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Uta no Prince-sama ~Music 3~

I acquired this game in early Feb when it first released, and I played it so much that I unlocked all the songs within 2 days of playing, but I was holding back just because I wanted to finish the ASAS review first before heading on to this. That’s right, Utapri’s back with another music game with another round of songs, this time trying to ruin your lives with more tricky beatmaps that you can’t seem to play even when you remember yourself almost perfecting a Pro mode on the last game on PSP, Music 2. Oh well, more details and rants about the game under the cut. Continue reading


Love Live! School Idol Paradise ~Vol.1 Printemps~

Well if you guys didn’t know, I recently got into Love Live! School Idol Project this year. Love live started out as some music unit which bushiroad started, but it wasn’t popular back then until they got an anime, which pretty much sparked out their phone game & now. their psvita game. I got into this series, and got the limited edition of this game as seen in my unboxing post. Unfortunately I wasn’t pleased with what I got. Post is image heavy so do watch out. Continue reading

Uta no Prince-sama ♪ Music 2

Yes. I almost finished the game. I happened to find a copy somewhere, and I got it and started playing. With zero knowledge of what was going on in the games, I mainly played it for the songs, and tried to avoid much spoilers. Sadly, it turned out to be me not playing any of the Senpai’s Pro mode, since I didn’t want to see any spoilers. This is going to be a summary of the game, and it’s spoiler-free.

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