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Senbura: Masanobu Awakening Scene

The night that we won a major war…… The Takeda Army banquet was more rowdy than usual.

Masakage-kun and Nobuharu-san were greedily devouring the food. Masatoyo-kun who was panicking trying to stop them. As well asー

Yuzuki: ……Shingen-san? If you’re trying to secretly drink, you can’t.

Shingen: Geh! Oh, well……A-a little bit’s fine, right?

Yuzuki: That’s not good. Look, just pass it overーah!

The sake that Shingen-san was reluctant to pass over was swiftly stolen from his hands.

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Senbura: Masakage Awakening Scene

Yuzuki: Just a bit more and we can see the castle, Masakage-kun. That’s why……hold on a bit more.

Masakage: Yeah, sorry……

While supporting a staggering Masakage-kun by the shoulder, we were walking towards the castle.

In the intense battle, we had strayed away from Shingen-san and the rest, and before we knew it, it was only the two of us. Continue reading