BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Twin Ends

The 2 twin ends are unlocked after clearing the twins’ ends. They have to be played from Mejojo’s route, cuz both end with Fiona being Mejojo’s. I guess this post is going to get uh, a little short cuz the way I write endings is really short. BUT I JUST COULDN’T BRING MYSELF TO PUT IT INSIDE AUGER’S POST. Okay aside from that I’ll be finishing up the twins’ routes with this post so yeah.


The twin good end happens when Fiona decides to find Mejojo, and chooses not to accept reality. After the incident, she was taken out of the prison, and she was living in the garden with Mejojo. One morning, she wakes up seeing the dream of the incident which happened that night. It was really a scary dream, and Fiona felt scared after seeing it. She wanted to drink some water, but a pair of strong hands grabs her. It’s Mejojo, her husband now. He doesn’t want her to leave him, and wants to use her as his body pillow.

It’s been years since that bloody incident, and Fiona has become Mejojo’s wife, and they have 2 children, a boy and a girl. The girl is a neko, and the boy is a human. Fiona’s worried that her son won’t be able to take the throne one day, as he’s a human and he isn’t able to rule Weblin, and his rights may be stolen one day. However, she doesn’t want to think about that right now, and she want to cherish her kids as much as possible right now. Fiona then says she’s thirsty, and she wants the go get a drink and let Mejojo rest as much as possible. However, Mejojo continues to cling onto her, and tells her she doesn’t need to go. Fiona’s really happy living together with Mejojo, and Mejojo’s gotten a lot much better, and he’s been helping out Weblin more than ever. Rebuilding towns, and wiping out Zodiva from the country.

Fiona has forgotten all about what happened. If she does remember again, she would have gone into despair. She never recalls the past anymore, and only knows that she’s living a very happy life right now, and she’s really happy together with Mejojo. Fiona’s about to lie in Mejojo’s arms nad fall asleep again, and suddenly, Auger bangs the door open and shouts “OHAYOUUUU NII-SAAANNN!!!!” Mejojo’s pretty much dissed off by this as he goes “not this again gosh Auger”. They weren’t as shocked tho. The garden was off limits to all people, as it was for Fiona to be alone, and only the neko twins could go into the garden. Mejojo then tells Auger that it’s rude to intrude into a married couple’s private time. Auger’s like “well we can’t have you two ichaichaing almost every single day so im pulling u 2 outta bed!!” He then continues on saying that he wants to have breakfast together – like how a family usually does. Mejojo sighs, and tells Auger to get the maids to prepare breakfast, and they would come shortly.

All 10The couple get outta bed, and Mejojo tells Fiona about how much he had suffered, and he only had Auger together with him. But now, after passing through all those hardships, Mejojo feels better now. Fiona couldn’t forgive Mejojo, but after hearing this, she felt sorry for Mejojo. All the feelings of hate & everything were washed away. Both of them soon get out of bed since Auger would come and shout at them to get out. Looking out to the garden, Fiona feels extremely peaceful. The flowers are growing beautifully, and the grass is extremely fresh. Suddenly her kids ask her why’s she’s spacing out, and she says that she’s thinking about how everyone’s okay. The kids then ask “who’s everyone?”, and she doesn’t reply. The kids then ask whether they can go out to the garden and play, and Mejojo allows them to, telling them that they’ll call them when breakfast is ready. Auger then says that Fiona’s kids are like her, as they really like going out and playing, just like her in the past.

Mejojo then says that it really cause a lot of problems for him when she kept wanting to go out into the outside world. He then asks if she still wants to go out, and shes says that she doesn’t want to anymore. Fiona only wants to live inside this garden now, and nowhere else. She’s afraid of the outside world, and wants to continue her peaceful life inside the castle. She knows that her family’s doing pretty well outside of the country, and she doesn’t want to contact, neither do they want to contact her at all since she’s the queen of Weblin now. Mejojo then asks if she’s happy. Fiona says she is, but Auger tells that there are tears falling down her cheek. Fiona realises her cheek is wet, and she herself wonders why. Fiona’s happy that she has a happy family, and she has kids and a wonderful husband. She then says that she’s crying of happiness as the garden’s so beautiful. She’s happy – in this beautiful dream.


The twin bad ends happens if you choose to look for Auger, and witness him killing Nesso and Zara. Fiona then decides that punishment is the only way to atone her sins of causing Nesso and Zara to die. She was taken back to the dungeon not long after that night, and she’s been punished by them since then.

Now, she’s chained inside the underground, in the dark, and she doesn’t know how long she’s been inside the dungeon. Days? Weeks? Years? She doesn’t know anymore. Even food was given to her at random timings. She losing sight of herself, and she doesn’t know who she is anymore. She get back to her senses as she hears the dripping of water. She’s Fiona Galland. That’s her identity. Suddenly, she hears footsteps. She thinks its someone coming to get her food, but it’s probably not because she isn’t hungry yet. They would usually only give her food when she cries out loud for it. As expected, it’s the neko twins. She’s really happy to see them, and she calls them “Mejojo-sana” and “Auger-sama”. It’s been a while since they have come to see her, and she’s really glad to see them.

All 12Auger then asks Fiona if she’s happy to see them, and she says yes. Mejojo then adds that she’s become more of a pet now, compared to the past. Mejojo then asks how she wants to be bullied by today. He then takes a whip from the wall, and crack s it loudly. Fiona shivers in happiness as she hears the whip that’s going to hit her in now time. She enjoyed being whipped by the twins, as it showed that they were actually paying attention to her. Auger then says that she’s becoming like a dog since she loves being whipped so much, and they have to think of a new punishment for her now. Mejojo then starts whipping, and Fiona starts crying in pain and happiness. She’s glad she’s able to feel the pain given by Mejojo, and she enjoys it a lot.

The Fiona now just wanted the twins’ attention, and she would do anything to receive that. The more Mejojo whipper her, the more glad she was. She wanted them to torture her; to break her, so that she would forget all her sadness. So that she could forget everything..even herself.432022s1vheyatjsI really do pity Fiona at the twin good end, since her weak self couldn’t face reality anymore, and I don’t that stupid at all. I mean, if all your precious ones disappeared/died in your face at one instance, wouldn’t you feel sad? Indeed, Fiona is much weaker in the twin good end as she can’t come to face with reality, but in Mejojo’s and Auger’s good ends, she’s much stronger than that. These 2 ends pretty much shows Fiona’s weak sides, and the fact that the truth’s really too heavy for her, and accepting it IS really tough. However for the twin bad end I was pretty much ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ and щ(ºДºщ) there cuz what the hell? It’s like Fiona just became a do-M there. She completely just gave up, and didn’t care about anything except for attention from the twins, which really pissed me off a lot. Ohhh god I don’t wanna remember that scene ever again.

Which means, I would really like to say that Fiona IS A STRONG HEROINE. She may be weak & useless in terms of fighting, but she’s really strong-willed. Throughout the nekos’ routes, I realised that Fiona was really a strong girl, withstanding all of the twins tortures and stuff. She never gave in. That’s what I like about her. Except for the fact where Rejet starts twisting her feelings and making her personality a little crazy in the bad ends, and I hope that won’t change. This is only what I have gathered through the twins’ routes, and if I do see any changes I’ll come back to strike this out as invalid.


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