Diabolik Lovers ~Lost Eden~ Sakamaki Routes

After the passing of Karl Heinz, one of the Sakamaki brothers receives his powers and becomes the leader of the family, technically turning into the leader of the vampires. However, the power within him is still unstable and they’re unable to enter the Demon World due to that. With the instability within the different races, as well as the powers they have to keep in check, Yui now has to support her man while they (try to) get the Demon World to settle down, while keeping Kino away because he’s after that very power.

Ayato is 2nd last in my play order, so this post got finished after the Tsukinamis. This time I chose a more spread out playthrough for the Sakamakis so I could do a mix of characters i liked and not like at the start, and slowly head towards the end with all my favourite characters.

For the Sakamakis, quite a few major pieces of information are revealed. Karl Heinz’ final step in the Adam & Eve plan is to give Adam (one of his sons), his powers that they can’t control, and get him to destroy the world. This resets the world causing Adam & Eve to be left in the world, so they’re like the “first humans” and have to reproduce to create new humans and shit. Pretty convoluted plan, and this plan is only found out depending on the characters. Karl Heinz powers are also linked to the world tree, that mysterious tree in the middle of Eden which symbolises when the world is ending or some shit. This is why Eden is linked to the master’s mental state, and starts crumbling when the master isn’t able to control his powers, or is worried over something. Pretty much no matter what route is it, Eden’s forever crumbling & the world tree’s dying, which symbolises that the world is soon ending with the Adam & Eve plan coming to a close.

These routes also discuss Karl Heinz doing some weird human experiments over at Rothenberg, which is the exact reason why only the ghouls live there. where they discuss the rumours about the miasma there being poisonous to be a rumour spread by Karl Heinz himself. They also end up discussing that it’s Karl Heinz’ dead body dumping ground, and the fact that he might have done some weird experimenting there.


Yui’s returning home from school when she sees a bunch of Crows crowding around the house, and worries since they look like they’re spying on them (and they probably are because they’re probably the Ravens). Ayato enters the mansion with her, but soon after gets in into a fight with Shu. The Sakamakis soon come back one by one, but weird shit starts happening around the house. Shu notices a bunch of shadows in the corridors when he’s about to attack Yu, when Reiji walks in dragging her off to help him with the flowers. Yui suddenly hears a sexy maeno Kino’s voice behind her but is interupted by Reiji. Yui continues to panic though, so she tells Reiji she thinks there’s an intruder in the house. Kanato comes running in yelling that his candy was stolen by someone, when Reiji baits him with pudding telling Yui to get him out of the kitchen. Yui sits down to keep Kanato occupied when they hear Subaru crashing walls, so Yui goes to check on him, and it turns out he felt a presence too. Their conversation is crashed by Laito, when they hear another crash from the living room. There, the entire family gets in a mass scuffle when Kino’s voice is heard again calling them all idiots. This is where Yui chooses her man to rely on in fear of the intruder.

Sakamaki Kanato

Unfortunately for Kanato, when he can’t control his powers his changes back into high tier screamo mode so the entire route was a giant roadtrip for me. Once Kanato receives daddy’s powers, he isn’t able to control them properly, so the house keeps exploding every now and them with him consistently screaming. The rest of the bros give zero fucks either and only yap at Yui to do something about the guy cuz he’s causing a mass ruckus. Yui decides to check on him, but he starts getting irritated & bitches about how he thinks everyone doesn’t believe he can rule the demon world with the powers. He goes on his wifebeating scissor bs on her saying that she probably thinks  like the rest as well. ( ´_ゝ`) Yui ends up running off since she got candy in her hair, but he gets upset about why everyone denies him, questioning why this happened as he never wanted these powers anyway and doesn’t know why he was given them. Kino shows up in the bathroom telling Yui he’s here to destroy the Adam & Eve plan and attempts to strangle her. The house suddenly explodes because of Kanato, and Kino makes a hasty retreat. Yui goes to check on Kanato, who has fainted while the rest of the bros continue to complain. Yui explains Kino’s appearance, but the rest of the bros tell her it’s normal that he’s being attacked, and he’s gotta deal with it himself. They continue to bitch about how Kanato needs to get his shit together. When Yui protests, they tell her to do something if she cares so much. Later, Ruki shows up begging her to talk to Kanato to return to the demon world so that Eden can get better. However, Kanato’s a little bitch and walks in getting pissed that Ruki’s in the house. After Ruki leaves, Kanato STARTS GETTING ANGRY THAT SHE WAS WITH RUKI. ( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`) Jesus this fucking kid literally screams at her saying that she’s getting her blood sucked by Ruki and he starts sucking her blood, and screams at her for the ruined cake, telling her to gtfo to buy the cake. ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ Right after she leaves though, Kanato starts screaming about how he never wanted this to happen, and starts crying. Reiji walks into his mess and scolds Kanato to get his shit together because daddy chose him and he can’t change that now. Meanwhile, Yui’s stuck outside, but runs into Kino again who reveals that he killed Richter, and Yui immediately runs from him. The Sakamakis soon find out the Demon World is in chaos, so Ayato and Subaru tell him to do something about it.

However Kanato tells them to stfu and that he gives zero fucks about the situation in the demon world. They get pissed though because he still doesn’t realise he’s the Vampire King now, but he continues to bitch back at them. Ayato being the oldest triplet manages to calm him down but starts bitching at Subaru to do shit, which causes him to scream and run out of the house. ( ´_ゝ`) Yui, while running from Kino ends up running into Kanato getting in a fight with some drunk dudes. When she tries to calm him down, he activates his powers and ALMOST KILLS YUI. THE FUCKING BITCH THEN DECIDES THAT IT AINT HIS FAULT AND RUNS AWAY. щ(ಥДಥщ) Yui wakes up at Kino’s place, where her wounds are being healed. Meanwhile, Kanato’s holed up in his room, while the Sakamakis start thinking about countermeasures since the kid ain’t doing shit. After Kanato walks in, most of the guys start leaving saying that they don’t want to be destroyed with him. In retaliation, he starts yelling that they always push responsibility to him, then beats them up, throwing them all inside the dungeon. Kanato then realises that it’s Yui being Eve which caused all his suffering, and decides SHE SHOULD DIE TO END HIS SUFFERING. ( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`) The rest of the bros who are stuck in the dungeon soon realise that they’ve been pushing too much responsibility on the kid, after Shu tells them that he felt shitty too when his mom kept bitching at him to be in charge of all of them. While at Kino’s mansion, Yui then notices that the people of the church are working together with Kino, and eavesdrops on their conversation. It’s revealed that the church wants Kino to throw the demons out of the human world, and they’re looking for her. She ends up getting noticed though, but manages to return to her room and recalls her life before she met the vampires. Kino shows up asking her if she wants to meet her dad who’s the head priest now. Kino then tells her that Yui’s dad Seiji worked his way to the top brass of the church after finding out she was sold by the church as the sacrificial bride, to get her back. He also tells her that the church plans on killing all the demons in the human world, so choosing a side is pretty risky for her either way. Yui manages to escape the mansion, but Kanato’s too fucking crazy and attempts to kill her as he blames her for everything. ( ´_ゝ`) Kino takes the chance to launch an attack on Kanato, but fails when Kanato sets the place on fire.

Kanato then takes her to the mansion in the demon world, WHERE HE SAYS HE’S GOING TO TAKE THIS CHANCE TO KILL HER IN THE ENCLOSED SPACE. ( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`) After a long while of trying not to get killed by Kanato, Yui finally manages to let the Sakamaki bros out of the dungeon while Kanato’s sleeping. Kanato has a dream where he says that he doesn’t know what Yui’s thinking recently & is worried she’s distancing herself from him. He kills her in the dream but realises it doesn’t make him feel any better, so he wakes up in shock worried she might be dead. Unfortunately, shit happens when the Ardler clan attacks the mansion. The goons provoke Kanato by saying that they killed Yui, he loses his shit, mass killing all the Ardlers, and goes on a killing spree because life without Yui is meaningless. (ノ´ー`)ノ When the rest of the Sakamakis arrive in the demon world, they can’t find him, so they head to Eden to decide what to do next. Eventually, after receiving news that Kanato destroyed the Bibolas, the Sakamakis and Mukamis decide that the vampires will collectively take responsibility for Kanato’s actions and kill Kanato since he’s out of control. Yui ain’t having that shit so she leaves the castle to find Kanato. Eventually, she runs into her dad who was in the middle of beating up Kino. Seiji’s about to bring her home, when she finds out that the vampire hunters are ready to go and murder Kanato. Yui ends up choosing Kanato, and runs off to find him.  Yui eventually finds her man, but Kanato’s unstable af and thinks she’s just an illusion. (ノ´ー`)ノ After a huge as scuffle with Yui & her dad, Yui’s dad ends up getting killed by him. Yui, in her fit of shock and horror literally starts shaking him telling him to wake up, and he finally realises it’s really her. Kino ends up rescuing them & bringing them to Rothenberg, where they finally make up. They don’t have time though, as forces have already come together to get ready to kill Kanato. Kanato’s very calm when he’s with her, but she’s unable to tell him that people are out to kill him because of the mess he caused. Kanato eventually suggest they head to Eden, and with Kino’s probing they have no choice but to go there. Meanwhile, the demons have all decided to throw him into some endless pit/jail of darkness and trap him there forever. While heading towards Eden, Yui decides to reveal the truth to Kanato, but the boy gives no fucks and says that as long he’s with her, he doesn’t really care what happens to the world. he’d just destroy anyone in their way. Yui ends up contemplating killing him in his sleep to pay for their sins, but cant bring herself to it in the end.

The Sakamakis and Mukamis however, hearing that Kanato seemingly has taken her hostage, send Yuma & Ayato to rescue her but don’t realise taking her away will make him go batshit insane. Yui protests but they lock her in Karl Heinz’ galaxy chessroom until everything’s over. Kanato wakes up, and goes batshit insane after realising she was taken away by the 2, and goes on his murder spree again. Suddenly, on Yui’s side, she hears Karl Heinz tell her that its time to reset everything, and the room door unlocks, allowing her to head to the world tree with all the Sakamaki bros. They try to talk sense into him by apologising to him that they dont really hate him. Unfortunately, Kanato doesn’t wanna listen so they all figure it’s time to end him. Brute End: Yui runs in to stop them from fighting, but suddenly gets absorbed by the world tree, in a completely random turn of events. Kanato loses his shit, and destroys everything except for the tree and himself. Kanato continues to take care of a sleeping Yui until the day she wakes up to fully reset the world. Manservant End: Yui finally decides to clear Kanato and herself of their sins, she stabs him with a knife. Yui loses her shit though because she took revenge for her daddy. Kanato stabs her too saying that she’s going down with him, and Karl Heinz’ power escapes his body. Kino rushes in to grab the hanging power, and kills everyone. Vampire End: Yui tries to stop  the fight, but is taken hostage by Kino. Kino stabs Kanato, causing the Karl Heinz power to escape and he takes it for himself. However, he suddenly breaks and dies because of the powers. The powers return to the world tree, which then absorbs both Kanato & Yui. A few years later, they reawaken as Adam & Eve and continue to stay in the human world. Kanato’s mostly calmed down, and they continue living their happy lives in the human world. Heaven Scenario 1: Kanato decides to play soft toy with Yui so he gets Yui to be his toy for a day so he’s just kissing her all over. 2: Kanato & Yui are taking a bath together in a chocolate bath where they start feeding each other chocolate. 3: Kanato’s playing dressup with Yui so he’s picking an outfit for her. He ends up teasing her by giving her a pretty flamboyant one, but he apologises and invites her to dance with him after they change. Honestly this whole route was pretty intolerable for me, mainly because of Kanato being irritating, then the brothers pulling sth stupid, literally back and forth. I’m quite disappointed with the fact that they didn’t go the dark fate route where he comes to terms with the powers, but they instead went with some stupid “well fuck everything we’re happy now i guess” ending. The whole route was a giant mess with the shitty deus ex machina ending which pissed the hell out of me. Dark Fate’s Kanato was good, but definitely not this one.

Sakamaki Shu

Shu is actually keeping his power in check very well, although hiding the fact that he’s having trouble controlling them properly. Shu continues to have his soft ichaicha time with Yui taking naps with her, but she notices that he hasn’t been listening to his music recently. Shu still cares for Yui though, sneaking in to sleep with her when she’s scared of getting attacked by mysterious intruders again. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° The Sakamakis soon prepare their return to the demon world, when Shu receives a letter from the Bibolas requesting for discussion regarding the future of their alliance. He agrees to go, and drags Yui off to try dresses a few days later since there’s a party & Yui needs to go since she has Cordelia’s heart. They return on the limo, but it ends up getting hijacked by Yuri and Kino. Kino introduces himself to be one of Karl Heinz’ sons, and demands for the powers. Shu’s pretty vague with his answers, but admits he didn’t want the powers. Kino assumes that he can take them, but Yui protests since she doesn’t want him to die lest giving the powers away means Shu’s death. Shu suddenly changes his mind when they get to Kino’s mansion though, so Kino locks them in a room until Shu agrees to give the powers to him. Shu decides to wait it out, since he figures that someone is probably guarding the room. Meanwhile, the Sakamaki bros are getting worried that Shu isn’t coming back. Yuma & Azusa suddenly show up asking if Shu received their letter, but the Sakamakis have no clue what’s happening. The two Mukamis explain that Shu was corresponding with them regarding the Eden castle. Yui’s panicking about getting stuck at Kino’s mansion, but Shu ends up just sucking her blood so she can’t think of anything. The POV changes to Ruki, where it’s revealed that Shu tasked him to research the truth of the Adam & Eve plan. It’s also revealed that Shu knows that he isn’t suited to be the king, and wants to know the reason why Karl Heinz even chose him the first place. Shu & Yui finally manage to escape the mansion after duking it out with Kino for a short while, and he admits that he was trying to help Kino since he’s supposedly one of his brothers. Shit starts when they find out that Shu’s reply was never sent to the Bibolas. Kino probably intercepted the reply, so it never reached. The Bibolas took the lack of reply as the vampires having no intentions to continue the alliance, and declares war on the vampires. Shu & Reiji figure to send someone to Zweik, the King of the Bibolas, before war happens to clear the misunderstanding. (btw, I have no clue how to spell ツヴァイク in english, so i rammed it through google translate, dont kill me) Yuma offers to go in Shu’s name, so that Shu can focus on controlling his powers. Yuma has a talk with Shu syaing that he finds Shu’s actions unexpected, so he’s decided to help him since Shu’s changing. They bump fists (which left me rolling in p a i n (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و), and Yuma leaves.

Yuma ends up having trouble trying to get into the Bibola castle because the Bibolas don’t believe that he’s a messenger, so he decides that it’s a ~great idea~ to sneak into the castle. However, this ends up with him getting arrested and thrown into the dungeon. Yuma realises he fucked up because he ruined Shu’s cred for sneaking into the castle, and tries to think of something to salvage the issue. Shu & Reiji receive a letter from Zweik telling them that if Shu claims Yuma to be his messenger, it will be taken as a declaration of war. If he doesn’t, Yuma will just be executed. Shu obviously doesn’t want his old childhood friend to be murdered, but he also has the lives of the vampires to take care of as well. Yui eventually finds out from Shu regarding the Yuma-Shu-Reiji incident in the past. Shu explains that Reiji regrets his actions as well, and Shu regrets not being able to do anything for both Reiji and Yuma back then. If he can’t save Yuma now, he’d probably regret it for the rest of his life along with Reiji. (´;ω;`) Yui then tells him that even if he lands into some shit she’d follow through with him since she doesn’t want him to regret not doing anything, and tells him to choose whatever he thinks is right. Shu eventually decides that he’ll save Yuma despite that fact that he’s putting all the vampires’ lives on the line. Meanwhile, Yuma who’s stuck in jail, realises he could pretend that he isn’t Shu’s messenger & get killed so he can save Shu from more trouble. However, Kino waltz in to start shit by handing Yuma a knife telling him to use it when needed. (ノ´ー`)ノ Ruki takes Shu to Eden, where they find it to be quite destroyed. Shu realises it’s his fault for turning into this state, and Yui gets worried and starts crying since he has carry the burden of having to keep the castle in this state. After calming Yui down by kissing her(*´▽`*), Shu leaves on his own and realises that Karl Heinz definitely knew that he wouldn’t be able to control the powers. He & Ruki soon realise that Karl Heinz wants to destroy the entire world and reset it to complete the Adam & Eve plan, since like Adam & Eve are the first humans. Karl Heinz had to give the powers to one of his kids for it to explode because he threw his emotions out of the window, thats why Eden was so perfect in the first place. Yui overhears them, but Shu tells her to not worry too much about it, since it’s his problem. Yui asks if he really plans on killing all his emotions, and he says he has to in order to protect both worlds from destruction. Shu then takes Yui around the Demon World with loads of people he has to protect.

Upon returning to Eden, Shu says that he wants to ignore reality but he’s lost something because of that, so he can’t make the same mistake again. Meanwhile, Zweik decides to allow Yuma to see him, since he’s impressed at how Shu really cares for his people and is okay with the alliance. Yuma however, upon being allowed to see Zweik, STABS THE BIBOLA LEADER. Yuma is then announced as executed, and his body was apparently thrown out for show in public. Shu starts blaming himself for making a slow decision, and runs off. Yui goes after him, but she can’t do much other than stay by his side. Shu eventually decides to go to the Bibola territory, to go get the body. Reiji tags along, but they dont find his body anywhere. Shu soon finds the knife Yuma used, where he hears Yuma’s final moments. They bring back the knife to Eden, but the Mukami brothers say that the knife doesn’t seem to belong to Yuma. Shu says that he’ll try to stall time before the wall starts since there’s something up with everything happening, while Reiji decides to study the knife to see if he can find any clues from it. Yui helps out by bringing in tea, when she realises the knife looks like it belonged to Kino. Reiji also says that the blood on the knife belongs to the Bibolas, and they start deducing that Yuma stabbed a Bibola with the knife, and Kino probably gave it to him for some reason. The Mukamis eventually explain to Shu that Yuma’s thoughts are most likely to do something to help Shu, since he’s going to die from the failed alliance anyway. Kino most likely poked at that weak point, so they decide to search for Kino. Meanwhile, Yuma finds himself in Rothenberg, as he apparently survived the execution like the fukkin gorilla he is. Shu decides to head down to Rothenberg with the Mukamis, as he wants Reiji to stay since he’s chosen Reiji to take his powers if he dies. Yui decides to stay behind as well, and Shu tells her he’ll reward her if he does come back, which makes Yui upset because it sounds like he’s going off to die. Yui tells Reiji that Shu might be trying to stop Kino to the point he could die, and Reiji agrees that he’s always been like that since young. The two of them eventually decide to head to Rothenberg. Meanwhile, the group at Rothenberg eventually meet Kino and confronts him about Yuma. Kino reveals that Yuma did a good job by killing Zweik, and that he wanted the Bibolas dead so that the Ghouls can have a new place to live in. Shu tries to tell Kino that he won’t be able to control the power, but the little bitch is so confident of himself he doesn’t want to fukkin listen.

Eventually the bitch drags Yuma out to use as hostage against Shu. Shu’s actually very relieved that Yuma’s alive than shocked, and tells Kino he gives no fucks about fighting him since it’s probably part of Karl Heinz’ plan anyway, and he doesn’t plan on following that. Brute End: As Kino’s about to stab Yuma, Shu jumps in to take the hit. Karl Heinz’ powers are transferred to Reiji, much to Kino’s dismay. Reiji ends up being unable to control the powers, destroying everything leaving himself. Unfortunately Yui doesn’t survive this either so the plan is a massive failure, and Reiji laments it’s the punishment Shu gave him. Manservant End: Because of Shu’s hesitation in using his powers against Kino, Kino eventually stabs Yuma. As Kino mocks Shu, Shu loses his shit and his powers go out of control since he wasn’t able to save Yuma, and blames himself for it. Yui eventually finds him in a complete abyss with the world reset, but Shu’s tired of everything and decides to sleep forever. Yui, after a long while of trying to wake him up, decides that she’d follow him to, since it’s the only way to go against Karl Heinz. Vampire End: Reiji & Yui eventually arrive in Rothenberg. Kino’s busy laughing at Shu for being a shitty leader or some shit, and stabs Yuma, but Reiji rushes in to cover him. Because of this, Shu calls Kino pitiful and kills him with his powers for being a little shit. Reiji says that he’s paid back his debts, but Yuma yells at him saying that he already forgave him. Reiji is calm though, because he feels like he can forgive himself. However, having his brother die slowly causes Shu to lose his shit. Yui runs towards him as he blames himself for everything’s that happened, and yells at him reminding him that he was the one who said he was gonna protect all the people and prevent the world from being destroyed. Yui continues by asking him if he’d regret it if he gave up now. Shu then yells that he doesn’t want to regret again, so he hugs her while crying. They then find out that Reiji just needs to be treated, so they rush back to Eden. They eventually stay at Eden, where it continues to break down since the world’s going to eventually end, but Shu continues to control the powers so it won’t happen. Shu thanks Yui for being by his side and stopping him then. He asks Yui to stay with him forever, and she says yes. they then kiss. ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧ (✿◠‿◠) Heaven Scenario 1: Yui drags Shu off to school with her during the weekend. to pick up something she forgot, so they end up the exploring the school. They eventually reach the music room where he gets into the mood so he pins her on the piano and sucks her blood. 2: Shu summons Yui to his room where he makes her listen to her makeout moans causing her to flip shit, and they end up making out again. 3: Shu tries to get Yui to wake up since his CD collection’s being held hostage by Reiji, so Yui takes the opportunity to act sick lmao. He starts stripping off her clothes to check on her though, and they end up making out instead. Shu was way too good for me. I knew he’s always the best from past games, but I didn’t expect him to be this sweet in this game. Shu is a sweet, sweet man and is way too caring for his own good, this is probably husband material that I can’t handle. The route overall was really good and I still like how they continued to expanding the Shu/Yuma friendship, which gave me more than enough feels. This route was really good and was a nice closure to all the growth Shu’s gotten from all the shit they’ve been through.

Sakamaki Reiji

Reiji was excited to receive the powers at first, but he can’t control the powers either. Karl Heinz told him that receiving the powers is going to be a trial for him, giving him more questions on his dad’s intentions. The pocket watch which counts down to the end of the world breaks too, giving more shit for Reiji to think about. News that Richter’s been killed because of the demon huntings arrive, so Reiji doesn’t allow anyone to leave the house for their safety. The siblings start bitching at him saying that he stinks because he hasn’t found out anything and can’t control his powers either, since they’re just rolling around at home pissed. Yui tries to defend him, but they honestly don’t care. Shu points out that the comparison between Reiji & their dad is far to big, which is heard by Reiji. He confronts her asking if she thinks he’s useless, so she tells him that he isn’t, but she likes him working hard. It doesn’t mean that she think he’s useless. He calms down, and asks her to watch over him as per usual. Reiji eventually tells Yui that he’s heading off to the demon world to figure out how to control his powers before war breaks out. Yui wants to go with him, but hesitates since she might be a burden to him. Reiji tells her that a lot of people in the demon world will be after her because she’s Eve who was chosen by Karl Heinz, so everyone is after her for her influence. Yui choses to go with him anyway, and he lets her since having her by his side is safer than leaving her alone in the human world. Along the way to Eden though, they discuss more about Karl Heinz & the topic of family in general, in which Reiji asks if Yui regrets meeting him. Of course she doesn’t, and as a reward they end up holding hands while headed towards Eden. (*´▽`*)They soon arrive to see a destroyed Eden, so Reiji heads off to the research area to find any clues on how to control his powers. Yui find him there a while after asleep, so she decides to hold his hand a little, hoping it’ll give some support. (*´▽`*)Meanwhile, the Sakamakis continue to bitch about having nothing to do, when there’s a sudden blackout. They start fighting to decide who should go down, and they eventually kick Laito off. He doesn’t return, and they slowly all get caught by Kino lmao. Reiji soon wakes up, leaves the research centre to head back his room to continue studying, when he runs into Yui in the garden. Yui’s actually carrying tea to him, so he decides to take it from her, but she accidentally drops it and burns her hand. Reiji starts healing it by licking it, so they decide to take a break in the garden. They kiss, but Reiji suddenly stops after noticing something, so he takes his leave.

We find out that the flowers suddenly just dropped to dust while he was kissing Yui, which he realises there’s something up with the whole dying Eden situation. Reiji then receives a letter from the Bibolas asking for an alliance, where they demand him to hand Yui over. Ruki advises him to do so, but Reiji doesn’t want to since he clearly wants his girlfriend by his side. Reiji soon realises that he needs stop having feelings for Yui, since it might be the way to keep the powers in check. Ruki leaves, and reports the issue to Mukamis, where they say Ruki’s too cold & that Yui isn’t a tool. The Sakamaki bros meanwhile are still stuck in jail, where Kino tells them that he’s planning on handing them off to the church since Yui’s daddy is angry at them for a good number of reasons, and their lives depend on Reiji. Over the next few days though, Reiji decides to distance himself from Yui, which makes her wonder if she’s in the way of his work. Azusa comes by to cheer her up, telling her that if Reiji is planning on betraying her, he’ll protect her. Yui wonders what Azusa knows, but she goes over to find Reiji anyway. At the same time, Reiji receives a letter from Kino asking Reiji to hand over Yui to Seiji, who’s now the head church priest in exchange for the Sakamaki bros’ lives. Yui tells him to hand her over, when he suddenly gets irritated by her kindness, accusing her of just wanting to see her father again. Reiji suddenly plays the really cold card saying that they’re human and vampire, and they’ll never be able to understand each other. Yui runs off crying, and Reiji says this is the best option in order to protect Yui & keep Eden perfect. Yui figures to distance herself from Reiji for now. Azusa, who happened to be eavesdropping on Reiji & Yui’s breakup, tells his brothers that Reiji plans on handing Yui over to the church. The Mukamis soon get a brief down on the situation, where they figure that it’s complicated for Reiji to make a decision. Reiji’s about to head down to the human world to take care of the church, but Ruki stops him saying that he’ll go in his place. Reiji tells him that he’s decided to kill all his emotions so that he can maintain Eden in his father’s place, which means even throwing Yui away. Reiji’s final step in trying to get rid of Yui, is to ask her to head to the Bibola castle with him for discussions. This is pretty much him agreeing to Zweik’s terms for the alliance, and Azusa catches on to this. Azusa tells Kou that Yui’s probably gonna be used as a tool for negotiations, so he drags Kou to the Bibola castle to rescue Yui.

Meanwhile, Ruki & Yuma arrive at the Sakamaki mansion in the human world, where they meet with Kino. Ruki tells them that they have no intentions on handing over Yui, so Kino tells them he’ll just have to hand over the brothers to the church, so they’ll probably be killed fast. As expected, Reiji drops her off at the the Bibola castle, and  leaves, lying to her that he’ll be back soon. Kou & Azusa soon show up to save her, making excuses saying that Reiji told them to rescue her lmao. After explaining the agreement to her, Yui decides maybe Reiji has his own plan at the moment, and wants to get some space between the two of them. Kou & Azusa figure they take her down to their mansion in the human world to get away from Reiji. Ruki & Yuma meet Reiji when he’s back, where he says that he’s tossed Yui off to the Bibolas. Yuma, upon hearing this, starts yelling at Reiji for throwing his woman away, when Ruki realises he’s crying. Reiji is actually upset at his decision, and he’s unable to control his emotions so the castle starts howling again. Ruki manages to knock some sense back into him saying that Karl Heinz was the perfect king, and he doesn’t expect him to be like Karl Heinz. Kino informs Seiji about Reiji’s decisions, which leads to the church exterminating all the Bibolas to save Yui. Reiji fucking panics because his waifu’s at the castle, so he & Yuma rush off to the Bibola castle to see if they can rescue Yui at least. As they find out that the church has pretty much bombed the entire castle, Yuma receives news from the familars that Kou & Azusa are in the human world for whatever reason. Reiji realises what’s happening and rushes his ass down to the Mukami mansion, where he finally reunites with Yui and hugs her. This time, he promises not to leave her side again. (*´▽`*)They end up staying at the Mukami mansion, but things get worse as the church plans on killing the Sakamaki bros, and plan on taking over the demon world. Kino proposes a plan to Reiji saying that he’ll negotiate with Seiji to not kill the vampires if Reiji decides to side with the church. Yui tries to tell Reiji that she’ll try and find a way to covince her dad not to do shit, but Reiji knows it ain’t happening since her daddy probably diswoend her, and locks her in her room until he makes a decision so she won’t sneak out. After much consideration, he decides to side with the church to reduce casualties. Thus, Reiji, Yui & the Mukamis head off to the church. Meanwhile, Seiji’s getting pissed & tryna kill the Sakamaki bros but they’re all too happy to die and are all “COME AT ME BRO END ME THANKS”. Reiji eventually walks in, so Seiji decides to kick all the bros out since he’s only interested in the vampire king.

After some talking though, Seiji reveals 2 things. 1, he honestly gives no fucks about Yui now because he’s convinced that she’s been controlled by the demons, and 2, Zweik’s teamed up with the church. Turns out during the Bibola castle attack the two somehow formed an alliance, and Zweik’s upset Reiji didn’t uphold his end of the promise, so both Zweik & Seiji have decided to excute Reiji. Reiji accepts this decision, realising he’s a failure (when he isn’t), and the rest are informed of this by Kino. Yui is allowed in to speak to Reiji though, and Yui starts crying in his arms since she doesnt want him to die. Reiji’s pretty much accepted his death because he believes he sucks at being king. He believes he’s powerless, and wants to take responsibility for fucking everything up. His powers have been sealed by church technology, so he can’t run either. Yui tries to tell him that he ain’t useless, but the church guys get her to leave, so Reiji tells her not to do anything that would hurt herself since he loves her. After being kicked out of the church though, she receives a letter from Seiji saying that he plans on taking revenge for her by killing Reiji. Eitherway, having Reiji die before them doesnt make the bros happy, so they all start sitting around the Mukami house thinking of ways to save him. They figure they make their move when Reiji’s about to be executed in the demon world. Reiji pretty much notices them all hiding though, so he calls for Yui. Yui can’t handle him dying though, but he asks her to smile, and to kill him with her hands since it’s the best option for him. Brute End: Kino’s pissed that Yui’s hesitating in killing Reiji, so he runs into trying to take her place. Reiji ain’t happy he’s being murdered by someone other than his girlfriend, so his powers explode and destroys the entire world. Reiji & Yui are left in pretty much hell where they’re burning forever but they’re together at least. Manservant End: Yui agrees to chop his head off, and she kills him after saying that she loves him. Kino runs in trying to get the powers for himself but Yui’s Reiji’s chosen recipient. Being unable to control the powers because her dad called her a witch, she eventually kills Seiji and drives all the church people out. Yui then kills all her emotions to keep Eden in check forever. Vampire End: Yui agrees to kill Reiji, but before she can do anything the rest of the guys walk in saying they’re hella done with Reiji’s mopey shit. They all start beating up the church guys, so Reiji & Yui try to run when Seiji tries to take Yui hostage. In the scuffle, Kino runs in trying to kill Reiji as well. Seeing all the shit happening, Reiji’s done being tired of life so he breaks the seal on him and kills Seiji lmao. A while later, Reiji’s got his hands full with keeping the peace in the demon world, and finally has a break. They’re about to make out when the Mukamis & Sakamaki triplets cockblock them, but Yui says it’s a good thing since they’re all like a family now. Reiji then says that he’s happy now, and asks her to continue working with him to keep this happiness, and kisses her. Heaven Scenario 1: Reiji calls Yui for dinner when she smells colonge on him, so he explains Laito sprayed it on him. He glomps her telling he’s gonna move the scent onto her, and that he’ll do more after dinner. 2: Yui starts to get carsick in the limo, so Reiji gets the driver to stop and let her rest. Unfortunately, Reiji can’t hold himself back so he starts making out with Yui in the car lmao. 3: Yui’s about to get up but Reiji pulls her back into bed and asks to stay in bed a while longer. Yui tells him that she’s glad to see him being pampered for once, so he asks her to stay in bed with him the whole day. (❁´▽`❁)*✲ Reiji’s route was hella sweet as well with him doing all the teasing most of the time. As per usual, he really puts a lot of pressure on himself, and what made me glad from the route was him learning how to let loose a bit and not having to be perfect. Also how he really isn’t like Karl Heinz, so he shouldn’t put his expectations to himself so high. Also those dem heaven scenarios though. Reiji what even since when were you this thirsty for Yui.

Sakamaki Laito

Instead of having trouble controlling his powers, Laito really hates them to the core because he never wanted anything from his dad, being the dick who caused the triplets’ suffering in the first place. He spends the whole time pretending they don’t exist while giving no fucks about the demon world. The rest of the siblings are pretty pissed at him, but they let him be because they all know he really isn’t power-inheritance material. Laito ends up going back to his old self, where he’s just hanging around getting turned on by everything. Yui knows that she needs to get through to him about him accepting the fact he has the powers, but whenever she tries to say something, he gets angry,. Ayato & Kanato have been filling up in place of him by checking up on the situation in the demon world, since they’re pretty apologetic of the shit that happened to Laito in the past. Laito continues to be ignorant, so Yui starts getting worried that she’s becoming distant from her man since she doesn’t know how to help him. A few days later, Richter walks in pissed off at Laito not doing his job properly, which leads to a fight between them because Richter wants Karl Heinz’ powers to revive Cordelia. Laito, who doesn’t want his irritating uncle to take them, beats him up so that he doesn’t come back. After Richter leaves, Laito gets extra irritated and starts sucking Yui’s blood when she tries to tell him about his power usage. Pissed off at Yui, he casts a binding spell on her and leaves her there. Yui’s found by Reiji who helps her get rid of the spell, and tells her that she should know Laito well, and that he wants her to accept what he’s doing. The next day morning though, the household wakes up to news that Richter’s been killed. Laito figures that it was the intruder who probably murdered him, who’s a vampire, surprising the rest as they didn’t know that information. Later in the day, Yui hugs Laito apologising for forgetting her resolve to accept him no matter what he does. Laito taunts Yui saying that she’s lying, and he bets with her that she won’t be able to accept anything he does because she’s too kind. He then takes her outside the mansion and threatens to blow up the mansion up. While Yui’s trying to hold back on stopping him, Kino yells at them to stop & jumps out of the mansion. Yui then realises Laito did that to weed out the traitor, and is relieved when he changes his mind. Laito knows what Kino is after, and says that he’s okay with giving it to him, passing a knife to Kino. Yui realises that handing over the power means that Laito has to die, and breaks down crying saying that she isn’t sure what to do anymore.

Seeing the mess, Kino invites them over to his mansion. Laito’s weak to Yui crying, because he doesn’t know what to do if he’s going to hurt Yui through his actions. Kino proposes they team up to destroy the world, and Laito agrees. As a start, Kino tells Laito to kill his siblings first. Yui’s horrified at this, and worries for Laito while they start to plan an attack. Laito finds her in the garden, and she tells him that as much as he says he doesn’t mind killing them, his expression tells her otherwise. His expression tells her that he’d be hurt if he killed his siblings, and wants her to stop him. When he gets angry, it means that she’s spot on about his feelings. This hits Laito hard, and Yui tells him that even if he lies to himself about his feelings, she knows. Laito ends up hugging her, saying that he loves her so much since she literally knows him better than himself. 。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。+゚ Yui hugs him back, and assures him that everyone will sometimes feel the same. Laito asks Yui what he should do, since he hates the world that Karl Heinz created, but not his siblings. Yui thanks him for expressing his true thoughts, when Kino pops up from the bushes telling him they’ve got an attack. Kino attacks the Sakamaki mansion with the ghouls, followed by Laito who admits he’s trying to kill all of them. He ends up in a scuffle with Ayato trying to stop him, where Ayato says that they all don’t want him to die this early, and he’s not the only one suffering. Laito hits a point where he’s upset that even his brothers don’t want to release him from his pain, and his powers go out of control. Yui soon wakes up in the castle in the demon world, where Ayato says that she & Laito have been knocked out for a while, and they’ve arrested Kino. Ayato leaves when Laito wakes up, and the two keep avoiding each other all the time in the castle. They end up fighting again at the dinner table one day, where Laito just gets pissed that they’re making excuses to be nice to him. The two brothers end up going separate ways, and Yui goes off to find Laito hanging out at the balcony. Laito asks her if he’s being pampered by his brothers since they’re treating him so nicely. Yui agrees that it might be, and he’s glad he’s starting to know himself better.(*´▽`*)Yui then says that she envies him for having brothers, since she was raised as an only child. Just as Yui’s happy that he’s able to express himself better, the Ravens attack them and Yui’s thrown off the balcony. For some reason, Laito isn’t able to use his powers properly and she falls off, and is then caught by Kino.

Laito desperately heads down into the woods to find her while panicking, but runs into Ayato again. Ayato figures that something happened to Yui, but Laito denies everything. They end up fighting again, and Ayato tries to tell him that they feel bad for letting him be the punching bag for Cordelia in the past, and they just want to do something for him. As they continue to fight, Shu walks in telling them that they can’t change the past, so they should both just think about the future. The Sakamaki bros then work together to try and find Yui, but Laito gets really weirded out by all their attitudes. Meanwhile, Yui’s stuck at Rothenberg, where Kino asks her if she wants to work with him to help the ghouls. Yui doesn’t know what to do, but her sympathy for the ghouls continue to grow as they see the plight of the people living there. Kino ends up taking a bite out of her, guilt tripping her to stay with him to help the ghouls. After some panicking in his room, Laito decides he needs to do something by himself, and asks Reiji what he needs to do. Reiji tells him to accept his powers and keep control of his emotions, so that he can control his magic better. Ayato ends up running in saying the Ardlers are about to attack Eden, and they don’t have much time. Laito finally accepts his powers, and asks for help from Ayato to save Yui with him, which leads to all the bros tagging along to save Yui. When the group arrives at Rothenberg though, Kino just hands Yui over saying he has no intentions to fight them. Yui leaves with regret as she wants to help the ghouls somehow. The Sakamakis then head off to Eden, where they finally all can get rest. As Laito’s about to go into ichaicha mode with Yui, he notices Kino’s bite marks, and starts avoiding her. As he goes off to think by himself, he convinces himself that Yui has a change of heart, lamenting that he’s always alone, resetting this trust issues back to square one because holy shit, fuck you Kino. Eitherway, Laito goes back to his “it’s ok if you get your blood sucked by another dude” tendencies. They eventually receive news that the Bibolas attacked Rothenberg, and Yui, being worried for the ghouls, convinces Laito to let them into Eden. While the rest disagree, Laito ends up going with it, so Kino & the ghouls move off into Eden. This leads to more clashes with Kino, and Yui ends up being in a 3P with Kino & Laito because Laito’s ~excited~ about the situation. Laito, after the 3P incident though, realises that he knows Yui isn’t lying, but he’s so tuned to think that women are all liars, he doesn’t know what to do anymore. When he runs into Yui, he apologises for his way of thinking, since it’s making her suffer anyway. Yui says that as long he’s facing her straight on, she’ll accept him. Laito starts to realise that his way of thinking is causing Yui to suffer, and maybe she should hate him so everything works out better. He loves her so much & wants to love her straightforwardly, but he’s too fucked up to do so. (´;д;`)

Yui apologises for trying to hard to understand him, realising that she might have been too pushy about getting him to express his feelings properly, driving him into a corner, and it might have been all her fault that he’s suffering. After the conversation, Laito decides that the only way to fix his problem is to reincarnate, holing up in Karl Heinz’ galaxy room while the Ardlers finally attack, waiting for his death. Seeing how Laito doesn’t want to come out, the Sakamakis & Mukamis decide to deal with the attacking forces by themselves. Reiji sends Kino off to help them fight the Ardlers, and reveals to the rest that the ghouls were the ones to attack the Bibolas first causing the attack. Kino reappears saying that he figured they’d find out sooner or later, setting them all on fire, dragging Yui away and telling the Ravens to get Laito. The Ravens eventually go get Laito from the room, where he says he can finally end himself. Kino gets Laito & Yui at the world tree, where he says he’s going to kill Laito for his power. Brute End: As Kino tries to kill Laito, Laito starts laughing asking why he even wants such shitty powers in the first place. Kino bitches that he doesn’t understand because he’s been living a comfortable life, and Laito ain’t passing dem powers to anyone. He apologises to Yui, and stabs himself. His powers explode destroying the entire world, leaving only Yui who questions if this is Laito’s punishment to her. Manservant End: Kino stabs Laito, and gains his powers for some reason despite the fact he couldn’t in Kanato’s route. He goes to kill the Ardlers, leaving Yui in complete shock. She then decides that Kino’s the cause for all of this and kills him when he comes back, blaming him for toying with her & Laito’s hearts. Vampire End: Before Laito dies, he asks Yui to chop off his head since he only wants her to do it. He tells her that death is a vampire’s joy, and asks her to smile while doing so. Laito tells her that he’ll meet her again soon and they kiss. Kino then hands over the knife to Yui, where she fulfils Laito’s wishes. However, as the powers release, they’re absorbed by the world tree, causing Kino to throw a shitfit. The tree also absorbs Laito, and before Yui can do anything, Reiji & Ayato rush in to get her out. Reiji assures Yui that the world tree will protect Laito and they all escape to the human world. A few months later, Yui’s back in the human world, and Laito has been reincarnated to be the same person, just that he didn’t have a traumatic childhood which made him fucked up. This probably happened to Kanato as well in his route, but they never explain it properly. He’s still a pervert though & has the Karl Heinz powers, but they spend their lives normally going to school. Reiji’s now the head of the vampires and in charge of negotiating peace in the demon world. Laito meets Yui at the rooftop and tells her that he can finally love her properly now, and asks if she wants to go on an after school date. Heaven Scenario 1: Laito pops by Yui’s room asking her if she needs any help. She eventually gives in and gets him to take off her necklace so he starts taking it off with his mouth lmao. He then starts licking the back of her neck. He apologises though, since he really wanted to help her since she seemed tired. 2: Laito & Yui decide to make out in the park lmao, after getting rid of a rat for Yui. 3: Laito almost gets Yui to film a sex tape but she’s aggressively against it so he sucks her blood instead. Turns out he recorded her moans for his personal collection gdi Laito. Well, with the rebirth ending for Laito, I honestly felt that it was a bit too convenient for everything, but this time I’m okay with it. Maybe it’s because the process was explained better here, but this time it’s really inevitable since Laito’s damn fucked up. There could have been a better way to go about this, but the writers pretty don’t know what to do anyway. All I feel about the ending is just neutral, it was fine, but not that good either. The route was good with expressing Laito’s thoughts & how he’s a good boy, but the end result just felt a bit lackluster.

Sakamaki Subaru

Subaru obviously hates his dad for making his mom suffer, and clearly didn’t want the powers but Karl Heinz shoved them into him anyway, which causes him to be angry every day cuz he can’t control them. With the intruder at large, Subaru gets even more pissed and yells at Kino to show up. Kino promptly does so, and introduces himself as the illegitimate son. Kino ends up triggering Subaru when he mentions how he was dumped like Christa, causing Subaru to almost destroy the entire house. Kino, after proving himself to be Karl Heinz’ son & finding out Subaru’s weak to Yui, takes his leave before the other bros can show up. Subaru immediately heads off to calm down, and Yui spends the next few days worried for him. Turns out that Christa’s dead after Karl Heinz died, so poor Subaru’s been moping quite a bit since his dad never returned her feelings till the end. Yui tries her best to be by his side, telling him that she’s always there for him so he just needs to call for her. She asks what he truly wants to do with the powers, and in truth he seriously wants them gone if he could. Laito suddenly prances in though, giving him advice that if he wants to go against Karl Heinz, he should just control his powers to get back at the old man. Seeing how his brothers are suddenly being so helpful, Subaru goes off to think about things, so Yui goes after him. (which is like this entire route because Yui consistently follows him everywhere wwww) Yui ends up climbing up to the roof to talk to him, and tells him that she’ll help him try to keep his powers in check. Subaru soon deres up and apologises for causing trouble to all of them, so Yui holds his hand telling him that everyone really loves him & wants to help since he’s the younger brother and all. (◡‿◡✿) They’re about to kiss, when Laito cockblocks telling them shit’s just happened. Turns out the Bibolas just sneak attacked Eden for whatever reason, which comes off as strange since Zweik always declares wars instead of sneak attacks. Since Yui’s worried for the Mukamis, Subaru agrees to go to Eden, so all the Sakamakis decide to go along with him. Once they get to the castle though, they are informed that Zweik’s teamed up with an unknown person, and that the reason why they’re fighting the vampires is because Zweik ain’t happy that the 3rd wife’s son is now the boss. ( ´_ゝ`) Good lords. Everyone’s suggestion is to just prove that he’s stronger than them, which causes more stress on Subaru since he has the castle’s state to worry about as well. Subaru goes off to think on his own as per usual, so Yui goes after him again. Asking her what he should do next, Yui says maybe he should change himself so that he can control the powers better, and seek help from the rest. Subaru’s hella reluctant, but Yui coaxes him into going with him.

On the Bibola side, we are shown that Zweik’s teamed up with Kino & the church as expected, and he doesn’t agree with Subaru being king because he’s like the mistress’s son. ( ´_ゝ`)  The Sakamaki bros are all willing to help Subaru, despite teasing him, so they come up with 2 solutions for the Bibola attack. Either they go into war with them which might cause deaths, or quietly go under Bibola rule to avoid conflict. Subaru ain’t having any of the latter so he decides to go to war, in which Reiji says they’ll have to gather the other clans to help out. The Wolves and Ardlers would be relatively easy, but the First Bloods are the main problem. Subaru decides that he’s gonna head to Pandemonium to ask them to form an alliance, so Yui says she’ll go with him. Subaru doesn’t approve of this idea, but she tells him that she might be able to convince them better. They end up sending Subaru, Kou, Azusa & Yui to Pandemonium. Carla lets them in but doesn’t want to listen to what Subaru has to say because he doesn’t believe Subaru is a truly a king, and tells him to prove his strength when he’s ready to. With that, Carla treats them all as guest in the castle, and welcomes them in. Subaru spends the next few days trying to control his powers better, still in a sad slump he can’t do so. Kou pops by to cheer Subaru up (because we can’t have a subaru route without the subaru/kou homo), prompting him to be more confident of himself. Subaru knows it’s Yui who sent Kou, so he gives her a hug and says he’s gonna go face Carla. Subaru battles Carla, where Carla taunts him saying that he’s just a shitty illegitimate kid cuz he’s the third wife’s kiddo. Subaru gets hella pissed of at this though, and yells at Carla that he can insult him, but not his mother or Yui. With his anger, Subaru manages to scratch Carla in the face, so Carla leaves impressed. Subaru however passes out from trying to use the power properly, so Kou & Azusa carrying him to his room to rest. When Subaru finally wakes up, Shin pops in saying that Carla’s agreed to their alliance, and they should get moving towards Eden. Azusa says that he’ll send a familiar to inform the rest at Eden. With the arrival of the First Bloods at Eden, the rest of the brothers are hella surprised that Subaru managed to convince them to join forces. Thanks to the successful alliance, everything goes nicely, with the Wolves and Ardlers agreeing to team up with them.

Subaru chills out with Yui in the garden where he feels bad since he’s being helped all the time. Yui says that he has a presence that is loved by everyone, and pretty much has that aura. He then recalls Christa telling him that he’s a really kind boy, and that she’s always saved by his presence. Yui tells him that she can’t do without him, and he gives her a hug. (✿´‿`) The castle continues to howl again, and Subaru realises it might be linked to his emotions. They’re suddenly cockblocked by Kou though, sand they’re brought to a see Carla’s collapsed from the Endzeit, causing the rest to all be worry. Shin has no choice but to explain about Endzeit. Subaru enters Carla’s room to confront him about why he chose to team up with them, where Carla reveals that he’s worried for Shin in the future. Carla continues by saying that he definitely has the concern of his brothers, and that he has the potential to be a king. With the incident, Reiji tells the rest to keep Carla’s condition under wraps in order not to cause more panic. Subaru gets Ruki to look into the castle howling often, but nothing comes up. Interestingly though, Carla says that he heard from his father once that Eden did howl once, and it was the night before he started distancing himself from his wives and children, and took it as Karl Heinz crying. Unfortunately, on the Bibola side of things, Kino’s overthrown Zweik by beating him up, allowing him & the church to have full control on what the Bibolas do. They then launch an attack to wipe out the Wolves & Ardlers, which causes the vampire side to panic because they’re losing forces. Seeing how the Wolves & Ardlers were wiped, Reiji confirms that they’re probably against the church, since there’s been rumours of the church conducting experiments to find magic, and they’re probably using this chance to overthrow the demon world with Karl Heinz dead. It also explains the Bibola’s strange actions: the church might have did some surgery on Zweik to force him to follow the church’s orders, like in Kino’s route. Hearing the church though, Yui gets worried since her father’s on the side of the church, and Subaru asks what she wants to do. He doesn’t mind if she wants to return to her father’s side, despite them having to become enemies. Yui doesn’t know what to do, and spends the rest of the time thinking about her choice. While Yui’s away though, Kino shows up in front of Subaru telling him that before the war starts, he can hand over Yui if she wants to return to her father, handing him a note with the location to meet.

Subaru & Yui spend the next few days frustrated over this, when Subaru decides to directly confront her about it. Yui still unsure, so he changes the question: what kind of father was Seiji? When Yui says that he was kind and loving, Subaru decides to bring her to Kino without telling her why. After tossing her off to Kino, Yui’s taken to the Bibola castle where she’s confined there. Her father’s glad to see her back, but is acting rather…strangely. Subaru on the other hand, decides to lock himself inside the galaxy room since he’s regretting the fact that he gave Yui away. As the war is about to start, the Sakamakis start trying to break the door open because they seriously need him to fight. Subaru finally comes out after Carla tries to crash it open, looking pretty dead. The brothers figured he’s regrets giving Yui away & is hella upset about it, so they decide he’ll have to take her back through the war. (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ Anyway, on Yui’s side, we all know that Kino has other plans so he drags her out to see her boyfriend’s death. Eitherway, Subaru faces Kino, while the rest deal with the Bibolas. Kino has Yui hostage to threaten Subaru, which causes him to falter, and Yui can only watch everything unfold. Brute End: Kino kills Subaru, but is then killed by Seiji, along with Yuri. All the other demons have been defeated by the church so they take over, setting up controlled Zweik as a puppet leader. However, disgustingly, Seiji for some reason since that day wants to fuck Yui instead of being her father, so that left a very terrible taste for me. Manservant end: Kino’s about to kill Subaru, but tells Yuri to bring Yui over so she can kill him. Subaru’s agreeable with it, since he’s glad Yui’s the one to end him. Yui finally agrees to go along with Subaru’s wishes, and stabs him. Kino then tries to absorb the powers but explodes since he isn’t compatible. Yui realises that nothing really matters anymore without Subaru so he ends her life too. Vampire End: As Kino is about to land a hit, Subaru & Yui hear Christa call out to him, which causes everyone to momentarily stop. Subaru kills Kino, which leads to Yuri apologising for not raising Kino properly, then killing himself too. Subaru reunites with Yui, but it’s short-lived because Seiji’s here to murder Subaru for taking his daughter. The Sakamakis, Mukamis & Tsukinamis all show up saying that Seiji’s better off settling this through discussions because he’s outnumbered. Seiji relents, and Yui tells him that he’s really loved by everyone, and she loves him that way. Subaru apologises for giving her to Kino. With that, the demon world finally has peace, and Yui continues living in Eden with Subaru. Eden’s still collapsing, but Yui believes that Subaru can bring the tree back to it’s original form. Subaru says that he’s now thankful to his parents, since they probably loved him. They kiss, and Yui is confident the demon world will continue to be peaceful with Subaru’s leadership. Heaven Scenario 1: Subaru comes up with a poor excuse to get to suck yui’s blood but he gets it anyway lmao wwwww. They start making out when Kanato cockblocks them saying that there’s a piece of paper on her back saying that she belongs to Subaru lmao. 2: Subaru gets scammed by Laito to play a game where they stare at each other until someone looks away. They keep blushing to each other and he ends up losing since she’s too cute for him to handle lmao wwwww  3: Yui fixes Subaru’s sleeve and he gets all amazed, so Yui points out he’s really adorable. They start calling each other cute so Subaru tries to prove she’s cuter by kissing her all over.  Subaru’s route was really good, I couldn’t put it down at all. Thankfully, unlike Kou’s route (which I’ll post later), this one didnt have that unnecessary bromance, and focused mainly on the family again. His romance with Yui is pretty much settled in, so it’s just about him realising that he’s loved by many people & he ain’t alone, which was hella sweet. The whole route was literally drinking sugar because Subaru is too sweet for me to handle, and also hilarious because the brothers kept teasing/flaming him for whatever he did, which was great. Subaru was one of my favourites, and he still continues to be a favourite in this one.

Sakamaki Ayato

Ayato’s route was the most shitstorm of a route especially for me, because I left my best boy for last but it turned out horrible. Just, horrible. Okay so Ayato hates the powers like Laito but he’s stuck with them anyway, so he ends up getting haughty because he’s trying to put up a front. After blowing up the house once, the Sakamakis bros start to bitch at him to get his shit together, but he just tells them to stfu & that he doesnt care, since he has power now he can whatever he wants. Richter comes by wanting to be Ayato’s new guardian to teach him how to be the vampire king, but Ayato doesn’t want his shitty uncle to teach him anything so just runs whenever Richter shows up. Yui then finds out that it was apparently Cordelia’s wishes for Richter to teach him to be king, so she tries to hide that from Ayato. Dark Fate is now invalid so he isn’t tolerate of his mom & gets pissed when he finds out. ( ´_ゝ`) He ends up kicking Richter out of the house, where Reiji bitches at him to have some awareness that he’s the king now, and he cant do anything about it but accept it. Ayato ends up running out of the house, so Yui chases after him. She eventually finds him in the rain wondering why he was given the powers, and Yui tells him that he’s capable of doing shit even if he was last minute, and maybe that’s why he was chosen. Unforunately, Richter gets killed by Kino the next day and they all don’t know who did it. Reiji continues to lecture Ayato about his responsibilities as a king, and all Ayato does is to tell all of them to stfu and get out if they don’t like it. Because of them continuing to shit talk him he ends up causing the powers to explode, blowing up the mansion along with almost killing the bros. As I continue to wonder what happened to this boy’s plot Kino shows up to rescue Yui & the bros, while Ayato’s missing. They all get moved over to Kino’s mansion where Shu, Reiji & Subaru eventually wake up, but the other 2 triplets are still unconscious. Kino pretty much gives them a rundown of his organisation and identity, and reveals that Ruki’s on his side as well because the latter ain’t pleased that Ayato’s their leader. (ಠ_ಠ) For whatever reason Ruki ain’t licking Karl Heinz’ ass this route and decides to work along with the church to kick Ayato out. Yui can’t stand the guys shitting on her boyfriend, so she heads outside to get some air. Meanwhile, Ayato’s been hanging out at the Sakamaki mansion in the demon world getting pissed at his butler, who suggests he goes back to get his brothers. Ayato’s pretty pissed at his brothers so he doesn’t want to go, but ends up going anyway cuz he remembers Yui. He ends up picking up Yui from outside Kino’s mansion, where she tells him about the brothers & Kino.

Ayato figures he take her away first to save her at least, but they’re attacked by the Ravens. In the scuffle, Ayato gets injured and they head off to Eden. The other 3 Mukami bros are staying at Eden, and Ayato’s about to pick a fight with them over Reiji giving them permission without him knowing, when his injury hurts him so they move him into one of the rooms. Ayato soon wakes up and throws a fit saying he’s gonna beat Kino up, and Yui gets him to sit down, telling him that he ain’t proving anything just by flaunting his power everywhere. She knows he’s a kind person, and doesn’t want him to be such a selfish king. That’s why he came back down to save her at least. Meanwhile, fucking Ruki & Reiji decide to team up with Kino to kick out Ayato from the throne to keep order in the demon world.  Yui & Ayato continue to be hella distant, when she runs into him in the corridor eavesdropping on the Mukami bros. Ruki’s informed his younger bros that he’s joining the church to kick Ayato out. Another letter shows up from the Bibolas with Zweik asking Ayato to enter an alliance with him. Ayato’s damn fucking ready to get all the demons under him but Yui ends up spilling to all of them about the church wanting to murder all the demons as well. Ayato’s accepted the fact that he’s fucked up regarding his brothers, but there are still other demons who are willing to work under him so he’s okay with that. Ayato continues thinking about the Bibola proposal, where he figures he’s going decline it since it’s shady af. Ayato starts lamenting that decisions would have been made better if Reiji was around, but realises he’s ditched all his bros, so there’s no point begging them for help.  Seeing the Mukami family bonds, Ayato ends up moping around thinking about his bros and how he needs them. Yui can only watch him, and ask him what she can do at least. She believes in him, so he wants her to be his ally. He realises he needs some allies but he shouldn’t have thought that he always had them. Yui promises him that she’ll always be his ally and be by his side. (´;Д;`) Meanwhile, Ruki & Reiji are busy lamenting that they’re really jealous of Ayato receiving the powers, which is really just the main reason for their actions leaving me all ( ´_ゝ`) cuz wtf. Eitherway, the Mukami bros, seeing how Ayato is, ditch Ruki and say that they’ll follow Ayato, only because they want to protect Eden & respect Karl Heinz’ wishes. Also, because they’re all salty over Ruki ditching them & not asking them for their opinions. The 3 ask her to rely on them, so Yui asks her to get in contact with Reiji so she can try can convince him to help Ayato.

Thus, Yuma & Kou escort her down to the human world while Ayato’s distracted to talk to Reiji, but fucking Reiji tells her he ain’t going back because Ayato doesn’t need him anyway. Yui tells him that Ayato needs them because he’s hella lonely, but Reiji just scoffs asking why he would be when he has Eve, and even tries to make a move on her. ( ´_ゝ`) Yui returns with Yuma & Kou to Eden, where Ayato’s angry cuz of Yui’s disappearance. After finding out that Reiji almost made a move on Yui, Ayato gets fucking pissed and tells her he doesn’t believe her anymore. Ruki & Reiji continue to be jealous of Ayato, and reveal that the Bibolas are ready to launch an attack on Ayato since they’ve decided to side with the church. Ayato continues to hole up in his room, and Yui tries to call out to him but to no avail. Another letter comes by for Ayato saying that the Bibolas are going to attack the castle if Ayato doesn’t hand over Yui. Hearing that, Ayato turns more cold saying he’ll beat all them Bibolas up. Yui also overhears the Mukamis discussing about Ruki telling them to abandom Eden and join him in the human world, so she decides to make a decision. It’s further pushed when she sees Ayato still caring for Kanato and Laito, and she doesn’t want the brothers to fight, so she heads to the Bibola castle herself. Soon after, the 3 Mukamis ask Ayato to leave the castle since the Bibolas are after him, so he reluctantly agrees. Ayato tries to go and pick up Yui, but realises she’s gone and left a letter for him. The letter tells Ayato that she’s left for his sake, and now this finally lets Ayato realise what a piece of shit he is, and that he’s truly alone now. (๑ १д१) Ayato ends up dragging his ass back to the Sakamaki mansion where his butler still there. The old gramps butler tells Ayato that he was strict with him only because Cordelia threatened him, so Ayato forgives him for his shit since he was another one manipulated by his mother. His butler then points out that if Ayato’s able to forgive him, the brothers are sure to do so too. Ayato figures he should try and somehow make amends & apologise to all of them, so he heads off to the Bibola castle. Meanwhile, Yui, at the castle finally reunites with her father, who’s happy to see her but hasn’t given up on killing Ayato. Yui ain’t having daddy killing her boyfriend so she tries to talk him out of it, but fucking Seiji tells her that she’s been deluded by Ayato so he throws her into the dungeon. At the same time, the 3 Mukamis, realising the Bibolas aren’t doing anything, figure something’s up at the Bibola castle so they head there as well. Ayato soon shows up to the castle, where he tries to tell everyone that he was a really shitty brother and he’s here trying to make amends with them. He’s really shitty at the powers too, but he couldn’t say no to them since there was no point. For some reason, everyone ain’t having any of shit unlike the past few routes where they were tolerating Laito & Kanato, and tell him nothing’s forgiven. Kanato & Laito and even extra pissy because he blew off Laito’s eyes and Kanato’s arm.

For some reason the Sakamakis ain’t patient at all, so Kanato tells him the only way he can make up for it is to die. ( ´_ゝ`) Yui escapes from the dungeon with the assistance of the 3 Mukamis, and rushes to the scene. Ayato figures that it’s too late for anything, since he’s lonely too. He’s tired of everything since he brought this upon himself. Yui runs in telling him to stop, but Ayato hugs her blaming himself for everything & apologises to her for causing her so much trouble. ;w;; Yui ain’t having him dying on her but Seiji tries to attack him, so Ayato tells everyone to fuck off because he’s going kill himself. Ayato then asks Yui to kill him, if she’s truly his only ally. Brute End: Yui agrees to kill him, and he mutters that the rest is up to her in his last breath. Yui receives the powers, and Reiji & Ruki are excited for her when she’s tells them she doesn’t fucking need them anyway. Yui’s just done with everyon’s shit so she kills everyone. In the ending, Yui becomes the new master of Eden and starts making Ayato ghoul clones to fill the void in her heart. Nothing matter anymore tho so she gets one of them to kill her. Manservant End: Yui tells Seiji not to attack Ayato, so Seiji orders the church guys to go full on out on all the demons. Yui & Ayato are saved by Kino, who asks them to team up with him since he still needs Ayato’s powers. Vampire End: Yui isn’t willing to kill him, but seeing her boyfriend hurting so much she does so. Everything’s over, so Kino waltz in going for the powers, but he’s rejected. Ayato’s walking around in the “afterlife” lamenting the mistakes he’s made and what he should have done, such as apologising earlier. He ends up taking a nap, but When he wakes up though, he’s suddenly brought back to when he first blew up the human world mansion the first time! Wow! Somehow the powers time travelled him back to before the route even started!! What great writing! Yui rushes in praising him for being able to control the powers, when he realises what time he’s in. Ayato hugs her though, telling her he won’t make the same mistakes again. Yui starts crying wondering why she feels like this, and he promises that he’ll never make her sad again. Ayato eventually does everything he fucked up right this time. In the Epilogue, Ayato visits the world tree with Yui, and he promises her that he’ll be a respectable king, and wants her to be by his side. Yui agrees, and they kiss. . Heaven Scenario 1: Yui’s out with Ayato so they hold hands to prevent her from falling. He then start teasing her by whispering into her ear causing her to freak out outside. 2: Ayato & Yui start making out in Ayato’s room where she promises to stay with him. 3: Yui’s trying to get poem ideas for someone she loves when the papers fly off. Ayato ends up picking them up though, and upon finding out he takes it to use as blackmail material lmao wwww. I’m gonna say. This route was shit. Maybe because of my biasness to Ayato, but after praising the writing of how the family bonded in the past routes and them betraying me in this route, mad me really mad. The family was willing to forgive Kanato for blowing up an entire clan but Ayato injuring them? No. I get that maybe it’s cuz he did shit to them, but their lack of patience really pissed me off because all that family patience which I praised was thrown out of the window. Ayato even apologised at the ending while his other 2 shitty brothers didn’t, but his best ending was truly the worse because it made like the meaning of his route pointless cuz he ends up getting deus ex machina’ed into a good ending because IT HAS TO BE GOOD. Fuck this route honestly.

My thoughts on the Sakamaki routes: it was 50/50 good. It honestly felt like the writers split the triplets and the 3, and each writer took one group. The people who wrote the triplets felt like they were going somewhere with their plots of how their attitudes cause shit to happen until they can’t redo it, but for some reason they decide to cancel their plans on making a despair end and forced a shitty deus ex machina. I really hated how the triplets’ routes and endings played out, because some issues  they covered were solved in previous games, and for some reason they can’t fix it in this one! Maybe it’s because of the powers, but it’s still a shitty reason and makes them feel inferior compared to the rest which makes me mad as heck. D: For Shu/Reiji/Subaru, those 3 were writtern well probably becuse they had the least serious issues and were sweet as heck. The huge difference between the routes just made me angry a lot. Overall, for the Sakamakis in Lost Eden, they’re good in terms of family bonding as they’re getting closer, except for that /one/ route where I’m pissed as fuck over them because of them being dicks. If you want to get some good routes, just play Shu/Reiji/Subaru and be done with them because the other 3 were terribad.

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