Dot Kareshi II: We’re 8bit Lovers! ~Tenku no Kiss~

Yes after pretty much a year after finishing the first one, I finally return with the second game. Just, don’t ask why this took so long. As I said, I’m a sloth at PC games and with my overloaded backlog, I don’t really have to motivation to do this sometimes. This time I’m back with the next round of 8bit mans, which includes a Paladin, Monk, Dancer & Beast Tamer. However this time, the trouble this, this entire “sucked into game thing” ISNT a bug!! The game god tells you that lol the makers ain’t gonna care even if you complain cuz this was all part of it! More spoilers under the cut.

All 2After meeting the game god, you meet your mans, and this time they’re even more perverted than the previous round of mans! Monk & Paladin are closet perverts which are super hardcore, and this entire team rages at each other TOO easily. Their first scene is mainly going shopping for weapons with the entire part, with them once again arguing over what class you should do in this game before heading to the bar to pick a quest.

Paladin (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

Knight 4For some reason Rejet called him knight when he’s supposed to be the wall of the team so shouldn’t he be a Paladin? Hero in the previous game should have been a Knight tbh but oh well whatever. (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 Paladin’s main problem is that he’s become a Do-M because of you making him take so much damage to the point that he’s enjoying it! Paladin’s quest is to take out some monsters near the village as per usual in any RPG. They end up reaching a cave where the monsters are, and he takes so much damage to the point that he starts enjoying it! The rest of the party helps out by beating up the monsters but they start increasing to the point that it knocked out most of the party leaving You, Paladin & Dancer left! Dancer’s the healer of the party but due to him running from the monsters, he cannot cast and now it’s left to you to help Paladin. Paladin gets you to make a potion, and you end up doing so to heal his HP so that he can stall some more time for Dancer to cast a revival spell to revive the rest of the guys. The party takes out the mobs, and the village is saved! When they return at night, they rest at the inn where they soon start on the possibility that you’re gonna leave. Paladin then takes you out, and tells him that if you’re really going, he’s really sad to see you go, and hopes that you’ll be able to come back to this world again. In the Good End, Paladin jumps into the teleporting light after you and he’s now living together with you now. When he comes home he says that he was approached by someone to become a host but he refused cuz his heart is only yours. (*´▽`*)He then kisses you as a sign of his loyalty towards you. In the Normal end, Paladin drags you outta it and now you spend you time in the game with him learning how to be a tanker like him. He starts grabbing you though, but he says that it was for pure intentions and he admits his feelings for you.

Beast Tamer (CV: Yamaguchi Kappei)

BeastMaster 4Beast Tamer’s the annoying Do-S shota in the party who has his loyal pet Penguin, Pe, who hits for him. No really, he’s a Do-S to the point that he calls you his pet wtf. (¬_¬) Technically I don’t like his character anyway so Beast Tamer’s quest is that he wants a brand new pet which is a water dragon. When they get to the spot Beast Tamer immediately throws Knight into the water to act as bait for the Water Dragon so it’ll come out. However after 30mins nothing appears, and without questioning what happened to Knight Beast Tamer moves into his next course of action, which is to use you blood, cuz apparently the blood of a maiden will get the dragon out! So you agree to use a bit of blood and Dancer heals you after that, and the dragon comes out with a Knight who’s pretty happy getting bitten by the guy. At the same time, water splashes all over, and it gets your white shirt wet. This knocks out all the grandpas in the party with their nosebleeds and it’s up to Beast Tamer to tame that dragon! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 For the night scene Beast Tamer drags her to a side and tells you not to go back, and he maybe trap you there so that you won’t leave. (¬_¬) Normal End: Beast Tamer makes her stay back where they go on continuous taming adventures but you’re scared stiff. Beast Tamer tells you to stop complaining and that he’ll protect you while tsuntsuning. He then says that he thought you’re coming along cuz you wanted to be together with him alone due to the rest out the party poisoned due to mushrooms but you’re just worried for him orz. Good End: Beast Tamer goes back to the human world with you, and he starts complaining that he’s missing Pe already. You then decide to stop studying for a while to give him attention by taking him to the zoo. However once you’re done changing, he’s too lazy to leave now and you end up kissing him in your room. Beast Tamer was much meh cuz he keep thinking of heroine as his pet and I was pretty done with that orz.

Dancer (CV: Nojima Kenji)

Dancer 4Dancer’s the healer of the party and what he does is…continuously dance to heal everyone? But he does get dizzy from all that dancing. Being the chill guy of the team, he mostly tries to get everyone to chill and I guess he ~dances~. Dancer’s quest is to get some item for him to learn a new skill. Before they head to the church to get the item, Dancer teaches you a dispel dance just in case anything happens. When they arrive at the church, the priest tells them that the item Dancer needs it’s possessed by a ghost. Dancer picks up the bracelet anyway but it turns out the ghost was of a dead dancer who couldn’t finish his mission or sth! Dancer starts dancing and swirling around crazily You then use the skill Dancer thought you to dispel Dancer and kick the ghost out of him, and he beats the soul up. For the night scene, Dancer takes you away, takes your hand and tells you that he’s sad without you and tells you to stay. Normal End: Dancer drags you back when you’re about to leave and from then onwards, you continue your dancing adventures together with him. Good End: Dancer follows you back to the human world where you get him a new outfit for his choreographer job. He then says that he’s happy that he get live together with you and still be able to dance, and before you know it he pushes you down on the bed and kisses you. Dancer’s route was quite short but his voice sounded weird to me, but yes, he’s a decent character.

Monk (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)

Monk 4Monk is clearly a pervert from the beginning as you can see he starts nosebleeding for no reason when just…imagining perverted things. At the same time, he’s filled with ero feelings to the point that he just wants to spurt them all out this instance. Monk’s quest is to participate in this tournament in order to obtain a new armor for himself. Surprisingly he gets all series when he’s going after the prize and the entire party’s shocked by this. Monk then says after this tournament he’s gonna feel all empty inside as he has nothing to fight seriously for. You then decide to give him an incentive to win, in which he can hug you all he wants if he wins. This makes him nosebleed for 5 secs before getting back into serious mode. Monk ends up winning the tournament with the power of his ero urges!! He’s so happy that he forgets about his reward and he glomps you all he wants. During the night scene, he tells you not to go since he hasn’t even gotten to know you yet, btw he does it without nosebleeding. ( ^∇^) Normal End: Monk drags you back when you’re about to leave, and a few days after that he continues apologising to you for not allowing you to go back. You then take his hand saying that you’ve forgiven already so he doesn’t need to keep apologising, until he realises you just came out of the bath LOL. He starts nosebleeding, and afterwards confesses that he’s in love with you, and asks you to stay by his side from now on. Good End: Monk goes back to the human world with you and he’s now working as a stunt man. One day he tells you that he was given an offer to go to Hollywood for a movie but he rejected it cuz he doesn’t want to be away from you and hugs you. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Common Route End

All 3Like with the previous review, I will be combining the after scene with the common route end. So after the finish the selected quest, the next morning they go to the hot springs where you’re bathing in the women’s bath while the rest of the party’s in the main bath. As you know the grandpas of the team are itching to peep on you….when villager pops up shows them a peep hole! They end up arguing over who can look first until they knock over the divider, leaving them getting hit by buckets thrown by you & the rest of the ladies in the women’s bath. In the Common Route End, you’re about to be teleported back to the human world and some gate opens in the sky to take you back but NOPE the party won’t have it and starts attacking the gate until it closes. You then ask what happened, and it turns out they stopped your exit from this world cuz they didn’t want you to leave. You then continue your RPG adventures together with this party.

~Final Thoughts~

All 4This was a really fun game! Sadly it took me ages to finish this as I was being a lazy bum who refused to even start the game on my computer to even play it OTL thats why it took me a year (?) to finish a game which could be finished in 4 hours LOL. Welp while the previous team were intense perverts from head to toe, this team was pervert in their own way LOL. Beast Tamer got on my nerves a lot tbh so my ranking is around Monk > Knight = Dancer > Beast Tamer. I couldn’t rank Knight & Dancer cuz meh, I couldn’t put anyone of them higher than the other. I guess it’s a good filler game but when you drag it too long tho….hahaha it becomes quite a chore cuz perverts are not my fancy. While it was still enjoyable, I guess maybe I should have finished it in a short period of time xD.

Regarding my absence: Well I did say in my new year post that don’t expect me to be here actively, but well a lot of things haven been happening and I could barely update. As according to my status, yes I will only be back in June because of exams. This is just a rest break from my studying to type this review.

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