New loots for Otoges & Updates

After the wave of BWS posts, I suddenly took a week long break after the AFA posts, but yeah, I’m still alive, and I got some new stuff to at into my otome game collection. However lately I’ve been swamping myself with assignments for the holidays which I’ve been neglecting for the past month or so, and I’m planning on finishing the assignments ASAP. Also, I finished Zara and Rath’s routes for BWS and the making of the posts have been already added into my schedule of how I’m gonna finish everything before December. Also for those who voted for me to play dialovers after utapri, u need to look below.

Here’s just update for my progress on the games I’m playing, with BWS and Remeiroku still on top pirioty as they’ve been on my backlog for too long. I haven’t been able to find time for Remeiroku, but I’m trying to finish it within the coming week.

All coloured chara names are completed and in progress. Bold is for completed & written, Italic is for completed but not written, and normal is for in-progress. Colourless chara names are the ones which I haven’t started on.

  • BWS BN : Mejojo, Auger, Julian, Nesso, Zara, Rath, Arles, Gullian
  • Remeiroku : Hijikata, Serizawa, Heisuke, Okita, Saitou, Harada
  • Utapri Debut : Cecil, Tokiya, Otoya, Natsuki, Syo, Ren, Masato

Yeah I know its bad but I’ll be getting to finish these games as soon as possible, especially BWS cuz my PC Backlog is piling up too much.



Why the hell did this turn sideways, I don’t know my phone anymore

I know everyone’s waiting for this, and not the update part really. What I recently got? Brothers Conflict Passion Pink & Urakata Hakuouki. I wasn’t expecting the shop to get the limited edition version of Urakata, but yeah since I ordered it so no complaints, as I get extra stuff inside it!!

Drama CD, Artbook, Stickers

The artbook inside of the limited version had tons of concept art to enjoy, so I was pretty pleased with it!!


So I created a poll asking what game people wanted me to play after utapri, and many said that they wanted me to play Dialovers. Yes, I am very interested in that game, but I will not be playing it anytime soon. Instead, I bring even better news:


Yes, upon hearing that Dialovers was getting a PSVITA release I decided to wait for a while until the release of the V edition as it includes brand new CGs, and more people would like to know what happened in those CGs. Also I will be getting a PSVITA to play games that I wanted to play, but I won’t be fully playing otome games on the thing yet. They’re still tons of PSP ones which I haven’t played, and I will be concentrating on that until the whole otome game industry decides to move on to PSVITA.

However, I will definitely not be getting Amnesia on the PSVITA cuz its not worth the money when I can get the PSP version. It only has extra mini games wth no thank you. I will be getting Amnesia World after I go through all the Amnesia games, so I am going to play Amnesia after Utapri since I already have a copy of it already. That’s all for announcements for now, look out for more posts after this!!

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