FFXIV Adventures – 30 + 8 Days of Madness

I would usually apologise for my absence once again here at this spot, but the reason for the absence is always the same – school, real life, and while that’s true, I’m getting tired of explaining it. What I’ve been up to? The title explains it all. I recently got into FFXIV due to being introduced to it by a friend, and I’ll admit, I’ve been addicted, thus neglecting all my other games. I haven’t played that much, but just wanted to share my adventures and thoughts on the MSQ. There will be text + image poilers from 2.0 to patch 4.5, so if you are planning on picking it up eventually & do not want to be spoiled, do take note!

As a side note, I’m still working on finishing Dialovers VC, and that will be absolutely the next post. But for now, here’s a post about my adventures in Eorzea! Mild Warning: Post is pretty text-heavy as it turned into a novel. Continue reading

Happy New Year! The 2019 Summary

It hasn’t been long since my last post, but this only crossed my mind a couple of weeks ago that I actually wrote new year wrap-up posts every year. Been very busy, which is the reason why the game reviews have been slow. At the same time, it’s way past the period to reflect on 2019, but as it’s a tradition I’d like to do it as per usual. Continue reading

Otoko Yuukaku

Otoko Yuukaku is the Vita port of Gyakuten Yoshiwara ~Kikuya~ but with added voices, and 1 new character route. I know the original mobile game has been translated into english and is available on mobile/pc/switch, the Vita version /has/ voices and I generally prefer a game with voices. That said, the plot is exactly the same, with the island being a place where men are barely born, so most women go to Yoshiwara to produce children. Our heroine Misao runs into Kikuya while she’s making a delivery, and is offered a night there, plunging her into the world of the red light district. What will happen from here on?

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Dance with Devils ~My Carol~

Dance with Devils ~My Carol~ is the FD to the first game made after the anime, and like the Ken ga Kimi one, it’s a series of short stories packed in one game. The content includes longer stories that happen after the best ending of each route, as well as short after stories of what happens after each ending for each route, including the bad ends as well. As the trend continues, this will be a shorter review with short summaries of what happens in the game – let’s take a look at it. Continue reading

First Trip to Japan, 2019

I haven’t been mentioning this at all on social media whatsoever (other than some picture snippets), but I went to Japan for the first time for 2 weeks in June. I had an amazing time, so I thought I’d share some of the experiences I had there during the 11 days or so I was there as an anniversary post as mentioned earlier, so let’s get into it! Continue reading

6 Years in, and I’m still going

Sometimes I wonder to myself why I still write this blog. Then, my otome backlog looks back at me, silently sending me a message that I’ve yet to finish them. Well, it’s been 6 years. It’s been another slow (but steady) year, and yet another one filled with ups and downs. Has things changed? Probably, but much lesser on this blog. I’m about a day late for this one, as my anniversary (for any new folks) is the 7th of July, but it’s only a day so it’s not a problem. Let’s take a quick look because this post will be short, just for a little something I plan on writing after this. Continue reading

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly starts off with 5 youths awakening in a mysterious mansion, with no memories or any recollection of who they are. They all want to leave, but the only clue they have is a task from the master of the mansion – to collect the kaleidoscope shards to complete the kaleidoscope. With that, the 5 youths set out to leave the mansion – but is there more to their lives & the mansion they’re living in?

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Norn9 ~Last Era~

So it’s been 4 (or 5?) years since I played the first Norn9 game, and I finally thought to start on the FD for a game I don’t have a good memory of. Guess what? I really don’t remember shit and have some good new takes on this series, and they are not amazing. I started the game in November, but it took me very long to pull my ass through the game I don’t remember the earlier content again I played, so this will be a brief review. The game has a few segments to it, so spoilers under the cut. Continue reading