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BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Gullian Guinor

At last, I’m finally reaching the end of Bloody Nightmare. Gullian’s route is only unlocked if you clear both ends for Rath, but he’s actually worthwhile doing so!! Gullian’s very violent, in a way where he wants to kill all his enemies, but he’s actually a ball of cute!! He’s pretty much like a kid every time, but his childishness actually makes him cute. Okay lets leave it at that and get on with the review, shall we? Continue reading


BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Arles V Felnoir

After Rath, I’m moving towards Arles. Arles is the leader of the wolves, and he’s the biggest among all of them, and he looks super fluffy!!! He’s also Rath’s older brother, but he lost contact with Rath because he became a knight in the castle. However, due to the Elvira-Mejojo incident, he felt the castle, and made a new cover name for himself. Continue reading

BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Rath Vogart

Rath is a young wolf of his race, and he has silver hair, AND FRICKIN FLUFFY EARS I WANNA TOUCH THANKS TO MY BIASNESS. Also he has a eye patch on his left eye thanks to Zodiva infecting him and that eye has lost it’s sight. He barely talks to anyone, since he isn’t able to trust anyone at all because he thinks that he’ll be rejected as a wolf. He tends to show his feelings through his actions, and he can never explain them properly.  Continue reading

BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Zara Skeens

Zara is Fiona’s butler, who was taken in by Edgar when he was younger, and he pledged loyalty to Edgar for saving him. Since then, he has been taking of Fiona since she was young, and researching on the method of curing Zodiva. He’s pretty much the nicest guy in this game, no doubt about it.  Continue reading

BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Nesso Galland

For all the BWS fans out there: we know what kind of guy Nesso is, right? THE ONII-CHAN WHO WANTS TO BANG HIS YOUNGER SISTER. Nesso’s the most powerful knight in Weblin, and he has feelings fro his younger sister, Fiona. He’s also the one who helps Edgar tell the princes they don’t want Fiona at the castle. Since they were born from different mothers, its okay to have a relationship, right? Really idk what more to write about him thank, so let’s get on with the review.  Continue reading

BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Julian

As we know, Julian’s the gardener of the garden that Fiona lives in, and secretly is the crown prince of Weblin. Although he ain’t a prince anymore. He’s pretty much simply sweet, and is the person who spends the most time talking to Fiona when she was living in the castle. He isn’t good with a sword either, and just wants a peaceful life. FYI I’m actually going to complete this in the different groups from Nekos, Humans and then wolves. Continue reading

BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Twin Ends

The 2 twin ends are unlocked after clearing the twins’ ends. They have to be played from Mejojo’s route, cuz both end with Fiona being Mejojo’s. I guess this post is going to get uh, a little short cuz the way I write endings is really short. BUT I JUST COULDN’T BRING MYSELF TO PUT IT INSIDE AUGER’S POST. Okay aside from that I’ll be finishing up the twins’ routes with this post so yeah. Continue reading

BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Auger Von Garibaldhi

I had no choice but to finish Auger’s route ASAP cuz I found out picking the “look for auger” choice in mejojo’s route opens up Auger’s bad end and I ended up having to clean out his good end first. Also I joined up the twin ends with this post cuz I had a feeling that this ain’t gonna be as long as the main plot post. Continue reading