Diabolik Lovers ~Lost Eden~ Kino Route

And here with have the next game in the trashy vampire series, Diabolik Lovers. Karl Heinz has passed on and has his powers passed on to one of his sons, one of the Sakamaki bros. Being unable to control his powers, the Sakamakis choose to stay in the Human World, but the Demon World is slowly falling to chaos with the lack of a powerful leader. Meanwhile, a new group of rebels, the Ravens, are coming together to take over the Demon World, led by a new vampire introduced to the game, Kino. This post will be all about him, and it’s slightly long for a summary I do so do bear with me! Spoilers are underneath!

I started out with Kino because he’s the -main mystery- of the overall plot (honestly he wasn’t much of a mystery though in the end), and also because I’m splitting the routes into Sakamaki/Mukami/Tsukinami/Kino so he’s the first one whose post would be complete. My original play order would be: Ruki, Kanato, Shu, Carla, Reiji, Azusa, Kino, Laito, Kou, Subaru,  Shin, Ayato, Yuma. From the order, you can probably see which family’s post I’m going to complete next after this.


The prologue opens with Kino murdering Richter, the Sakamaki’s shitty uncle who I swear, will definitely reappear in the game magically. Kino has no qualms killing Richter since the guy is also after Karl Heinz’s power, so he kills him and throws him off a tower in town. The perspective changes back to Yui, who is living her usual life with the Sakamakis, but realises she grown close to all the brothers after spending all this time with them. She then runs into Ayato in town, who fondles her boobs to grab her attention lmao. ( ◞・౪・)  Ayato’s inherited his father’s powers and is now the leader of the Sakamakis. They hang out for a while when they hear of a dead body found near the tower. Ayato takes her away from the scene since it’s pretty shady and shit, but they run into Kino after smelling something really foul in the park. Kino’s here to pick Yui up, but Ayato tries to attack him before he pulls anything. For unknown reasons, Kino’s about as strong as Ayato, and beats him since the Karl Heinz powers are still unstable in Ayato, and leaves with Yui.

Main Route:

Kino leads the Ravens, made up of Ghouls from the slums of the Demon World. Ghouls are actually demons who don’t have enough power in them to be considered one, so they’re all thrown into the slums, called Rothenberg, where barely get by there. Kino’s ultimate main goal is to give the ghouls a place to live in, so he’s in an alliance with the church so that he can get rid of the Sakamakis.

Eitherway, Kino drags Yui & Ayato to his mansion in the human world, where he dumps Ayato in the dungeon, and Yui in a room. Also, because this is a fresh new route, Kino starts on his wifebeating almost immediately and starts sucking her blood. That isn’t exactly enough for him, because afterwards he purposely spill his guava juice, then pins the blame all on her. ( ´_ゝ`) He then makes her dogeza since he doesn’t want just a verbal apology, and EVEN TAKES A PHOTO OF IT AS MEMORY? ( ´_ゝ`)  Damn, I was pissed at his shit.

After he’s done with Yui though, Kino heads towards the dungeon to show Ayato the shit he made Yui do, to threaten him to work with him to destroy the world. For this route, Ayato’s the closest to become Adam, so he’s super close with Yui and is at least on close friends level of like with her, and actually cares about her. Upon seeing the picture of her, Ayato gets worried for Yui, but Kino continues torturing him by burning him. Ayato doesn’t give in so easily though, so Kino just gets angry cuz his “younger brother” doesn’t want to listen to him. Ayato doesn’t believe that he’s Karl Heinz extra son, and decides he gotta find a way out of the place along with Yui.

After a while of being trapped and wifebeaten at Kino’s place, Kino explains to her regarding the ghouls, that they’re pretty much like humans, just living in the demon world since they’re demons without magic. He then takes her to the dungeons asking her to convince Ayato to work with him. Being the cruel ass he is, Kino decides that the only way to convince him now is to do shit to Yui. Kino is about to go on a stabby stab on Yui when she calls him a devil for enjoying people in pain. This pisses off Kino very badly, causing him to punch her & leaving her in the dungeon with Ayato. Ayato’s surprised that she could go against him, and tells her to be careful of Kino since he seems like the type to get really mad if gone against. He fills her in on what Kino wants him to do, when Yuri walks in to drag her off to the shower. Yuri warns her not to defy Kino again, and she questions why he’s doing so in the first place since he seems like he’s holding back on something. Yuri tells her that he’s the hope of the ghouls, when Kino walks in thanking her for getting Ayato to cooperate. They end up moving off to Rothenberg via Kino’s orders.

Meanwhile, at the Sakamaki side, everyone except Reiji aren’t panicking over Ayato & Yui’s disappearance. Kou & Ruki soon show up with info on Kino, and found out that he claims himself to be the son of Karl Heinz. Ruki shows concern over the fact that he might be eligible to be Adam, and that him taking the powers might be against Karl Heinz’ wishes. They decide to launch an attack on Kino’s mansion, but it turns out to be a trap as there’s a bunch of vampire hunters from the church. The group end up being chased off to the demon world to get away from them.

On the way to Rothenberg though, the group takes a break to rest. Yui’s forced to sleep by Kino’s side but ends up hearing him having a nightmare. Yuri tells her not to bother about it, but Yui’s really concerned for him. The next day, after receiving information that the Sakamakis fell into his trap, it’s revealed that he’s working with the church. They eventually reach Rothenberg, where Ayato can’t handle the smell of the area. Kino briefly explains that Rothenberg’s the place where a ton of Miasma from hell gathers, and it’s a pretty terrible place to live in. The ground’s all damp and wet, pretty much like a swamp. The ground isn’t fertile as well, so they aren’t able to plant any food, so they barely get by with minimal food and water.

They eventually reach a home where Ayato complains that he can’t believe they can live in such a place. Kino tells him that had no choice but to live there, saying that Ayato definitely knows why. Kino leaves with Yuri, telling Ayato to explain the rest of the ghoul’s situation. Ayato  explains that the ghouls are discriminated by normal demons since they don’t have magic. There’s people who are really disgusted by them, and people who exploit them as slaves. Because of that, the ghouls barely leave Rothenberg since they’re discriminated all around and have no power to do anything about it. Ayato then says the ghoul issue is the demon world’s problem, but they gotta prioritise their escape first. Unfortunately, he’s got the church’s latest technology on him which seals his magic, making him unable to use it.

Yuri soon comes back to tells Yui to bring Kino’s guava juice to him and she finds him in the shower. After getting her to clean his back for him, he pretty much just throws her into the bathtub with him and starts sucking her blood. ( ´_ゝ`) (at the same time, i’m pretty sure the writers just realised there wasn’t enough do-s teasing/bloodsucking time so they had to do it, so oh well.)

Yui continues to stay in Rothenberg, and Ayato’s pretty much thrown back into a dungeon again to keep them apart. Since food’s scarce in the area, Yui literally lives by with bread. Yuri explains to Yui that there’s a bunch of ghouls who consume food since they used to do so, as they used to be humans reborn as ghouls. Some of these people are probably from the Mukami side of things, as I will probably mention them there again. Yuri explains that humans who stay in the demon world too long will turn into ghouls, since they never awoken to any magic power or anything. Yui’s fine probably because Karl Heinz made her into a half-human/half-demon thanks to Cordelia’s heart.

Kino then enters saying that he’s taking her somewhere, which turns out to be a bunch of people from the church hiding out in the demon world. Richter’s within them as well, which made me rage for a good hour before I could continue playing the route, but it seems that the church has done something to him, and he isn’t Richter anymore. They discuss their agreement in which Kino says he’ll only hand Ayato over once the church’s done their part of the deal. Kino tells Yui that the church’s looking for demon corpses for whatever reason, and Yui’s shocked since he’s planning on handing Ayato over. Kino tells her that he’ll do anything to give the ghouls a place where they can live freely in, as well as kill the demons which caused this upon them.

Yui tells him that she understands that he wants to give them a good place to live in, but it doesn’t have to done through such horrible methods like killing all the demons. This pisses Kino off again telling her she doesn’t know shit, asking her if she has any better ideas. He starts taunting her telling her to save them and strangles her, telling her to stop trying to talk as if she knows better. He doesn’t kill her though, mainly because she’s Eve, and warns her again not to say anything extra, letting go of her. Yuri comes by to help her up, and tells her not to go against him again. He then mutters that Kino didn’t do anything wrong, and it’s his fault for Kino’s attitude.

Yui continues living in Rothenberg with Kino pretty much being a dick to her, and tries to find a time to sneak off to talk to Ayato in the dungeons. Unfortunately, Yuri is always around which means she can’t sneak off. One day, Yuri takes his leave to pass something to Kino, when a young ghoul boy approaches Yui offering to help her & Ayato escape. When Yui asks why he’s doing this, he says that Kino is a menace and is the devil. This is because Kino’s really selfish, and he doesn’t like people who doesn’t follow what he says so if someone goes against him, he’s get rid of them. The ghouls are just afraid of him because of his power, and also because he thinks he’s special. Everyone’s only following him because they’re scared of him, and because of Yuri. The ghoul boy eventually leaves.

Yuri comes back giving Yui some guava juice, saying it’s a present from Kino. Despite her suspicions, Yui decides to take it anyway. She then hears Kino and decides to go and thank him for the juice when she sees him covered in blood, and the ghoul boy she was talking to a while ago dead. (;¬_¬) Kino says that he’s just clearing all the defiant people since they’ll be trouble later, and Yui’s horrified by him. This confirms what the boy says though, and she decides to confront Kino about it.

Yui tells Kino to stop being horrible to the ghouls, and questions if saving the ghouls is a lie. Kino being the prick he is says that the kid deserved to die for going against him, but he’s still saving the ghouls because they can’t do anything without him. Kino thinks that he’s going to be the saviour of the ghouls, and that’s the reason why he was throw away there. He then reveals that he was apparently dumped by Karl Heinz at Rothenberg & strongly believes that this is a trial from Karl Heinz to save all the ghouls.

Upon hearing all that though, Yui says that he’s amazing, but he needs to fix his attitude towards the rest. There’s no point in forcing everyone to listen to him, since it’s not truly the ghouls following him. Even if he says he’s leading everyone, it’ just plain self-satisfaction if no one truly is following him. This hits Kino hard, but he tells her to stfu, telling her that no matter who she asks, they’ll say that he was chosen to lead them. Yui then challenges him back saying that he can go ahead and beat her like the last time, but she ain’t backing down and won’t let him have his way. You go, Yui. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و Yui then says that he’s really pitiful being able to only interact with others by looking down on them. This triggers Kino a fuck ton, which causes him to have a mental monologue of him saying that he isnt pitiful, and needs to get her to stfu, but he can’t bring himself to for some reason. Yui immediately runs off when he’s silent. He then wonders why he couldn’t bring himself to hit her like the last time, and tries to convince himself it’s just because she’s Eve, which totally didn’t make any sense btw.

Yui starts crying after she runs off though, probably from hearing how Kino was dumped in Rothenberg by Karl Heinz. Despite the fact that he could confidently say he was meant to lead them, he seemed really hurt. Maybe he’s trying to protect himself by being special. However, it wasn’t right to kill the innocent ghoul boy. Yui tries to think of something to get Kino to realise the error of his ways, and decides to head out to tell the other ghouls to have some courage & not fear Kino or any discrimination. However, she’s stopped by Yuri who knocks her out saying that he won’t forgive anyone who defies Kino, and throws her into the dungeon.

Meanwhile, Kino is losing his shit in his room, throwing shit around at the though of being called pitiful by Yui. He might have been pitiful in the past, because he didn’t have any power back then. He then has a flashback where he was bullied by a bunch of other ghouls since they were taking out their anger against the other demons on him. He resolved back then that he wouldn’t forgive the ghouls, and that he hated pretty much everyone, and to be come strong. Kino believes that he’s changed, since he has the blood of Karl Heinz and has magic, so he should get rid of everyone who goes against him, even Yui.

Yui eventually wakes up to Ayato yelling at her from the other cell, and asks her what she did to be thrown in there. She explains everything which happened, and he comments that she’s really stubborn sometimes and never wants to back down. Ayato says that Yuri might really be threatened, but it seems that he might know everything about Kino. Their first priority still is to escape from Kino first though. Kino then shows up, asking if she regrets her actions. Yui doesn’t give in though and stares at him, so Kino says he’s done dealing with her shit AND SETS THE ENTIRE CELL ON FIRE. Before he does that though, he tells her that she has a chance to apologise, and he might change his might, but Yui just asks why she has to. Ayato flips shit since she’s triggering him but Yui gives no fucks since she believes Kino’s in the wrong, so she’ll never apologise. She’ll never let him have his way for killing people just because they defy him. Kino sets the cell on fire, and leaves. Yui apologises to Ayato for dragging him into this, and ends up passing out due to the smoke.

Yui wakes up to see Yuri, and it turns out that Kino ordered him to save her, so Ayato’s safe as well. Yuri says that he needs to apologise and thank her at the same time, since he regrets not having the strength back then, then Kino’s attitude wouldn’t have been like this. Kino should have had a presence to tell him what was right or wrong. Yuri then explains that Kino was picked up by Yuri’s father, and raise them like brothers. However, the other ghouls didn’t like the demons and decided to take out their anger on him. Yuri couldn’t stop them back then, which is probably why Kino’s heart was broken. Eventually, Kino awakened to his magic, which they realised that he was Karl Heinz’ son, and he started making all the ghouls bow down to him, calling himself the saviour that would bring them to “the promised land”. (yes, they literally call it the promised land, idk why) Yuri ended becoming his right-hand man of sorts, and blames himself for it until now. Meanwhile, Kino is being mentally sh00k and frustrated because he can’t understand why he decided to save Yui, even though he’s pissed off at her. He ends up killing the familiar from the church to vent his anger, wondering why he even cares about her.

Since the incident though, Yuri’s guard on Yui has been reduced, so Yui takes the chance while he aint around to go and talk to Ayato. Yui explains briefly that Kino ordered Yuri to save her, and that Kino’s been holed up in his room since then. Ayato starts commenting that for some reason since being with Kino she’s become more stubborn, and despite the fact that he could be left alone, she continues to poke at his attitude. Ayato calls her out on the fact that she’s really caring for the dude, much to the point it seems that they’re having a lover’s quarrel. He then complains that they’re really at it to the point he’s lowkey jealous of them. Kino shows up though, dragging her off.

Kino realises he’s really thinking a lot about Yui, and felt jealous that she was talking to Ayato cheerfully. Kino continues to play his haughty card telling her to say something for saving her, but Yui retorts that she never asked for the help. Yui says she’s merely telling him what’s wrong about him, which pisses him off. Yui then tells him that Yuri told her about his childhood, which he says he’s probably gotta punish Yuri for doing so. Yui tells him there’s no point in doing so, but his 5-year-old mentality has him saying that Yuri deserved it for telling on him. Yui tells him that revenge only creates more hate, and he himself should know that very well. Kino then asks if she wants revenge on the vampires who’ve doing shit to her, but she doesn’t have to power to do.

However, our sweet, sweet Yui says that even if she had power to do something to them, she wouldn’t, since she knows nothing good will come out of it. Kino tells her to stoping lying but she continues glaring at him. Seeing how she isn’t giving in, he just says he’s tired of talking to her & no one in the world understands him anyway. No matter what she says, he’ll gain power and make everyone bow down to him. As he’s about to leave though, Yui hugs him from behind, since he knows he’s just lonely. Yui tells him that she wants to understand him better, so that she can get through to him. That’s why, she won’t give up on teaching him what’s right or wrong. This pretty much causes him to be embarrassed saying that she’s meddling in his business, so he lets her be.

On the church side, they’re pretty mad that Kino killed their familiar, and they decide to get rid of him along with Ayato, by making him “their dog”. The priest starts talking about how they can rule the demon world if they get all the Karl Heinz kids with their stronk ass powers. Anyway, after the clash with Kino, he stops holing up in his room, and he starts taunting Yui saying that she just wants to get her blood sucked so she’s pissing him off. Yuri reminds hm about the church matter, but he doesn’t give fucks since the Ravens have been consistently murdering demons in the human world, so he’s keeping his part of the agreement. Kino starts being a dick saying that Yuri’s just after Yui, and that if he wants her he should just steal her away if he has the power to.

Kino finally reveals that they’re handing Ayato off to the church, and they start moving back to the human world. In truth, he’s just salty that Yui’s close to Ayato, thinking that she likes Ayato more. Yuri wonders if it’s okay to let Kino be like this since he’s always thinking about Yui now, and wonders if he can be save since he’s accepted her. On the way back to the human world, Yui tries to think of ways to get Ayato out, and Kino asks why she even cares for him when he’s been supposedly wifebeating her for a long while already. Kino proposes a deal, that he won’t hand Ayato over if she truly falls in love with him. Kino reveals that he kind of likes her despite that fact that she pisses him off, and doesn’t want her to be with other dudes like Ayato. Yui can’t say anything though, since she hasn’t made up her mind, but Kino has confidence he can win her over and kisses her. Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ

They arrive in the human world, and Kino consistently tries to flirt with her, and for some reason hasn’t handed Ayato over to the church yet. A week after staying there, Yui overhears Yuri yelling at Kino for not doing shit for their plan. Kino being the consistent little shit he is, tells him that it’s his plan. Yuri then says that they’re so close to achieve the original plan, but he’s hesitating for some reason. He asks if it’s Yui who’s changing him, but Kino just says that he’s in charge and it’s all for him. Yuri says that Kino’s changed, because he doesn’t want power anymore. He then says that Yui’s a human and she’ll eventually die earlier than him, and he’ll be lonely again.

They end up having a fight at dinner again when Kino believes that the reason why Yui’s hesitating in her reply is because Yuri told her something. Kino gets pissy that Yuri’s trying to pull them apart, and throws tableware at Yuri.(;¬_¬) Kino says he’s done with Yuri and wants him out. Yui tells him to apologise to Yuri, but Kino gives no fucks since Yuri will probably come back. Yui goes after Yuri, but he tells her that the mansion is no longer a place he can return to. Yuri says that he’s tried his best to assist Kino, but in the end, he’s just a ghoul and it was impossible. Yui says that Kino will become lonely without him, but Yuri tells her that she stole his position of being by his side. Kino chose her despite the fact that she’s a human, and tells her to stay with him from now on. Kino soon follows behind, and he says that Yuri probably won’t come back, but he doesn’t care since he has her now.

Meanwhile, the Sakamaki bros hear news of Yui & Ayato being back in the human world, so they decide to go and save them once again. Kino & Yui return to the mansion, only to see that all the ghouls are leaving because Yuri left. They were only following Kino because Yuri was with him. Kino’s glad that all the useless fucks have left, and they can all just die without him. Yui can only stay silent because she know it’s just his defensive mechanism working to protect himself. Yuri and the other ghouls decide to go with the church, so that Yuri can save Kino. Yuri believes that he can save Kino, since Yui is only a temporary relief to his pain.

While Kino’s sleeping though, the dungeon keys drop out of his pocket, so Yui decides to go and get Ayato out from the dungeon. Kino follows after her asking if she’s going to leave him too. Yui then tells him that after she releases Ayato, she’s staying. She knows that he’s scared of loneliness, and staying may be out of sympathy, but she’s doing so anyway. Kino says that he would have been angry at her last time for sympathising with him, but he’s fine with her staying now. Yui tells him that she won’t go anywhere, and holds his hand.

Unfortunately, before Kino can confess, the mansion is surrounded by ghouls led by Yuri. Yuri says it’s his job to pay for the sin his father made by picking Kino up. Apparently, Yuri’s father saw Karl Heiz leaving Kino in Rothenberg, and thought maybe something good would come out of picking him up. Kino eventually awoken to the magic, and Yuri’s father made Kino think he was chosen to led to ghouls, which led to Kino’s terrible attitude problem. Yuri says that their selfish actions made him lonely, so he’ll take responsibility to free him from his loneliness by killing him. It was at this point where I’m like “??? yuri wtf yall doing jesus” because that totally made a lot of sense.

Anyway, this leads to a fight between Kino & Yuri, where the former refuses to use his magic against the latter. However, Kino can’t bring himself to kill Yuri, who protected him since he was young. Yuri comments that at the end he isn’t able to give up on his kindness, and is about to finish Kino off, but church-Richter jumps in, smacks Yuri with his magic, telling him that they need Kino alive. Kino loses his shit with Yuri unconscious on the ground, when Richter drags him off to the church along with Ayato. Yui survives because she was hiding, when Laito, Shu & Kou show up to the scene. She explains to them that they were dragged off to the church, and she’s hella worried for Kino. The vampires decide to go and save Ayato from the church, and Yui asks to go along.

Meanwhile, Kino & Ayato are thrown into another cell, where Kino starts to realise that getting revenge on the church for killing Yuri wouldn’t help anything. Ayato calls out to Kino who’s given up, and complains that his brothers are a bunch of idiots who dont give fucks. Kino’s surprised at Ayato’s remarks, and Ayato pretty much explains that Karl Heinz would probably have an extra kid for whatever reason, and he’s hella similar to the other siblings. Before they can continue, Richter walks in to drag Kino out to the priest. The priest tells him that the church has figured that to gain power, they need to create killer machines from half dead demons that are loyal to them. Since the demons have power, they can do the work in place of the church. They also plan on collecting more Karl Heinz kids, and let the group with Yui come in. Upon arrival though, Yui realises her father, Seiji, is the priest. However, her daddy pretty much hates her now because she’s been affected by the demons and isn’t pure or sth.

Brute End:

The Sakamakis and Mukamis eventually save Kino after a huge ass fight with the church people, and they start escaping towards the demon world. However, along the way, Yuri shows up saying that he’s alive, and needs to end Kino’s suffering. As Yuri’s about to stab Kino, Yui goes in between them and gets killed instead. Because of this, Kino loses his shit and kills Yuri in retaliation. After Yui’s death, Kino decides that everything is meaningless, and going on a killing rampage to kill everyone in the demon world, the finally ending himself.

Manservant End:

Yui ends up being caught by the church, while the rest of the vampires there are killed by the vampire hunters. Since Seiji’s gone nuts he’s decided to execute Yui for being a witch because she’s working with vampires now. Seiji says that they’ll let Yui go if Kino becomes their dog, and he agrees to it to save her life. He ends up going under their weird ass experiments to turn him into their eternal slave, but for some reason, they aren’t able to do so. It’s revealed here that he isn’t a vampire, but created from the combination of Karl Heinz’ DNA & the miasma in Rothenberg. He’s pretty much a ghoul with magic powers because of Karl Heinz’ powerful/magical DNA, and isn’t compatible with their experiment shit to become their slave. The church throws him out, and execute Yui anything by burning her. In the end, Yui doesn’t know what happened to Kino after the failed experiment, before burning to death.

Vampire End:

Reiji, Kanato & Subaru show up to the scene to assist the gang in saving Ayato, while Yui goes to save Kino. Kino tells her to run, but Yui ain’t giving up until she can save him, despite her getting hurt from Richter’s magic. Seiji’s about to murder Yui, when Kino’s magic explodes as he doesn’t want Yui to die, killing Seiji off. He hugs her, and says that he really likes her & he’s glad she’s alive. ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) The vampires eventually defeat the church, throwing all of them into the dungeons. Kino apologises for causing trouble to all of them, and Ayato just complains that he’s a really shitty bro. Kino looks much better now since the Sakamakis have acknowledged him as their brother. The rest of the Mukamis show up, with Yuma bitching as he carries a barely-alive Yuri. Kino’s relieved that Yuri’s alive, and apologises for not appreciating by his side more. Yuri apologises for not reaching out to him when he was hurt when they were younger. Kino says that they should focus on the future now.

With everything concluded, the Sakamakis & Mukamis return to the demon world. When Yui asks what he wants to do, Kino says that he’s going back to Rothenberg, since he’s promised to bring the ghouls to their “promised land”. the place also has memories of him and Yuri anyway. As he says goodbye to Yui, she asks if she can go to Rothenberg as well, since she promised that she’ll never leave him alone. Kino says that she can come along, if she likes him, and not because of sympathy, and Yui agrees, and they end up kissing. After that, Kino decided to properly lead the ghouls, apologising to all of them for his past attitudes. Thanks to Kino’s work, the discrimination of the ghouls has been reduced, and they can finally take a break after finding a land where the ghouls can live freely. Throughout this time, they’re still in contact with Ayato who sends them guava juice from the human world lmao. Kino kisses Yui celebration of finding their promised land, saying that he won’t let go of her no matter what from now on. ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

Heaven Scenarios

1: Kino & Yui go on an after school date (probably because they realised they never ever put him in the uniform despite DRAWING HIM IN IT), and midway through he starts wanting to have some skinship with Yui. They end up making out at a corner of the mall, since Yui’s embarrassed, and Kino leaves a few hickeys on her.

2: Yui gets bored since she’s hanging out with Kino but he’s just playing his mobages. He then suggests a game the 2 of them can play, and they end up playing the pocky game. Yui can’t handle the embarrassment so he loses, so Kino tells her to kiss him to express her love. Kino then gets pouty about her peck kiss which makes Yui enjoy his reaction, and starts patting his head instead while they continue to chill.

3: Yui wants to see the stars, so Kino takes her to the top of a hill where they lay down and watch them. A shooting star appears, where they end up both wishing to be able to be together forever, especially Kino who does it multiple times before it goes away. Kino then asks her to promise to stay with him, and he ends up sucking her blood under the stars.

I honestly just feel that Kino’s alright. He pretty much has a emotional mentality of a child, since he didn’t seem to have much of one with all the bullying and stuff. He pissed me off quite a bit at the start, but I started to grow fond of him after he started loosening up. To me, I think he’s pretty much a kid and probably wasn’t raised properly which ended up with him becoming like this. Overall the development of his character was good, but his relevance to the main plot wasn’t much. You’d think he have some main plot elements for being a villain, but this time, it seems they’re focusing the main plot on the ghouls’ discrimination and the instability of the demon world as a whole. The reveal of Kino’s identity felt shoved in, or even lackluster, since it didn’t make any sense at all, but they didn’t give any further explanation on Rothenberg so I’m just accepting it.

The route had a few plotholes, but pushing the main plot aside (because dialovers doesn’t make sense anymore), the character growth part was good so I think it’s fine as an otome game route. Maeno’s voicing acting for Kino was too good though, he was changing from pretentious to asshole to cutiepie within moments. The writing’s been strangely weird, it feels like they haven’t been writing wifebeating scenes so long that plot wifebeating was randomly shoved into the plot in order to make it feel authentic or something, but overall I’m too used to the sweet stuff I’m like “meh” towards all the wifebeating now. Another factor that probably pointed out how there was no budget for the art was that Yuri didn’t have a sprite. Like goddamn Yuri talks so often in this route I’m pretty much sad he doesn’t even have a sprite to go with his voice, but I guess they didn’t have art budget to design another character who’d look shitty in the end. D: My thoughts on Kino himself would be that he’s pretty tolerable, not a new bias but definitely one I could appreciate in the lot.

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