BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Zara Skeens

Zara is Fiona’s butler, who was taken in by Edgar when he was younger, and he pledged loyalty to Edgar for saving him. Since then, he has been taking of Fiona since she was young, and researching on the method of curing Zodiva. He’s pretty much the nicest guy in this game, no doubt about it. 

For people who came for the individual events, if you need the main plot, you can refer to Mejojo and Julian’s posts.

At the dance party, Fiona wants to dance with Zara, if only he was here. She didn’t want to become a wallflower, and she could enjoy the dance party since she’s childhood friends with Zara. The dance party reminded of the time when Nesso & Zara first demonstrated how to dance in front of her. Zara had gone and memorised the female part for him to demonstrate on how to dance in front of Fiona. It was beautiful in her eyes, and she recalls the time where Nesso was her partner, and Zara would be the teacher. Nesso & Zara taught her on the correct dance steps, and she was able to dance properly with them. Even when Nesso was unavailable, she did “shadow practise” and danced alone with an imaginary partner.

Zara kept scolding her for the mistakes she made, as at that rate she was going to put too much weight on her partner. She had to maintain her own posture, but Fiona kept telling Zara that she couldn’t do it. Zara then demonstrated how to dance properly to her, and he danced the female part properly, even though he was a man. Fiona refused to lose, to him, and she got fired up to dance better. Because of Zara, she was able to dance so well. Looking at all the people who were dancing, Fiona starts feeling lonely that she has no one to dance with. Mejojo & Auger were busy with their duties. When she was just wishing that Zara was here, she hears footsteps, and realises it’s Zara himself.

Fiona then asks why he’s here, and Zara explains that he was accompanying Nesso here as an representative for Edgar. The Galland family had also received an invitation even though there was the witch issue. Zara then asks Fiona if she had any problems inside the palace. She then tells him about how the neko twins are treating her pretty well, and they prepared a nice room for her to stay in. Zara doesn’t seem to believe her, but he says that he’s pretty relieved upon seeing her. He wanted to bring Fiona home as soon as possible, but he couldn’t due to the twins. Fiona smiles, and says that it’s alright. She then says how she would like to go home as well, and Zara adds that how she was complaining that she wanted to leave the tower the other day.

Zara then says that he wants to pick her up from the palace soon after everything has settled down, and Fiona says that she wants to go home too. She then asks Zara to dance with her. Zara reminds her that he’s only an attendant, and he’s not a person that she could dance with in such a place. Fiona then says that the party will end if she doesn’t dance with anyone, and Zara says that he’s going to look for Nesso so that he can dance with her. Fiona then complains that she wants to dance with Zara, and she suddenly gets a brilliant idea. Zara then asks her if anything’s wrong, Fiona then asks him the reason why he doesn’t want to dance is because he can’t dance.

Zara then asks her who was the one who taught her how to dance, and Fiona then adds saying that he can only dance the female part. Zara then says that it’s hurting his reputation, and agrees to dance with her for one song. Fiona’s super happy by this, but she feels that Zara’s really scary right now. Zara takes her hand, and leads her to the dance floor. Once Fiona’s ready, they start dancing slowly to the music. Fiona finds it easy to dance together with Zara, as he understands the female part very well. Zara starts smirking, and Fiona almost laughs at him. It seemed that he knew that Fiona’s currently admiring him, and he’s extremely proud of it.

Zara 1Fiona almost falls because of her laughter, and Zara manages to catch her before she falls. She feels that Zara’s follow-up is great, and he then says that he knows everything about her, even some things Nesso doesn’t know ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイZara says that the song’s ending, but they continue to dance.

In the dream scene, Fiona believes that she’s at the tower, and Zara’s calling out to her. She slowly goes into another dream, which is an old memory, from the past. It was when the tower was still being built, and Fiona would look at the construction of it every time. Egdar had told her that the tower was made just for her, so that she wouldn’t catch any sickness, but she then asks if Nesso and Zara are going to live with her. This causes Edgar to fall silent, and he explains that Nesso’s going to become a knight at the palace. He then continues by saying that Zara was going to be Nesso’s attendant, and says that they won’t be able to live with her. Fiona immediately runs off in sadness, and she started crying.

After running around in a circle, she returned back to the place where she had left, and crouched by the wall and started crying. Fiona was never let out of the house when she was little, so the only friends she had were Nesso & Zara. They were adults, and they often took care of her. She felt that she was being separated from the 2 of them, and she was going to live in the tower without them. She didn’t want to be apart from them. She didn’t want them to leave her behind. While she was crying, she heard Zara behind her. She wasn’t facing him, and she didn’t want to see him. He asked her what was wrong, She then says that Zara was going to leave her behind and go to a faraway place, and that made her cry more.

Zara then says that he ain’t going anywhere, but crying Fiona says that he was going to be a knight together with Nesso, and they were going to leave her. He then explains that he was asked if he wanted to be Nesso’s attendant. Fiona then complains, saying that he’s going to faraway place with Nesso. Zara then says that he already turned down the offer after talking to Edgar, and says that they’re going to be together forever. Fiona finally turns to see Zara, and Zara slowly wipes away her tears, telling her that a lady cannot have such a face. Fiona continues to cry, and Zara tells her to stop as he just wiped away her tears.

Zara 3He was going to stay together with her forever, but Fiona couldn’t stop crying. She was extremely happy that Zara would still be with her, and she wasn’t as scared as before. Zara’s gently stroking her back, as Fiona tells him how much she loves him. He then kisses her cheeks, wiping her tears with his lips. Fiona then started hugging him, and he whispered saying that she’s a pampered child, but he wanted to continue pampering her. Since that day, Zara’s been calling her “ojousama”, although Fiona preferred him calling her by her name, she’s happy that she’s living with Zara, and the dream fades away.

Fiona soon wakes up, and she blushes as she remembers that memory. Fiona also realises that she’s such a crybaby, and she could cry anytime now, if Zara was by her side. Soon, she sees Nesso & Zara by the side of the bed, Julian suggest that they escape through the sewers, and Fiona wonders what Zara thinks of this idea. Was he going to come with them? If they left the kingdom, they would lose the title of the Galland family. They would lose all their wealth, and they wouldn’t be able to hire Zara for his excellent service. Maybe, he would go on a different path from them after they leave the country? Upon thinking of that, Fiona felt lonely. Zara asked her if anything was wrong but she said that nothing was wrong, as she didn’t want to ask him such a question.

Fiona doesn’t say anything, but Zara knows what she’s thinking off. He then admits that he’s more selfish than ever, and he picks the master he wants to serve. He then states that the person he’s decided to serve is Fiona, and that fact will never change. He’s decided that he’s gonna follow her forever, until she tells him that she doesn’t need him anymore. Zara then gently strokes her cheeks, and says that she’s the only one. The group soon leaves the palace through the sewers, and they’re ambushed by Auger midway. However, they managed to escape thanks to Nesso, and they started moving away from the palace. Fiona got a fever, so Julian & Nesso found a mountain hut for her to rest in.

There, Zara explains that Fiona could have gotten Zodiva and the truth behind the princes in terms of the research for Zodiva. Fiona then asks for Zara’s opinion of this issue. He says that, as a pharmacist, he would definitely want to find the cure to Zodiva. However, the reason why he’s doing the research for Zodiva was because of Fiona. He then slowly touches the wound on her neck. He then smiles, telling her that as long that he could save her, he would be more happy than everyone else. Zara then asks Fiona what she wants to do. Fiona then says that she wants to talk to the wolves. The group ends up at the wolf HQ, where they try and get the wolves to cooperate for the research of Zodiva. However, Arles didn’t want to cooperate with them.

Arles had also told Fiona about what happened between him and Mejojo, and asks what she’s going to do. Fiona has to make a decision, and she decides that she’s going to leave Weblin and live a peaceful life with her family. After Rath hands them the blood samples, they set off on their journey to leave the country. Julian goes wiht them, and the group ends up having to cross a river. Fiona can’t cross the slippery rocks alone, so she asks Zara to cross the river with her.

Zara holds out his hand for her, and Nesso starts whining asking why he can’t help Fiona. Zara then says that he’ll be taking ojousama, while Nesso’s taking Julian. Nesso’s like “WTF NO.” but Zara just suggests to Fiona that they cross first. He holds her hand and they hop towards the first rock. Making sure that she’s landed safely, Zara then continues towards the next rock. Although Fiona’s steps are extremely wobbly, she has Zara supporting her every hop towards the next rock. Zara then chuckles a little, saying that they’ve always been like that. Even in the past, Zara was holding Fiona’s hand tightly, and he’s always been leading the way, with Fiona behind him. Unlike Nesso, who was always pampering her, Zara had been leading her forward and making sure that she was moving forward on her own.

Zara 4Zara’s grip was extremely secure, and when Fiona almost slipped and fell, he managed to pull her back up and tells her that she has to be careful. Fiona’s pretty amazed by this, as Zara indeed knew her better than herself. Soon, they reach the other side of the river, and they both sigh in relief. As they watch Nesso & Julian cross the river, Fiona says that she’s always been saved by Zara all the time. Zara then says that she’s the one who’s been saving him. Fiona’s pretty confused by this, and Zara then says he’s a war orphan. She then remembers the time when Auger told her the story where their dad had killed all the rabbits in the palace, and almost exterminated all of them. This caused a lot of rabbits to lose their families.

At first, Zara was working as a slave, and the days were so hard that he’d wished that he had died along with his parents, until Edgar came. Edgar wanted a rabbit to take care of his daughter, as he knew that rabbits had a lot of medical knowledge. Zara’s owner was pretty happy with the amount Edgar was offering for him, so Zara was sold to Edgar. Zara then thought that he would be treated the same way as his previous master did, so he didn’t trust Edgar at all. Ho matter how kind Edgar was, Zara just couldn’t trust him. Zara regrets the attitude he had back in the day, as he couldn’t trust anyone.

Fiona laughs a little at how Zara’s talking about his own past, and Zara says that he was saved by the Galland family’s kindness. They had accepted him as a person, and accepted him as a part of their family. This allowed the Zara who used to hate himself so much, love himself a bit more. He then states that he barely talks about these things, as he never had any good memories of the past. Fiona then tells him if he really thinks she’s family he should just call her by her name, She then admits that when Zara started calling her “ojousama” she’s been feeling extremely lonely. Zara also remembers when Fiona was whining at him to call her by her name.

Fiona feels a bit guilty by this, and Zara then says that he did this because he was her attendant, and he wanted to become more than just a family. Fiona’s shocked by this, and looks at Zara for more answers, he just tells her to leave it to her imagination. She calls him mean, and Zara admits that there’s been many times where he purposely made her cry. He was more cunning, then actually mean, and Fiona would just keep asking him for help while hugging him. He always wondered why Fiona was that dumb, and upon hearing this, Fiona slumps her shoulders down. Zara then says thats the reason why he wants to protect her, and wanted to help her.

Zara then says that he was saved by Fiona, but Fiona doesn’t understand how she saved him. Zara then asks if she really didn’t get it, and Fiona admits that she doesn’t understand at all, except for the fact that Zara was a meanie. He laughs, and tells her that Fiona brought him back to life. Fiona feels that he’s teasing her again, and he asks if he doesn’t look revived. Fiona then says that he only looks revived, by a little. Zara then says that he’s gonna make her medicine 30% bitter, and Fiona turns pale. Nesso & Julian soon arrive, and Nesso asks Fiona what happened, and Fiona complains saying that she’s being picked on by Zara. Zara then says that he was just expressing his love ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪

Getting through the wet area, they soon to get to the dry part of the forest, and they set up a camp there. The group them talks about things that happened, in the past, and they soon go and sleep. However, Fiona’s feeling extremely cold, and she’s tossing and turning under her blanket. Then, she hears someone else tossing and turning as well. She wonders if it’s Zara. Then, she hears Zara asking her if she’s awake. Seeing how Zara’s looking at her, Fiona then says that her hands and feet are cold. He then says that it’s not good, and tells her to wait for a while as he gets up.

Fiona apologises for waking him up, but Zara plainly says that it’s his job to take care of her health. She then asks him what he’s doing with the fire, and Zara explains that he making a heated stone. Curious about what he was doing, Fiona move close to sit beside him, and Zara tells her that she should be lying down and resting. Fiona says that she can’t just sleep when she woke him up for him to do something for her. Zara then says that it’s okay for her to sleep cuz he has more stamina that her, and tells her to come closer to him if she doesn’t want to. He didn’t want her to get cold because of him. Zara then wraps his blanket over her, and the 2 of them share a blanket while waiting for Zara to be done.

Fiona laughs a little, and says that this reminded her of a storybook that she had read when she was younger. It was a story of 2 children on a journey on a southern island, and there was a part during the story where they shared a blanket like that in front of a fire. Zara then says that he might have read that storybook before, He then says that there was a scene where they were playing on the beach, and another where they shared a grilled chicken together. Fiona wanted to have an adventure like that too, and somehow, that wish had came through….indirectly. They were having an adventure right now, but they were in the North, and didn’t have any grilled chicken.

Both of them were talking in a low voice, so that they wouldn’t wake anyone up. Fiona then puts her head on his shoulder, trying to get some of Zara’s warmth. He asks her if she’s still sleepy, Fiona nods. Zara tells her that she just needs to walk a while longer, and he would be done with the heated stone. Fiona asks what it is, and Zara explains that its a small stone, which is the size of a hand. The stone is heated in a fire, and put in a small cloth bag that can be slid under the blanket to keep them warm. Zara asks Fiona to bear with the cold temperature for now, but Fiona finds its extremely comfortable, as the cold temperature had completely disappeared from existence because she was with Zara.

Soon, Zara takes out a red-hot stone from the fire using a stick, and Fiona gets more and more sleepy due to her tiredness. She’s getting more and more drowsy, and Zara tells her to wait a while longer for him to wrap up the stone, and slide it under her blanket. She nods, and admits that she really likes staying together with Zara like this, and she’s almost falling asleep. Zara says that she can fall asleep anytime, and he’ll put her to bed later. Fiona feels a bit childish if she does that, but her eyes can’t keep open any longer. Zara holds Fiona’s hands, and places the stone there.

Zara 6He asks Fiona to be careful while holding the stone, as it might unwrap and scald her. Zara then says that he’s wrapped it up tightly so that it wouldn’t unwrap. Fiona responds with a nod, and she soon falls asleep, in Zara’s warmth. ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ ワーイ

The next morning, the get a light breakfast, they leave the camp soon. Worried that the neko twins would have noticed that they left the tower, they decide to take a rather dangerous route which Nesso found during his patrols at the country side. The group can’t cross together all at one go, so they have to go in pairs. Fiona asks Zara to cross with her.

Zara immediately agrees, so Nesso & Julian go down first to check out the path. Zara apologises to Nesso, as he’s usually the one who checks out dangerous spots, but Nesso tells him he has to most important job, which is protecting Fiona. Nesso & Julian go down the path slowly, and Fiona gets nervous as she looks at the crumbling path. Zara gently squeezes her hand, telling her that Nesso & Julian will definitely be alright. This calms down Fiona a lot, and they watch until Nesso & Julian cross the path. Soon, the 2 make it across the path, so Fiona & Zara heave a sigh of relief. Zara then says it’s now their turn to cross the path.

Zara guides Fiona to the path, and tells her not to look at the side, as it will just make her more nervous. They have to ignore all the sounds of rock crumbling, and try to keep themselves calm. Suddenly, Nesso & Julian shout out to them, telling them that there are pursuers. Fiona turns around, and spots some guards coming after them, shouting out loud to catch her. Fiona is extremely shocked by this, and says that they need to hurry. Zara then says that she shouldn’t panic, as if they walk too fast, the ground below them may collapse. Fiona speeds up her pace, focusing on taking one step after another, but they still hear the guards coming after them.

The knights stars shouting, saying that they must catch Fiona, and some of them start running down the path. Zara calls them stupid, as the path couldn’t possibly hold all of them. However, while he said that, a part of the ground started to crumble, and the knights have no choice but to stop. One of them curses, and says that they’re gonna do something. Fiona calls out to Zara, and he tells her to ignore the knights and concentrate on walking down the path. She speeds up her pace, and gets shocked when she hears something sharp pierce through the air. Zara tells her not to stop and look back, and just continue walking forward. The knights were shooting them with arrows, but Zara assures her by telling her that the wind is strong, and they won’t get shot that easily.

NOOO ZARASoon, they reach the other side of the cliff, and meet up with Nesso & Julian. They were free now. Fiona gladly turns to Zara, telling him that they finally made it, and Zara answers, “You’re….. right…….” and collapses to the ground. Fiona’s shocked by this, and Nesso somehow manages to catch Zara’s body. Fiona then sees a arrow piercing Zara’s back, and she’s horrified. Zara was shot, and yet he kept encouraging Fiona to move forward, while protecting her. Julian helps to get Zara on Nesso’s back, and they soon hurry off to where Edgar is. Fiona’s still traumatized by what happened to Zara, and asks Nesso what’s going to happen to Zara.

Nesso assures her that everything’s going to be alright, and they hurry to where Elza and the rest of the family is. They rush down the mountain, with Fiona praying that Zara would be alright along the way. They soon met up with Elza, and they were led to Edgar’s place. Zara’s wound was treated in no time, and he recovered from the injury in no time.

One day, Zara calls Fiona into his room, and he apologises for asking her to do so. Fiona says that there’s nothing wrong in calling her there, as she loves coming to his room and looking at all the interesting objects in his room. Zara believes his room is messy, but Fiona doesn’t think so. There were a lot of thing lying around, but to Fiona, “messy” meant that the things were all over the place, and when you wanted to find something, it couldn’t be found. Zara then says that he wants to keep this room neat & clean, since Edgar gave him this room to study medicine in.

Zara 7Since the day they came to the country, the Galland had lost everything. They’re wealth, their social status. Everything. However, Zara had still stayed together with them. Currently, they’re able to make ends meets with the possessions Edgar had brought from Weblin, but the amount of money they had weren’t going to last long. Zara had stayed together with them in the mansion they had bought, and he even paid the rent for the room he was staying in. Fiona the mutters saying that Zara could live by himself, but he says that he doesn’t want to. He’s still working as her butler in the end, and Fiona feels bad everytime she asks him for help. Zara admits that he loves her asking him for help though, and he doesn’t mind helping her at all.

Fiona tells him that he ain’t their butler anymore. Zara frowns upon hearing this, and she decides to change the subject, asking him why he called her into his room today. Zara says that he wants to inform her of something. He then takes out a small bottle and puts it on the table, saying that it’s the cure for Zodiva. Fiona’s surprised and asks if he finally completed it, but Zara says that he isn’t sure. He can’t prove whether the liquid inside can indeed cure Zodiva, but he’s pretty sure of himself. Zara has been examining the blood samples that Rath gave him, and he managed to extract the common factor between all the blood samples. The liquid he extracted was inside the bottle.

OOHHH CURE FOR ZODIVAFiona then looks at the liquid, and is amazed how such a transparent liquid could be extracted from the red blood of the wolves. She then asks if the medicine should be drunk. Zara shakes his head, and explains that the liquid inside is meant for injections. Fiona feels a little scared by this, as she hated injections, even more than bitter medicines. Zara then says that it wouldn’t hurt cuz he’s the one giving the injection (´∀`), but Fiona says that every time he gave her an injection, it would hurt. Zara then says it was just an illusion, and it wouldn’t hurt if she looked at the needle piercing through her skin. She wonders if it’s really true, but she ends up holding out her arm to him anyway.

Zara sighs, and says that he’s really scared of doing this injection. He was never scared of injections, even when it was him getting one or him doing it. He was pretty sure that this was the cure for Zodiva, but he was worried that there could be a side effect to the medicine. He wished to be the one getting Zodiva, so the medicine could be tested on him. Fiona tells him not to say such things, as if he collapsed because of Zodiva, who would have found this cure? Zara sighs, and still refuses to take her arm. Fiona wanted to take the medicine sooner, so that she could be free from the torment of Zodvia, and live peacefully.

She then tells Zara that she believes that he would be able to save her, and nothing will happen to her. Zara understands, and takes her arm, putting some disinfectant on her skin. He fills the syringe with the medicine, and Fiona tells him not to make it painful. Zara assures her that it won’t, and says he’s going to inject it. Fiona closes her eyes, and says that hurts in the end. Once all the medicine was inserted, he takes out the needle, and Fiona asks if the effect is immediate. Zara says that he isn’t sure, but since Fiona hasn’t and symptoms of the disease yet, the disease should be dying inside her right now.

Fiona then says he’s gonna have to watch her for a while for any signs of side effect, or even the disease coming back again. Zara’s surprised by this, but he smiles and says that he has the responsibility to watch her for the rest of her life. It’s a tough job, but if she ever got sick, he would just give her some injections for it to be cured. Fiona whines a little and calls him a meanie, but they soon laugh together. She knows that she doesn’t need to ask Zara to stay behind, but she still have some uncertainties.

Zara 9Zara then says that she’s going to be his ojousama forever, and he’ll always be taking care of her. Both of them laugh a little, and they share a kiss.

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While hurrying down the mountain. Nesso realises something is wrong with Zara, and stops for a while. Julian asks if Nesso’s okay, and if he needs him to carry Zara. Nesso shakes his head, saying that he needs a spot to put down Zara. There was something wrong. They lead Nesso to a clearing, and he puts Zara down there. Fiona then asks whats wrong, and Nesso says that Zara’s body is hot. Fiona looks at Zara, and she sees that his face is all red, and he could feel the heat from his breath. She touches his forehead, and realises he’s down with a high fever. Fiona wonders if it was possible to get a fever because of an injury from an arrow, but Nesso and Julian.

It was a poisoned arrow.

Fiona’s shocked by this, Zara laughs softy beside her. She asks if Zara was alright, and he just says that its so funny that a pharmacist is dying from poison. Fiona then says that she shouldn’t be saying such things. It’s so painful for Zara, and yet he was still smiling. Nesso asks if they can use the medicine Zara brought along to detoxify the poison, but judging by Zara’s condition, it wasn’t possible. Nesso tells him not to die so easily, and Julian tells him to hang on. However, Zara didn’t listen. He did so much for everyone else, but he didn’t do anything for himself. Fiona cries and tells him not to give up so easily, but Zara says that he can just give up here.

Nesso didn’t care about what Zara said, and told him to do something. However, Zara didn’t do anything. He just let out a weak but beautiful smile, as he was happy with him dying. He tells Fiona that he was happy to have protected her, but Fiona gets really upset, crying and sobbing while telling him that she doesn’t want this to happen. Zara calls out to Nesso & Julian, and both their voices are trembling. He hands them a worn out paper, and says that its the recipe to the preventive cure for Zodiva. Nesso also breaks into tears, and Zara tells him to take care of Fiona. Nesso tells him no to die so soon, and Zara just whispers to Fiona, saying that he wanted to serve her forever if he could.

Zara 10His ears droop as he loses consciousness, and he closes his eyes. Fiona screams his name continuously, and puts her hand on his forehead. It was extremely hot, his body was warm, but it just felt…..empty. Fiona screams saying that this had to be a lie, and Nesso says that this can’t happen after they had come so far. They were free, and they could live peaceful lives, and yet, Zara wasn’t with them.

Time passed, and one day, Nesso & Julian come and visit Fiona at the mountain hut she’s living in. They brought food in, and they went in. While preparing drinks for them, Fiona thanks them for coming all the way to the mountains to get her food supplies and everything she needed to survive there. Nesso says that he’ll do anything to see his younger sister’s cute face, and she sees Julian looking around the hut. She asks him what wrong, Julian then says that how lonely it feels for her to stay there alone. Seeing how worried Julian is for her, she says that it’s okay. They managed to cross the border, but never went to Edgar’s place.

Nesso asks if she really doesn’t want to live in the city, and she just shakes her head. Julian then asks if he could stay in the mountain hut together with her, but she also says no to the idea. The reason why she’s staying in the mountain hut was because she might still have Zodiva, and she didn’t want that disease to spread to the country they were in. Since Zara’s gone, there’s no one to cure it, and it might spread further and cause problems to this city. Fiona also thought that she shouldn’t be meeting Nesso & Julian as well, but they told her not to worry as they were taking the preventive cure for Zodiva, so there’s a lower chance of them getting infected. They couldn’t leave her alone in the mountains like that.

Fiona recalls that at first when she wanted to stay in the mountain hut, Nesso & Julian refused to leave until she said that they could visit her. She laughs a little at that memory, and proceeds to ask how the family’s doing. Pearl & Richie were the same, and Edgar was welcomed by the people in the country. She also asks about them, and Nesso said that he managed to get a job as well, and Julian was taking care of the mansion. Nesso then says that its time to make the preventive cure for Zodiva with the recipe Zara made, and they drink it to protect themselves from Zodiva. Even though Zara was dead, the recipe that he had left with them made it feel like he was still together with them.

Fiona mutters Zara’s name, and she sees an image of him asking, “Whats wrong, ojousama?” Nesso then asks her if anything was wrong, and she just replies by saying that it feels like Zara was still together with them. Julian says that it might be true. Fiona stares up into the sky, and whisper inside her heart, “Thank you Zara…Thanks to you, I’m still alive.”

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Zara is pretty much the best guy in the game, where he’s pretty sweet all the way through. I really loved him a lot compared to the others, cuz unlike them, Zara DID NOT CHARACTER CHANGE AT THE END. He was completely kind & sweet throughout the whole game, and that’s what I call consistency. Well the good thing is that consistency always never happens in this game, so yeah I’m pretty happy that Zara is so sweet. Apart from the side of Zara where he gets all mean at Fiona, he was pretty cute and sweet. This is one of the more otome-ish endings for this game really no doubt about it. As for the Bad end, (;_;)( ;_)( ;)(  )(; )(_; )(;_;)(T-T) ウルウル WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS REJET. WWHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY. I’M SO UPSET. POOR ZARA. JUST WHY IS HIS BAD END SO SAD. WHY. Just let me sit in my pool of tears. Thank you.

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