Senbura: Shingen Awakening Scene

Yuzuki: (Shingen-san……I wonder if he’s alright.)

At the Takeda Stronghold. There, I was surrounded by soldiers, while waiting for Shingen-san’s return.

Yuzuki: (The enemy seems to have a lot of vigour, and there haven’t been reports regarding Shingen-san’s state either…… I hope everyone’s safe……)

Soldier: There’s trouble! Shingen-sama’s unit that was fighting at the front lines has been broken through!

Yuzuki: Eh!?

Soldier: The enemy troops are headed towards here! Please evacuate immediately!

Upon receiving the news from the soldier, the surrounding started to become uneasy. As I turned pale, I ask the soldier who gave the report.

Yuzuki: If Shingen-san’s squad was broken through……then, what happened to Shingen-san?!

Soldier: That…..I haven’t received any reports……

Yuzuki: ……!

Soldier: Ah! Don’t go that way! It’s dangerous, so please hide yourself……!

Yuzuki: (I……might be killed at this rate. But before that……at least I’ll confirm Shingen-san’s safety-)

The enemy troops’ roars were closing in. My heart felt like it would be crushed any moment.

Even so, I resisted the fear, and set out into the battlefield, looking for Shingen-san. Thereー

Shingen: Argh!(1)

Yuzuki: Ah…Shingen-san……!

Shingen-san’s unit showed up behind the enemy troops. The sight of Shingen-san riding on his horse advancing the unit was clearly reflected in my eyes.

Yuzuki: (Thank goodness…..Shingen-san’s safe.)

While thinking of that, Shingen-san, while riding, seemed to have taken notice of my appearance. As I felt relieved and stroked my chestー

Shingen: ……!! Look out!

Yuzuki: (Eh……?)

As Shingen’s voice resounded, I felt a pain on my shoulder.

Shingen: Hey, are you alright!?

After defeating the enemy soldiers that broke through the front lines, Shingen-san rushed over to my side. As I held my shoulder, I stood up to receive him.

Yuzuki: Shingen-san…..thank goodness. You’re safe.

Shingen: Instead of me, you should be worried more about yourself. Are you really alright?

Yuzuki: Y-yes. ……The arrow only grazed my shoulder.

I replied with a smile, but Shingen’s worried expression did not change.

Shingen: I’m sorry……If only I had protected you better……

Yuzuki: Shingen-san……

Masanobu: Shingen-sama, we’ve managed to pull through the tough situation. Leave the rest to us, and Shingen-sama should……

Shingen: I see……thank you. I’ll retreat with her for now. I’ll leave the rest to you.

In the Takeda stronghold, the two of us faced each other.

Shingen: Alright, can you show me your wound?

Yuzuki: I understand……a..!

As I was urged by Shingen-san to do so, I slowly exposed my shoulder.

I peeked at my wound a little, and saw a little blood trickling out. Shingen-san gently touched it as if he was pitying it.

Shingen: ……I got you injured so bad…….I’m really sorry…….

Yuzuki: I think otherwise. Thanks to Shingen-san coming, I was somehow saved.

Shingen: I see….. You’re really kind. However, because you’re like this, I’m worried.

Shingen: This could be selfish, but I absolutely cannot let you enter the afterlife before me.

Yuzuki: Hehe, that way of putting it is exaggeratedーkya?!

Suddenly, Shingen-san placed his lips at my shoulder. As he did that, he sipped the blood flowing out.

Yuzuki: U-Uh……

Shingen: Ah….Did I suck to hard? I’m sorry, I had planned on doing gently……

Yuzuki: Eh,um……It’s fine but……

Yuzuki: (It’s not that……If I had to say, it’s embarrassing……)

Shingen: …..That’s great. If it doesn’t hurt, I’m going to continue.

As he said that, Shingen-san once again closed my wound with his lips.

He had a serious expression, and as if he was pitying the wound, he caressed it countless times with the tip of his tongue.

Shingen: …..n…

Shingen: Phew…..with this, first aid is complete.

As Shingen said that, his lips drew away. Looking at my wound, there was no more blood flowing out.

Shingen: ……Well then, I’ll go clear them out in a moment.

Yuzuki: Eh……? You’re going to return to the battle already……?

Shingen: Yeah. I’ll definitely not let them get any closer to you.

Shingen: So stay here and wait for my return. After that, we’ll continue the treatment.

(1) This line here used “うおおおお”, which is technically an onomatopoeia for yelling, so there’s technically no english translation for it. For the situation, I felt “argh” was the most suitable.

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