BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Mejojo Von Garibaldi

Yeah, so it’s my first route and I was cheering sooo hard when I was done with his route, since it took me like A MONTH to complete my first playthrough of the game. It took me ages to clear this since I was raging and procrastinating along the way so bear with me. Also I will be covering the full main story in this review, since the story’s pretty much the same according to the different race categories and I will only be covering the character’s personal events thats all.

PS: I will be calling Mejojo and Auger the “neko twins” when they are mentioned together/in the same scene only.

To out main story. Mejojo Von Garibaldi is the eldest son of the current king of Weblin, and he’s a very crafty person. He’s also very possessive and the amount of hatred inside him…is crazy. He never dirties his hands unless when needed to. He’s obsessed with our Fiona due to some reasons… which are plot spoilers, so I won’t say anymore.

After the beginning where Fiona is taken to the palace and accused of being the witch, the neko twins decide to detain her in the castle so that her name could be cleared. Fiona was expecting a cell to be prepared for her, but instead, she was taken to a nice garden deep inside the castle with a small cottage inside it, which is a private place for the princes. Turns out for Fiona the whole witch thing was a big fat lie and the neko twins are giving her some nice lodging to live in, since they want her to stay there. Even better, he even provided her with some knights called the “Chu Chu knights” aka CCK. Either way they are a group of mice knights and they serve under Mejojo’s direct command. Mejojo tells Fiona that whenever she needs something she just needs to tell them. He also gives her a bag of nuts to reward the mice whenever she wants to. (*゜▽゜ノノ゛

Mejojo then tells her if she attempts to escape, she would be killed so she better not do anything or she might get killed, and leaves in a hurry. Auger then proceeds to release her hands from the chains and tells her Mejojo really likes her, and if she was lonely or something she can ask him to play songs for her(^3^♪ (okay thats what I remembered, I may be wrong since I did this part like a month ago O_O) Suddenly, at the corner of her eye, she sees a shadow after Auger leaves, but shrugs it off thinking its one of the CCK.

Fiona’s pretty sad due to the fact that there was no one to celebrate with her on her 16th birthday, and gets depressed. There was so much preparation, and she couldn’t celebrate her birthday with her family. Suddenly, the CCK come in and give her some presents from Mejojo. She thanks them and realises Mejojo got her a brand new outfit for the dance party!! Sadly however she can’t put the dress on herself and asks the CCK to help her. Too bad, all of them are male and they’re too small to do such a thing so they back off. the CCK tell her that there will be another attendant coming to help her with these things so she waits. Soon, a black cat dude name Julian appears and tells her that he’s her attendant. He asks her to go take a bath and he’s gonna help her but she declines, saying that she doesn’t really like a man to help her bath. Julian tells Fiona that he’s gonna get some maids to help her out.

After a long period of the maids bathing and dressing her, she’s finally ready for the dance party. Auger comes by and picks her up. While walking through the corridor, she realises that the crest of the royal family changed gradually and asks Auger why it was so. Auger tells her about how the Red Cats used to rule Weblin until the White Cats took over. The Red Cats were killed by the White Cats, and the white cats got the throne. Also she finds out from Auger that mixed races cannot be formed from parents of different races. Basically, this means if Fiona married Mejojo, their offspring will either be a White Cat or a human. Before they’ve even realised it, they have reached the dance hall and Mejojo’s mad that they were wasting time talking.

Mejojo 1Soon they get inside the dance hall and it’s extremely pretty to Fiona. She then asks Mejojo if it was alright for her to come to the dance party. Mejojo assures her that the whole witch thing was the calm the villagers down and she didn’t need to care about them at all. She’s also the daughter or some lord so there’s not biggie in dancing with him. Fiona then gets worried that if she dances with the prince, they’re gonna start this huge commotion and they will start attracting attention form and she gets awkward abt it. Amazingly, Fiona’s learnt how to dance in the tower she was living in previously so she dances with Mejojo pretty well. Fiona gets more and more awkward as Mejojo pulls her closer and he’s like “whatever you’re gonna be my wife anyway so who cares man.” All of a sudden, Mejojo bites her ear and she gets all embarrassed. Mejojo’s rlly a proud guy so this whole thing pretty much revolves around him going “yeah you’re mine Fiona blahblahblah” 

Either way the neko twins have another plan, where the plan on killing their dad. Their dad’s pretty sick, and they’re planning on using him to get more merits and let him carry all the dirt. The same night, Mejojo starts dreaming of his past. There was a day when they were younger, when Mejojo caught a fever, due to some poison. Auger desperately searched for doctors around the palace so they could get someone to cure him. Sadly the neko twins’ mom was the king’s CONCUBINE, that means they couldn’t get all the privileges. Auger asked the CCK to check why ain’t there any doctors, and apparently, Julian had a fever. Yeah we all know it’s a lie it always happens in those castle dramas (;´ρ`) (I’ve seen this too often in Hong Kong dramas I’M SORRY) Their mom starts apologising to them saying that how powerless she was and if the king had loved her more and gets all upset. (I know this is bad writing but yeah as you can see from my previous thought I’m pretty fed up with prejudice in the royal family stuff I’M GOMEN.) 

All 1Auger decides to go and ask the first wife and you know how she answered? “I’m sorry dear Julian really needs the medical attention right now I’m so sorry~” I was pretty much (¬_¬)ノ there and in the distance, Auger could hear Julian saying he wanted to play. So the deal someone (prolly the first wife) went to poison Mejojo’s food and it almost killed him. Mejojo told Auger that he needed to take care of their mom so he needs to be more wary. In the end, they decided to form a pact to only trust each other. The only allies Mejojo had were Auger, and his mom. (Poor child. I wanna take him and wrap him up in a warm shawl and give him some hot chocolate oh gosh (*´▽`*)) Anyway we skip so years later where the neko twins were already teens and they’ve pretty much matured a little. One day their mom calls them into her room and asks them to play a game with her. She wants them to move one of the bookshelves in the room, and the neko twins had to move it, with their mom standing on the other to make sure the books wouldn’t fall. (Idk rlly how that worked, but yeah, it got worse.) So the twins pulled hard, and and after some struggling, they moved the bookshelf. Soon they ask, their mom if the bookshelf was in the right position, but their mom didn’t respond. After a while of calling, they decide to go to the other side but…

FUCKTheir mom was strangled to death.

How? She had tied the rope around her neck, and when the twins pulled, it tugged on her neck and she dead. They killed their mom. With their own strength. Seeing that, the twins fell into despair, on how they lost their mom due to themselves.

Soon, we’re back to reality where Mejojo wakes up from his dream. Dozing off and sleeping for Mejojo is pretty much unusual for him since he’s supposed to be extremely serious and everything, and Auger walks him, and asks his nii-san if he saw that dream again. Mejojo merely shrugs it off by telling him it was just unpleasant, and tells Auger that they’re gonna obtain Weblin. Basically the whole kingdom, so that they won’t have any regrets.

Meanwhile outside of the castle at the tower, the villagers are busy protesting about how the village isn’t free of Zodiva and they’re busy trying blame someone for their problem. They even planned on burning down the tower just to remove the curse  (¬_¬)ノ Eitherway, Nesso gets his special unit to guard the tower and we have a scene where he’s talking to his partner, Elza. Elza’s actually a lion, and one of Nesso’s closest friends. The situation’s pretty bad outside with the angry villager wanting to attack the tower, and Nesso tells Elza to be careful. Soon, one of the villagers crash one of the windows, and they start checking the situation outside. However, Nesso can’t help but worry that the reason why Mejojo wants Fiona is because she’s similar to Elvira Galland, Fiona’s cousin. Elvira was the daughter of Fiona’s dad’s bro, and she was originally Mejojo’s fiancee. Apparently she fell in love with someone else in the kingdom, and was killed in one of the battles in the castle. Elvira also looks extremely similar to Fiona, and ever since she was killed Mejojo has been asking for Fiona’s hand in marriage, and being a die-hard siscon, Nesso isn’t gonna give her up to that neko.

Nesso 2Soon we jump back to Fiona in the castle, who doesn’t know what the heck’s going on outside of the castle; not blaming her though, She wakes up very tiredly and gets herself washed up. Then, she finds breakfast all ready for her, with Julian waiting for her. Julian was asked by Mejojo to entertain Fiona if they weren’t around so they start talking about some interesting things. ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ Julian starts telling her that he’s actually in charge of taking care of the garden, and Fiona apologises saying that he’s so busy with the garden, and yet he has to take care of her. Julian tells he it’s okay since he barely gets to talk to anyone inside the castle and Fiona gets puzzled on why. He also comments on how cute and beautiful she is, with Fiona blushing ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ (yes I wanna head to Julian’s route right now he’s so cute~)

Julian 1Julian says he’s the gardener, but there’s actually more to that. He used to be the neko twin’s stepbrother, Julian Von Garibaldhi, and was originally heir to the throne. Fiona gets shocked and starts apologising to him on how she has been treating him so lowly, but he says it’s alright. He’s always thought the his younger brothers were much better than her in terms of being nobles, and they should have gotten the throne more than him. Julian also states that he’s pretty happy being a gardener, and he isn’t angry at them at all. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to become the king, he didn’t have a choice. His mom, the first wife hated the neko twins and desperately wanted Julian to become the king so the king could love her more and blahblahblah. Therefore, she tried to assassinate the twins many times, and Julian almost poisoned Mejojo once until he saw it, when he was dueling with Mejojo; and he realised his rapier was coated with poison. His mom was always trying to ask him to kill Mejojo but he just couldn’t. In fact, he loved the neko twins as brothers. After the king found out, his mom was confined and he lost his rights to become king as he was thought to have been in cahoots with his mom in the whole assassination thing.

The neko twins did give him a place to stay though. They gave him this garden, and he was supposed to maintain it, except that he couldn’t leave the castle. Julian’s pretty fine with that so he’s decided he’s gonna live in the castle for the rest of his life.

So here we have Nesso who’s pretty much fed up with the whole witch sheit and he’s like “damm you Mejojo gimme back my imouto!!” He gets Zara to follow him and they make a trip to the palace to confirm Mejojo’s intentions. Nesso tells Mejojo to return him his imouto and Mejojo’s like “lol nope fuck you she’s mine forever” and gets all high and mighty. Nesso then shows Mejojo the dagger that was given to the Galland family by the neko twins’ daddy, which showed a friendship between the 2 fams, thinking that the king still had authority and stuff. the neko twins are like “lol wut the ossans gonna die soon who cares about his authority anymore lol” and Auger starts stomping on the thing and breaks it. Nesso gets super angry and horrified, and Mejojo tells him to go home unless he’s needed. They’re about to leave when Nesso asks Mejojo that he’s doing all the sheit just to get Fiona. Mejojo is pretty much like (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ and he’s like “fuck you” as he goes and stabs Nesso in the shoulder with his rapier and at the same time I was like щ(ಥДಥщ) WHAT THE FUCK MEJOJO GOSH. 

All 3Basically Mejojo recalls the incident that happened 10 years ago with Fiona’s cousin who fell in love with a wolf and gets all angry abt it and starts scolding Nesso on how dumb knights were. Eitherway, Auger also started pulling Zara’s ears and Zara’s like “oww oww STAHP” and Nesso gets rlly upset on how he brought Zara into this trouble. Mejojo then tells Nesso on how he killed almost the whole Galland family 10 years ago after the incident, and tells Nesso that he has that much power to kill what’s the remainder of the Galland family. He orders Nesso to go and search for the wolves, find them, and kill them. If Nesso didn’t listen, Mejojo would kill the rest of the Galland family; and say’s that he’s gonna kill Fiona first. Nesso like “NOOO NOT MY IMOUTO” and accepts the orders. Also they tell Zara that they have to stay in the castle, to research on Zodiva since they knew that Zara had a lot of knowledge abt the thing and they could put his stuff to use. Nesso’s against this whole thing since he pulled Zara into this shit, but Mejojo like “yeah whatever if he doesn’t coorperate we’ll just force him to yeeah” and Zara has no choice but to submit to his orders as well.

After the neko twins leave, Nesso apologises to Zara for causing him all this trouble, and tells him that the whole governing system in the castle has been crooked and it isn’t like the past anymore, and tells Zara to be careful.

At the same time, the wolves are busy having fun at another village by burning it and killing all the people there. Gullian’s doing his usually thing of killing everyone there and going “YEEHAW OOHH YEAAAH” it always happens. He’s about to kill one of the knights but before that he’s trying to get the info outta the knight and the knight tells him about how the king’s gonna die soon. Gullian’s like “NOOOPEE I WASN’T ASKING FOR THAT MAAAAANNN” and tortures him more and finally the knight tells him that the neko twins are busy doing whatever they want at the castle. At this point, Arles also mentions he used to be working under the king and isn’t surprised at how the neko twins are busy having fun and doing whatever they want at the palace. They also find out about the rumour about a witch controlling them and and making them spread Zodiva around the place.

All 4Gullian’s like “aruru are they controlelld by the witched” (practically me sweatdropping here) and Arles tells him it’s just a rumor he can ignore it. Arles then asks Rath for his opinion and Rath doesn’t say anything. Gullian’s like”if you brain fried by Zodiva? Aww how sad” and proceeds to attack Rath. Rath’s pretty much like “if wanna kill me kill me with more intent.” Gullian doesn’t rlly care abt what Rath says and rips off Rath’s eye patch and that gets Rath angry and attacks the other guy. Arles tells them to stop being like kids and be more civilised wolves. Gullians asks for praise from Arles as usual and he gets really happy when Arles praised him.

After that gory scene we’re back the castle where the neko twins are busy having lunch with Fiona. She’s really happy about the place she had been given, and she feels that it’s really peaceful and she likes it a lot. However, this causes her to get more interested in the outside world and she asks Mejojo whether she could go outside. Suddenly, one of the CCK mouse appear and tells Mejojo that there’s been a wolf attack at some village and they should be able to go there and catch some wolves or kill them. Mejojo’s like “OOOHHH YEEAAAHH WOLVES SHOULD DIE”   and tells Fiona that they’re gonna go on a trip to the outside world that afternoon, and show her more of it.

They soon get on a horse where they proceed to the destroyed village where there were a couple of wolves who were separated with the pack, and Mejojo orders his knights to kill them. Fiona gets really scared after seeing the destroyed village and the sounds of killing and the pain of the wolves dying, and grabs Mejojo tightly (fyi I didn’t say this but Fiona’s riding with Mejojo XD) Soon, the army finds a wolf who’s in his human form. and Mejojo orders all his troops to attack the guy and kill him. That wolf, is Rath, Staring at Rath, Fiona sees only sadness in his eyes, and she feels sorry for Rath. Mejojo reminds her that Rath’s just a wolf in human form so she shouldn’t trust him so easily. Fiona’s too scared, and decides to turn her back on him and not look. She does want to save Rath, but she can’t do anything about it. since she’s sitting behind Mejojo. Soon all the troops attack Rath and he’s heavily injured. It’s continued by Rath screaming in pain and making an awful sound, and Fiona sees the Rath lying on the ground.

Rath 1Auger wanted to kill him and tells him that he’s gonna die soon and is about to stab Rath since they believe that he’s been spreading the Zodiva around the country. Thinking that Rath’s isn’t gonna survive anymore due to the Zodiva, Auger decides to leave him there to die. However, Mejojo changes his mind and decides to capture Rath and take him to the castle. Fiona’s head is already spinning and she’s horrified by the bloody that just took place in front of her. After Rath’s captured, Mejojo turns to Fiona and tells her that that was the world outsode right now. Fiona gets even more horrified, and ends up fainting at the spot.

Fiona soon wakes up inside her room, with Julian by her side. Recalling all the incidents that had happened cause her head to hurt, and it’s just…painful for her. She started crying and says that she feels much more safe inside the palace, at the garden. Julian pats and rubs her head and tells her it’s okay now, and she’s safe. He lets her cry in his arms, and Julian tells Fiona that’s shes a beautiful person, and and comforts her more and tells her it’s okay now. He can’t do anything to stop her from crying, but thats the least he could do to help her when she’s in need.

Sadly, deep underground, under the castle, in the dungeons. something worse is happening. hte dungeon is usually used as a place for torture. Rath arms and legs are chained up, and Mejojo’s busy whipping and beating the heck outta Rath. Rath wails in pain, and is screaming. Standing there and watching Rath get tortured, Zara gets really upset he can’t do anything about it.  He asks Mejojo to stop, but Mejojo’s pretty much “WHOOO CAREZZZ HE’S A WOLF HES GONNA DIEEEEE” and keeps whipping him. Mejojo pretty much sees wolves as lowly beings and can never stand up to the cats.

All 5Mejojo then asks Zara about the research progress, Zara starts getting angry by saying that they have been experimenting with wolves, and they’ve never been actually doing any productive work at all. Zara disapproves about experimenting wolves and tells Mejojo he cannot do that. Afterwards, Zara asks if Mejojo has a grudge against the wolves. Mejojo goes (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ again and throws all his anger on Rath again, since he’s reminded about the incident which happened 10 years ago. Zara begs Mejojo to stop torturing Rath but the prince just doesn’t wanna listen and continues whipping the poor wolf. Mejojo starts thinking about what happened in the past, and remembers the day where Elvira told him about how she loved Arles.

Elvira was a Lobeira, and she was supposed to be Mejojo’s fiancee, and she was taken into the palace after their engagement. and she had fallen in love with Arles, one of the knights in the castle. Mejojo got really agitated over the fact that Elvira loved someone else, other than him, and got really jealous about it. She had asked Mejojo to tell his dad about cancelling the engagement, since she was planning on telling her dad about cancelling the engagement. Looking at how eager Elvira is, Mejojo agrees silently, and an anger starts brewing inside of him. Sadly, the people in the castle started to talk about how Arles was much better than Mejojo, and compared a lot. Mejojo also started getting thoughts of anger and how a wolf could be compared to a prince, which was him. Even his dad favoured Arles over him, and got really angry about it. In the end, he decided to ask his dad to cancel the engagement, so the servants in the castle would stop talking about how Arles stole Elvira from him, and his dad agreed. He knew his dad hated, and that was the reason why his dad agreed to cancelling the engagement so easily.

Eitherway one day Mejojo hears about Arles getting some condition/sickness from the people in the castle and also hears that Arles has been attacking Elvira because of the disease that he has caught. Mejojo goes (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ and runs to Elvira’s room where he sees Arles attacking Elvira. Getting extremely angry, he goes and takes out his rapier and attempts to stab Arles. It went through, but it went into Elvira. Elvira whisper a soft “sorry” as she dies. Mejojo just said it was Arles fault for getting into his way, and thats the reason why Elvira died. Arles starts raging and uses his own sword to attack Mejojo. Due to this, Mejojo’s forehead gets an injury and blood covers his face. Before he can catch Arles, Arles turns into wolf form and jumps out of the window to escape. Mejojo still remembers thsi incident, and it’s the reason why he hates the wolves so much.

Back in the present, Zara is still pleading Mejojo to stop torturing Rath but Mejojo still doesn’t about his plea. Suddenly, Rath whispers that he’s a mad cat. Mejojo’s like “HA ARE YOU EVEN A POSITION TO SAY THAT LOL” and starts saying how he’s need to die faster. Soon, Rath is whipped to the point where he spits out blood and collapses on the floor. Auger starts playing his violin and starts saying how much fun’s he having in killing Rath. The neko twins start laughing and laughing, which horrifies Zara.

Standing at the top of a hill looking over at the castle, is Arles. Gullian comes by and reports to Arles, saying that he’s confirmed that all the wolves who fought the nekos were caught and sent to the castle and were tortured and questioned by the people there. Knowing that Rath has been treated very badly by the nekos, Gullian ask Arles if they were going to the castle to save the young wold. Arles smirks and thinks it’s a great idea, since they’ll be able to kill more people in the capital. Arles ends up ordering the pack to charge towards the castle, and kill anyone who’s in their way. They can even burn the whole place if they wanted to.

Back at the dungeon, Mejojo’s still busy kicking Rath although he has collapsed on the floor, with Auger playing the violin behind him. Zara, who was horrified by their actions, starteed rethinking the fact that he could do more research on Zodiva in the castle. Staying in the castle didn’t help at all, and their “research” was just plainly torturing the wolves until they die, and then replacing the dead ones with more captured wolves. However, Zara has always found it weird that the Zodiva didn’t really affect the wolves that much but it did. He had planned on studying more inside the castle to learn more about the disease, and not come here to look at the neko twins having fun and torturing wolves. He juts wanted to help the people. Suddenly, the CCK appears and tells Mejojo that the wolves are coming to attack the castle. Mejojo gets even more happy and he would be able to kill more wolves now. Ignoring Rath, the neko twins happily strut out as they get ready to kill more wolves. Rath then asks Zara to kill him, since he doesn’t care he lives or not. Zara tells him that he cannot do that, and leaves Rath there.

The wolf pack had split into 2 groups, one attacking the castle, and the other attacking the capital. They had received news about the wolves attacking the capital first, and most of the knight had gone to the capital to kill the wolves there, while there were a couple left over at the castle. Mejojo orders then the defend the castle as much as possible and kill as many wolves as they can.

At the garden, Fiona’s peacefully having tea with Julian when she hears the emergency alarms. They’re about to go into panic mode when the CCK come by, saying that they came to check up of Fiona. Fiona believes that the wolves wouldn’t be able to get into the graden, since it’s in the centre of the castle. However, she was wrong. Out the blue, a wolf comes crashing down into the garden. He’s fur is silver, and he looks extremely elegant. The CCK attacks the wolf, but sadly they get kicked away by the wolf. The wolf is Arles, and after injuring the CCK he moves closer to Fiona and Julian and asks about their family’s whereabouts. Fiona can’t even speak, nor move a muscle, since she can believe shes’s talking to a wolf that can turn into a human. He’s so beautiful, that she can’t even say a word. Arles then asks again where is Rath. Julian says that he doesn’t know anything, but Arles says that hpw could the previous prince of Weblin not know anything inside the palace and growls at him. Julian tells him that he has heard of an underground dungeon currently used as a research facility, and Arles leaves, saying that he’s sorry for interrupting them.

ARURU WTF UR CUTEHowever, Arles turns back to look at Fiona, and finds a weird a familiarity with her, He starts sniffing her, and Fiona asks what is Arles doing. Arles doesn’t say a word, and asks for her name. She replies telling him that she’s Fiona Galland, and Arles is in shock. He continues by asking why is she at the castle, and decides to reply that she’s somewhat Mejojo’s fiancee since she doesn’t know how to explain the whole witch incident. Looking back at Arles, she sees anger in his cold blue eyes, and she regrets telling Arles that she was Mejojo’s fiancee. Suddenly, Arles asks Fiona to sit down, at the same time kicking Julian since the guy tried to interfere. However, Fiona’s too scared and just collapses on the ground in fear. Arles moves towards her neck, and tells her not to move or struggling since he doesn’t want to hurt her that much. He then puts his fangs into Fiona’s neck, and this confirms that she’s a Lobeira. He finishes cleaning up Fiona wound by licking all the blood away ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪ and licks her tears, as a form of saying goodbye to her. Fiona finds it weird why Arles didn’t want to kill her, she gets extremely puzzled about the reason.

Just when Julian asks her if she’s okay, the neko twins rush in to ask if Fiona’s okay, since they received a report about a single wolf jumping over the castle walls himself. Mejojo suddenly sees the wound on Fiona’s neck and does the (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ thing again as he grabs Fiona by the neck and shouts “DID YOU GET BITTEN BY HIM??!!!!” He’s starts shaking her hard for an answer and starts saying, “You got bitten by a wolf, right? Arles, right? Not you too, again…..??!!” Fiona gets shocked by the “too”, and wondered why he said that. Mejojo starts grabbing her neck extremely hard as he keeps saying that Fiona must prefer Arles, and not him.  (poor Mejojo though. He’s been taunted by these memories so much that it hurts so much right now.) Auger starts trying to calm his brother down by asking him if he should kill Fiona, but Mejojo tells him to to shut up. He starts complaining about how no one ever wants to be his obediently. Mejojo gets even more concerned when he realises that Fiona might be infected with Zodiva, and gets more and more angry, and swears that he WILL kill Arles.

Mejojo 2Fiona doesn’t even know what to say anymore. She’s losing her consciousness every second, but she can’t help think that the Mejojo Von Garibaldhi in front of her….is plain mad. He felt so different, and she couldn’t help but think what happened between him and Arles, to make him that angry. Auger attempts to calm his brother down again, by saying that he’s gonna kill all the wolves. They’re gonna kill all the wolves, take over the country, and create a new world…just for them. Everything’s going to be alright, since they have come this far, and they will succeed, Mejojo finally comes back to his sense, and tells Auger that they need to kill the wolves. Auger then suggest leaving the wolf hunt to the other people, and they should go back to him room to get a glass of wine, and plan on how to kill all the wolves. With this, Mejojo follows Auger and they leave the garden. and both sides return to their rooms. Being too scared and tired, Fiona collapses on the spot.

Opening her eyes, Fiona sees light, and realises shes having a dream. She finds herself inside the garden, and feels that someone is calling out to her. She believes’s it’s Mejojo, and sees that it is. Mejojo then asks her if she’s gonna leave him again. He ask why she’s betraying him and says that everyone’s just betraying him. He looks sad, as if he’s about to cry. Looking at him, Fiona feels extremely sorry for him. He says that she gave herself to a wolf, which shows that she betrayed him. Fiona complains saying that she didn’t, but Mejojo tells her that she didn’t resist when she was bitten. Mejojo then starts talking how she’s his, and she can’t give her body to anyone else. Mejojo pulls her extremely close, and hugs her tightly and kisses her. Fiona tries to push him away, but he just holds her tighter. Fiona finds it hard to breathe, and Mejojo soon releases his lips from Fiona, and she starts longing for that moment to have last a bit longer. He then tells her that she will always be his.

Mejojo 4Fiona wakes up, and realises that was all a dream. Suddenly, she sees Nesso and Zara beside of her and she’s really happy. Zara has treated her shoulder, but she still feels pain on her wound. Fiona then asks Zara and Nesso if Mejojo ordered them to do anything, and the both of them starts getting angry. Nesso tells Fiona what happened that night and he was sent to kill wolves, and Zara was forced to research in the castle about Zodiva. Fiona apologises to them about what had happened, but they tell he that it wasn’t her fault. Nesso also tells her that although he was supposed to leave the castle, he asked his surbodinates to make it look like he was travelling with them to different regions. The previous night, Fiona had collapsed and Julian had to find someone to treat her, and ended up going to Zara, trusting him since he was a doctor. Zara then contacted Nesso to sneak into the palace,  taking this chance to get Fiona out of the castle. Nesso tells asks Fiona to leave the castle together with them.

There’s part of Fiona who wants to stay at the castle to know Mejojo better and help him, but Nesso gets angry, and reasons with her that the princes ain’t okay and they need to leave the castle ASAP. She then asks if the wolf who was caught managed to get out. Zara tells her that Rath managed to get out as he bumped into Arles and he passed Rath to Arles, since he was planning on releasing Rath in the first place. Fiona then asks why Zara did that, and he tells him about the torture the wolves were given in the underground dungeons, and he felt that should not be done in the first place.

Afterwards, that start planning on how to get out of the castle. Nesso suggests that they should leave through the back entrance of the castle for servants. Even if there was a pack of guards at the entrance, Nesso could defeat them easily. They could have disgused themselves as knights, but Fiona could not do so and they could not leave the palace that easily.  Soon, Julian speaks up that theres a secret passage which can be accessed from the garden. This will lead them into the sewers and after some walking, they will be able to reach the outside. Only the neko twins and Julian are allowed inside of there, but only Julian knows about it. Nesso asks as to why he knew, and Julian said that he had once left the castle through that passage before into the outside world, but he came back. Fiona gets puzzle that why he didn’t take this chance to leave the castle, but recalled the time when Julian said that he didn’t hate the neko twins. Soon, they decide to leave the castle through that passageway, and Julian says that he wants to follow them. This time, he will truly see the outside world.

On the hand, the neko twins are busy reporting to their dad about the wolves attacking them. After some questioning towards the captured wolves, they find out the leader of the wolves is Arles V Felnoir, and he was the knight favoured by their king, and the once who stole Elvira from Mejojo. The king’s pretty glad that Arles is alive, but the neko twins start to talk about the bad deeds which Arles planned on doing, – which wasn’t true at all. Listening to all the things the twins said, the king sighs and wonders why Arles would do that, as he was such a great knight. Mejojo’s like “since you want to know the truth so much, I’ll tell you, ossan~” and proceeds to suffocate the king as he tells the old man about everything that has happened. The fact that Mejojo killed Elvira, the fact that Arles was infected with zodiva and he bit Elvira for that. The twins starts telling the king that he should die already, and Auger proceeds to play a song on his violin to send him off. (this part got me really cranked up ciz they seriously turned mad here) Finally, before the king’s death, Mejojo tells him one last truth: The wolves weren’t the ones who were spreading the Zodiva, but in fact, they were suffering from it. Mejojo then calls his dad an idiot to have started the whole “killing wolves” thing, and he’s gonna get eaten by wolves in the afterlife.

Mejojo 5Auger then thanks their dad for letting them continue with their plan smoothly for 10 years, and tells that only they need to know the truth. All the people who knew about this were all killed, and no one else knew the truth apart from them. The king barely mutters a “why”, and Mejojo tells him that it was his fault for loving someone else other than their mom. If the king had actually loved the twins mom, they wouldn’t have become what they were right now, and they wouldn’t have been so cruel. Soon, the king stopped moving. Auger then congratulates his brother, telling him that the kingdom is now his, and no one else can take it from him. Mejojo tells Auger that they need to plan their dad’s funeral, and his own coronation. Auger says that he’ll take care of everything, and Mejojo doesn’t have to worry about anything at all.

At the same time, the group is busy trying to escape from the palace through the sewers. Fiona is breathing heavy, getting extremely tired as she continues walking through the sewers. Nesso and Zara asks if she is okay, and she tells them that she is fine. They offer to carry her, but she reject the offer as she did not want to be a burden to them. She then looks at Julian, who is having a very worried face, which she finds weird. Soon, they see a light, and sees that they are almost reaching the exit. However, a group of people stand before them. Auger and the CCK. Auger greets them politely, and says that it’s a coincidence for them to meet in such a place. The group is shocked by the fact that Auger knew about this passage way. Then, Auger tells Julian to come to him. Surprisingly, Auger motions slowly towards Auger, and Fiona calls out to him, but to no avail. Hsi eyes don’t have any life anymore, as if he was possessed. Suddenly, Julian reacted to her. He then starts laughing hysterically, and asking Fiona if she really believed him. Fiona starts getting scared, scared that the Julian that was in front of her was all a lie.

Julian 2Julian then tells her that it was all a lie. Julian was ordered by Auger to watch over Fiona, and if Fiona were to escape, he would lead her into the sewers, and they would catch her there. However, Auger did not expect Nesso and Zara to appear there. Julian then screams at Auger, saying “PRAISE ME, PRAISE ME, AUGER!! PRAISE ME!!” †ヽ(゚ロ゚;)キェーッ!  Auger then tells him that he’s gonna give him tons of praises later afterwards. Julian then says “THANK YOU AUGER!! THANK YOU FOR PRAISING SUCH A LOWLY CAT LIKE ME, COMPARED TO YOU AND MEJOJO!!” and continues laughing. Julian’s really broken here, and Fiona cannot believe that Julian was that crazy. Σ(@д@;)They soon find out the neko twins have been teaching him a lot of things, and and causing him to become this crazy. Seeing Fiona in shocked, Nesso immediately lunges at Auger to attack him. He doesn’t care about him pointing his sword at the royal family anymore. The princes have been causing his younger sister to cry, and angrily attacks Auger without care at all. The CCK attacks as well, but to no avail and Nesso simply brushes them away very easily.

Nesso keeps attacking , and ends up breaking Auger’s and the CCK’s weapons. Without anymore weapons to fight with, Auger escapes the scene together with the CCK using a smoke bomb. Nesso and Zara grab on to Fiona to secure her and the smoke clears away, and Auger’s gang had disappeared. What’s left was Julian on the floor, with him in shock. He didn’t expect that he would go crazy again, and he knew what Fiona would have thought of him. Nesso tells him that they need to hurry and grabs his hand to leave, but Julian kept apologising until his voice went hoarse, and Fiona slaps him to get him awake. Julian comes back to his senses, and is confused about what had just happened. They didn’t have time to ask him any questions, and immediately drags him along with them.

Auger’s back in the palace, and he knows that he’s gonna get scolded; or even killed by Mejojo for not getting back. He’s walking to Mejojo’s office, ready to report to Mejojo about what happened. After entering the room, he reports to Mejojo about the whole incident. He explains that he was up against Nesso, but even his sword skills could not match up to Nesso’s, and let the group get away. Upon hearing that Nesso was with Fiona, Mejojo does the (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ and says that Mejojo was supposed to be out travelling to other regions. He realises that Nesso’s men had helped him lie to Mejojo in the reports that he was with them. Auger ends up apologising to his brother about how he failed to catch them; he just couldn’t defeat Nesso as he was too strong. Mejojo ends up getting more angry, and slaps Auger. Auger apologises for his failure, and says that he deserves punishment for failing in capturing Fiona. Mejojo then draws his rapier, and proceeds to stab Auger in the forehead. Blood flows out, and Auger’s really happy that he got punished by his brother. Mejojo then makes a scar on Auger on the same place as his.

All 9Mejojo says that he isn’t gonna kill Auger yet, as they promised to stay alive together. Auger tells his brother that he won’t fail again, and he will succeed the next time. He then asks Mejojo what he plans on doing. Mejojo tells him that they will hold the coronation ceremony first, and they will proceed to get back Fiona. Auger simply agrees, and the scene switches back to Fiona.

Fiona’s gang has finally left the sewers into the forest, and they are proceeding to get out of the capital as soon as possible. Julian’s walking at the back of the group, and is having an extremely gloomy face. Thinking about her family, Fiona asks Nesso what happened to Edgar, Pearl and Richie.From what Nesso said, they had already left the tower and they are leaving the capital, with the protection from Elza. They’ll be meeting outside of the Weblin later, and assures her that they will meet again. He then proceeds to pat her head, and realises that she may have a fever. He tells Zara about this, and they decide and stop to rest for a hile. Nesso calls Julian to go and help him with finding a camp, and Julian asks if it’s okay. Ignoring Julian’s question, Nesso drags him away and tells him that they’re gonna talk later. Zara stays with Fiona, and he tells her if she ‘s tired, she could rest on her shoulder, and Zara would wake her up if something happened. Soon, Fiona drifts off into sleep.

Upon waking up, she realises that she’s on a bed, inside a room. Nesso and Julian must have found this hut when they were out looking. Zara gives her some water to drink, and asks her to take some medicine. He also asks Nesso and Julian to take it as well, as he reveals that it’s a preventive medicine for Zodiva. Nesso’s shocked and realises “MY IMOUTO HAS ZODIVA” and it’s because of Arles who bit her. Nesso cools down and asks how Zara managed to find this medicine which prevented Zodiva. Zara soon reveals that during the time he was stuck in the castle researching Zodiva, he found out that the doctors there already made a medicine that could prevent Zodiva from infecting someone. A medicine that was to cure Zodiva was underway. That was the reason why the princes could hunt wolves all day, and not get infected by the disease. Also they didn’t release this information to he publis so that all of them could be in panic, and they could kill all the wolves at that rate. After the wolves were killed, they would announce it so that all the citizens would trust them when Mejojo became king.

Zara also reveals that after looking and observing the wolves for a while, he realised that the wolves were strong enough to cure the Zodiva by themselves. It seemed like when Zodiva infected them, their bodies created an antibody to cure themselves of Zodiva. Also, apparently, any wolf who drinks the blood of a Lobeira, Zodiva would be cured. Because of the Zodiva, the wolves started eating and consuming random things, which ended up with them attacking villages to get the stuff they want, since Zodiva is making them go crazy. Soon, they end up deciding to go find the wolves’ hideout, since Fiona is possibly infected with Zodiva, and if they leave the country she’ll possibly die. Maybe they could find a cure to Zodiva through the wolves, and maybe save the people of Weblin at the same time.

On the other hand, Mejojo and Auger are busy preparing for Mejojo’s coronation. They’ll all gay and lively, since they’re so happy that all the stupid and annoying people that didn’t help them when their mom was treated unfairly were all gone. There could have been people who were nobles which disapprove of them, but Mejojo was gonna be king, and thus they would have to bow down to him. The kingdom was all theirs now. They hated their dad, and he’s dead now. There was no stopping them anymore. Soon, the coronation started, and he told all the people in the country that his dad died after the attack of the wolves, indirectly, due to the illness that he had. He tells everyone their to offer a silent prayer for the previous king (although he justs wanna laugh and say HAHA MY DAD’S DEAD WOOHOO) After the prayer, he tells the citizens of Weblin that they cannot leave the throne empty due to the threat by the wolves, and the threat of Zodiva. He asks if anyone disagrees, but no one says a word. Then, he asks Auger it he’s alright with him taking the throne. Auger is obviously happy that his bro is gonna be the king, and gladly agrees.

Mejojo 6Mejojo then asks Auger to give him a present in congratulation of his coronation. And Auger signals to the CCK. One of the CCK members then brings in the crown. The crown which signified that Mejojo was the rightful king of Weblin. As Auger places the crown on Mejojo’s head, they recall all the incidents which caused them to go this far. The fact that their mom was mistreated by their dad, and how they were almost assassinated by the Queen since they were better and more intelligent than Julian. Their mom had gone crazy since she didn’t even receive any love from their dad, but showered the twins with a lot of love. Because of that, they decided to protect their poor mother. However, she ended up killing herself through them, and that caused them to lose their mother. After all they did, they finally got their revenge. Removing Julian’s rights to be the king, and making him go crazy, were all part of their plan. The kingdom was finally theirs, and they were extremely happy.

After placing the crown on Mejojo’s head, the both of them are super happy, and Mejojo announces himself as the next king of Weblin. (i’m sorry i didn’t remember the numbers) He would protect the kingdom together with his younger brother, against Zodiva, and rid it from the country. Mejojo then announces the hunting of the wolves, to rid them from the country forever. Auger at the back, starts thinking about how stupid the citizens are to trust him like that, when they already had a cure for Zodiva hidden. The people are all cheering and getting all happy for the new king, and the eternity of the cats.

At the other group’s side, Fiona and her gang are still walking through the forest which the wolves were spotted the most at. They also find out that Mejojo has already been crowned king, and there might be pursuers starting from then, to get Fiona back. Fiona starts wondering when they had become that crazy. during the times where they met her in the tower, Mejojo would always try and ask her to call him by his name, without the “-sama” in it, although Fiona didn’t really dare as they were princes. Auger also told her that Mejojo’s ears would twitch if he was embarrassed, and they really did. Mejojo was really cute in front of her, but she didn’t know they were like that. Suddenly, some rustling in the bushes shakes her from her thoughts, and Nesso asks all of them to stand back. Soon, a wolf appears – it’s Gullian. He asks what they were doing there, but they refused to reply. More wolves appear to attack, and Nesso readies his sword. Zara tells him that he’ll cover his back, and Fioan realises that Zara was very strong for a butler, just that he didn’t fight back when he was in the tower, except when he was sparring with Nesso.

Nesso 1They proceed to fend off the wolves around them. Fiona attempts to talk to them as they’re here to talk, not to fight with them, but Gullian’s always doing the “KILL EVERYONE!!” thing and he just won’t listen. He’s about to attack Fiona when Nesso grabs her and blocks the attack. After some fighting, things finally calm down when Arles and Rath comes by and tells the wolves to stop their attacks. Arles tells them to stop as the group has stated that they are here not to talk, not to fight or kill them. Obviously Gullian’s like “BUT THERE’S A NEKO THERE!!”. Gullian finally stops his attacks, and moves to Arles’ side. Looking at Arles cold blue eyes, Fiona figures he’s probably the one who bit her that night. Arles says that in this state, he could kill them anytime, if they make the wrong move. Arles tells them his full name, and Nesso’ shocked cuz he though Arles was dead already due to the tragedy which happened 10 years ago. He then leads then into the castle of Zanan to talk.

Inside the castle, they see that it is very dark, and there are some dim lights around. Zara points out that those are the eyes of the sick wolves, who were pretty much dying from Zodiva. Upon reaching an area, Nesso introduces himself as one of the past head knights of Weblin, and he’s a fugitive now. Arles starts asking what he did to cause himself to become a fugitive, and he explains that he has to protect his imouto. Soon they start the more important talk with them talking about what business they have with the wolves. Zara soon explains that they want to cooperation of the wolves to help find a cure to Zodiva. Arles then asks if they are gonna do experiments like what the neko twins did in the castle, Zara then continues saying that wolves have a different effect when they are affected by Zodiva. Using the Lobeira’s blood, the wolves are able to heal and that can be the key to finding the cure to Zodiva. It’ll also give them benefits and clear away the prejudice from the other races.

Arles starts laughing about what they are saying. Since the people of the Weblin do not know a single thing about them, except for the facts that were spread around by the neko twins. The people of Weblin would never cooperate with them; not to mention trust them. the reason why Arles let all the wolves hunts humans now is all because Mejojo started the whole killing wolves thing, and their population was decreasing drastically. they were being killed because they were wolves. The wolves who survived Zodiva were very little, including Arles, Rath and Gullian. He then shows the group Rath’s left eye. It’s clouded up due to Zodiva, and he lost his sight in his left eye. They’ve been discriminated, hated and chased everywhere, they could never forgive the people of Weblin. That’s why they want to kill the people of Weblin.

Rath 2Fiona pretty much goes “but we want to save the people!!” and explains that she’s a Lobeira and she can’t live long, unlike them. She could die anytime just because of a minor disease, She’s been causing Nesso and Zara so much trouble, she wants to be useful for once. Staring into Rath’s eye. Rath goes “to be alive….huh..” and starts wiping Fiona’s tears, and gripping her hand a little tighter. Seeing that, Arles allows them to bunk out at the castle for the night, and tells the other wolves they can’t kill them. Gullian’s like “I WANNA KILL THEM” and Arles tells him sternly he can’t. Gullian then sulks, and Fiona giggles a bit at how childish Gullian was in front of Arles. Julian volunteers to look for a spot for them to sleep, and Nesso follows him cuz it was dangerous for a cat to walk around the wolf HQ cuz the wolves hated a lot of the cats.

Fiona wakes up in the middle of the night, since she can’t sleep at all, and she crashes into Arles. Arles then invites her for a walk in the forest. Arles asked if Fiona was scared walking together with a wolf, but she’s okay with it cuz she feels a sense of kindness from him. He then says that Fiona looks very similar to Elvira, and she states that Elvira was a cousin. She didn’t really know Elvira though; because of their age difference, and she was pretty much in bed all the time. Arles starts emoing since he thinking about the incident which happened to cause Elvira to be killed, and it hurts Fiona. She wanted to call out to him, she was conflicted on how she could call him, and Arles just tells her to call him “Arles”. She attempts to say his name, which ends up with him in shock hearing how similar her calling him was to Elvira calling him. He starts talking about Elvira in a sad tone, and Fiona realises how much he loved her. Arles then says that he didn’t kill Elvira, and he explains his side of the story.

The scene  starts off with Arles walking along the palace corridor, and Elvira is busy commending him about his hard work. He tells her that it’s obvious as  a knight always hard to work hard. Elvira liked him, and so did he. However, Elvira was Mejojo’s fiancee, and she couldn’t just withdraw from the engagement since she fell for a knight. She was a noble, and it was pretty much unacceptable for her to be marrying a knight. Elvira then told him that she’s gonna ask Mejojo about cancelling her engagement, so that she can marry Arles. Elvira then states that Mejojo only like her for a younger sister, and with Mejojo’s approval, the engagement would be cancelled very easily. However, in case she couldn’t get his approval, she told Arles that he could kidnap her. Arles tells her to go off for know, since if the servants or guards found them together, they would get into trouble. What happened afterwards was that the king agreed to everything, and the engagement between Mejojo and Elvira was cancelled. Mejojo even came to Arles room telling him that he’s leaving his younger sister in his hands. Arles felt something was up, but Elvira assures him that Mejojo’s telling the truth; he only likes her as a sister. If he really did like her, he wold be really selfish and not let her up to anyone.

Soon it was closing to Arles nad Elvira’s wedding, and Arles wasn’t feeling well. Arles was working up a fever, and even if he took medicine the fever would come back. One day, one of the servants had broke a vase, and had made a cut on herself, and blood flowed out. Looking at her blood,he felt weird. He wanted to pin the servant down, rip off all her clothes, and suck out all the blood from her. The servant tells him that if he doesn’t feel well, he should go and see a doctor. Arles soon realised that he was…hungry. He was just hungry for plain food; he was hungry…for blood. Because of this hunger, he decides to avoid Elvira for quite a while, and not visit her in her room, lest he attacked her. Arles didn’t want to hurt Elvira and get her upset, and she might even think he’s mad. The other soldiers also advised him to take care of his health, and see a doctor if needed.

Finally, he picks up the courage to see Elvira in her room. She was happy to see him again, but he told her not to come near him. He could attack her anytime, and he was too dangerous to be even near Elvira. Elvira then asks him whats wrong, and if he was alright, or he had caught a disease. Arles then told her, he came hear to say goodbye to her. He couldn’t hold down his hunger, and he could attack anyone at any time. Elvira told him that she would get the best doctors to heal him, so that Arles wouldn’t leave her side. She didn’t want to be left alone, and she didn’t want Arles to leave her. Suddenly, Arles’ hunger overcomes him and he tells Elvira to run. Elvira started crying, as she didn’t want to leave. She’s upset that Arles is suffering alone, and isn’t willing to tell her anything at all.

Arles wanted to leave through the window, but Elvira stopped him by hugging him from behind. She told him that if he really wanted to leave, she would go with him. He had already promised that he would kidnap her, and they would leave together. She just didn’t want to be alone. He could hurt her, do anything to her. As long she wasn’t alone. Upon hearing that, Arles hunger took over him, and he started attacking Elvira. Ripping off all her clothes, and sucking blood from her. Arles couldn’t hold back. He just kept drinking and drinking more blood, and ripped her clothes hard. After he had finished feeding from Elvira, he dress was ruined and there were bite marks all over her body. Elvira then suggested that they live together from then on, and whenever he was hungry, he would feed from her. Arles got tempted, and just he was about to agree, Mejojo busted in through the door, angered by Arles.

Mejojo had asked the CCK to spy on Arles, and probably upon seeing this, they had alerted Mejojo. Due to everything that was happening, he concluded that Arles had gone crazy. Elvira tried to convince that Arles didn’t do anything to her, but obviously in the state that she was in, something obviously happened. Mejojo then told Arles that it was time for Arles to die. He had hated Arles from the beginning ever since he stole Elvira from him, and was looking for a chance to kill Arles since that incident. Mejojo had hated being compared with Arles since Arles was just a lowly knight compared to him. As Mejojo draws his rapier and moves to attack him, Arles was about to accept his fate and die, but at that moment, her heard blooding splashing on his face. He didn’t feel any pain; he just felt the taste of the blood he had tasted earlier. Elvira’s blood.

Arles 1Arles then realised; Elvira had blocked Mejojo’s attack from him. She had collapsed on the floor, blood flowing out of her, muttering “i’m happy”. Arles immediately grabbed her, as he couldn’t believe his eyes. Elvira had protected him from Mejojo’s attack. He tries and gets her to answer, but he knew; she couldn’t be saved anymore. Grieved by Elvira’s death, and angry that Arles wasn’t dead yet, they both did the (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ and started attacking each other. However, Arles strength was much more than Mejojo, and out of rage he used his claws to scratch Mejojo. Mejojo started screaming in pain, and the other people in the castle had come to check what was the commotion about. Arles knew that more people were coming, so he immediately jumped outta the window. After that incident, it was declared that Arles Vogart had died. That’s why he changed his last name.

After hearing the story Fiona’s like ((((;゜Д゜))) since she doesn’t believe it was Mejojo that killed Elvira. However, the story had clarified her doubts about Mejojo; the fact that he had a lot of pride, and believed that should be his HAS to be his. She then tells Arles that when he bit her, it did really hurt. Arles mainly chuckles, and said there shouldn’t have been, as he didn’t bite her flesh off. He also asks what happened after Mejojo found out she was bitten by Arles. Fiona expalained the things that happened last might, especially the part where Mejojo strangled her. Arles only chuckles, and says that he really wants to see that part when he did that to Fiona. Either way now Fiona’s like pretty much disappointed that Mejojo doesn’t actually love her, and is just plain obsessed with her. The poor girl just can’t bring herself to believe that Mejojo was that bad.

Arles then says that he better bring her back to the castle cuz her gang’s gonna kill him if she’s missing during the night. The next morning, while having breakfast, Nesso says that they have to get outta the castle ASAP so they won’t cause anyone any trouble, and before they get caught by the neko twins. Since the wolves ain’t willing to help them in the curing of Zodiva, they’re gonna have to leave Weblin soon, and they won’t be coming back ever again. Fiona then tells Nesso that she needs to prepare her heart before she leaves Weblin so Nesso gives her another day to think. That night, she couldn’t sleep again, and crashes into Arles while walking into the forest. He asks her what’s she’s gonna do now, and Fiona tells him that she’s gonna try and stop Mejojo. She’s gonna stop Mejojo and bring peace to Weblin.

Hearing this, Arles respects her decision, and even says that he’s gonna help her with her escape. Fiona feels sad that she’s gonna leave the rest of her family and the people who cared the most about her, but she doesn’t regret it. Arles had decided to bet on the possibility that Fiona could stop Mejojo, and that’s why he agreed to help. She was going to return to the palace to try and stop him. Suddenly, they felt another presence nearby, and they get worried it was Zara or Nesso, and good thing it was Julian. He said he was listening to their conversation, and he wanted to return to the castle as well, together with Fiona. He says that he doesn’t want to run away from Weblin when it’s in trouble, as he shouldn’t be that irresponsible. Soon, Arles calls Gullian to come get transport them to the nearest village. Julian rides on Arles’ back, while Fiona rides on Gullian. Gullian starts complaining about how he has to work in the middle of the night, and he should have asked Rath. Arles says that Rath’s still recovering from Zodiva. Gullian asks if he can destroy the village when they get there, but Arles tells Gullian the villagers are still needed to help the two of them.

Fiona’s having massive doubts about leaving and the wolves decide to be nice and slow down the pace for her to think about it. After some long thinking, Fiona decides to ask Arles to pass a message to Nesso and Zara. She know that they’ll get angry at her for leaving them like that, so she tells him to tell them that she’s sorry. Soon, they reach the village, and Arles says that he’s gonna support her from afar, and hope she succeeds. He then takes her hand and leads her down Gullian’s back. After she’s on the ground, Arles turns back ito wolf form, and runs off with Gullian, wishing her well. When Julian and Fiona arrive at the village, the people don’t do any harm to them, and they stayed there till the CCK came to pick them up. They end up getting their hands chained up, and sitting inside a carriage with no windows or anything.

They were really criminals now. They’re weren’t given much food at all, as they were only thrown breadcrumbs during certain times. She could even feel the rumbling of the carriage at her butt. Julian asked Fiona if she was okay, and she merely replied that she was, and he didn’t have to worry. Upon reaching the castle, they’re brought to the throne room where Mejojo’s sitting on it, and says that they still dare to come back to the castle. Fiona looks at them and gets really shocked by the fact that Auger has the same scar as Mejojo on the forehead, and wonders how he got it. Auger starts complaining about how they smell bad and how he wants to end the conversation quickly. Mejojo then asks why the hell they came back to the castle. Fiona and Julian explain that they found a cure to Zodiva, which was working with the wolves to attain a medicine that could cure Zodiva.

Mejojo’s like “BWAHAHAHA YOU EXPECT ME TO WORK WITH THE WOLVES WHAT THE FUCK” and says that the people who are spreading the Zodiva is the wolves. Fiona obviously tries to fight back by saying that some of them recovered from the Zodiva. They were also attacking the people of Weblin because they needed the minerals to live and fill their hunger, so they attacked them. Mejojo starts giving all sorts of reasons about how the wolves are the ones who are in the wrong. They start going about how crazy she has gotten to getting involved in the affairs of the wolves and says that she’s filthy. Julian says that at the rate they were going, the neko twins were gonna destroy the whole kingdom because of their grudge. Auger’s like “LOL OKAY BUT FUCK YOU” and Fiona hears a scream of pain from Julian. Before she knew it, Julian was stabbed by Auger. He tells Fiona to run, but she’s too shocked to even react to those words.

Julian 3Auger says that he’s bored and felt that Julian was too plain so he killed him without thinking at all. Julian was broken so hard that they were pretty much laughing at him when he was normal. Fiona sank down on the floor, and holds Julian in her arms on her lap. Julian ,utters that he’s finally able to return back to his normal self, and he’s glad. She tells him not to die yet, and he doesn’t wanna die either. However Auger’s pretty much raging and stabs Julian more in the chest, which ends up with him dying. 号(┳Д┳)泣 (poor Julian) Mejojo then says that Fiona’s gonna be punished as well for running away from the castle, and says that she needs to wash up before they can punish her. The neko twins also start going on about how they’re gonna dump Julian’s corpse inside her room to see her, as if he was alive. They end up making her reject Julian since she didn’t want a corpse inside her room.

Julian 4The neko twins then drag her to a certain room, saying that she’ll like that room a lot. Fiona is horrified by what they say and gets terrified. She starts screaming and crying, saying that she doesn’t want to go there, but they end up dragging her to the underground dungeons. Before Fiona knew it, she was being chained up using the chains from the ceiling by Auger. He then raises the chains up to the ceiling, at the point where Fiona’s toes are barely touching the ground. She feels a sharp pain at her shoulders, and if she lost her balance from her toes, she would spin and there would be more pain. Auger then asked Fiona who she wanted to be punished by, and she chooses Mejojo, cuz she’s scared of Auger as he killed Julian. Mejojo ends up taking something from the wall, and she’s in shock when she hears the sound of something hitting the floor, and realises it’s a whip. She’s scared and she wants apologise said that she was wrong.

However, Fiona’s will was strong, and she didn’t give in. Mejojo does the whole (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ all over again and starts whipping Fiona with a lot of pleasure. Fiona tries to hold back her screams to show some resilience, but it’s futile cuz it keeps hurting and hurting. More pain hits her, and it ends up with her apologising and pleading to Mejojo to stop whipping her. Mejojo doesn’t react at all, and she ends up having to say, “I’m terribly sorry! Mejojo-sama!!” and he reacts. Auger tells her that now she’s aware about the fact that she is Mejojo’s possession, and no one can take her. They release her from the chains, and she kneels down on the floor in pain. Mejojo then tells her that she is to call him Mejojo-sama from then on, and she was now his. Fiona’s too shocked to say anything at all, but quickly relies with a small nod after hearing the crackling of a whip.

Mejojo 7Then. the twins proceed with their next course of action. Mejojo says that all his things needed to be branded by the crest of Weblin. Mejojo says that he’s gonna make her remember that she is his, and Auger takes out an iron with the crest of Weblin on it. They plan on putting the mark somewhere on Fiona’s skin, but not too revealing to others because in public she would be Mejojo’s waifu. They decide to put the crest at the back of her neck, which was covered by her long hair. Auger pulls her hair up and holds her still, and Mejojo brands the mark on the back of her hair. It hurt, and Fiona cried and screamed out in pain. But Mejojo was extremely happy. Happy that he had finally made Fiona his.

All 6Back at the wolf HQ we have Gullian reporting to Arles that Fiona has failed. He was sent to the capital to check out what was going on, and to check on Fiona’s success. Gullian asks Arles why he even trusted in Fiona at all, but Arles just said that he wanted to believe that Fiona could change something. However, it was useless in the end, and they had no choice but to attack the capital. Gullian then says that the people of Weblin are still happy to kill the wolves. After Gullian has finished his report, Arles asks Nesso and Zara what they were going to do. They decide that they’re going to save Fiona from the. When they had found out that Fiona had left the castle, they wanted to chase after her before the people at the castle could get to her, but Arles had stopped them and asked them to cooperate. They decide to stay at the wolf HQ until they receive news of Fiona. Zara had offered to treat some of the wolves as well to help out while they were staying there.

Arles decided that they were going to attack the castle, as it’s a method to protect the wolves who were at the HQ. Arles and the wolf pack were going to kill the neko twins, and Nesso and Zara would save Fiona. Arles said that he and Gullian would jump over the gate to kill the guards guarding the gate, and open the gate for the others waiting outside to come in. He then decides that they’re going to leave to attack ASAP, before the neko twins are ready.

Back at the castle, Fiona’s stuck in the underground dungeon, and chained up there. She couldn’t make up the time either, as her meals were brought in very randomly, and Mejojo and Auger barely came to visit her. Suddenly, she hears the sound of the door opening, and sees that it’s Auger. Shivering in fear, she thinks about what happened. They neko twins had forced her to say that she likes them doing things to her, even if she didn’t like it, like pulling her hair. They would punish her if she said that she didn’t like their company. Mejojo was scary. Unlike when he came to visit her in the castle, his eyes were plainly filled with madness; she didn’t know who was the real Mejojo anymore. Mejojo comes in and she has to bow to him, as he tells her that he has news about the wolves. He’s found out that the wolves were going to the castle, and he’s gonna destroy them this time. They’ve also found out that Nesso and Zara were going to attack the castle together with the wolves.

Fiona’s shocked to hear that, and pleads Mejojo not to kill them. She couldn’t even warn them not to come to the palace at all. Mejojo’s pretty much like “LOL YOU’RE MINE NOW IF THEY COME THEY’RE GONNA TAKE YOU SO NO” in his head but since he’s hearing Fiona plead him, he said he would think about it for a while. Mejojo also arranges for Fiona to be taken to a room on the upper levels of the castle to be confined there. Fiona cries nad screams that she doesn’t want to go there, but Auger just pulls her to the room, and tells her that she can do anything inside the room as long she doesn’t escape. Auger also points out that they can see the gardens very clearly from the window and Fiona gets scared. Afterwards, Auger leaves, and it soon gets extremely noisy outside.

Right before the wolves are gonna break into the castle, Nesso and Zara are getting extremely worried and Nesso says that Zara didn’t have to come with him, since it was pretty much a suicide mission. Zara’s like “I came with you for a reason which is save ojousama u idiot”.  Nesso the nods and tells him to watch his back. Arles then reviews their strategy with everyone, and it will be going as planed, where Arles and Gullian will kill the gate guards firs followed by the wolves rushing in. Rath will be waiting outside and securing the escape route for the wolves. Nesso then asks if he and Zara could work alone after they break into the castle, and Arles agrees as he didn’t want tot take care of more people. Soon, they break in as planned, but something’s wrong. The amount of gate guards were too little. Proceeding to open the gate with Gullian, he gets suspicious about what Mejojo was planning, but shrugs it off.

All 7The wolves all run into the castle immediately and they’re gonna kill everyone in the palace. Nesso and Zara rush off in a different direction to save Fiona, but to their dismay, the CCK had locked the gate, just as all the wolves had run into the castle. Rath is shocked, and shouts to get everyone to return, as their escape route was blocked. Zara heard the shouting, but when they turned back, the gate was closed. They now had to believe that they could save Fiona, capture some guards and tell them how to open the gate. This turned out to be Mejojo’s plan, as he wasn’t going to make the same mistake of letting the wolves get out of the main gate this time. Nesso and Zara have no choice to run in, but to their dismay, they’re surrounded by hundreds of guards. Turns out that the guards were in hiding and they had come out to stop Nesso and Zara from proceeding. The 2 draw their weapons, and proceed to defeat all the guards.

Meanwhile on Fiona’s side, she’s shocked too see wolves running around confused, instead of serious, and they looked like they were thinking of running back. To her horror, she looked at another window, and found the palace gate closed. She then saw knights killing every single wolf in sight, and stabbing them until their died, and the garden has been set aflame. She then searches for Mejojo, as she knew he would obviously be at the battlefield, since they’ve been wanting to kill the wolves with their own hands for a long time. Soon, she finds him. Mejojo stands out the most among the pack of knights with his elegance, and who she finds opposite him is the king of the wolves, Arles.

Mejojo 8Mejojo’s pretty much in a fit of anger and he’s like “HAHA TIME TO KILL THE WOLVES. ESPECIALLY YOU, ARLES.” and starts attacking Arles. He only defends, and asks if thats all Mejojo’s got. Soon, Arles starts attacking as well, trying to kill Mejojo as well. Fiona, looking at this, realises somethings’ wrong. The CCK ain’t there at all to protect Mejojo, and Fiona just thought that she couldn’t see them. However, Mejojo made a signal, and the CCK who were hiding within the fire, to attack Arles with their arrows. Mejojo does the whole (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ thing and goes “HAHAHA ARLES YOU WERE THAT STUPID TO FALL FOR MY TRAP DIDN’T YOU KNOW I HAD REINFORCEMENTS??” Arles asked Mejojo if he’s done yet with his dirty tricks. The CCK’s arrows had caused Arles to be using his sword to balance himself. He was about to go for another hit at Mejojo, but he’s weakened down by the CCK so badly he had to stand using his sword. Arles then laughs, saying that he’s actually never felt better than Mejojo, and he’s been respected all along. Mejojo’s like “ARE YOU SURE ARURU I’M PRETTY SUCH YOU’RE LYING” with the (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ face. Mejojo’s been jealous of Arles from the beginning, and he couldn’t believe anything he said anymore and seriously wanted to kill him.

Arles starts going into crazy mode and goes “LOL YOU’RE SO PITIFUL MEJOJO POOR GUY” since he knew Mejojo was never going to change. Even if he had murdered all the wolves, he still wouldn’t be able to find his own peace. Mejojo does the “FUCK YOU” and (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ face as he stabs Arles with his rapier non-stop. Arles keeps going on about how crazy Mejojo is, and how he’s a pitiful guy. Before long, Arles’ laughter stops, and he’s pretty much on the ground. Fiona’s horrified by this, and sees that Mejojo was actually the one being cornered. Mejojo’s about to go “HAHA I KILLED ARLES” and put down his weapon, when Arles suddenly budges and uses his claws to scrape it over Mejojo’s face. Blood immediately splashes out from that attack, taking Mejojo’s left eye with it. Soon, Arles dies….but with a smile. However Mejojo’s pretty much giving the (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ face as he isn’t satisfied. Seeing Arles dying with a smile, Mejojo didn’t feel that he had won. He still felt hatred from seeing that smile from Arles face as he died, and now he had no one to direct his anger at. All the knights who were standing there were in shock, but in anger, Mejojo’s orders, “KILL ALL THE WOLVES!!!!” and all the knights continue killing all the leftover wolves since their leader was dead.

All 8Sadly, Rath’s still outside the gate, trying to crash through the iron gate but fails. He can smell the blood coming from the inside of the castle, but he isn’t sure if it’s the wolves or the cats’ blood. Before he knows it, he hears some weak footsteps walking towards him. It’s Gullian. He’s all battered up, and there’s blood all over his body. Rath then asks him what happened to Arles. Gullian then tells him that Arles died after taking Mejojo’s left eye with him. Gullian then asks him to run. The wolves who entered the castle were gonna be killed sooner or later, so he wants Rath to leave the country with all the other wolves that stayed back. Suddenly, Rath sees a knight behind Gullian and tells him he’s in trouble, but Gullian just ignores him and says that Rath needs to keep all the other wolves alive, so that they won’t be eradicated. Suddenly the knight stabs Gullian in the stomach, but he grips onto the gate, making sure the knight doesn’t see Rath. He doesn’t want to let them know that there’s a wolf survivor. Rath wants to die with them, but Gullian shouts out Rath’s name, instead of the usual “newcomer”, and Rath immediately runs off. Gullian then collapses on the floor, muttering “Arles….I saved you younger brother….praise me…” and dies. (T△T) そんなぁ…

This whole incident was named the “Bloody Nightmare” incident, the day where all the wolves in Weblin were slain, and when the castle was painted red. The wolves had all disappeared from the country, and the citizens cheered for the good news. Mejojo also announced to all the people in the country that they have found a cure to Zodiva, and the kingdom was going to be save. All the bodies from that night were burnt, and they were never to be seen again. Weblin soon turned back to normal, that peaceful country again.

Since that incident, Mejojo’s been super nice to Fiona cuz he killed Arles. The madness that was inside Mejojo had also disappeared from sight, and he didn’t have any motivation to even kill a wolf anymore. Fiona’s been living in the garden since then, and it’s been fixed from that bloody battleground. She’s pretty much living her nice life at the castle. Nesso and Zara had died in the mess, but she felt rather fine with that – as she had Mejojo now. She was the wife f the king of Weblin, and Mejojo was so busy that he would only stop by once in a while at the garden. He’s been pretty kind and nice to her, and she felt okay with him, back to the time when he still visited her in the tower. He never took out his anger on her anymore, neither did he get angry in front of her. After that tragedy, this was good enough for Fiona.

Mejojo 11Suddenly she hears a knock on the door, and she pretty much knows that it’s Mejojo whose come to visit her at that hour. She asks how is his work coming along, and he says that he’s planning on rebuilding the villages before next year. She praises him for hie hard work, and life’s pretty peaceful among them. Mejojo wasn’t crazy anymore, but Fiona still remembers his crazy obsession with her, and how’s much his been through. His anger and his pain and too be somewhere, but no one knows. Since she knows that Mejojo gonna get mad again if she runs away from him, she decides to stay together with him, so that he won’t go crazy again. Mejojo then says that Auger sent some wine back to the castle from one of the villages he was in. Since he was complaining that he didn’t like paperwork at all, Mejojo sent him out to collect information about the damage at the villages, as he was better at that.

As Mejojo pours the wine into a glass, Fiona cam’t help but see how beautiful the colour of the wine is. After taking a sip from his glass, he grabs Fiona and kisses her. As he releases his lips, Fiona feels the wine in her mouth and she starts feeling dizzy. Mejojo says that he’s gonna give her more wine to drink as he kisses her again, and the wine drips out. He starts licking the wine all  the way down to her neck. Fiona pretty much wants to run out of this and tries to move away, but he pins her down on the bed. He asks her to have a family with him, and together they can create a new Weblin. He then says that Fiona is his, and mutters “I’ve finally…obtained you.” This is continued with him saying “You’re now eternally…mine.” Mejojo 12Fiona finds those beautiful eyes of his peaceful, but they were somehow, mad.



Mejojo managedto kill Arles, and he had also got rid Nesso and Zara. Fiona still regrets her decision towards returning to the castle, but they’re gone now. Seh can’t help it anymore. However, Mejojo’s health has been deteriorating after the battle and he’s lying in bed, suffering due to the injury in his in. The toxin had spread to all his body, and he wasn’t feeling that well anymore. Fiona hated Mejojo a lot, and she wanted to kill him so much, but seeing Mejojo lying in bed, calling out to her, she realised, she still had Mejojo. Mejojo’s relying on her now, and he wants her to be by his side. Fiona squeezes his hand, and she tells him that she’s going to be by is side. Mejojo’s condition kept worsening, and before she knew it he was relying on Auger to do everything for him. One day, he tells her that she belongs to him now. Fiona knows that she only Mejojo now, and no one can replace him anymore. She then replies, saying that she is, indeed his.

Mejojo 13Continuing on with that, Fiona becomes Mejojo’s wife…until he died. They never had an official wedding ceremony, and all Fiona had left was the status as the queen of Weblin. Auger had taken the position of king now. Fiona was staring out to space in Mejojo’s room, when Auger comes in. He asks what is she doing inside there, and he then says that she’s free now. Mejojo’s dead, and Auger didn’t have any interest in her at all, neither any use for her. Mejojo’s no longer there to hold her back anymore. He isn’t concerned with her at all. Suddenly, Fiona remembers – she’s aloe now. There’s no one who needs her now. Her family’s dead. The one who was so precious to her – Mejojo, had also died. There was no meaning in her life anymore. She leaves the room, and makes her way to another room. As she stares at the window, she smiles as she sees the greenery around her, and the birds flying around. She’s finally free now, and she can go find her family. Fiona then hears a voice of someone calling her, and she knows that it’s the prince who was waiting for her. She then mutters, “Wait for a while, Mejojo, I’ll be joining you….now, because I’m free”

432022s1vheyatjsThe first thing I felt from this route: FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN. Okay really this game had too many parodies that were way too similar. Much like Sephiroth and Cloud, Arles and Mejojo were on edge with each other. The reason’s somehow similar in a way, but the problem was SAME SEIYUUS. SAME COLOUR SCHEME. Well thank you Rejet you just wrote me a FFVII parody. Amazing. Well apart from my raging over the similarities, I really like the wrote plot behind this story as it’s really good. Amazingly I managed to bear with this till the end cuz I hate long games but I could bear with this. I really apologise for the tl;dr cuz it isn’t really my original style, but too many plot details would be thrown out if I wrote just a summary. I really pity Mejojo tho. He’s so cute, yet he’s so sad. I really pity him in a way, but I just felt that his madness was kinda too much. He has really a lot going for him and I do like him in a way. I’m still considering whether to do the bad ends, so the disclaimer there might never happen but just watch out for it I guess.

-Thoughts after bad end-

Wow. Mejojo was so sweet in the ending, I really pity Fiona because she doesn’t have any family anymore, and she’s believes her only worth is supporting somehow. That’s pretty much it tho.

4 thoughts on “BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Mejojo Von Garibaldi

  1. kirinano

    Are you planning to play Last Hope too? Back when I played this, I was surprised how much I liked this game even though it has this dark theme. Actually, I still like it now; I thought it was probably the best out of all that rejet had come up with. I recommend you to play the bad ends too. I usually don’t play bad ends, but did for this one; some were pretty interesting. In fact, honestly, I thought Mejojo was the cutest in his bad end lololol. ┐(‘~`;)┌ It’s probably bc I was kind of pissed off at him. He was indeed pitiful, but I just couldn’t forgive the things he did. If you’re planning to play Last Hope, be prepared. There’s some stuff that didn’t happen in Bloody Nightmare (from what I remembered) and just wanted someone to screw him over. Well, actually, there’s only one character that should be truly screwed over and it’s not him. (눈_눈) haha

    1. Shuu Post author

      Oh really? I was planning on playing Last Hope as well as I’ve heard it’s really light and stuff, compared to Bloody Nightmare. I also found a copy of it at the game shop I frequent, so I was thinking I could play it as well. I’m pretty prepared for all the incidents that ain’t gonna happen after I saw ur Rath review so when the Last Hope review comes out it’ll be prolly filled with “hey wait this didn’t happen in BN” or “-toot- that incident didn’t happen!!” XD

      1. kirinano

        I guess it is light. Well, I haven’t finished the heaviest routes of the game (in my opinion), so I’m not exactly sure. Also, Bloody Nightmare is more focused on the corruption of the cats. I didn’t even consider their good ends as “good ends.” I consider them more as bad ends since they did what they did and I don’t see how Fiona can just forgive, or should I say “pretend that she doesn’t face the reality?” In that way, I guess Last Hope might be lighter? I’m still in the middle of my 2nd play, so I’m not sure how diff it’s gonna get compared to LH. ┐(‘~`;)┌

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