Crap, its 2 years??! Oh no????!

Wow, I can’t believe this is the 2nd year I’m running this blog. Thanks to my friend, who I’ll be crediting her later, she has made my blog a logo!!! I will be updated the blog with the updated logo soon! Well, I guess I’ve been slow in posting recently due to a lot of things happening, but first, a rundown of what happened in this entire year of blogging!

A few amazing dates of my blogging year:

  • Early Aug 2014 – EOY 2014 happened with was a mini scale event
  • 08/09/2014 – Sugita came to Singapore but I didn’t bother going //bricked
  • 06/12/2014 – AFA day 2 Happened, Met Tsuda Kenjirou, Horie Yui, Suzuko Mimori, TOkui and a plentiful other seiyuus in real life.
  • 13/01/2015 – the start of my descent into touranbu hell.
  • 28/03/2015 – Lantis Festival Singapore 2015!! A great blast where I technically met like 5 seiyuus!! Along with my current favourite band, OLDCODEX. I will be covering it in this post.
  • 08-14/06/2015 – Funan Anime Matsuri where the hype for Touranbu was real.
  • 21/06/2015 – Charaexpo 2015 happened. Met Yonaga Tsubasa in the flesh for the first time.
  • 04/07/2015 – Watched the live action Assassination Classroom Move in the cinema.

I haven’t been posting recently, so I’m going to use this post as a rundown for some of the unreported missing events I have listed here. Assassination Classroom will be covered in another post.

13/01/2015 – The beginning of the Touranbu Hype + My descent into hell.

If you’ve heard of the game Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-. Yes. This is what I was referring to. Yes. On the 13th of January 2015, the writer of this blog decided to start the game Touken Ranbu on a whim since it was getting hyped, and guess what! that took away 60% of my otome game time which was converted into ~collecting sword mans~. Eitherway this write here hereby apologizes for getting into this game (maybe not xD) and getting lazy to write reviews. Well, the fever soon hit the rest of Japan and the western community anyway since now it’s a hyped up game which is technically the in-thing! I still haven’t gotten Jiji yet, or his real name, Mikazuki Munechika, since then. But don’t worry, I have the next rarest sword man!


Ignoring that, well I must say due to this I’ve been researching loads into swords and getting interested in them over no reason, but well, it’s getting boring after a while so…..back to otoges! (or maybe not so soon. look below)

28/03/2015 – Lantis Festival Singapore 2015

Lantis Festival Singapore 2015. Something that I was hyped about since last year. And yet, I never talked about it in the end. Oh well, time hates me anyway so well time to compress(?) it. As you can see, Lantis Festival was made up of artistes that either I liked, didn’t like, or didn’t know of. Also disclaimer: this is mostly from my memory and I have my own personal comments myself. I may probably say something offending so please do watch out. First, here’s the set list for reference if anyone needs it (credit to lantis fb page)

1. Choucho
Snow halation

2. Azusa Tadokoro
Hello My Revolution
Lost my music

3. Kensho Ono

4. Kenichi Suzumura

5. Megumi Ogata
ムーンライト伝説(feat. Azusa Tadokoro)

Dried Up Youthful Fame
Seek Your Turn
Rage On
fool K

7. Minori Chihara
輪舞-Revolution-(feat. Masami Okui)
Paradise Lost

8. JAM Project
勇者王誕生!(Masaaki Endo solo)
PREDESTINATION(Masami Okui solo)
PLANET DANCE(Yoshiki Fukuyama solo)
ウィーアー!(Hiroshi Kitadani solo)
CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA(Hironobu Kageyama solo)

9. ALL Artists(feat. Singapore!!)
Starting STYLE!

It’s gonna be difficult (and long) to talk about every single artiste and & every single song, so I will be compressing the entire concert down and hit my main highlights. Choucho was someone which I technically never knew of before this concert, and I was pretty amazed by her vocals, but not too impressed as her performances wasn’t like a huge bang to start off the show. She did a pretty good job covering Snow Halation, but in all honesty I wasn’t that amazed with her performance. This was then followed by Tadakoro Azusa, who I must say, destroyed the pleasant start of the concert of me. I was expecting her songs to be more cute or so? He songs turned out to be more pop than expected, and probably because of the loud speakers and what not there, her high pitched voice was amplified to the max thus ruining my impression of her. That high pitched voice really doesn’t suit those pop songs. Try idol song more? It’s like how love live fails at their rock music which scares the hell outta me.

The next artiste saved my poor experience, and it was Ono Kensho. He sprang in singing Touch, and afterwards a couple other songs from Kurobas which was pretty meh. But well, when you see one of your top 5 seiyuus on stage, you’ll definitely scream right? So I went on cheering for him. He was really nervous though, I could see that as he was talking and trying to speak english xD, but Kensho was darnnnnnn cute. He was nervous to the point that actually jumped the gun for Fantastic Tune which made people familiar with the song laugh a little, but he was really cute! This was then followed by Suzumura Kenichi, who jumped in and took the corwd away. Once again I don’t really follow Suzuken’s songs that much, since from the pool of songs I only knew Shiroi Karasu & Ships but it was a whole lot of fun!! He even got us to follow along with the song during “Ships”, which made my day. He was seriously funny with his attempt to speak english as well.

Continuing on, Ogata Megumi appeared next. Her first song was the famous song from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cruel Angel’s Thesis. I’ll have to admit evangelion wasn’t in my era of anime but it was a great piece to my ears! This was followed by a duet with Tadaokoro Azusa which was…you know. She then ended with 2 of her Dangan Ronpa songs as Komaeda. It then entered the intermission, where my excitement just built up when they changed the set, and brought out an easel. If you know what I meant, yes, OLDCODEX was next. All the girls in the house screamed cuz I’m pretty sure thats who they came for anyway xD. That includes me by the way. Ta_2 started with WALK, which was a pretty rhythmical tune and I changed my lightstick to orange xD. They continued with famous pieces like Dried up Youthful Fame, and one of the most unforgettable moments was the upbeat tune, Seek your Turn where I felt I exercised more than I usually do xD. Ta_2 didn’t even try to speak english at all and left the talking to YORKE. And well, I guess I was partly disappointed, but I’m still happy. The most surprising thing throughout their act was the fact that THEY GOT THE AUDIENCE TO SING THE CHORUS OF RAGE ON. I was utterly surprised that Ta_2 legit pointed the mic at the audience which got everyone to start singing the chorus omfg. This was like a first time audience? And he did that? Their performance ended with Fool K, one of the older tracks which I enjoyed too.

This segment was the segment where my memory was vague cuz well, OLDCODEX hahahah. We had a 10min break for them to clear the set again for Chihara Minori‘s performance. Once again I pretty much didn’t know what she was singing other than Kyoukai no Kanata, which brought tears to my eyes cuz the anime. *Feels* Jam Project soon came after her, blasting their insanely loud tracks, which I kinda wasn’t a fan of. Surprisingly, they sang VANGUARD, which made more tears come down reminiscing the very first season of Cardfight!! Vanguard before it, in my words, “turned into trash & shit”. They continued singing many loud heroic songs which well..I was getting too tired to listen to. The night then ended with comments from all the artistes, before ending with Starting Style!

Overall, it was a great experience for a person going to a concert for the first time. There were moments which made me tired & a bit frustrated, but overall it was great. Really hope they do host it here again, and I’ll probably go again if OLDCODEX comes again, and probably snag those Cat 1 tickets which could have allowed me to go for an autograph session!!

21/06/2015 – Charaexpo 2015

I went to Charaexpo on saturday, the first day of the event, just to see Yonaga Tsubasa in the morning in the vanguard segment. You could say this is probably one of the last few times I’m going to go for something Vanguard because I’m not really into the series anymore. They pretty much talked about the character designs and their characters, plus the art. It was pretty much a segment on the production of Vanguard, regarding how Aichi has grown up since the Season 1? It was interesting I admit, but I guess I wasn’t satisfied as the entire segment was given more to the CEO of Bushiroad & the Original Creator & the artist.

The rest of the day was great though. Me and friend legit went around the convention quite a few times, and I got some doujin merch. Plus, I tried not to buy things and I survived!!!!! Charaexpo was a big event, but it wasn’t too exciting as it didn’t have as many highlights as I thought it would. Also, I saw Japanese Pro wrestling in real life. Wow.

Now, moving on to the Otome games~

Otome Games Reviewed & Played this year + Brief Thoughts:

Yuma 2

I played & reviewed 10 games this year, lesser than what I accomplished this year due to a lot of things happening in the my life. There are 2 games where the reviews aren’t out, but I’ve completed them.

  • Amnesia V Edition – The only thing I remember from this was Toma’s cage, Ikki’s h0rny speech & tears I cried for Ukyo. It wasn’t too good of a game in my opinion, and I really think it’s overmilked as the story ain’t that amazing anyway.
  • Brothers Conflict ~Passion Pink~ – THE SYSTEM. SYSTEM SYSTEM SYSTEM. I ONLY REMEMBER PRESSING AUTO SET FOR MY SCHEDULE AND NOTHING ELSE. And maybe some cute moments from Yusuke’s & Futo’s routes. But the rest….well.
  • Re:Vice[D] – Aika is one badass heroine. What I remember vividly from this game, was legit Aika shooting someone with her ice powers, which was hilarious. The routes were good, but not great.
  • Nise no Chigiri – Wow. I remember that this was a war game with 5000000 history facts & old men as date targets. Okay wow. I really don’t remember anything other than Akatsuki’s tsuntsun. This was bad.
  • Uta no Prince-sama All Star – The introductory game for the senpais! They legit threw me off in at least 100 ways, who knew their attitude were like that xD. Ran’s route is still clear as day to me.
  • Arcana Famiglia ~Festa Regalo!~ – This was a fun game, which made me hungry throughout with the images of the foods.
  • Glass Heart Princess – SHINNNNNNNOUSUKE!!!!!! I remember how many times I crashed into Gai’s end trying to get into this idiot’s route. Don’t worry, I still remember the gags, esp in Yukito’s route with the phantom thief things.
  • Dot Kareshi II: Tenkuu no Kiss – Someone I played on a whim. Ero jijis EVERYWHERE.
  • Diabolik Lovers MORE, BLOOD – TRASH GAME. TRASH FOREVER. SETS EVERYTHING ON FIRE. At least the After Stories barely wiped the mess for me.
  • Uta no Prince-sama All Star After secret – Was a great game for Quartet Night’s developments, but Starish was really just added in for filler content so that more fangirls will buy it and also the game doesn’t look too little with 6 months of routes for each senpai, which was dumb.

The miscellaneous game: Love Live! School Idol Paradise!

I dropped into Love Live hell by installing the mobile rhythm game on my phone in early june last year. This led to the anime, then full getting into the series in all aspects, to the point I got this. And it was bad. I’m even trying to sell this right now! It was an entertaining rhythm game, but I guess the mobile app was much better than this.

Power Up! Mini Game awards this year!

This is mini, but this year I’m gonna give 2 awards to my worst and best game this year! I only have 10 games to choose from, but it’s still hard.


diabolik-lovers-more-blood-limited-v-edition-390807.3I’ll have to say, this was bad. There were 2 other candidates for worst game, but they didn’t suffer that many faults compared to this. If 70% of the routes are not enjoyable, there is no point in making an otome game? Never hand twisted game writing responsibilities to Otomate. Please. I’m praying for the success of BAD APPLE WARS after this.



I had 2 more candidates running for this, but GHP won over me due to the fact that every route was enjoyable. I didn’t have to like the guy in order to enjoy the route. This was a great game esp Satsuki. The pluses actually ran over the systems that I could overlook it actually!



Ranmaru 1

This year’s winner for characters. Forever.

As you can see, my 2nd year of blogging for me was a great one. It was filled with excitement and many other events. However, the amount I’ve gamed this year really can’t compare to what I’ve done for the last year due to me focusing on my studies to make up for what I did last year. Yeah, I’ve played little, but after my big examinations this year, my pace will be kicked back into otome gaming non-stop! I haven’y had enough of my 2D men yet! A couple of ups and downs happened this year, but no worries regarding that, since I’m back on track, and will be back to focusing on studies till Novmber. I will be inactive for now, so I cannot assure anyone regarding my reviews anymore. Apart from the sad stuff, thanks to my current Utapri bias, it’s been a joyful one. Wait, thanks to everything here, it has been a good one. Crap, I missed the deadline in my country by 29 minutes!

3 thoughts on “Crap, its 2 years??! Oh no????!

  1. yaoidaisuki

    Happy Anniversary ❤
    Glass Heart Princess is amazing *–* I loved it too!!!
    DiaLov I didn't play yet xD
    I also play TouRabu and it's getting kinda boring now ^^''


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