How often will you be posting? Your posting seems irregular?
Life and school always gets in the way of my posting, but I’ll try to post at least once a month minimally to keep the blog alive. I try to keep the updates tab as updated as possible, but I may forget.

Why haven’t you been reviewing any otome games?
Same as the above, life and school are often in the way of gaming because I end up being too tired to play more games. I try to complete them fast, but if I can’t, the monthly post will be filled with either a Mobage or a Drama CD. Or some random topic I discuss about. Or I may even forget to post. Just a heads up.

Any games you played, but don’t plan on reviewing? 
Both PSP Hakuouki Yuugirokus.

What happened to Moshikami?
My playthrough for Moshikami ended up being extremely tedious and painful to play. It was one of the reasons my gaming progress slowed down a lot because I was stuck obsessed trying to clear it, but could never bring myself to get through Neji’s route because of the gore I read. I’m particularly weak to gore, so reading that one description messed me up so bad I decided to quit playing the game entirely. I will eventually go back, but I am still unsure when I will, so do not expect any review on this as I’ve only done Ace, and 2 of Neji’s endings only.

Ken ga Kimi & Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate posts?
Both will be currently on hold for now because I’m getting stressed over the backlog of writing I have to finish. I will eventually go back to writing the individual summaries, but I don’t have a specific time. Because I played these games long while ago, my memory of how I feel or the events are very little, so I don’t believe I can give a good opinion about it. I will eventually replay the games since I actually quite love both a lot, so summaries will appear in the future, hopefully. I will be moving on to their FDs immediately, and hopefully review those on time, so I hope you guys can enjoy those!

What are the monthly translation posts about?
To try and keep the blog alive during my busy timings, I’ve decided to post translations whenever I can, maybe from senbura, maybe from Utapri, but at my own whims.

Is requesting you to play games/do translations available?
Unfortunately, no. Life has not been nice an I barely have time to scrape my otome game backlog down, and I definitely will not have time to take any requests. Please do not leave any comments begging for translations as I 101% do not have time to do them, and may not have the source material for the translations you even want. That said, all requests for translations will be deleted. Game requests will stay, but I definitely will not be able to get to them very soon even though I have purchased the game.