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6 Years in, and I’m still going

Sometimes I wonder to myself why I still write this blog. Then, my otome backlog looks back at me, silently sending me a message that I’ve yet to finish them. Well, it’s been 6 years. It’s been another slow (but steady) year, and yet another one filled with ups and downs. Has things changed? Probably, but much lesser on this blog. I’m about a day late for this one, as my anniversary (for any new folks) is the 7th of July, but it’s only a day so it’s not a problem. Let’s take a quick look because this post will be short, just for a little something I plan on writing after this. Continue reading


So it’s been 5 years….

As the title states, it’s 5 years of me running this blog. Time sure blasted by pretty fast. This post is a few days late as my official anniversary is the 7th of July, but I guess Idk what to write + a lot of school working going on this season so it got delayed. By 2 months! Sorry for leaving this space blank for this long. Oh boy, it’s been 5 years of me casually doing this blog thing! Here’s a roundup of what happened this blogging year! Continue reading

4 Years of trashy blogging, and I’m still here.

Oh dang, this is the yearly cheesy post I do every year talking about how I can’t believe I’m still writing on this blog despite being so slow! Well if you’re guessing that, yes! I can’t believe how I’m still here! And I’m thankful to all readers for continuing to read this trashy content of a blog. The anniversary was supposed to be in early July, but school has been busy and I haven’t had time to write, so it’s only here now. I honestly have no idea what to summarise and talk about for this year, since I’ve done so little, but I’ll try my best under the cut. It’s been another dry year really, and I really have no idea what to say. Hence the header picture. Don’t worry, I still love you readers!

Continue reading

A Belated 3rd Anniversary Post!

Time flies, and it has been literally 3 years since I started this damn blog. I’m still surprised that I’m even motivated to continue writing on this blog for so long. Judging by how fast I get bored of things recently, I’d think that it’s a miracle that the blog has survived for 3 years! Well sadly, the 3rd year of my blogging has been a really dry one definitely. After my exams, instead on being on roll with otome games, I was busy getting a part time job to feed my newfound obsessions, and afterwards getting ready for a new school. Since things have mostly settled down, my pace has picked up again, but I’m still slow compared to my very first year of blogging. (which ironically, was the year i neglected a lot of my studies) A rundown of my entire 3rd year of blogging, and some personal reflections about certain issues. And if you’re asking if the above pic is handwritten, yes. Continue reading

Crap, its 2 years??! Oh no????!

Wow, I can’t believe this is the 2nd year I’m running this blog. Thanks to my friend, who I’ll be crediting her later, she has made my blog a logo!!! I will be updated the blog with the updated logo soon! Well, I guess I’ve been slow in posting recently due to a lot of things happening, but first, a rundown of what happened in this entire year of blogging! Continue reading