Senbura: Masakage Awakening Scene

Yuzuki: Just a bit more and we can see the castle, Masakage-kun. That’s why……hold on a bit more.

Masakage: Yeah, sorry……

While supporting a staggering Masakage-kun by the shoulder, we were walking towards the castle.

In the intense battle, we had strayed away from Shingen-san and the rest, and before we knew it, it was only the two of us. Continue reading


Senbura: Shingen Awakening Scene

Yuzuki: (Shingen-san……I wonder if he’s alright.)

At the Takeda Stronghold. There, I was surrounded by soldiers, while waiting for Shingen-san’s return.

Yuzuki: (The enemy seems to have a lot of vigour, and there haven’t been reports regarding Shingen-san’s state either…… I hope everyone’s safe……) Continue reading

Rejet Fes 2018 -FOCUS- Announcements!

2 weekends ago, Rejet held their yearly seiyuu event for their series, and it came with a good amount of announcements for new titles. This time, the announcements mainly focuses on Drama CDs, as well as the release of the new Dance with Devils game. Unfortunately, there are no new game announcements or follow up news on Doriko no Toshokan and Ayakashi Children. Once again, my translate may or may not be accurate, so please take it with a grain of salt and I hope at least you get the general gist of the series. With that, let’s dive quickly into the bunch of announcements at Rejet Fes!  Continue reading

Happy New Year! An end of 2017 Summary

I usually do a New Year’s post where I recap on the things that happened the year before, but I figured doing in at the end of the year is a much better choice, and I hope to keep this tradition going instead! Eitherway here’s a good rundown of the things which happened this year, and I’ll definitely be touching upon the AFA that happened as well. So without further ado, lets see a summary of this year. Continue reading


Hanamaki Ichigo is currently leading a normal life at university. One day, her childhood friend Kagutsuchi Hino asks her if she’d like to go on a trip to Okunezato, the town that her brother disappeared in a year ago, to look for clues on his whereabouts. They decide to head off to the “Okunezato Occult Club” meetup at the town, where they meet a bunch of after people to talk about the mysteries of the town. Little did she know that there was more going on in the village that she thought, and how she was related to all of this. Continue reading

Black Wolves Saga ~Last Hope~

After 4 years from playing Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare, I’m finally back years later to review the Last Hope side of the story. Last Hope is a re-write of the whole setting in Black Wolves Saga, and has a completely different plot but with the same elements as in Bloody Nightmare. The game starts off with Fiona’s 16th birthday, where she’s finally able to leave the tower to have an outdoor party in the garden for her birthday. However, before the jovial occasion can happen, Fiona’s kidnapped by Rath. More spoilers under the cut. Continue reading

Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~

Here’s the continuation of the first Code:Realize game! C:R was a big hit so an FD was created going through the after stories of all 5 main guys, new added routes for Sholmes and Finis, as well as a side story ~Lupin the Gang~. I’ll be covering all this content. After finishing the first game in english I loved it so much I jumped on it when this one came out, and it took me a while to play it. I’m glad I did it. Spoilers will be under the read more. Continue reading

4 Years of trashy blogging, and I’m still here.

Oh dang, this is the yearly cheesy post I do every year talking about how I can’t believe I’m still writing on this blog despite being so slow! Well if you’re guessing that, yes! I can’t believe how I’m still here! And I’m thankful to all readers for continuing to read this trashy content of a blog. The anniversary was supposed to be in early July, but school has been busy and I haven’t had time to write, so it’s only here now. I honestly have no idea what to summarise and talk about for this year, since I’ve done so little, but I’ll try my best under the cut. It’s been another dry year really, and I really have no idea what to say. Hence the header picture. Don’t worry, I still love you readers!

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