Arcana Famiglia ~Vascello Phantasma no Majutsushi~

Well I figured that I would be moving on to the fandisk of the Arcana since Amnesia was pretty cheap in my region. This game introduces a new Character, Ash, and some extra plot stuff inside this game. Everything’s fine on Regalo, but there’s been a mysterious near Regalo, so everyone’s worried. Suddenly one day Ash comes crashing into their base, stealing all the Taroco, as well as Feli. He drags her up to the Phantom Ghost Ship and gives the cards to guy named Joshua, but he contracts with Justice and turns into a skeleton.

At the same time Ash also contracts with the Magician, and suddenly skeletons start appearing on the trip. Feli’s man harem comes to save her, but they get into the fog and they get all separated. Feli then ends up with one of the menz, and the menz she’s with is her lover yeah.

Also, this time I will be making an exception and I’ll be playing all the endings except for Dante cuz I hate him a lot, since I wanted to unlock some extra scenes, and also since the system’s pretty easy. I wanted to get pedobear Dante of the way first, but apparently the game only lets you pick. Liberta, Nova, Debito, Pace & Luca first so I figured that I’ll do Debito first.

Debito (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)

snap017Debito is back in his usual sexy beast mode and I definitely had a better impression of him because of this route. After the fog clears Feli finds Debito with her inside the kitchen, and the meet the ghost of Pace’s mom. Since it’s late at night and the ship’s filled with tons of skeletons, so Debito tells Feli to stay inside the kitchen as rest while he goes out to trash the skeletons and find the cards. Feli’s scared that he won’t come back so he gives her one of his guns as a protection item, promising to come back. He soon comes back and Feli asks him to rest and he tells her that he wont be able to sleep if she aint by his side ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ They end up cuddling for Debito to sleep. The next morning they leave the kitchen but they end up fighting Ash on a hit-and-run battle. Debito then starts having flashbacks & dreams about the people he killed in the past, and Feli saw one of the dreams of him killing someone. Feli then gets scared whenever he shoots sth and when a skeleton appears so when they fight Ash again they toss around the Taroco cards Debito got and escape to another room. However Debito’s condition worsens as he’s haunted by the ghosts of the people who he killed, and sits on the floor. Feli checks on him and he asks her to kiss him so that he feel much better (=´∇`=)

snap018They cuddle together for a while, and rest until the next morning where they look through newspaper articles inside the room where they find out about the ship. They leave the room, and crash into Nova and Debito dumps Feli to him as he goes and kills the skeletons since he can only see & hear the skeletons moving. However he starts going crazy since he’s haunted by all these skeletons. Feli goes after him and they crash into Joshua who’s pretty much shittin balls as well since he’s taken over by Justice. He then uses his powers to disappear, which causes Feli to cry, but Luca comes by and tells her that’s Debito’s way of doing things. Soon she manages to find him confronting Joshua and she tells him that she loves him and they beat the crap outta Joshua. The ghosts were still haunting them so Feli uses her powers and finds out that Debito’s having regrets about killing those people. When they go back up onto the deck they see Ash tied up there and Debito suggests that he should work for him, and Jolly says that Ash can be his No.2 disciple. Well at the ending Ash decides to stay behind on the island since he owes the family for stealing the Taroco. In Ending 1, Feli complains to Debito that he’s been ignoring her for work. He then says that he’s did that to tease her, and he grabs her as they make out in his office.

snap023In Ending 2, Ash complains about how he’s sick of being Jolly’s No.2 disciple and Debito drags him & Luca out to battle to see who’s stronger, and Pace joins in as well. Feli comes by and brings over some food where she & Debito that ichaichaing while eating, which causes Luca to cry. ワーイ♪♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪♪ワーイ In Ending 3, they decide to make an exchange diary but Feli soon gets super bored of it and leaves it to Luca to write the diary without him knowing who was writing replies back. One day Pace writes in the diary, which causes Debito to find out who was the one who wrote it. He then decides to as Fukurouta to send the diary to other people to read and and write a reply to it, and the chains just continues. In the Love x Laugh omake 1, Feli crashes into Debito at the library when she was looking for a book Sumire asked Nova for. Debito goes duper close with her to get some dirt outta her eye when Nova comes by and blushes like a tomato thinking that they were ichaichaing in the library. In Part 2, they go to the beach where it seemed that there was a hot spring geiser. When they’re there they hold hands and causes Feli to blush like hell, with Luca raging at them. In Part 3, Feli says that she wants to take a couple photo with Debito, and he does such a sexy pose that Liberta gets a nosebleed and runs away, since Debito starts talking about how nice her butt is. 😀 I felt that Debito was much better in this game cuz he was nicer and cooler and I felt really happy after his route.

Dante (CV: Kosugi Juurouta)

Throughout Dante’s route I was pretty much like this, so this might not be accurate since I wasn’y catching anything anyway. tumblr_inline_mxl1epbdIy1qlivxl snap041What in the actual fuck even happened, I don’t even know myself. It was pretty much me staring at my computer throughout the whole route and at the end of it it was pretty much like “Hey I got to Chapter 5 but what the hell happened?” The best part I was working on a certain translation (which I’m going to release sooner or later) so I actually forgot about everything oops. I know this is what some people may call irresponsible but yeah, I don’t like Dante at all. I figured directly using the CGs as reference to write this review or sth I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. However if you actually liked Dante or something your best bet is Rin-san’s detailed post, cuz I couldn’t really find lifesaver posts to help recollect my thoughts at all. So I’ll somehow get through this. When Feli wakes up after collapsing for some reason, she finds herself inside one of the rooms together with Dante. He asks if she’s okay, and she asks him what he’s doing. Dante pretty much found a map to get through the ship, and somehow figures out what the hell they have to do. After some hit and run battles with Ash as they go out to find out more, and Ash even mistakes Dante as Feli’s dad. (lol just hurry up and adopt her already gosh) They soon escape to another room, and Dante asks her to rest. Feli pretty much doesnt want to rest since he needs to as well, so she ends up sleeping thanks to him patting her head.

snap043The next morning Feli wakes up with Dante with a bunch of apples for them to eat. Leaving the room they were in they move to the kitchen where Dante tells her not to touch anything, and says that they need to careful and he’ll protect her. They end up crashing into Joshua, and he talks pretty normally until Justice takes over him and he goes batshit insane. They run off again, and Dante scolds Feli for using her powers, and tells that Mondo used to have a son, and Joshua was the name of the son, and no one exactly knows him cept for Jolly. Dante starts getting worried about if Joshua came back and he wouldn’t be needed (lol wat in the world Dante) and Feli pins him on the floor telling her hes needed lol. Soon Dante figures out something and dumps Feli to the trio who came to kitchen there. They then convince her that Dante is a jiji who can settle things on his own. Suddenly, Dante comes back wanting to talk to Feli in private but turns out hes Ash. He’s about to attack Feli when DAnte comes flying saving her. They proceed to slap skeletons and Joshua pops outta nowhere with Justice inside him, attacking them. Dante protects Feli from a hit, and he ends up getting injured, which gets Feli all upset since he got himself injured to protect her.

snap047He then starts having the flashbacks of the time where he just contracted with the emperor, and he was thinking about whether he should spy on the family. Welp he didnt want to listen to Mondo in the first place but he ended up doing so for some reason. Feli soon wakes up and Dante says that they need to get the Taroco and go home. They end up going to slap Ash and he tells her that Feli ain’t his daughter lolol. They end up fighting Ash followed by Joshua, and Justice gets out of him and he asks if his son was okay. Well Dante’s pretty much like “yeah he’s fine I raised him lol” and then Joshua says that hes glad and Justice returns. Batshit insane Joshua then drags Feli to another cabin saying that he need the Wheel of Fortune. However he’s back to normal Joshua and says that he’s such a useless bro and that hes running outta time. Dante & Ash are pretty much looking for Feli and they crash into the rest of the family along the way, and they go and save Feli. However Joshua’s pretty much nuts now since hes completely overtaken by Justice so Dante figures that Feli can save him using The Lovers. Well after the lovers helps Justice, everything’s fine and they go home. In Ending 1, Feli hangs around Dante office a lot and most of the guys spy on them a lot using Fuukurota. Dante then asks Feli why she’s sticking to him so much, and goes and kisses her……on the cheek. lol wtf di i even write. The whole route was friggin boring that I didn’t even do the other endings at all since I was super fed with the guy really.

Nova (CV: Yonaga Tsubasa)

snap008Nova’s pretty much moe stuff in this route but sadly at the beginning of the route they meet in a room and he starts going on and on about the safety of the ship and the room and Feli’s pretty much like “umm Nova im scared” but he doesnt realise it. They end up leaving the room to investigate the other parts of the ship, and run into Ash. Well they duke it out at the stairway with Nova yelling at Ash to return the Taroco. Welp soon some skeletons come by and Ash throws the cards back at them where they retreat. They go to the kitchen, where they apples and realise that the Magician and the Justice cards are missing. However, they can still hear the sounds of the skeletons which gets Feli really scared. Nova wants to stay awake and watch out if any skeletons come in, but Feli just tugs onto him and wants him to stay with her. Nova THEN realises that she’s scared and decides to man up and cuddle Feli to sleep ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ They soon wake up in the kitchen cuddling each other which causes Nova to blush like a tomato. Both of them soon move off, and they find out more information about the ship from a newspaper and a ring. They then starts getting cute when they realise the ring looks like their engagement ring Feli held onto and they starts blushing like heck again as they put the ring on each other, when the trip comes in and cockblocks. Soon Nova grabs Feli and runs out while blushing, and they crash into Liberta who is actually Ash in disguise. They soon escape to another room, and Ash overhears them talking about the ring. He then goes into that room disguised as Pace to steal the ring, and Feli panics like shit when the engagement ring is gone.

snap011Nova tells her that they can go and get it later but Feli decides to run out when Nova aint looking and ends up fighting Ash to get back the ring. Nova chases after her, and ends up having to fight skeletons and by the time he reaches there, he’s super tired and they somehow managed to retreat from Ash & the skeletons. Welp Nova then starts scolding Feli for doing such stupid things and Feli says that the ring’s really precious so she had to get it back. Nova then tells her her safety is more important than the ring so they can get it back later. Nova then starts dreaming about the time when he returned Mondo the ring of his own accord and the times while he & Feli still kids. He then starts hugging Feli thanks to his dream and going all cute, but when he wakes up and realises it he starts blushing again. わあい\(^▽^\)(/^▽^)/わあいっ He then starts confessing all his feelings to her and talking about how he loves her and they go and get the ring back from Ash. They soon get back the Magician card and their ring, and Ash tells them to save Joshua. Ash then takes them to Joshua’s room and they beat up Joshua, and they go home happy with the Taroco. In Ending 1, Nova asks Feli to come to his office and says that he wants her to go with him to his parent’s house where he’s going to introduce to them as his girlfriend. He then says about how much he loves her, and they kiss in his office (ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\)

snap014In Ending 2, Ash hangs out with Liberta and he starts complaining about how they dont look like lovers, and Liberta then starts asking whether Nova truly loves Feli. He then says that he loves Feli and she’s his, and Liberta asks if Feli feels the same. Feli then says that she feels the same and Ash complains that it’s dem boring but Nova starts blushing like a tomato and pulls Feli away. In Ending 3, Nova hogs Feli all to himself, and tells the rest of the dudes to give his a message on paper and he’ll read it out loud to Feli, At first it starts out okay but then Debito starts playing tricks on him but asking “What’s the colour of your underwear bambina” and “I want to rub your thighs bambina~” which causes Nova to blush like a tomato. Liberta then even makes him read out “You can call me beansprout from now” and he starts raging. In Love x Laugh 1, Nova & Liberta lose to Debito in a card game where they have to do a batsu game. Debito asks Feli to choose who should pull the batsu game card first and it’s do romantic things with Feli ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ Nova declines and blushes like a tomato, and he drags them out again. In Love x Laugh 2, Liberta, Dante & Luca want the both of them to model for the popular Regalo magazine since the theme is abt lovers. Dante then makes them do some romantic poses and a wind blows by causing the dudes to freak out. He then tries to protect her and hugs her from the back, which causes him to blush again ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ In Love x Laugh 3, Nova is busy getting the measurements for a new statue of Feli for Mondo, and Luca tries to stop him lol. Luca runs off, and Feli helps him with the measurements, and he needs to measurements for the head. He then starts blushing over how uncomfortable it is to have Feli’s statue staring at him and Feli says that they should have a statue fro him and they start going all cute. Welp Nova was a cute little shit in this and i really didnt even know  why he was blushing so much what a cutie man.

Liberta (CV: Fukuyama Jun)

snap000Liberta’s route was rather nice and quite cute but I think it’s better off being played last since Liberta has quite a bit of spoilers and tears in his route. They decide to immediately go off exploring the ship, and he even plays a trick on Feli. This causes Feli to get scared but he soon apologises. They end up crashing into fake Nova who drugs them with apples, and tries to kidnap Feli by carry her away like a sack lol. However they Liberta wakes up immediately, and goes to save Feli. The fake Nova turns out to be Ash, but they end up crashing into Justice, and they retreat to the kitchen. The next morning, Liberta manages to find some apples inside the kitchen, and he eats the apples together with Feli. They soon do more exploring, and end up at Joshua’s room. They meet him there, and Liberta starts talking to Joshua, and he explains that he’s looking for his son. After finding out both their names, Joshua then pats their heads, and asks about their relationship. Liberta says that they’re lovers, and I was pretty confused as cuz JOSHUA DIDNT EVEN FEEL SURPRISED THAT HIS SON WAS DATING HIS STEPSIS. okay well we can get along with that lol. Well Liberta then says that he would really love to talk to Joshua again someday, and says he feels some nostalgia from Joshua, and cuddles Feli for a while. ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ They end up finding a map of the ship, and he goes into crazier exploration mode after finding out it’s the famous ghost ship.

snap002However, they end up crashing into Jolly, and he starts asking about his status. Liberta then explains that they met a guy named Joshua, and Jolly then breaks it to them that Joshua’s his dad and Mondo’s first son, but Liberta doesn’t believe that shit. They look around, and soon find the diary of Ash’s dad, when Joshua just got onto the ship. It’s about how he arrived and said that he was looking for his son, and even said that his dad was Mondo DUN DUN DUN. Liberta & Feli then go and find Joshua to find him, but they’re confronted by Justice, and they end up running back to another room to sleep. Liberta slips out to sort out his thoughts, and bumps into Ash who asks him to fulfill Joshua’s wish. He goes back to sleep, and starts dreaming about the time when he was younger together with Joshua, and Feli hugs him in bed when she realises that he aint having a very good dream. ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ However after he wakes up he starts blushing like a today but sadly, he’s pretty upset since he has to choose between saving his dad and using Feli’s Wheel of Fortune powers that will wipe her memory. However Ash when Ash says that he’s going to take Feli to Joshua he freaks out and drags Feli away, saying that she’s more important. They beat up Ash, and he finds out that price of using the Wheel of Fortune lol, and he decides to go with them to find Joshua. They have some nice talk until Justice takes over him and oops they have to fight daddy. They beat him up, and Liberta kicks Justice outta Joshua using his tarot powers. Liberta then says goodbye to his dad and Joshua apologises to Ash fro causing so much trouble. Joshua then says that he was happy he met his son and goes back to heaven. Liberta then tells Feli that he doesn’t feel upset at all since he dad left with a smiling face so he’s okay with it. ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪

snap006In Ending 1, Liberta’s busy writing in his diary on his adventure on the ship, and how he finally met his dad. He then shows Feli his sketch of his dad わあい\(^▽^\)(/^▽^)/わあいっFeli moves closer to him to take a look, but that he starts blushing saying that he face is too close and ends up kissing her and talking about how he loves her ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ  In Ending 2, Liberta’s telling all the kids about his adventure on the ship xDDD He then goes off with Feli to ichaicha for a while when Ash & Nova cockblocks saying that loads of kids are at Ash’s ship, and they want Liberta to help. He then drags Feli off to go and solve the problem lol. In Ending 3, Liberta gets all nervous and embarrassed just by looking at Feli. Debito tells him that he should tell his feelings to her, and asks him to practice on the statue on the fountain, where Liberta avoids looking at cuz pantsu xDDDD Nova then comes by screaming at Liberta saying that there’s been a report of a hentai confessing his love to the statue, and asks Liberta to find the culprit with him. In Love x Laugh 1, he & Feli go out to the beach and get on a boat until the night where they see the stars, and he says that she can use that boat as well. In Love x Laugh 2, they go to a desserts shop where they have to stack sweets and beat the high score to eat desserts for free. They win, and they end up feeding each other while blushing ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/ In Love x Laugh 3, Liberta, Nova & Feli are sitting in the dining room while waiting for everyone to come back and they play shiritori. They start throwing out words until Nova leaves since Luca’s back. Right after he leaves suddenly Fel decides to use “suki’ and Liberta starts blushing, causing Luca to rage outside the room xDDDD Liberta’ route was really nice since it had the truth of his dad, and he was seriously cute and all, and I really liked it.

Jolly (CV: Yusa Kouji)

snap049Jolly was FUCKING SEXY AND PEVERT IDIOT in the game. Surprisingly, his randy sides all flew out in this game and he goes into sexy mode IN EVERY CHAPTER. I was busy turning red at almost every scene for some reason (okay sorry Jolly fan here) and yep, better route than in the first game. Well this route starts off Feli struggling in the dark, when Jolly tells her to keep quiet and she realsies that he’s hugging her in his arms. Feli starts blushing like a tomato and he soon lets go of her when he’s assured her safety. He then starts going on about how her safety was the most important and they go out looking for the ship. Also here at this point we get sexy Jolly WITHOUT SUNGLASSES CUZ ITS DARK. (DANG HIS EYES ARE SEXY) So they end up going around the ship and Jolly blasts away skeletons after realising Feli’s really scared. After looking around the place and checking it out using his magic, they find a room to rest in, and Jolly asks Feli to sleep while he thinks whats going on. However Fel can’t sleep and he starts making her rest by talking to her and kissing her. ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪The next morning, they end up going to to Joshua’s room, where they talk to him, and they soon leave after tiger mode Ash comes and attacks them. They continue looking around the ship, and Jolly keeps going on and on about her safety. Soon it gets dark and he tells her to stay inside a room where he set a trap that only she can open the door, and he leaves to do his own shit (eg. finding joshua without telling her) Feli’s pretty much tired and worried about the rest at the same time, and she decides to charge outta her room to find Jolly, and crashes into Ash instead.

snap051They fight it out, and Jolly comes and saves her, telling her he’s going to give her ‘punishment’ later ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ and she starts blushing again. Ash retreats, and they return to that room, where he starts going on & on about what he told her, and tells her that she’s gonna get her punishment and they make out in the corner while and he kisses her forehead. There’s soon a flashback of the past when he was seeing Joshua off, and Feli soon wakes up with Jolly sleeping in the same bed ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ and he tells her that he face is cute and she has to get up soon since they’ve got business to settle that day. On the way to the deck, they crash into Luca and Jolly tells him to go and find the other dudes and bring them to the deck. They end up confronting Ash, and he tells them that he wants to save Joshua but doesn’t know how to. He then continue on about how Ash should join the family, and pretty much he has a plan on saving Joshua lol. Soon all the dudes arrive, and it gets dark, and Justice appears. After this whole big piece of dialogue they had Jolly tells Nova, Liberta & Pace to fight Justice first bit they end up getting hit by justice cuz THEY WERE USED HAS HUMANS SHIELD FOR LIBERTA LOL WTF JOLLY LOOK WHAT YOU DID THERE. He tells Luca and Dante to go and secure an escape route, and they separate Justice from Joshua using Liberta’s powers, and the father and son get their touching and short reunion.

snap056In Ending 1, they go to some high spot in Regalo where Jolly complains that he ain’t walking  anymore cuz he’s tired. He lies down on the grass, when he suddenly gets bored and tells Feli that he wants food now lol. Feli’s pretty much like “i’ll eat whatever you make” and they end up sharing it (damm i cant on the cg explains itself) ィェィ♪(v〃∇〃)ハ(〃∇〃v)ィェィ♪ He tells her that he’s going to do whatever he say until midnight, and she’s going to have to do whatever he says for a day after that ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ  In Ending 2, Jolly reports everything which happened on the ship to Mondo but Mondo flips out cuz he wants to know what Jolly did with Feli on the ship for 2 nights ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ and they says it’s a secret and leaves the room as he continues to flip out. They then go and welcome Ash at the end of it. In Ending 3, Ash comes screaming at Feli about what a pervert Jolly is and how she’s a pervert by even liking him lol. ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/  (does that mean I’m one?) Jolly comes by, and starts telling Feli about tiger meat which causes Ash to freak out and run away calling them perverts. LOL WTF WAS THAT ENDING. In Love X Laugh 1, Jolly wants to plant flowers so he goes to get some seeds from Luca and plants them, and ends up giving the flowers to Feli cuz he only wanted the root lol. In Love X Laugh 2, they go out shopping together where he asks Feli wait outside for him, and the trio freaks out when the see her with him. Debito tells them to leave Jolly & Feli alone, since they’re going on a date. She ends up following him into the last shop but she cant carry the accessory he bought and he directly puts it on for her. ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ” In Love X Laugh 3, Feli brings an injured bird to him to heal, and they somehow take care of the bird together lol. I dunno why but Jolly’s route felt a piece of last minute shit that was throw into the game due to time constraints but with extra randy scenes to make up for it. I really dont even know what to comment since it’s like really short and it was made up for with the randy scenes, so I really enjoyed it.

Luca (CV: Nakamura Yuichi)

snap033Luca also became one of the victims of not enough content together with Jolly, and his story was pretty rushed as well, and he was darn boring cuz randy Jolly already got the better of me. Also, he barely wears his hat in this route yeahhhhh. The first chapter Feli just meets Luca inside a storage room, where he starts getting all angsty and upset that he wasn’t able to protect her from Ash. After that whole pack of dialogue he soon wraps her in a nice blanket and they cuddle & sleep together for the night. (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・  The next morning he gets a flashback about how he was playing hide and seek with Feli in the forest in the past, and she got lost. The next morning they go and explore the ship, and they find a fire with Ash there and they fight there. However Ash retreats, and they get attacked by a bunch of skeletons, and Luca gets knocked out by them They end up getting thrown into a jail cell inside the ship. When Fel wakes up and sees Luca all okay she starts crying and hugging him and Luca tells her not to worry now that he’s okay. Debito then comes and saves them, and tells Feli that she has to toughen up cuz Luca’s turning more and more into a pussy now. After getting out of the cell, they go somewhere and rest, and Feli decides to have him man up by making him sleep on the floor lol. He then starts talking about how he gave a part of his heart to her when he went and saved her using his Taroco, and that he’s been in love with her quite a while.

snap037Also the hat he’s wearing was the one Feli bought for her so he treasures it a lot. Well they soon go to the ship deck where they meet up with everyone else, and they crash into 2 Lucas. Luca then beats up Ash who’s disguising as him, and they end up fighting Joshua, where Jolly decides to make Luca as a human shield so that Feli can use the lovers to separate Justice from Joshua. However this causes Luca’s hat to fly into the sea, and he rages at Jolly until Feli tells him that shes going to get a new one for him. In Ending 1, Luca thanks her by buying her a new dress for her buying him a new hat. They decide to spend their time at the old mansion where they have their raburabu time there lol idk what even happened. In Ending 2, Luca reports everything which happened to Mondo, and he starts raging at Luca like how he did with Jolly. They then starts throwing salt on Luca cuz they don’t want him to get married to Feli and Mondo starts crying as Feli tells Luca that they’re going out lol. In Ending 3, Feli complains that his pigeon trick is getting old and Luca freaks out. He goes running around the place trying to get ideas to please Feli but ends up getting stupid ideas from the other dudes. He ends up asking Ash to help out by turning into a tiger and other ideas and Luca starts crying that he can’t please Feli.

snap040In Love X Laugh 1, Feli crashes into Jolly and they spy on Nova’s office where he, Luca & Liberta are playing Shogi. Luca starts to lose and Feli runs in to him and they end up beating Nova & Liberta. In Love X Laugh 2, Feli has a dream of Luca being a Do-S and ichaichaing on her bed and she says stuff. This causes Luca to freak out and when she wakes up she rages at the trio who’s there. In Love X Laugh 3,  Feli’s finds Luca in his room looking for stuff to use for a treasure hunt, and they end up looking for Dante to get some items from him, and they start ichaichaing in front of him. Welp in the end I didn’t feel anything at all from Luca’s route cuz it was filled with technical things thta my brain couldn’t even process in my head. Also I was already infatuated with Jolly’s randiness and I really didnt think that it was a good route. Luca’s was just boring as hell which is darn annoying.

Pace (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)

snap026Pace’s route pretty much starts off with him looking for Feli, and ends up mistaking a skeleton for her lol, but he soon finds her anyway. They get surrounded by skeletons, and they end up clearing a path to get into a room. Pace starts complaining about how hungry he is, and they end up finding some apples outside of the room. However they end up getting attacked by Ash who’s transformed into a tiger cuz he wants his apples and Pace tells Feli to run away and he’ll come after her. He soon fends Ash off and gets to Fel, and turns out that Feli managed to get an apple for her and they end up sharing it ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ He then gets a flashback of when he first met Fel, and they wake up to look around for what the hell’s going on. They bang into Joshua and they barely say anything, and Pace starts talking about his mom when they get attacked by Ash again cuz he’s raging over Pace eating his apples everywhere, and Pace starts carrying Feli away to another room to escape. When he puts her down inside the room, both of them start blushing like tomatoes lol. O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ They rest there, when Pace smells lasagna, and they go to the cafeteria following the smell. To Pace’s horror they crash into his mom and he’s pretty shocked that she’s there, and he thinks it probably because his mom has something left undone in this world so she’s on this ship.

snap028Also Pace’s mom doesn’t have any memories of even having Pace and such and the only thing she thinks she’s supposed to do is to make lasagna for people with empty stomachs. Pace then figures that he should eat his mom’s food so that she can move on to heaven. He starts eating it, when Ash-Tiger appears and Feli goes and fights Ash while Pace’s eating. However Feli’s losing so Pace’s like “i’m sorry mom i need to go save my girlfriend” and runs off to assist Feli without finishing her lasagna. They fight Ash-Tiger together on the deck, and he ends up losing his glasses. He ends up not being able to see anything and hits his leg, and Feli decides to help him go and find his glasses. However she ends up getting beat up by Ash and he transforms into her and goes to find Pace for him to spit out something about the taroco since he’s blur. However Feli comes by and Pace somehow sees 2 ojous and he’s like “TWO OJOUS YAY!!!!!” ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイ and ends up getting kicked by Fel. Welp he soon uses his POWER OF RABU to find out who’s the real Fel and they beat up Ash. They end up going to look for the Taroco which is with Joshua, they beat up him, and use their Taroco powers to send all the ghosts to heaven. In Ending 1, Pace goes to visit his mom’s grave and officially introduces Feli to her as his new girlfriend. He also apologises for not finishing her lasagna when he was on the ship, and the starts kissing and making out by her grave ヽ(▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ

snap031In Ending 2, they feed each other lasagna and ichaicha inside the dining room while Nova & Ash rage outside when he hears them. Nova tries to kick them out, when Sumire comes in to get some food and she starts feeding Nova as well uwu In Ending 3, Luca comes raging to Pace about how he’s made Fel eat a lot of lasagna and now she’s on a diet and she ain’t eating his lemon pie. Pace then accidentally say that she should become big like Dante nad he ends up getting chased & kicked by her all day. In Love X Laugh 1, Pace helps Luca drag some stuff back to the mansion and they crash into Feli. Feli then starts playing with the sand which reminds him of the time when he was playing with sandcastles with Debito & Luca, and they build one together. In Love X Laugh 2, they shoot test fireworks Pace and Luca made for the next picolino. In Love X Laugh 3, they go to a restaurant and eat together and they end up feeding each other sweets to eat ワーイ♪♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪♪ワーイ Pace was really cute in this one and I was pretty much gaying over him every chapter, since he’s my favourite character ad all and this route really made my love for Pace just grow even more.

Ash (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

snap058I didnt know what colour to use for this guy so I figured that I’ll use Turquoise. Well Ash is a 10000% babe and ALL THTA FLUFF IN THE GAME SO CUTE WWWW Well to make things clear Ash is the one who broke in to their mansion at Regalo, he’s the tiger, his dad was living on the ship, and he claims that the tarot cards are his. Plus he calles Feli “Strawberry Head”. After the fog clears out Feli ends up fighting Justice in Joshua’s body since none of her harem is in love with her. Ash soon appears and saves her since he thinks she’s needed to help Joshua. Ash then takes her to a room where he gives her some apples to eat, and explains that the ship is actually a ghost ship where it’s passengers are spirits. The spirits have something leftover to do so they’re riding on this ship until they are fulfilled or something I wasn’t paying any attention. He then says that Joshua can’t touch the Justice tarot card or he’ll go into berserk mode. After eating the apples and resting, they go to the cafeteria to get some food to eat where Ash talks about the cook who used to have a son and she loved cooking for her (T^T Pace……) They finish eating and they go and find Joshua who’s back to normal and Ash explains to Joshua that he touches the cards he’ll go berserk. However Ash’s taroco powers go crazy as well and he turns into a double of Joshua.

snap062However Joshua goes berserk and turns into Justice and Ash decides to turn into his tiger form to get Feli outta the way, and tells her to immediately give him apples ASAP when they reach a safe spot. He manages to transform back when Feli feeds but HE CHANGES BACK NAKED so Feli kicks him and blushes like hell ワーイ♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/ワーイ♪ They then talk more bu Ash gets reaalllly angry when he finds out that Feli can read his thoughts and such and starts pulling her hair and getting mad at her saying that the Arcana Famiglia is just filled with shitty and walks off. Liberta & Nova then come, and they calm her down by telling her that everything’s going to be alright and she can go and apologise to him for saying those things. They end up going to find him and she says that she’s sorry and strips off her shirt to show him her stigma ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪ and he’s like “whaaaa why arent you angry at me why?” and they end up fighting it out so that if Feli wins he’ll return the Taroco, and if he wins she has to cooperate with him. Feli ends up beating him to a pulp and he returns the cards, but Feli decides to help him with Joshua anyway ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ Feli’s man harem appears and Jolly starts saying that Joshua’s an idiot that he forgot his reason for drifting around and Ash gets really mad. They end up beating up Joshua and he manages to return to heaven and he gets to meet Liberta before that. 。・゜・(/Д`)・゜・。うわぁぁぁぁん In Ending 1, they hang out on the ship and Ash reads a letter from his dad which he left with Joshua for a while. There’s also something from Joshua as well and they say that they Ash was the best son ever to them lol. He hugs Feli and cries as they continue to hug each other. ワ━ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ━ィ!!!!

snap064In Ending 2, Mongo gets the Taroco from Ash and says that he’s allowed to stay on the island until he makes his decision of whether he wants to join the family or not. Jolly suddenly becomes a douche and gives him some mirror which turns him into a tiger lol. Feli chases after him and throws an apple at him and he transforms back. He thanks her for getting the apples and his clothes O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ Feli then says that she wants to cuddle his tiger form and he says that she can while he’s blushing. They then go to her office and he turns dere and they kiss in her office. (ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\) In Ending 3, Jolly makes him drink one of his potions which apparently can help with his tiger problem but it cause him to say “gao” at the end of every line lol. He then transforms into Jolly using his powers with “Gao” at the end of every line lol. In Love Laugh 1, they go out on a date on the ship, and they find a message in a bottle to which was actually written by Feli when she was a kid for her “oujisama”. In Love X Laugh 2, they go touring at Regalo when they pass by Dante and he tells them about some tasty gelato. They end up eating it in the rain before going back. In Love X Laugh 3, Feli’s playing a staring game with the trio and Ash comes in a joins the party but they end up ichaichaing in the bar while Luca cries like an idiot. Ash was sooo cute in thsi whole route I really loved him WITH ALL THE FLUFF AND STUFF AND GAAHHHH SO MOE. SO MUCH DERE.

~Final Thoughts~

Turns out Ash wins in power-activating poses

Turns out Ash wins in power-activating poses

Well this game was FAR BETTER THAN THE FIRST. The game wasn’t that frustrating and the system was pretty simple and such AND I ALMOST SUFFERED NOSEBLEEDS FROM THE LAST 3 THANK YOU. However Idk why but there was a glitch (?) in Ash’s route cuz after I cleared Ending 1, I went to do the other ends but for some reason Ending 1 became NOT UNLOCKED. It took another few minutes to unlock love x laugh again. However it was only a small glitch so whatever. Well the fluff was definitely improved from the previous game, and my rankings for the dudes changed again thanks to this fandisk. It’s pretty much Dante < Nova < Debito = Liberta < Luca < Jolly < Ash < Pace. Debito was SEXY IN HIS ROUTE and he didn’t drain off my energy on my first run of the game. The seiyuu free talks were extremely cute as well seriously cuz okamoto was like “ash has some really cute parts”, and Yonaga was like “nova’ really cute~” and Yusa was pretty much like “i hope you didnt have any bad thoughts during those scenes~” lol. Well this was really a ver y good fandisk altough each route took about 3 hours for me, and if I rushed it could go to 2 hours only. In conclusion, if you loved the first game, DO PLAY THIS GAME ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT. All the pain you suffered in the first one will be wiped away. Welp that’s all for now, moving on to the killer game, Urakata Hakuouki


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