Senbura: Masanobu Awakening Scene

The night that we won a major war…… The Takeda Army banquet was more rowdy than usual.

Masakage-kun and Nobuharu-san were greedily devouring the food. Masatoyo-kun who was panicking trying to stop them. As well asー

Yuzuki: ……Shingen-san? If you’re trying to secretly drink, you can’t.

Shingen: Geh! Oh, well……A-a little bit’s fine, right?

Yuzuki: That’s not good. Look, just pass it overーah!

The sake that Shingen-san was reluctant to pass over was swiftly stolen from his hands.

Masanobu: Shingen-sama, you shouldn’t trouble her.

Shingen: Masanobu! Kh…….Since I got found out by you, I guess I’ll have to give up.

Yuzuki: Thank you, Masanobu-san. Thanks to your help, it saved me the trouble.

Masanobu: Oh, it’s not a big a deal. You have my thanks too, for worrying about Shingen-sama.

Then, without saying anything, our eyes met.

In reality, it was only for a moment, and even though we weren’t touching, I somehow felt embarrassed and blushed.

Masanobu: …………hehe…

Masanobu continued to remain silent, as he pleasantly smiled at me and left the banquet hall.

Yuzuki: (Masanobu-san……?)

For some reason or another, I chased him down the hallway, but lost sight of him.

Yuzuki: (I noticed Masanobu’s smile seemed to have some meaning……maybe it was just my imagination?)

I turned my head around to return to the banquet, and was about to slide the screen, whenー

Masanobu: Did you chase after me? If so, I would be glad.

While he was ticking my ears with his sweet voice, he gently hugged me from behind.

Yuzuki: Kya……Masanobu-san!? Err, the reason why I entered the hallway wasn’t because, of some reason……!

Masanobu: Some reason? Isn’t it because you got lonely after I left?

Masanobu: Fufu. For a cute girl like like you, I should do something good to you.

Yuzuki: Hh……P-please’s don’t lick my neck! I-it tickles…!!

Masanobu: Just endure it for a while. Actually, I lost a lot of blood during today’s battle.

Masanobu: That’s why……I’ve been wanting your blood since I came back.

Masanobu’s fingertips slowly moved up from my waist, and eventually reached my nape.

Then, he undid the ribbon on my top, exposing my shoulders.

Yuzuki: Ah, Masanobu-san…..We shouldn’t be doing this……!

Masanobu: Hm, what’s wrong? If it’s chilly, just endure it for a while.

Yuzuki: That’s not it! You can drink as much of my blood you want, b-but you don’t have to take off my clothes……!

Masanobu: Ahh……perhaps you’re worried about what’s behind the screen?

He was right. On the other side of the single sliding screen, was a lively banquet being held.

Yuzuki: (If even one person thinks about going to the restroom or getting more sake……!)

Masanobu: Fufu, it’s going to be alright. Besides, in the first place……

Masanobu: Thanks to the moonlight, our shadows might already have been casted inside, you know?

My face immediately turned red. Just imagining it, was embarrassing that I could die. However, Masanobu-san wasn’t panicking.

Masanobu: Nevertheless, we should just show off. I’m fine with that…

As I thought of the warm breath on my shoulder, Masanobu-san’s sharp fangs slowly pierced through my skin.

Yuzuki: Ah……!

I could feel a streak of warm blood flowing down my back. Masanobu-san licked every drop it, not to waste any of it.

Masanobu: Fufu, as expected, your blood is delicious. I wonder how your blood is so special.

Masanobu-san gently stroked my throat that was trying to hold back on making any noise.

Masanobu: It’s fine to make noises, but that will definitely cause everyone to notice.

Yuzuki: (Ahh……! As expected, Masanobu-san is unfair……!)

Masanobu: ……Fufu, I haven’t drunk enough, but I’ve done enough to you.

Masanobu: My wounds have healed, and you seem to be at your limit.

While Masanobu-san said that and let me go, I lost my strength and fell down.

Masanobu-san bent down and quickly fixed my clothes, and patted me on the head lightly.

Masanobu: It was delicious, thank you. If I need it again, I’ll request you for some.

Then, he lightly kissed my forehead.

It appears that I’m no match for Masanobu-san no matter what………

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