Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

In the 19th Century in Great Britain, there lives a girl named Cardia Beckford who’s been named a monster due to the fact that she spews some kind of poison which melts anything that she touches. Cardia sits around in a mansion all day cuz her dad, Isaac Beckford told her to sit around waiting for him to come back one day. One day, the Queen’s royal guards led by Captain Leonhardht breaks into her house to try and capture her. Thankfully, the master thief Arsene Lupin intercepts the capture and takes Cardia away to England, telling her that the stone on her is the Horologium, and promising her that he’ll solve her problem.

Common Route

2017-01-04-133646The common route in this game is extremely important because this is where all the main characters of the game gather, and Warning: there are spoilers in this section already. Impey Barbicane is already part of the squad already, as he’s the dude who’s prepared the transport to get back to mainland England. Victor Frankenstein (I’ll be calling him fran even if his en name is victor because there are already too many V-names in this game already), is recruited when Cardia runs into him on the street while trying to get to Lupin’s and Impey’s base. Fran’s a scientist who was accused of being a terrorist bombing the area, so the government after him despite the fact he has done nothing wrong for reasons later explained the game. He’s recruited since he used to be working for the government, he has a lot of knowledge in Alchemy. Saint-Germains’s the owner of the mansion that Lupin uses as his base, since San’s supposedly a rich duke who owns several properties around the world, so he’s loaning it to the guys to “pass his time”. Abraham Van Helsing is recruited when he comes shooting his way in looking for Cardia in order to find clues leading to Izaac Beckford, who he’s looking for his own personal reasons. Van’s supposed to be a “hero” in the vampire war since he apparently killed a shit ton of vampires and compromised the safety of tons of people. The group goes through a lot of daily events, and running from the government because they’ve got a terrorist, a phantom thief and a war hero who technically ran away from his duty. They get chased after mainly by this government group called Twilight, who’s technically the elite force of the government, but they’re actually connected to Isaac, and the group goes after them anyway. They try to kidnap the leader of Twilight from a train to get information, but they’re intercepted by Herlock Sholmes, the leader and sub-leader of the organisation. Yeah, Sherlock Holmes under an anagram. Who knew he’d be in the game! The sub-leader is this gramps called Aleister, who’s Van’s master and old friend, and the boss is this shota named Finis who is everyone’s favourite Kaji screaming character! Yes this shota keeps calling Cardia his nee-san saying that she’s a monster and she’s just “acting” human, and wants to take her back for important plot reasons I can’t say now.

2017-01-04-131638They escape, and go through more incidents like where they meet the son of the Vampire King, now the Vampire King himself Delacroix II, who’s a shota who’s really mad that Van killed his dad, which will be revealed in Van’s route. They take him back anyway because Van doesn’t want to kill him either and he’s being hunted by really bad mafia who is really irrelevant so I’m not gonna delve deeper into them. He acts all cool but he’s just a cute kid who wants to play with the house dog Sissy, and they call him Delly in the translation. They also enter a airship(?)/zeppelin race to find documents related to Issac who they meet this creepy dude called Nemo who speaks in such awkward sentences to the point the translators went with “I’m Captain Nemmmoooooooo!!” They have to beat this weirdo’s heavy artillery airship to win the race, and he ruins things in Impey’s route too. Cardia eventually reveals her backstory, from when she was at the mansion. Cardia actually woke up 2 years ago before the game even started, and received a letter from Issac asking her to stay and wait till daddy comes back, and not to leave the house ever. However Cardia, who was curious about the world, went out and realised her poison was way too deadly and she got lost in the woods while running from a bunch of kids. She was taken in by a kind lady Elaine, who lived with her daughter Etty. Elaine treated her as a human and even taught her about different herbs and medicines. All was fine until one day a bunch of crazy villagers came with a priest calling Cardia a monster, threatening to kill her but Elaine covers for her saying that she’s a nice girl like any other humans. Because they’re with a crazy priest who thinks Cardia’s the cause of their crops dying and famine, they do a “test” to see if she’s good. Elaine & Cardia would stay in a cave together for 13 days, and if Elaine didn’t die they would all apologise. However since Cardia’s poison particles fuse with the air, the air gets more poisonous if she stays in an enclosed space, and this starts killing Elaine off due to the fact that the poor lady was already having a condition beforehand. Cardia desperately trying to burn a hole to get help, but she dies, and tells Cardia to hand her diary about herbs and medicines to her daughter Etty. However, when she finds Etty, Etty just tells her she’s a monster and that she should have died instead of her mom.

2017-01-04-133653Since then, Cardia went back to the mansion and stayed there forever wishing she’d die someday from the guilt of killing someone innocent. Back to the main story, after winning the race & getting the documents, they finally manage to find one of Issac’s base/labs and they decide to raid it. However, Twilight comes by to attack them and Finis comes back in babbling that Cardia’s a monster, but with more juicy information that is the fact that she’s a Homunculus! Cardia’s horrified when she sees 665 failed experiments of her in tubes rotting in a random room at the base, and Finis tells her that she was the only successful one created to house the Horologium until it was complete and turns into the Philospher’s Stone. So, the Horologium was actually created from a a substance Fran discovered, Zickterium, which was further concentrated to make the stone. Finis reveals that for the Horologium to be complete, they need the red gem pendant that he has to fully turn the Horologium to turn into the Philospher’s Stone. (this information is actually only revealed in a few routes, but it’s important so I left it in the common route.) Cardia’s so shocked by this, and before she reacts, San comes by and stabs Finish before he can finish talking. The dude who has the highest affection will run in to try and save Cardia as well. The group returns to the mansion after escaping from Twilight, and Cardia’s extremely depressed. She realises why her father calls her a monster, and starts questioning her emotions. Deciding not to bother the gang anymore, Cardia secretly leaves the mansion soon after in the middle of the night to not cause anymore trouble for them anymore. This is where the routes split into the separate dudes.

Impey Barbicane (CV: Morikubo Showtaro)

2017-01-04-133021Impey is the joker mechanic of the group, with him suffering everyone’s verbal abuse because he’s the comic relief and is supposedly dumb. He makes pretty useful machines except for the fact that some reason they blow up more than they are actually useful, and is a great cook. Since he first saw Cardia, he fell in love with her at first sight and has been blatantly flirting with her since. When Cardia tries to leave the mansion, Impey finds her and offer to help her find Nemo since it seems that he’s the only clue to Issac. They eventually find Nemo in a forest crying about how a bunch of pirates stole of his precious parts for his experiments, and Impey offers to help find in and for some reason he thanks them so hard he grabs Impey into a ~manly hug~. Impey & Cardia decide to sneak into the pirate base, but Nemo gets and impatient and blasts his way through the base making the both of them vulnerable. The best part, Lupin previously stole these pirates’ zeppelin and they remember Impey’s name so they get really mad and want to kill him. After Cardia grabs the object Impey grabs Nemo and Cardia out of the base for a quick escape. Cardia assists him by using some of the bombs she received from Fran, and the 2 work together to get out. (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Nemo thanks them by letting them into his lab, and they ask him about what he knows about Issac. Nemo is actually pretty aware of Issac’s plan, as he knows that Issac made a homunculus to clear the poison of the Horologium to make it pure. Impey tries to find out if extracting the poison was possible, but it isn’t because apparently Issac made a shit ton of them and they all died because they couldn’t keep the poison in. They stay over at Nemo’s lab at the night, but Cardia’s really depressed as she comes to terms with the fact that she’s really a bad science project and she can’t do anything about it. She tries to find Impey when instead she runs into Nemo talking to Twilight agents and finds out that he’s been working with them all along! On top of that, he’s very aware that Cardia is the successful Homunculus and he plans on continued Issac’s plans of creating the Philospher’s Stone so that he’ll be noticed by Issac-senpai!

2017-01-04-133222Cardia hurries to tell Impey this but it’s too late because Nemo sprays some sleeping gas at them and they both conk out. When cardia wakes up and she’s chained up and a tiny piece of her Horologium was extracted by the gross Harajuku hentai. Nemo says that a small piece of it has so much energy, and that when the Philospher’s Stone is complete he’ll just extract it from her and turn her back into a lifeless doll. He continues blabbering about his plans to create the Philospher’s stone and how he’ll become a god, and Cardia takes this chance to melt the chains and escape! Nemo’s like “shit i forgot to poison-proof the chain!” but Cardia knocks the daylights out of him and runs. However, she constantly has pains in the part where the gem was extracted. Cardia finds Impey but he’s locked up in a cell, and since she can’t melt it because it’s poison-proof, Impey uses his invention skillz to blow his way out of the cell using a toilet seat. They try to find an escape route until Nemo reveals to them that his lab isn’t a normal one- it’s a flying ship called the Nautilus! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ Impey gets worked up because he only knows one thing that could power the ship: the gravity core that he invented and was looking for. Nemo freaks out when he realizes Impey’s the inventor, inviting him to join forces with him. Impey disagrees, and quickly escapes the ship by breaking a window and jumping out. They land successfully on the Ornithopter that Lupin’s piloting, and Impey reveals that he had left an emergency signal for Lupin when they were knocked out, and he knew that Lupin was coming so he could jump. However, Cardia passes out from the continuous shock in her body. When she wakes up, she’s back at the mansion and Fran reveals to her that the pain is coming from the fact a portion of the Horologium was extracted. Because of this, her horologium isn’t functioning properly, and if this goes on, she will die. However, because of this, she isn’t spewing poison anywhere, so Impey takes this chance to comfort her by holding her bare hand, telling her that he’ll definitely find a way to save her. Cardia is actually in love with him at this point but she’s trying to sort out her feelings and is all kuudere about it. ٩(ó。ò۶ ♡)))♬

2017-01-04-133254At the same time, Nemo flies his giant ass Nautilus on top of London and yells to everyone saying that if he doesn’t get Cardia he’s going to destroy the entire London. The gang moves base in order not to be found but they get trolled by Herlock who brings them to Buckingham Palace instead. Cardia however, is pretty guilt-tripped by this and is depressed pondering whether she should turn herself in to save everyone the trouble. Impey eventually reveals his backstory to Cardia about his dream of wanting to fly to the moon while on a walk. Impey’s dream of wanting to be an engineer was when he saw the locomotive train, he was amazed by it. He started working with small devices, and was eventually taken in by an old grandpa who’s dream was to reach the moon. They started working together to create a cannon which would take them to the moon. However, because Impey’s a vampire (which was pretty obvious but irrelevant to his story), the grandpa was killed during the war and he decided to continue the grandpa’s dream as he left him a note saying “I’m waiting for you on the moon.” Impey says that he got into science not to hurt people, but give everyone hopes and dreams. He says that Cardia’s purely that too, and that it’s fine if she doesn’t know what she was born for. He proposes to her asking her to be together with him forever. Cardia tells him that he sounds like he’s going to die tomorrow, and doesn’t accept it. Instead, Impey kisses her instead and promises her that’ll they go to the moon together when everything’s over. Of course, this entire incident makes Cardia dere up really badly and she even kisses her in return. ヾ(0∀0*★)゚*・.。 Impey ends up making a device that can deactivate the gravity core, but he needs to be in close proximity of the device if not it won’t work. He begs Victoria to buy him some time to get on the ship, and she eventually agrees. They gang manages to help them invade the Nautilus, but Cardia’s losing a life force every second so she continues getting shocks of pain throughout the mission. The 2 confront Nemo at the deck, where he starts screeching about how Impey will never understand him and his science! Impey at this point had already activated his device, but the tiny piece of Horologium is so strong to the point it can keep the thing afloat.

2017-01-04-133355Impey yells at him that unlike him he isn’t alone, and he’s got his girlfriend always supporting him. Nemo screeches even more and gets the Twilight agents to kill Impey, but he survives because he was wearing a bulletproof vest Lupin game him lel. Nemo gets super pissed and they beat the crap out of the Twilight agents and the guy himself, with Impey telling him that if he wants Issac to notice him he shouldn’t be making dangerous trash. Of course Nemo decides to blow himself up so that he can kill them at the last moment, and Cardia’s running out of life energy. Impey quickly grabs the the horologium piece, and and places it back completing the horologium again. However, because of Nemo’s dumb bombing , and the ship’s crashing down. Impey tries to steer it to the Thames River, and since there’s still a leftover escape ship he tells Cardia to run first. Normal End: Cardia agrees to escape first, but it’s totally a lie by Impey after giving her their last kiss and he goes down with the ship. The Nautilus crashed into the river, but they couldn’t find any remains of Impey. A year later, Cardia’s leaving England for America in order to continue Impey’s dream of going to the moon. (´;ω;`) True End: Cardia’s like “NO IM STAYING WITH YOU BABE” and they land the ship safely as the sun rises. Right before the poison comes back to her, Impey steals one more kiss from her as they technically fall with the ship into the river. 。.゚+:((ヾ(。・ω・)シ)).:゚+。 In the Epilogue, the gang has split up and Impey & Cardia still live in the mansion because San threw the deeds at them. They live together happily as Impey creates his inventions and Cardia assists him, but she cannot touch him anymore. Impey asks her to marry him anyway, and she agrees and he shoots his new invention: fireworks, into the sky saying that he’s made his, grandpa’s and Cardia’s dream come true. ꒰ღ˘‿˘ற Extras: Impey & Cardia and living life peacefully at the mansion and Impey’s finally become friends with Sissy, the dog, and they get splashing with water because its summer. So we get a scene where Cardia runs out to Impey’s yelling and we get a CG of wet Impey. ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ) I’ll be honest, Impey became my final favourite because he’s actually a great guy despite the fact that he’s a perv and the fact that he’s super dorky. I actually found him to be a great guy because he’s so loyal to Cardia ahhh;; Cardia is badass in this route and charmed my heart too. Although, Impey being a vampire is really irrelevant for his route since uh it didn’t affect much, but I still really love him.

Saint-Germain (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

2017-01-04-133411Saint Germain’s the owner of the mansion but everything about him is really mysterious until you officially get into his route. When Cardia tries to leave the mansion, she finds San who offers to take her to his private place where she can get away from the rest of the gang. They walk into a forest, and they find another mansion which looks exactly the same as the one they were living in previously! However, Cardia’s tea is doped before she knows it, and whens he wakes up she sees San walking into the room trying to kill her with a knife!! San’s all like “whoops I guess you woke up ahead of time because of the horologium” and decides to proceed to PLAN B where he starts strangling her! He starts telling her that if she had been a good girl and stayed asleep she would have had a peaceful death but oh well he’s gotta use plan B to strangle and kill her! Midway he stops strangling her instead of actually killing her, and says that he’ll kill her another time because he doesn’t want to see her suffer! And here I was going like ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ but then when you finish the route you seriously realise he was a pretty sad guy. Ok so he locks her in the room, and Cardia ain’t like your generic otome heroine so she decides to escape this mansion because the creepy hakushaku is clearly going to kill her again! She uses Lupin’s tips on how to escape by unbinding herself, melting some metal into a lock pick, and finds her way out of the mansion. She runs into San along the way who’s trying to kill her again, but she makes a run for it and manages to return to the original mansion. However, right when she arrives, she almost gets stabbed by this giant armour with a giant ass sword! Cardia injures herself, but thankfully Van and Fran show up to cover her, and she escapes with Fran while Van tries to buy some time for them. The group heads to one of Lupin’s hideouts, and Cardia explains what just happened to them. Lupin & Impey and shocked that the count would do such a thing to her, and they figure that he’s probably related to Issac so they decide to head back to the lab to find clues. They return to the creepo lab,  where Cardia finds the pendant I mentioned earlier on the ground left by Finis. When she picks it up, she feels this pain in her chest but Fran runs by and pushes it out of her hands.

2017-01-04-133444Lupin and the rest of the gang ends up finding documents about this organisation called “Idea”. So San appears at the lab telling them the whole truth: he’s part of the organisation Idea let by a grandma called Omnibus and they’re trying to get rid of Issac influence/experiments from the world because it is DEFYING GOD AND THEY’VE GOT TO KEEP IT SAFE! Since San was in charge of this job he was hoping to give Cardia a painless death, instead of her getting stabbed really hard. However, he was taking too long so they got the armour lady, Guinevere, to come and kill her! That’s right, she’s the fucking queen in King Arthur who dumped Arthur and eloped with Lancelot which caused her kingdom to go to ruin! And she regrets her eloping so she’s part of Idea too! (・_・ヾ Because San really, really doesn’t want Cardia to die so he buys time against Guinevere while the rest escape. The next day, Cardia’s walking on the road when suddenly time stops around her, and a grandma appears in her face! the grandma introduces herself as Omnibus, the leader of Idea. She goes on about how they’ve been protecting for ages, and because her dad’s gone off his whacker and is DEFYING GOD they’ve got to remove his most dangerous experiments! Apparently, if they don’t do something about Cardia, the world will be destroyed! However Cardia’s like “no shit I wanna live I won’t destroy the world” but grandma’s goes on blabbing about how she’s not human and she doesn’t have a human heart nor soul and blahblahblah she’s a monster. She then says that San’s been living for a damn long while now and his soul died a long time ago, and since he’s immortal he can probably take like 48309 stabs. She continues saying that this isn’t the first time San’s defied her, apparently he let a little boy live which caused the entirety of the world to catch the Black Plague causing the death of millions! Granny goes on about how she doesn’t want San to do that again if not she’ll have to remove his immortal powers and he will die if he doesn’t kill her! (。•́︿•̀。) Granny tells her to reconsider her actions, and leaves Cardia telling that if she agrees to getting killed by San, head to the tower bridge the next night. Meanwhile, we get a flashback of San’s past, where he was acting as a doctor in a village which would eventually be the beginning of the black plague.

2017-01-04-133547During his time there, he picked up a young boy who’s mom was killed because of witch hunting, and took him in. He continued reporting the status of the village to the organisation, until one day a patient with the symptoms of the black plague showed up, and he knew he had to exterminate the entire village. He ended up killing everyone except for the poor boy who was crying and telling him not to “leave him alone”, but that caused the black plague to spread all over the world! San’s been terribly guilty since then and I really felt bad for him there. (´;Д;`) So Cardia makes her decision to get killed, but San’s got other plans because he’s decided he’s in love with Cardia, and tells her that he can’t bring himself to kill her. He doesn’t believe that she’s a monster because if she’s one, he is one too because he’s technically immortal and he’s emotions are pretty dead at this point too. He grabs her bare hand and places it on his face, and it burns his face but because of his regenerative abilities it just heals and he says he’s a monster too. He decides to drug her, and says goodbye to her as he goes to kill all of Omnibus’ apostles. When Cardia wakes up, she runs back to find Lupin and the gang to explain to them that their gathering was all planned by San, and begs them for help to save San. Lupin’s pretty mad that she ran off on her own, but the gang decides they will help her as much as they can. Fran also hands her the pendant she found, which I mentioned earlier completes the Philospher’s Stone, telling her to hold on to it as it’s important for her. Lupin eventually finds out Idea’s hideout, and they head there. The group enters a magical forest where only Cardia finds her way to the hideout and meets Omnibus there. Granny starts her long arse story about how she ate the forbidden fruit and because of that she could see the future, so she doesn’t shit to happen to the world. Cardia threatens her using the pendant saying that she’ll complete the Horologium if grandma doesn’t listen to her. Omnibus ends up agreeing, but however, she has to change the future she sees. Since granny can see the future, it’s predicted that San will die in his confrontation against Guinevere. If Cardia can change that fate, she will let San live. At the same time, she also has to give up her life for it.

2017-01-04-133626Cardia agrees because NO TIME TO THINK GOTTA SAVE BAE when im like, San’s trying to kill himself for Cardia while Cardia’s trying to kill herself for San. GREAT. I think I’ve seen this before where heroine and guy need to sort out their decisions before making them. So eitherway, no matter what Cardia chooses at the true/normal end split, the conditions don’t change. Normal End: Cardia rushes to the scene where San’s fighting Guinevere, and the fight ends in a draw. However San’s used up all his energy so he dies, and Cardia’s so she decides to end her life since she doesn’t have a reason to live anymore. Omnibus then comes by offering her a job as an apostle of Idea, and she takes it up and starts going on missions with Guinevere after. True End: San manages to defeat Guinevere in the battle, and Omnibus gives him a life to live. Since granny’s done her side of the deal, Cardia proceeds to kill herself but San gets in the way begging Omnibus to give him more time to find a way for them to remove the Horologium without her dying. Guinevere wakes up, and asks grandma to let them be happy so granny has no choice but to give in. Omnibus tells them she’ll give them some time but if she really becomes a threat they’ll be back to kill her. In the Epilogue, San & Cardia are travelling the world to research on alchemy and a way to remove the horologium, and San steals a kiss from her by burning his lips off. But well, he’s got his immortal regeneration powers he doesn’t get that much damage. Caardia tells him to stop injuring himself like this, and San says they’ll make out all he wants when they find a way to remove the horologium. ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) Extras: San just received a piece of nice ass fabric from Asia which so happens to be a kimono. However he cant put it on so he gets Cardia to help him. Impey walks by but misunderstands what they’re doing an runs away crying and I’m like bby no don’t run I’ll love you;; San’s route was a really sad one, like at first I was pretty appalled by him until we found out his backstory  and I just cried after finishing his route. San is just so sad and I just wanna give him a big hug. And I hear his route doesn;t get any better in the fd which makes me so sad ;w; At least, he still can kiss Cardia by cheating unlik the next dude I’m about to talk about….

Abraham Van Helsing (CV: Suwabe Junichi)

2017-01-04-132157Van’s got the shitiest life out of all the dudes. He seriously got the short end of the stick with Cardia because the route was full about his shitty life. And the ending became really kinda unfulfilling after thinking about it. Eitherway, let’s get on with the route. Cardia becomes OP in this route because she’s been mega-trained by Van in self-defence techniques. When Cardia leaves, no one comes to meet her because y’know, Van isn’t too interested in her at the point! Cardia roams London until she finds herself kidnapped by Jack the Ripper! However, he isn’t here to cut her up unlike what he usually does, and is actually hired by Finis to take her back to Twilight! Cardia can’t afford to sit still because she’s got shit to find out, and manages to escape from being bound, and tries to find an exit until she lands up at the area in the sewer where Jack CUTS HIS WOMEN! (this route is going to get even more gorey have fun guys) Jack chases after her and she’s almost caught when Van jumps in and shoots him half dead. The dude comes back up, and Van has to shoot him several times until the dude’s on the ground begging his mommy not to spank him. Soon after Jack’s down, they find a wall that has the word “Azoth” written all over it, and a TV switches on with a robotic voice telling them that they’ll continue killing people unless they hand over Cardia. Van is extremely convinced that Finis is back and swears to kill him once and for all. After they leave the sewers, Van explains to Cardia that Jack is a member of “Hidden Strength”, a bunch of people who were in an bad experiment to strengthen them through using past traumas they have. However, because they’re strengthened by their trauma their brain is literally kid level and almost crazy. Most of these experiments gone wrong were arrested, but thanks to Twilight, Jack managed to escape. They run into Aleister, Van’s previous superior, who tells them that he was acting working under Finis to avoid suspicious, and is sure that Finis is revived. Van is very insistent that Azoth is Finish because Finis is the only one who knows about his past and by this point I was pretty sure Van was going nuts about revenge on Finis and who the evil dude in this route was. (;¬_¬)

2017-01-04-132526Before they can settle down again they are attacked by Neuntoter, the vampire king’s strongest bodyguard who’s got Hidden Strength on him. Because he’s going nuts, the only thing in his mind is getting revenge for the king by killing Van. Van can’t take on a powered Vampire and gets in jured in the process of fighting the dude, and even Delly who flies in to help can’t stop his Uncle either. Van passes out from being injured by the vamp, so Delly and Cardia have to drag him back to the mansion. He wakes up after a while, and Cardia’s really glad that he’s alive and starts falling in love with the clueless dude. Delly comes in worried about the dude, but he assures the boy that he can kill him after he kills Finis. Van gets back up next day and brings Aleister saying they’re heading together to find Finis and kill him. Cardia wants to go along with them and decides to confess to Van about her feelings for him when Leonhardht flies in asking for help from the whole gang. A bunch of Hidden Strength attacked the palace and one even suicide bombed the palace and they left the word “Azoth” while screaming “All hail Finish-sama!!” The group springs into action where they split into groups to find Finis as there was news of him in the area. Of course, Cardia and Van run into Finis first! Van immediately chases the dude, and Cardia has to run after him but is blocked by a hidden strength vampire army. Delly jumps in to help Cardia beat up the zombie army telling her he’s responsible for the vampires and he doesn’t want Van to go down a road of revenge like him. After running into Finis once more and losing him again, Van tells Cardia that he’s going to deal with this shit alone and it was a mistake to get her involved. Cardia demands him to tell her what’s his problem, and Van reveals his backstory. Van was just this modest guy who enlisted in the army in order to support his family, but was then scouted by Aleister to enter Twilight. Thanks to that, he’s managed to secure better pay to feed his family and got really close with Aleister while fighting together with him. He was sent to the Vampire Castle 2 years ago in order to spy on them and determine whether they were doing bad shit. All the vampires were so nice to him, and even treated him well and he got to learn how to fight better from the Vampire King.

2017-01-04-132541When he reported back to the higher-ups he told them that the vampires were fine and there was no reason to kill them. Of course the government went ahead and started the war, and he wanted to reason but Finis being the great dick he is took his family hostage and threatened him to kill vampires if not he’s going to kill his entire family. Van went ahead and killed tons of vampires throughout the war, even Delacroix who was like his mentor. (´;д;`) Finis being even more of a dick he was, killed his family anyway which resulted in Van wanting to get his revenge on Finis. After spilling his backstory, he knocks her out and leaves. Delly eventually finds her, and they head back to find the rest of the gang. Cardia begs Lupin to help her find Van and he agrees reluctantly again, and they all invade Twilight HQ because they figured thats the place Van was most likely headed to with Aleister. So Van confronts Finis at he HQ with Aleister and Finis is all “SHOOT ME BRO” and every time he’s shot a new Finis pops up! Finis has 10 billion copies of himself! Van gets really fucking pissed when the Finises surround him but they all drop dead, and the plot twist which I saw a mile away: Aleister is the true final boss! Alesiter reveals to Van that he was Azoth all along and he was the one sending hidden strength zombies after them. Even worse, he starts blabbing on about how he made these Hidden Strength zombies as he wanted to see humans gain power because of their fears and the rubbish he did to them! Aleister also reveals to Van that he was the one who set up the whole thing of Van hating Finis, but in actual fact he was the one who killed his family, but pinned the blame on Finis! Van’s horrified and in shocked, but he just goes ahead to go killed more Hidden Strength people that Aleister sent out. Cardia’s like “not this shit again” and chases after him, but thankfully this time Impey attached a tracker on him so that Cardia can find that dumbass. Cardia finds him and confesses her love to her telling him SHE DOESN’T WANT HIM TO DIE. Van accepts her feelings, but goes ahead to knock her out and leaves to confront Aleister on the tower bridge.

2017-01-04-132723And here I’m like VAN WHY YOU DO DIS (; ̄д ̄) Aleister throws him on a stupid run trying to find him and brainwashing Delly to be bad and fight Van. Van knocks him out of his anger, and heads on further to find Aleister. Cardia runs after him and sees Van confronting Aleister. Aleister explains that Van was his best test subject and was the most brilliant dude out of all the Hidden Strength people since he managed to stay quite sane despite all the anger, sadness and despair. However Van’s pretty much at his limit and he now listens to everything Aleister says. When Cardia turns up at the scene she immediately attempts to kill Aleister threatening to burn him off if he doesn’t turn Van back to his normal self, but the gramps is like “lmao i dont care anymore abt my life since Van’s my new successor in pain and sadness!!” Aleister tells Van that Cardia was the cause of all his sadness in his life and his job is to kill her and stabs himself. Van who can only see red now continues attempting to kill Cardia, and beats her to the ground. Cardia takes this gun and holds it at herself telling Van that if killing her would make him calm down, he can do it. This snaps Van back to his senses for a moment, and he passes out. Once he wakes up he decides to stop himself by stabbing himself despite Cardia’s protests. Normal End: Van dies from the stab, and Cardia’s depressed because of that. After the incident Delly continues trying to cheer her up in her room ever day. True End: Cardia starts crying and telling him to wake up and Van’s like “whoa calm down im alive”. He then thanks her for following her throughout all his shit and that he loves her. ヽ(;▽;)ノ In the Epilogue, Van’s back to working for the army helping them clean up the dumb mess Twilight left behind, while Cardia just stays at home since he doesn’t want more guys to fall in love with her. One day he gets her to put on a dress and takes her to the roof of Buckingham Palace where they dance together because he doesn’t want more guys wanting to tap her ass. The dress was specially made by Fran and he tells her that he’ll definitely find a way to get rid of her poison so that he can finally touch her. Extras: all the other guys tells Cardia to cook for Van so he doesn’t have to cook because its apparently extreme food poisoning. She ends up making breakfast to stop him from doing shit and goes to wake him up. She ends up seeing a naked Van mumbling erotic lines like “get over here” and Cardia thinks its to her and she doesn’t mind. It turns out he was looking for his glasses so Cardia’s pretty disappointed and he says that he’ll save it for when he can touch her. 。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。+゚Ok honestly I’m all in with the people who said him not getting a kiss cg was sad. HE HAD SO MUCH SHIT IN HIS LIFE LET HIM KISS CARDIA WHY. The poor guy’s suffered so much and I shed so many tears for him and I am thankful the fd happened.

Victor Frankenstein (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)

2017-01-04-132744Fran’s the alchemist and doctor who’s generally nice to Cardia all the time, but he holds this very large secret. When Cardia tries to leave the mansion, she’s stopped by Fran. He tells her that he will go to find out how to get rid of the poison, so she should sit tight at the mansion waiting for him and goes MIA for a while. However Cardia’s extremely tired as the pendant got to her so the Philospher’s Stone is closer to completion and she feels like shit. One day Van comes back telling the gang that they’re wanted again because for some unknown reason Fran did some terrorist attacks again. Cardia gets worried about Fran and wants to see him and one day receives a letter to head to Tower Bridge to go find him. She heads there secret and WHOOPS its creepy Aleister who plans to kidnap her until Fran jumps in, grabs her and escapes. They run into the forest and they take a break, and after getting injured he still plans on getting away from her. The rest of the gang eventually find them and stops Fran from leaving, getting him to explain what’s going out. The terrorist attacks weren’t done by him, but by Twilight and he’s being accuses for it. Cardia’s Horologium works up again causing Fran to freak out so they all head to Lupin’s apartment hideout to seek cover for now. He ends up having to check her Horologium but he’s embarrassed by staring at her boobs and they both have this moe fest until he gets back to work. ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦ The group figures they probably need to go find Victoria to ask whats going on and sets up a plan to infiltrate the palace. Because Impey’s stupid invention explodes, they attract to much attention and Fran gets caught. Cardia has no choice but to JUMP IN AND BEAT UP THE GUARDS, saving Fran. You go girl! They somehow make it to Victoria’s room and Fran asks for help from her to stop Twilight from attacking the city. However Victoria’s like “ohohoho they were actually all set up by meee” and tells Fran that he’ll clear all charges off him if he returns to do more Zickterium research to use as a weapon. She also needs him to go all over Europe to cause terrorism attacks in order to get Europe to fear England and they can be on top. Fran;s like “wtf no” since he doesn’t want to hurt more innocent people. Victoria then gives Cardia a clock telling her that it’s counting down to how much time she has left before her Horologium transforms into the Philospher’s Stone and she’ll be this poison-spewing monster killing everyone in London.

2017-01-04-132907Fran admits that he was aware of that fact, but he didn’t want her to panic so he didn’t mention it to her, but he’ll save her. Victoria tells Cardia that she can find a way to contain her, but Fran tells her not to listen because she’s probably gonna use Cardia as her means of threatening the world. The two manage to escape the palace after the incident thanks to Impey piloting the Ornithopter to get them out. Because of everything happening, they now only have 30 hours to stop Cardia from turning into a monster and spewing poison all over England. Fran eventually reveals his backstory to Cardia. Fran was a young scientist back then, excited to research on all sorts of stuff that was possible, and he didn’t think about it much. He ended up making Zickterium, and was picked by Isaac to help in the research of creating the Philospher’s Stone. He only found out that the Zickterium he made was used to kill billions of people as it was a poison gas, and it’s also the basis of the Horologium which means she was created out of his discovery. He ran away after realising how much damage his discovery had done to innocent people and met the gang. Fran starts apologising to Cardia saying that he’s the one who caused her to suffer like this, and that he knew that she was the test subject of Issac right from the beginning because of the substance used to create the Horologium. Fran says that he’s just a coward who wanted to clear himself of his guilt, but Cardia gives him a big hug saying that if weren’t for him, she wouldn’t be here right now. (*´▽`*)Right when they’re about the get love-dovey, Victoria starts her mass bombing plan and throws gas bombs in the area in the in, and the gang has to start evacuating all the civilians there. Throughout the evacuation, Fran realises that Cardia breathing in the gas Zickterium is causing her to feel way better, and figures they have to go find the storages for the remaining Zickterium resources, get her to swallow some to cancel out the transformation of the stone. However, they have quite little time left and to make matters worse, Cardia gets kidnapped by Aleister, and the gramps tells him to go find the Zickterium storage if not he’ll hurt Cardia or sth. Fran has no choice but to agree, and Cardia tells him that she will end her life if the stone transforms.

2017-01-04-132947Fran goes to find the Zickterium, and decides to destroy it once and for all. Meanwhile Cardia ain’t gonna sit still in a disgusting gramp’s mansion so she escapes using Lupin’s thief techniques. She ends up getting chased by a bunch of Twilight agents, but is saved by Impey through the Ornithopter. Meanwhile Fran has gathered with the gang at the spot where the Zickterium is being stored at, but they’re surrounded by shit tons of Twilight agents who threaten them to hand over the Zickterium if not they’re kill Cardia. However Victoria steps in with the royal army who tells Aleister she knew he was a traitor all along and he admits defeat after seeing that Cardia’s safe & his mansion is surrounded by the army. Leonhardht shows up to get rid of remaining Twilight forces, and Victoria announces her grand plan to poison the entire of her country and pin the blame from other countries to get the people to join the army and fight! She then walks into the storage telling them to come if they want to stop her. The rest of the gang leave the couple to go into the storage place, and Fran touches her face on the way in because the poison has weakened really badly. He tells her that even if they’re both guilty for the shit that’s ahppening, he loves her. (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪ They meet Victoria at the centre of the storage where there’s a GIANT ZICKTERIUM TREE MEANT TO SPRAY ZICKTERIUM ALL OVER LONDON. Victoria wants to stop Cardia’s poison to prevent further damage other than the poison tree, but Fran has to stop the transformation and the spraying of the Zickterium gas. Fran ends up fighting Leonhardht because Victoria doesn’t want him stopping her plans but he wants to live with his girlfriend! Victoria gets impatient and tells Leon to kill Cardia instead and he doesn’t want to because he believes what she’s doing is wrong. Victoria gets pissed and says that she’ll do it herself, and Fran quickly stops the poison tree. Victoria’s gone nuts and she’s like “nooooooo” but she remembers Cardia and tries to get to her. Leonhardht tells Cardia to run but Victoria’s like stfu and stabs him. Leonhardht has not choice but to apologise and knock her in the stomach in order to drag her out of the facility, telling Fran that he’ll leave it to him.

2017-01-04-133002On the way out, Victoria wakes up and tells Leonhardht to kill her if Cardia doesn’t turn into a monster. She’s done so much wrong to the country and she’ll take responsibility by dying. Besides, she’s tired of being the monarch of the country and she wants to be freed from the position. Leonhardht tells her that England needs her, and she still needs to be the leader. Meanwhile, Fran has 10 minutes to stop Cardia from turning into her ULTIMATE FORM (which we’ll see in Lupin’s route), but Cardia tells Fran to kill her instead because she can’t bear to see him die saving her. Fran desperately tries to get everything done to stop her transformation, and the timer soon hits zero and Cardia starts transforming. Normal End: Cardia can’t take it anymore and doesn’t want to see Fran die, and stabs herself to end everything. After the incident, Fran’s depressed and tries to figure out what he wants to do with his life. True End: Cardia’s transforming very aggressive and Fran tries to put the Zickterium in her mouth but it aint working cuz she’s spitting it out in pain. Fran figures there’s no other choice but to let her drink down the Zickterium through kiss! ☆゚・*:。.:(゚∀゚)゚・*:..:☆ Cardia’s transformation stops, and the rest of the gang arrives to get them out of the facility fast. After the incident, London’s peaceful again and the group breaks up to go their separate ways, with San throwing the mansion at the couple. He’s been doing some research for her poison since Cardia still has i in her body . One day he suggest they share a bed and Cardia asks why cuz she’ll probably burn his face off. Fran then gives her a drink he’s been researching which can suppress the poison, and if she drinks it often she won’t burn his face off. Fran immediately takes his chance to kiss her and they immediately get into making out. ⸂⸂⸜(രᴗര๑)⸝⸃⸃  Extras: Cardia & Fran are in the yard gardening when a bug slides into Fran’s shirts. He realises the bug is poisonous which makes Cardia panic and start stripping off his shit lol. (੭ु。╹▿╹。)੭ु⁾⁾ Ok tbh I don’t remember much about Fran’s route because it flew by really fast, and I didn’t really get interested in him at the ending. Yes, he was definitely so cute but I just didn’t get into him. But Cardia did definitely show her badass heroine skills in this one!

Arsene Lupin (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

2017-01-04-131703Lupin’s obviously the main dude of the story as he’s the one who sticks by Cardia and does everything she requests him to do, and even gets jelly when Cardia chooses her man so it’s finally time for his show! as you know Lupin’s the phantom thief who robs shit so now Cardia’s very good at getting away fast. His route combines everyone’s together which made a great ending to this game. When Cardia leaves the mansion, she heads for the mansion in the forest where she used to live in to look for clues about Issac. However some crazed villagers come by wanting to kill her cuz some crazy priest said killing the monster in the mansion would stop the famine in their village or sth. Cardia does end up finding a letter from her father, but has to escape the mansion from the crazy villagers. She soon gets surrounded by them and they start throwing rocks at her when Lupin arrives to rescue her, saying that they should be bullying a girl and whisks her off. (*´▽`*)They soon find somewhere to hide, and Etty finds them, and apologises to Cardia for calling her a monster as the book her mother gave her said nothing but good things about Cardia. Cardia starts crying, and Lupin just stays by her side. They soon look through the letter Issac wrote to Cardia which once again wrote about Idea, and the name of the project: Code:Realize. In fact, this was the thing that Lupin’s been searching for all along! They head back to London to form a plan with the rest of the guys when they’re stuck at the checkpoint! Finish as been throwing his Twilight soldiers to do terrorist attacks around London! Now the border checkpoint is closed and don’t want anyone going in. Lupin & Cardia manage to sneak into the country, and quickly heads to Buckingham Palace to save Victoria because she’s probably in danger. They run into Leonhardht who’s busy kicking Twilight Soldier asses and they go and rescue Victoria. When they take her out, they run into Finis! Finis starts blabbering about she needs to come to his side because they were both created by their father, Issac, to become THE GOD OF THIS WORLD! Finis is the body, and Cardia is heart! Cardia’s pretty much in shock to this and tries her best to stall time for Lupin. Finis soon realises she was buying time but Lupin flies in with an airship and everyone hops on it to get out, leaving Finis screaming below on how no one will fucking love Cardia anyway!!!

2017-01-04-131718Meanwhile, at Idea’s side, Granny Omnibus is busy gathering all the apostles because they need to stop Issac’s plan, and gets San to lead the group. On the airship, Lupin’s taking the wheel while Victoria & Leonhardht and resting, and Cardia starts to realise her feelings for him and tries to ask him whats this feeling in her chest. (❁´▽`❁)*✲ However lupin doesn’t say anything but pulls down her hat and kills her head slightly. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Before Cardia can ask anything, Leonhardht appears to ask them about what they’re doing next. Eitherway they all go to a base in the poorer side of London where the entire ikemen gang + whatever’s left of the army gather. They discuss what to do to stop Finis next, and that night San takes Cardia to see Omnibus. Granny babbles the same thing she does in San’s route on how she has to die. Because San isnt willing to kill her as he wants to protect her instead, granny gives Cardia some poison if she can’t take it anymore, she can take it to kill herself. Cardia gets more depressed after hearing how she’s a monster created to do mad shit and wonders why Lupin is doing all of this for her. Lupin then tells her his backstory. Lupin was a homeless kid who lost his parents so the only way for him to survive was to steal. He eventually got caught by a master thief who started teaching him skills to be a good one, until one day he disappeared. It turned out that his master was the one who started Twilight, and they in the past was a terrorist organisation doing bad shiet to ppl. Lupin decided to do the right thing by stealing their shit and returning it to the people they took it from. Eventually shit happened and the master got killed. When Lupin found him, his master told him to stop the Code:Realize plan and smiled at him, and what Lupin could only do was to thank his master for what he has learnt. Since then he went to London to try and find out about this Code:Realize plan, up to the point he met Cardia. He then says that he’s also doing it because he lovers Cardia. Cardia’s like “but i’m a monster” and stuff but he just describes slowly everything he loves about her which makes her go into dokis. ☆゚・*:。.:(゚∀゚)゚・*:..:☆ The next day, the gang heads to Twilight HQ to go confront Finis but what they find instead is even worse: a giant ass globe which is storing all of Issac’s knowledge! The reason why Finis keeps coming back like cockroaches is because his “main” body is this globe, and the shota form is just a ways for him to be outside. As I said above it also stores Issac’s brain and his genius so that Finis can hear him out and carry out his plans.

2017-01-04-131757Finis explains Issac’s grand plan to Lupin & Cardia. They need Finis as the “body” with his neverending clones, and Cardia’s Horologium – infinite energy so that Issac’s genius can live on FOREVER! Lupin’s like wtf but before he knows it Cardia’s grabbed by uh, Nemo’s machine tentacles the entire room is sucked away into the Nautilus. Lupin can’t do anything, and tells Cardia to believe in him as he will definitely come for her. When Cardia wakes up she’s in the room with the globe and shit, and Finis puts the pendant near the Horologium so that it’ll turn into the Philospher’s Stone. Suddenly Finis is all “FATHER IS COMING INTO ME!!!” and starts screaming till my ears bled, tears shed, and me questioning why Otomate had to make Kaji scream yet again. Finis personality disintegrates leaving Issac like “Hello there my daughter” and I’m like Σ(・Д・). Issac then explains that she actually isn’t his real daughter he just made her to look like his actual daughter like Finis, who looks like his actual son. and once he’s got the Philospher’s Stone he’ll just extract it from her and she’ll be an empty shell. He still thanks her for being a good daughter though, and returns to the globe. Finis comes back and is al like “I FUCKING HATE YOU CUZ DADDY LOVES YOU MORE THAN ME” and screeches about how if he doesn’t listen to father he wont love me and I’m like (;¬_¬) まじでやめて。Meanwhile at Lupin’s side at the base, everyone is trying to figure out a plan to stop Issac. Lupin is panicking though, as he wants to go save Cardia but Van tells him to calm his tits cuz he’ll just go in and lose his life. The other ikemens all gather and say that they’ll all sve Cardia together. Omnibus also pitches in by helping Victoria’s forces attack the giant Nautilus by giving them magic. While preparations are happening, Cardia has to take Finis’ jelly screeching as he gets Twilight guards to stab her and punch her a few fucking times making me just pretty mad at Finis. Cardia does consider killing herself at this moment but thinks of Lupin making her yell out how much she loves Lupin and will believe in him. At the moment Finis is like “WHAT THE FUCK BITCH YOU CAN TAKE BACK YOUR WORDS WHEN YOU TURN INTO A MONSTER!” He shoves some potion which speeds up the transformation down her throat. Issac comes back into Finis’ body and says that its time for her to hand over he Horologium to him.

2017-01-04-131841Cardia screams for help and finally Lupin appears to save the day! He gets her away from crazy Issac and but Finis comes back and for the umpteenth time shoots Lupin. Meanwhile, the entire ikemen gang is on the ship ready to bring it down, with each guy fighting their respective “antagonist” of their own route. San’s fighting Guinevere who plans on killing Cardia to end this quick, while Impey & Fran are up against Nemo trying to shut down the ship. Van’s fighting Aleister, but he doesn’t give in to his anger & wanting to kill Aleister so his Hidden Strength doesn’t activate and Aleister gives up and walks away. He runs in to Herlock who’s reveals himself to be SHERLOCK HOLMES! WOW! I DIDN’T KNOW! Aleister is James Moriarty, Sherlock’s archenemy, and says that he really sucks at anagrams before Sherlock kills him. (wow! what a strange segment this was!) Eitherway at the core of the ship shit goes down fast as the Horologium turns into the Philospher’s stone, giving Cardia immense pain and turning her hair completely white. She starts freaking out because her poison is gonna be spray everywhere in London while Finis is like “LOVE ME DADDY” and Issac takes over his body. Issac proceeds to strap Cardia using metal tentacles onto the globe to try and extract the poison from her to get all the energy. Through this, Cardia sees Issac’s past. Issac was a genius scientist that got credit for the shit ton of things he invented in London. After a while, he thought that he couldn’t just leave this information to himself; he should share it with everyone. So he did tons of shit to help humanity and making the entire Steel London to what it was. Once he was done inventing, he went back to his village and married his lover and decided to settle down. He had twins, Cardia & Finis and they live happily together. He was just a doctor there at the village, and everything was fine until one day, a famine struck the village. Because it was those times where people blamed witches for /anything/ that happens to them, so they went on this hunt to find the person who caused all the shit. Issac desperate to help everyone, went back to London to get more research materials to help everyone. However when he returned, the villagers burnt down his house and killed his entire family, and when he asked for help nobody gave a fuck. Because of this, he figured humans and terrible and wanted to remake the world to get rid of these people.

2017-01-04-131942Cardia is submerged into this weird solution shit but thankfully, Lupin revives and takes her out. He then tells Issac that he’s pretty smart, but even this technology has its blind spots, and bombs et off all over the Nautilus. Since the globe is bombed Issac isn’t able to remain conscious anymore, and dies saying that all he wanted was to revive his family. The rest of the gang finish up their fights respectively, but the ship’s going down due to the amount energy that was released from the Horologium exploding the place up. Finis reappears again yelling at them for killing daddy, but due to the impact he falls to the edge of the breaking ship, and Cardia tries to grab him. She tells him that they should live together and she’ll love him like a sibling, but due to Cardia not having enough strength to grab him, he falls. Finis then says that he hates her and doesn’t want to live with her, that ungrateful dick. The room starts to collapse and break apart all around them, and Lupin apologises for not being able to grant her wish that fully. However Cardia’s fine with it cuz she felt enough warmth with him around, and Lupin touches her face to get the remaining poison out, saying that she’s free of poison, and they kiss while falling from the ship. Normal End: Unfortunately, the couple doesn’t survive the ship exploding and crashing, and the rest of the dudes split ways after the incident. San’s got about 50 years left rom defying Omnibus, but continues waiting for the couple to come back together with Sissy. True End: Lupin & Cardia are saved by Impey and the rest via an airship, and the incident comes to an end. San leaves Idea but is given 100 years left to live like a normal human being. Fran continues experimenting, but does it for good things only. Impey having found his gravity core, goes off to America to realise his dreams of going to the moon. Van goes back to working for the government to act as a diplomat between vampires and humans, while helping Delly. Soon after, Cardia & Lupin figure they get married! 。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。+゚ Extras: Cardia & Lupin are living at the mansion together, and she freaks out when Lupin comes home in the rain because he might get sick. She grabs dry clothes and rushes to him while he’s stripping and panics while he says its ok if she wants to look! (੭ु。╹▿╹。)੭ु⁾⁾ Cardia continues to look away while Lupin kisses her from the back saying that they’ll continues later. After finishing Lupin’s route, it really felt like a “grand finale” and I was so amazed at the ending. Although I didn’t really like Lupin that much at the end, but his route was amazing I couldn’t stop playing it till I actually finished it.

~Final Thoughts~

2017-01-04-133836Code:Realize is definitely a great game. The plot was amazing, the characters were so amazing that I couldn’t even choose a bias. I really like the fact that all the villains would come together in the final route which was Lupin’s, and how every route has some degree of importance to the final plot. Although, I found most of the villains to be pretty annoying cuz there was much to them, not even some legitimate sad backstory or something. But I’m good with all of this. Although can we talk about how Finis kept screaming? I extremely DETEST Kaji Yuki screaming in my ear after Kanato trauma from Dialovers, and honestly Finis was almost exactly the same. Let’s just applaud him for doing so much screaming and grating our ears with his high-pitched voice. Cardia’s a great heroine. I’m pretty I’ve mentioned how many times already, she kicks so much ass and has great character development! It’s been a while since I’ve seen these types of development, or was there even an otoge I played with this kind of development? I have no idea. At the same time I realise no one other than Lupin & Fran actually had a better happy ending because they never removed the poison. With my biases being mainly Impey & Van, I was pretty sad the the former’s route never solved the problem, while the latter DIDN’T GET A KISS CG. I was wondering why on earth he wouldn’t after hearing the rumours but well, the route’s so action-packed they ain’t got time to kiss! Well it does seem the FD is going to get quite a bit of justice for those characters, I am definitely looking forward to that.

Localisation wise, I’m totally fine with it. There were a few typos here and there, but the overall translation quality is definitely okay. Strangely though, the typos increased as we got into Lupin’s route, and I’m guess it’s cuz the checkers were rushing, and there even one strange bug/format issue where the speaker bar was overloaded with text in Impey’s omake. Eitherway, there were no problematic issues, so I definitely recommend this to anybody player as a localisation, and of course PLAY IT if you play a lot of otoges. Also, Impey is still my bias for this game despite how little love he gets. I honestly regret not buying this game when it first came out. I was all for it because of Miko, the artist but not having budget, I passed and this game ended up being great. ;w; Eitherway, I’m glad I finally managed to play it, and it’s localised now, for everyone to enjoy.

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  1. Leafさんの夢が。。。

    This has to be my favorite otome game I’ve played. I heard a few disappointing things about the fandisc but I will still get it regardless. This was the first otoge where I liked all of the cast and where the heroine actually developed and did stuff for once.
    Someone locks her up? She picks her way out. She understands the situation isn’t in her favor? She bides her time and uses her wits. And I appreciated how the writers didn’t suddenly throw in a way for her to solve things on her own. By the end of the game Cardia was her own person-something the game had been trying to answer since the beginning.
    My favorite character has to be Saint Germain though. I honestly went in expecting it to be a huge cringe-fest after they released their first CG of him strangling her. And then the story turned out to be completely different than I thought it would be.
    Lupin was definitely great but I can see why many are a little disappointed. Still, his route served a purpose and I’m fine with him being the canon.
    Personally, I had a difficult time with Van’s route. I understood why it was the way it was, but when the MC had to literally fling herself at the dude just to get him to stop putting himself in danger, I just didn’t like it. Then again, the writers were playing with the tropes so in a way it made a lot of sense. I just wish she hadn’t been so obsessed with Van in his route.
    Still, has to be my fav otoge.


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