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Uta no Prince-sama ~Music 3~

I acquired this game in early Feb when it first released, and I played it so much that I unlocked all the songs within 2 days of playing, but I was holding back just because I wanted to finish the ASAS review first before heading on to this. That’s right, Utapri’s back with another music game with another round of songs, this time trying to ruin your lives with more tricky beatmaps that you can’t seem to play even when you remember yourself almost perfecting a Pro mode on the last game on PSP, Music 2. Oh well, more details and rants about the game under the cut. Continue reading


Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret

And here I am with the fandisk to the All Star game of Utapri! In this game, we have both the senpais and the Kouhais, both which start of as Saotome’s announcement that they’re all gonna have new songs! Thus we follow on Haruka & her lover’s adventures of making a new song while they spend a good time together! For the content, Senpais continue after All Star, while Kouhais continue off from Debut where they are already longtime lovers. THE BOOTLEG STARISH ENDS DO NOT EXIST. I REPEAT. THEY DO NOT EXIST, Spoilers under the cut! Continue reading

Uta no Prince-sama All Star

Almost about a year after debut, and 1 1/2 half year after the actual release of the game, here am I back with Utapri All Star! All Star covers the shitty senpais which shitted up debut by adding drama and they get routes cuz they’re ikemens. In this game, Haruka has made it through, Repeat. AA & SS and Debut WITHOUT A STARISH MAN! She has made it into the agency without the help of a Starish guy but she hasn’t debuted, and she’ll get booted if she doesn’t debut in 6 months. There comes Saotome, who offers her to compose the song for the new senpai unit Quartet Night for the Christmas party, and win in the Music Festival Competition by partnering up with them, and she has to win or else her contract will expire and she’ll be booted from the agency. Continue reading

Uta no Prince-sama Debut

Months after playing the 2nd fandisk for all the dudes I”m back with another review for utapri!!! Basically means that I’m back to playing utapri again with more raburabu goodness. As per usual, I will be playing from my least favourite to most favourite, and no senpai/friend ends. ESPECIALLY THIS TIME BECAUSE THERE’S HOMO no thank you please I do not want a homo game.

Eitherway Haruka & her menz are ready to debut into show business when Saotome jumps out and tells them that they have to go to a Master Course to debut. They will also have to group with a senpai to earn the “brothers emblem” and some other medal, and also making a unit song together with the senpai. The guys end up moving in with their senpai leaving Haruka alone composing herself well dammit. Eitherway watch out for mad rage under the cut, that’s all.  Continue reading

Uta no Prince-sama ♪ Music 2

Yes. I almost finished the game. I happened to find a copy somewhere, and I got it and started playing. With zero knowledge of what was going on in the games, I mainly played it for the songs, and tried to avoid much spoilers. Sadly, it turned out to be me not playing any of the Senpai’s Pro mode, since I didn’t want to see any spoilers. This is going to be a summary of the game, and it’s spoiler-free.

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Uta no Prince-sama ♪ ~Amazing Aria~

This is the fandisk to Uta no Prince-sama which covers the A class boys and Cecil. Welp the S Class boys are busy filming a movie so you get to screw and have fun with the A Class ones~ Each route only has 4 Chapters and are all quite short. I played them according to my least favourite guy to most favourite.

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Uta no Prince-sama ♪ Repeat

Basically, this is the remake of the first Uta no Prince-sama. They released their first game earlier, but the art and sprites were really crappy and it still got popular. So Broccoli realised their mistake and they decided to remake all the art in this game *sighs* Ok I have a major game addict problem which only wants myself to get the Maji love ends and I don’t really care much about the other ends so I’m a really bad reviewer I’m gomen r( ̄_ ̄;)スマンスマン I’ll try to get the Love ends but my backlog is too much so I’m gonna do it when I have the time. Continue reading