Rejet Fes 2018 -FOCUS- Announcements!

2 weekends ago, Rejet held their yearly seiyuu event for their series, and it came with a good amount of announcements for new titles. This time, the announcements mainly focuses on Drama CDs, as well as the release of the new Dance with Devils game. Unfortunately, there are no new game announcements or follow up news on Doriko no Toshokan and Ayakashi Children. Once again, my translate may or may not be accurate, so please take it with a grain of salt and I hope at least you get the general gist of the series. With that, let’s dive quickly into the bunch of announcements at Rejet Fes! 

New Titles

Luciole no Hime

You awaken to find yourself in a room of an eerie castle.
The birds are cawing, and the evening sky is a reddish-brown.
Surrounded by a dense forest, the castle is cold.
Your phone? There’s no battery.

You are bewildered by your surroundings, when a young boy with a single shining eye, wearing clothes from a different time. He says-
“Welcome home, princess.”

Where is this place? And, who are they?

The CD is described to be “A strange documentary that takes place at the Luciole Castle, cursed by love”. The PV actually has a few more hints towards the main plot of the story, with a few more lines of text.

A forbidden land closed off since ancient times in France.
Ruled by the Vincent family lineage.
The family living in the Luciole castle created “monsters” through continuous incest relationships.

The “Princess of Luciole” incident which shocked the world in the late 1800s.
A modern witch who used her devilish beauty to captivate many men,
turning them into her playthings, abiding by her lust.

The numerous gruesome incidents she caused,
were eventually crushed by a family with colossal assets.

Rumours were spread, and a 100 years later……

The drama cds will involve the men who are currently living in the castle, all calling the heroine the princess. Each character has a job in the castle, but not much is revealed about the overall plot. There’s even a chart to explain the character relationships. The seiyuus casted for the series are Midorikawa Hikaru, Masuda Toshiki, Tamaru Atsushi, Kishio Daisuke, Kondo Takashi & Osaka Ryota. The art will be done by じく(Jiku), known for doing artworks for the Tsukiuta series. The series will run from March 2018 onwards.

Thoughts: The plot overall is actually very interesting, although I did my searching and I’m not sure whether this story is actually based off events that happened in France before. It does feel like the dark content that Rejet’s making for once, and I’m actually excited over this. I’m wondering why France. I barely have any knowledge of the place but did that much shit happen there to the point they can come up with bad incidents happening there? Who knows. The seiyuu cast is actually pretty diverse this time, with not all recurring seiyuus from past Rejet series. I’m planning on getting the first volume to see for myself what kind of story this will turn out to be.

Tokyo Cemetery

The town is composed of “Humans”.
If there are no humans, the town is plainly a mass of objects.
Humans, stream through the streets─like a bloodstream.

However, criminals (humans) who spoil the town like cancer,
reside here too.

Looking at the town at a glance, information is not circulated around,
and an bizarre murder case happening is unknown to you.
As well as the fact that a special task force that was created by the police, tasked with resolving the incident.

Consisting of non-careers, The “7th special section” tasked with resolving this unique case are often called the “Cementary” among the police headquarter.
Simply put, useless employees.
In a strange turn of events, you, the beloved daughter of the superintendent general of the police, is assigned there.

A complicated conspiracy, a gun pointed at you, the smell of smoke.
To bury it, or to not bury it. Now, it’s time to challenge the incident shaking the town.

Okay there were details in the trailer, but seeing how I’m triggered by seeing organs I’m passing on translating the PV, I’m really sorry about that. Each CD will be regarding one of the members in the 7th Special section, all specialising in something within the police force. Most likely a police drama, there’s quite a bit of mystery in this drama cd series. The cast for Tokyo Cementary are Kimura Ryohei, Nojima Kenji, Toriumi Kousuke, Nakai Kazuya, Tachibana Shinnousuke & Kondo Takashi. The art is done by TCB, currently know for drawing art for Cybrid’s “Ikemen Kakumei” series. The series will be running from March onwards.

Thoughts: This series reeks of a certain popular otomate game’s themes, but I’m not gonna mention what it is. However, the plot seems pretty interesting, and it seems to be something about blood again, which is something I’m very alarmed by that they’re using but nevertheless, the plot does intrigue me. The overall mystery is quite large, and I’m wondering if each guy is going to be a puzzle piece to the full mystery for the full experience. Each guy also seesm to have problems of their own so I hope Rejet’s able to balance the character development and the plot. I’m potentially hoping this will be back to Rejet’s 2hr cd style that I hella love.

Cmon Fellows!

No matter what, there’s something I want to tell you!

Modern day, Tokyo.
A rising video-uploading company, “C’mon Fellows”,
was an agency started by an President Usagi,
who conquered an entire generation of uploaders.

However, the actual state of the company was a “Net-world refuge temple”,
that took in and manages uploaders, utaites, and video creators,
all who caused a huge amount of trouble.

In this refuge temple, 5 new problematic high-schoolers have entered the agency.
A wild upload beings, through these uploaders in this digital age.

The series is said to be a “content cd” that is expressed through video uploads, a music cd & an mv. I’m pretty sure this is a fall in love with a Niconico/Youtuber concept, which is fairly interesting since all the characters names are all online names. Not much details on how the CD will be like The seiyuus casted for this series are Uemura Yuto, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Shimono Hiro, Toyonaga Toshiyuki & Masuda Toshiki. The art will be done by カズアキ (Kazuaki), known for doing art for Honeybee series like Starry Sky and Blackish House. The series will be running form May 2018 onwards.

Thoughts: The overall feel of the series reeks of Dearvoca vibes. Probably trying to copy the concept and hope it sells, except for the fact that this time, it will probably be present in video and mv form as well. A very interesting move, and I’m pretty intrigued to see how this will play out. While I’m pretty sure its a carbon copy of dearvoca, there’s a slight change in concept so I’m interested to see how it will be presented.

Returning Titles

Diabolik Lovers Zero

This was a pretty vague teaser, but most of the content came from the text inside the video, so I’ll be translating that!

In a thunderstorm, the two of you hurriedly arrive at a mysterious art gallery.
The nameplate of the gallery had faded; so you don’t know the name of the gallery.

In the gloomy gallery, whether you looked right or left,
were filled with ominous portraits.

There, you find a single portrait with him on it.
At that moment, the painting of him smirked-

The “him” which came out of the painting was cold-hearted,
treating you like bait.

The “real him” tries to save you,
but is cornered by the living art gallery-……

Once you lose to the ecstasy of the blood-sucking,
you will be trapped inside the portrait.

Do not meet eyes with the red-stained portrait.

No details have been revealed for this “zero” series, except for the fact that it’s going to be a “new chapter” in the series. Then again, I have no idea when this series is ending so I have 0 clue what they’re pulling out right now. This sounds more like a drama cd concept, but could be a sign for a new game or some sorts.

Thoughts: I have no idea what kind of weed was Rejet was smoking when they came up with this new dialovers concept. While slightly interesting, I actually have no idea what they’re doing to the series anymore so I’m sitting duck to see how it rolls out. I’m pretty sure they still plan on milking the past few boys, but the fact that the title is “zero) slightly bothers me cuz it sounds like a renewal of a new cast? Then again we can’t be sure until full details are out, so we shall see then.

Marginal#4 Starry Lover

The idol loved by many on the shining stage, and you, his manager.
Both of you are in a secret relationship unknown to others-

Throughout the busy days you spend, works arrives.
It’s a simple job, but before you know it, it’s dark outside.

As you were about to send him home, he grabs your hand under a starry night sky.
“Let’s be together for a while more.”

The side he shows to the brilliant world you live in, and the side you only know of your beloved.
A sweet time between you two begins.

Rejet probably decided to milk the shit outta this series while it lasted since this is the 3rd M#4 situation series. This time, they decided to take it up a notch by separating the boys into solo CDs which is good because you get more time with each guy now, but it’s technically them wanting your money. Eitherway, this is probably a fluff CD with every day situations with the guys. The cast are Masuda Toshiki, Takahashi Naozumi, Kenn, Suzuki Yuto, Toyonaga Toshiyuki, Okawa Genki, Aoi Shouta, Sawashiro Chiharu & Someya Toshiyuki. The art is still using the anime art, when are they even going to bring back Kirishima Sou to draw the art again :’D The series will run from March 2018 onwards.

Thoughts: I’m pretty sure I split all my thoughts regarding this series above already, but I’m still hyped nevertheless as I’m a fan of the Lagrange Point duo. I’ve actually never played the otome game before so I’m thriving off the CDs because I heard the game really had major writing problems;;; Not expecting anything special from this CD, just fluff. Just fluff. Rejet isn’t very good with their daily scenario content so I’m not going to expect much from this CD.

Marginal#4 Smartphone Game

Marginal#4 announced that they’re planning on releasing a mobile game. Very interesting. Makes me wonder what was the point of Road to Galaxy if you were gonna make a music game again. Excited, but not sure how to feel after the StarRevo disaster. Rejet’s gotta fix the servers and make it a multiple note tap game if they want to keep me in this one.

Dear Vocalist Xtreme

Not gonna translate this one because it’s pretty straightforward. The boys have managed to avoid being fired thanks to their hardcore singing, but President Panda decides that it ain’t enough so they gotta sing one more time! The series is pretty straightforward where if the president isn’t happy with their sales they gotta do more singing again which means more content for us! A 4th series has been announced, this time with the same recurring cast of characters from the 3rd one.

The video also announced a few more things: A live concert for the DearVoca series in September, (which is huge in my opinion), and Survival Wars #3 & #4 CDs involving all the boys. The cast for DearVo will be Masuda Toshiki, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Saito Soma, Hanae Natsuki, Toyonaga Toshiyuki & Kimura Ryohei. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be bringing back KENN’s character for some reason, which is sad because I quite enjoyed his songs. Art as per usual is by Suou. The series will be running from March onwards.

Thoughts: Nothing much to say other than that I fell into this hell a short while ago after listening to Zakki’s CD. I must say that it’s really sold so well to the point that they’re actually having a concert for it, which is a pretty huge milestone for the series. The music for the series is actually really good, and I honestly think it’s worth keeping on if they can keep their music fresh and nice to listen to. Although, it’s a little strange that they took KENN’s character out and isn’t even inviting him to the live concert, which is weird af. Overall excited for this one, but I gotta catch up with the old CDs first to get the most out of it.


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