Rejet Fes 2017 Announcements!

I had actually planned on doing a otome localisation post, but I figured that was pretty much repetitive, so I’ll be doing a roundup of all the announcements from Rejet so far this year. This will i Rejet Fes 2017 “CHANGE”. I’ll be skipping the “best collection albums, as those are straightforward and is a collection of songs + newly recorded song. I’ll be translating whatever I can, but I may be wrong so do correct me! We have a shit ton of announcements to go through, so let’s get to it!

Rejet Fes 2017: Day 1 Announcements

Marginal#4 Road to Galaxy

Marginal#4 announced that they’ll be working with Otomate again for another PSVITA game, but this time it will be a rhythm game instead of a otome game! The game will be adding the junior unit, Unicorn Jr. to the pool of idols available. Not much information is available right now, but here’s the story blurb from their official website!

MARGINAL#4, who succeeded at their live at the Shooting Star Stage――
Kirihara Atom, Aiba Rui, Nomura L, Nomura R.

And LAGRANGE POINT, the seniors of MARGINAL#4, 
who had a major success at their World Tour――
Makishima Shy、Himuro Kira.

The next stage they’re aiming towards is, Pythagoras Fes?!

Although cheeky, Shindo Tsubasa, aims to be top idols with his friends.
With unclear emotions, elusive, Takimaru Alto, who often has strange conduct.
And possessing a pure heart, Nakama Teruma who always looks forward.

MARGINAL#4 joined by their Junior Unit “UNICORN Jr.”,
The 9 who aim towards a new stage, to let the stars rain down――

Thoughts: Not interested at all. This was probably to feed the recent idol boom by producing one more game, but rhythm game by otomate? I’m pretty sure we all know what happened when Otomate tried to rhythm game. (*whispers* Amnesia World & Root Rexx) This could have been better off as a mobile rhythm, but who knows why it’s going to be PSVITA?

Official Website:

Pythagoras Production: Idol of Starlight Kiss

Pythagoras Production has finally released a series of situation cds for their idols. After releasing only songs and drama cds with interactions between the characters, we’re finally getting a series up and close with the idols. The series will be released with every volume having a pair of idols. Here’s the short blurb of the story from the website:

The idols who shine on stage, loved by numerous people,
and you, their manager.
Both of you are in a secret relationship, unknown to anyone―

The events that unfold with both of you, alone in the waiting room,
the Love Story of you and an Idol.

The CD Release schedule is as follows:

  • Vol.1 Atom & Rui – 19/4/2017
  • Vol.2 L & R – 17/5/2017
  • Vol. 3 Shy & Kira – 21/6/2017
  • Vol. 4 Tsubasa, Alto, Teruma – 19/7/2017

Each CD is priced at 2,200yen + tax.

My Thoughts: Very refreshing for the Marginal #4 series! I’ve been wanting situation cds with the idols for a very long time, as it’s hard to determine their personalities with just a description and songs. With the situation CDs, I might just get more interested. It could also be made for the anime watchers, who’d like to get to know the characters more. I might pick it up, depending on my budget.

Official Website:

Yuugen Romantica -Hatenko-

The 3rd instalment of the series, Yuugen Romantica is back with another new series up their sleeves. Following the story of the 7 mysteries of a school, it follows up with yet another continuation. Thankfully, there are no extra characters added to the roster this time. Here’s a rough translation of the story blurb:

“Hey, you’ve seen it right?”
“Nanakiri High School’s seven mysteries―”

Nanakiri High School’s seven mysteries.
Caused by the various youkai,
who is now your lover.

You who goes to that school, met them through various incidents
Fell in love with youkai, and deepened bonds between each other.
One day, you saw it.

The Worst End you and him will meet―

“A romance between human and youkai will never end in happiness”
To change that end, in order to live happily ever after,
You and him take hands

This is love story between you and a youkai, which will create 7 mysteries.

The CD Release Schedule is as follows:

  • Vol. 1 Hifumi – 19/4/2017
  • Vol. 2 Utashiro – 17/5/2017
  • Vol. 3 Zakuro – 21/6/2017
  • Vol. 4 Iriya – 19/7/2017
  • Vol. 5 Merry – 16/9/2017
  • Vol. 6 Arahagi – 20/9/2017
  • Vol. 7 Toneri – 18/10/2017
  • Vol. 8 Hanawo – 15/11/2017

Each CD is priced at 2,200yen + tax.

Thoughts: I didn’t really get into the Yuroma series from the beginning, and I wasn’t too interested in the series after listening to one of the CDs, so I never really followed it. Not much I can speak of for this CD.

Criminale! Duello

Criminale is back with it’s 4th series, this time one which will have 2 guys at once. Another new idea, but Criminale has always pulled off good action for 3 series continuously, so I have high hopes this time with 2 ikemens in the mix to spice things up! The story blurb for why there’s a double team is here:

“Even if I die, I’ll protect you.”

The Mafia has dedicated their lives to protecting the Father’s daughter, you.

This is the first spinoff of the Criminale! series.
After you came into the protection of Amphisbaena, as the Father’s daughter.

The rebels of the organisation have turned themselves against you.
The time limit, is 24 hours. 
In order to protect you from the assassins,
2 mafias are working together, against the entire organisation.
As if, it was a fated battle―

The CD Release Schedule is as follows:

  • Vol. 1 Gerardo & Chiave – 21/6/2017
  • Vol. 2 Lucia & Tempesta – 19/7/2017
  • Vol. 3 Dante & Fantasma – 16/9/2017
  • Vol. 4 Nero & Chara – 20/9/2017

Each CD is priced at 2,200yen + tax.

Thoughts: As I’ve mentioned above, I always have high expectations of the Criminale series as they’ve never failed to bring me so much action in a drama cd. Criminale has always been a series with a good balance of fluff and action, so I really excited what can unfold with now 2 guys protecting you! Is it going to be a hilarious triple handcuff? (actually i wouldnt mind that lol) I am very excited for this series and will definitely be getting at least one volume of it to support the series.

Official Website:

Thanatos Night Re:Vival

Thanatos Night, in a strange turn of events, is returning for a 2nd series despite having only 2 volumes released as of current! What is the world has happened? Thanatos Night is the story of 6 fallen angels, who come to find you to “send you off”. Using rock music, of course. The story is very much similar to one of Rejet’s popular series, Seventh Heaven, and I did order a CD for my own listening, but I cannot judge the series much yet. Eitherway, here’s the blurb translation:

“The Gig of Death, by the Fallen Angel―― Revives.”
The 2nd instalment of the sexy song series
which uses the dummyhead mic to its full potential to sing, Revives.

The Fallen angels of the skyscrapers who rules over death suddenly,
lost 100 years of their memory.
To interact with humans, to purify the sin accumulated in their hearts,
once again, they get to know the pain of granting death to humans.
The Fallen Angels fly tonight, singing their song…..

The CD Release Schedule is as follows:

  • Vol. 1 Izaya – 17/5/2017
  • Vol. 2 Nia – 21/6/2017
  • Vol. 3 Oliver – 19/7/2017
  • Vol. 4 Sez – 16/9/2017
  • Vol. 5 Liam – 20/9/2017
  • Vol. 6 Dilan – 18/10/2017

Each CD is priced at 2,200yen + tax.

Thoughts: I honestly think that it’s just strange for rejet to release a continuation to this so fast for a series that hasnt even finished it’s first run yet! Yes, I’ve heard quite a few good things about the series already, but it’s not enough to judge my overall view. Eitherway, I will be getting a copy which is Oliver’s CD soon, so I’ll have some thoughts down afterwards.

Official Website:

Star Revolution: 88 Seiza no Idol Kakumei

Announced a long while ago at one of Rejet’s twice yearly presentations, more information has been released for this mobile idol app which is following the crowd. Updated information includes further introductions of all the idol units which will be appearing in the game, and each one supposedly represents a different constellation. From what I hear, most of them are puns so go ahead and take a look at them I guess! I will not be introducing ever idol one by one, or we’d be here all day.

Updated information would be on the confirmation that the game will be released this year. The only other information which caught my attention was the genre, 一緒に輝くアイドル育成ゲーム, which translates to “raise your idols that will shine together game”, and the updated story for the game. Here’s the translation of the blurb:

Wishing to the stars shining in the night sky――

The famous idol school whose chairman is a legendary idol: Hoshinoki School.
Due to a certain incident,
You’ve been given the role of replacement chairman of the school!

The school is brimming with charming hotties!
In order to make the wish you made to the stars come true,
you now aim towards a shining stage with them!

This is the story of shining together with idols, with the gods of constellations―
The StarRevo Project now begins!

Thoughts: Rejet decided to follow the current trends, and get on to more idol garbage for people to play. But hey, I’m pretty much in idol hell so I might honestly play this one. Although, I think that the plot’s gonna be those generic idol plots again, so i’m still a little skeptical there. Due to the fact that you aren’t a boring manager, but now a CHAIRMAN OF THE SCHOOL. Rejet knows how to set the setting well! Eitherway, I honestly dont know yet as the system might change my mind to play this game. At the same time, I might not have the memory space for it as well. The refreshing new cast looks appealing enough, but I’m not sure if I’ll be following it.

Official Website:

Rejet Fes 2017: Day 2 Announcements

Tokyo Yamanote Boys for V

Holy shit, I’ve been waiting for this one for ages. Yes, Tokyo Yamanote boys which was first made for PC, then ported to PSP, is now being ported to the VITA for everyone to enjoy! I won’t be translating the blurb for this one, since the plot is pretty simple. You, the heroine, has been chosen to be the next princess of the year “Tokyo Yamanote Boys” competition, where a bunch of completely different dudes will propose their love to you. These guys are completely different in personality, and how they dress, so there’s a shit ton of variety.

The port will be split into 2: “Toyko Yamanote Boys for V Main Disc” &  “Toyko Yamanote Boys for V Fan Disc”. They’ll be porting both the first game and the fandisc, separately, and will be released all this year. The Main Disc will be released somewhere in June, combining Honey Milk. Super Mint & Dark Cherry. The Fan Disc will be released somewhere in August, combining Sweet Jelly Beans, Fresh Ginger, Pure Raspberry & Black Vanilla. Unfortunately we aren’t getting everything in one whole big package, but I think it’s alright due to the file sizes of 3 games in one. Although no new system changes have been announced, I presume that the content that we’ll be getting in the Main Disc will be brought over from the PSP ports, which had extra content.

Thoughts: I’ve definitely been waiting for this one since a very long time ago! This is pretty self-explanatory, since it was so highly rated, I’m definitely getting this when it releases!

Official Website:

Doriko no Toshokan

This was the first new game PV from Rejet, but has no slated release date. Details were pretty vague, so I’ll be translating what I can from the PV:

Fall in love with the “you” in your memories…――

「Gunjoujima Library」
On a land in ruins, equipped with a giant library underground
A young lady visits the past.
With the guidance of the “Doriko”…――

A sweet Nostalgia where the Showa and Heisei Era revive.

Affection, will cross time…――

This was a pretty bad translation, but the details of this game are so vague I have no idea what to do about the translation. ;w; If there’s people with better proficiency in Japanese, it’d be great if you could help! The entire story is clouded in mystery so far: I really have no idea other than the fact that it’s probably: Time Travel, Books, and apparently ships? People have pointed out that the “Kan” used in the title is a kanji used for ships, not centres. Also, I have no idea what’s a “doriko”. If I knew I wouldn’t be scratching my head in confusion over what is this all about. I do hope more information about this game will be released soon, as it seems like a really interesting concept!

Usotsuki Shangri-la

The other new game announced at Rejet Fes, which is confirmed for 2017. This game clearly has more details compared to the one earlier, with characters and cast confirmed. The theme song of the game has also been confirmed, and this one definitely has a bit more information than the first. Here is the blurb, along with the story quotes in the video.

「 Shangri-la 」, the town enveloped in darkness
「 The three brothers of calamity 」, who shun and will end the world
The one admired to be the saviour of the world
「 Usotsuki 」(You)

―― Are you really the Usotsuki?

Will the『 Lies 』covering the world be exposed, or continue to be hidden……

In the capital with no daylight 「 Shangri-la 」,
The heroine, who is the saviour called the 「 Usotsuki 」
Together with ones shouldering various karma,
A painful story of forgiving lies.

Well I left the heroine’s title as “Usotsuki” because it’s literally a bad pun for the entire game. You could literally say “lying moon” with this. Though, I’m honestly surprised they used the word “karma” here, which makes the concept all the more interesting. I just really hope they aren’t a bunch of lying bastards and you’ll have to slap them to get them to stfu. Really excited for the game with the cast confirmed and the pretty art. The illustrator of this game is hagi, who has done art for a series of drama cds on melt lab. Their twitter is here and they do some fanart once in a while too! Here are the characters and their seiyuu!



Fenrir (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
“I won’t treat you badly, so lend me your strength.”
“I’ll definitely won’t leave you alone.”


Yorm (CV: Shimono Hiro)
“Hey, what can a Usotsuki do?”
“Always be by my side”


Hel (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)
“Even if you’re the Usotsuki or not, it doesn’t matter.”
“If only it wasn’t you……”


Hati (CV: Saito Soma)
“I wonder why……When I’m with you, deep in my chest, I tremble.”
“These feelings aren’t fake.”


Ende (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)
“There’s no difference between Lies and Truth. To humans, it’s attaining the truth.”
“You really are a troublesome girl.”

Thoughts: This is a very interesting concept to me. To be honest, I still have no idea what to expect because all the myths or fiction they’ve adapted it from. However, there seems to be room for some compelling character stories, so I’m quite interested! Furthermore, with tatsun in the series, I’m pretty sure I’m picking this one up.

This year’s Rejet Fes announcements are actually pretty interesting! I like the fact that they’ve decided to announce drama cd continuations at this event instead of the biyearly presentations that are streamed online, so we can have more content for those. I’m not so keen on certain continuations and idol content, but what they’ve announced so far for their new games seems pretty promising. Definitely looking forward to what Rejet’s coming up with this year!


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