Amnesia V Edition

Okay here goes my best attempt at trying to play the game called Amnesia, a series which has been heavily milked by our awful friend Otomate. Well enough about how bad the milk is, since this is only just the first game anyway. Our story is about a girl who loses her memories, and ends up in this weird realm seeing a boy named Orion. Turns out their souls clashed on 1st August, causing her memories to poof and fly away. So now orion’s job is to help her get back her memories, and she has to choose the world that she belongs to. Let’s get on our journey for the most dense, and most Mary-Sue heroine in the entire otome game universe!! That was quite a bad start lol. Okay so for this review, our heroine doesnt have a name, so I’ll just call her ‘heroine’. Also sadly our heroine barely says any lines Orion’s pretty much covering for her or sth so sadly, I dont even know she’s thinking until she has lines in the later parts of the game dammit.

Shin (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)

2014-08-06-175251Shin’s the tsundere boyfriend & childhood friend #1 who gets harsh on the heroine all the time. When heroine first wakes up after getting outta that world, she finds herself in a hospital and she gets kissed by Shin directly!! However not knowing who in the actual fuck is Shin she just quietly follows Shin around as he takes her home from the hospital. Turns out that heroine fell from a cliff one day and banged her head so Shin thinks that it’s his fault for making her fall of the cliff and lose her memories!! Basically throughout this entire route heroine’s pretty much quiet stuff and she doesnt talk much while Shin tries to get her to fall in love with him again by still acting as her boyfriend. Despite his shitty personality, he’s pretty much straightforward with heroine about his feelings. He’s also 1 year younger than her and they started dating around 3 months ago when he couldn’t see her as a childhood friend anymore. So after getting guilty for making her lose her memories and shit he starts helping her get back her memories of everything by taking her places and trying to get her to remember things by kissing her a lot on times in the entire route ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪ However the problem is that he doesnt spend much time since he has cram school to go since he promised heroine that he’ll go to the same uni as her and he needs a scholarship, while heroine works at Meido no Hitsuji with Childhood Friend #2 Toma who knows about her memory loss and some other friends. Shit soon starts happening when Shin suddenly gets arrested by the cops and he gets 24-hour surveillance under them.

2014-08-06-175755Turns out new evidence has been found and Shin’s being accused of that and rumors start popping up on how his dad was a murderer and everything, which leads to him being arrested and shit. Shin soon texts the heroine saying he’s okay and with that, HE DOESNT APPEAR FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK. WOW. Soon he comes back and ends up hugging heroine like shit since he can’t hold his feels back anymore. However soon after he returns he starts planning things for them to play DANGAN RONPA back at the villa where heroine fell down a cliff. They look for clues and shit to find out who threw her off the cliff and they soon come to a quick conclusion after some drama which happened there causing the whole place to flip shit. Soon the entire trip ends with them finding extra clues, and Shin makes Toma and Heroine go back to his place. Along the way heroine finds out about Shin learning an instrument after he said that she sucked in her band so he learned how to play the dang instrument so that he could play with her!! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイEitherway the truth is revealed and turns out Toma did something extra!! Turns out that the whole thing was when Shin tried to kiss her in the forest to take up the relationship a to a higher level but Heroine just ran away, causing her to fall off the dang cliff. However THERE WAS MORE TO THAT and turns out Toma found her at the bottom of the cliff first but she saw him as Shin causing him to flip shit and go crazy when since he’s been mad about the time when heroine wanted to marry shin instead of him lol. The end branches off here so yeah.

2014-08-06-175950In the I really really like you end, Heroine remembers everything which happened during the night and turns out that’s the trigger to her regaining her memories. She soon parts ways with Orion and Toma turns himself in. Shin and Heroine then go home to cry about it since Toma’s their childhood friend after all! A few days later they go on a date with them holding hands!! ワーイ♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/ワーイ♪ In the I’ll come steal you away end, Heroine refuses to remember anything and Toma doesnt get arrested. They go back to Shin’s place where Shin tells her even though the current her has feelings for Toma it’s totally okay since he’ll come steal her away when the time comes. ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ In the I’m not the culprit end, Ukyou murders the heroine lmaooo. In the A dream you’ll never wake up from end, Toma takes her to a different place and drugs her, and I think she dies. Yep. What are those weird bad ends really. Also point #2 is that DONT GO NEAR TOMA HES JUST A JEALOUS BITCH HERE DONT ENGAGE. Either way that good and kinda cute but the entire route was pretty much quite plain here as I wasn’t really getting fluffed up or anything but only to Shin’s tsun outbreaks which made me either laugh or something else. In the his Memories part, he just visits heroine at her place after she buys some stuff for the villa trip again and they have their raburabu time. 

Ikki (CV: Taniyama Kishou)

2014-08-06-195339Ikki is the manwhore and the flirt in this game with him having tons of fangirl bitches surrounding him everyday. It’s so bad that at the beginning of the route even Orion has no idea why the fuck is heroine even dating Ikki apart from that the fact that they work together, and he ends up being cold and ignores her when he’s surrounded by fangirls. Therefore, throughout this entiere route, Ikki only treats Heroine nicely when they’re alone together, and they only go out on a few dates with Ikki putting on his sunglasses all the time, making him want to ravage heroine so hard when they’re in the cinema. Turns out Ikki’s eyes are FUCKING SPECIAL TO THE LEVEL WHERE ANYBODY WHO LOOKS INTO THEM WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM. Wow that’s so amazing! No wonder there are fangirls! Due to this he has tons of problems with fangirls surrounding him and wanting to go out with him and entertain them, causing him to almost miss his fireworks date with heroine one night. We also find out that he’s a playboy for some reason because after dating a girl for 3 months the girl EITHER BREAKS UP WITH HIM or he dumps her. So after tons of shit happens, we find out that Ikki was dating heroine to try and make her fall in love with him!! Turns out those eyes don’t work on heroine because her dad’s a manwhore as well and the fact that he’s remarried like 4 times just makes her rage so she REJECTS HIS LOVE EYES! Ikki tries tons of ways to get her to fall in love with him but sadly it’s back from scratch since Orion fell in her and she lost all her memories!! Ikki ends up trying to kiss her and everything, while heroine DOESNT FEEL ANYTHING AT ALL! Ikki continues angsting as one day he gets drunk and heroine goes to his place where he hugs her in bed and talks about how he really really like heroine and wants her to fall in love with him as well. He then talks about how no one actually truly loves him since it’s all because of his eyes. (ノД`)・゜・。

2014-08-06-195713They end up going to a trip where it’s a collaboration between 2 universities billiards clubs, which is basically the entire Ikki fanclub, and Ikki finds heroine in the forest when she gets lost. They go look at the stars together when he tells her that when he was a kid he wished upon a shooting star that he would be popular and BAM IT HAPPENED. Since then he’s been surrounded by tons of people which resulted in the number of fangirls surrounding him. Ikki soon becomes cold to her after that and gets upset alone while not walking heroine home often. Soon Heroine’s dad comes by telling her to stop playing around while and move in to his place WHICH IS 2 HOURS AWAY FROM THAT PLACE OH NOES!! Turns out heroine was sick of her dad and she decided to live on her own and she’s been working at the maid cafe the earn funds for her living expenses and university funds cuz she doesn’t want to live off her dad. Ikki then suggests her moving to his place since they’re dating anyway, which causes heroine to go into a dilemma on what to do. Orion soon asks her whether she likes Ikki or not, and she soon gives Ikki an answer, and soon after that her memories continue pouring in to the level where she can only hear Orion. Heroine soon tells Ikki on her memory loss, and she soon remembers that SHE WAS IN THE IKKI FANCLUB TOO!! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ Turns out that she wanted to investigate why Ikki kept dumping girls after 3 months, and turns out that it was partly because OF THE GIRLS IN THE FANCLUB! Turns out that fanclub had a rank system where if you are a good member your ranks will raise, and when you hit a certain level you can go and ask Ikki out for 3 months, and YOU MUST REPORT WHAT YOU DID WITH HIM EVERYDAY. SOUNDS REALLY FUN GAIZ. The one behind this is Rika, a bitch who’s obsessed with Ikki and hasn’t confessed to Ikki even tho they’ve been friends since middle school cuz EVERYONE MUST SHARE IKKI!!! 

2014-08-06-200217If you don’t follow the rules, you get bullied and thus the fangirls go and surround Ikki all the time lol. In the I’m prepared end, after finding out about the fanclub shit Ikki confronts them, and tells them to GTFO unless they want him to ignore them. ~(‾⌣‾~) Heroine then moves in with Ikki, and he’s super happy. Heroine also gains back her memories and Orion soon disappears, and Ikki kisses Heroine in front of the trains station わぁい♪ヽ(▽ ̄ )ノ/(_△_)ヽ(  ̄▽)ノわぁい♪ In the Are you free on Thursday end, Heroine finds out that her dad has improved a little and moves in with him to try and change his stupid remarrying habits. Ikki says goodbye to her at the train station, asking her to forget him, and call him if she’s free. She soon sends him a mail saying that the stars are nice at her place and asks him to come over. Ikki’s forever in love with heroine, so he asks if he can come over. わあい\(^▽^\)(/^▽^)/わあいっIn the I’ll break the ones who broke you end, Rika pushes heroine off a cliff causing her to be completely broken, and Ikki goes insane and decides to kill the fangirls. In the I wanted to live together with you end, heroine rejects Ikki and he says goodbye to her, and goes out to scream his feelings at the beach with Kent. In the Not bad, God end, Ikki finds out heroine lost her memories and asks her which she didnt trust in him, leaving a crying heroine. POOR IKKI MY BABY ;_; Whenever the guy just said sexy lines I just went ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ and got really sad for the guy when he was desperately trying to get heroine to love him since he really likes her. In conclusion Ikki’s route was bittersweet for me as he was really cute and sad at the same time.

Kent (CV: Ishida Akira)

2014-08-06-200351Kent’s the super calm person among all the pursuable dudes and pretty much the only thing is jammed in his brain is logic. From the beginning he’s pretty much question the fact as to why heroine is even nice to him, due to the fact that they were kinda on bad terms previously. Kent is so fucking terrible at love to the level where doesnt know what holding hands is for and when he knows he starts going “we must hold hands before kissing!!” and actually gets embarrassed when he holds hands with the heroine.(‐^▽^‐)Also, he even needs Ikki to actually give him love advice which caused him to actually buy a 2-week anniversary cake lol. ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚Soon his relationship with heroine gets better and better when the story progresses, to the level where she goes to his house and finds out about his logic-crazy parents, and when Kent realises he’s actually in love with her!! There’s even the pool scene when he actually freaks out over heroine wearing a swimsuit around other men haha xD. Okay so it turns out that he met heroine while he was doing some math teaching at her school, as well as the times when she walked her dog at the same path almost everyday. Kent started falling for her after meeting so many times outside and tells her to go out with her with something like “i think i’m in love so i want to observe those feelings so I want to go out with you and you can refuse.” Heroine decides to go out with him as a challenge, but 3 days into they relationship they start fighting over Kent’s dumb logic to everything to the level where he sends texts like “good morning” and “good night” to her every time.

2014-08-06-200724Because of this, when Kent found out that she lost her memories he pretty much didn’t want her to regain them as he wanted to continue this nice and sweet relationship with her unlike previously where they were arguing non-stop. At this point Kent’s pretty much fully in love with her to the point where they start kissing and all, and he continues getting concerned about her memories. Obviously Orion has to get out of heroine so he talks to Kent through getting heroine to write on a piece of paper where they communicate. Orion also ensures Kent that the both of them are already in love to the level where their relationship wouldn’t exactly crumble to pieces even when Heroine regains back her memories. Sadly before Kent can actually tell heroine the true reason as to why Heroine hates him, Heroine gets hit by a car while she’s going to Kent’s presentation for him to go abroad to study. Fortunately she doesn’t suffer any serious injuries, and she remembers the reason. Turns out that Heroine’s dog got hit by a car, and Kent was at the scene, and when they got to the vet, her dog died and Kent starts going like “you should have trained your dog more properly thats why it died”. Heroine raged at him going “HOW COULD YOU DO THAT” and thats why she hates him. In the I’m sorry for waiting end, Heroine wakes up and sees Kent by her side, and turns out that he screwed the darn presentation to see her. Heroine forgives him for what he has done and Kent apologsies for being such a shit when her dog died.

2014-08-06-201410Orion soon leaves as well and Kent tells her that he screwed the presentation since he didnt want to go abroad anyway.  Once Heroine got out of the hospital Kent takes her to the classroom where he taught her math, and he proposes to her saying that he loves her and asks her to marry him ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノワーイ! He kisses her, and later he tells her that he’s made plans for both of them to go to abroad together for studies. At the ending, they meet in London where Heroine crashes into him where he speaks and english and says that he’s sorry for making her wait, and they kiss there. ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪ In the I want to see you end, Kent pushes the presentation back using Ikki’s talking skills, and Kent still sees her in the hospital. However, at the end, Kent bids her goodbye at the airport, where heroine cries, and Kent tells her that he wants to see her and that he loves her. (@´_`@)In the I’ll never forget you end, Kent finds out about her memory loss and Heroine ends up staying in the hospital to try and find a cure for it. In the Isnt it a pretty night view? end, Kent doesnt go see Heroine in the hospital and Ukyo dumps her off the roof of the hospital. Wow I tell you this entire route was just filled with tons of fluff, and fluff, and fluff again. No really, the amount of times kent suddenly just blushed, I REALLY JUST LOST COUNT. Kent was extremely cute tbh, but seriously I just couldn’t feel much from him unlike Ikki sadly. Although, the normal ends was really really so bittersweet that I actually cried a bit tbh. But overall, this was a cute route and well, all I can say about the bad ends is just “meh”.

Toma (CV: Hino Satoshi)

2014-08-06-201622As I said in Shin’s route, Toma is childhood friend #2 and you can see him being the best older brother you have ever had. There’s only one issue. He’s crazy overprotective and can’t decide whether he wants his precious imouto to be his girlfriend or continue being his precious imouto. Also he’s not her boyfriend in this route. Eitherway his route starts off with Heroine getting a giant shock in her brain when she hears Toma calling out to her, and they end up getting into the hospital. Sadly hospital causes her distance with Orion to go back to normal and whatevers. Toma still continues being a nice older brother and bringing her wherever she asks him to go to. He even takes care of her at her place. Also for some shit ass reason heroine has a mailbox stuffed with disgusting things along with the fact that she’s getting pushed into roads, almost getting pots dumped on her head and Toma decides that she’s gonna stay at his place for the time being to be safe. He then continues his oniichan streak by looking like he’s not interested in her or whatever, but that ain’t true when they go shopping for underwear store where the shop assistant thinks that he’s heroine’s boyfriend and he starts blushing like shit. Heroine continues to stay at Toma’s place when one day, she goes out, finds out her house a shitton of nails on the door, mailbox stuffed with shit, and spam mails in her email or some weirdo stalkers. She returns, but ends up crashing into Toma and guess what? ONIICHAN AINT PLEASED WITH YOU GOING OUT BY YOURSELF. Toma rages and takes an hour to calm down and shit, when this over protectiveness gets unhealthy and he decides to DRUG HER. Yes that’s right. Toma put drugs in Heroine’s drinks early in the morning so that she’ll conk out and sleep until 5pm so even though he’s going out he knows that she’s at home.

2014-08-06-202535So the cycle repeats for about 2 days until Orion realises this shit and tells her to not drink that shit, and they sneak out again causing Toma to be in another mad rage. Shin also comes over to Toma’s place going like “DAFUQ SHE’S STAYING AT YOUR PLACE TOMA” with continues to let Toma rage even further. Tbh at this stage I already wasn’t pleased with anything which was going on in the route anymore that I don’t even want to put more emojis in this route. Either Toma decides to step up his protection by like 100 LEVELS and STUFF HER IN A FUCKING ANIMAL CAGE the day after Shin comes to his place. щ(ಥДಥщ) Seriously WHAT THE FUCK. щ(ಠ益ಠщ) PLEASE FEEL MY RAGE HERE THANK YOU. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ Okay continuing on with the summary, Toma complains how difficult it was to bring the cage into his house!! Seems that he doesnt have any neighbours  or something or they dont give a thousand fucks wow. He locks Heroine inside this cage, and gives her food and water from the outside, and handcuffs her when she goes out to use the toilet or have a bath. So as the story goes along Heroine gets back memories of her liking Toma and the times where he was protecting her. Heroine soon realises that she was the one who liked Toma! As it turns out to be, Heroine actually had a crush on Toma, and she was talking to Ikki for some good love advice! How she got to know Ikki? Mine was a fan of Ikki’s and wanted to be in his fanclub, but she’s only a highschooler so Heroine joined in her place!! She started interacting with Ikki about Toma but this caused Ikki’s bitches to GET JEALOUS OF HER LOL WHAT THE FUCK.

2014-08-06-202700Therefore, in order for her to break up with Ikki they dump shit inside her mailbox, put nails on her house door, throw pot plants on her & get her run over a motorcycle, as well as spreading pics of her on the net. Toma actually helps her clean up this shit, but at the same time he’s also got the misunderstanding that HEROINE LIKES IKKI. Wow what is this giant misunderstanding. so one day Heroine finds out that the cage has a defect and WALLLAH SHE ESCAPES FROM THE CAGE!! She then runs home to try and find help for her when she’s almost run over by a motorcycle. She then crawls back to Toma’s place and goes back inside the cage, but Toma’s not that dumb so he notices those injuries. Toma rages, and tells her TO STRIP and show him her injuries, when suddenly, her diary flies out of nowhere and it’s open!! WOW OTOMATE. *CLAPS HANDS LOUDLY* Toma then finds out how much she liked him, and suddenly he feels like a complete shit. SERVES YOU RIGHT YOU PIECE OF SHIT. *✧₊✪͡◡ू✪͡   In the Your taste in men end, after finding out about how imouto loves him Heroine forgives him and they make up. They report all the shit the bitches did to Ikki, and Toma comments about how Heroine has really weird taste in men and but Heroine doesnt give a fuck cuz she loves him. In the That bastard! End, Heroine runs out of the apartment when Toma tries to rape her and crashes into Shin. He ends up raging at Toma and Heroine remains under Shin’s protection and Toma moves out leaving a sad Heroine. In the We’ll be together forever end, Heroine becomes Toma’s dog cuz she’s forgotten everything and lives chained in the cage all day and Toma reminding her everyday. In the I’ll take you there end, Ukyo pushes Heroine down a well and she dies.

tumblr_inline_n4vxggz1XJ1snz0dyI think I need one more paragraph to express my feelings here. WHAT THE FUCK TOMA. Really WHAT THE FUCK. I know there are people out there who think that Toma is still a good character after all, but I’m really just not into yanderes like this guy. I really felt what the fuck he did was really, really terrible to the level where I didnt even get anymore sweetness from his route anymore. Did you know his parameters even have an extra bar called “SUSPICION TOWARDS TOMA’S ACTIONS”. Wow. Really, just wow. A fucking animal cage. I am shocked myself even if I’ve played Dialovers like seriously. His bad end was terrible as shit with that yandere cage, and tbh i think i’ve vented my rage enough already so yeah.

Ukyo CV: Miyata Kouki)

2014-08-06-202943OHHHHH UKYOOOOOO MY BABY HE’S SO SAD. This guy’s route literally left me in a pool of tears honestly. Ukyo’s route is the one which can only be played when you clear all the other routes. When Heroine arrives in this world, she finds out that she ain’t dating anybody! And the best part is, Ukyo seems to be someone who’s interested in her, but they don’t know. Either way, from what we know Ukyo creeps around in all the other dude’s routes and practically kills Heroine in at least 1 bad end of every route, and that shall be explained here. Well turns out that Ukyo and Heroine had actually met before! Turns out that Heroine had met Ukyo early in the year in the cherry blossoms, where he was crying over his dead grandpa’s nice house which was supposed to have been removed since it was old. Since then, Ukyo fell in love with Heroine and thus whenever they would meet they would have a nice talk. Eitherway as the route passes by as Ukyo tells Heroine how he met her, and how he wanted to be a photographer and stuff. However for some reason heroine gets flashbacks from these, and they aren’t actually her true memories. So guess what. After Heroine almost gets almost killed idk how many times in this route, Ukyo breaks it to her on the 24th that he met Heroine early in the year, and turns out on 1st Aug, Heroine goes to her university, gets caught in an explosion and dies on the 25th. This completely devastated Ukyo, when suddenly, a spirit named Neil appears in his face!

2014-08-06-203457Neil is actually Orion’s master and he’s granting humans their wishes to learn more about them. Therefore, Neil decided to grant Ukyo’s wish which was to see heroine alive. Thus, Neil fused together with Ukyo, and sent Orion flying into Heroine’s body to guide her and keep her alive until the end of August. However things don’t go too well because if Heroine doesnt die on the 25th, Ukyo will take her place and die instead. Ukyo doesn’t get his wish fulfilled, and Neil continues jumping worlds together with Ukyo to find another world where Heroine’s alive until Ukyo got his wish. At the same time, if Heroine dies, Ukyo would get sooo upset that he kills himself and they end up jumping into the next world over and over again. Also, what I meant by Ukyo taking her place that is after the 25th and Heroine survives, all sorts of things will come flinging at Ukyo until he dies somehow. This has happened so many times that even Ukyo knows where Heroine might die during the entirety of August so he warns her! Even worse, because of this, Ukyo developed a 2nd personality which was to kill Heroine so that he could live! But obviously this cycle ain’t gonna last long, cuz turns out that Neil’s running outta power to keeping jumping worlds, and decides that to end this they’ll will have to return back to the world where Ukyo & Heroine were originally in. Also, this is the reason why August is so friggin cold and weird shit keeps getting being thrown at Heroine. Either way Ukyo then tells Heroine on the 24th to stay at home all day and never leave the house the next day. Sadly, on the 25th, Heroine recalls all the memories she had with Ukyo, and realizes that she was in love with Ukyo.

2014-08-06-203527She also realises that Ukyo’s trying to get himself killed for her sake, and she runs off to find him to confirm all this in the midst of all the danger outside (eg. almost getting hit by a train, shit falling on her, crazy typhoon) Heroine almost burns in a fire because of Ikki’s bitches, but she’s saved by Ukyo….and they end up going to the university to take cover. However……Ura-Ukyo appears and he starts strangling Heroine right at that moment!! Obviously the real Ukyo doesn’t want this to happen so he stops his Ura self and telling Heroine to run quickly. This crazy chase game continues until its like 10 mins to the midnight of the 26th, where Heroine crashes into Ura-Ukyo. He flashes a knife to kill her, but at the last moment……he stabs himself. 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。ワーン!! Soon it strikes midnight, and Ukyo says that he’s happy that he finally got to see Heroine alive…..。・゚゚・o(iДi)o・゚゚・。うぇぇん Suddenly, Neil appears, and says that he’s finally fulfilled Ukyo’s wish, and asks Heroine if she’s willing to forgive Ukyo. The good and normal ends branch off here. In the Do you know who is Ukyo-san? end, Heroine doesnt forgive Ukyo, and Neil completely rubs Ukyo’s existence off her mind. She goes to work one day. Waka then asks her about this “Ukyo” customer. However before she know it tears are rolling down her cheeks, and although she doesnt know this person she says goodbye to him in her heart 。゜(゜´Д`゜)゜。ウァァァン In the Don’t lose something so precious end, Heroine forgives Ukyo. Neil and Orion soon say goodbye to them, and they live happily in their own world where they’re dating and Ukyo’s a pro photographer now. One day while they’re out on a date, Heroine drops her handkerchief and a boy picks it up for her. TURNS OUT ITS NEIL IN ORION IN THEIR HUMAN FORMS CUZ THEY LOST ALL THEIR POWERS 。゜(゜´Д`゜)゜。ウァァァン

tumblr_inline_mwebomSKq61qmrnmeHOLY SHIT I THINK I NEED ANOTHER PARAGRAPH TO EXPRESS MY FEELINGS FOR THIS ROUTE AS WELL. Ukyo’s route was just…..really so so so well done. The story was crazy good and I was crying hard when it was the ending. The normal end made me cry, and even worse, the good end. ORION AND NEIL MADE ME CRY THE MOST. ORIONNNNNN YOU CUTIE. Added on with all the bad ends I played throughout the entire route just made me even more sad. Also, if you did notice while playing the game, Ukyo would always disappear after the 25th. REALLY. There was event a point in Kent’s route where on the 26th, Sawa & mine would visit heroine in the hospital and talk about someone looking like Ukyo dying somewhere nearby the hospital 。゜(゜´Д`゜)゜。ウァァァン Heroine also dies on the 25th in one of the bad ends in that route….. Uwa my feels for this is getting real strong. Although I msut say, the only terrible thing about this route is the 8 bad ends they gave us here. (ಠ_ಠ)

  • Ahh……it’s useless: Heroine heads into her university and dies the original way she was supposed to die.
  • Take a day off work: Heroine dies in some kind of crazy earthquake.
  • You have to suffer this much: Heroine dies by sth falling on her
  • We’ll be together forever: Heroine gets bullied by bitches and Toma goes batshit nuts. The next day, he murders the bitches, and brings heroine to his house…..witha pool of blood inside it……
  • I loved you from the bottom of my heart: on the 23th, heroine tells Ukyo to stay over when Ura appears and murders her using a stun gun
  • I’m glad I made it in time: On the morning of the 24th, Heroine tells Ukyo about Orion and Ura comes out to murder her with the stun gun.
  • I’ll kill you in another world: At the university on the 25th, Ura strangles Heroine and she dies.

~Final Thoughts~

Tbh after playing this game I have quite mixed feelings about it. And thoughts as well. I mean, like wow seriously, I watched the anime for this and was prepared for the cage thing, but I didn’t expect it to be this bad. But really, I do see why this was a big hit. Although the cast wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, it was still good in terms of story. Except for the fact that I still may get nightmares from the creepy bad ends, especially after all the Ukyo ends haha… they want to see Heroine die so many ways seriously? Either way I felt that this game felt quite similar to Steins;Gate but it’s a little different. Although I still do have problems with it though. The seiyuus were really really talking too fast to the level where playing the memories scenario was just plain tiring. In a way I found them quite fast to the level where I was falling asleep sometimes. The art was pretty though. It was darn nice in a way. Character wise, I found everyone interesting in a way. Although, to the Toma fans out that I really do apologise if this sounded quite bad especially for Toma, but really, I couldn’t stand him. Even a the end, he wasn’t really redeemed for me anymore so I was quite angry about his entire route to be honest. So yeah, that’s about it. It wasn’t too good, it wasn’t too bad either. Just do remember to get a box of tissues for Ukyo’s route and everything. Oh yeah, my ranking for the dudes this time would be Toma < Kent < Shin < Ikki = Ukyo Hehe I seriously can’t decide between Ikki or Ukyo for my favourite so it’s a tie. Finally, I do feel that this game is quite good, but the thing is that if you’re scared of the scary violence and everything , I suggest you don’t play it. But I do recommend the story though!

Also, here’s a thing me and my friend did in class about amnesia cuz we were seriously bored xDDDDD:005


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  1. kirinano

    YAY, Ikki was my favorite too. HIGH FIVE! lols AHAHA Touma and his cage! I was like wtf at first too, and I liked his character before I found out he was kinda cray cray. Such a waste…and I still can’t believe that he was #1 in the character popularity poll. I was like what kind of crazy things are people into nowadays ahaha. Also, a little spoiler… If I remember correctly, he still has that cage in the sequel. The funny thing is I don’t remember how far I got. I think I played part of the sequel and stopped? I just remember Ikki’s route. In my opinion, I liked his character in the game, but he was really creepy in the anime. I only skimmed his episode b/c you know how otome game animes end…They don’t really having an ending ┐(・へ・ )┌.

    1. Shuu Post author

      Yeah otome animes tend to go for the “harem” end, which i’m pretty okay with but i just dont believe it’s true xD You played the sequel? I’ll be playing it too on the vita as a port since they’re chumming later & crowd together so I can save some cash trying to get them. And he has the cage lol. Well I’ll guess i’ll jsut look forward to the fandisk!

  2. kyuuichii

    After read your reviews… I feel like “I want to play this game again” again. I’m a super-duper fan of Toma. It’s okay… I didn’t angry about your Toma’s review hehe~ I already read many rage of him and I still love him 😀
    His yandere-ness was normal for me. He is only want to protect her and I think she is understand about him, that’s why she still trust him and stay in the cage. To understand Toma feeling we must see with his perspective. He is confuse with his role as a man and older brother. He is also think to much about his and Shin relationship, his and
    Heroine relationship, and Shin and Heroine relationship. This is causing an unstable heart to Toma. Okay, just stop about my opinion about Toma hehe
    I myself a yandere wahaha~ but not quite high rank yandere like Toma (because I don’t have a cage to stuck my bf inside, sigh)
    My route’s order is: Shin; Toma; Kent; Ikki; Ukyo. I found my self sleeping on Kent and Ikki route’s sigh~ and crying on Ukyo route. Then my hearts like ドキドキ on Toma route~
    I haven’t watch the anime because I don’t like how the end and it goes same to other reverse harem game which have anime adaption D:
    I’m play Amnesia on PSP but I think there’s no difference with PSVita port?
    It’s really good game and your reviews also good. I want to read your other reviews~ So, you don’t mind if I still lurking on your blog, nee? Will you reviews the fandisk of PSVita port? If I’m not mistaken the title is Amnesia LaterxCrowd V version.

  3. Bunny

    They should seriously rename Amnesia as How To Kill The Heroine In 100 Ways. I had a hard time trying to go through Ukyou’s numerous bad ends without laughing the living daylights out of myself.

    I get where you’re coming from about Toma. The whole route is rather terrible with the whole petty misunderstanding, and I’m saying this as someone who has Toma as her favourite! He does get better in the Later fandisc, and so does everyone else if you’re planning to play that! Also YES AIBOUUUU I cried so bad for Ukyou and everyone in his good ending. Just…I’m glad he’s finally found happiness in his own route. ; ___ ;

    おつかれ on finishing the game!

    1. Shuu Post author

      Thank you! Its amazing how you actually laughed haha. I was more creeped out by them than actually laughing though.

      Hmm I did read from other reviews that toma does get better sinces hes kinda over his internal crisis since they’re finally in a relationship. Ukyooooouuuu hes such a babe and he so sad T^T

  4. kurorisa

    the ironic thing is that Toma got 1st place on the popularity ranking and in the anime event, the seiyuu asked if they wanted to be caged like the heroine and some people actually raised their hands! XD
    oh goodness your drawing tho but yeah Toma pretty much do some raging on the bitchy fangirls of Ikki :/ I’m surprised you’re still playing the game even after watching the anime. when I tried to play this I felt a bit bored orz but good job on finishing this!

  5. Hinano

    lmfao @ that comic at the end.
    It’s always hilarious seeing people’s reactions to Toma’s route, sometimes I go re-read my own and it makes me laugh every time xD

  6. Leafさんの夢が。。。

    “was prepared for the cage thing, but I didn’t expect it to be this bad.”
    Like dude.
    Ukyo was also my favorite and I still can’t believe why the flip Toma won the poll. Apparently Uguu Cages= ❤ ?


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