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Welcome to 未来へ向こう! This is a blog about the a musings of a girl named Shu from Singapore. The blog was created mid-2013 when I decided to start making Otome game reviews after falling in love with them earlier in 2013 through the ever-popular otome series, Hakuouki. This blog was originally created for that sole Otome game purpose, but now as of 2016, it has kinda developed into something more different from what it was originally meant to be. Originally reviewing otome games only, time passes this blog has suddenly sprouted all kinds of things, from translations, event reports to drama cd reviews. This blog now mainly focuses on reviewing otome games, but random event reports, daily musings will be posted here every now and them.

I’m Shu, and I created this blog to express my feelings for all of these contents as I felt that there wasn’t enough people out there for me to rant about all these. Currently, I’m a student aspiring to be in some form of media job in the future, and my current interests are mainly in seiyuus. Of course, I’m still in touch with animes and otome games, but isnt that what seiyuus work in in the first place? My current seiyuu bias is  Suzuki Tatsuhisa, who’s ruined my life in all ways possible, by throwing me into 2 milked series, and rejet hell, as well as being a fan of OLDCODEX. I’m a rejet enthusiast as of current, but not really amused by their current works right now. I’m also part fangirl and part cosplayer, as I picked up the hobby in order to improve my self-confidence.

I also play RPG and action games, and my favourite series are the Tales, Disgaea & Final Fantasy series, A few animes I like are Love Live, Bakumatsu Rock, Date a Live & a couple of sports animes. A few manga I like are Nanatsu no Taizai, Kuroko no Basket & Nijiro Days as of current. A few online games I play are Love Live ~School Idol Festival~, Touken Ranbu & Show by Rock! A few more seiyuus I like other than Tatsun are Suzumura Kenichi, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Midorikawa Hikaru, Miyano Mamoru & Morikubo Showtaro. (They’re mostly veteran, I know.)  Lastly, my favourite Otome games are Utapri, Dialovers, Ken ga Kimi & Black Wolves Saga. I know they’re all rejet and over-milked series, but please don’t judge me just because of that.

For those who really wanna chat with me you can add me on my Twitter. My Tumblr is officially dead as I got tired of the community there.

If I like a series which is not Otome, I will talk about it here once in a while. Although I do like tl;dr games, sometimes I find them quite a drag and end up crawling through them for ages. I play PC otomes as well, but don’t expect me to finish them fast, since I’m quite bad at finishing PC games.

This blog is full of personal opinions, so please don’t get angry or something if I hate your favourite characters as it’s my personal opinion, so please bear with me. I hope you beared with my long introduction so enjoy the rest of this blog!

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Rinesque

    Oh my I just read this! XD I’m from the small sunny island too and yes I do agree we have a crazy Kpop craze here even my BFF is in love 😦
    I’m so jealous you know a little Japanese haha, I don’t have the time to master another language. *sighpie* 😣😣😣

    1. Shuu Post author

      Oh really? It’s nice to see people with the same interests as well. The friends around me all like kpop and one direction, i barely have anyone to talk to about anime/otome games.

      About learning japanese, i took some time to learn it during the school holidays, but i don’t exactly call myself a master of it yet, since there are thing i still cant read, like kanji, which is tough.

      1. Rinesque

        Haha IKR. Did you go AFA this year?

        I can understand some verbal Japanese from watching anime but not hiragana/katakana/kanji…. And that’s basically everything lol. Well good luck learning! 🙂

      2. Shuu Post author

        I did go to AFA though, I even wrote a post on this blog for it!! As for learining japanese i really just self-learn in my free time, really. you can go check around some tumblr blogs and stuff. If you do have free time, you can check out this: http://himeutsugi.org/post/55185051672/because-im-all-overwhelmed-at-starting-to-learn for some starters in learning.

        As for your dialovers question u posted on another page, I would much prefer azusa for now.

      3. Rinesque

        Oh cool! I didn’t get to go again cos I went Japan 8DDD

        Ahh I see I don’t have tumblr but thanks for the link! 🙂 I’ll check it out during my free time.

  2. Laramie Castiel


    I’ve been lurking for a while, and about a month ago, I decided to start my own otome blog. I would like to add your blog on my blogroll, so I was wondering if it was okay to.

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. kyuuichii

    Hey Shuuさん.
    I visit this blog after look at your signature on OH >wu<
    ohoho~ We're neighbor… because I'm live in Indonesia. Here goes same with you, many k-pop fans around me and really hard to find someone with VN and Otome Game interest 😦

  4. Dialover Trash

    honestly, i’m super thankful for your blog. all your images are neat and i love how clear they all are. will stay tuned for more. plus you put in effort in your posts and the images that go with them. more power to you! 🙂

    1. Shuu Post author

      Late reply due to no notifs for this, but unfortunately, no. As I mentioned from my last review I don’t think I’m getting into any more deep plot games for Dialovers until they can get their shit together, because I really don’t enjoy the story anymore. I’m sure there’s some blogs out there that will be posting about them!


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