BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Auger Von Garibaldhi

I had no choice but to finish Auger’s route ASAP cuz I found out picking the “look for auger” choice in mejojo’s route opens up Auger’s bad end and I ended up having to clean out his good end first. Also I joined up the twin ends with this post cuz I had a feeling that this ain’t gonna be as long as the main plot post.

For people who just popped onto this post for Auger, if you do need the main plot, you can read Mejojo’s post here.

I’m pretty sure all of your impressions of Auger would be “what a cute lil’ shit!!!” but yeah BE SURPRISED LATER. He’s the lazy younger prince, and compared to Mejojo he isn’t as good as his younger brother. Do to the incident which happened to the twins, he only trusts Mejojo now as Mejojo’s his everything. Therefore, he serves Mejojo in any way he can. His personality is very complicated, and I’ll explain it later through the story.

At the dance party, Fiona wants to dance with Mejojo but she’s worried that she can’t do so. Mejojo has a lot of responsibilities to attend to since he’s the crown prince of Weblin. She stand in a corner sulking, but hopes that she’ll be able to dance with Auger. Auger is usually laid back, and Fiona hopes that he does have the time to dance with her. Suddenly, Auger pops up in front of her and she’s like “you’re actually here??” Auger’s like “I’m a prince u know obviously I still have to perform my duties here u idiot” He says that Fiona shouldn’t be sulking just because Mejojo can’t dance her, she’ll look less cute (*^▽^)/ Fiona’s gets embarrassed by what he said. Turns out that Auger was never doing any formal greetings since he was too playful and was hiding somewhere till the dance actually started.

Fiona stares into space, and Augers asks her if anything’s wrong. She shakes her head and says no, but Auger then says that it’s too bad if she can’t dance. Fiona shocked that he read her mind, and asks if she can join in the dance with him. Auger’s like “LOL NOPE” and Fiona gets all embarrassed again cuz she was the one who ask him if she could dance with him. Auger says that he was only picking on her. Fiona’s like “ur personality’s rlly bad Auger” and Auger only laughs, saying that he’s gonna stick with her for 1 song. He then brings her to the dance floor, and they start dancing. But who knows, Auger goes rlly fast and before Fiona knew it she was whirling around, and letting Auger control her footsteps. She’s trying not to trip hard, and trying too keep up with the guy. Auger then tells her that she needs to be more elegant.

Auger 1Determined to catch up with the guy, Fiona and grips his hand harder and tries to catch with him. Auger’s like “u sure u can actually keep up?” and Fiona’s like “sure i can” and they whirl around the dance floor. Auger than says that it’s really fun dancing together, and Fiona agrees with him as they continue to dance. Suddenly, Auger intimidates Fiona by blowing some air onto her. In shock, Fiona almost trips and falls but she’s caught by him. After picking herself up they continue dancing til the song ends, and they receive a lot of praise from the people who were watching them. Auger then said that he really enjoyed dancing with her as he made Fiona “dance for him”. Fiona’s shocked by that line and tells herself to be more careful around the guy as he could trick her anytime.

In the dream scene, Fiona thinks that Auger’s calling out to her and she crashes into him while looking for the guy. Suddenly, a strong wind blows by and almost blows her away. Auger doesn’t really care about her at all and just says “Goodbye~” to her. Fiona’s pretty angered by this and reaches out her hand attempting to grab Auger. He’s like “don’t bring me along to your wind grave”, and Fiona like “tell me why u wanna kill me so much”. Auger wonders why and ask her how long she’s gonna how his hand. She gets embarrassed upon noticing that she’s been holding his hand all this while, although the wind’s already passed. Auger’s pretty pissed over that fact that she’s been holding his hand for that long. He then says that he’s busy, so she should let go of his hand soon.

Auger 4Fiona looks at him disapprovingly and he then laughs at her, asking he if she needs him as well. Fiona’s like “why would i want you?” Auger then adds that she’s an evil girl, and she’s too ugly for the twins. Fiona’s shocked and gets embarrassed that she’s ugly and how Auger can be so straight abt it. (it’s a girl’s thing you know haha) He then starts touching her, starting from her waist, tracing his finger higher and higher up to her breasts. Fiona starts complaining, and Auger tells her she’s flat. Auger wonders if her boobs could grow bigger, and continues tracing his finger all over her body. He starts saying it was all her fault that Mejojo went crazy earlier; she had caused her own problem. She then asks Auger if she could ask her a question. He tells her that he would answer a question every time she knelt down once.

Fiona refused, and asks him if he hates her. Auger’s like “I’m pretty sure u know the answer to that girl” and tells her that he hates her. Auger hates Fiona as he doesn’t like Mejojo getting all obsessed over her. Auger believes that Mejojo was his, and no one could take him. And yet, he was obsessed with someone like Fiona. Auger suddenly had a thought – what if he stole Fiona way from Mejojo? Thinking about that, he starts wondering if Mejojo would kill him if he did that. Before Fiona says anything, Auger kisses Fiona on the lips, slowly slipping his tongue into her mouth, making the kiss more aggressive. As it goes on, Fiona runs out of breath and is trembling. Auger then says that Fiona is indeed turned on by what he’s doing. Soon, the dream fades away, however, Fiona still feels the grip of Auger’s arms on her, and Fiona thinks to herself whether she really wants this to be done to her ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイ

Along the way while escaping, Fiona wonders why Auger’s doing this all for Mejojo. While is he even doing so much evil just for his brother? What is his motive? Was it just for fun? Fiona just wonders. She ends up deciding to protect Weblin like in Mejojo’s route (this option basically triggers the nekos’ routes) and goes back to the castle to convince them to work with the wolves. Julian ends up being killed and they dragged her to be punished inside the underground dungeon.

When they ask her who she would like to be punished by, she picks Auger. Seeing Mejojo giving off his (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ face, and she believes that Auger would probably…give not much of harsh punishment. (I wonder?) Auger then says he’s gonna make her more clean, and lengthens her chains to the bathtub inside the dungeon, and attaches it to the tub. He then tells Fiona to go inside the bathtub. Stepping into the ice-cold water, Fiona gets scared as she shivers in the cold. Suddenly, Auger pulls the chains which are connected to her wrists, and she’s forced to kneel in the bathtub, making her feel more cold. Before she knows it, Auger is pouring a jar of ice-cold water on her head. She feels more cold, as her clothes and hair soak up more and more water. She wants Auger to stop, but before she can raise her head, more water is poured down her face. She’s shivering hard, and she feels extremely cold.

Auger 5Auger then tells her if she’s aware about her position. She may be the daughter of the Galland family, but since the Galland family has left the country, and she doesn’t have any high status anymore. She’s Mejojo’s fiancee, and yet she was going around on her own accord and seeing other men. He believes that Fiona was spoilt too much in the tower, and that was the reason why she was misbehaving. Auger keeps pouring water into her face, and she tries to turn away but she fails as the chains are holding her in place. Fiona begins to choke on the water, and Auger asks if she had become cleaner. He dress is extremely wet, and she’s showing off all her nice body parts. Fiona then asks Auger not to look at her, but Auger says that she’s their pet now, and pets don’t need to hide anything from their masters.

Fiona looks u and tries to ask fore Mejojo’s help, but auger just accuses her of seducing Mejojo. She’s a cunning woman, and she’s been seducing so many other men, which caused Mejojo to be extremely displeased with her. She had left with Nesso, and then come back to the castle, and caused Julian to be killed. He then whispers on line in her ear.

“You were the one who killed Julian.”

Fiona then starts questioning herself. Was she the one who killed Julian? Did her actions cause Julian to die? She did. SHE HAD KILLED JULIAN. The line had kept repeating in her mind, but she wanted to deny it. However, as she thought about it, she realised to herself – she had killed Julian indirectly. She ends up admitting it, and Auger says that she’s really a cruel girl. Fiona starts apologising and continues crying. Then, Mejojo says that she’s such a fool to have killed Julian, and Auger adds that she only needs to listen to his brother now, and she’ll be loved in return. Mejojo is the only one who can accept Fiona, and he would treasure her as much as she can as long she obeys her. Auger then tells her that she will have to call Mejojo “Mejojo-sama” now. Fiona’s too upset, and plainly obeys him and mutters it softly.

All 6The neko twins then brand the crest of Weblin onto the back of her neck and the wolves also find out that Fiona fails, and they plan on attacking the castle. Like in Mejojo’s route, Rath’s left outside and all the other wolves are cornered in the garden. Fiona looks around for Auger, and spots him – fighting Nesso and Zara. She immediately sees them fighting a lot of knights, one after another. He voice wouldn’t be able to reach any of them at all, and she could only hope that they would be able to get away. Nesso and Zara then shout out to Fiona, asking where is she, but she is unable to answer because she’s stuck inside a soundproof room. They are surviving, but they are running outta stamina to fight the cat knights. Nesso then shouts and raises his sword, telling the knights to make way if they don’t wanna die a wasted death. All the knights shudder in fear cuz they know Nesso is seriously strong, and they didn’t wanna mess with him.

Suddenly, Auger walks by, and says that he’s here to join in the fun. He asks if the 2 are having fun fighting the knights, but the 2 are definitely NOT PLEASED. They ask where Auger where’s Fiona, but he doesn’t answer them. Auger then says that Fiona willingly came back to the castle. Nesso then retorts saying that she doesn’t want to stay in the castle and they’re not leaving the castle without her. Auger then says that Fiona is a very evil girl, and Nesso gets angry. Auger doesn’t want to say anything anymore, and proceeds to draw his rapier and attack Nesso. However, Nesso is lacking stamina and trying to kill Auger in top condition wouldn’t be easy. Nesso is breathing hard, and he can’t attack Auger at all, and keeps defending. Seeing this, Zara calls Auger a coward. Auger goes “since when have I been fair in the first place?” and snaps his fingers. The knights surround Zara, and he has no choice to kill them to defend him self.

Auger 6To the neko twins, as long they won, they didn’t really care what methods they used; even if they were cheating. Auger then calls Nesso extremely pathetic, since the guy’s unable to defeat him. Before we know it, Auger stabs Nesso in the stomach, and Nesso collapses on the ground in pain. Nesso, is unable to stand up anymore, and Zara goes in front of the guy, telling Auger that if he wants to kill Nesso he has to kill him first. Auger’s like “LOL WHY WOULD I I STILL HAVE A USE FOR U” as he pulls Zara’s ears. The twins still needs them to make the antidote for Zodiva, and he can’t just die yet. Zara then tries to make a deal with Auger, and says that he’ll do Zodiva research for them, in return he has to spare Nesso’s life. Auger then tells him that they still have Fiona in their hands, and she might be infected with Zodiva, and they may force Zara to make the cure for her. With this, Zara admits defeat.

Auger then says “Bye Nesso, hope your next life would be much better than this LOL” and kills the guy. He then drags Zara away by his ears, taking him somewhere. Fiona screams, and thinks that everything is just a nightmare. She wants to wake up, but she can’t.

Since that night, there weren’t any wolves anymore, and Weblin had regained their peace. Under the rule of Mejojo, Weblin had regained peace and the cure for Zodiva was announced to the public. However, something changed about Mejojo. After that day, Fiona was thrown back into the dungeon, with Mejojo whipping and punishing her everyday. He seemed to be not contented about something, but Fiona couldn’t think at all, just scream in pain due to the torture. Auger asks him to stop, but Mejojo goes “SHADDUP!” and pushes the guy away. Since that night, Mejojo has lost his objective. He had killed Arles, but Arles had ripped out his left eye, and he was still angry at them. He then took out his anger on Fiona. Fiona’s just scared seeing Mejojo like that, and Auger can only stare at him, unable to stop his brother.

Mejojo soon leaves in a fury, and Auger motions to her. Fiona’s shivering in fear, and she’s scared that Auger is going to do something to her. Because of all this torture from Mejojo, Fioan didn’t want to stay there anymore; she wanted to die. She then mutters, “Kill me…” to Auger. He’s shocked that Fiona said that, as he didn’t know that Fiona would give in that easily. In Fiona’s mind, the twins had already taken everything away from her, and she didn’t want to live anymore. Auger then hugs her, and apologises to her for doing that to her. Fiona’s shocked that Auger apologised to her, it was a first from him. Auger then explains that he only wanted to make Mejojo happy, through all those plans, all the times that they were together. He only wanted to make Mejojo happy. However he’s…..changed. Ever since that night, he has changed. Auger then tells her he’s gonna get some servants to bring some medicine in, and he’ll come back later.

Auger 7Auger’s face is filled with sorrow, and she agrees with him. Mejojo had all his wishes come true, and he had gotten everything. However, he was very angry, and he had been raging almost every day. The next day, Mejojo continues to take out his angry on Fiona, and leaves the dungeon angrily again. However, this time. Auger would make sure until Mejojo fully left, and he would use some ointment he secretly brought in to treat her. He tells her that he’s isn’t that good at medicine, and slowly rubs the ointment on her back. As she feels his warm hand on his back, she felt much better. This ended becoming a daily thing where Auger would treat her wounds after Mejojo left the dungeon. Auger keeps apologising to Fiona, and says thats all he can do. He’s done so much to make his brother happy, and he can’t go against him at all. If Mejojo found out he was helping Fiona, Mejojo was definitely be angry.

Suddenly, they hear footsteps coming. However, to their dismay, that turns out to be Mejojo coming to throw a fit at Fiona again. Seeing them together, Mejojo gets extremely angry, and asks Fiona, “Fiona….you’re betraying me again??” Auger tries to explain, but Mejojo tells him to shut up and he thinks. Then he says, “Yes….I finaly know who’s my enemy now. IT’S YOU AUGER!!” Auger’s like “NO NII-SAN YOU’VE GOT IT WRONG!!” Mejojo pretty much doesn’t care anymore and goes on about how Auger’s stolen everything away from him. Then, he draws his rapier slowly, and says that Auger’s need to die. Here and now. Auger tries to calm him down, but there’s no stopping Mejojo now. Without any choice, Auger also pulls out his rapier to fight. Mejojo then concludes that Auger INDEED wants to kill him. Auger realises….his brother has gone mad. There’s no stopping him now.

AFter many blows and strikes, Auger manages to stab Mejojo. As Mejojo collapses on the floor, Auger goes and hugs him, screaming out his brother’s name. However, Mejojo couldn’t be saved anymore. The blow Auger had done to Mejojo was fatal, and Auger cried and screamed his brother’s name as he died. Auger doesn’t have anyone anymore, and Fiona decides that she’s going to support Auger. She’s going to support Auger as he becomes the next king of Weblin, so that the country can have peace.

Soon after, Fiona was immediately taken out of the dungeon, and she was back inside the garden again. The garden was where that bloody battle had taken place, and it was much more beautiful compared to after the battle. The injury Mejojo was used as the excuse for Mejojo’s death, and they were living a happy life in the castle. Auger keeps Fiona inside her room cuz he doesn’t want anyone seeing her, neither wanting anyone to see them going raburabu together. One day, Auger comes and visits her, and he hugs her tightly. However, the hug felt sad, and Fiona had to slide her arms down his back to calm him down, telling him it would be okay. Auger then kisses her, slowly sliding his tongue into her lips again. and he kisses her passionately. After the kiss, Fiona tells him that she’s happy with him around, and he says she’s cute. When they proceed to kiss again, and the story ends ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪

Auger 10Until the after the end credits.. where Auger says, “BAAAAKAAAA” 



After that night, Fiona was back at the garden again, and she’s given birth to a baby boy. Fiona’s staring out at the beauty of the garden, when the cries of her baby tells her that she needs to feed him soon. The baby is a white cat and looks just like his father….although she’s unsure who the father was. It could have been Auger’s or Mejojo’s She know that this baby boy would be soon ruling over Weblin in no time, and he would definitely become like his father. She feels a little dizzy, and remembers that her doctor said she would experience headaches after birth. All the people bowed down to Mejojo, and no one dared go against him. However, after losing his reason to do anything anymore, Mejojo pretty much had no goal in life anymore. Because of this, he started losing interest in her, and even when Auger did something with her he wouldn’t even care. She’s been living a good life in the castle since she didn’t feel scared in this place anymore. She didn’t kill herself, but she’s feeling empty now. Until Auger did something.

One day, Auger had visited Mejojo’s office one day, pulled out his rapier and stabbed his brother to death. It was followed by a line by Auger. “I really loved you, nii-san. But you failed to entertain be like before anymore.” With that, Mejojo died. Auger then said that Mejojo was getting too boring compared to before, and it was better is Mejojo died in Auger hands. Recalling that incident, thought that she smelt blood for a moment. Auger had kissed her after the incident and she had become his after that. She soon got pregnant and they assumed that the child was Mejojo’s. It was impossible to figure out who was the father, but Fioan felt that the baby looked a bit like Auger. Auger stops by to visit, and asks how the kid’s doing. She replies saying that he’s doing pretty fine, and Auger praises the kid saying that he’s a very good child like his brother, not causing his mother any problems.

Auger 11Auger then hugs Fiona and kisses her, and Fiona realises she’s smelling something very familiar. The scent of blood. Auger then silde his hand to her side, and Auger says “it’s not painful right? But this knife’s pretty sharp.” Fiona then feels the wound on her side, and Auger tells her that he has no use for her now, and she can die now. She has given birth to a baby who could replace Mejojo as king, and she could die now. Fiona slips down on the floor, as she hears Auger’s last word, “Thank you, I’m finally loved you Fiona.”

432022s1vheyatjsWOAH WOAH WOAH. Really I don’t get Auger’s personality at all. He’s really crazy and playful, but right when I really liked him in the good end, HIS LAUGHTER AFTER THE CREDITS JUST GOT ME ANGRY. I don’t even know what to say about the guy at all. Auger is a sweetie, but the problem is together with his brother, he’s been plagued with all the thoughts like “kill all the wolves” and “people should be punished.” The poor boy’s really lonely since he only has his older brother, and when he died he’s busy much in zetsubou mode already. However I do think his true personality lies in his bad end. I guess he only like to be entertained, since when his brother stopped entertaining him in the bad end he got angry and killed him. Also Fiona’s love for him has grown so much that he finds her boring as well. He like people angry & sad best in terms of what I think. Overall I didn’t mind the guy but he’s pretty much behind Mejojo now in terms of personality.

Moving on to Julian now!! Hoping to get a more interesting route in his, and I’ve finally updated Mejojo’s post!!

2 thoughts on “BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Auger Von Garibaldhi

  1. kirinano

    AHAHAHA I totally knew something was coming at the end. I was like, there’s no way Auger can change that way. There must be something else…and lookie what we got haha. Every time I hear his system voice, I would talk back to him. I would tell him to shut up and call him a liar lol xD I still do that for Last Hope. I just can’t help it. I never thought he was cute though bc he would call the heroine names like ugly. Well, one thing I can say is Last Hope is indeed lighter since there’s no violence towards Fiona. They still annoyed me, but I guess my impression of Mejojo changed. On the other hand, Auger did not. Heck, I don’t even know why he’s so messed up.

    1. Shuu Post author

      I felt like Auger really trolled me at the end cuz I was like ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ but he said Fiona was stupid i was like щ(ºДºщ) I really think i was trolled. I can never get his personality at all, but I just think that he’s just…crazy. I can’t even commentate on him anymore gosh.

      Although it’s seriously true that he’s evil and he’s a big liar I have to agree with that.


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