AFA 2013 – Day 3 Sunday

Following Saturday I returned to AFA again on Sunday, this time attending the seiyuu meet for Kimura Ryohei & Ryouta Ousaka. Yeahhhh I know my followers LURRRVVVE KIMURA-SAN so I’ll be doing a full report of the event today yay!!!!


Sadly, I spent most of my $$$ on Saturday so I didn’t have much to spend today and I only got a Nanami fan-made badge and the album for Kakumeki Dualism by T.M. Revolution and Nana Mizuki. Not going to a pic cuz there’s really nothing much to talk about.


Disclaimer: Phototaking wasn’t allowed again; so this is  just a wordy report.

Arriving just in time for the seiyuuu event, me and my sis found that most of the seats were already taken up, and we ended up standing (as there was a better view) while watching the whole event. Seriously, when the 2 seiyuus came out there was really so much fangirl screaming (yes I screamed too thank you) okay. Either way Kimura-san wore a pink shirt and black jacket, while Ryouta-san wore a grey shirt with a striped cardigan. They then talked about their time in Singapore (cuz they apparently landed in Singapore on SATURDAY MORNING DAMMIT) and them sightseeing. Also they talked about how good the food was, and then it went on to watching episode 1 of Valvrave and commentary by them.

Also we find out that this is their first seiyuu event overseas and I feel really blessed. xDDDD

FYI here’s a pick of the event from the event organisers instagram but’s it’s pretty bad cuz u cant see their faces cuz of privacy:

So during the screening of the whole episode 1 Kimura-san was tsukkoming all the way about how slowly L-Elf walked and everything while Ryouta-san was getting all cute cuz of the confession lines in ep 1. Also everyone at the stage was pretty sure what was going to happen in the episode where they even commented saying that the audience really knew the show very well. After the screening the hosts asked them what difficulties they had during the recording of the show, and they said that when they first did the audition one of the lines was the wordiness of L-Elf. Also we find out that at the beginning they weren’t given the animation for reference of the scene, and they were only given still pictures to try and image themselves in the role so it was hard.

Also they were using the more high-tech recording mike which would put the facial expressions of the seiyuu saying the line on the character (sth like that i could be wrong) and it was really hard for them. Soon, we managed to get 2 seiyuu video appearances, for Seto Asami and Fukuyama Jun. Most of it was their commentary on the character they were voicing as, and the Merlion Joke they requested. (Yeah the merlion is one of the landmarks in Singapore which is figure of a creature with a lion head & Mermaid tail which spouts water.) Fukuyama-san even wanted to ask what they did at night (OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE THIS GUY) at the hotel. The fans were pretty much pumped up by this (even me yeahhhh) and yeah before we know it, the event was ending.

They 2 seiyuus ended up saying a line from the upcoming episode of Valvrave and asked the rest of the fans to look forward to all the remaining episodes left. They also thanked everyone, and Kimura-san even said, “SINGAPORE, SAIKOU!!!!” (yeah i was so happy!!) and the event ended. Overall I felt that the event was seriously fun, and I got to see 2 good seiyuus, and I found Kimura-san exceptionally cute. No really I felt pretty fufilled for the rest of the day as I didn’t even buy anything much yeahhh. (TOO BAD UNIT 01 WAS SOLD OUT *SOBS*) Overall AFA was a great time for me this year as I got to meet seiyuus that I really liked and go crazy, and I am looking forward to next year’s AFA.

Oh yeah for those who were wondering what the merlion joke was here’s some pics of them sightseeing. (from twitter)

Also, if you want some pics of Suwabe-san in Singapore at the even you can see it on his twitter okay it was damm funny it had another Merlion joke THANK.

Also, the post for Suwabe-san’s event was in the first day post, and u can see it there along with his autograph.

And now, time for a short pic spam.

If you see your cosplay in this photo gallery and you would like me to take it down/credit it (since I don’t know you guys), I’ll be glad to do so if you really don’t want it on the net. Just put a comment there stating how u want me to credit it/want me to delete it, and I’ll immediately do so.


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