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Amnesia V Edition

Okay here goes my best attempt at trying to play the game called Amnesia, a series which has been heavily milked by our awful friend Otomate. Well enough about how bad the milk is, since this is only just the first game anyway. Our story is about a girl who loses her memories, and ends up in this weird realm seeing a boy named Orion. Turns out their souls clashed on 1st August, causing her memories to poof and fly away. So now orion’s job is to help her get back her memories, and she has to choose the world that she belongs to. Let’s get on our journey for the most dense, and most Mary-Sue heroine in the entire otome game universe!! Continue reading


Toki no Kizuna ~Hanayui Tsuzuri~

6 months after completing the first Toki no Kizuna game, I’ve finally arrived at its FD, where we have 10 times more raburabu goodness continued from the original stories of the guys. All the routes start right after the ending of the first game. Continue reading

Toki no Kizuna ~Sekigahara Kitan~

So I decided to play this game to waste my time and stuff and also because Okamoto was in this one, but it was really…a bad idea. 1. If you don’t have a strong grasp of Japanese you will die here. 2. It’s a bloody prequel to Hakuouki so if you hate Hakuouki don’t play this since it’s gonna full of….references. I needed to do a lot of research to understand this part of Japan’s history before writing this thing. Either way, this story it about a group of Oni, during the battle of Sekigahara. Anyway if you want to know more about this war just go google it. It’a also a rather short game so if you can bear with the weird things they are saying you will survive. Continue reading