Diabolik Lovers MORE, BLOOD ~Limited V Edition~

And here I’m back with more abusive vampires ported on the vita with their extra after stories. This time, as you know, Rejet has added 4 new vampires to ruin our lives further!!!! At the same time guess what, I’m so sure that Rejet handed the writing responsibilities to Otomate which destroyed the Sakamakis, as well as giving the Mukami a very shit impression. Thankfully, for the vita version Rejet pretty much got mad at the Otomate for screwing the guys up, and took back their writing responsibilities and did all of them justice in the after stories. Eitherway, this review will be talking about all the routes, but mainly the after stories. Due to me being blur about this when I finally started typing the routes, if I reference a lot to other blogs, my apologies. But don’t worry, the after stories will all be from my notes.

This time, our heroine Komori Yui has been living in the Sakamaki house for a long period of time and they’re fully aware who her heart belongs to and how powerful it is. At the same time all the vampire guys have sucked from her once. One day, they’re car breaks down on the way to school and Yui starts seeing the Sakamaki’s dad, Karl Heinz, telling her that she is “Eve”. The same day, she also meets the 4 new vampire transfer students, the Mukamis who are interested in her. The Sakamakis then decide that those guys may be after her blood and decide to assign someone to protect her, and she gets to pick who she wants to protect her.

Whereas, in the Mukami prologue, Yui meets them in the Sakamaki garden the next day and they decide to catch her for their Adam’s apple project. I’ll spill the beans about this project now: I have no idea what the story of Adam & Eve is, but turns out this time, Adam and Eve were VAMPIRES. Haha im pretty sure they weren’t vampires orz…. Eitherway Eve ate the apple, and guess what, her vampire powers poofed and disappeared! Eitherway Karl Heinz decides to help show the love of the amazing power of Adam and Eve! Okay? I have no idea what’s wrong with this plot ok lol. For this project to succeed, Karl decides to make his sons the candidates for Adam, and the Mukamis are supposed to get Yui and the Sakamakis together. However Otomate/Rejet/whoever wrote this shit decided that the Mukamis themselves are out to get her as well BECAUSE they want to be Adam too! The downside is, the Mukamis are half-vampires who were previously human so THEY CANNOT BECOME ADAM! Wow ok Karl maybe you should have told your adopted sons this fact before letting them loose. (¬_¬)

Important note before I get flamed or anything: Please understand this is my personal opinion towards this game, and yes I know its shitty and as a fan I will point out it’s shittiness. I will be writing my problems towards this game and will write out my thoughts for every guy in the final thoughts section, either defending them (rarely) or blatantly putting them down, plus add a rating for their route and after story for reference. If you do not like those, don’t read them. Any hate comments will be deleted. It’s just my view towards the characters and this game which I would like to express on my blog. Eitherway let’s get on to the individual routes, plus their after stories which were gold mines after all that shit.

Sakamaki Kanato (CV: Kaji Yuki)

2015-05-31-144522I decided to do this screaming Triplet first, cuz I didn’t even like him in the first game anyway. This route’s entire format was technically Yui does sth > Kanato gets angry > screamfest > blood sucking and this pissed me off real bad cuz it was happening IN ALL. THE. SITUATION. SCENES. Okay seriously I had enough shit in his HDB route with his screaming 50% throughout the route, and now you want me to sit through ALL THE SCENES HAVING SCREAMING? Wow that was painful enough that Azusa healed me from the screaming in the route. Wait, I was pretty much tapping through all the situation scenes cuz I didn’t want to deal with his screaming! Kanato was pretty much complaining about everything she did. Eitherway Azusa’s the Mukami vampire for Kanato’s route whose job is to steal Yui away. He approaches Yui quite often telling her about how they’re the same, cutting her saying that she likes its blahblahblah. At the same time, Kanato, upon seeing all of this, screams and shouts over Yui getting close to Azusa because she interacted with him? Okay wait I forgot this is dialovers they get jealous over everything. (; ̄Д ̄) Eitherway our dear Kanato then decides to turn him Tsukaima into a Teddy bear who’s called “daddy”. Technically Daddy’s there to watch her so that he’s awake of her EVERY. ACTION. As we know from HDB, Kanato’s a kid who never got loved by him mom, and the flashbacks here emphasizes that even further. Turns out teddy was the only affection that Cordelia ever gave Kanato, since Teddy was a present of one of the mans she (probably fucked) who was trying to court her and shit, and she threw the teddy bear to her kid since she didn’t need it anyway. Kanato continues to try and get his mom’s attention by doing all sorts of horrid things like cutting himself, or jumping outta a window to get her attention. However Cordelia continues to ignore him by going like “Kanato what have you done go get the maids to clean you up!!” and “hohoho kanato what a strange child of mine” before running back to a man or Karl Heinz.

2015-05-31-144602Well sadly, our default cycle of situations continues consisting of, Kanato screaming, Azusa approaching Yui for her blood, moaning in pain, quarrels, blahblah. Kanato then legit cries at her sometimes saying that he’s sad that everyone is leaving him and as my suspicions prove, it’s to make Yui let her guard down before screaming at her again! Yui ain’t taking this shit anymore and decides to go with Azusa until he rages again and screams at them, but Azusa throws Teddy into the incinerator causing a chain reaction of screaming and fighting. ( ´_ゝ`) Kanato then decides to catch Yui, throw her into a dungeon and suck her blood all the way until he sends Laito down to bring her upstairs. Soon Kanato starts having his Adam awakening cravings and he starts screaming and raging. He tries to do everything he can to stop it like drinking his own blood, but it doesn’t work cuz it tastes like crap. When Yui asks what happened he just goes like “GO AWAY” and shouts at her. Oh yeah, he even started biting and scratching her neck to make a “necklace” for her so that it proves that she’s his!! Okay wow. Best part, right after that, he starts crying for some bloody reason after getting angry at her and they start banging hahahaha k thanks I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. Yui then resolves to make a brand new Teddy for Kanato in place of his Teddy HAHAHAHAHAH OMFG. However when we reach Ecstasy 9, context jumps outta the window and Yui is MAJI 1000% DONE WITH KANATO AND RUNS TO HER CHURCH I DONT EVEN/ Eitherway she goes there, meets her dad, and is overjoyed until her dad calls her A MONSTER! Yui is horrified by this when he points his vampire hunting gun at her. Wait wait. Who was the one who sent her to the Sakamaki mansion again? HUH? WHAT IS CONTEXT? WHAT IS CONSISTENCY? REMEMBER WHY OTOMATE CANT DO DARK THEMES AGAIN? Eitherway Yui despairs until Kanato pops up, saves her, and says that he can’t have her die since she needs to make teddy bears for him. They end up running, before they get cornered and Azusa jumps out to save them. Azusa says that he was glad to have been able to save Adam and Eve since he can’t become Adam, and the Mukamis then come to pick him up telling them to live a good life as Adam & Eve. (ノД`)・゜・。

2015-05-31-144609Brute End: Yui continues making bears for Kanato but none of them are good enough for him anyway so he rages, and decides to do what he did to his mom to Yui! He burns her, then puts her ashes inside in his new teddy bear where he loves forever!!! ( ´_ゝ`) Manservant End: After Azusa’s death, Yui visits his grave constantly, causing Kanato to get pissed off at her for not paying attention to him and instead going grave visiting. One day he follows her to her grave visiting and he says that she can go lay together with Azusa by throwing her in a coffin, and afterwards throwing her down into the soil to allow her to understand “who she belongs to…” and probably, Yui dies as she’s buried alive. Vampire End: Yui lives her raburabu laifu together with Kanato where she continues to make bears for him but he ain’t pleased with them. Yui then resolves to make more until he’s pleased with in, and they kiss in their room of bears (oooh how romantic) Heaven Scenario 1: Kanato gets pissed that Yui prefers looking at roses over him and decides to burn them until she talks him out of it, before she gets banged by him again ( ´_ゝ`) 2: Yui prepared a dessert picnic where they go out to the riverside to have a picnic…and then bang in the open great….. 3: Yui goes out for a walk which pissed Kanato off and he starts sucking her blood great. Okay after all these scenarios I’m guessing you’re probably going to say “trust me his after story is gonna suck!!” well you were wrong this time, what you’re gonna ready next is gonna blow everyone off but yes. My memory towards that it intact and it is true, and it happened.

2015-05-31-144612After story: Yui continues on her quest to make Kanato the best teddy bear ever to impress Kanato. Kanato however, continuously asks her to do something else with him instead of working on the bear but Yui’s like “I need to make a bear!!” Which gets Kanato pretty upset. He decides to take her to a lake to enjoy the scenery one day and he secretly takes away the sewing materials for making a bear. However, this only results in Yui getting panicky as she can’t find her things to make a new bear since it was going to be the best bear ever!! Kanato tries to her to forget about the bear. The situation prolongs, and Kanato decides to return her her materials while Yui asks him how he knew about the position of her lost items. He then admits that the’s scared that after Yui makes the best bear for him, she will leave since it’s the only thing which is keeping her together with him. Yui then says that she won’t, and that she loves him, before he hugs her. If you notice, the entire summary did not have the word “Scream”. Guess what? Kanato NEVER screamed in the after story and reacted to everything calmly. If this was how the actual MB route played out where he started growing up inside and realising that shouting & screaming wasn’t the way to go about getting his way, maybe it would have been pleasant. Kudos to rejet to mopping out the mess that his route created but sadly, the scar has been left towards him.

Sakamaki Laito (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

2015-05-31-144624Laito the healer to the hell that I suffered through during Kanato’s route. Man, I didn’t even believe that he would have a better route than the rest? Like really? This hentai, get character development, or anything better than what he got in HDB? Yes. Laito gets development which made me love him more which in turn increased my love for the triplets. (If you readers didn’t know, I favor the triplets in the Sakamakis a lot cuz of how they were shitted up mainly cuz of their mom.) So we know that Laito banged his mom when he was younger, however, we find out that this time, it resulted in him believing that Love is Lust, so words like “I love you” and stuff are all crap to him and are used to trick the servants he banged in the past. At the same time, he felt that he had an empty hole in his heart also due to the fact that his mom kept calling him up to have them bang since he technically was her 4738742408 man she banged anyway. Eitherway, Laito’s route was mainly filled with fetishes. Very sexual ones. Which creeped the fuck outta me. Stuff ranging from watching porn movies together and attempting to re-enact the scenes, to having 3Ps as per usual. When Kou tries to attack her for her blood, Laito spots them and ends up going like “Hey let me join in we can 3P!” but Kou’s pretty disgusted by this and runs off anyway. Laito doesn’t show his blood cravings that obviously at the beginning but he continues doing funny stuff with Yui liek sucking her blood in the men’s toilet or the nurse’s office, and Kou also spots them & gets grossed out at them and says that Laito caring about her feelings but Laito ignores it. Yui then realises that wants Laito not to have empty words and she hangs out with Kou anyway. He then takes her on a date and she pretty much agrees cuz Laito technically doesn’t care about her hanging out with other dudes. She ends up having a very fun date with Kou, where they go to the arcade to play, take purikura, do all cute things that she’s never done before with Laito. Kou then admits that he used to be human and that he understands her situation, until Laito comes by hungry for her blood cuz of the Adam shiet.

2015-05-31-144643Kou ends up flipping shit as his attitude takes a 180 degree turn when he finds out HE ain’t the one who’s gonna be Adam. Laito continues sucking Yui’s blood aggressively which causes her to think that he only cares about her blood but not her. When she tries to tell Laito that she wants him to show his love through actions and not empty words, he tells her to STFU. Yui believes that it would allow him to fill the emptiness in his heart, but this just pisses him off further and he starts strangling Yui, before crashing on the floor in pain. Laito then tells her that he’s dangerous and that if she doesn’t want to die she better stay away from him. Yui being the kind soul she doesn’t want to leave him there suffering on his own so she tells him that she’ll give him her blood if she wants. However Laito’s still like “what you want from me by doing that” and she says that it’s because she loves him but he tells her to GTFO. Over the next few days, Laito continues to do shit to himself like cutting himself all over, and asking Reiji for poison to control his urges making Shu & Reiji go like “wth is wrong with you”. We then have a another flashback of Ayato punching Laito when he was younger telling him that Cordelia doesn’t love ANY of them but Laito ignores him and tells him to never bring it up again cuz he thought that he was SPECIAL. Laito continues using other methods to quench his thirst and drinking other girl’s blood which makes Yui upset when she smells their perfume on him. Yui starts talking to a dog due the fact that Laito’s ignoring her and he gets pissed off for no reason and she tries to tell him that she wants to help since he’s suffering but he just kisses her to shut her up. He then agrees to such her blood again but he loses himself again that he almost sucks her dry. Laito continues ignoring Yui while Yui tries to talk some sense into him. She continues to tell him that she only loves him and that she pushed Kou away from he tried to do something to her. However Laito continues going like “no dont get into my heart” which makes her upset, and he says that he’ll stop ignoring her unless she stop trying to change his feelings. He continues harassing Reiji for more poison until one day Reiji tells him that if he killed Yui his pain & suffering would end but he refuses to do it.

2015-05-31-144702Reiji then offers Yui the poison saying that if she died Laito wouldn’t suffer anymore and he won’t do it himself anyway. Laito doesn’t say that he loves her anyway and says that he’s only there to give pleasure to her through his blood sucking. :/ Yui then says that she’s ok with their physical love but she loves him and to end his suffering, she drinks the poison. ໒(⁄›˅̭‹∖)७ After she dies, Laito then starts crying and realises that he’s accepted her feelings and the bloodthirst disappears and even kisses her thinking her that she’ll re-awaken. On the other hand, Yui finds herself talking to Karl Heinz saying that he’s held his soul there cuz she’s still got things to do & needs to go back to Laito. She then meets a crying shota Laito on the way back, and she hugs him and tells him not to cry. She then awakens in Laito’s bed and tells him not to cry to. Laito then learns about true love from this and they frick frack in his bed since he’s just become this cute hentai. Brute End: For some reason Laito continues blabbling about how death is the greatest form of love for vampires, but Yui says that’s shit logic and refuses to kill him and thus he kills her instead. GREAT. ( ´_ゝ`) Manservant End: Laito spots Yui talking to Kou one day and misunderstands that she’s cheating on him with Kou when she’s just treating him like a friend. Kou continues being nice to her until he tries to make shit happen BUT THAT WAS A REAL BAD IDEA YO. Laito then kills Kou and locks Yui in the dungeon telling her the story about silkworms and says that he’s gonna treat her like one and trap her there forever and treasure her like that.  ( ´_ゝ`) Vampire End: Laito decides that they’re gonna go a date after school where they hold hands and walk around. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*  They go and do things like what Yui did with Kou, and they go and take purikura together and take pics together and Laito sneaks a kiss in the pic.〔´∇`〕Afterwards, he gives her an ring as a physical symbol of love. Heaven Scenario 1: Laito & Yui bang in bed when she can’t do her homework. 2: Laito take her on a ride on their limo where they bang in the car while it drives around the town. 3: Laito says that he wants to play doctor & patient with Yui where he gives her weird meds which arouse her and you know how it continues from here.

2015-05-31-144705After Story: This continues during the date where Laito says that he should do more with the ring, thus he puts it on for her and kisses her hand. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* He then says that he’ll try to understand Yui’s feelings and not force herself on her unless he has her consent. The next day, Laito says that he has something to do at school and they go early to meet Kou when they’re greeted by Kou saying that he doesn’t have time to entertain a idiot couple. (I LAUGHED WHEN HE SAID THAT IM NOT SORRY) Laito then brags about the purikura that he took with Yui and Kou’s like “Pfftt do you think I even give a shit anymore seriously” and he asks Yui if there’s something seriously wrong with Laito LOL. They go on a date where htye share a crepe, and go shopping on the same day. Drama happens when Laito flips shit when he finds out Yui took off the ring to wash the dishes, and Yui assures him that she isn’t gonna NTR him or do anything to make him upset so she says that she’ll put it on everytime. They then ditch school the next day to go to an amusement park where there’s a parade going to happen. Yui gets hit on and Laito has to go and save her, telling her to be more careful. They then watch the parade together as it starts, Laito admits that he’s worried that this relationship ain’t enough for her now since it used to be more ~exciting~ previously, but Yui says it totally okay since she likes it this way anyway. Laito then says that he’s fine with the relationship he has now since its more calm, and that he’s feeling more true feelings now like jealously or every worry for her now, and says that he’s really happy now, saying that he loves her as they cuddle while watching the parade.

Mukami Ruki (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)

2015-05-31-144832Ruki was my favourite for the Mukamis from the Drama CDs, but too bad, they decided to make him a shit here. No maybe he wasn’t shit, it was how the hell they played out his route which turned out to be shit. Let’s get going with this poorly written route which made me sad. Oh but wait, Ruki ain’t the worse of the writing trash, there’s more actually but this route really just made me ( ´_ゝ`) quite a bit. Okay as you know for the Mukamis they’re struggling to become Adam too but they don’t know they couldn’t yet. At the same time, these guys have their own backstories as well which pretty…painful. Ruki’s Dark section mainly consisted of him telling her to stay in his room all the time, and him sucking her blood quite a bit but that’s all cuz he still treats her nicely apart from the fact that Yui’s nickname is “livestock” here thanks thanks. Ruki’s backstory is this. When he was a kid, he was this very rich bocchama who has a shit ton of servants, technically everything that he wanted. This caused him to be really really obnoxious which resulted in him abusing the servants and did shit to all of them. But well the karma truck really hit him hard because one day, his family lost all their money, his father committed suicide, and his mom ran off with some other guy! Even worse, the servants got back at him by beating him up and stealing all the possessions that they had at their house since the dad was gone anyway and he’s a kid. So, Ruki became homeless on the streets and he starved until some orphanage picked him up. However the orphanage wasn’t as nice as you would think it was either cuz the kids there bullied him cuz he was a rich snob and the adults there legit GUARDED the damn place to make sure the kids couldn’t leave and he was treated like shit. Therefore, Ruki thought that if he couldn’t die he should just outsurvive them all! He then got some ‘followers’ which are his brothers later, Kou, Yuma & Azusa. They then decide to escape the orphanage but when they try to run, the orphanage guards catch up to them and START SHOOTING AT THEM TO CATCH THEM. WOOOWWWWW, I’M SO AMAZED. щ(ಥДಥщ) They end up getting caught and the orphanage adults burns 2 scars on his back saying that he’s never gonna escape since he’s livestock. щ(ಥДಥщ)

2015-05-31-144847However, magical kamisama Karl Heinz comes and says that he’ll give them another chance to live by turning them into vampires and in exchange they owe their lives to him so they work for him now. Ruki’s the most loyal to him and is willing to do whatever his kamisama, I mean Karl Heinz tells him to do like abuse Yui so that she’ll awake as Eve. Ruki continues to be stiff with her and care for her in a mean way and sucks her blood. I guess the perks of it is that he doesn’t call her livestock while he does it. At the same time we have fucking Ayato who keeps appearing in her face as much as chase her to the ladies telling her to go back to the Sakamaki house & suck her blood. Yui can’t take Ayato’s shit anyway and realises that Ruki is much nicer to her despite the fact that he’s still strict with her. One day Yui finds a blind kitten that she wants to take home to the Mukami house since she feels sorry for it but Ruki ends up taking its soul saying that it’s better for it to die than continue living in captivity. This causes Yui to cry while burying the kitten while Ruki hugs her from behind saying that it was the best for the kitten. (。•́︿•̀。) Yui sleeps in Ruki’s room for the night but sometimes he has nightmares and ends up attempting to strangle her when she holds his hand. When Ruki wakes up from this he tells her that he doesn’t need her pity before kicking her outta her room telling her to sleep in her room now on when he said that she should be sleeping in his room earlier sighs. Yui gets upset that he closing his heart from her. However when we reach Ecstasy, which happens right after this, the shit goes down when Ruki realises HE’S RUNNING OUTTA TIME TO BECOME ADAM & the Sakamakis know where they are so….HE THROWS YUI INTO THE HOUSE DUNGEON. *claps loudly* ( ´_ゝ`)  He also somehow gets jealous of Ayato and gets overly paranoid cuz he still wants to try being Adam despite the fact that it seems that none of them can be Adam anyway. Yui gets so uspet with this that she stops eating and gets anemic when Ruki sucks her blood. He even drugs her, and even worse, gets a girlfriend to come and threatens her if she does anything with him.

2015-05-31-144858Turns out Ruki wanted to make her jealous so that it could awaken Eve and make him become Adam! Yui manages to escape one day but Ruki catches her telling her to prove that she’ll never escape again. She then asks him why he’s so nervous about this and why he has to go to this extent to do this. However Ruki continues rages and tells her to not to pity him. The next day, RAINEHEART APPEARS IN HER FACE AND SHOWS HER A VISION OF RUKI’S PAST! Yeah ok Karl that was a late appearance. (¬_¬) Yui then sees shota Ruki getting the 2 burns when Ruki arrives and asks her whats going on. Yui then talks sense into him that leaving her here will only make him more paranoid & he’ll just suffer more and be upset, and promises not to leave. He then takes her into him room until AYATO JUMPS INTO HIM ROOM, BEATS UP RUKI, GRABS YUI & FLIES AWAY WHILE SETTING THE MUKAMI HOUSE ON FIRE. THANK YOU AYATO. ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ Yui is so upset that she cries in the shower for the next few days when she’s back at the Sakamaki house, until one day she meets Ruki as he sneaked into the garden, saying that he ain’t coming back again and that she’ll prolly have to get together with one of the Sakamakis blabbering on about the fact that he ‘s also gonna suffer forever cuz of the 2 markings, while Yui says that they’re more of wings than markings of his suffering. However, Ruki writes this off before leaving. Brute End: RUKI SUDDENLY GAINS MAGICAL POWERS TO KILL ALL 6 SAKAMAKI BROTHERS. Wow thanks for killing those shitfaces but you couldn’t kill Ayato what even? Anyway for some reason he throws both of them into a dungeon and they starve to death until Karl comes to burn their bodies cuz his stupid plan failed. Manservant End: Ruki barges into her class one day and kills everyone in the class including Ayato with a knife WOOWWW OK. He then says that he’s come to pick her up and they’ll be together forever. Karl comes in and says that he’s just a human like anyone else but Ruki’s like “I’M A VAMPIRE!” before grabbing Yui and jumping outta the window where they obviously die in each other arms….ok…..wow…..

2015-05-31-144906Vampire End: Yui wakes up in the infirmary one day to Raineheart telling her to get to the school roof when she crashes into Ruki instead. He then says that he will betray Karl in order to be with Yui and he’ll become the “snake that tempts Eve”. They then kiss to the sunrise and go off together somewhere. (what happens after this will be explained later in the after story I won’t leave you hanging here.) Heaven Scenario 1: Yui attempts to touch Ruki’s face while sleeping but that escalates to ichaicha time so I’ll leave it at that. 2: Kou & Ruki fight it out to who can arouse Yui first but obviously Ruki wins and Kou goes like “You can have my room continue ichaichaing its okay!”. 3: Ruki & Yui go out but she gets hit on by a dude during the trip so Ruki throws her into a dungeon and dumps water on her for not being good livestock or sht and for some reason Yui is very happy by this. After Story: Ruki & Yui have moved to some apartment living their happy lives together since the mansion’s gone, with Ruki worrying about the rest of his brother all day. One day Yui receives a letter talking about how if they continues living like that, “the path will soon fall apart.”, which makes Ruki realise its from Karl and he’s like “i guess my punishment’s here for betraying him” and spends the next few days asking Yui to report to him if there’s any changes in their lives cuz he’s worried. They end up deciding to return to the mansion when they suddenly realise ITS FUCKING BACK. ALL IN ONE PIECE AND PERFECTLY FINE. Ruki gets worried it’s a trap and when they enter, they hear footsteps and its Kou, Yuma & Azusa and they have their reunion as they all decided to come back at the same time, until Ruki spoils the mood saying that its a trap. They soon return to Ruki’s room where he hugs her and she realises he’s shivering super hard for some reason. The family ends up cooking together, where they catch up eating dinner together, and Yui spends the night together with Ruki when suddenly Ruki awakens and says his last words to Yui. Karl soon appears and Ruki’s like “so you’re here to punish me?” and Karl’s like “do you think i was here for that?” After Ruki talks about his feelings towards Yui, Ruki tells Karl to erase him when Yui rushes in worried saying “I LOVE RUKI!!”. (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪ Karl Heinz’s like “lol you shouldn’t be saying that to me” and tells him that he can be Adam now so they should spend their lives together forever happily before disappearing. Ruki hugs Yui, and confesses all his feelings to her saying that he actually doesn’t see her as Eve anymore, and wants her to spend the rest of her life together with him. (/^▽^)/

Mukami Yuma (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

2015-05-31-145055I FEEL EVEN MORE SAD FOR YUMA. Yuma’s this dumb veggie farmer who’s got a hell of a writer for his entire route. Yuma’s the type who’s just got meat for brains and is plain stupid but guess what, WE NEED SADISTIC MEN! So he turns into a shit as well in his route before realising that he’s being stupid about it again. SEE THIS NEVER ENDING CYCLE OF THE DUDE ASKING HIMSELF WHY HE WAS SO STUPID TO DO SOMETHING? DO YOU SEE IT? IS THERE CONSISTENCY ANYMORE? The way Rejet portrayed him in his CD was a 180 degree turn to his personality in the game, and once again we blame Otomate for poor writing. Yuma’s a dumb guy who’s got meat for brains thus he carries Yui around like a sack of potatoes, and wifebeats her once in a while. At the same time he run his veggie garden where he legit takes care of his veggies carefully! Eitherway Yuma’s pretty mean at the beginning calling Yui a “Female Pig” and traps her in the storeroom for misbehaving or sth until she freaks out and calls for help then he lets her out really. At the same time he’s also idiotically obsessed with eating his sugar cubes and when Yui eats one he rages, and tries to get it outta her mouth. At the same time for some reason he is nice too cuz when she falls sick he feeds her his sugar cubes! Yuma also tries making stew for her when she fell sick but he’s dumb and didn’t cut the veggies so Yui has trouble eating. However he goes and fixes it for her and starts blushing and going like “i didnt do it for you ok”. ☆゚・*:。.:(゚∀゚)゚・*:..:☆ He even sometimes shoves veggies into Yui’s mouth which were the ones that he grew not because he’s mean, cuz he wanted her to try them! EXCUSE YOU WHICH IS REAL YUMA. IM TELLING YOU ITS THE ONE WITH THE NICE SCENES CUZ HE’S A FUCKING DORK, WHO THE FUCK MADE THESE SHITTY SCENES. Okay I will be spoiling something immediately for Yuma here that we find out in Reiji or Shu’s route. Yuma is Edgar, Shu’s old human friend who supposingly died in the fire. However he miraculously survived it but he lost all his memories & was picked up by this gang of kids. The leader of this gang, named Lucks used to take Yuma (who was then called Bear) about to go and steal food for them to survive. However some rebellion shit happens and the government thinks that they’e part of the rebellion, shooting all of them down leaving Yuma freaking out before passing out and being picked up by the orphanage.

2015-05-31-145118After this Yuma has been in a series of bad dreams regarding the gang or him been burnt down in a fire making him freaked out because mainly the guilt of surviving. So the shit of them escaping and getting shot happens, Karl save them and thus from then on he was renamed Yuma and he hates rich folk. He especially hates Shu and calls him a NEET since he’s got no motivation to do anything but he’s getting everything and thus he hates him a lot. Suddenly, Yuma asks Yui one day what she whats her dream. Yui says that she wants to be a nun! Yui also finds out that he’s actually growing roses in his garden for the gang mates in the past. However this spirals into a pile of shit when Yuma suddenly gets fucking angry over the fact that she still wants to pursue her dream as a nun! He starts going all “DREAMS CANT COME TRUE!” and shit which makes Yui upset. When Ruki approaches him about whether he’s gonna be Adam but Yuma’s like idk, then suddenly he thinks that sucking more of Yui’s blood will turn him into Adam faster? No really, this is starting to make no sense. I do know that Yuma is really genuinely dumb but this got out hand. Yuma then starts trying 5000 ways to suck her blood like putting a blindfold over her and doing so, and wifebeating her even harder while being pissy telling her to prove that she’s his bait or some shiet. And among all this, there just had to be that ONE scene where Yui cuts her fingers and Yuma bridal carries her into his room and licks the blood off o╮(。❛ᴗ❛。)╭o UNTIL THE NEXT SCENE where he gets angry at her for getting hit on by a guy. WHY DID IT TURN OUT LIKE THAT? HOW DO I FUCKING KNOW. Yuma continues doing shit to Yui like making her his cake table and shit until one day Ruki tries to NTR Yui when Yuma gets so fucking pissed that he punches Ruki & Yui, and DESTROYS HIS ENTIRE VEGGIE GARDEN! Yui tries to salvage the roses at least by putting them in a pot when Yuma finds out he starts getting and pissy. Yui tells him to stop being stupidly panicky and that she’s learnt something from him after he told her not to give up on her dream.

2015-05-31-145143Suddenly, this makes Yuma glomp Yui and she hugs him back, and he turns SUPER DERE for whatever reason and starts kissing her eveywhere. ☆*✲゚*。(((´♡‿♡`+)))。*゚✲*☆ However, at the same time he never explains why he’s mad so I’ll leave it at that cuz I’m thoroughly convinced this game doesn’t have context. Yuma then goes back to fix his garden and apologises to Yui for punching her in the face, picks her up and says that he’ll suck from her ~gently~ lol. Yuma then says that he thought becoming Adam would give him great powers but I  guess that ain’t true so he ain’t giving a shit about being Adam anymore but he doesn’t want to leave Yui. Brute End: Yuma’s guilt dreams come back to him again and this starts to drive him insane where he gets pissy and tells everyone to call him “Bear”. Yui tries to help me by giving him a good hug but well, it doesn’t work so Yuma gets pissy, punches her and it was so hard she turns into a vegetable. Yuma then starts taking care of her like a vegetable and now everyone calls him “Bear” now. Wow ok O_o Manservant End: Yuma goes around the school trying to find Shu regarding his memories but instead, CRASHES INTO REIJI! (insert bad news sfx here) Reiji then says that he’s got information for him and when Yuma finds out, he’s completely distraught. Turns out Reiji was lying to him saying that it was Shu who burnt down his entire village! It just so happens that one day Yui falls over sleeping Shu, Yuma gets so fucking angry and he beats up the both of them and they die. The same night he sees his room burning around him while sleeping so he thinks its his bad dream again but NOPEEEEE ITS REIJI WHO SET THE MUKAMI MANSION ON FIRE ! (thanks reiji.) Vampire End: Yuma drags Yui to see his full grown roses and asks her to marry him, even though he can’t become Adam. Ruki walks in to see this going on and goes like “wth is going on what are you talking abt” until Raineheart, who we obvious know is Karl, pops in going like “oh hey a marriage proposal? I’LL BE THE PRIEST LET’S DO IT!” Since Ruki pretty much knows his identity he doesn’t object & they go one with the ceremony in their uniforms where they swear their love to each other. \(^▽^)/

2015-05-31-145147Heaven Scenario 1: Kou & Yuma fight over who’s gonna feed Yui some cake & it escalates into Yuma sucking blood from Yui. 2: Yuma & Yui go out shopping together when suddenly he sees this guy staring at her he pushes her again a tree and starts kissing her neck to mark his territory or sth. 3: Yuma & Yui are in bed when Yui wakes up and they have sexy time in bed ok. After Story: It’s been a year since Yui married Yuma and now they’re harvesting some crops he raised by him carrying Yui and her grabbing the fruit lol. They start arguing like which escalates to bloodsucking time with Yuma to shut Yui up. Later at night, Yuma goes to the garden himself and it turns out he was growing roses so that Yui could see it and be happy, and he wants them to bloom by their wedding anniversary.  They end up having a garden party with the rest of the brothers with Yui’s homemade cooking the next day. Yui ends up needing some herbs so she goes to the garden which throws Yuma into a giant panic and he ends up shouting at her to get away from the garden, but soon afterwards freaks out cuz he’s scared that he made her upset. Yui’s scared at the same time cuz she thinks she made him upset due to Yuma ignoring her for the next few days cuz he’s emoing super hard. Raineheart even comes to visit them and asks about her and Yuma, and she decides to apoloigse to him on their anniversary. She bumps into Yuma that day, and he drags her to the garden. He then aplogises to her for shouting at her like a deredere cupcake, and Yui apologises to him to. Yuma’s like “no you don’t have to apologise ok? Its just that I wanna show you sth.” He continues deredereing and admits that he found Yui with a rose in her hair rlly pretty so he wanted to her her in that look again. ❀.(*´◡`*)❀. He then promises Yui that he won’t ever yell at her again, and that if they ever quarrel they’ll get back together ASAP so that they can have a happy anniversary. Yuma then says that if she really liked the roses he’ll try to grow more for her next time, and so that they can hold another garden party…with more people. (example: kids ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) Yuma then confesses his love again in the garden, and they kiss. (*´▽`*)

Sakamaki Ayato (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)

2015-05-31-144325I HATE AYATO’S ROUTE. AS A FAN OF HIS IM EVEN MORE HURT BY IT NOW. WHO THE FUCK EVEN WROTE THESE. So it you thought Ayato was pretty shitface in the previous game, guess what HE’S EVEN MORE SHITFACE HERE. The entire point of the route was all just Yui saying that she doesn’t want to be seen as Ayato’s bloodbank. The flashbacks in this route pretty covered the same issue he had in HDB, where Ayato pretty much thought that he’ll never be good enough no matter what he does and how Cordelia keeps yapping at him to be first, first and first. This hit me real hard and I cried but sadly the route was so bad that my tears turned into rage. The first part of the route was Ayato’s usual teasing, which I was mostly okay with since it happened so often in the first game, like kissing here when she’s scared of the lightning & thunder, and him calling her a chichinashi when she sees his porn mags. However this all makes a huge descent into shit when Ruki apepars saying that he’s here to take Yui away from Ayato which makes Ayato panic, and do stupid shit which justifies him trying to get Yui away from Ruki. E.g, sucking her blood everywhere to “check” if she’s sucked by him, stalking her around the fucking school. At the same time his Adam blood cravings start to appear where he desperately wants blood for her but he’s too proud and oresama to say anything but sucks her blood saying that she’s his food. This makes Yui very upset that Ayato thinks of her only as his food. Our escalation continues as Ayato starts to become jelly of a dude that she was talking to and punishes her by doing shit to her, as well as getting angry when she says that Ayato & her are like siblings. Oh, don’t forget the time Ayato went out to suck other women’s blood thanks! If i remember correctly, I was laughing very hard when I was playing Ayato’s route doing the precious game due the teasing, but the end of Maniac was technically feeling Maji 2000% done with him. Continuing on our review what happens after this is Ruki approaching an upset Yui telling her to go with him cuz he’ll treat her like a human, and not as livestock. (HEY REMEMBER RUKI’S ROUTE? WHAT DID HE CALL HER? LIVESTOCK? HAHAHAHAHAH IM CRYING CONSISTENCY)

2015-05-31-144348Ayato then busts in telling Ruki not to touch his….food. This makes Yui more and more upset and she starts crying because she’s 99% convinced that she’s only his lunchbox and nothing else. However Yui being super nice, she tells Ruki that she’ll continue being with Ayato but Ayato still decides to be a jerk saying stuff like “i dont a shit about who sucks her blood anyway” and continues to suck from her anyway. Yui finally gets so upset that she runs away from the mansion adn into the woods, only to be picked up by the Mukamis who take her to their place, and technically treat her better than Ayato would. However Yui continues running into Ayato in school where he sucks her blood at all sorts of places and kisses to arouse her or something. These repetitive scenes of him chasing/stalking her and afterwards cornering her somewhere then sucking her blood make me real bored so I didn’t really care & don’t have details abut it. Finally Yui decides to not give Ayato her blood one day when he tries to sucks from her one day in school. This makes Ayato fucking angry and he attacks her until Ruki appears and rescues her. Ruki tells him that Yui has feelings too and him treating her as his food obviously makes her upset and he’s being a piece of shit by doing that & not understanding her feelings. However this enrages Ayato and he decides to flash his knife where he was planning on using on Yui “if he had to..” yea ok. ( ´_ゝ`) He then STABS RUKI WITH THE FUCKING KNIFE AND RUKI GOES TO THE SCHOOL NURSE SAYING THAT HE STABBED HIMSELF. (if only ruki was this nice in his route….) After talking to Ruki in the infirmary, Yui gets cornered by Ayato again and she once again rejects him by saying that she doesn’t want him to suck her blood. She then tells him that she doesn’t want to be controlled by Ayato because she loves him! However Ayato on his shitface streak decides to doubt her once again and tells her to climb the roof railing if she truly loves him. Yui legit does it and Ayato’s like “WTF ARE YOU DOING” Yui continues to try and tell him that she loves him and she doesn’t want herself to be seen as food by him UNTIL THE WIND BLOWS HER OFF THE LEDGE.

2015-05-31-144355For some reason, this allows Ayato to realise that he doesn’t want to lose Yui or sth and SUDDENLY HE BECOMES THIS DERE CUPCAKE WHO SAYS HOW HE DIDN’T WANT STH PRECIOUS IN HIS LIFE? lol okay. Yui then gives him a kiss on his cheek and then he becomes dere again and this is where I lost my shit completely cuz I legit didn’t know wtf was going on and was legit yelling at the inconsistency. Oh yea Yui also tells Ruki that she can’t accept his feelings and Ruki’s all cool with it lol ok. Brute End: Yui’s upset that Ayato ain’t sucking her blood anymore. When she crashes into Ruki in school Ruki’s like “oh i can give you bloodsucking” and Ayato catches them in the action. This pisses Ayato off and he’s like “oh so you wanted more bloodsucking” and sucks her blood until she dies uh ok. Manservant End: Ayato realises that his blood cravings are putting Yui in danger after sucking her blood once so he decides to disappear saying that he being around would put her in danger. This results in him sucking the blood of other girls which apparently turns Yui yandere cuz HE SUCKED OTHER GIRLS’ BLOOD! and he she kills him with some poisonous tea, and lives with his dead body until Karl shows up to kill her yea ok. ( ´_ゝ`) Vampire End: Ayato suddenly starts being nice to her & his blood cravings are gone and he starts to fall into a deep sleep until he doesn’t wake up until years later or something till the point Yui starts crying. Suddenly he wakes up one day, and for no rhyme or reason, he asks Yui to MARRY HIM! That was fucking sudden like wtf happened yo how do you propose to someone after you just wake up from years of sleep?! Then they have their wedding ceremony where Ayato tells Yui that he loves her and he’ll be by her side forever or sth. Heaven Scenario 1: Yui gets hungry in the middle of their ~banging~ and she decides ot make soumen. Ayato decides to to dump it down her clothes cuz he wants to eat it too….okay you know what happens after this. 2: Yui & Ayato are about to bang but she’s embarrassed cuz Kanato & Laito are in the other room so they go to the game room where Ayato bangs Yui on the pool table okay. He then decides on the great idea of using a mic & speaker to make her..noises louder. 3: Yui wakes up in bed where she woke up from ichaichaing and they continue making out even more yeah.

2015-05-31-144407After Story: It happens right after their wedding ceremony where Yui’s changing and Ayato meets Karl in the corridor, demanding for a house as their wedding gift. This is cuz he wants to stay in a house together with Yui only cuz he hates her still cooking the other brother’s food even though she’s his wife. Karl’s like “umm you’re not supposed to ask for your wedding gift and that’s too much?” Ayato then tells him that he’ll then help him with his politician work so that he’ll get him a house. (oh SO he still had his politician job wth are you hanging around the school as a nurse then wtf.) However the next day Ayato’s booted from his job cuz lol Ayato isnt really…smart. Karl then tells him that he’s really dumb and tells him to go study and get into a university so that they’ll accept him. Ayato’s like “challenge accepted bro” and starts to study in order to prove to him that he ain’t dumb and prove his feelings for Yui by getting a house. He then borrows ALL of Yui’s books to start studying but yes, he doesn’t get anything and rages while telling Yui to get away cuz she’ll be a distraction. At the same time the rest of the bros start saying how ~amazing~ it is that he’s studying, which makes him further demoralized but he hugs Yui in order to feel better about himself and is further motivated to do it. At the same time he continues to avoid her until Subaru attempts to talk to her & Ayato drags her inside his room. Yui ends up helping him with his studying anyway when she sees him trying to solve math problems. Soon, with the help of Yui, Ayato gets accepted into a uni in which he slams in his dad’s face. Karl’s like “lol okay” at it which causes Ayato to rage. Karl then says that he just wants him to get on with his education so that he can get a job so that he can feed their family in the future, so that they can have grandkids for him. xDDD Karl then tells Ayato that he just created an path for him in the future and it’s up to him to do what he wants in the future by getting a job, and earning money to get his own house.  Ayato drags Yui and storms off. They end up walking in town, in which Ayato says that maybe he will go to university so that he can further his studies for their future lives for the her sake & that he’ll build a giant castle for her someday. Yui then says that he loves him, causing him to dere & blush super hard. (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪

Sakamaki Reiji (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki)

2015-05-31-144240Reiji as per usual is strict on Yui, and has his usual perfectionist tendencies but the thing is, the only difference between the him in HDB and the him in MB that he is much nicer…I think. But at least, we don’t have Cordelia to ruin the party anymore~ So at the beginning of the route we see shota Reiji who’s reading in the library until his mom comes up to him and asks what he’s doing. Reiji replies that he’s reading and then his mom starts praising him and it slowly turns into a conversation where she’s constantly praising Karl and saying how Reiji will be Shuu’s assistant someday. This I pitied Reiji until he started blabbering about world domination and im like “?????” you have wild dreams as a kid Reiji. Reiji then continues on his perfectionist ideals, and in between we have dumb scenes where Ayato legit robs Reiji’s glasses while he’s sleeping and tosses them in Yui’s hands saying that she’s gonna take the blame for it. Yui ends up rushing out to return the glasses until she crashes into a bumbling Reiji cuz he seriously can’t see without his glasses. Another scene was the one where Reiji gave Yui some tea and she thought it was some tea to get her hot and bothered but it was just a small effect from the Ginger Tea lol. Nothing much happens and we see more flashbacks of a party where Shu got a violin & Reiji got a clock which is said to show the end of the world from Karl Heinz and him blabbering about why his dad would give him such a thing. Well I guess the flashbacks doesn’t show how Reiji is jelly, its more about how he’s maji done with his family except himself. Eitherway we jump to more flashbacks of Shu’s violin getting destroyed and shiet and Reiji’s like “nobody cares yo isnt that fine as it is” while Shu just looks at it, looks at Reiji and goes “Meh.” Which for some reason shota Reiji actually takes it offensively for no reason. Reiji then decides that he and Yui should “infiltrate” the Mukami place! they go to the Mukami mansion & he hands Ruki his pocket watch from his dad but Ruki’s like “nah i don’t need it you can stay here and do whatever you want.” and they land up staying there for a while.

2015-05-31-144257Reiji also proclaims that he actually plans on destroying the Sakamaki house for some reason! However this is where Reiji’s urges to suck Yui’s blood starts as he starts having cravings for Yui’s blood cuz of the Adma awakening shiet. Yui starts getting worried about him and tries to help him like giving him water to and sleeps outside their room to make sure that he doesn’t accidentally kill her in his sleep. At the same this is where the sexy beast in Reiji awakens where he starts doing sassy shit to her and before more dere towards her. However, the fact that he is still angry with Shu still remains as they smack their interactions in our face of him getting angry. We then flashback to more from what he know about him from HDB, where his continues telling him to be Shu’s assistant and what not, and him finally getting butthurt till the point that he hired a vampire hunter to kill everyone in his fam but the guy only managed to kill his mom :lol:. Reiji’s dere continued but this is shortlived when his anger in him explodes and he decides to destroy the Sakamakis officially! He then figures out that Yuma is Shuu’s old friend who was supposed to die in the fire, Edgar! Reiji’s butthurt & anger explodes and figures that he should drug Yuma, beat up Yui, drug Shu and throw them all inside a dungeon! When Yui wakes up she sees Reiji with Shu saying that “I’m not going to let you die so easily Shu” and decides to kill a knocked out Yuma is Shu’s face to threaten him. Shu finally remembers that Yuma is Edgar and grabs Yui, threatening Reiji that if he kills Yuma, he will kill Yui. Shu then tells Yui that the only reason why Reiji brought her here cuz he didn’t want anyone to steal her away while Reiji continues denying that fact. Shu then says that he doesn’t give 2 shits on what Reiji does and if he wants world domination, he can have it too and he doesn’t give 2 fucks. Reiji is still angry and Shu just tightens his grip on Yui.

2015-05-31-144312Reiji flips shit but doesn’t do anything, until Shu admits that he should have faced Reiji more instead of running away from him, if not their relationship would not have turned out like this. Reiji then says that Shu doesn’t understand that he’s too late and nothing can stop him now. Shu then figures that he can’t do anything anymore and decides to kill Yui when….REIJI JUMPS IN TO TAKE THE HIT FOR YUI! WOW AFTER ALL THAT STUPID DENIAL YOU COME AND COVER FOR HER WOW. Reiji then realises how much he is in love with Yui, and says that Shu has always had something that he never had, and he’s over almost everything. Shu then says that he doesn’t have to get over everything, and leaves dragging Yuma along saying that he’s leaving Reiji is Yui’s care. Yui starts crying that Reiji’s gonna die, and Reiji says that he’s glad he was loved and since he’s a vampire, he technically falls into a coma after being stabbed. Yui then continues to care of Reiji in a coma even when all his wounds have healed. Brute End: Reiji wake up after a month and blabbles that he’s gonna kill his entire family and goes out to murder the Mukamis and the rest of the Sakamakis. He then suddenly realises that “Hey Yui’s heart belongs to Cordelia!!” and murders her too, and decides to go kill Karl Heinz when the guy appears in his face and kills Reiji anyway lol wtf. Manservant End: For some reason Yuma’s also sleeping in the same place as Reiji and Yui is taking care of the both of them, when Yuma wakes up, gets fucking angry that Reiji was the one who burnt his village, and he figures he could just suck Yui’s blood when Reiji wakes up and tells him to GTFO. However when they’re just about to have some happy ending when Yuma jumps in and stabs Yui practically killing her gr8. Vampire End: Yui falls over and hits her head in a struggle with Ayato one day and starts trippin balls and sees shota Reiji. For some reason she got into his heart and starts talking to shota Reiji. Reiji then gives her an ointment for her head but it turns out its just honey. xD He then says that she’s the first one to try his actual ointment and says that his bro & his mom are scared of him. Yui then tells him that he doesn’t have to act like an adult anymore when suddenly a Reiji with no memories appears in front of her. Yui then shows the pocket watch that his Dad gave to him and he regains his senses, and when she wakes up she sees Reiji awake again and they have their deredere time together (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪ In the epilogue they find out from Ruki this was all Karl’s stupid plan and it jumps to a party for Shu as the next leader of the Sakamakis and Reiji has decided to become his adviser & the brothers make up. At the party Shu figures that he’s gonna run away from it and Reiji & Yui give each other a hug and ichaicha before Reiji goes to find him.

2015-05-31-144319Heaven Scenario 1: Yui is cleaning up Reiji’s room when he finds her test paper where she scored a 45 and he gets angry until Yui accidentally cuts herself and suddenly he gets turned on and they ichaicha instead. 2: Reiji & Yui are in the library and he asks her to get the next volume of the book but Yui can’t reach it. He then carries her to get it (*´▽`*)and he starts explaining why he’s making drugs which is a repeat of his plot in HDB. Yui then starts crying and hugs him when he starts making out with her after that. 3: Reiji accompanies Yui to go out shopping and Yui sees a couple ichaichaing with an ice cream and wishes that they could be like that. that. Reiji then goes and buys ice cream for her saying that its her “reward” and starts feeding her ice cream by kissing her. (´∇ノ`*)ノ After Story: It starts off with Yui making food for Reiji, and afterwards they ichaicha in the living room since it’s their private time until the rest of the brothers come in raging at him. All the younger brothers start raging that their newlywed aura is disgusting, before running off. Yui then sends Reiji off to his work, where they legit do the real couple thing with hugs & kisses at the doorway. When he comes back from work that night, he asks Yui if she has any complains about life. Yui’s like “no not really” but he continues asking, and she says that she wants Reiji to be happy. Reiji’s like “pffftt im happy with you around that’s all” and they ichaicha before sleeping. Soon it turns out that Reiji has to accompany Shuu to some party as the Sakamaki head, and as we know Shu loves running away from parties so he’s there as his assistant. Reiji gets busy and Yui ends up staying in her own room not to bother him. However when she goes to his room he’s like “pffftt you think I’ll be disturbed by you” and she ends up sleeping in his room anyway. (*^▽^*) Reiji & Shu set off overseas to party where he hugs her before leaving. Yui’s pretty worried & upset over him going overseas and she can’t get any sleep. On the other had Reiji worries that Yui will be sad without him around, and rages at Shu to do his shit right. He somehow manages to get the situation at the party under control and comes back home, kisses Yui while she’s asleep in his room, before he’s ambushed by younger bros again xD. Yui soon wakes up, and is super happy that Reiji’s back. She then asks if he kissed her and he’s like “HUH I OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T” yes he friggin deres. Trust me. ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨ He then sassily that he’s got something to tell her later that night, and once he returns home he takes Yui to the balcony. He then proposes to her, and Yui’s like “wait wait im not ready” when he panics. Reiji calms himself down, and asks Yui again and she agrees. He then starts saying how he’s got their new housing ready as well and they can go see properties tomorrow, and for once, tells Yui that he loves her in front of her directly. (^・ω・^ )

Mukami Kou (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)

2015-05-31-145004I went into Kou’s route hearing about how terribly written his route was and how horrible he was, and sure enough, it was bad! At the same time he became my 2nd fav Mukami in a fight with Ruki but he is definitely still trashy I’m sorry. The shit part of this entire route: the way he fucking abuses Yui by giving her hope and being fucking nice to  before trashing her away by stomping on her confidence making her upset and shit. Eitherway lets get on with the route. We first are nicely informed about his personality when he first gives her roses nicely, and proclaims that its a “give-and-take” world where you must give something in return when giving sth for some fucking reason. The thing is that Kou’s childhood was not exactly….a healthy one. Kou was an abandoned kid living in the sewers and his right eye was blind, and he had only one dream: to see the sky someday. He was living in shit until the the orphanage took him in and gave him clothes & food, making him think that it was heaven. At the same time, Kou had a pretty face too and they made him do some who knows what shit at some brothel to entertain the nobles. Then he ends up learning from the nobles that money is everything and he started thinking that “money can buy him anything”. This makes Kou stuff money in Yui’s face when he brings her to the infirmary due to his “give-and-take” world ideals and how money can buy him everything, and he gets pissed off when Yui doesn’t want to accept it as she doesn’t need it for his kindness anyway. Kou’s nickname for Yui is “M-neko-chan” which is Do-M neko so I’m pretty done with him. Moving on with his back story, Kou got tired of doing all that weird shit and figured that if he destroyed his right eye no one would like him anymore but the nobles were like “ooh the more broken the more pretty” and THEY LIKED HIM EVEN MOAR. ┌∩┐(ಠ_ಠ)┌∩┐

2015-05-31-145022Okay if you found this to be sad yes, it was sad, but the what made it all collapse was because of the fact that he gets angry at Yui because of these ideals and doesn’t accept Yui’s actions eg. not accepting his money cuz he doesn’t understand not all people are shit people. Most of the scenes he fucking abuses Yui like forcing her to give him his blood just because he’s angry over…something. Like our usual Sakamaki rinse and repeat cycle of dude gets angry > sucks blood > yui ponders her existence. He even goes to the extent of throwing her out in the rain cuz she refuses to let him suck his blood and made his fans get jelly of her and bully her so as to apparently “awaken the eve” in her. When Kou tells Yui his story, she starts crying and Kou licks her tears and gives her a hug saying that she doesn’t need to pity him. However our shit scenes continues as he gets mad at Yui when he doesn’t understand how to cook properly. Kou soon realises that he is running out of time to be Adam and starts trying to find some ways to become Adam.He then figures that HE SHOULD FALL IN A DEEP LOVE WITH YUI OR STH! THEN HE’LL BECOME ADAM! However our dear Kou doesn’t know what love is and spends the rest of his ecstasy scenes trying to get Yui to “fall in love” with him. He figures that he should just add some kindness in his abuse! Kou does this by making Yui jelly and then complimenting and doing weird shit which i seriously don’t care anymore. The fightouts with Subaru continues too, as Subaru continues asking Yui whether its her will to be at the Mukami mansion. However when Kou comes jumping in getting angry at them Subaru’s so done that he just…walks off. Looks like Subaru doesn’t even want to care about him anymore even after punching him previously…  I legit don’t remember anything from his situation scenes because they were that bad. Ruki asks Kou how his plan is going on and Kou says that they’re at the final stage. And so Kou figures that HE SHOULD JUMP IN FRONT OF A CAR! Yui rushes in to save him and he’s like “why did you save me do you love me?” and comes to the conclusion that YUI LOVES HIM! (Well i dont even know wtf is going on anymore you see.) He then gets angry at Yui for talking to Subaru based on the fact that he thinks that she loves him and shouldn’t be talking to other dudes other than him.

2015-05-31-145029Kou continues “testing yui’s love” for him by doing dangerous shit that may cost her life. Ruki figures that Kou is getting too dangerous to be around Yui cuz he almost killed her so he throws Kou into the dungeon and tells Yui to forget about him. However, Yui decides that she has to see him! And she heads to the dungeon and decides that she herself will “Test his love for her”! Yui figures that she’ll use the knife to cut herself in the neck until Kou’s like “NOOOO WHAT ARE YOU DOING” and takes the knife away from her. Kou then starts asking why his heart is beating so fast and why he’s feeling like this. We then jump to a sudden flashback where Karl Heinz gives Kou a glass eye which allows him to read people’s hearts for his right eye since he doesn’t trust people. (But I guess Kou’s too dumb to understand the reason for this power and denies everything that he sees and gets pissy as Yui doesn’t act the way he thinks humans would act.) After the incident Yui begs Ruki to let Kou out of the dungeon and Ruki says that she shouldn’t see him again for her own safety. After ages of not seeing each other, for some reason Kou can fall in love in Yui and they meet again in the garden. Kou then gives Yui a rose and says that he’s scared to read her heart as it may be the reverse of what he wants, and they realise their feelings for each other & kiss in the garden. Brute End: For some reason the garden scene is not fucking enough for them to realise their feelings for each other so Kou tries to make the knife scene repeat BUT HE KILLS HER IN THE PROCESS! Karl Heinz appears and Kou begs him to revive Yui and offers his right eye. Karl then tells him that he needs more and Kou figures, to give him his other eye! Well this leaves Kou blind as he can’t see the sky ever again but he’s happy that Yui’s alive and with him. Manservant End: Kou falls in love with Yui, and figures that he can do anything with her so much as to SLICE HER SKIN! Oh well Yui pretty much accepts this but he gets disgusted, and starts barfing in the bathroom. He then ignores her existence completely and Yui gets to upset that she hides in a sewer and slices her self to get Kou to come, and handcuffs him when he arrives, who knows what happens after that.

2015-05-31-145034Vampire End: Kou loves Yui so much that even though he can’t become Adam, he doesn’t want to let her go to the Sakamakis. He decides to run away with Yui when the other bros are going to school. However they are caught by Ruki and Kou digs out his right eye in order for Ruki to return it to Karl. However, Ruki destroys the eye and tells Kou to live freely from now on, and they fly into the moon and look at the sky as much as they want. (^ω^) Heaven Scenario 1: Kou & Yui make out in his room when suddenly she is cut on the back by his piercing left on the bed. He applies some medicine but for some reason it makes Yui bothered so she wants to take a shower but Kou starts licking her all over so..yeah. 2: On the way home from school, they get stalked by a paparazzi so Kou starts making out with Yui for him to take pics, but when the guy finds out Kou’s a vampire, he runs away without his camera lol. 3: Kou intrudes Yui’s bath to “check on her body” since she was talking to Subaru that day and its results in bath making out. After Story: Kou and Yui start travelling around the world taking pics of different skies and looking at them with his old camera. He then tells Yui how happy he is right now and kisses her. They go into town, and turns out that he’s been reported missing but he doesn’t regret his decision for doing so. At the same time, he’s only concerned for his bros and her now. One day on grocery shopping, on the way back, Yui sees a nice ring she really likes. Kou offeres to buy it for her birthday but she says that he doesn’t have to do such a thing. Kou then decides that he’ll do something special for her, and secretly makes something for her away from herr sight. (❁´ω`❁) On the day of Yui’s birthday, they eat cake at home, and Kou tells her to do some candle blowing. The lights turn off when she does so, and he whispers happy birthday to her in her ear. Turns out he was making a ring for her as the one she wanted earlier was sold by the time he went back and got, and Yui starts crying tears of joy. Kou then licks her tears and kisses her, and puts on the ring for her. He takes her out to a field the next day. Kou says that he wanted to put on the ring for her under the blue sky and he does it again, swearing that he loves her. (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚*

Mukami Azusa (CV: Kishio Daisuke)

2015-05-31-145221Azusa was the first Mukami that dragged me in to dialovers. He’s one of the more unique vampires because HE DOESN’T GET MAD. Azusa is Do-S and Do-M at the same time, which means that the worse he’ll ever do is not do something to Yui, but instead stab himself in the arm. He never rages at Yui 99% of the time compared to the other dudes, and that worst he does to Yui is….suck her blood. However for some reason they HAD TO FUCK HIS ROUTE UP SO THAT HIS ENDINGS ARE HORRIBLE AS FUCK. Eitherway our poor Azusa has been suffering so much that technically he has a mental illness or he’s technically insane, and the family calls him the problem child. (But really, who’s more the problem child? See above.) When Azusa was a kid, he was living in the streets until a gypsy family picked him up. At that time Azusa didn not have any reason for living until 3 kids, Justin, Christina & Melissa came over to bully him and tell him that it’s thanks to them that he was saved and they start beating him up. This however, had a reverse effect on him which turned him into a Do-M and made him decide that geting beaten/feeling pain is his only existence for living. This is why when Azusa shows Yui his knife collection, he takes one and asks her to stab herself in the arm using it. When she refuses, he grabs her arm and stabs his hand my himself which scares Yui. However, he never forces her to stab herself. Azusa has a couple of wounds on himself which he calls his children and it turns out that they were named as Justin, Melissa & Christina! This is because the gypsy family was arrested and killed, so he was left alone with no one to beat him up resulting in him stabbing his arms and naming his wounds the 3 names, when they were about to heal again, he would stab them. When he was sent to the orphanage, he was so happy when the kids there started bullying and beating him up again. So they got the least fit Sakamaki to fight it out with Azusa, which is Kanato who starts yelling at Yui to come back to him and they throw his teddy bear out of the window to get away from him. :: ೖ(⑅σ̑ᴗσ̑)ೖ ::

2015-05-31-145239However, the rest of the Mukamis do not want to him to hurt himself and Ruki tells him to stop harming himself since they’re not at the orphanage anymore, so he shouldn’t be doing such things. But too bad, Azusa’s ideals are pretty strong and he refuses to do stop, and asks Yui to hurt him but she refuses too. Yui then tries to talk some sense into that living isn’t just about having wounds and shit. One day Yui decides that she’s gonna go to the church when she sees her Dad. Yui is so happy to see him until he, um, smells her and realises THAT SHE HAS TURNED INTO A VAMPIRE. Her dad starts going like “I WAS TOO LATE SHE’S A MONSTER!” and points his gun at her. He’s about to shoot her when Azusa runs in to save her and takes a hit on in arm by a silver bullet which needs to be removed if not he will die. Yui continues crying from the shock that her own father called her a monster. Azusa then gives her a hug and comforts her, while -sucking her blood gently-. They cuddle in bed together as well where they sing songs to each other. (◡‿◡✿) At the same time we see a flashback of when Azusa first met Yuma who gave him bread to eat. (*^v^*) As said above, Azusa was hit by a silver bullet and if he doesn’t give up his shot arm, he will die. However, that arm had 2 of his important wounds who were best friends with him. Azusa can’t let go of them as he doesn’t want his “friends” to go away. Ruki then asks Yui to convince Azusa to five up his arm and let go of his “Friends” because he has them as family, and he really doesn’t want him to die. After much thinking, Yui decides to take a stand for herself and tell Azusa that he needs to do something about that arm or he’ll die. However Azusa gets upset when Yui isn’t siding with him, and starts strangling her when Yui pushes him away, and tells him that she doesn’t want him to stay like that because she doesn’t want him to die! Azusa gets so upset that he runs into his room and locks it, not letting Yui in. Over the next few days, Yui tries to talk to him when she crashes into Kou & Yuma, and she admits that she’s in love with Azusa! Yuma then says that he’s leaving Azusa in her care. The next day, Yui decides that she’s going to climb to the balcony of Azusa’s to talk to him! However she gets blown away by the wind and Azusa has to save her.

2015-05-31-145257He brings her inside his room and Yui tells him that she doesn’t want him to die. Azusa starts getting upset and saying that his wounds are his only existence for living and how he is not wanted by anyone, and asks her to stab him using his knife. Yui then gives him a hug, and tells him that he has a family who care about him and doesn’t want him to die , and that he is someone special to her so she would never hurt him.  Azusa ten starts crying and thanks Yui. Soon Azusa agrees to let go of his arm, and they start to do romantic things together like having tea together when Ruki walks by getting pissy because he knows Azusa cannot become Adam. Brute End: For some reason, Yui thinks that she shouldn’t be together with Azusa forever and decides to run away. This makes Azusa so angry that he starts stabbing her so much that somehow she, uh, becomes his stab doll where he just stabs her and has her screaming. ( ´_ゝ`) Karl Heinz then comes to burn the mansion down cuz whoops, couldn’t get an Adam! Manservant End: Azusa gets worried that being Eve, someone will come and steal her away because he cannot become Adam. Yui assures him that she’ll never leave him or desert him, but for some reason Azusa becomes angry at what she does and tells her to never speak to anyone other than him. She ends up holing up in her room for who knows how long and only interact with Azusa. And, uh, at the end, she gets sucked dry by Azusa so that she can live inside him or something. ( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`) Vampire End: Ruki decides to be a dick for his kamisama and decides that since Azusa can’t become Adam, he cannto have Eve with him and throws Yui into a dungeon in order to separate them. Somehow Yui gains the strength to break the exit since she turned into a vampire and starts running away from the mansion wanting to see Azusa when she crashes into her father. Her father gets her in the arm (gee what great aiming skills) and somehow again, Yui manages to rob the gun from him and points it at him threatening to kill him. Yui’s then like “oh wait I’m a vampire now sorry dad I love Azusa I’m doing this for him” and kills him with his gun lol. She runs in Azusa & Kou & Yuma on the way back and Azusa’s happy to see her, and gets angry at Ruki who comes along for separating them. Azusa then says that he doesn’t give 2 shits about the plan anymore and he just wants to be with Yui. Ruki says that he doesn’t want to give up on the plan but he’s happy for them and lets them go. Azusa & Yui run away together and they end up having some kids who they spend time together with named after his 3 bullies. Uh. ok.

2015-05-31-145302Heaven Scenario 1: Azusa & Yui row a boat into a lake in the middle of the night where he says that they’re in their small world. He then says they should drown together but after hugging her he’s like “lets not do it anymore” and they start strangling each other for shits and giggles. ( ´_ゝ`) 2: Yui wakes up one day as she can’t breathe due to Azusa’s strong grip on her. She then struggles to get comfortable when Azusa wakes up, and gets angry thinking that she’s gonna leave him. Yui assures him that she won’t, and they start listening to each other’s heartbeats. 3: Azusa gets worried when Yui goes to the kitchen to make food for him thinking that she’s going to escape. Yui assures him that she won’t and then she cuts her finger. Azusa then licks it and says that he wants to suck her dry and he can give her his blood so she wont be sucked dry. uh ok. wth were those heaven scenarios. After Story: I’d give pops to Rejet for legit mopping out that disgusting puke mess Otomate made for Azusa’s route with its shitty endings with a better after story.  The explanation for the kids: they decided to make an orphanage to take in kids without their parents! And they decided to name 3 of them after Azusa’s 3 good “friends”, and the kids all call them Papa and Mama. ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) So they live a pretty happy life together as one family. (most scenes are just them living together as a family.) One day of the girls (I forgot if it was Melissa or Christina LOL) sees Yui’s gunshot injury and says that she’s got an injury like that on her right hand too so she’s happy she has sth similar with her mom.!The other one starts getting jelly that the girl has an injury similar with Yui, and Yui’s about to shit bricks since this is a similar situation to Azusa. Azusa comes by, and tells the girls to share better traits with Yui – such as her smile. The kids listen to him and all’s settled. One day, Yui finds that the kids are returning home late in the evening and she decides to see what they’re up to. Turns out they were planning some surprise for the both of them!! The kids are all “oh no mom found out but wait we can still surprise dad!!” so they plan sth for Azusa. On the day of the surprise the family goes to a clearing where the kids surprises Azusa with a flower crown and some drawings of him & Yui so cute. They end up having a picnic, and when the kids are off playing by themselves, Azusa says how happy he is currently living a peaceful life with Yui. “:♡.•♬✧⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾*+:•*∴

Sakamaki Shu (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)

2015-05-31-144151Shu spends the entire route sleeping and making Yui do everything for him, just like in HDB. Like in the previous game, he gets Yui to be active about everything or he’ll just be sleeping until he rolls to have sexy time with her. xD This happened so often that even when Shu asks Yui to strip and let him suck from her boobs she does it anyway xD so we go further into flashbacks of Shu when he was a kid. Shu would run away from the mansion cuz he was sick and tired of his mom nagging at him to be the next heir of the Sakamaki family and what not, and he met Edgar when he was in the forest. Edgar became his first friend he made and that was really special to him as Edgar didn’t question him much about who hie is and thought him how to do many things that he wouldn’t even do in the mansion. So Shu figured to thank him he invited him to one of the balls the family was having by lending Edgar his clothes to go. However our asshat shota Reiji being an irritating butt as he is saw through this and stated being the asshat he always was in when he was a kid! Yum tries to impress him by trying to dance but he fails to do so and runs away in shame. When Shu finds him he tells him that noble life ain’t for him and Shu apologises for him having to go through that because of Reiji. However Reiji still being a little shit he starts talking about vampires are much higher beings compared to humans and blahblahblah whatever he spits out from his mouth. This is then followed by what we know of Edgar’s village burning down because Reiji sets it on fire, and Edgar walks into the fire anywy and Shu never seeing him again making Shu guilt-tripped for the rest of his life. Soon the Adam awakening cravings start to happen but the most Shu will do is get pissy, and tells Yui to GTFO before he accidentally kills her. When he starts emoing in the rain Yui tells him to get into some shade he’s like “why do you care”. Yui continues crashing into Yuma as well who keeps asking about the Shu as he thinks he knows the guy.

2015-05-31-144208When Shu doesn’t reply Yuma’s questions at the rooftop he punches the guy, and Shu punches him back lol. Shu then tells him that he doesn’t give a shit about the past. He then grabs Yuma to check and realises that he’s got the same scars as Edgar when he was a kid and asks if Yuma wants to know why he’s got burn marks. However soon Shu loses interest and walks off. And then we have our badly written Reiji who stands by the doorway going like “ooohh this is interesting” because we all know at this point, Yuma is Edgar! Shu then disappears and Yui goes looking for him. When she finds him, she sees him about to be hit by a car when Yuma saves him. Shu then explains to him about his entire past technically on how Yuma is Edgar, and says that it’s his fault that his village burnt down. This pisses Yuma off and he runs away, and Shu tells Yui to GTFO again but Yui hugs him tightly saying that she won’t leave without him. Shu complains but ends up hugging her back, saying how he doesn’t believe that Edgar is back as a vampire. They then go home together where Yui tells him to take a bath but he won’t do it unless she strips him. ლ(o◡oლ) Afterwards, he ends up sucking her blood and Yui faints, and she starts having a fever and Shu starts nursing her. ಞ(ల˙◡˙ల)ಞ Yui meets Yuma again one day and they start asking each other what they think of Shu. XD Everything’s pretty clam until Yuma figures he should punch Shu to get him to his senses but Shu doesn’t give a fuck once again. Yui tries to break them up but Yuma tells her to go away and tells Shu to fight back for his woman. When Yuma says that he wants Yui Shu’s like “idgaf you can take her away if you want” technically because he’s still affected by his guilt and thinks that he shouldn’t be with humans cuz he’ll only bring harm to them. Thus after this Yui is brought to the Mukami mansion and stays in Yuma’s room all day and demands to be taken back to the Sakamaki mansion. One day Yuma comes by and asks Yui if she’s really in love with Shu. Yui then says that she is and Yuma has this great idea for them to fall in love! He then SETS HIS ROOM ON FIRE in order to get Shu to come and save her! What a great idea Yuma! On the other hand at the Sakamaki house Reiji comes over and has a talk with Shu about why Shu doesn’t blame him for the incident & tells him to go out side.

2015-05-31-144229Sure enough, Shu goes outside and smells a fire and starts running to the Mukami mansion! On the other hand for some reason Yui & Yuma are still fucking alive when burning stuff is crashing on him while no other Mukami even comes over when 1 ROOM IN THE HOUSE IS ON FUCKING FIRE. So moments later Shu comes running in like a hero to save Yui, and Yui starts crying tears of happiness that he came, and all Yuma does is throw him a freaking apple and runs off alive happy that he played cupid when he was hit by like 5 burning pieces of wood. Wait, this game never hand context in the first place I’m just gonna pretend that Yuma is invincible or sth… Shu then takes Yu iand runs all the way to the forest, and tels Yui to never live him again. Brute End: The Mukamis magically disappeared after thfire incident and Shu continues to look for Yuma but to no avail. He then starts locking himself in his room & Yui is unable to go and talk to him. One day Yui says that she found Yuma but it was all a fucking lie and she throws him into the dungeon and does who knows what cuz Shu was “paying enough attention” to her. Manservant End: One day Shu sees Yuma’s apple chopped up on his bed, panics, and tells Yui to run away cuz he’s afraid that something bad will happen to her and he will catch up eventually. Unfortunately while Yui was running SHE CRASHES INTO REIJI! *inserts more bad news sfx* Reji then tells her that he was the one who set this up and knocks her out. When see wakes up she sees herself chained in the Sakamaki Mansion with Yuma & Shu, and Reiji drugs off them for Shu & Yuma to be hungry for blood, and some arousal shit to Yui. After a few days Yuma can’t take it anymore and he jumps on Yui which successfully executes Reiji’s marvelous plan of Shu losing to Yuma or some shit….. Vampire End: The Mukamis disappear after the incident and Shu continues to ichaciha with Yui in his room. One day he asks her to run away with him because he doesn’t want any of his brothers to steal her away. And the two of them run away together and they kiss under the stars….. I actually have no idea why they had to do that anyway? I’m confused?

2015-05-31-144232Heaven Scenario 1: Yui tries to get Shu to t school since its the Physical Exam day but he’s too lazy to go and tells Yui to not go either cuz he doesn’t want people looking at her body lol. And then he starts saying that he’ll ahve his own physical exam for her. ლ(・ิω・ิლ) 2: The triplets attack Yui on the limo whne Subaru punches them away and tells Shu to take care of his womna. Shu then makes out with her until the limo reaches schoo, he gets lazy and they go to the forest and start making out where he says that she’s special to him. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) 3: Yui’s pretty Do-M for Shu and strips for him to suck her blood lol. After Story: Shuu & Yui end up managing to find a place to stay, but the problem now is – they don’t exactly have much money to spare. Shu sold pretty much all his things inside his room but they’re barely getting by with the rent, and only Yui cooks for herself to eat and Shu eats nothing cuz he can still live. One day Yui decides this can’t do, and decides to sneak outside while Shu’s sleeping to find a job so that they can get by. She ends up getting a job at a flower shop, and comes home with a Shu who’s awake asking her where she went. She admits that she was looking for a job and asks if he’s angry. However Shu’s like “lol ok whatever suit yourself” since he’s okay as long Yui’s at his side. They then go to a clearing where they look at the pretty moon together, and he tells her he sold his MP3 to continue living together with her. Yui then continues working at the florist, and one day Shu leaves the house for a walk…when he hears someone playing a violin. It turns out to be a noble who thinks he’s here to rob the violin until he proves to him that he’s just listening by playing a piece for him. The noble’s like “you have talent I wanna scout you” but Shu’s just like “meh maybe”. The noble then tells him that if he’s really interested someday he can come over and ask him again. After seeing Yui come back late everyday, Shu ends up taking the job of playing for the noble every afternoon to earn some money, and the guy lends him his violin to practice. However Shu doesn’t tell this to Yui, and just says that he borrowed the violin from someone to practice. One day, it’s raining when she ends work and she decides to run through the rain when….the florist’s son asks to send her home and starts confessing to her. Yui’s at a loss for words since he’s too busy confessing until Shu appears with an umbrella going “wtf r u doing to my girl bro”. the guy’s like “Wtf who r u???” and Shu kisses her neck to ~prove that she’s his~. ヾ(○・ω・)ノ☆ The dude’s so shocked that he runs off & Yui asks why Shu’s there. He then says he came to pick her up, and admits that he’s having a job currently. He then says that the reason why he chose to do this was that he was the one who dragged her into this situation, so he shouldn’t be relying on her to earn money for them to survive. Yui then thanks him, and says that she loves him and they kiss in the rain. ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

Sakamaki Subaru (CV: Kondou Takashi)

2015-05-31-144727I saved Subaru for last despite the fact that he was designed to be…….extra tsun in his route, mainly because I really like the rlly cute tsuns. Subaru spends half the route getting uh….angry for no reason. So in his route we look further into his past when his mom Chrsista was PMS so fucking hard and scream for Subaru. However, when he came to comfort her she would calm down then start screaming again that Subaru is “filthy” because if you remember, Karl technically raped her and Subaru was the result of this & he looks like the guy so….she continued throwing shit around. However Subaru being sweet as he is decided to be by her side but stay away from her because he couldn’t bring himself to abandon her like that. As per usual he treats Yui coldly and tells her to GTFO regularly because he’s um…angry. And so the Mukami rival for Subaru is Kou and he tries to get close to Yui and then suck her blood which Subaru has to go save her. As per usual Kou goes on rambling about how he wants her, but oh well, Subaru just comes and beats him up and afterwards gets angry at Yui for no reason again & punches a couple of walls as per usual. We move on to more flashbacks where they’re at a party and Cordelia starts swaying in insulting Christa. Christ then starts saying that Cordelia is delusional about Karl even loving her and they fighting and Subaru have to break them up lol. This leaves Subaru wondering why his mom was so bipolar in the first place about Karl but he didn’t want to abandon her when he wanted to leave the castle. Yui then crashes into Kou again one day when she’s looking for Subaru because he got into trouble and beat up a guy at school. Kou tells them his heartbreaking story of his past and says that he wants to become friends with Yui! Yui then tries to get Subaru & Kou to get along and try to be friends but they keep getting into fights. Yui also talks a lot to Kou in this route which makes Kou more jelly due to the Adam awakening and he gets irritated even more. When Yui finds him in his room one day he’s throwing chairs around and tells her to GTFO cuz he’s hungry for her blood. Yui tells him that she can’t leave him along like that but he tells her that she’s better off with Kou or sth, until Shu walks in and punches the daylights outta him telling Yui that she needs to control her violent man.

2015-05-31-144751Shu tells her to go to Reiji for help and Reiji gives Subaru some sleeping medicine for him to calm down. When he wakes up though, he starts getting pissy at Yui again saying that he’s better off alone and she doesn’t need to give a shit about him. We see more flashbacks of Subaru getting more violent by the day, and when Karl comes he starts trying to get him off Christa cuz he hates his dad more making his mom suffer but Christa just slaps him for being rude to his father. Yui then leaves after Subaru gets violent on her and Subaru attempts to stab himself with his silver knife wondering why he’s so pissy. (i dont know either, you need to ask the writers for this jfc) He gets more calm in the situation chapters where he gets Yui to tell him a bedtime story but ends up sucking blood from her boobs lol. xD  Yui continues getting NTR’ed by Kou when Subaru ain’t around since Kou desperately wants to become Adam too until Ruki tells him to give up cuz he just became a catalyst for their relationship LOL. Yui’s so concerned for Subaru to the extent that she wants him to suck her blood. When she crashes into him in the living room she gets concerned for him and he’s like “why do you even care you should be with Kou”. However, Yui’s like “I care about because I love you!” He finally sucks her blood until he starts becoming tsun again and runs away wondering why he feels this way. I don’t know, ask the writers! He continues going on rampages getting the rest of the brothers are maji 2000% done with him and Yui decides that she has to do something about him and goes to his room telling him that he should stop it and being alone is only going to hurt him more. This continues as Yui follows him to the underground waterway telling him that she wants to talk but Subaru’s like “GO AWAY” and I’m just…what is the point of this scene anymore. He says that he’s scared that he’ll kill Yui but she just goes “is it because you care about me” and he gets more angry. He then says that he might kill her if he sucks her blood and she tells him its okay and he starts sucking it until Yui says “Subaru…I love you” which makes him flip shit and be tsun because the writers STILL DON’T ALLOW HIM TO BE DERE!

2015-05-31-144805When we finally hit Ecstasy 10, Kou attacks her but Subaru comes in saying that he’s over his being tsunbaru and that he’s going fight Kou for his woman! They then beat each other up until they collapse, and Subaru stands up and Yui hugs him. Subaru says that his blood cravings are gone but he still needs her by his side. Kou then gets up too and is like “i give up you win” and they make up and become legit friends what even. xD Kou then leaves and they ichaicha at the rooftop and Subaru gives Yui his silver knife to use it to kill him if he goes cray again. They then kiss at the rooftop. ⌒(o^▽^o)ノ゚Brute End: They figured that Subaru shouldn’t be brutal so they decided to pull in shitface Kou to kidnap Yui and he continues sucking blood from her non stop for 10 days. Kou then realises he ain’t gonna be Adam and lets her go and she returns home to a worreid sick Subaru that for some reason never bothered to look for her. Subaru then starts getting scared that someone will take her away & Yui gets freaked out when she sees Kou at schoool. Yui then figures that she should just stab herself to death with the silver knife because she’s causing him grief. Manservant End: Yui takes an energy drink from Kou which was meant to spike her and she finds herself chained up in a dungeon. This time Subaru is able to find her and Yui’s like “nooo i dont deserve to be saved!” and Kou comes by blabbling that it’s his final chance to become Adam. Subaru then pretends to run away but comes back killing Kou but somehow Yui dies through Kou’s kill and hes like “OH NOESSSS” and he decides to kill himself too. ( ´_ゝ`) Vampire End: Subaru gets angry that yui’s concerned about Kou but Yui kisses him and tells him that ~he’s special to her~ ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ He then receives and invitation to a party from his mom which he doesn’t want to go to cuz he’s scared that his mom will hurt Yui. But Yui replies anyway saying that they’re coming and drags him to the party because she just wants to know more about Subaru. (◕‿◕✿) Subaru gets pissy but forgives her after some banging. xD When they meet his mom, she apologises for her condition and asks Yui to give Subaru the love & affection that she did not give him when he was young. They soon escape the party and it turns out the party was made for him to….aks Yui to marry him. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ He then hugs Yui and tells her not to leave his side again. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

2015-05-31-144809Heaven Scenario 1: Subaru can’t sleep so they end up banging as Subaru sucks blood from Yui at various parts of her body. ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ) 2: Yui goes to Subaru’s room unable to tell him that she wants her blood sucked but says it anyway. He ends up laughing and starts kissing her & making out with her. 3: Yui has a bad dream of Subaru leaving her and decides to check his room if he’s okay. He then says its stupid for her to have such a dream and they start making out to make her feel better. ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ) After Story: Subaru’s after story has him asking if Yui is /really/ willing to marry him even though that they’re different beings OTL. He then goes over to his mom’s place where he finds Christa all happy there. They then talk about his life in the human world where he starts getting tsuntsun over every bullseye she hits about his life. xD Turns out she made a new friend who comes every week to talk to her, and guess what? It’s Yui-chan! Subaru’s like “wtf why did she even do that gosh” and returns back to the mansion confronting her about it. He starts getting irritated it for a moment which scares Yui and he starts thinking about how to explain to her his feelings. (I don’t remember this all so clear LOL this entire after story was so irrelevant that I wanted to laugh OTL) Kou then gives him advice on how to talk to her while Laito gives advice to Yui not to worry so much about irritated Subaru cuz it’s prolly just ~Marriage Blues~ xDDDD. Soon it’s close to the wedding date and Subaru confesses that he’s really worried about how getting married to him would be weird since the time they have together is real short, but Yui’s like “yes I am okay with this cuz I love Subaru!” and Subaru goes all deredere. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* He then says that he promises not to get angry at her so much, and that he’s just concerned for her and they kiss. Soon, it’s the wedding date and they’re at the main mansion getting ready for the ceremony. The triplets start hitting on her until Subaru drags her away to the ballroom, where they get nagged at by Mama Reiji before he runs off to prevent Shu from running away from the ceremony. They reach the stairway, where they crash into Kou who says he’s got the role of the Priest today and that he’s gotta oversee their exchange of vows~! LOLOL WHAT IS LOGIC ANYMORE. Kou even comes up with a marriage certificate and Subaru’s like “WTF WHY DO WE HAVE TO SWEAR IN FRONT OF YOU” while blushing & he quickly gets both of them to sign the paper before dragging Yui away again LOL. After they get changed they ditch the ceremony and Subaru takes Yui to the mansion balcony. Subaru then officially swears to her that he be with her forever, and asks if she will do so too, and Yui does so too. Subaru then tells her to get ready cuz it’s gonna be a wild ride as the wife of a vampire, and they kiss. ☆*✲゚*。(((´♡‿♡`+)))。*゚✲*☆

~Comments for each Character~

Kanato – Kanato was technically, poorly written. Otomate never gave any much thought about how he could improve in character and decided to go with the “HEY LETS GET HIM TO CONTINUE SCREAMING!!” method. This is a poor way to move on the story cuz consistency jumps out of the window. I must say I really don’t like Kanato even in HDB, and even though he’s underloved, he has NO reason to be screaming and shouting for what he wants at this age. (well I have to admit he’s the most troublesome of the triplets as I found out from canon material, Ayato & Laito do take care of him a lot.) His route was blatantly shit so I’m technically just ( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`) throughout his entire route.

Laito – I didn’t have a good impression of him during HDB but this route completely changed my poor opinion of Laito and it became a legit healer after the shit I went through called Kanato’s route. I’m actually surprised by the character development he got, and I seriously think that they NEED THIS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT FOR KANATO WTF. Enough shit about Kanato, but Laito would have been a great character to me if weren’t for his fetishes that I’m not comfortable with. And the way he acted after he realise what true love is really just made me go (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*. Also his after story was real sweet like what even a scene without Laito being Hentai Level 247837420 is always a yes for me~

Ruki – His after story didn’t make sense at the ending bit but yes, Yui did barge in and shouted that he she loved Ruki haha. (*´▽`*)Eitherway what I feel about Ruki was that he was a very strong victim of awful writing. I deduced that being Ruki he’s pretty calculative and the only problem is that he’s too paranoid and he’s more afraid than Reiji, that’s their only difference. So the events in ecstasy could have played out differently BUT NO OTOMATE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS OTHER THAN THROWING YUI IN TO A DUNGEON. See what I mean? It would have more consistency if Ruki did something less stupid, unless you tell me that he gets paranoid & worried until he’ll become dumb yea ok the only thing i remember from this now is this: tumblr_inline_n4uo5t0rZo1sajton

and also pls stop believing all girls love to be trapped in cages thanks. That’s all I have to say because from what I’ve seen from tokutens and others, Ruki is not that much of a bad guy to lock her up somewhere like this, did you realise that he even finds it stupid to lock her in the dungeon at ecstasy 8? Wow consistency here.

Yuma – I’m quite biased towards Yuma, and it may affect my opinion on him here but yes, he doesn’t wifebeat that much. HE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A DAMN REASON TO WIFEBEAT HER.They never said why he got fucking angry which resulted in his high-level wifebeating! I’ve heard the drama cds for all Mukamis and the only one who did bdsm on Yui/MC was Kou. Like really. The rest were all just major bloodsucking scenes. Yuma doesn’t have that much of a reason to be abusive, he’s just got meat for brains. I don’t understand why his character turned into a pile of shit in the game. Oh wait, we’re forgetting that Otomate was handed the writing responsibilities yes. EVERYONE NEEEDS THEIR ABUSIVE MEN! I’m already hitting a conclusion that the Mukamis aren’t meant to abuse Yui that badly (other than Kou) which comes to the conclusion that they were really written poorly, because Yuma is just stupid and he acts on his emotions a lot and becomes violent thats all. Oh well, the Mukamis are all screwed in this game anyway.

Ayato – Despite him being my favourite Sakamaki and all, my general reaction towards him was either ( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)  or this:tumblr_nmoljmSxlW1r4qstmo3_1280

reminder that he was my favourite previously. Like I aggressively loved him. Overall what I think Ayato’s actions were a way to cover up his panic and worry inside of him just cuz he’s gotta be “cool” and he’s oresama. However this makes him utterly intolerable because he takes a very childish approach to it, by claiming Yui as his, doing shit, etc. Ayato wasn’t as childish as Kanato, but only a bit better than Kanato cuz he was acting like a little kid who was claiming his food to be his while Kanato is a confirmed psycho who is still living in his childhood kiddy days cuz he never grew up. The lack of concern towards Yui irked me a lot because IT WAS SEEN IN HDB, well NOPE there isnt any here! Lastly, the endings were the most trash of all because of our MAGICAL CHANGE OF HEART! WHO KNEW THIS WAS POSSIBLE! Ayato’s route was the poorest of the poor because him having sth special had no link to his oresama and how he would never be good enough? Like excuse me what? Where did that come from? Also further kudos to Rejet for mopping the vomit that Otomate created but you know…the stains are still there. The after story features Ayato working hard to achieve sth that he wants for his & Yui’s happiness, which is a better link to his backstory due to him achieving something for himself instead of him being constantly put down by someone around him. It was a much better attitude shown by him, which made my mood better but well the route….I really don’t think I can not think about how bad it was…..

Reiji – Reiji was not the worst of the the routes in MB. In fact, it was one of the better ones. The thing was that first, they got rid of shitty Cordelia stuff, and second, THEY ACTUALLY MADE A CONCLUSION BETWEEN THE 2 BROTHERS. I was so happy & sad when they made up, and it also gave me character development in Shu, which I could see more character development for Shu in his own route. Reiji was very well developed instead of continuing on his Shu hatefesting HDB or what not. He even says that his hate was childish in the epilogue like SHIT I NEEDED THIS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT FROM HIM. Overall Reiji’s route was well darn written and I always wonder what the heck happened to the rest of the routes?! We’ll never know.

Kou – Kou was a shitface, which I would like to mainly blame on the writers for this. You can disagree with this, but I feel that the handling of his story was completely the wrong to go about it. Trusting humans to Kou is technically difficult for the guy because he’s seen all the humans around him being shit to him, which makes him feel that way, that why he was probably given the eye by Karl to see people’s hearts to tell him that not all humans are like that. However, from what I think, he doesn’t believe this because he doesn’t believe in humans at all . Which means that he doesn’t believe that there are actually kind people like Yui. Which explains why he’s always angry as he doesn’t believe what the fuck he’s actually seeing. This does not mean that I’m defending his actions in any way. His actions are still unacceptable to me. However probably because the writers didn’t know how to solve Kou’s problem through Yui they figured that him being stupid was the fastest way! YEAH AFTER YOU SPENT LIKE 20 CHAPTERS MAKING HIM LOOK LIKE A SHITFACE AND DEVELOPING HIS SHIT PERSONALITY FOR NOTHING. And then they expect us to buy that his heart can be changed cuz YUI ALMOST DIED OR SOME SHIT FOR HIM. I found his Brute end to be reasonable actually. Kou’s dream was to see the sky, but he gave is up in exchange to have Yui by his side, which makes me think that he deserved waht he got! Kou’s after story reaffirmed the love he had for Yui properly actually, by cleaning up his shitface mess quite a bit.

2015-03-15-201126  2015-03-15-201159

Also, they actually made sure that his sprite was edited for his right eye to be closed always! (look at the pics above) The reason why he’s my 2nd favourite Mukami: It’s because I find his character to be more unique than the others, like how he’s unable to trust people, and I was curious as to how he is able to develop but NOPE TOO BAD MB DIDNT GIVE US ANYTHING ON THAT! Oh well Kou’s route is screwed over and I would have been more angry with him if werent for the after story to mop things up.

Azusa – Azusa was going all so well as he was just a precious baby until the endings just came and fucked him over oh so gloriously. I really liked his development of how he learnt to let go of his friends and how his existence was for his family and for Yui. However for some reason they figured, “oh hey now he has a reason to be jelly of people lets do the usual things gaiz!” and the entire endings + heaven scenario sections became shit. Azusa would have clearly learnt that Yui would always be with him and his bros would support him, but OH NO, WE GOTTA MAKE HIM AS JELLY AS FUCKING POSSIBLE. His vampire end is also misleading as fuck and if it werent for the port it could have been misinterpreted as something else? Who knows. At the same time wow they got lazy to edit his arm but guess what! His sprite was indeed edited to make it look like an arm was gone!

2015-03-31-203145  4028

The pic on the left was from the after story, while the one on the right is a sprite from the PSP game which I found. So there, they actually edited it! Azusa would have been so precious if weren’t for his shitty endings. Oh right, I just remembered. In one of the Heaven scenarios Azusa actually says that “humans are always…” which is ridiculous cuz SINCE WHEN WAS AZUSA MISTRUSTING? DID HE BECOME KOU? Kou still can be excused from his mistrust due to his insecurities but this was fucking irrelevant to Azusa like what. Eitherway, all Mukamis are fucked in their intro game because every route would definitely leave a bad taste in my mouth somehow.

Shu – Wow Shu was certainly a breather from all the shitty routes previously! Shu doesn’t really get angry throughout the route and doesn’t grab her angrily for blood and just rolls away telling her to GTFO, which I think it’s much better than the other dudes which was so frustrating.  As per usual, Shu is really h0rny and that’s where I couldn’t take him aha. Still I like how the after story was written about how Shu starts to grow out from his guilt and realises he can do things too for the sake of Yui, which really made me happy. as he actually had some proper character development in the after story rather than the dumb good ending where they um…..run away for no reason. At least they gave a good ending in the after story and cleared everything up!

Subaru – Wow the writers really refused to make Subaru dere and 50% of the time was spent with him getting angry until the very last moment which made me question the point of all the scenes which happened so far. THEY SERIOUSLY DID NOT WANT SUBARU TO BE SUBARU, THEY WANTED HIM TO BE TSUNBARU. He was getting angry all the time that I was like ?_? why is he angry? I don’t even know. Also half the type while recapping this route I was wondering why we had so many scenes with Kou as well but oh well they became friends so lol. His after story was one of the funniest shit among everything else as it wasn’t exactly even serious at all lol. Half the time everyone was just joking around so I felt it to be irrelevant but really funny content because deredere Subaru is my fav. (´♡‿♡`+) Also the main route had one of my most favourite options ever in the game which i this:

2015-04-17-233114Wow that was so hilarious, I naturally picked the first one. Overall I guess Subaru’s route was okay, cept for the fact that he was too tsun and too irritating to handle. Also his route was actually funny to me? Yes it was entertaining to me as I was laughing half the time at his stupidity and him wondering why he’s so irritated and tsun.

~Final Thoughts~ 

tumblr_inline_n8glqvHUC71srt5teWow I am extremely horrified by the handling of this game in the first place. What was Otomate even trying to do by glorifying abuse and telling everyone who plays this that abuse is okay? I mean, this game does show unhealthy relationships but I guess this game just amplifies this fact. My main problem was with the Mukamis. This was their entrance game, and they just had to fuck it up by giving them a very poor intro which made them all look like asses. I’m not exxpecting them to be 100% nice, but from the tokuten drama cds I can see that they’re mainly dorks who are real funny but I guess….abusive men ftw! I honestly believe there’s something wrong with the writers of this game. Also I have another complaint. The number of CGs per guy in this gmae ARE TOO LITTLE. 9 per guy including the after story Cg. I mean, wow. How do you even have so little CGs in the first place. Everything in this game was great but the writing. I liek games with a strong story or jsut good romance writing which makes me happy but all I got was shit. I heard that the writers were mostly from Otomate for this game, because I sure do see a difference in the After Stories in the port of the game! I am still continuously giving kudos to Rejet for mopping up this shit that Otomate pulled out from their ass. The rinse and repeat cycle of guy gets angry > blood sucking time > yui questions her existence as a lunch box again. Like wow. The templates were all the same. I am truly amazed at how they were able to make scenes with the same template. Oh wait, they just needed to follow the template that’s easy as pie! Also I am confused about the inconsistencies in this game. Her dad claims she’s a vampire but somehow yui dies by getting cut all over? WHAT IS CONSISTENCY? Character who were nice in a different guy’s route but not their own route? WHAT IS CONSISTENCY AGAIN?! The context was out of hand too because characters were being more invincible than they were. *points to yuma in shuu’s route* Also Yui um dying….from Yuma/Subaru’s shockwaves umm…..wow? I am truly disappointed with this game as a dialovers fan and the only thing good about the port was the after stories. Unless you haven’t played through the More, Blood PSP version and you’re willing to sit through the train of abuse, you can consider getting this game. If not, I do not recommend this to anyone at all.

3 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers MORE, BLOOD ~Limited V Edition~

  1. kurorisa

    wow I guess all the faults goes to bad writing. I mean I can tell Ruki, Yuma, and Azusa are probably adorbs but then looool inconsistency. but yeah too bad. I’m never touching this series again even from the start. just not my thing I guess. anyway thanks for the review, I do have fun reading it XD

    1. Shuu Post author

      Thanks for the read despite not caring for the series! And yeah the writing was terrible as the my favourites mostly from the Mukamis;;

  2. Hinano

    Guhh Subaru’s extra scenario CG was so cute…but not worth buying this whole shit game and forcing myself through all the routes. I sold my PSP copy ages ago good fucking riddance X_X


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