Diabolik Lovers ~Lost Eden~ Tsukinami Routes

For the Tsukinamis, they’re pretty much on their own doing their own thing. With the death of Karl Heinz, the Tsukinamis have been bombarded with requests from other clans to form alliances, but Carla’s reluctant to do so since they pride themselves as First Bloods. Since the First Bloods don’t work with anyone, the two decide to take the demon world for themselves, seeing the state of conflict the world in. Yui, being pretty much part of them now follows along with their decision.

The Tsukinami routes mainly focus on unravelling more mysteries regarding some memers first blood, and they’re actually pretty irrelevant from the main plot because they dont become Adam or find out more about Karl Heinz anyway.


Yui’s been living peacefully in Pandemonium for a few months, but with the news of Karl Heinz dead, everyone and their mother is in a mad race to take over the demon world. The Tsukinamis are feeling the heat of it as a bunch of different demons keep knocking at their door asking for them to help out. Shin’s been busy kicking them all out, but they keep coming and he’s hella done with their shit. Yui’s chilling out at the gardens worried for war, when Shin walks in tossing her a bottle of konpeito. Shin says it’s probably from one of the demons who came by, and it’s probably not for Carla so he’s giving it to her. Yui asks if they’re going to war, and Shin says they might be if a good offer pops up, and they’ll have to fight the Sakamakis. Yui understands that they all have their reasons for fighting, when Carla comes to check on her saying that there’s a suspicious smell around the house. They soon all gather for dinner so Shin takes this chance to bitch about how the demons are fucking annoying coming to beg for them for help, and how they’re not doing anything despite it being a huge chance to overthrow the demon world. Carla tells him not to rush, and soon leaves the dinner table silently without saying a word. Yui chases after Carla, and he tells her not to blame Yui since Shin’s still pretty young and naive. However, there’s only the two of them left, and they’d be outnumbered, and neither do they want to work under someone else since they pride themselves as the First Bloods.

Yui goes to rest in her room when she hears some crows, followed by Shin coming in asking her if she’s alright. Shin’s about to take her out when Kino shows up to get Yui. Shin has trouble punching him when Carla walks in and with his OPness smacks Kino down with his magic. Kino introduces himself as the number 0 Karl Heinz prince, before escaping with the rest of the Ravens. Shin gets agitated & wants to chase after Kino, but Carla tells him to let him off for now. After Kino’s intrusion though, Shin decides to take matters into his own hands and head off to the Wolves to ask them for help. Carla & Yui eventually catch up to him, where Carla tells him that First Bloods never ask for help, so the 3 of them will take the demon world for themselves.

Tsukinami Carla (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki)

Carla unfortunately, is still down with Endzeit since I guess Dark Fate’s logic isn’t in play anymore, so he’s unfortunately still slowly dying! Carla is still as OP as ever though, still able to murder people with his magic pretty easily. After Carla proclaims that they’re going to fight in the demon world by themselves, Carla notices that Yui’s a little worried for them, and gives her a hug saying that he’ll protect her. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* Shin’s hella done with them ichaichaing, and returns to Pandemonium before them, saying that Carla’s changed. However, Yui’s still worried how the two of them are going to fight the war by themselves, especially with Carla still carrying the disease.

A few days later though, Shin asks Carla what they’re exactly they’re going to do to participate in the war. Carla says that they should try and make a deal with the ghouls to work with them, since they’re not counted as a clan in the war for power, but Shin is against it because the ghouls dont have any magic. The 3 of them then head down to Rothenberg to meet with them, but finds Kino instead. Kino tells them that he was raised there & he’s the boss of the ghouls, so the ghouls won’t move unless it’s under his orders. Carla says that he’s asking the ghouls, not him, offering to let them live in Pandemonium & offering protection for all of them if they serve under him as his terms. Kino tells them that he’ll check with the ghouls, and asks them to wait until they have a reply.

Shin’s pretty pissed though, since he isn’t very fond of the ghouls and doesn’t want them around the house. Carla tells him that being the first bloods, the ghouls are a species of demons, so technically they’re citizen they have to take care of. Shin ends up agreeing since it’s the King’s orders. When Carla asks if Yui’s fine with it, she says she doesn’t have any problems with the ghouls being there. Yui thanks him for listening to her opinion, and Carla tells her that he will protect her, sounding warmer than usual.

Unfortunately, being the little bitch he is, Kino ain’t having the fact that Carla’s leading the ghouls to salvation first, and decides to start shit so that he can be the hero instead. (;¬_¬) Kino goes ahead and lies to Yuri that the First Bloods are here to destroy them by bringing them all into Pandemonium. This agitates Yuri since they’ve suffered a lot, and Kino further adds to the fire that the First Bloods might want to experiment with them to find a cure to Endzeit. Kino then suggests that they take the Tsukinamis by surprise, by following them first then getting rid of them. This will allow them to get Pandemonium as well, so they’ve got somewhere new to live in.

While waiting for Kino’s reply, Carla decides to take Yui out for a stroll. He briefly explains how ghouls are actually made from humans and miasma, and how there are demons who think that the miasma will actually kill them or some shit, which is why they hate this place. Yui’s amazed at his knowledge, but he plainly says that it’s constant updated knowledge that a king needs to have. Strangely though, Carla feels better here compared to in Pandemonium, which makes Yui extremely happy. Before Carla can ask what Yui’s so happy about, a ghoul boy runs over accusing the First Bloods of wanting to kill them. Carla tries to explain that he’s trying to save them, but the desperate boy angrily expresses how the demons have been ill-treating the ghouls, and stabs Carla.

Yui’s in shock, Shin shows up, flipping his shit after knowing the kid stabbed his bro. Carla orders him to let go of the kid, and kid promptly runs off. Carla orders Shin to not go after the boy regarding the incident, and refuses help from both Yui & Shin to help him up because of the Endzeit. Carla ends up walking back to the house himself, where he tells the both of them to back off, and he ends up treating himself. (Damn, Carla’s too OP for me to handle, I can’t even.)

Shin asks why Carla let the boy purposely stab him, and Carla tells them that if he had stabbed the boy then, the ghouls wouldn’t agree to his proposal. In fact, this incident might even make the ghouls chances’ of agreeing higher. Kino soon shows up with the ghoul kid explaining that the kiddo probably had pent up anger from losing his lover, asking what Carla whats to do with the him. Carla decides to forgive the kid saying that the wound isn’t that big of a deal, and the ghoul boy leaves. After leaving the Tsukinamis, Kino tells Yuri to keep watch and pretend they’re okay with them, since the ghouls seem to be liking the First Bloods a lot. Kino’s extra pissed though, because his 5-year-old brain can’t handle being shittier than Carla & Carla being hella benevolent. The next day, the ghouls have agreed to go with them, and they pack up to head towards Pandemonium.

They start their long move to Pandemonium, where most of the ghouls and overjoyed to be out of Rothenberg. They all start to be fond of Carla since he’s so kind to everyone, but Kino’s pissy in a fucking corner saying that the ghouls are all his fucking servants.(;¬_¬) Carla notices Yui’s concern for him, and tells her not to worry too much about him. After barking orders at Shin & Kino, he immediately smooths Yui into snuggling with him to rest lmao. (*^▽^*) Right after everyone rests though, Kino starts more shit by getting Yuri to jump into Bibola territory to piss them off, then blame it on the First Bloods for intruding.

Too bad for Kino though, Carla notices the Bibolas attacking, so he wakes Yui up asking her to evacuate the women and children, and getting Shin to fight them off so they can escape. They eventually all make it to Pandemonium, with Kino getting hella pissy his plan was foiled. Upon reaching Pandemonium, he gets Shin to bring them all to the living area near the castle. All the ghouls are relieved for being protected by them, and the Tsukinamis can finally relax for a bit. Carla tells Shin that their next job is to train all the ghoul men to become competent in battle, and Shin has to train them. He agrees, but points out that Kino is acting pretty strangely, and it’s hard to trust him. Carla says that it’s better off to work with him for now, since he’s still pretty much in charge of the ghouls in the first place.

Yui & Carla soon return to his room, where Carla asks to borrow her lap for a while to lie on. He asks if Yui’s tired, but she assures him she’s fine. A lot of things have happened, and Carla tells her that they have to start getting the ghouls to get used to life at Pandemonium. He also says that he was a little worried on gaining their trust, but all’s going well so far. Yui’s mentions that it’s rare for him to be worried since he never shows it, and she’s happy that they have a secret between them, and they probably start ichaichaing right after that.

Time goes by, and the ghouls are starting to loosen up to Carla. For Yui though, she doesn’t know what she can do for him. When Carla notices her thinking, she tells him it’s a question that isn’t nice, and she’d rather talk about something more cheerful with him. Carla tells her not to put too much of a burden on herself. Meanwhile, Kino’s trying to dig weak points by hanging around Pandemonium, believing that Carla’s probably just fucking lying and isn’t thankful for the ghouls’ help. (jesus, Kino pissed me off so bad, good lords) Kino runs into Yuri, where the latter points out that the First Bloods don’t seem to want to kill them. Kino’s a piece of shit and tells him that they’re probably hiding it too well, telling Yuri he’ll reveal their true sides.

Kino continues his snooping around the castle, and finds some notes regarding Endzeit. Seeing the symptoms, he realises that he’s met a dude with the same symptoms before. Turns out he might have met a First Blood in the past and took care of the First Blood. The dude recovered, but was found dead for some reason. Kino remembers the pendant that he was given as thanks for taking care of the guy, and runs off to Yuri asking for it. Yuri says that he passed the pendant off to the kiddo who stabbed Carla the other day since Kino had no use for it.

The Tsukinamis soon receive news that the Bibolas are hella angry that they escaped their attack. The Bibolas are hella fucking anal about their territorial lines, so they declare war on the First Bloods. Kino walks in asking what they’re going to do, and suggest they offer Yui since she has Cordelia’s heart. If they hand her over, they can avoid war and prevent casualties. Carla is against it, but Kino asks him to think about it before leaving. As Yui’s about to say something, Carla tells her to stay quiet, and the only thing she can do is thank him for his consideration. A few days later with the situation not getting any better, Yui says that she wants to help Carla in some way, but the dude forcefully sucks her blood telling her that her job is to stay by his side. Yui just really wants to be of use somehow, instead of hanging around doing nothing. Seeing the situation, Kino figures he can use how Carla & Yui are disagreeing with each other regarding their decision.

A few days after, Carla’s familiar comes in with a report that the boy who stabbed him earlier on was found dead on the roof. The 3 head to the scene, where Carla tells Shin to investigate who’s the culprit. Yui offers to inform the ghouls about this incident, but Carla asks if she has the confidence to keep them all calm. Yui tells him that she doesn’t, but Carla gives her permission to do so. This clearly ends up turning into mass anger from the ghouls, since there’s a chance that Carla might have killed the ghoul boy. Yui is unable to calm them down, and gets pushed away since the ghouls trust Kino more now. As expected, Kino was the one who murdered the boy since he got into a scuffle with the boy with the pendant. (;¬_¬) Kino’s ended up killing up the boy cuz they got into a fight in anger that the boy respects Carla more than him, and the poor boy got his head smacked on a rock. Yuri’s quiet throughout the entire time when Kino’s blowing his shitty attitude everywhere, when Yui shows up at their room door.

Yui asks Kino if the boy actually had some old vendetta with Carla, and Kino lies tells her that the kiddo did have some, thats why he informed everyone that Carla might have murdered the kiddo cuz he was in the way. She asks him to tell the ghouls that Carla would never do such a thing, and he agrees, and passes her the pendant from the First Blood. At the same time, Carla’s Endzeit is acts up again, and comments at how the castle continues to reject him for killing the last king. Yui enters though, and he stops, asking her how it went with the ghouls. She admits that she couldn’t do much and was misunderstood. She wonders what Carla was doing though, when he hugs her and tells her that he was thinking about her after he’s gone. This makes the atmosphere really dead though, but Carla’s trying to live his life to the fullest.

Shin shows up to report that Kino’s most likely the one who murdered the boy, but Carla figures it’s better off not to dispose of him or the ghouls will get mad again. He tells Shin to let Kino do whatever he wants for now. Carla is very aware that Kino’s probably the reason for all the trouble they had so far, but he needs the ghouls’ help, so he can’t do anything to Kino. He then notices the pendant she got from Kino, and realises he’s seen it before. Carla rushes off to Kino’s room to confront him about the pendant, where he reveals it belongs to his uncle Felzen. Felzen disappeared after catching the disease, and never came back. Kino explains that the uncle did appear in Rothenberg & did recover completely there. Strangely, his dead body was found for whatever reason, and it might have bene a suicide.

Carla takes his leave, and decides up to look up the reason why his uncle was so upset he killed himself. Yui worries for him since he’s been in the storeroom for days, but Carla doesn’t let her in. She runs into Kino who asks what’s going on, and she accidentally makes the slip that he does have Endzeit. Carla comes out from the storeroom a few days later, pretty beaten up cuz he hasn’t been resting & the Endzeit is eating into him. He collapses, so Yui has to help him all the way back to his room. When she asks what happened in the storeroom though, Carla just kisses her, denying that he has something on his mind. (。•́︿•̀。) Yui keeps pushing him for it, but he says it’s a secret, so Yui has no choice but to give it up. Yui leaves to get him a drink, where he reveals that the price for healing Endzeit, is giving up on being a First Blood.

With the war soon starting, all the ghouls are pretty busy in preparations. Kino decides to start shit /again/ by telling the ghouls about the solution for them to not fight: to hand over Yui to the Bibolas. Hearing that the First Blood king prefers his woman over their lives, they all get pretty pissed deciding to confront Carla about. Kino’s excited for shit to unfoldwhen Yuri walks in, asking if the First Bloods really want to kill them. Kino finally says that it was all a fucking lie, which pisses Yuri off. The ghouls start to riot in front of the castle, so Carla decides to hear what they have to stay. He tells Yui to go back to her room, but she says she’ll stay, adding that she won’t regret the decisions she made. As the ghouls ask if Carla’s going to let them all die instead of choosing the option to save them all, Yui tells them that she’ll go to the Bibolas.

Carla’s fucking pissed that she’s decided to offer herself to the Bibolas, and drags her off to his room. Despite his scary mood, Yui tells him that she’s happy that he cares so much for her, but isn’t happy that she’s the only one who’s in a safe place. She doesn’t want anyone to be hurt, especially Carla. She’ll take responsibility for this decision, and asks Carla to agree, since it’s the only thing she can do. Carla relents, and hugs her saying that he didn’t want her involved in the war in the first place. They eventually send a familiar off requesting an alliance with the Bibolas. Kino then pops in asking what they’re going to do after the alliance, and it’s probably fighting the vampires. Yui’s worried since she used to be close to the Sakamakis, and Carla notices this. He heads to her room to ichaichaing her into forgetting when he suddenly collapses.

Unfortunately, Carla’s pretty much close to dying since it’s the final stage of Endzeit. Because of this, Yui continues to stay in his room barely sleeping or eating, causing even Shin to be worried for her. Hearing about the dying Carla though, the fucking ungrateful ghouls starts to worry about getting attacked by other clans, so Kino starts to promo himself as their next leader.(;¬_¬) To make matters worse, the Bibolas return letter tells them that Yui has to head towards the Bibola castle in 3 days or they’ll attack Pandemonium. Yui doesn’t want to leave Carla’s side, when Carla asks her what she’s unsure of. It was her decision after all.

Yui’s packing up to leave when shitty Kino prances in again telling her that Endzeit can be healed by bringing Carla to Rothenberg. Yui goes to find Carla to go there, but he refuses. She asks why he’s so reluctant to heal his Endzeit, and he tells her that he’s tired of everything, so he wants everything to end. Yui ends up leaving without meeting Carla again, but tells Shin to take Carla to Rothenberg. Carla eventually tells Shin that healing Endzeit would cause them to turn into a ghoul, and even Shin agrees he’d take his own life if he had to become a ghoul.

When Yui gets to the Bibola castle, their first order of business is to attack the vampires, which gets Yui more worried but she can’t do shit. She can’t even leave to go back to Pandemonium. Unfortunately, at Pandemonium, Kino decides it’s time to strike at the First Bloods. The fucking ungrateful ghouls are pissed off at Shin for making them train so much and wants to live for themselves. Eitherway, they decide to murder Shin while he’s sleeping. щ(ಥДಥщ) Shin somehow manages to escape their attack to rush to Carla, but Kino walks in, stabbing Shin a few more times pretty much killing him off. щ(ಥДಥщ) Kino ends up being too haughty, so he leaves Carla to die from his Endzeit. Sadly, poor Carla can’t even move properly from the disease and has to sit waiting for his death.

Since the Bibolas are all busy fighting the vampires, Yui decides to try and return to Pandemonium during the mess since she received information of the overthrow. While going through the forest, she’s soon picked up by the vampire familiars and taken to the Sakamaki mansion. Yui meets with Shu & Reiji, and quickly explains all the shit that’s happened so far. Yui begs Shu to take her back to Pandemonium, in which they quickly say there’s no plus for them for doing so. Thankfully though, they’re all chill with her and he agrees, also asking her to tell Carla as long he doesn’t do anything, they won’t have to fight since Shu doesn’t want to deal with more bothersome shit. Yui is brought back to Pandemonium, and rushes to Carla.

Brute End:

Yui makes it to a dying Carla, but Kino arrives to kidnap her away. She gets into a struggle with him, so Kino gets pissed saying that he’s gonna kill Carla first if she isn’t gonna keep quiet. Panicking over how Kino’s gonna stab Carla, she takes the hit in place of killing, dying before saying she wasn’t able to protect their “new life”. In anger, Carla uses the last bit of his magic to kill Kino, but he ends up destroying the castle too. With nothing left, Carla dies in the forest from Endzeit.

Manservant End:

Yui tries to sneak in from the garden, but is caught by Kino & thrown into the dungeon. Yuri gets news that the Bibolas plan on attacking the castle since news of Yui returning has spread, so Kino starts babbling on about how he needs the ghouls to stall time for him. Yuri questions wtf he’s doing, but Kino gives no fucks about the ghouls and plans on running off with Yui. Yuri is 1000% done with his shit and snaps, angry that Kino doesn’t trust him. Kino is a little bitch, so Yuri ends up killing him cuz he doesn’t believe in his shit anymore. While Yui’s in jail, some Bibolas come over to find her, and end up breaking the key. After hiding from them, Yui quickly escapes and manages to save Carla by bringing him to Rothenberg. Unfortunately, despite the fact that Carla’s cured, he’s pretty much half dead since he barely gives her any response to anything she says, since his soul is so dead from losing everything. Yui decides to continue to be by Carla’s side from now on.

Vampire End:

Yui manages to make it to Carla’s room, and he’s glad that she’s alive. Yui tells him that she wants him to continue living together with him, and asks him to go to Rothenberg with her. Carla finally realises that he still got shit to do despite being a ghoul, so he agrees to go with her. They end up staying in Rothenberg for a while, when they receive a letter from the vampires. Turns out that vampires got rid of Kino & the ghouls, which means that his reason to live has been taken out already, which is getting revenge for Shin. Carla decides to head back to Pandemonium, since the vampires don’t plan on taking the castle anyway. Upon returning, Shin welcomes them back cuz he has some crazy survivability despite being stabbed in the heart like 3 times. Turns out he was dumped in the dungeon and was healing really slowly while there was fighting all around.

Shin ended up asking for help from the vampires, so they pretty much teamed up to get rid of Kino. Shin’s really happy that his brother his alive and well, and everything’s calm now with their alliance with the vampires. Carla tells him that he’s worthy of being the king now, and asks him to be the king in place of him. Shin says that he’s still got a way’s to go, and the better choice is still Carla. However, Carla points out the only First Bloods left are Yui & Shin, so he should be the new king. This is where Yui reveals that she’s carrying a new First Blood baby probably from making out with Carla! After that, they rest in Carla’s room where Carla hugs her thanking her for continuing on the line. Carla finally feels happy for once, Yui’s glad that they can continue living  together with a new life within her. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Heaven Scenarios

1: Yui wants to pet Carla in his wolf form, but is hesitating on doing so. After getting confronted by Carla about her thoughts, he lets her do whatever she wants to him. Eventually, she gets embarrassed by her actions, and Carla does what he wants so they end up ichaicha-ing.

2: Yui enters Carla’s room and finds him sleeping on the sofa, so she start talking to herself about how he’s too pretty she feels embarrassing kissing him. She ends up kissing him on the cheek though, in which he wakes up and tells her to show her love for him, and they start ichaichaing.

3: Yui & Carla decide to take a break after some reading, so Yui makes tea from him. Carla critiques her tea, and asks her to try it herself from his cup. In her embarrassment, Yui ends up burning her own tongue, Carla starts kissing her to “heal” her tongue. ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)

Carla’s route was good, but it annoyed me 50% of the time because Kino was just going around starting shit all over. The ghouls were also so easily swayed, pissing me off further. Since I played this before Kino’s route, his actions pissed me off quite a bit but that’s just his shitty attitude;;; Ignoring Kino, Carla was way too sweet in this one because boy, he had too many sweet moments. Yui’s still as amazing as ever, standing her ground against Carla as per usual. The ending felt a bit random with the baby, but judging by how they purposely wrote a scene where they (fade-to-black) made out, I guess it was possible, but still hella amusing. Carla as per usual is husband material and is too good of a leader, I wished Kino would stfu throughout the route.

Tsukinami Shin (CV: Morikubo Showtaro)

On Shin’s side of things, Shin’s still questioning if it was the right choice to steal Yui from Carla. Carla doesn’t seem to mind though, and instead tells him to take care of her because Yui chose him. As expected, Carla has Endzeit and is pretty much inching closer to death every day. Things are normal at Pandemonium, when one day Shin receives information about the demon huntings going on in the human world. He goes to report it to Carla, but Carla’s asleep and having bad dreams about Giesbach trying to punish him for killing him. Carla starts strangling Shin and coughing blood, causing him to spit some blood on Shin. Shin realises he’s got blood on himself, so he quickly runs off to the bathroom to start washing his hands clean, hoping the Endzeit hasn’t spread to him.

Unfortunately, Shin realises he has an open cut which might have been infected thanks to Carla’s blood. Seeing that he’s possibly infected with Endzeit, he decides to stay far away from Yui and starts to reject her whenever she gets close to ask him what’s wrong. Carla ends up looking for him, and he quickly reports about the demon hunting in the human world. Carla tells Shin to head down to the human world to deal with the situation, and to bring Yui along as well. Shin asks why, since he doesn’t want Yui caught up in more trouble & that he might have Endzeit, and Carla tells him he needs some space to think.

Shin & Yui head down to the mansion in the human world, where Shin continue to avoid Yui because he doesn’t want to infect her. However, the demon hunting has suddenly stopped, he Shin continues investigating. After hearing that a vampire killed a demon that barely escaped the hunts, Shin figures it’s probably Kino, so he reports it to Carla. Kino on the other hand, decides to lay low for now and not do shit. Yui eventually confronts Shin about the avoiding, asking if it was anything she did or said which caused him to get mad at her. If so, she’ll apologise and they can talk it out. Shin’s trying to get her away but eventually gets pissed, shoves her on the bed and tells her that the entire relationship was just a ploy so that Yui can have babies with him to continue the bloodline.

He then attempts to make out with her forcefully, but Yui slaps him so he finally gets off her.Yui asks Shin why he’s doing this, and he tells her that their relationship was just a lie and he was just trying to get her to love him or some shit. Yui tells him that she loves him nevertheless, and that their feelings to each other were definitely true throughout this entire time. She eventually leaves upset, and Shin’s left behind angry that he doesn’t know if he’s caught the disease. Shin eventually receives orders from Carla to try and persuade Kino or get into a deal with him. He decides to go along with Carla’s orders and calls Kino out to talk.

Kino agrees to meet with Shin, and the latter questions why the former why he’s killing demons around the human world. Kino reveals he’s under request from the church, and that he’s listening to the church to exterminate all the demons in the human world, so he can make the human world a place for the ghouls to live in. Shin soon leaves, when Kino taunts him saying that Shin needs to use his head more instead of just listening to nii-san’s orders. Kino then asks if they want to team up with him. The ghouls will help them to take over the demon world, so when they take over, they just need to leave the human world alone. Shin immediately rejects him cuz First Bloods don’t team up with anyone. Kino then says that he wants to hear the King’s opinion, so Shin says he’ll run it through with Carla.

Yui, on the other hand, goes and visits the Sakamakis asking if they have any information on Endzeit. Reiji, although irriated that she’s demanding stuff, hands or some records regarding the disease. Yui then finds out that Endzeit is First Blood exclusive disease, and within the first month of catching it, the person will find black marks all over his body. This is mostly covered in my Dark Fate post already (if im correct I might not be cuz I’m too lazy to check my post), but yea those are the main points. Yui asks Reiji if she can bring back the research materials, and he asks her if she has any plans on returning to their side. Subaru hasn’t been doing well in controlling his powers, so maybe having her by his side might help. Yui declines since she wants to stay with Shin for now, and thanks them before leaving.

Shin returns home to an empty house, and decides to catch a break after reporting to Carla about the deal with Kino. After closing his eyes though, Shin then gets a bad dream about him having Endzeit, feeling like he’s dying, so he’s literally freaking out about his death. This leads to Shin realising he really doesn’t feel like dying so soon, and it’s probably because he doesn’t want Yui to be alone. Yui soon wakes him up, and he tries to play it cool, figuring out that she’s visited the Sakamakis. Yui hands the research over to him, saying that it’s regarding Endzeit, and it might help even a little. Yui figures that Shin’s worried about Carla, and Shin assumes that Yui knows about him getting Endzeit. Hw ends up hugging her and apologises for making her worry, because he’s really worried for the future. (*´▽`*) He apologises for being shitty to her previously, but she’s fine with it. Shin leaves, thinking that it’s better of Yui not be beside him.

Meanwhile, Carla’s been taking the time while Shin & Yui are away to clear up his belongings and writing downwhat to pass to Shin since he’s dying soon. He discovers his old diary, which writes about all his family members. Carla then recalls that he had an uncle named Felzen, who disappeared after catching Endzeit before Shin was born, so Shin doesn’t know of this Uncle. As he’s finally done clearing up a few days later, the Endzeit starts getting to him before Shin’s familiar can reach him, and he ends up passing out.

Shin & Yui continue to stay in the human world, but Shin starts to worry since Carla hasn’t replied to the reports he’s sent over. Yui snaps him out of his thoughts, when he receives a letter, where he then tells Yui to pack her stuff since they’re going back to the demon world. As Shin pushes her to get some packing done, Kino shows up asking if there’s any reply from Carla. Shin tells him to be patient, so Kino backs off after saying that he can’t wait, and they’ll be targets of the demon hunting if they dont reply. After leaving, Kino tells Yuri to stalk them.

The place shin eventually takes Yui to is Eden, where he explains that she needs to stay there so that she can be safe. There’s going to be a lot of shit happening, so it’s better off she stays there to protect the bloodline. Ruki tells Shin that they’re merely doing it to protect Eve, but Yui ain’t happy about this agreement because she wants to be with her man. Shin tells him that the current him isn’t able to stay with her, so she has to stay for now. Yui figures she’s probably a burden to them right now, so she ends up agreeing to stay, saying that she’ll wait for Shin to come back.

Shin stays over at Eden for a while before his departure, where he asks Ruki to take care of Yui and to make sure she doesn’t run off. Ruki realises he might be dropping Yui off there and never coming back, as if he’s going to die after this. Shin plans to leave the next day, so he quickly informs Carla that he’s the only one coming back. He finally decides to read the Endzeit research materials, and heads off to the bathroom to check his body. He realises that he doesn’t have any black marks on his body, but it’s been a month since he got Carla’s blood on him. There has to be a reason why he doesn’t have it, since literally everyone caught no matter how strong they were. Shin finally realises the possibility that he might not be a First Blood.

As he’s panicking in the bathroom, Yui enters and he starts making excuses about him the bathroom. Yui asks when he’s leaving, and he tells her that he hasn’t decided. Seeing Yui looking upset, he gives her a sentimental hug (cuz we need a cg with his half naked body for the fuck of it ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_). He eventually lets her go, kicking her out of the bathroom saying that he’s taking a bath. Shin also decides that the more he stays with her, the harder it is for him to leave. He’s decided to leave the same night, and hopes at least Yui will stay happy. The next day though Yui goes to Shin’s room hoping to hand him her cross a protective charm of sorts, but realises he’s gone. Ruki informs her that Shin left last night, and tells her to make herself at home for now.

Meanwhile, Shin’s headed towards Pandemonium, but he’s got too much shit on his head regarding why he hasn’t caught the disease. He doesn’t know if he’s truly a First Blood, and trying to defend why he’s definitely one. Unfortunately, Shin ends up in Bibola territory as be gets injured by arrows shot at him. He somehow manages to escape into a cave, and drinks some of the water in the creek, then falling asleep. Sadly, Kino walks by complaining how the Bibolas didn’t manage to injure him that well, and Shin ends up getting arrested and thrown into the Bibola dungeon. At the same time, Carla’s finally awake and is relieved that he’s up before Shin’s return.

Shin soon wakes up to see Kino, where it’s revealed Kino drugged the water for him to get caught. Kino starts taunting him saying that he can use him to cause shit for Carla, since the Bibolas seriously need their abilities. Shin panics, since he’s causing more trouble for his brother again like the last time. Zweik (I ran this through google translate forgive me), the current Bibola leader shows up to talk to him about how the Bibolas and First Bloods always cross paths no matter what. Zweik reveals that their mother Krone always entering and leaving the Bibola castle often as she was supposed to marry the last bibola king, Bry (I’ve given up on more westernish names translations, please forgive me if i make any mistakes) It’s also said that before Carla & Shin were born, and before Krone married Giesbach, Krone fell in love with the Wolf prince while she was at the Bibola castle. The person who made their interaction possible, was Shin’s uncle Felzen.

Zweik leaves saying that he’s spoken too much, but Shin realises that Krone might have been still talking to the Wolf prince after marrying Giesbach. This practically means that Krone could have possibly been banged up by her Wolf prince and their dad didn’t know about it. Shin loses his shit at the possibility of him being a wolf, desperately saying that he’s a First Blood. On Yui’s side though, Ruki suggests her sending a letter to Shin, but she receives no reply from her man since he hasn’t returned to Pandemonium. Yui talks to Ruki about this, and he sends the Mukami bros off to look around Pandemonium for any suspicious activity. Subaru & Reiji, upon hearing that Yui’s back at Eden, Subaru also decides to send his own familiars to check around the area for suspicious activity.

While all of this is happening, Carla, who’s at Pandemonium, receives a letter from the Bibolas regarding Shin’s arrest. He figures he can do one last thing for his brother, and heads to the Bibola castle. Back on Yui’s side, she soon overhears the Mukamis bros discussing Shin’s situation when he arrived at the castle. Ruki tells him the guy looked like he was prepared to die, in which Yui realises her man had planned on dropping her off there and dying by herself. Yui figures she’s probably got to do something about it, so she tries to leave asking for Ruki’s help. Ruki ends up throwing her inside Karl Heinz’ galaxy room, telling her to throw the Tsukinamis away since they’re an extinct clan anyway.

Shin meanwhile, in the dungeon, figures he’s probably got to use someone to get out of the dungeon, and figures he trick Kino into letting him out. Shin asks him why he’s working with the Bibolas, and Kino tells him that he’s only siding with the side that has more power. If the Bibolas & First Blood team up, the Bibolas are going to be strong & the ghouls have no chance of survival, so siding with the Bibolas is best for them. Shin then lies that he used Yui as bait to get the vampires under them, which is the reason why she isn’t there. He also adds that they’ve changed their way of thinking, so despite the fact that First Bloods don’t team up with anyone, they’ll do anything to take over the demon world. Kino agrees to side with them, and Shin tells him to let him out of jail whenever.

Yui’s still stuck in the galaxy room when Subaru opens the door, and lets her leave. Subaru figured that Ruki & Reiji were trying to keep Yui with him, and apologises for not doing his work properly, which is why the rest are doing this to help him. Subaru’s personally not a fan of stealing other people’s girlfriends, so he decides to get his familiars help her get back to Pandemonium. Yui leaves, after encouraging Subaru that he’s able to get Eden back to it’s original form. She ends up running into Kino & Shin, where Shin hugs her apologising for leaving without saying a word since there was a lot of shit going on. Yui says it’s fine, since it’s about Carla, and there, Shin realises he was worried about Yui knowing for nothing since she hasn’t got it figured out yet. He then kisses her, telling her that he’ll tell her everything once the time is right. (*´▽`*)

Yui’s fine with waiting for him, so he thanks her and they head off to Pandemonium. As they’re about to move off though, one of the ghouls reports that Carla’s at the Bibola castle. This pretty much means the First Bloods agreeing to be under the Bibolas. Shin tries to run back, but Yui grabs him telling him him returning won’t make the situation any better. Kino agrees that they should return first to decide their next course of action. Shin continues to worry about his lineage and Carla throughout the whole time at Pandemonium, worrying Yui. Meanwhile, Carla’s stuck at the Bibola castle where he tells Zweik that it’s pointless to use him as hostage. Zweik proposes an alliance with them, but Carla declines, so Zweik tells him he doesn’t mind waiting.

Shin’s in Carla’s room, figuring out that Carla was cleaning up his shit for his death, and discovers Carla’s diary. In the diary, he finds an incident where Carla saw Felzen apologising to Krone over and over again for reasons unknown. Shin figures that his uncle might have felt responsible for not making her relationship with the wolf prince happen. Yui enters the room to find him dazed out, so she tries to help by patting his back. She tells him that she’ll be by his side no matter what, and he thanks her yet again.

Shin eventually spills it to Yui saying that he might have been the lovechild of Krone & the wolf prince, and ain’t a First Blood. He wasn’t a person worth his brother bowing down to the Bibolas for forgiveness. Shin starts to have an identity/existential crisis, questioning who he is, and all Yui can do is to hug him. Over the next few day, Yui has no idea what to do to support her man either, and is trying to hold back on her upset. Kino catches on to the both of them looking down, where he gets Yuri to investigate. Shin continues to have a crisis as he realises that he can never beat Carla since he’s never had the ability to. He also stole Yui from Carla, which pretty much ruins the chances of the First Bloods continuing. Shin figures that he’s just a mistake, and maybe he’s better off dying to pay for all the shit he’s done.

Meanwhile, Carla ends up agreeing to the alliance, and says that it’s his final decision as the First Blood King. Kino reports this to Shin, so Shin heads off to the Bibola castle, with Yui chasing after him despite him entering his wolf form. They both end up getting caught by the Bibolas, where they’re dragged off into the castle. Yui tells him that he’s carrying too much burden on his own, and he should rely on others more. They’re pushed into Carla’s room, where Shin confronts him about Carla’s decision. Carla explains that Shin’s going to fight alone from now on, so it’s better to put them in a good position where he can survive before he dies. Carla tells him that it’s for the sake of the First Bloods, but Shin can’t bring himself to tell him that he might be of a different lineage.

Carla tells him that Shin’s the next First Blood King, and tells him to create a new future for the First Bloods with Yui & protect her well. ;w; Carla passes out after that, and the two take care of him. Shin then says that despite how cold & unreachable Carla was, he’s a really good brother. He then shows Yui Carla’s diary which recounts Carla’s perspective of all the moments he had with Shin, like when he apologises to the Bibolas and when he called Shin weak. The contents pretty much reveal how Carla was being cold and mean to teach Shin to treasure his life properly, even if he’d end up being a dick brother. Carla’s been treating Shin like a real brother this whole time, but Shin thinks he wasn’t worth the effort.

Yui tells him otherwise, saying that Carla is kind. Even if Shin wasn’t a first blood, he’d take care of him like a brother. Shin keeps telling her that he only got all that love because he was a First Blood, so Yui has to keep telling him that he’s precious to Carla because he’s him. Carla’s been watching him since young, so he’ll definitely accept Shin. Time passes, and the two continue to deliberate if they should tell Carla the truth, when the a Bibola servant walks in saying that it’s time for the agreement ceremony or some shit. Shin says he’ll go in place of his brother, so Yui follows.

Kino decides to start shit so he heads over to Carla’s room telling Carla that Shin ain’t a First Blood. Carla recalls the time when Krone looked like she was trying to kill herself for some reason, and is convinced that he might be of wolf decent instead. As the ceremony is about to start, Carla walks into the hall to talk to Shin.

Brute End:

Carla stabs Shin, and Yui goes to his side, where Shin figures that he should have died earlier for not being a First Blood. He apologises to Carla, before telling Yui he loves her. Carla gets angry that he’s been lied to by Shin of his lineage, so starts killing everyone in the room. Kino walks in trying to have an alliance with Carla by telling him about the Rothenberg healing method, but Carla kills him anyway. Carla ends up dragging Yui off to Rothenberg, where she’s given up on life and sleeps forever. Meanwhile, Carla has turned into a ghoul and laments this being punishment from his father.

Manservant End:

Carla attempts to stab Shin, but in the struggle of Shin trying to defend himself, Shin kills his brother instead. Realising how he’s fucked the entire First Blood bloodline up, Shin goes insane and starts killing everyone in the room. Kino soon shows up amused at the situation, questioning if he still can be by Yui’s side after all this killing. Shin doesn’t believe he can live happily after this anyway so he stabs Kino, and tells Yui to return to the vampires. Since then, Shin’s been holing himself up in Pandemonium, and no matter how much Yui tries to call out for him, he never replies.

Vampire End:

Carla tells Shin to come closer to him, and Zweik gives them his permission to do whatever they want before the ceremony. Carla says that he need to tell him something regarding his lineage, and Shin starts apologising for everything. Carla pretty much hugs him and tells him that it doesn’t matter if he’s of First Blood lineage or not, he’s still his younger brother. Carla tells Shin that he’s grown up, and the next king is him. The First Blood’s future is up to him now. Shin starts crying though since he feels he doesn’t deserve to be called a First Blood, but Carla tells him to stfu since no one can insult his younger brother like that, even himself. Carla finally tells Shin that he’s finally surpassed him, but Shin continues to deny that he isn’t any better, begging Carla to stay alive since he hasn’t repayed all the kindness his brother gave him. Carla finally tells him to become a way better First Blood king than him to surpass him & create a new line of First Bloods with Yui, before turning into ashes.

Shin realises that his brother’s forgiven him, when Kino walks in bored that the situation didn’t play out like the last 2 endings. Figuring that Kino told Carla about everything, he kills Kino telling him not to belittle the First Bloods. They go through with the ceremony, and Shin decides to meet the Wolf leader afterwards. The wolf leader, named Ebert, explains that Krone had a hard time coming to terms with her bloodline, asking Shin to forgive his mother. He also tells them that his relationship with Krone was a healthy one and he never knocked her up! What was all the agony in the route for! He’s a pure First Blood, and Yui figures the reason why he never caught the disease was probably because he built immunity to it somehow. Besides, Carla accepted him as his younger brother, so it doesn’t matter at this point. Ebert tells him that Shin can rely on him like a real father whenever he wants, and they thank him before returning to Pandemonium.

Eventually, the Demon world goes into full all out war, but it ends with Subaru beating up everyone and gathering all the clans together. Shin & Yui are on their way to one of the meetings at the Sakamaki mansion, where Shin hold her Yui’s hand since she’s nervous. They run into Subaru though, where he whispers to Shin telling him to make Yui happy lmao. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ At the meeting, Shin makes a speech saying that he’s starting a new line of First Bloods with Yui, and wants everyone to accept this. They get approval from all the other demons, and it soon jumps to the after party where they kiss, and it’s up to them now to open a new path for the First Bloods. Shin asks Carla to watch over them.

Heaven Scenarios

1: Yui sees Shin sleeping on the couch, so she decides to prank Shin by tickling him, since he’s pranked her dozens of times. He falls for it though, but wants to punish her for doing so. They end up having a tickling contest, where Shin starts licking her to tickle her, so Yui admits defeats, so they start making out at the end.

2: Yui wakes up to find herself half naked, probably cuz Shin stripped them off while she was sleeping. Eitherway, he doesn’t let her out until she does what he says, which leads to them making out in his room.

3: Yui loses to Shin in a game, so as a batsu game they enter the bath together. Shin starts washing Yui which causes her to get embarrassed, but finishes and asks Yui to do so to him as well. Yui ends up washing him as well, and he says they’ll probably do it again sometime in the future.  ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)

Shin’s one of my favourites since the last game, and I’m really happy that he got more development this time with Carla since they actually finally feel like brothers for once. Eitherway, the midway point of this route was really ridiculous since I was literally playing dumb guessing games as to what bloodline Shin was, and it really pissed me off that they wrote it off as nothing after all that agony they went through regarding Shin’s lineage. I’m glad that they finally managed to get Shin to have an emotional connection with his brother, before Carla died because last game, they ended up just fighting it out. Which was good, but feels like they never connected as brothers until the end. This route was really good and for some reason, they made Morishow do so many kiss noises during the entire route I was like “??!?!? dude there’s so many help”, but that was good shit to my ears. ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)

For the Tsukinami routes this time, I guess they had some leeway for some extra plot since their family is pretty much unknown to us, but in the end, they focused more on the characters’ relationships. I mean, they tried to add the uncle, but in the end, it was just a way to add the Endzeit cure to the game so Carla doesn’t die. Continuity from the last game wise, it’s pretty much just ignoring the endings. I like how they focused on the relationships between the brothers this game for Shin’s route, it was honestly a better ending compared to “I’VE FINALLY BEAT YOU BROTHER WHOOO” last game, which was breathtaking but not as emotional. You can honestly see how confident Yui has become after dating these 2 people boy, they have a lot of shit to carry on their shoulders.

I also like the fact that the Tsukinamis finally have some level of interaction with the other vampires, since we spent the last game with only them. Although technically they’re enemies with the other vampires, seeing them interact is pretty nice and refreshing. A few things I gotta say is that well, Shin’s revelation felt really irrelevant and just added unnecessary drama to his route, but oh well it doesn’t matter looking at the ending. Still, that bothers me quite a bit that they introduce something, but take back their word on it and write it off as nothing. Overall, the Tsukinami bros were good routes with the challenges they face and everything, and I’m glad their bonds are finally explored in this game.

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