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First Trip to Japan, 2019

I haven’t been mentioning this at all on social media whatsoever (other than some picture snippets), but I went to Japan for the first time for 2 weeks in June. I had an amazing time, so I thought I’d share some of the experiences I had there during the 11 days or so I was there as an anniversary post as mentioned earlier, so let’s get into it! Continue reading


Happy New Year! A Quick Wrap-up of 2018

2018’s been crazy. I’m really glad it’s over, but a whole lot of ups and downs in life happened (as per usual), and here’s the yearly roundup of things! I apologise for the lack of otome posts after my last review, but I have been ploughing my ass through Norn9 & Code:Realize real slow, and I’ll hopefully get their posts up soon! Anyway, let’s get on with an overview of 2018. Continue reading

Happy New Year! An end of 2017 Summary

I usually do a New Year’s post where I recap on the things that happened the year before, but I figured doing in at the end of the year is a much better choice, and I hope to keep this tradition going instead! Eitherway here’s a good rundown of the things which happened this year, and I’ll definitely be touching upon the AFA that happened as well. So without further ado, lets see a summary of this year. Continue reading

Another New Year Passing, another post.

Happy 2017 everyone! I realised how I tend to gather events from the year into a new year post, so I thought I should make one every year since my schedule and procrastination never gives me time to write individual posts anymore. I’m going to talk briefly about certain events I didn’t cover, but go a bit more into AFA2016. At the same time, I may talk a little about my recent absences from this blog, despite the fact that I’m supposed to be off exams already. I might repeat some things from what I’ve said previously, but I hope it isn’t too much. I messed up and posted this on the 3rd, but oh well it’s still relevant, isn’t it?  Continue reading

Special: Confessions of an Otome Gamer in Milked Game Hell

Not a review post, but a couple of days ago I thought about this in the bath regarding how I continue to play and support 2 overmilked series, namingly Utapri & Dialovers. I’m sure people out there do wonder why I’m such a stupid fangirl to continue to support these series instead of continuously trying new games out there. Here’s a more personal post about myself, and why I’m still obsessed with this series so badly. I’ll be talking about a few reasons why, at the same time the bad things about them. It doesn’t mean that when I’m obsessed with both series, I’m blind to everything bad about it! At the same time, this is a post filled with my personal opinions and any complaints with unconstructive criticism of Dialovers will be deleted depending so yeah. So let’s get on with this post! Continue reading

The First Post of 2016: A round up of end-2015

Happy Belated New Year! Or maybe not as Chinese New Year is coming around the corner……. As the amazing procrastinator I am regarding this blog since my huge exams last year, I finally found the mood to collate a post of all the things that’s happened at end 2015. This technically means that I’m just covering 2 events: AFA2015 & Cosfest Christmas 2015. Also, an update on what I want to do for this year. (I mean, finish my backlog of games before my anniversary or my 3rd anniversary will be even drier xD) I’ll keep this under a cut; also I believe for people who thoroughly enjoyed AFA2015, please dont read the AFA section because its a salt post regarding it. I hate to say this, but this will be quite the salt post for that. The featured image is from hereContinue reading

Crap, its 2 years??! Oh no????!

Wow, I can’t believe this is the 2nd year I’m running this blog. Thanks to my friend, who I’ll be crediting her later, she has made my blog a logo!!! I will be updated the blog with the updated logo soon! Well, I guess I’ve been slow in posting recently due to a lot of things happening, but first, a rundown of what happened in this entire year of blogging! Continue reading