Urakata Hakuouki

Finally here we are to the most fucked up game meant to milk Hakuouki where most otome gamers try to step away from cuz it’s a landmine. Well, I decided to step on this landmine and try it out, but turns out, it ain’t that shitty honestly, cept for the fact that RASETSUS and SHINSENGUMI continue to appear in the darn game. Urakata Hakuouki is made out of a RPG Game combined together with an Otome game, so it has difficulty to people who actually want to play it, and its the back story of Hakuouki.

Our heroine Kirishima Kozue comes home from teaching kids kendo, and meets her bro and they go home together. Along the way, they crash into white-haired dudes who look like they’re trippin balls and they attack the siblings. Her brother tells her to go and find help, and she runs off. More stuff under the cut.

The first 5 chapters of this game is the common route, so I’ll writing an entire guide for this whole game and step-by-step manual for all the Hakuouki Fanatics out there. For this game there is a True End, Good End & Bad End plus an Epilogue which happens after the True End. Either way I won’t be doing the bad end because it just revolves around Kozue dying. I think.  I decided that this would be the review, and I’ll put the guide in another post instead, which is here.

Kozue manages to find Katsura after running to find help, and they work together to defeat the white-haired dudes. However, when they go back to the dojo, Kozue’s brother is missing, and what’s left is his sword. She starts crying and feeling bad for not being able to do anything, and Katsura calms her down. He stays until morning, and leaves, when some dude named Takechi comes and visits her bro with Okada. She tells them what happened, and he says he’s sorry, and invites her to go to a bar to have a chat. They end up talking a lot and Kozue is escorted home by Okada, as he kills some ronin who are out to kill them lol. Kozues pretty freaked out cuz he didn’t even make an expression after killing the ronin but he’s like “I killed them or you would have died” and they had no choice but to run.

They get back to her place and she finds out his name, Okada, but he makes her call her Izo cuz lol he wants it. The next day Katsura pops by again to help her with kendo and such and they fight it out to train. Before he leaves he stares out at the sakura tree saying that he believes that her bro aint dead and she’ll be okay. The day after, Katsura suddenly appears in her face saying that he wants her to cook something for his friend lol. Takasugi then comes by like friggin gin-chan and says that Kozue’s hot stuff and pulls her face closer lol. Katsura rages at him and tells him to go home. (lol he’s like being an onii-chan)

He then says that he has a present for Katsura and passes him Glover cuz apparently Glover wants to tour around the world and sell his weapons, and he’s know as the “Merchant of Death” or sth. Katsura rages at Takasugi for doing dumb things again and Kozue tries to stop them, and somehow meets Okada who pops by and asks for help. They soong work things out and say that they’re going to settle it with a drinking match lol. Takasugi then tells everyone to sit down and have a drink lol wtf is going on. Suddenly 3 more guys named Yamagata, Kusaka & Itou pop in to join the party wut.

One day, Takasugi tells Kozue that he lost his wallet, and he they go and look for it,. Turns out that that the wallet he was looking for was his subordinate’s who was killed by the Rasetsu, and he was looking for the ronin who stole his subordinate’s wallet to check if they had any information. The ronins get rlly scared and they run off since they dont have any info. Takasugi then says he’s looking for info, but in actual fact he just wants to go have fun and eat dango with Kozue xDDDD Katsura rages at him for being like that, and says that from now on they’ll lend her their help, so that it wont be that dangerous for her.

Takasugi Shinsaku (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)

snap019Takasugi’s the guy that Shiranui mentions in Harada’s route, who is his only human friend and stuff. Welp. Takasugi is really an idiot and he’s pretty rash throughout the entire route, and Kozue sees him as a pretty chillax person at the beginning, with him getting sake he wants, and paying for it later. His route starts off with him popping by her place since he wanted to eat some fish, and he ends up eating at her place and says that her cooking’s pretty nice. ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイOne day, she finds Yamagata looking for Takasugi cuz Katsura’s looking for him, and asks Kozue to catch him if she sees him around. Kozue ends up catching him lazing around at a shop, where he freaks out when she catches him. They leave together, and Kozue stops mid-way to save a kid from a Samurai while Takasugi sneaks off. He goes to meet Katsura, and they end up chillin at her place. Takasugi then tells her the drop the “-sans” and talks about his ambition to get rid of samurais and everything, and keeping your life was his most important, and says that if he was the kid who was saved by a hot nee-san, he would have fallen in love with him O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ (im pretty sure hes gin-san no.2 im really serious) Kozue one day sees a dead man who was killed by the Shinsengumi, and hears a lot of murmuring about them, and Takasugi drags her off to cool her head, and even tricks her to cheer her up.

snap020Takasugi then says that she didn’t need to care about such things, and tells her to just concentrate on finding her bro. He also adds that she’s pretty strong, and suggests that she join his army, since she’ll be helpful and she has his backing anyway. Kozue’s like “no i cant join i have my dojo to take care of” and Takasugi’s pretty much like “lol its okay you can just come to the Choushuu by becoming my bride” ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ which causes her to blush like a tomato (omg darn cuute here) He then promises her that he’ll let her see the sea someday since Kozue’s never seen it before, and he teaches her some things about foreign countries and such, when Yamagata cockblocks and drags him back to Choushuu since apparently he has a cold. He then meets up with Glover one day to settle the handling of weapons, and he asks the guy what makes him the “Merchant of Death”. Glover ends up taking out a bottle of red liquid, called “Elixir”. YOU GOT IT GUYS YOU KNOW WHERE’S THIS GOING ITS THE OCHIMIZU. Glover then starts going on about how popular it is in Japan, and starts babbling about how useful that medicine was lol. However Takasugi declines, and Glover leaves, followed by Shiranui coming in. (SHIRANUI MAKES AN ACTUAL APPEARANCE IN THIS GAME LOL) Shiranui then has some happy talk with the guy, and they discuss about how the Ochimizu works on people, and how they’re “Fake demons” lol.

snap024Soon Takasugi and Kozue are chilling at the Choushuu HQ, when they hear rumours from the soldiers about Rasetsus in the area. They go and investigate, which results in them going to kill some, and they meet Harada along the way. Kozue almost gets attacked by the Rasetsus and Harada comes diving in telling them to run, but they end up working together to beat the shit outta the Rasetsus anyway. Harada then explains that existence of the Ochimizu to them, and tells them about what the medicine does and such, and he disappears LOL WTF WAS THAT. HAKUOUKI MILKING. A few days later, Takasugi starts saying that he wants to buy a ship, and they end up going to Glover to purchase a ship, which causes Katsura to rage at the price of the darn ship lol. (i’ve concluded Katsuras the nagger ive totally decided) Kozue then meets him at the bar later in the day, and he asks her to run an errand for him to get strings for his Shamisen, and he plays a song for her when she gets back with it. Also he teaches her how to play it as well at the bar ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/ Takasugi takes her out to a festival, when they hear news of the Choushuu meeting of being infiltrated and most of the men were killed at the Ikeda Inn (LOL WTF WE JUST HIT THE BEGINNING OF HAKUOUKI) They get back to the Choushuu HQ where all his men rages over the Shinsengumi, when someone who escaped from the Inn came back, and tells them about what happened.

snap027All the Choushuu dudes rage saying that they want to go and kill the Shinsengumi now, and Takasugi’s like “NOPE NO ONE GOES OUT TONIGHT TO SAVE YOUR FRANZ CUZ YOU HAVE TO FIGHT ME IF YOU WANT TO GO OUT” and slams the door and heads off to his room. His men starts calling the guy a coward, when they hear stuff breaking in the next room. Kozue goes over to check, when she sees Takasugi’s hand bleeding cuz of him crashing something. She’s like “WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO URSELF” and treats his wound for him. He the explains that the Shinsengumi are really tough dudes that they can’t mess with, and he didn’t want any of his men to lose their lives that easily. Suddenly they hear the guy talking about some Rasetsus and a golden-haired guy, and Takasugi immediately concludes that Glover was at the scene, and decides to confront him. Glover’s pretty much smiling all the way so they don’t get anything outta him anyway. They then go out on dates for to think of song ideas, and have their happy times, when one day, THE TOWN THEY’RE LIVING IN BURSTS INTO FUCKIN FLAMES WHILE TAKASUGI WAS OUT. When Takasugi comes back he’s like “i couldnt protect this town and my men” and broods there when Kozue tells him to smile, even in the hardest times. (Awww Kozue you’re so good)

snap031Takasugi then sadly says that Kusaka was going to seppuku himself and they go try and find him at the mountains near area of the war, and Kozue stalls time for him while Takasugi looks around, when some guy comes and slashes the Shinsegumi dudes she was talking to. Otomate then decides to drop the bomb on us by saying that KOZUE’S BRO HAS TURNED INTO A RASETSU UH OH.Glover also pops up going like “lol i gave him the ochimizu cuz he didnt want to die lol” and Kozue has to fight her brother alone. She ends up killing her bro, and sheds some really sad tears as her bro tells her that she’s grown and she’ll be okay now (ノД`)・゜・。 Kozue’s bro then turns into Ash, and Glover starts talking about how sad it is for Kozue cuz all her loved ones are dying, and OTOMATE DROPS ANOTHER BOMB BY TELLING US TAKASUGI HAS TB NOOOO WHHHYY OTOMATE. Glover starts going like “hurhur lol Takasugi u cant live any longer im so sorry byeee guys hope to see you dead” and runs off. Takasugi then coughs out blood, and Kozue helps him to some area to rest. He then says how embarrassing it is to be supported by a woman, and says that he want to live longer. He then says that he lurves Kozue, and they make out while he rests, and he ends up deciding that he’s going to live a few more years since he loves her so much ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ”

snap033They decide to go and clean up the mess Glover made the next night, and sees him turned into a Rasetsu lolol. Glover offers Takasugi an Ochimizu, and tells Kozue to give it to him, and the endings separate here. True End: Kozue decides that it’s Takasugi’s decision, and Takasugi takes the bottle outta her hands and flings it on the ground, saying that he doesn’t need that shit. They beat up Glover, and he turns into Ash. Takasugi soon withdraws from the war, and spends his days sleeping in bed thanks to Kozue’s nagging. One day, he then says that he wants to sleep, and DRAGS KOZUE ALONG INTO THE FUTON ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ and he says that he doesn’t want to sleep alone, and they make out. Good End: Kozue knows she has to dump the Ochimizu, but Takasugi takes it and says that they shouldnt waste expensive goods, and drinks it. They beat up Glover, but Takasugi starts losing control of himself, and he tells Kozue to get away. However Kozue’s like “I WILL BE WITH YOU FOREVER” and gives in to him, and he ends up drinking her blood yeahhhhhh ワーイ♪♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪♪ワーイHe soon recovers from his TB, and meets up with Itou and Yamagata, with them saying that he’s late. He then explains all the shit that has happened, and says that he’ll keep control of himself, and says that he’ll win the war. Epilogue: Takasugi takes Kozue out to the sea as promised, and says that Japan doesn’t need rasetsus and whatever, and it’s pretty much heading on a new path now. He says that he loves Kozue while staring out into the sea.

Katsura Kogoro (CV: KENN)

snap041Katsura is the worryrat and the most protective among all the dudes, since he apparently was the friend of Kozue’s bro. Katsura has a really high position, so most of his activities revolve around him doing investigation, and asking Kozue to come along. However, this causes her to get injured here and causing him worryrat self to pop and start going like “are your hands okay? girls cant have injuries on their hands” and what not. (yes i’ve concluded that he’s a hetare. maybe.) Also, he often visits her place asking about her condition and Kozue ends up having to assure him that she’s fine. One day, Katsura suddenly appears at her house saying that he’s leaving for a trip, which turns out to be him trying to run away from the Bakufu. When Takasugi confronts him abt it he’s like “no i dont want her to get worried” and Takasugi’s like “only if you tell her, then she’ll listen to you, if not she’ll rashly bash into the Shinsengumi if she doesnt hear news about you” lol ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイSo apparently Katsura was going to the meeting at the Ikeda Inn, and Okada pops by Kozue’s place at night telling her that the Ikeda Inn’s been attacked so he’s here to make sure she doesnt leave rashly over Katsura but she ends up doing so anyway ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ She end up running all the way to the Ikeda Inn, and almost gets spotted until Katsura calls out to her.  Kasura’s pretty much like “why are you even here” and Kozue’s pretty much like “i was worried so i came” She ends up being scolded by Katsura anyway, and he tells her not to be so rash by doing such things like running to such a place with high security. Kozue ends up crying since she was seriously worried, so Katsura pats her head and tells her that if she was in trouble, he would be more worried so she shouldn’t be doing reckless things like that.

snap042Soon, Kozue calms down, and quietly slip out of the area when they’re caught by Hijikata. (lol where is saitou i thought he was the parallel) Hijikata starts questioning them about why the fuck they’re out so late, and Katsura’s like “lol we’re just going home byeeee” and Hijikata pretty much doesnt trust them thanks to their swords, and warns them not to randomly use them. Kozue ends up shouting at him, saying that the Shinsengumi was the one who killed her bro, and Katsura ends up covering for her by coughing and going “lol we caught the flu and it got to my sis’ head so ignore what she’s saying” and they end up running off lol. Somehow they get back to her place, and he tells her not to do such things again, and she promises not to. Katsura then tells her to rest well, and they part ways for the night. However, the next day, Katsura busts into her place going like “THE SHINSENGUMIS AFTER US YOU GOTTA RUN” and they starts panicking when more Shinsengumi dudes bang on the door telling her to open up. Kozue’s like “I BUY TIME YOU RUN” since she doesn’t want to get Katsura caught, but Katsura’s like “NO I WILL SO YOU RUN” and Kozue tells him to trust her, and he ends up running while she goes to the door. Kozue ends up getting questioned by Shinsengumi dudes, when Hijikata pops up, and STARTS QUESTIONING HER MORE when she talks about how he bro got killed by them. When she mentions the rasetsus appearance Hijikatas like O_O and tells one of his men to bring her back to HQ for more questioning. Turns out the soldier was actually Itou in disguise, and he did this cuz Katsura was super worried for our Kozue, so he asked him to go and save her while he runs. Itou’s like “he was panicking like shit and i’ve never seen him like that before” when Katsura pops up and hugs her.

snap058Katsura then tells her how worried he was and how he’s glad that she’s safe and all, and adds that his heart would have stopped if Hijikata had literally brought her back to HQ. He then explains that they can’t stay in this because security’s too tight, and they move to one of his hideouts. Kozue then gets worried if she could go there, and Katsura’s like “i want you to be by my side so stay with me” ヾ(´▽`;)ゝAt his hideout, they discuss what she told Hijikata, and Kqtsura once again tells her not be so reckless. Kozue then mention how Katsura’s like her bro, and starts giggling a little, and Katsura tells her not to forget that smile ever. She then finds out about Katsura’s past with Kusaka while asking her to deliver something Katsura, and when she goes back, he tells her about this pocket watch which Itou got, and fanboys over it since he wants it badly. Kozue then suggests that she’ll try asking Itou for it, and she ends up getting it in exchange for a nice massage for Itou, although it disappointed him a lot since he has the hots for Kozue haha. When she takes it back to Katsura he’s like “OMG I CANT BELIEVE YOU GOT IT HOW BEAUTIFUL” and fanboys super hard about how he loves such things, and thanks her really hard as well. O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ He also asks her to get food supplies for him, and he suggests eating together which causes her to get embarrassed and all. However Katsura’s like “so you dont want to eat with me :(“ which causes her to join in anyway xDDDD Life’s pretty fine at the base when Takasugi and Kusaka barge in to discuss some stuff with Katsura, and they soon leave since they can’t stay there too long anyway. They end up going out for a walk, where they crash into a rasetsu and beat it, and they hear some random dude in black warning Katsura all his shit will fail and such.

snap059Soon the war at the gate happens, and Kusaka goes and seppukus himself, and Kozue goes around looking for Katsura since he disappeared. She ends up crashing into Kazama who helps her slash down some Rasetsus she faced, and runs off afterwards, finding Katsura in the flamin town getting super depressed, saying that he couldn’t do anything. Kozue then hugs him, and says that the Choushuu will win someday, so he just needs to believe, and they leave the burning town. the next day, they then talk about the Shinsengumi, and son Katsura disappears for a while and Kozue goes back home. Itou then pops by saying that someone’s invited them to the bar, and it turns out to be Katsura and he did it pretty roundabout cuz of security. Katsura then says that he’s leaving Kyoto for real now, since he’s being hunted down so hard, and he wants to make sure of Kozue’s safety and himself, when Itou snaps and asks him why he isn’t admitting his true feelings. Itou then asks Katsura if he really likes Kozue, since they’ve been so close for all this while, since Itou himself has the hots for her. Itou leaves, the room, and Katsura tells Kozue that he really, really likes her, just that he can’t say it yet at that stage. He asks her to wait, and she says that she’ll wait forever for him. Katsura then promises her that he’ll come back safely, and pats her head. The next day he leaves, but apparently he still wants her to get a Yuhimo (the stuff for tying the hair) for him, since he lost one of his. Kozue ends up getting it from a shop, and the shopkeeper gives her 2 since she’s cute and whatever, and she returns to Katsura. He ends up tying one  of them for her, and says that he’s going to take the other one so they matching Yuhimo now ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

snap051Also he asks her to help investigate some shit together with him, and she ends up getting injured, and he piggybacks her 🙂 Soon, he comes back and immediately goes to Kozue’s place, and asks her to go out on a walk with him, Katsura then tells her about how he’s glad to have so many friends by his side, and thats the reason why he could sneak back here like that. He then says how Kozue’s his mental support right now, and how he likes her when they’re cockblocked by ronin stealing money, when someone comes and cuts them…..which is Kozue’s bro. The both of them are pretty much O_O they’re like “IT CANNOT BE” and what not when Saitou comes by and fights off the other rasetsu telling them to run. Kozue’s like “WTF NO MY BRO IS THERE I NEED TO TALK TO HIM” and Saitou realises that she’s the person Hijikata’s after, but he still tells them to get back, or he’ll attack them as well. Welp they do and Katsura blocks his attack and he ends up letting them go after her bro anyway when he ran off. Soon they chase the guy that they lose track of him, and soon find their way to a grassland. There, they meet the guy who was warning Katsura earlier, who’s named Kiyokawa, and he’s like “lol hi guys you thought i was dead? nah.” Katsura then says that this Kiyokawa guy was the person who started the Roshigumi and he was supposed to be dead. (lol i didnt even hear of such a guy in Remeiroku lol) Kiyokawa’s like “lol no i was experimenting with this GAAAAY OCHIMIZU THING” and he says he’s the one who turned her bro into a Rasetsu. He then calls her bro out, and Kozue fights it out with her bro. She beats him, and he says that he’s glad to have seen his little sis before he died, and entrusts Kozue to Katsura, and turns to ash.

snap057Kiyokawa starts going like “lol he died oops too bad kiddies” and they beat him up as well. However after they beat him Kiyokawas like “YOU THINK THAT WAS MY BEST LOL” and BOOM he’s a rasetsu. They beat up the guy one more time, and before he dies he’s like “nooo the choushuu will never succeed all of you people will know that the rasetsu was the best option for peace” and turns to Ash. True End: Kozue conks out after the battle due to her being too tired, and wakes up at Katsura’s place. He then takes her out on a walk, and tells her that he’s going back to Kyoto, and asks her to come back with him. He then says that at first, Kozue was just like “a friends little sister”, but now he loves her so much that he wants her by his side from now on. Kozue says okay and he they hug saying that they’ll be together forever. Good End: After the battle, Katsura asks what Kozue wants to do now, and she says that she wants to go back to Kyoto. Katsura ends up going back to the Choushuu. After that, Kozue restarts the dojo and teaches kids how to swordfight, One day, Katsura knocks on the door and asks to visit the grave that she made for her bro. Epilogue: Kozue’s sitting at home and cooking and waiting for Katsura to come back from the war, and hears a knock on the door. She knows its Katsura, and when she opens the door, she see Katsura with short hair. He then says that he’s been wanting to see her ever since the war ended. He then says that he cut his hair to fit the western uniform. He hugs her and says that everything should be fine now and he can live in peace, and they kiss. (ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\) Well Katsura’s route was really cute, and he was amazing sexy with dem KENN voicing him. Well the problem is that I HAD TO REPLAY HIS ENTIRE ROUTE SINCE I FORGOT TO MAKE AN EXTRA SAVE JUST IN CASE AND I KEPT GETTING THE BAD END CUZ I DIDNT HAVE ENOUGH AFFECTION. Okay well side from that I felt that Katsuras pretty okay and his level of cuteness was at Takasugis, and I didnt expect him to kiss anyway. ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪

Glover (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)

snap081Glover is  the mysterious “Merchant of Death” who everyone calls, and he’s the bad guy Takasgi’s route, but he’s not that evil pls. Glovers quests and route pretty much start off with him getting super interested in Japanese stuff like wearing a kimono, but too bad they cant get one for him since hes a foreigner and all. He also invites Kozue to go and see the stars together one night, and he tells her that the spot where they went to see the stars is their special place, so she cant tell others about it. \(@v@)/ One day, one of her students come by with a letter from Glover, asking her to meet up at somewhere in the town. Glover then takes her to his place in the town, where they have some rose tea there. Glover also introduces her to western stuff like scones and cream. 🙂 (I’m telling you this guy doesnt even look bad as you think from Takasugis route lol) They end up spending so much time at his place that it gets late, and Glover walks her home, saying “even if your bro aint around I’ll protect you, my lady” ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ (see i told you hes like jinguji ren maybe) Kozue doesnt know what does ‘lady’ means, and he explains that it refers to a grown up woman. He then gives her a rose, saying that it really suits her, she goes back in. It then suddenly changes to Glover’s POV where he sees Okada killing a guy, and thinking how dumb people are killing each other like that. Soon enough she hears about some random person killing people in the middle of the night, and it turns out in be a rasetsu. Glover also goes along with her to fight it, and he tells her to defeat the rasetsu cuz lol they cant be killed that easily.

snap085After the battle, Glover explains about the rasetsu and tells her not be worried about when some stupid ronin comes by getting angry of them wondering around. The best part is one of them stabs Glover cuz hes happily talking to a woman wut =.= Glover then starts laughing like hell, and tells them that they should be protecting a woman, not fighting them, and also practise the “ladies first” policies. He then takes out his gun and kills then like this crazy dude, and suddenly mood swings to nice guy again. Kozue’s like O_O and she blanks out thanks to the trauma, and wakes up at Glover’s place. He then starts being super worried and asks if shes okay and if she wants to stay and rest at his place, but Kozues pretty freaked out by the blood from the stab and she ends up running off cuz of more trauma. Kozue then hears more rasetsu rumours and goes out together with Glover to beat them, but Kozue almost gets slashed by them when Heisuke bams in. Heisuke tells them to run but Glover just runs to Kozue and starts aplogising about how he couldnt protect her (you should try a close-ranged weapon buddy) Heisuke ends up beating up the rasetsu, and hes like O_O why didnt you guys run. He also tells them not to mention anything abt the rasetsus, and starts getting amazed over how Glover is a foreigner and he has a nice weapon called a gun lol. Soon Heisuke leaves and he hope that they can meet again and all so he can hear stories about the West lol what was that. Within the next few days Glover takes her out to a party and introduces her to some people, and also gives her a new flavour of tea and cookies to eat ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ

snap086Days later Glover pops by her place, and Kozue tells him that she feels that her bro is alive, and Glover passes her a piece of paper to go to the Ikeda Inn, where she’ll see the truth. She goes there and sees her bro as a rasetsu. Kozue starts flipping out and going like “NO THIS CANNOT BRO MY BRO CANNOT BE A RASETSU” and her bro’s like “how can you not recognize your bro?” Suddenly Shinsengumi dudes appears and he cuts them, and suddenly her bros suffering and telling her to leave the country immediately so that she wont be caught up with all this weird shit. Suddenly Kiyokawa appears in the shadows orders her bro to kill Kozue when Glover comes and saves her. Kiyokawa’s pretty much like “why the fuck r u here glover” and he’s like “im here to save my beloved one” and Kiyokawa pretty much like “lol wut r u saying” and runs off immediately. Kozues pretty much still shocked, and Glover asks her why, and if she wants to ask him something. Kozues pretty much “WHO IS THAT MONSTER WHOS THAT FRIGGIN PERSON WHOS IMITATING MY BRO IN EVERY WAY” and he ends up aplogising to her to make her go through all this, and Kozue soon runs away cuz she said too much. A few days later Kozue’s sitting at home thinking over the entire thing when Glover knocks on her door. She’s pretty much “pls leave” and hes like “i will continue waiting for you to open this door, even if its 1000 years” and she still tells him to leave. she then hears its raining outside, and she opens the door shocked to see Glover standing outside her house drenched in the rain which a bouquet of roses ヽ(´□`。)ノ She then immediately gets him in, and they discuss more about him.

snap089Then Otomate decides to drop the bomb telling us that GLOVERS PRETTY MUCH A WESTERN ONI (wtf otomate seriously lol), and he shows it by gripping a rose hard and giving him injuries, but thye all heal. Glover then promises her that he’ll come and pick her up after the war is that is going to start ends, so she cant forget abt him. However she still meet him one day and he asks her to cook some Agehashi Daikon(tofu) for him, and he compliments her a lot over the food, and tells her to cook more for him next time =w=. Glover walks her home, and he pretty much meets Heisuke again along the way and he tells him that he reminds him of someone, and Heisuke hopes to meet him again lol wut. Another guy also passes her a letter to give to Glover and she helps him out with his weapon dealing business. In the middle of the night Glover comes and picks her up saying that they’re going to meet her bro now. They end up going to the Hamaguri gate (shit i forgot the name) but they end up not doing anything there cuz the war suddenly breaks out there. Glover then brings her away from the place, and hes like “I cant let you get shot before i fulfill my promise” when BAM A DOOR BREAKS AND HER BRO APPEARS. Her bros pretty much like “WHY R U STILL HERE THE OCHIMIZU IS TOO DANGEROUS YOU HAVE TO LEAVE” but Kozue says she cant, and he says if she doesnt want to leave, she’ll have to kill him, as the ochimizu is corrupting his brain and he wants to die as her legit bro. Kozue then tells Glover to get back and she kills her bro herself, and she kills him. Before he dies, he tells her that he’s glad that he was able to teach her to correct way of using the sword before turning into ash. Kiyokawa soon pops up going like “lol he was useless” and Kozue screams at him asking what he did to her bro.

snap091Kiyokawas like “lol i’ll tell you okay he wanted to live so i offered him the thing lol” Kozue then attacks the guy but Glover knocks her out so that she wont do the wrong thing, and he’s like “i pretty much was saving the person i loved why not?”, and tells Kiyokawa he broke the contract, by getting more Ochimizu from somewhere and making more rasetsu. He also adds that the thing hes angry about is him hurting his precious person, and he cant allow Japan to fall cuz thats his precious person’s loved thing, and leaves. Kozue soon wakes up at the hillside where Glover brought her to, and they see the burning town oops. Kozue then apologises cuz shes always pampered by him, but Glvoers pretty much like “as long ur fine everythings going to be fine”, and they end up getting on a cargo ship to Nagasaki, where Kiyokawas going to attack next. This is pretty much Kozues first time seeing the sea when the SHIP JERKS AND SHE LANDS IN GLOVER’S ARMS ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/ He then talks about how Kozues his everything now and he really loves her, and he could have felt it better if he was human. Glover then mentions the time when he first met her and when he fell in love with those eyes filled with determination, and he really wanted her from the beginning. He actually wanted to be by her side and wanted to be the bad guy so that he could still see her, but soon he realised that he just wanted to be with her. They then kiss and Glovers like “im not human you know” but Kozues like “i just like you for who you are okay” and they’re about to raburabu when they get cockblocked by an attack. they beat up the ppl and get down the ship, when KIYOKAWA SHOWS HIMSELF IN RASETSU MODE LOLOL. He babbles on shit and they beat him up but Glover gets cut by him, and he’s so crazy THAT HE LICKS GLOVERS BLOOD ON HIS SWORD EWWWW AND HES LIKE “OHHH AMAZING BLOOD” Kiyokawa says that hes going to be gaaaaay powerfuuulll, and you know what he beats them up and kozues injured heavily, and shes gonna die. Glovers like “do you want to stay alive and fight? i have a method” and kozue decides.

snap094True End: Kozue doesnt want to take that idea he has, and stands back up again, and Glover says that he’ll be her human shield while she attacks. They beat up the guy, but Kozue conks out immediately, and 3 days alter she’s still asleep. Glover gets all super angsty about it and starts going how he cant live without her, and says how he didnt know how to spend his life before he met her, so she cant die. He then kisses her, when suddenly she wakes up and he becomes super happy ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪. Kozues like “glover can you touch me more” and he ends up kissing her one more time, saying that the 3 days she was asleep felt like a thousand years. He then explains to her everything which happened, and asks her what she wants to do now, and she says that she wants to fulfill his wish. ヽ(▽ `)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ Good End: Kozue takes the thing, and Glover BITES HER NECK TO DRINK HER BLOOD OMFG. They end up beating up the guy, but Glover says that he cant keep her like that or she’ll become a rasetsu as well, and says that she has to drink his blood, and that’ll cause her to become an oni as well. She’s pretty much “do it glover” and he gives her his blood from his mouth. They end up living somewhere in a manion where they go and look at the stars, and Glover talks about one of the stories behind one constellation, which is about 2 lovers. He then says that he wanted to travel the world to see the constellation, and thats what probably led him to her. He then hugs her, and says that he wont let go of her anymore. Epilogue: Months after the incident Kozues living life at Glovers place not pleased on why she hasnt fulfilled his wish lol. Glover says that his wish was already fulfilled since hes by her side, and everything about her is already his anyway, and kisses her. Kozues like “what if…i die…and everything” but he just writes it off saying he wont forget her and they kiss again. He then says that hes been looking for a person like her for 1k years already, and he really, really, loves her, and they’ll be together forever. わぁいヽ(ω・ヽ)(ノ・ω)ノ わぁい♪ Glover was really, really, randy stuff WHICH MY HEART COULDNT HANDLE. He was seriously good okay that I almost crashed on the floor, really. But seriously, blood sucking and onis? I though they wouldnt exist in this game man. Well thats that but seriously, I FELT THAT THIS WAS A VAMPIRE KNIGHT PARODY OR STH. Anyway still Glover was one load of cute that i can never handle, really, apart from the weird things which happened in his route as well.

Okada Izo (CV: Suzumura Kenichi)

snap079Apparently Okada is supposed to be a yandere who kills down everything like Okita but LOL NOPE HES ACTUALLY A BIG CUTIE AND STUFF THAT MAKES ME HAPPY. He also makes Kozue call him Izo-kun, so it gets cuter. The whole game actually starts off with her getting scared of him but he softens up a lot throughout his route, and its mostly about her going out to kill some people since Takechi ordered it. (btw Takechi is this big shot in the area where Okada serves, so i’ll be mentioning him a lot) However in the midst of this Okada just forgets to eat and he starts going all cute cuz he forgot the way to her house. They also go and get rid of ronin in the hills, where he ends up falling asleep cuz he was darn tired, and he tells Kozue not to to tell anyone that he slept in the forest.  ♪v(*’-^*)ゞ^;*・’ They also save a kid from a fierce dog, and he says that dogs without their owners are sad ^_^ which gives Kozue a realization that Okada’s a pretty okay guy. There’s also a time where Okada takes her out to eat sweets cuz it was Takechis orders, but they spot the Shinsengumi there, and he’s worried that he’s going to defy orders. Kozue then tells him that he can just tell Takechi the truth and turns out hes scared of the guy so he doesnt dare defy orders. They end up going back to the Tosa HQ and Okada ends up telling Takechi that he couldnt go to the tea house of the Shisnengumi, and Takechi gets shocked by his sudden development. They then end up discussing serious matters, and afterwards going to her place to do the Kagami Biraki, and they end up getting some mochi and sweets stuff to eat. Okada ends up chomping down all the Shiruko, and Takasugi + Kusaka + Katsura starts laughing at him ^0^ for chomping down the food too fast.

snap064Okada then says that he thought everyone was laughing at him cuz he said something wrong (this guy is too stiff really) Okada then says that he likes all sorts of mochi as long its sweet ゜*。(*´Д`)。*° since he couldnt eat them when he was young. Kozue then finds some red bean paste on his face, and helps him get it off, when he licks it ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ, saying that they shouldnt waste paste which leaves Kozue blushing like a tomato. Takasugis like “whats up withthe raburabu this early in the day” and Kozue just continues blushing. After eating she suggests that Okada fight with her in a match, and he gets permission from Takechi to do so, and they fight it out until he accidentally injures her. Okada freaks out really hard but Kozue assures him hes fine so he leaves. One day, she meets Itou along the way, and he passes her a letter from Okada asking her to go to the teat store. She goes there, and he starts asking her if she feels cold and such, but she says its oaky. He then starts talking about how Takechi is actually his teacher in swordfighting and he owes the guy a lot for bringing him to Kyoto, so he’s serving him for that reason. After staying at the stall for a while they walk together and hes asks her why she uses the sword, and she starts recalling things when suddenly Okada takes her hands and sees them, saying that they’re pretty battered thanks to her fighting too much. He then says that Kozue’s hands were pretty soft back then, but now he knows how much training shes been doing now thanks to her bro missing. After some conversation he then says that he hopes the next day will be as bright as that day, and warm enough so that he can go out with her again o(〃^▽^〃)o

snap067While going back they almost crash into the Shinsengumi, and they reach back to her place, where Kozue starts saying why can’t there be peace, and why people had to kill each other. Okada then says that he’ll give her an answer someday, since he doesnt know the answer to that question. The next day they see a kid crying over his dead bro, and Okada finally gives the answer to her question, and talks more about his past. One day, he says that hes looking for a new scarf, and gets Kozue to get one for him, which turns out to be one for her so they have matching ones. °ヾ( ~▽~)ツ ワーイ♪ They also do some shopping together cuz Takechi ordered it again lol. One day, Takechi and Katsura are hanging out at her place talking about important matters when BAM THE SHINSENGUMI APPEARS SAYING THAT KATSURA WAS SEEN COMING INSIDE HERE. They then start panicking and Kozue tells them to try to run while she distracts the Shinsengumi guys. However she ends up fighting Hijikata, and starts shouting at him that the Shinsengumi killed her bro and such and Hijikata stops. Hijikatas pretty much like “okay i need to hear ur story we’re going to hq” when suddenly all the other dudes start getting confused and shit and before she knows it Kozue’s saved by Takechi lol. They then go to his hideout or something, where its all cute with Okada helping her do stuff cuz Kozue cant leave the place.

snap069Soon, a letter some by SAYING THAT HIJIKATA WANTS TO MEET HER AT SHIMABARA LOL WTF. She ends up going there escorted by Okada, and he waits in a room with OKITA IN IT while Kozue talks to Hijikata lol. Hijikata then talks about serious rasetsu stuff with her, while Okita tries to annoy Okada by talking to him, when Okada starts panicking and saying that they’re taking too long and wants to go check on Kozue. Sadly Okita has to hold down Okada and start yelling at Hijikata that Okada’s getting violent. So after the rasetsu lesson with Hijikata he soon finishes up, saying that she has to be careful of the rasetsus. Kozue then leaves with Okada, and he starts talking about how he had learnt so many new things after meeting her. The next day, Kozue meets him on the streets and he asks what things would make a girl happy. She tells him flowers, and he goes and buys flowers and gives it to her, and it turns out he got some money, and Takechi told him that he could spend it on whatever he wanted. She then meets Kusaka, who asks her if he could go to her place to have dinner. They then have dinner at his place, when Okada flies in injured. Turns out that when he was trying to voice his opinion on why people had to cut each other, he got beaten up, and Takechi didnt try to defend him at all. They end up treating his injuries, and Kusaka even suggests defending him. Okada then says that he doesnt need his help since hes been remembering his past emotions while he was there. Soon the Ikeda Inn incident happens and everyone start freaking out about comrades lost, but Takechi’s missing. Katsura then comes by and tells Okada & Kozue not to waste their lives away right now, since it’s a very dangerous timing where they could get killed and such. Okada then walks Kozue home, and before he leaves he hugs her from the back and goes all tsun like “i just dont want you to lose your life that easily, its not like i really wanted to hug you” (We all know you do, okada 😉 )

snap070She then tells him that she wont. The next day they still continue to look for Takechi but to no avail, and they even go to the Gion festival. Kosue almost gets lost in the crown when Okada takes out his hand and asks her to hold it so she wouldnt get lost ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイ He then says that even though she knows more than him, she’s still weaker than him so he needs to protect her. Soon the town BURNS DOWN AGAIN (this really happens in every route), and everyone escapes the town. Kozue soon goes back to check, when she sees a guy stealing her bros stuff. Kozue then starts shittin balls since its her precious nii-sama’s stuff, and she attacks the guy, and almost kills him, when Okada stops her by clashing his sword against her. He shouts at her going like “DIDNT YOUR BRO TEACH YOU THAT SWORDFIGHTING WAS TO TRAIN THE SOUL, NOT TO KILL PEOPLE” and she realises that she shouldnt be attempting to kill the guy. She then tells the guy to never come back again, and the guy soon runs off. Okada then tells her what the hell has been happening, and turns out that Kusaka’s dead, Katsura & Takechi are MIA. He then says that he might have a clue where he is when a RASETSU COMES BY SCREAMING AT THEM. They follow to rasetsu into the forest, and they end up fighting so many, when boom Takechi appears & he’s the culprit. He then talks about how the Choushuu are making so many mistakes by not using this amazing thing called the ochimizu. He then calls her bro out to go and kill them, but he ends up getting beaten down by her. Before he dies he says that Kozue has really grown a lot, and he’s leaving her of Okada.

snap073Takechis pretty much like “oh hes dead too bad that was the final experiment for him” and Okada rages at him. Takechi continues on talking about how hes going to make a brand new world with the rasetsu, and invite Okada to join him by giving him a bottle of Ochimizu, and Okada start thinking whether he should actually drink it cuz it gives him power. True End: Kozue screams at the guy telling him not to drink it, and he realises its a big mistake even thinking about it. They end up beating up Takechi, and before he dies he says that it was a mistake to teach Okada swordfighting, but Okada just tells him that he’s upset cuz his teacher chose power over trust. Takechis like “you’ll never understand” and turns to ash. They soon walk out of the place, where they sit down to rest and cuddle each other. Okada then talks about how he started liking her since the time where he was escorting her only, and they end up kissing. ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ He then continue by saying that night was the only time for him, but now he needs so much time with Kozue wwwwww. Okada then tells him what he’s decided to do with her from now on, which is learn her way of the sword. He promises her not to kill anyone anymore, and they decide to go on a journey. Good end: Kozue says that she’ll drink it, and she starts arguing with Okada one who should drink the thing, and Okada says that he’ll drink it. He turns into a rasetsu and beats Takechi down. Takechi tells him that he can’t live as a normal human anymore before he dies, and they find somewhere to rest. Okada then says that he’ll live the most of his of his life now, when Kozue says that she wants to become a rasetsu as well, since she cant live without him. They then find some leftover rasetsu, and she drink in, AND THEY TURN INTO THIS RASETSU COUPLE WHO DRINK EACH OTHER’S BLOOD WTF. Epilogue: Years later, Kozue & Okada have their own dojo where she teaches the kids kendo while he reads the kids who go there stories. Kozue often helps him out since he doesnt really know how to read kanji that much, and they live a happy life together. Over this route was really cute with Okada being moe and kawaii all over since he doesnt really know much about the world.

~ Final Thoughts~

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I wouldn’t actually call this game bad, but I’ll say that this game was good overall, since I’m really lenient on game ratings. (you can check out my anime rankings on MAL they’re really lenient) However, this game could have been much better if they totally left out ALL THE SHINSENGUMI AND RASETSU CRAP. I pretty much came into this game knowing that yes, the Shinsengumi would appear minorly, but OTOMATE JUST HAD TO DUMP THE ENTIRE RASETSU CONCEPT INTO IT AGAIN. I would have definitely enjoyed this if there was no concept like that, and at least let me feel the sadness of the people who were affected by the Bakufu’s actions, but I WAS WRONG. The entire game was just literally the rasetsu concept recurring again and again. Also the game would tell not you how much affection you have for the guy except for the flowers, and it turned out that I DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH FOR KATSURAS GOOD END and I had to replay the entire thing. Although, this game got shorter and shorter as my Kozue became so strong that I only needed to grind the bishie until level 18. All the characters were lovable, and my order would be Takasugi = Katsura < Glover < Okada.

Story wise, I actually found A FEW PARALLELS FROM THE ORIGINAL HAKUOUKI ENDINGS. Not that I’m complaining about the lack of originality from Otomate, since there were only two (maybe). The parallel endings were pretty much stuff like Katsura coming home from the war which is similar to Saitou coming home to Chizuru, as well as the WEIRD RASETSU COUPLE ENDING which was like one of Okita’s bad ends. Also, I need consistency from Takasugi’s route. The Ochimizu CANNOT CURE DISEASES SUCH AS TB AND IT WAS CONFIRMED FROM OKITA’S ROUTE, so why was Takasugi even cured? I don’t even understand what is Otomate even trying to say. Art wise, I heard a lot of comments from when the game was announced, where there were comments like how the art style was hideous. Personally, I feel that the art style for this game was quite pretty in a way, and at least the person who drew this didn’t copy Kazuki Yone’s style!! I mean, it doesnt even look similar!! That’s why, I think that the art’s actually pretty okay, except for some awkwards one where I shall not state. The Shinsengumi dudes looked pretty okay in this entire thing, so I have no complains anyways. Therefore, my final conclusion about this game is: if you’re a history fanatic who wants to learn more and you dont mind rasetsus, This game is for you!! However, if you hate Otomate’s hakuouki milking and some other bad reasons, this game is not for you!! The fluff inside this one was pretty cute, so I only suggest buying this is you’re a fan of any of the seiyuus inside this one. Happy belated Valentine’s Day!!

6 thoughts on “Urakata Hakuouki

  1. seitoanita

    Lol that was hilarious! Now I have read ur review the game doesn’t seem that bad?! Honestly I left this game in the dark corner because I thought the game wasn’t creative and the art can’t really be compared to the original hakuouki. But hey it doesn’t seem that bad now and I didn’t know it had a RPG component!

    I agree with you on the rasetsu part ( I’m the weird one who wouldn’t mind a entirely historical-based game?!) did you enjoy the CV? I also heard there’s a FD for this game with two new characters~~

    1. Shuu Post author

      Well its pretty much the type of game where you cant judge it “because it cant be compared to hakuouki”. I would rather see it as an individual game. Besides, the fluff in this game was really cute! Some endings were not that satisfying, but it was pretty okay.

      As for the CVs, Sugitan sounded like Gin-san so I had quite a bit of fun, Kenn was realllllyy sexy and elegant, Suzuken was really cute (i felt like he was using a bit of his accent), and Sakupyon was pretty okay cept for his BAD FOREIGN ACCENT lol.

  2. Hinano

    I’m late but lmao! Basically it seems exactly like what I thought it would be, pulling plotlines out of ass & ripping tropes from barkuoki.

    this game could have been much better if they totally left out ALL THE SHINSENGUMI AND RASETSU CRAP.

    That would require Otomate to you know…cut the cord with the Hakuoki franchise which they can never do!

    1. Shuu Post author

      Yeah thats pretty much true which means that if this game didnt have “hakuouki” in its name i would gave enjoyed it better lol. sadly i cant do anything but hope the fd stays far away from rasetsus since it is a FD.


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