K Project -Missing Kings-

As the name says, yes. I went to the K -missing kings- premier, and watched the entire thing in a cinema. This is the 2nd time im watching an anime movie in a cinema, and im writing a spoiler free review for this. I watch the anime, the cast is crazy good so why not? ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

The movie overall was good, actually. The animation was wondeful, and the plot and story was well played out in the movie. The plot of this movie is literally, based off the kings. As from the anime, shirou poofs off the earth and disappears, and the movie trailers did show him so he did make an appearance. The movie was mostly about how everyone was moving on since the academy island incident. Kuro and Neko are looking for Shirou, HOMURA’s been pretty much disbanded, and Scepter 4 is still the same. The movie also introduces a new character, who works for the mysterious green king who doesn’t even make an appearance at all in the anime.

The movie starts off Kuro and Neko meeting up with Kukuri in town where they dump tons of FANSERIVCE on us, but the meeting soon ends due to Neko noticing Shirou. At the same time, theres an assault at the Gold King’s tower, and Scepter 4 is ob standby there. At the same time as well, Anna’s in trouble as the Green King is after her!! A lot of things happen at the same time, and it ends up with Anna getting caught and stuck inside the Gold King’s tower since its vacant. I’m really gonna leave it at this since in really gonna spoil super hard. In conclusion, Im just gonna summarize this in one line. K -Missing Kings- does cover the issue on what happens to the kings, but I felt that this touches more on the Red King’s side.

The movie ends with a cliffhanger, a very terrible way to even end a movie. Yes, the movie had it’s sad parts (especially for the red side’s fans), but I don’t think it’s that good of the movie. The animation and everything else may be good, but starting off a 1 and half hour movie with a 30min recap on the entire anime ain’t funny. Also, we paid to watch a PREMIER. It was $15 bucks for ta single ticket in, and well, they did give some freebies, which was a paper bag, which was quite empty. Okay maybe I was late for the the movie or something, but what was inside the bag was the most ridiculous thing ever. TISSUE PAPER. Okay starchild I don’t have a grudge against you or anything but REALLY? TISSUE PAPER? Seriously. Remind me why I should not quickly go and book tickets for a premier unless I really like it. But whatever, if the cliffhanger is pointing towards another season (which i hope for instead of another movie pls don’t), i’ll be quite happy. Not much as the fangirls, cuz what I wanted to see was pretty much covered since I’m a crazy Red King fan.

Any things I learnt from the movie? Not really. It just feels like a bridge towards maybe another anime or movie, you never know. Feels? Yes. Definitely. If you love the Red side then you’ll definitely enjoy it and get tears out from it (at least I did, i think the other people in the cinema all came the Shirou I guess.) Shipping feels? Definitely. The canon ships were seriously all boosted and promoted in their own ways that I think I kinda fainted from the cute. (I blame Yata and Fushimi.) Also, I’m not putting any pics of the freebies I got since I really see no point as they just reuse the official poster art.

Eitherway, my conclusion to this review is that if you’re a hardcore fan of K project, it’s a go if you manage to see it in the theaters or maybe on the net. Although, if you’re not much of a fan, I suggest that you shouldn’t watch it. Maybe you could watch it on the net if the anime piqued your interest or you even at least liked it, but nah, it isn’t such a worthwhile movie to make you move your legs to the cinema to even watch it.

5 thoughts on “K Project -Missing Kings-

  1. kurorisa

    30 minutes recap ain’t nice at all lmao
    I forgot the date of this movie although I remembered this
    I guess since the anime was disappointed I don’t even bother to watch this :/

    1. Shuu Post author

      The anime was actually okay for me, but yeah a recap is just terrible. Also, I really dont know where they’re moving towards from the movie.

      1. kurorisa

        I smell a 2nd season or a movie sequel. they said a 2nd season is already on the way? or maybe it’s just a rumor I heard before

    2. Perry Dunetz

      I Just saw the movie the other day, I don’t know what he’s talking about, it has maybe five seconds of recap, there are short flashbacks from time to time (Rarely and each one lasts only a few seconds and they only happen when events are being spoken of in passing) and in the beginning there is a bit of a narration for 1 minute that explains that a year has past since the academy island incident and shiro is still missing, but other than that no recap. Unless of course you count the opening theme, which hardly recaps anything either

      1. Shuu Post author

        To be honest im not sure myself cuz I reached the cinema 10 mins late, and when I came they were recapping the entire anime. By the time it reached the part where the real plot started abt 20-30 mins had passed.

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