/servant. He then tells her about how he managed to get the wolves cooperation, and now they could do full-scale research on curing Zodiva. He smiles, and says that it’s going to take a lot of time to fully reconcile with the wolves, due to the twins. After making the tea, Julian passes a cup to Fiona, and she notices something – there’s a stain on his sleeve.

OH MY GODWas it blood? Fiona wonders.

She then remembers something terrible that happened, and Julian asks her what’s wrong, since she’s staring out into space. Fiona shakes her head and says that nothing’s wrong, and tells Julian about the scary story she heard from the maids. Julian tells her to tell him about it too, but she refuses, since it’s scary. She regrets hearing the story, and she remembers what the maids told her. They said that there were rumours that they could hear the cries of Mejojo and Auger coming from the underground dungeon, since now the underground dungeon was locked and no one could enter. Fiona turned pale, and the maids apologised for telling her such a scary story. She told them it was okay.

Fiona tells herself it was just a rumour, and there’s nothing to be afraid of. She closes her eyes, and sips her tea, as the nice aroma of it surrounds her. She’s living a happy life now, and there’s nothing to be afraid of, since she has Julian now. She had wondered about where the neko twins were now, but she doesn’t care anymore, as it’s plain scary to her now. She closes her eyes, telling herself that everything’s fine. Seeing Fiona’s face, Julian asks what wrong, and she says nothing. Soon, she closes up to Julian, and close her eyes as she smells the faint smell of blood.

Julian 18When he laughs.

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WOW. THE ENDING OF THE TRUE END SCARED ME. Julian was a sweet boy, but how can I put it… the true end, his crazy side remained, as in it turned into a side who wanted revenge. His personality was rather straightforward, but at the ending…..I really am speechless. He was so cute and sweet in the happy end, and his feel felt different at the end of the True end. Well, this is another route where Fiona decides to run away from reality, as she’s too scared to face it. Really can’t blame her tho. She’s been through so much…..and finally she has a peaceful life with Julian, I’m pretty sure she needs a break from all this shit. the family end for this made him MUCH CUTER. DEFINITELY. One thing’s for sure. He’ll definitely be a much better king than Mejojo, despite his low self-esteem saying that he can’t. Well the neko twins DID GET THEIR PUNISHMENT FOR ALL THAT SHIT THO. That’s what I have to say tho, about him.

1 thought on “BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Julian

  1. kirinano

    I know right? His good end was cute and then in the true end…(Ծ﹏Ծ) I guess the twins deserved it in his true end. Still, I was like, that’s not right. He should have just given them to the wolves with leashes on them or something… just kidding haha ( ◔㉦◔ ) I hope he becomes a good king…I actually thought it was possible for him to be a corrupted king as well since he’s still broken and he was beating the nuko twins. Like, how can you call that a sane king, you know what I mean? lol ʅ(◔౪◔ )ʃ


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