Happy New Year! An end of 2017 Summary

I usually do a New Year’s post where I recap on the things that happened the year before, but I figured doing in at the end of the year is a much better choice, and I hope to keep this tradition going instead! Eitherway here’s a good rundown of the things which happened this year, and I’ll definitely be touching upon the AFA that happened as well. So without further ado, lets see a summary of this year.

I actually played some Otome Games this year!

Yes! A very good accomplishment for me this year is the fact that I actually finished some games this year! I spent 2016 not playing a lot of games, and my whole 4th year of otome blogging turned out to be a graveyard with no games. I’ve been slowly picking up the pace again, since I’ve completed quite a few games right off the bat on the first part of the blogging year. I’m continuously trying to complete more, but it’ll definitely be slowly then my first 2 years of blogging. Im slowly making my way through Dialovers Lost Eden and laughing at it, so I hope I can finish that next year and keep the gaming going since my backlog is literally growing extremely fast. I have a whole bunch of games that I bought, but haven’t had time to get to it because I’m busy with school. I’m really excited to play more games in the upcoming year, and really hope to complete as much as possible!

I never thought I’d be freaked by Moshikami so much I dropped it.

I never really believed I would be so traumatised by a game I’d actually drop the game. Well, the dropping of this game actually came with several reasons. 1. Boring common route with barely any development which made the gameplay slow, 2. The slow common route made me progress really slowly + schoolwork and 3. The final straw was the gore I read and backed the fuck out. During that phase, the tiredness from school added on to my shock so I stopped playing the game and moved on to other games. I want to pick it up someday, but maybe when I have no school to worry about? Maybe sometime in the future. I really want to experience Rejet’s worst oniichan by far for myself, and I’ve already sit through the rollercoaster called Doki Doki Literature Club as per recommendation by a friend, so maybe I could get through the game? I really want to.

I landed in Senbura Hell. By Accident.

I love my Takeda boys too much, they’re all sweethearts.

Otomate hopped onto the mobage train by releasing an otome/rpg game, called Sengoku Night Blood. This game was a ridiculous mix of Otomate’s favourite concept, blood sucking vampires, onis, and werewolves in the sengoku. Everything could go wrong. Out of curiosity and slightly pressured by a friend, I got into the game and ended up liking the story with the Takeda clan a lot. Mistakes were definitely made here because I who knew I’d get this deep into the game, or have one of the characters become my bias enough to start collecting merch for! I really love Shingen rn and I don’t regret that at least. :’D However, Otomate is starting to ruin the game for me as per usual by bringing in a ridiculous list of unwanted collabs with anime such as Shingeki no Kyojin and Osomatsu-san. I really have no idea what they want to do with this game, and that really makes me sad about all this because this game really has a lot of potential with the respective clan stories. The overall main plot is really interesting and has a lot of potential to be interesting. I understand that the game is trying to pull players in so they can last for a while to reveal all the story of some shit, but this is some level of desperation we have here. I’m not really pleased right now, but I’ll still continue to play the game while it lasts, and see what Otomate can pull.

Utapri released their Rhythm game. It was my nightmare.

The above tweet shows this game in a nutshell. Painful grinding.

Utapri finally released their long-awaited rhythm game collab with Klab, the company making millions from Love Live SIF, and welp, it was just as I imagined. Another idol nightmare because of the gachas and events. Surprisingly, the game is more generous in terms of events, offering a UR if you actually grinded enough through the event. Gems wise, not that generous but still manageable with the daily logins and what not. An incident which happened this year which made the game truly a nightmare to me was when the Ranmaru UR for the halloween set. I had all my gems saved up to pull for him in 6 pulls, and literally got none of him. I guess I got a Cecil UR but that was the low point of the game for me because I quit the game completely as I was tired. I’m back to playing the game for the Quartet Night Events, but motivation is low since the rate ups for limited URs aren’t real anyway. D:

Rejet’s CEO IwaD complained about piracy problems

Rejet’s CEO IwaD literally took out a stream session to complain about people pirating his CDs. Bottomline of the whole stream, stop pirating and actually buy their CDs if you want to support them. At the same time the counterargument came that their recent new release haven’t been as good, so its the reason why they aren’t making any sales from their new titles aren’t as good compare to the recurring ones. I personally feel it’s both, and an added reasons is the way they released their titles which affected their sales for the other CDs. During the stream, IwaD even said that he wasn’t planning on releasing the footage for Rejet Fes 2017 for sale, probably because of the piracy and how a lot of people have a tendency not to purchase seiyuu event DVD/Bluray and just stream them online. I’m pretty sure many of us are guilty of piracy somewhere along the way in terms of CDs and seiyuu events, so this is probably the reason why. The CEO even encouraged people to buy merchandise to support the series you like. Tbh this ended up feeling like a giant complaint stream which personally left a bad taste in me regarding piracy and IwaD’s desperation. Their recent releases have been pretty boring and lackluster, especially in the 3P CD department. Feels like they’re using the popularity of these series to get people to buy the CD while they can churn out some mediocre content. In the end, if we want more quality content from Rejet, I guess we have to keep supporting them in their new content like new CDs concepts and games.

AFA 2017: Bpro stage and Gundam 00 stage

AFA was a huge mess for me because I fell sick on the first day I was supposed to go and cosplay with a friend, probably from the schoolwork stress, the weather, and people in school spreading it. Thankfully, as it was a slight fever I managed to recover to hurl my ass to the convention on the 3rd day, where there was the Bpro stage for Toyonaga Toshiyuki and Kakihara Tetsuya. The stage was really fun, the audience pretty much knew Japanese so it felt like a chill talk show with the seiyuus talking about the series and moments during the anime recording. Honestly, there wasn’t much talking about the anime or anything, just mostly chill talk from the 2 seiyuus. The whole session was really fun and chill, and I’m really glad I survived my sickness to get out to go see them. Yume did a short report on the session so read that tweet to full details on what happened! I didn’t go for the closeup meet-and-greet cuz I wasn’t particularly interested in the both of them to fork out the high price of $80(?) (I dont remember) to see them and didn’t want to miss the chance to see Mikishin, but I heard it was really fun for the people who went!

I went to see the Gundam 00 stage which featured Shinichiro Miki, and the director of Gundam 00. This time the program was more focused on the show itself and it’s 10th anniversary, and they talked about the series. Stuff like their thoughts on the show and their favourite scenes throughout the series were talked on. It wasn’t much of seiyuu event this time, it was mainly focusing on the show, but being a fan of Gundam 00 I really had a fun time reminiscing the series as a whole. Tbh I was pretty touched too because Mikishin voiced my favourite character in the show, Lyle. I’m really glad I got to see him live because he’s definitely one of my favourite seiyuu from my childhood.

After the stage events ended, I went ahead to hang out with my cospartner who was doing Lagrange Point with me. I was the Kira and she was the Shy on the 3rd day of the event. It was pretty much walking around the booths and meeting people afterwards, so I have nothing much exciting to talk about that. I’m just glad I managed to finish the year cosplaying a plan I’ve been wanting to do since January: the Revolution XX outfits for Lagrange Point.

2017 Cosplay: Got hit pretty bad by plan delays

The holy trinity??????

This year, I only did 3 cosplays overall, and I took off one a few hours after reaching the con cuz I was really tired. The 3 cosplays were Maji Love Revolutions Reiji, Dialovers Dark Fate Yui & Lagrange Point: Revolution XX Kira. The events I went and cosplayed to were Charaexpo, Gamestart, Idolicious & AFA. I did the Revolution Reiji for both Charaexpo and Idolicious cuz I had no time to whip up another new outfit. I actually had more plans like doing 2B from Nier Automata, but ended up not doing it because of the modesty + the overwhelming hype from different people doing it. Quite a few plan delays happened because of the place where I ordered my outfits from being really slow, and some stuff I wanted to make couldn’t be finished in time for the con. It’s been a pretty disaster year in terms of cosplaying, and I could only do one pair plan with my partner for AFA only cuz a lot of things fell through. :’D Hopefully next year I can plan better and get those plans out! Unfortunately my friend will be taking a break from cosplaying for exams, so I’ll be going solo for now, that is, if I can get out the plans in the first place!

Future content plans

Lastly, my plans for this blog for 2018! A have a few things planned, as I previously did a poll on my twitter asking what everyone wants to see first among the 3 things I listed! The 3 things were the game review for Dialovers Lost Eden, a rant post about Rejet, or Senbura translations for the Takeda clan. The Rejet rant post won in the end, so it’s currently underway and I’m hoping to release it in January since the 3P CDs I ordered only recently arrived at my place. I really apologise for the delay of the post, but I’ll definitely get it done! I also plan on releasing Senbura Translations for the Takeda clan, mainly the awakening scenes and the main story, bit by bit. I was thinking of making them fill up the gaps I make on this blog while I’m busy with school, so they’ll be coming out slowly and eventually. I’m only working on playing Lost Eden right now, so eventually I’ll come up with a review, but I have no promises when. Overall, I really don’t have any promises for posts because I don’t think I have the ability to fulfil them for now, but I hope you guys will continue to enjoy my content for 2018!

Overall Thoughts about the Year

This year has pretty much been a disaster especially school wise, but I don’t really want to talk about it since I like to keep it positive on the blog. I really enjoy writing this blog, as it gives me a lot of space to do whatever I want, rather than my coursework which constantly makes me stressed about everything. I study media, probably stemmed from my liking of writing this blog, but I’m not exactly enjoying it a lot right now, so this is like my free space to have fun on. The whole year has been a mass disaster like how almost every year has been, but this year was quite bad for me in terms of schoolwork. Good things that happened were definitely keeping my posting constant on this page, to trying to get out a post once a month, and now having time to game at least to fill content on this blog. 2017 is almost ending when I post this, but let’s hope for 2018 to be a decent year. Once again, thank you so much for following the blog and reading my content throughout the year. I’m very thankful to people reading this blog so I can spread the joy of the content I review, and I will continue to do so in 2018!

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