Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret

And here I am with the fandisk to the All Star game of Utapri! In this game, we have both the senpais and the Kouhais, both which start of as Saotome’s announcement that they’re all gonna have new songs! Thus we follow on Haruka & her lover’s adventures of making a new song while they spend a good time together! For the content, Senpais continue after All Star, while Kouhais continue off from Debut where they are already longtime lovers. THE BOOTLEG STARISH ENDS DO NOT EXIST. I REPEAT. THEY DO NOT EXIST, Spoilers under the cut!

I played in a funny sequence by who I liked as we had to play a senpai in order to unlock a Kouhai, so it turned out to be pretty jumpy everywhere, so I’ll stick to a format of kouhai reviews first > then senpai reviews. Senpai routes are split into 2 chapters of Route A & Route B, and their contents are different, but Chapter 1 is exactly the same. Most of the scenes especially in Starish are mostly daily slice-of-life type of scenes which were hard to remember, so if I miss out any details don’t mind me. Also, I will not be putting comments at the end of every Starish’s members review as I seriously only have a general idea for them due to their similar filler content which is going to be boring as you sti through this review.

Aijima Cecil

Cecil is on usual wavelengths of “MY PRINCESS” and being a little shit int my eyes as per usual so I figured, in the middle of Camus, let’s get him done and over with! Cecil & Haruka go out on a date today one day when they’re free, and they discuss about Cecil’s new song as they relax in the park, and Cecil tells Haruka about the jobs he’s been doing like learning how to do better magic tricks for a program. Cecil then starts worrying about Haruka asking whether she’s worried about what to do for the next song, and demands that she takes him to her favourite spot, which is near a shrine. When they reach, Cecil starts saying that he’s dokidoki when he’s with her lol. (im confused????? much doki? how long have you been dating haruka?) They then ichaihcha and Haruka tries to stop him from doing so but Cecil doesn’t really care lol. A few days later, Haruka goes & sees Cecil one day since his filming is over when she sees Camus yapping at Cecil to up his game in his Japanese cuz he can’t do his traditional Japanese Drama roles well. Cecil really gets bummed out by this and she offers to look over at his script for him, and notices that most of the kanji in the script is pretty hard and tells him that he shouldn’t be too bothered by it & that Camus was just being harsh about it. Cecil then says that he will try his best to still improve and he’s upset. Haruka tries to reassure him that it’s gonna be okay and they go back to her place to spend the evening together. Haruka continues working on Cecil’s new song while Cecil works on his script to improve. (you know, its just Camus being a dick Cecil.) Sadly for some reason Haruka starts not being able to produce music without the support of her man and she starts getting worried that she won’t be able to do it. Cecil also texts her saying that after his hard work he managed to impress the director & Camus didn’t get pissed off at him as well. Cecil then says that he wants Haruka to come over to his place and she brings cake over. Cecil starts saying that he wants to be pampered and starts lying on Haruka’s lap. He then starts acting like a fucking cat (yes Tori with his cat noises dont ask me why) on Haruka’s lap.

He then says that Haruka definitely has something on her mind and & you know it, it’s about the song! She tells him that she’s learnt the happiness of music for him so she’ll make a song to return the favour. Haruka continues working on the song after finishing some of her other BGM works one day when Cecil pops into the recording room getting worried for her. She then says that it’s nothing until Cecil decides to top her and tell her some stories about the time he had in Agnapolis to cheer her up. He then talks about how when he was a kid and they celebrated his birthday for….a week with a festival. (sasuga gaijin prince wtf) He then kisses her giving Haruka some confidence to compose her music! She completes the piece, and gives it to Cecil he kisses her cheek when he hears how splendid it is. He then says that he’ll make sure to put as much happiness in his lyrics, & the song will be announced at one of the music programs. He then performs his song called ~Happiness~ at the the program. Honestly what were you expecting the song name to be. True Love end A: Once the programs over, Cecil’s bombarded by a bunch of reporters so Haruka decides to leave first without him so as to not bother his job. she doesn’t meet him for a few days and decides to go to the agency to find him…only to see a bunch of presents falling on her which turn out to be Cecil’s gifts from his fans. He then says that he’s popularity has been shooting up and up since the announcement of his song. They then go back home together and spend the evening together until Haruka falls asleep and wakes up to see Cecil in the same bed as her. She tries to get out but Cecil stops her and they have a hot ichaicha time early in the morning. True Love End B: Haruka goes to see Cecil right after his performance and he thanks her for creating such a wonderful piece. After the performance, Cecil gets busy due to the release of his song and Haruka doesn’t get to see him, until one day he pops by her place in the middle of the night. He then asks her to close her eyes and when she opens them, THEY’RE ON A FUGGING MAGIC CARPET ABOVE THE CLOUDS. Cecil then says that he loves her and kisses her while they’re on their ride.

Camus (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

Camus made a great improvement on my impression of him because I thoroughly enjoyed both his routes in this. After the meeting regarding the new single for all the Quartet  Night idols, Camus & Haruka go on a date. Turns out they’ve been dating but Haruka’s no longer staying at his place cuz Saotome made her move out & live at the agency dorms cuz if they’re spotted together well, y’know. *points to Reiji’s all star route* They go shopping where Camus decides to get a new pair of glasses and offers to get one for Haru cuz he thinks she’ll look good in them. ( ´∀`) After some shopping they head back off to Camus’ place where Haruka decide to do housework for him but Camus just pulls her into more ichaicha time where he makes her say his new name “Chrizzard”. They then start a discussion regarding his new song and what he wants to sing. Before she leaves, he asks her what kind of sweets she’s been into recently, and she tells him it’s strawberries. Haruka comes by the next day after making some new song samples to show Camus but she’s greeted by ~butler~ Camus who’s legit prepared an entire strawberry dessert buffet for her. (*^v^*) She then shows him the new song she’s made for him, and Camus says that she’s improved quite a bit, but Haru says that she’ll continue to work on it so that it suits his new image. Over the next few days. Haruka starts wondering about Camus and realises she doesn’t actually know much about him at all. She goes over to his place one day to do some housework when she receives a call from Silk Palace looking for Camus, she then has a conversation with the person over the line, and learns that the song she made for Camus previously had really saved Silk Palace and the people are very grateful to her. At the same time, they’re actually excited for her to make a new song for them! Haruka then says that she’ll work hard, but she isn’t really happy about making a song for the country, not just Camus, and doesn’t inform him about the call. The routes then split here.

Route A

If you choose Junketsunaru Ai ~Aspirations~ as the song to show to Camus, Haruka will be more determined to find out more about Camus & his background in order to improve on his song. She heads over to his place one day where they have tea, and asks if Camus could talk about his life to know more about him. After he blabbers on about the history of Silk Palace & what not, Haruka requests to know about his private life, for example, regarding his family. Turns out his childhood was pretty fucked up, and it turns out that his Mom & Dad were together because of an arranged marriage between noble bloodlines, and his mom legit left his dad after he was born cuz she was forced to produce a predecessor to the bloodline of counts which served under the Queen. At the same time, his childhood wasn’t exactly a proper childhood as he was either studying or training under his dad as there were many nobles who hated the count bloodline due to how atrocious they were for the Queen, so he had to be on his toes for 90% of his life in order for him to survive in this world. Camus even mentioned himself to be an adult in a child’s body because he had to in the situation of Silk Palace. He has siblings, but those are step-siblings as his parents were never in love with each other in the first place anyway. Camus then admits that most of his happiness was for the Queen, as she had accepted him when he rose to the position of the Count at 16, as many people hated him. during those bad times, it was the Queen’s smile which made him move along. After hearing all of this, Haruka tries to implement some of his feels into the song, but she needs to know more about Silk Palace in order to improve. She then speaks with the servant again when Camus is out and he asks when she’s coming to Silk Palace because, She’s Camus’ fiancee, and THEY’RE GONNA GET MARRIED SOONER OR LATER! Haruka gets worried and asks Camus later in the day if she has to follow him to Silk Palace someday, and he tells her that she doesn’t have to. She then admits what’s she’s been telling the servant and what she’s heard and Camus tells her that he’s going to go check in on Silk Palace. A few days later, she runs into him again at the agency and he announces that THEY’RE GOING TO SILK PALACE! Haruka’s taken aback about this but it turns out he’s going there for a travel program along with Reiji & he’s requested the agency to let Haruka go as his partner in order for her to get a feel of Silk Palace.

When they arrive there, Haruka’s given a tour of the place while Camus & Reiji are out recording. Camus gives her a stone for her to understand the Silk Palace Language, and the servant starts telling her about how the place is glorious thanks to the Queen, and it’s gonna be better with her but this just makes Haruka uncomfortable. They continue on their tour until Haruka’s suddenly surrounded by a bunch of men, and she realises that the stone Camus gave her was gone! The men are about to attack her until Camus JUMPS IN, AND FREEZES EVERYONE THERE. He then takes her back to the hotel in Silk Palace and checks if Haruka’s got any injuries. He then drags her behind a pillar where they start to ichaicha & he admits that he was seriously concerned about her throughout the entire time. They continue to ichaicha until Reiji comes in and becomes a cockblocker killing the mood OTL. A few days after the incident Haruka overhears Camus & the servant arguing and the servant says that Camus has changed a lot after dating Haruka. This escalates even further when the servant goes up to Haruka getting at angry at her for changing at Camus and destroys her music telling her to be concerned for Silk Palace as well! (wow, what a selfish dude for his country omg.) Haruka starts doubting her relationship with Camus as she wonders if it’s right to go on like that. Camus notices her behaviour and asks her to tell him whats wrong and Haruka tells him about the talk she had with the servant he Camus decides that he’s seriously going to check on the situation in Silk Palace. The recording for the travel show soon finishes, and the Shining Agency crew are all allowed to leave except for Camus & Haruka cuz they don’t want to lose the opportunity of meeting the muse! Haruka gets even more nervous, and Camus even tells Reiji his wishes if he’s unable to return to Japan. Reiji tells him that he doesn’t want him to disappear like that, and he’ll continue to hope that he’ll be able to come back soon. After the Shining Agency crew leaves, Camus & Haruka go on a date where he takes her to one of Silk Palace’s most sacred prayer areas. When they arrive, he admits to her that this was the place that he went to when he wanted to run away from all the shit in his life. He then admits the most shocking thing in this entire game, THE NAME CHRIZZARD WAS ACTUALLY HIS REAL NAME! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

Camus admits that when he heard the name she gave him he was so shocked as no one had called him that name in ages. He then promises Haruka that he’ll end this stupid Silk Palace drama so that they can go back to Japan safely together. Soon they make arrangements to see the Queen in the castle, and she hears from Camus that the nobles have been arguing over what to do with the Muse for the sake of Silk Palace. They end up meeting the Queen, and Camus tells the Queen that he wants to return his Count status to her. This shocks the Queen & Haruka, and Camus hands her lyrics that he’s made for the new song that they’re making, and it turns out by singing the song he’s proclaiming that he’s betraying the country. The Queen then asks him if he’ll regret this, and he says that he’d be willing to give up his country for the sake of his love, but he’ll still supply magic to Silk Palace & work towards freeing the Queen from her duties. The Queen then lets him off saying she’s a little jealous that Haruka took him away from her as it turns out that Camus was his surname. She then tells Camus to shower all his love from now on onto Haruka. They leave, and Camus takes Haruka to the prayer place sings his new song for her to hear. Friend End: They return back to Japan & Camus says that he won’t be able to come back here for a very long time, but he isn’t too upset because he’s still got Haruka. They return to Shining Agency, where Reiji tries to pry onto what happened to them while walking to the agency as a group, but when Camus dodges the question he figures that they should all be family since they’re part of Shining Agency! (*´▽`*)Surprisingly Camus goes along with this where he legit calls Reiji his “onii-san”. (*^▽^*) He starts making confessions about the info he’s collected on them, and how Quartet Night isn’t going to be Quartet Night without him. Camus then tells Haruka this is where they belong. True Love End: After singing the song, Camus & Haruka look around the area one last time before they leave, where they talk about the different stained glass drawings. At the same time, Camus tells her that even though their engagement was cancelled due to him returning his count status. However, he once again proposes to Haruka again to be engaged. They then kiss, and Camus says that he should throw away his Camus name but Haru tells him he shouldn’t cuz it’s the name the Queen gave him. He then requests one last thing from Haruka, which is for him to give her a new name since its the custom of his home country, which we’ll never ever know unless we read the memorials! (which i clearly did not read for this LOL) Generally I found Camus’ A route to be really interesting as it covered why his personality became this shitty & finding out about his background was a good refresher as well. Who knew Silk Palace was an even shittier country that Agnapolis! However if you’re looking for fluff in Camus, this isn’t the route for you. This covers more story than fluff so the fluff you’re looking for will be in the next route.

Route B

ci6306When Haruka shows Camus AURORA, he immediately writes it off as a song which doesn’t suit him, but Haruka insists that she wants to use this song as this is what she sees Camus to be, and she continues working on it. A while later, Camus takes Haruka out on a “normal” couple date together on their off day. They end up taking the train together, which is totally unlike Camus but brings us to the question as to why the heck they aren’t spotted by the paparazzi. Turns out, some of his fangirls see him, and THEY DON’T FUCKING BELIEVE THEIR CAMUS-SAMA WILL TAKE A TRAIN CUZ HE’LL PROBABLY USE A HORSE LOLOL .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙He then asks Haruka if it’s weird of him to be perceived as the butler type who rides on a horse, as he’s trying to be a “normal” boyfriend for her sake. Haruka ends up trying as much as possible to be “normal” with him but she’s not used to it cuz he’s always been his Count mode with his commanding tone lol. Things get more awkward when Haruka tries to be his normal girlfriend instead of his servant by telling him to get tickets to the Art Muesum they’re visiting and Camus is like “oh….oh yeah im supposed to do that as your boyfriend!” The date still continues to be awkward as Haruka is still more considerate of Camus cuz she just isn’t used to it. A few days later, Haruka hangs out at Camus’ place where he admits that this idol character of his was legit ordered by Saotome to do it as it was part of his mission to sneak into Shining Agency. He tells her that he’s technically an empty shell without whatever Saotome ordered him to and he’s worried that this would make Haruka upset cuz that’s all he is. However Haruka cheers him up by telling him that that is exactly what his charm is so he shouldn’t stop doing it & should stop doubting himself. They daily idol lives continue where the senpais & Cecil do a program with their CROSSDRESSING SPRITES. Camus also does a program where he’s introducing the opening of a new sweets theme park which results in him having to be on camera 24/7 so they are unable to be together in private without getting caught. When they finally manage to get together regarding the song, Camus gets so frustrated with the image the song brings out and dismisses it saying that its either Haruka’s wrong perception of him, or its just something she wanted him to be. However, Haruka insists that this is his song and she believes that Camus is truly like that. They try to be normal & they ichaicha when she’s at his place but they can’t seem to figure out the problem to solve the issue at hand.

ci6308They continue to argue so badly over the song after nothing seems to work but Camus soon gets some work from Silk Palace, and he decides to attend to it. Haruka decides to leave a note that she’s going home to make improvements to the song. A few days later however, when she reaches Camus’ place she’s greeted by a panicking Camus telling her that he’s already made lyrics to the song! Camus starts blabbering stuff like “I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO LEAVE ME & BREAK UP WITH ME!!” which left me like \(*´・∀・`*)/ cuz lol Camus. Haruka then explains to him that its okay for couples to have their arguments sometimes so he doesn’t need to worry about it so much as she just went back home to make more changes to the song. He then starts talking about how he doesn’t have anything at all and Haruka’s the only thing he’s got left and he doesn’t want to lose her. He also adds that he doesn’t know who is his true self anymore, whether his true self his is butler self, or is it his Count self. Haruka then tells him that he’s Camus no matter what version he is, they’re just different sides of him. This allows Camus to have more confidence in himself, and Haruka lets him listen to the song before leaving, and Camus will continue working on the lyrics. Soon after, Camus gets a live concert where he performs his new song in public. Kouhai End: After the concert, Cecil actually praises Camus for his new song, and after he leaves Haruka comes in & they share a hug for a while before going their separate ways. A few days later, she sees Cecil & Camus at the Agency bickering again, but soon Cecil admits that Camus was a good senpai to him and we get a CG of them shaking their hands cuz Camus realised that Cecil has grown since the time they met. What I don’t exactly remember what even happened here cuz it was some bromance shit which I gave 0 fucks about tbh. True Love End: Right after the concert ends, Haruka rushes to see Camus where they’re about to ichaicha until Camus says that they’ll leave it until later. A few days later Haruka go to Camus’ house doing chores and start to get bored since Camus isn’t paying her any attention and she starts….talking to Alexander. Camus suddenly returns and Haruka tries to be housewife again asking him what he needs. However turns out that Camus is sexually frustrated that he hasn’t seen his girlfriend in ages so he asks her to take some food and drinks to his room, but it moves on immediately to ~SEXY TIME~ because he can’t hold back his urges anymore. ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ They then start banging and the scene fades to white. Okay seriously, that sexy scene was way to rushed but warning: YOU’LL BE SEEING THIS OFTEN THROUGHOUT THIS REVIEW. Camus Route B was a sweet route for me, and I like it a lot as well because of the fact that Camus is going out to find out who he is and what he should do. And the rotue had its hilarious moments as well which were the awkward ones. xD Both Camus routes overall gave me a wayyyy better impression of Camus as I really like his character in this fandisc as he learnt to understand himself better.

Kurusu Syo

ci6901Syo’s route was another boring one for me as the Starish routes in this game were designed to be extra daily slice of life content which would only appeal to the fans of that character, but recently being a completionist for vita trophies + for review i played it. Syo’s latest offer is for a CM of a sports drink, where the theme of it is “Challenge”. This totally explains why his song is even called “Challenge!!” There wasn’t anything deep to it! However the problem with this CM is that Syo has to BUNGEE JUMP WITHOUT STUNTMAN! This makes Syo nervous as from what we know Syo in the game has a heart problem which means that this may be bad for him. However, Syo decides to take on the challenge anyway. On his next off day, Haruka heads over to Syo’s place to chill + ichaicha and shows him the sample that she’s made for his new song. They do some further discussion, until it gets dark and  he walks her back to her dorm where they suddenly start a fight cuz it turns out that Syo was secretly keeping a collection of pics of Haruka sleeping. ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+ They’re working life continues until they get another off day where they chill at Syo’s place cuddling until our MISSING IN ACTION TWIN BROTHER KAORU DROPS BY! If you’ve been wondering what the heck happened to Kaoru after being missing for 3 games (and only appearing as a cameo), it turns out he’s been studying in university to be a doctor. He brings over some pudding for Syo, and they show him the song that they’re working on as well. Afterwards, Haruka continues working on the new song but she’s hit a wall as she finds that something’s missing from it, and Syo notices this and takes her to a seaside restaurant to have a ~Romantic Dinner~. (yes they’re trying to make Syo more 大人 uh, i aint seeing it tbh.) The dinner cheers Haruka up but she still has problems with the song and a few days later they meet in the park to discuss more about what they want to convey from the song as Syo really wants to sing it. However Haruka says that she can’t compose this song for Syo cuz there’s something that needs to be added to it and she starts losing her confidence & says that she’ll only drag Syo down like then since they’re always together. This makes Syo so made that he calls their partnership off and leaves the place.

ci6904Haruka gets upset cuz Syo hasn’t contacted her in days, and meets up with Kaoru one day who reveals to her that Syo had called him about the matter and he says that if she gives up in believing in Syo, everything’s gonna be over. He then tells her that Syo’s at the agency’s recording room, and Haruka heads there immediately. In the meantime, Syo’s working on lyrics to the song until Haruka busts in going like “You need to listen to my music!” Haruka then admits that she was worried she won’t do a good job for the sake of Syo, but miraculously the longing of being away from each other made her believe in herself! (this totally doesnt make any sense actually i dont even remember what happened orz) Haruka plays the song and they make up, and Syo apologises for suddenly breaking up their partnership. Syo then performs his new song at the event for the CM. True Love End A: After the event, Kaoru comes over to congratulate Haruka for the new song, and the twins & her walk home together after the event. Haruka thanks him for his advice the other day, but he says that he’s happy seeing them doing fine together. Syo & Haruka then head back to Syo’s place at night, where he suddenly hugs her and says that he’s sexually frustrate cuz he hasn’t felt Haruka for a while OOOOKAY. They then start kissing and Syo goes all 大人 mode and they start banging, and Syo says that even if they have their fights sometimes, he still loves her. True Love End B: After the event, Syo’s bombarded by the press so Haruka goes home first. On their off day, they’re chilling at Haruka’s place where Syo says that he never thought he would be able to do such a thing like Bungee Jumping because of his heart condition, but he did it & the CM was a huge success. Kaoru had also texted him as well to congratulate him & tells him to take of his health so Syo decides that he should  relax so he starts cuddling Haruka. ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゙ They start ichaichaing and Syo says that he’s got some new challenges up ahead for him such as proposing to Haruka in the future! ╰(✧∇✧)╯He then says that he loves her more than ever and promises to make her happy, and they kiss.

Shinomiya Natsuki

ci6601Once again all starish routes follow a strict template or some kind of similar template that follows for everyone get ready for the rinse-and-repeat text bleh. The route start off with Haruka & Natsuki going on a date together, which is a picnic in a forest. Don’t even ask me why the heck are they even doing that that’s Natsuki’s style of date. There, they have a good time together eating Natsuki’s cooking (yes if you read my precious reviews Natsuki in the game gets better at cooking eventually) & he feeds Haruka to add on to the raburabu ⌒°(ᴖ◡ᴖ)°⌒ After they eat, they continue their raburabu time as Natsuki uses Haruka’s lap as a pillow. =w= Haruka start to pat his head and Natsuki says that he’s grateful all to the people he’s met, and suddenly comes with a great idea for their new song! Natsuki then decides that their new song would be a happy & cheerful one, as a form of thanks for people who’s supported him. They head home since it’s getting late, and Haruka starts working on the song and comes up with a sample for it. She phones Natsuki upon doing so, and he tells her to meet him at the recording room the next day to let him here to sample. When she arrives the next day, she finds Ai & Syo at the recording room, and it turns out that Natsuki invited them to listen to her new song! Haruka then plays the song for them to listen, and Ai says that the song’s pretty good and he gets the motive of the song. Syo agrees that it’s good as well, and Haruka decides to make more improvements to the song. However, over the next few days she gets a stump from all her composing work and she desperately wants to work on Natsuki’s song. She receives a call from Natsuki who gives her encouragement & decides to come over with food from his family farm (and i never caught this plot detail probably because i wasnt paying attention;; I only found this out from somewhere when i was trying to recap.) Haruka shows Natsuki the song and he hugs her after listening to it saying that he’ll give her a date as a reward for working hard.

The day soon arrives, and Natsuki is the perfect boyfriend to her when to go out to eat. He afterwards takes her to a fountain near an amusement park where he starts kissing her ear & continuing their raburabu time despite Haruka saying that they might be spotted. ٩| ര ‿ ര |╯He then starts praising her for doing a good job, and says that he’ll protect her smile. A few days later, Haruka goes see Natsuki, Syo & Ai for a summer shoot, and suddenly the power goes out for the summer lighting. This makes Natsuki introduce his magic words, “kurukurupyokorin!” which he says when gets an idea fro them to shoot outside since its a ~bright & sunny day~. The shoot is successful due to this idea, and Ai & Syo didn’t believe Natsuki saved the day, and Natsuki says that he should be since he’s actually older than both of them. Later that evening, she works on Natsuki’s new song with him. They then talk about her most favourite memory with him, in which she says it was the graduation audition. Natsuki then says that he wants to thank all the people who’ve helped him through this song, and Haruka figures out how to express this. The song is perfect for both of them, and Natsuki says that he’ll make the best lyrics for it. Natsuki then releases his new song during one of his concerts. True Love End A: After the song debut, Natsuki’s mobbed by the press so Haruka doesn’t see him for a while, and sees a poster for his new song, “Yell”, while shopping. She then receives a call from Natsuki asking to see her that night. She meets him in his room, where they talk about his song, and how they managed to tell his fans what he wanted too, before Haruka says that she’s gotta leave since it’s late but she stays the night anyway and they go about their sexy time due to overwhelming sexual frustrations from not seeing each other. True Love End B: After the song debut, Haruka finds Natsuki backstage, where he asks her if the song conveyed his feelings, and Haruka says yes. After the show they walk home together, and Natsuki says that he’ll take her on another date soon, at their favourite place. They head to the forest together, and Haruka asks why they’re back here while recalling everything that’s happened. Natsuki then says that they’ve been through a lot of hard times together *points to FUCKING UTAPRI DEBUT* , but they’ve overcome it and they’re back here together. They’ve changed throughout this time, but what hasn’t changed was that fact that Natsuki loves her, and Haruka kisses him. Ntsuki then talks about how magical Haruka is, and starts kissing her all over, saying how much he loves her and will protect her.

Mikaze Ai (CV: Aoi Shouta)

Ai is my least favourite senpai among all the senpais, but surprisingly, I enjoyed his Route A a lot mainly because it went through them getting over the fact that he was made to revive Aine. Meanwhile Route B…..uh. I’ll talk about that later. Ai’s route starts off with Haruka heading over to his place after the announcement of the new senpai solo songs, where he starts preparing  fruit sandwiches for her according to his research on how to make them properly. While eating, Haruka worries that this is all a dream and doubts that Ai really came back. However, Ai assures her that he heard Aine’s voice and he had awoken at the beach, and he’s right here by her side. They then discuss what to do regarding the new song, and Ai says that he wants to try something new, to show that he ain’t a copy of Aine but himself. They then go on a shopping date where they have their private raburabu time together and miraculously not get spotted. ୧( , ^  ^ , )୨ Soon Haruka is back at her room, where she’s thinking of what to do for Ai’s new song, and Ai brings over some marine jelly for them to share while they work together. Haruka decides to create 2 songs, one that shows Ai’s kindness, and the other, to show off how cool Ai is to her. The routes split off here but after Ai listens to the song, he will praise the song anyway. They then crash into Syo & Natsuki afterwards when she’s walking Ai home who say that they’re excited for Ai’s new song.

Route A

ci6201If you choose A.I., Ai will say that its a song like him, and praises it. We timeskip to a few days later, where Ai is currently doing an interview with the rest of Quartet Night when the interviewer starts asking them questions about their pasts. However, this just gets Ai uncomfortable because he can’t answer them cuz he doesn’t have any memories. He tries to avoid the question by saying that he’s still pretty young, but the reporter’s very pushy and keeps asking. Reiji tries to get the topic back to him cuz he knows that Ai doesn’t like talking about himself but it doesn’t work until Ranmaru storms out of the room. Ai leaves too, and Reiji & Camus cover for them. Ai then meets up with Haruka and starts saying how he’s bad with interviews especially when they ask these kinds of questions….cuz he has nothing to tell them, adding that it would have been problematic for him if Ranmaru didn’t leave the room. Ai starts getting frustrated and worried that he’s really not human-like as he doens’t have any memories, but tells Haruka not to worry. A few days after, Haruka finds Ai at a shoot where he’s wearing a clothing line which looks like a school uniform. The staff start talking about school and Haruka quickly runs out to call Ai to pull him out of the convo before he gets uncomfortable. He then asks her if she’s free after the shoot as he wants to go somewhere, and she agrees. After the shoot, he’s allowed to wear the clothes and leave and they go to Saotome Academy where they try to study the place & “make memories as students”. ☆ヾ(*´▽`)ノ They go around the classes & Ai studies them, and they try to ditch classes because Reiji suggested Ai try to do so and HIDE THEMSELVES IN A LOCKER WHILE DOING SO. ╰(✧∇✧)╯They then go up to the room in the evening, where they try to re-enact a scene of they promising to pass the graduation audition & debut. ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ He then says that he’s changed after meeting Haruka, and even if he doesn’t have any memories, he’ll continue making ones like these with her. Haruka makes more progress on the song, and show its to Ai, who praises her for her improvement, until the conversation moves to the Professor.

Ai has been thinking about the professor as he’s worried that because of him Aine is still unable to wake up. He keeps thinking about the professor over the next few days, and doesn’t respond when Haruka is talking to him about the song in the agency. They end up discussing the matter anyway, and Haruka said that him & the professor felt like family. For some reason Ranmaru pops outta nowhere waking up from his nap upon hearing that which makes them flip shit and they ask if he heard anything. Ranmaru only says that he heard something about “family”, and Ai takes this chance to try and ask for advice from Ranmaru saying that he got into an fight with a family member and wants to try to talk to them, but he’s lost on what to do. Ranmaru then tells him to follow his soul and it’ll work out. Haruka works on the song while thinking about how Ai can’t be human, but he’s still him. She crashes into Reiji afterwards, who tells her that its rare that Ai comes to him for a new problem, and soon enough, Haruka receives a call from Ai asking her…..IF SHE KNEW HOW TO RIDE A BIKE. Turns out Ai’s been trying to learn how to ride a bike since everyone knows except him, and she decides to assist him. After their practise, Haruka lets him listen to the improved version of the new song & Ai says that it’s filled with emotion but it will take a while more for him to sing it properly. After much practise, Ai finally is able to ride the bike, and says that he feels great as he achieved sth by himself. They hug, and Haruka asks him on the way home if he wants to see the professor. This time, Ai agrees saying that he’s not afraid of anything anymore. They go meet the professor together, The professor is surprised to see them, and tells them that Aine actually woke up on the day of the music festival when Ai sang Winter Blossom. Ai then asks why he revived him cuz since Aine woke up, he doesn’t have anymore use for Ai. The professor then tells him that he was revived because he’s still needed by many people, which causes Ai to get emotional but he hides it.

The professor & Haruka then step outside to talk while Ai organises his thoughts, and he tells Haruka to take care of Ai since Ai’s like a son to him, and take him here to maintenance once in a while. Ai then comes out, and The Professor then tells them a story of a professor & a robot. He had created this robot for the sake of waking up his nephew, and called him “A.I.” One night he was on a walk and figured that he should give the robot a new name, and saw the indigo-coloured night sky, and decided “藍” would be his name. He then wishes that they robot would someday become human. Ai then says that it’s a very nice story, and he takes Haruka an leaves. They go on a walk, where Ai says that it’s the first time that he’s heard the meaning of his name, and says that he wants to see an indigo-coloured sky. Ai hugs Haruka, and says that he finally feels like he’s himself since the professor told him that he’s his own person. He kisses Haruka, and sings the new song. Friend End: Ai & Haruka take a walk on the beach where Ai says that he feels happy and free as a person now, and he’s going to learn more about the world. He also plans on thanking everyone that’s helped him along the way. A few days later, Quartet Night has a meeting where Ai tries to thank Ranmaru for the advice. After the meeting, he approaches Ranmaru thanking him properly for the advice, but Ranmaru doesn’t remember and says that it was ultimately his decision anyway. He then says that Ai’s not himself, and hits him on the head lightly. We then find out that THE BIKE IS RANMARU’S AND AI BROKE IT WHILE PRACTISING….. ლ(^o^ლ) (*´艸`*) They then leave the agency together as a group. True Love End: Haruka starts crying in happiness upon hearing the song. Ai continues to hug her telling her that he loves her. One day, Haruka’s waiting for Ai for a date when she starts looking at his CD & wanting ti buy it until Ai comes by and goes like “you composed the song why are you even buying it?” He then takes her to see an indigo-coloured sky, and they go to the beach. He then says that they’ll make new memories there, since it was technically the place where he was reborn. They watch the night sky together until Haruka falls asleep and wakes up to see that Ai’s been watching her all night. They look at the sunrise, and Ai says that the new meaning of his name is “love” now, as Haruka thought him that. He asks if he’s doing enough to express his love to her, and Haruka says that he is, and he promises to make her happy forever. They then kiss in a field of flowers. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* Ai’s route A was definitely one of my favourites. It really cleared up the development for Ai and the mystery regarding why he came back, and the short route actually made me like him better as a character cuz he developed so much! A.I. made me emotional too as all the feels in the route just collected in the song and i broke down in tears.  (ノД`)・゜・。The development in Ai was the charm point for me for this route, rather than the fluff and weird shit I got in Route B. On to that next!

Route B

If you choose Futari no Monogram, Ai will still praise the song anyway. We timeskip to later where Ai’s in an interview with Natsuki & Syo, with the topic about the type of girls they’d like to date and ideal dates. Syo & Natsuki get hesitant, and Ai decides to start first by technically talking about his romance with Haruka saying that he doesn’t have a type, rather someone he falls in love with. He says that there isn’t a reason to love someone, and his girlfriend will have a hard time going out with him, but will thanks his girlfriend for doing so anyway. The interviewer then says its gonna be hard for his girlfriend to stand beside him since he’s so pretty, and starts talking about how Ai’s image to his fans is that he’s really delicate and someone that should be protected, since he’s cute and younger than his fans. This makes Ai upset a little, but he hides it. Haruka overhears the conversation as she was at the agency to use the recording room, and she works on the new song until Ai comes in apologising for being late. They start ichaichaing when Ai sees that Haruka’s face is redder than usual, where Ai starts asking if Haruka’s heart is beating harder. (ノ*゜▽゜*) Ai then reveals that he noticed Haruka was eavesdropping on the interview, and asks here what she heard. They start to ichaicha until Ai asks to listen to the song and suddenly starts trying to speak more manly by saying “ore” instead of “boku”. This freaks Haruka out a bit since he’s acting really differently. and he quickly tells her to forget all of that and start the song. He praises the song, and gives her pointers on where to improve on the song, and Haruka thanks him, and they end for the day. They go out together for a while and Ai starts talking about what he wants to try cooking next. He then says that Haruka’s growing as a composer, and to help that & be a cooler boyfriend he’ll give her a reward.  A few days later, she receives a text from Ai saying that they’re going on a trip! The details are all secret until the day arrives, and they head to a cottage in a forest. They rest for the night, and Ai tries to be a reliable boyfriend as much as possible. He starts going through their plans for tomorrow and makes tea for Haruka, and even puts a blanket over Haruka when she goes out to the balcony to see the stars.

Ai also says that he wants to be together with her , and that he’ll make her the happiest person in the world, and kisses her. The next day, they go on a walk in the forest holding hands, and they arrive at a field of flowers. This gets Haruka excited over the flowers while Ai tells her to be careful not to hurt herself. They continue to the riverside. They play by the area until Haruka slips and falls, Ai catches her but she twists her ankle. Ai immediately carries her bridal style and takes her back to the cottage. (*^▽^)/ Haruka feels bad for ruining the day, but Ai says its ok and she thanks him for being so caring. Ai even makes her flower crown for her on the way back while saying that she’s “his princess”. It soon is the last day of the trip where Ai personally prepares the food for Haruka. Haruka is a little sad that it’s the end of their trip and wishes to stay like this forever, but Ai tells her that that sounds like a good idea but he wants her to see all  sides of him, both his idol side & his private side. They soon return to their normal lives, where Ai’s doing some crossdressing work and Haruka meets him. He asks her if she’d like to come to his place to work on the song, and she agrees to do so. She then works on the song while Ai works on the lyrics. It’s soon complete when they help each other out, and Haruka plays it for Ai, where he says that its sparkling. Ai then says that he’ll make sure this song shine the brightest. They then don’t meet each other for a week or so, which makes Haruka lonely cuz ~she cant go without seeing her man for a week~ (im maji serious she’s lonely so easily in almost every route) She meets Syo & Natsuki who cheer her up, and Natsuki praises the song which gets Haruka confused as to why they know about the song. She then finds out Ai was using one of the practice studios, and rushes to find him. It turns out that he’s planning a surprise for her for the debut of her new song, as he wants it to shine as much as possible by doing a aoi shouta concert–I mean, dance. Soon, the day of the concert comes, where Ai sings Winter Blossom followed by the new song, giving all his fans a new image. Kouhai End: After the concert ends, Haruka’s so amazed by it and doesn’t notice Syo & Natsuki. They go visit Ai backstage where she goes into his dressing room where she tells him how great the performance was and they ichaicha. A few days later. The group (Ai, Syo, Natsuki & Haruka) go out together as they talk about how Ai has grown as a person and how he’ such a great senpai, and Haruka, out of the picture, hopes they can be like this forever. True Love End: Haruka leaves the venue and goes to Ai’s house due to the fact that his dressing room was overwhelmed by the press as they can’t be seen together. She sits and waits for him thinking about how cool he was until she falls asleep. Ai returns a while later and she wakes up half-asleep, and they start ichaichaing as Ai says that he’s glad she made music for him, and Haruka says that she loved him on stage. Ai then kabedons her and they ichaicha. Okay I really hated this one as it totally didn’t make any sense as Ai was cool by himself already, what’s the problem? Why does he need to be more カッコイイ? Seriously? I don’t think him doing things for Haruka makes him  cooler? Also the true love ending is a true copypasta, if you’ve read this entire review up to here so far.

Ichinose Tokiya 

ci6701This was a pretty interesting route but due to the copypasta it wasn’t that interesting. Haruka & Tokiya are living their lives as per normal where every morning Haruka watches the Hayato morning show (because i dont like tokiya enough to remember the name of the show), where Tokiya complains about his old performance, but he doesn’t mind watching it anymore as he doesn’t hate Hayato anymore and he’s using his old performance as study for his future performances. Haruka start talking about how amazing Hayato is, and this makes Tokiya jealous, and he asks her if she like Hayato or him more lol. Haruka can’t decide and he starts acting as both sides asking her to choose him until he stops and admits that both are important. He then says that he doesn’t want to lose her, and they promise to support her. He then kisses her hair and her cheek, and they ichaicha and relax for the rest of the day. At night, they start getting to work on the song. Haruka starts playing him some samples that she’s made. However, he doesn’t give any advice on any of the samples she plays, and Haruka starts getting hesitant when she’s about to play the final sample. Tokiya notices this and asks her what’s the problem, and she says that this sample is completely different from his style, and its risky, but Tokiya wants to hear it anyway. After listening to it, he decides that this is the song that he will sing as it will help him find a new side of him. He says that he’ll bring out the charm in the song and starts planning what to do for it to surprise his fans, and he asks for Haruka to assist him. A few days pass, and Haruka sees Tokiya, Otoya & Reiji talking to a client about a CM where the client wants them to act like they’re brothers, like their normal selves, but Tokiya suggest an image change to appeal more to the fnas. This surprises the other 2 as he usually goes along with what he’s asked of, and asks what happened to him which caused this change. Haruka accidentally spills that it was because of music, which results in Otoya & Reiji getting excited and they pester Tokiya about it.

ci6704Tokiya then tells them its a secret until the concert and Otoya takes that as an invite. Tokiya then leaves with Haruka and they head to the recording room to work on the song together. It soon reaches nighttime, and they walk home together. Haruka gets worried as they may be spotted together, but Tokiya says its fine as it’s a beautiful night & he wants to show Haruka a place that he really likes. He becomes more sexy in front of her, and kisses her on her cheek without being noticed. They continue walking through the city lights when he says that he’s fulfilling her dreams as an idol but not being a proper lover, and pulls her in for a kiss again without giving 2 fucks about who sees them as he wants to be normal lovers with Haruka. He kisses her all over and says that because of her he changed, and that now he wants to return that by shining for her as an idol, and as lover to her. A few days later, Haruka texts Tokiya telling him the song is complete, and he comes over to listen to it. After listening to it, he says that it’s perfect and kisses her again. He then says that he’ll work on the lyrics now, saying that he’ll express their dreams when performing it. Haruka then goes a while without seeing Tokiya, but he does text her about how the dance is coming along, inviting her to join on his morning run. Haruka gets excited about it and gets worried when he calls her as a morning call. He comes to pick her up and they go out for a walk together. When they return to her place, Tokiya offers to give her a massage to help relax a muscle as she’s exhausted. ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ The day of the concert comes, and Tokiya arrives on stage Miyano Mamoru style and announces that he’s gonna sing his new song, “Independence”. True Love End A: Haruka is amazed by his performance and soon receives a text from Tokiya saying that he want sto see her in the dressing room. However, when she reaches, he’s bombarded with the press but she quickly gets to him due to him calling out to her, and passes her key telling her to head out to somewhere to wait for him, which turns out to be…..a hotel. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) After a while of waiting, he finally arrives and says that he really loves her as his composer & as his lover. They then have a sexy make out session expressing their love to each other. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) True Love End B: Haruka is about to see Tokyia after the live ends, and meets Otoya & Reiji who praise Tokiya’s performance. They go see Tokiya together which surprises him. After some chatting, Tokiya says that he’s got work to do, and whispers in Haruka’s ear that he’ll see her the next day as it’s his off day. The next day, Tokiya comes over to Haruka’s place and they relax together. He also fixes her bed hair for her, and says that he wants to aim even higher now. He thanks her for being with him, and hugs her. He then expresses his feelings for her with a kiss.

Ittoki Otoya

ci6400Otoya’s route starts off with Haruka at a concert which is featuring him & a few other idols, where Otoya puts on an amazing performance while secretly expressing his love for Haruka. (⌒▽⌒)☆ After the concert, Haruka finds him in his dressing room half-naked! (wow much sexy from the start…..wait was otoya supposed to be sexy?) This freaks Haruka out and she tries to hand him his shirt & trips like how she always is. Otoya catches her, and he changes and they start talking about the live. Haruka waits for him outside, and they go home together. Otoya says that he wants to have a solo live next at a bigger stage and wants a new song to show his improvement, they both get excited together and they decide to head to Haruka’s apartment to work on the song. They work on it all night until it’s morning, and Haruka’s finally done writing it. She plays it for Otoya, and he loves it so much that he picks Haruka up and spins her around & kisses her saying that her music is amazing as always. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° A few days later, Haruka is watching the filming of a music program that Otoya’s on, and it so happens that Tokiya’s on the same program that day as well. After Tokiya performs, they both realise that his skill has gotten better and this makes Otoya more serious. However it results in him accidentally messing up his performance. He apologises, and goes off to the side while the staff re-prepares the set. Tokiya comes by saying that its rare to see Otoya feeling down, and Otoya denies this. Soon, the set is ready and Otoya runs off and does his performance properly. Tokiya then has a small conversation with Haruka about how Otoya has grown to become a good rival for him. After the recording, Haruka goes home to work on the song. She tries to make the song more cool for the new side of Otoya. She then receives a call from Otoya asking her to head to the agency. Haruka finds him in the lesson room practising really hard and doesn’t notice her until she knocks. They then settle down and Otoya says that he’s been thinking about what Tokiya said earlier, and gets frustrated as he wants to do as well as other idols because he’s a pro too. Haruka tries to cheer him up and tells him that if he tries to find a new side of him some of the old him will be left behind. Otoya then says that he will but he won’t overdo it, and the key to that is her song. He thne request to listen to the song, and Haruka plays it for him.

ci6404Otoya gets more pumped when he hears that the song is even better now, and says how she’s pulling him even higher up. They work on the song until they leave the place, and since Otoya’s hungry they go to Haruka’s place. Haruka makes curry for the both of them, and they sit down to eat it together. He suddenly takes a quick bite of it from her spoon, and tells her that her curry is tasty. ( ̄▽+ ̄*) He then asks for another spoon from her plate. They finish up their food, and they start to ichaicha. A few days later Haruka’s with Otoya in the recording studio finishing up on the song, and she plays it for him. This song is perfect for Otoya, and he gives her a big hug. (*~▽~) They then reminiscence about their school life like the Christmas party where Otoya confesses his love for Haruka in front of the school despite the 恋愛禁止. Otoya then says that he’ll make sure he’ll shine with this song of her, and catch his dream. He works on the lyrics, and he gets worried that they ain’t good enough. Reiji passes by and offers to look at them, and tells Otoya that they’re fine and he should sing how he wants to in order to express himself. They’re greeted by even more news when Saotome pops by telling them that he’s got a huge stage prepared for Otoya’s new song! Otoya gets really excited and says that its like a dream as he first started out wanting to find his dad but now he just wants to stand on stage and express his feelings. the day of the concert soon arrives, and Otoya sings “Horizon”. True Love End A: Otoya finished his performance, and the crowd goes wild. He quickly runs backstage and gives Haruka a hug. Saotome comes by and remarks that Otoya has grown a lot since the beginning. Otoya then says he’s just starting out, but together with everyone in the agency, he will surpass Saotome someday. Saotome smirks and says that he’d like to see him do that. Otoya & Haruka then go back to Otoya’s place to relax. They start ichaichaing as Otoya gets close to Haruka asking if she loves him & which part of him she loves. They kiss, and Otoya says that he’ll catch Haruka’s dream, and they have a make out session. True Love End B: Haruka & Saotome watch Otoya perform, and Saotome says that he’s grown. Haruka tells him that it’s because of the people around him, as well as the fact that Saotome gave them so many trials to go through and love as if he was a father. Otoya finished the live with 2 encores, and Haruka congratulates him him when he’s backstage. He then asks her to go back home first as things are going to get busy. He soon arrives at her house at night, and they relax & talk about how he wants to be a better idol for her. He thanks her fro letting him find his new self, and they start making out. Before she knows it, Haruka wakes up and its morning. Otoya soon wakes up as well, and they head out to the balcony where they start talking about who loves who more. Otoya is worried his feelings are not expressed properly to her, and he wraps his pinky around hers, and kisses her hand. He then promises that he’ll with them together until they’re old, and he’ll never let go of her. He says that he loves her, and swears it to the sun to fulfil his promise.

Kotobuki Reiji (CV: Morikubo Showtaro)

The route starts of with Haruka going to Reiji’s place with him and he welcomes her with a kiss on the hand. Reiji start hugging her and telling her that he’s so in love with her right now. He then starts getting all uh sexually frustrated and starts trying to get randy with Haruka by carrying her bridal style and dropping her onto his bed and grabs her hands. He says that he didn’t know true happiness before they met, and when he sees Haruka fall asleep he kisses her goodnight and asks her to sleep in his arms for now. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* The next morning, Haruka wakes up to find that Reiji, and leaves the room wondering if he slept on the couch, and sees Reiji changing. ( ◞・౪・) This makes Haruka freak out and she covers her eyes. Reiji then assures her that she’s changed but lol he’s just teasing her and he’s still half naked. He starts asking her whether if he looks cool and starts stripping for her when Haruka tells him he’ll catch a cold. She then asks if he had a good night’s rest and apologises for using his bed. Reiji says he’s fine since he doesn’t need much sleep anyway, since when he closes his eyes he sees darkness and doens’t know if he’ll see tomorrow, so the day is better for him. Haruka gets a little upset as Reiji still hasn’t gotten over the disappearance of Aine. Reiji says that he’s able to talk about this clamly now thanks to Haruka, and thanks her for being someone that he can confide in. Haruka says that she’s happy to hear about him as she wants to know more about him. A few days later, Haruka is going to the recording studio to work on Reiji’s new song where they meet Ai who starts asking if they’re flirting in public, before Ranmaru slams open the door on Reiji’s face. They both leave as they’re not the type to chat, and they crash into Camus who happens to be going the same way. He starts asking them why they’re following him, and it turns out he;s going to the studio as well. Haruka then finds out the studio was double-booked and Camus heads off to kill time, but Reiji asks him if he wants to come along to hear Haruka’s new song. Camsu reluctantly joins and tells them that it better be worth it. Reiji then asks Haruka if she’s got any ideas, and you get to decide which type of song for Reiji is better. No matter, what you choose, Haruka finishes it and plays it for Camus & Reiji, and Camus will praise it leaving the room telling them not to ruin it. Reiji & Haruka then walk home together happily and he requests to put their feelings in that moment into the song.

Route A

ci6002If Haruka decides on an adult ballad which shows a different side of Reiji, she starts having problems as to where to express more of Reiji’s pain and sadness. She works on the song with Reiji at her place, She wants to know more about Reiji, but she feels that it’ll cause him trouble but making him sentimental. However, Reiji disagrees as because of her, he’s able to face his past. He starts kissing her over, and asks if she’ll love him no matter how he is. Haruka says that she’ll accept all of him, and he continues kissing her all over. ( ゚▽゚)/ Reiji then suggest that they go on a trip to make memories on his next day off. The day soon arrives, and Haruka waits for Reiji at Saotome Academy. Reiji soon arrives and Haruka asks him why they’re here, and he says that they’re there to take a walk while talking, as it’s the best place for the subject that he’s about to touch on. There’s no one around since is a holiday for the students, so Reiji takes her hand and they start walking around the school grounds. Reiji starts telling Haruka a story about how he was encourage to come here to pursue his dream, but he didn’t really want to until he met Aine at the school. Aine was always working hard to become an idol, and this inspired Reiji to continue on his dream. That’s how the days with Aine, Hibiki & Kei started. He then talks about how Aine was a the centre of the group, and how he still remembers his smile at the graduation audition and his strange way of clapping. However, ever since Aine disappeared, Reiji has been living with his guilt until he met a certain composer. Haruka is stunned by this story, and admits that she’s speechless by this, and Reiji gives her a hug. He then suggests working on the song right there, and Haruka plays the song for him. They then go to the riverside to talk more, and they’re about to kiss when they get cockblocked by Reiji’s sister calling him. It turns out his sister is getting married and she’s leaving the house soon. They then go home together. A few days later at the agency, the both of them overhear Camus & The Professor talking about Aine and this causes Reiji’s attitude to change, and Haruka gets worried as he’s thinking too much, and gives him a hug to calm him. A few days after, Haruka gets called to the agency and it turns out that Saotome wants Reiji & Camus to host a variety show together, and either one of them gets to be the guest. Camus tries pushing the host job to Reiji when Haruka suggests that Reiji should be the guest instead and Saotome agree since its Reiji’s chance to appeal himself to the crowd. Reiji takes on the job.

ci6004After Saotome leaves Reiji tries to get Camus to spit out what he knows about Aine but Camus says that there’s no point in him saying anything as Reiji ain’t being himself. He then says that he has to move on by himself instead and that he’s being half-hearted. One day, Reiji receives a call from his family house’s neighbour that his mom collapsed. They both get worried as it’s probably because she’s been overworking herself since his sister is getting married. Haruka then says that they should go visit his mom on their next off but Reiji protests since he promised to work on the song with Haruka that day, but Haruka says its okay and checking on his mom is more important. He then hugs her for encouraging him as he’s really worried. ( ゚▽゚)/ They go to his family house on their next day off and they end up helping in the kitchen, where Reiji secretly steals some karage for them to eat. (ノ^∇^) They sell out all the bentos for the day, and Haruka spends the rest of her time at night to finish up on the song. Reiji then says that he hates his half-hearted self for using happiness to cover up his sadness, and wanting to treasure the present but not letting go of the past. He then takes Haruka out to  the rooftop where they see the stars together. He then says that he wants to sing the song for Haruka, and says that he shouldn’t lose sight of the present, and that he probably kept this in him as he wanted to be forgiven, He then takes Haruka’s hand, and tells her that she’s the one who made him realise that. He wants to live with her together forever, and he’ll continue to change for her. The day of the variety program soon arrives, and he performs “Itoshiki hito e”. Friend End: The performance was a success, and Haruka is in tears. Reiji says that he’s still a bit nervous as this isn’t usually him, and Haruka compliments his performance in the dressing room. They leave, and meet Camus outside on the street and Reiji approaches him asking for feedback on his performance. Camus then says that he isn’t half-hearted anymore, and tells him that Aine isn’t around anymore. Reiji then says that he expected that, but he’s fine now as he knows Aine is out there somewhere smiling. They then drag Camus to go for lunch together with them. True Love End: After the performance, both of them hear a familiar clap, and Reiji runs to Haruka saying that he heard Aine. They then run into the Professor who hands them a letter from Aine. Reiji reads it and starts crying, saying that the letter told him to live his life for his own sake. Reiji then says that he never thought the day he would be forgiven would come, and that he believes in Aine wherever he is. They then head to the riverside, and Reiji hugs Haruka and thanks her for writing the song for him allowing him to express his feelings, all of him. He then admits that he was worried that God would take this happiness away from him, but he’ll never let her go now. He then kisses her by the riverside while hugging her. (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚* Wow this route this route made me break down into tears cuz Reiji is a sad guy, adding on with the damn song which killed me. The good thing about this route was the fact that Reiji finally lets go of his sadness and everything that was inside him, and starts anew feeling better instead of his long emo onslaught.

Route B

ci6005If Haruka decides on a song which shows his adult self but retains childish side, she starts having no confidence to make the song for Reiji. He then takes her to the beach where they talk about memories there, and Reiji promptly lies on her lap since he wants to be spoiled by her that day. This improves Haruka’s confidence to work on the song, and night soon falls. Reiji starts ichaichaing with her saying that she’s his special person. (◕‿◕✿) They leave, and Reiji says that he got to know her more, and he promises to make a memory for the song on his next day off. The day soon arrives, and Haruka meets Reiji at the airport. It turns out out that they’re going on a trip overseas to London. This surprises Haruka, and Reiji says that theyr’e going to start their “dokidoki trip to london~”. They arrive in London soon after and they do sightseeing like tourists. Reiji then says that he’s always been a fan of English things, and he kisses her on the cheek. Haruka tries to push him away due to her usual habits but Reiji says that no one knows them here, anyway, so they can be normal lovers. He then stops saying that they need to take to make memories. To be more specific, a selfie. He gets her to look at the camera, and secretly sneaks a kiss on her cheek saying that he loves her while the photo is being taken.  °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° Reiji then says that he’s gonna get that picture printed and put up in his room as he’s always wanted a kiss shot. (*^。^*) They continue touring around London together, and Haruka make some changes to the song and lets Reiji listen to it. Reiji says that it’s filled with all her feelings for the trip, and says that this trip for making memories was a success. They soon return to Japan, and Haruka doesn’t see Reiji for a while again until she meets him & Otoya at the agency. Reiji then takes the chance to give Otoya a souvenir from the trip to London which makes Otoya all jelly he has a cute girlfriend, before leaving while saying that he’s looking forward to Reiji’s new song. They then head to Reiji’s apartment for further work on the song. Haruka makes more changes to the song, and it’s finally complete. All that’s left is for Reiji to put the lyrics for it, and the debut of this song. Reiji gives her a hug saying that she’s a bad girl for making his heart pound, and as a reward he takes her on a drive. They don’t see each other again as Reiji’s making preparations for a live concert, and Haruka goes to see it. She meets Tokiya there, and he says that he’s here to observe Reiji’s performance.

ci6008Tokiya says that Reiji tends to ad-lib (which is improvising in japan) and he’s worried for him, but he wants to see this. Haruka then says that he really does respect Reiji as an idol. The concert ends, and the 2 head to see Reiji in his dressing room. When they arrive, Reiji starts asking them for feedback about his concert, and Tokiya says that his backflip was clearly improvised and says that he needs to be more careful. This makes Haruka more anxious as to whether her song would be okay since Reiji’s audience is expecting a lot from him. Reiji says that he’s got him here right now, and she can’t look back if she wants to move forward. He guesses that Haruka is anxious due to that fact that she’s trying to chase after him as she feels inferior to him. He says that failing is okay, as he’ll move forward together with her now. Reiji then gives her a hug, and asks her to cry in his arms right now. He then kisses her all over, which allows Haruka to calm down and stop crying. She then quickly sneaks a kiss on Reiji’s cheek, which made he flip and go “KOUHAI-CHAN KISSED ME!!!!” and he demands for it one more time lol. He then gives Haruka a kiss. A few days later, Reiji debuts his new song, “Kiss wa Wink de” at a music program with the support of Otoya & Tokiya. Kouhai End: The song is a success, and the program continues where they talk about the song, and Reiji says that he’s grateful for it. Reiji talks about how he wants to make happy memories and that he went to London until Otoya & Tokiya then pop up on stage as well to talk about the song. Tokiya then says that they ad-libed and he taught them that, and Reiji says that he’s got some great kouhai, and they’ve learnt a lot from one another. Otoya then says that they’re here to sing together with him, and they sing “Dekiai Temptation” together. (I wish there was a vocal for this…..) Reiji then blows a kiss in Haruka’s direction, which makes Haruka know her songs can make idols shine. True Love End: The performance is a success, and Reiji ends it with him throwing his hat at Haruka allowing her to catch it & blowing a kiss at her. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧  Otoya & Tokiya praises his performance, and Tokiya pushes Haruka to go find Reiji after the show. Haruka then runs to find Reiji, and jumps into his arms when she finds him. He admits that he was practising it for her to catch the hat, and asks her to wait for him to go home together. They head to Reiji’s place together, He collapses on the bed due to tiredness and drags Haruka down with him. He apologsies for making her cry, saying that he should be the one who makes her happy, Reiji then turns into his adult self, and they uh start their make out session where he says that he loves Haruka, and they kiss. Ok I felt this route was an after to Route A where he gets over his shitty phase, but I guess this route was more sweet that the route A but it felt like he was running away from his initial problems if this is a direct all star continuation. I’ll talk more about that in my final thoughts.

Jinguji Ren

Ren’s route starts off with Haruka heading to a theatre to watch Ren in a play as she received a ticket. Turns out the play was pretty popular to the point it was a miracle to even get a ticket, and the play about a tragic love story passes with Ren doing some bonuses by brushing his hand on her shoulder. After the show, Haruka wait for him outside to go home together, and soon he arrives apologising for being selfish. Haruka says that it’s fine, and they talk about the play as they walk home, and says how surprised she was when his hand brushed her shoulder. This makes Ren turn into his adorable dork mode where he starts getting embarrassed the more she talks about his performance. Ren says that it’s all thanks to her encouragement & her believing in him that he managed to come here. He kisses her hand, and Haruka tells him that they’ll be spotted so he decides to take her back to his place. They start making out once they reach his place until REN DECIDES THAT MUSIC IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MAKING OUT! As in, he starts asking about the song. Haruka says that she’s got some ideas, and she starts working on the song. Once she’s done, she plays it for Ren and he loves the song. He starts planning out what he wants to do for the performance of the song, and they get back to making out. ヾ( ❀◕◡◕ฺฺ )ノA few days later, they continue working on the song, and Ren’s gotten Ranmaru & Masato as his uh backup singers and they’re gonna play instruments too. After some practise they take a break where Ren & Masato start bickering as per usual when Ranmaru says that they’re not in sync. Haruka’s finishes on the tuning, and Ren offers to deliver it for her while she takes a break. This makes the entire room quiet, and Masato says that it’s really quiet without Ren around lol. He mentions that Ren used to be a lone wolf in school, and his change now was thanks to Haruka. They go to Haruka’s place later in the day, and they discuss more about the song, and Haruka plays it for him.

Ren then decides that the theme of the song will be “Freedom” to express how he’s freely living now since he entered Saotome Academy and met her when he didn’t care about being an idol. Haruka then suggests that they go out the next day after working so much on the song. They end up going to the beach, where they make flower crowns for each other ❀.(*´◡`*)❀. and climb up a tree to look at the scenery. They talk about their future while enjoying their time together. After their trip, Haruka doesn’t see Ren again for a while as he’s out filming, and he even brings back a gift for her. He also cheers her up when she feels terrible about herself for messing up a job, and kisses her saying that she’s the one who opened up his world and they can overcome everything together as a couple. They finish up the song together, and Ren performs the song, “Freedom” at a private party at some uh, club. True Love End A: The performance is successful, and the crowd shouts for an encore but Ren tells them to enjoy the other artistes after him. They then go home together in a car, and they head to Ren’s place. Haruka starts talking about how amazing the performance was and how she’ll continue to write songs for him until Ren finally decides (after cockblocking himself the last time), fuck music, IT’S SEXY TIME. Ren starts being all sexually frustrated cuz the game didn’t let him be sexy at the beginning so he drags Haruka onto his lap and starts stripping. =͟͟͞͞٩(๑☉ᴗ☉)੭ु⁾⁾ And they have their a makeout session where Haruka tries to be sexy do by undoing his buttons. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) True Love End B: The performance is a success, and Ren continues performing his encore. Haruka’s so engrossed in the music that she doesn’t notice Ren in disguise coming to get her, adn they quickly sneak off so that they can have their own time together. Ren then takes her to an amusement park, where he says that he enjoyed himself a lot during the performance, and how the song reached everyone. He then thanks Haruka for teaching him true love, and that he can’t live without her. He asks whether she would stay with him forever, and Haruka agrees. They then share a kiss in the lit up amusement park. (✿◠‿◠)

Hijirikawa Masato

Masato’s route starts off with him, Haruka & Ren in an interview about their school lives where they’re bickering /again/, which interests the interviewer a lot. Masato then starts sharing about how the only time he felt free from his shitty life was through music, and Haruka remembers the first time that they met. Masato says that destiny has brought him a lot of happiness, and he’ll continue to be happy through music. The interview ends, and Ren has a final bickering session with Masato before leaving wishing them luck for the new song. They then head to Masato’s place to work on the new song. They play the piano together, and Masato gives Haruka a light kiss saying that what she said for the interview was great. Haruka starts brainstorming for the new song, but doesn’t have any ideas. Masato then suggests that she think about her memories, and comes up with a song from there. Haruka plays a new melody from her memories, and Masato loves it saying that he’ll definitely help out with the lyrics to the song. He then talks about how important Haruka is to him in his life and says how their happiness feels unreal, and that it may end anytime. Haruka then quickly kisses him on the cheek, which surprises him and he asks for her to do it a 2nd time. (ノ*゜▽゜*) A few days later, the couple heads to the the agency’s studio to the work on the song, and Haruka starts worrying that the she isn’t able to create Masato’s image through the song. He tells her to take it slow, and asks where she’d like to go for their next date. On the day of the date, Haruka meets Masato and it turns out that they’re going to the aquarium! Turns out Masato decided to BOOK DOWN THE ENTIRE AQUARIUM ONE HOUR EARLY FOR THEM! This allows them to act like normal lovers at the aquarium as it’s only them and the staff there. They have an enjoyable time together at the aquarium, and they take a break in the park. Masato admits that he actually created a backup plan as well just in case of any change in the weather, and Haruka thanks him for the day. She then says that Masato’s stronger now, but he wonders if this is so since the graduation audition. Masato says that he’ll become stronger to make Haruka happy, and Haruka gives him a hug trying her best to support him, he thanks her and gives her a kiss in return. (*´꒳`*) They stand up and leave, and Masato confesses that he’s falling more in love with her, and picks her up and bridal carries her when he sees a puddle of water, and they go home. ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

A few days later, Haruka finishes the song at her place on a rainy day when Masato arrives. She lets him listen to the song while he dries himself from the rain, and says that this is what she produced from imagining his voice. It’s perfect for Masato, and he gets to work on it as the song is going to debut on a TV show. However, Masato can’t seem to come up with lyrics for the song. Haruka suggests that they should go for a walk, and they head out. Masato admits that he’s trying to find the words to describe the time he’s spent with Haruka since their first meeting in the snow. Haruka says that he’s going to be fine, and he thanks her for making him stronger. He kisses her on the forehead, and they head to the riverside for a break. Masato then requests Haruka to watch him as an idol as well as a lover, and Haruka accepts. They then kiss by the river. A few days later, Masato performs “Sanctuary” on stage, with all their memories. True End Love A: The audience is amazed by his performance, and asks for an encore. Masato thanks the crowd, and returns backstage and asks if Haruka listened to the song, and thanks her for her support always. A few days later, they’re relaxing in Masato’s room and they’re talking about the live. Haruka says the song reflected their future, and Masato says that its their future and how he’s glad he met her. He then says that he wants his first love his last love and suddenly goes into -SEXY MODE- and pushes her onto the couch. -(๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ He starts kissing her all over, and Haruka believes their future will be fine as they have a make out session. True Love End B: The performance was a success, and tears are falling down Haruka’s cheeks. Masato returns and she tries to stop, but he says it’s fine as it’s proof of her hard work. They go back to Masato’s place together, and they meet with an awkward silence. Masato asks about the song, and Haruka says that the lyrics were filled with his feelings for her. Masato gives her a hug, and says that he wants to walk to the future with her and wants her to accept his feelings, but Haruka falls asleep because this game is MUSIC > sexy time. Haruka then wakes up in Masato’s bed and it turns out that he took the couch for the night. She gets embarassed and hides under the blankets but Masato says its ok cuz he go to see her sleeping face. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ He gives her a hug and asks her for her answer from last night, and of course seh wants to be with Masato forever, and they kiss. 。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。+゚

Kurosaki Ranmaru (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

ci6100For some reason, after All Star, Haruka’s been living at Ranmaru’s place where they uh share a bed. (its amazing how they can avoid the paparazzi but its prolly cuz cheap old housing) Haruka wakes up from an alarm, and she tries to shut it until Ranmaru smacks his hand over her and shuts the alarm. This wakes Haruka up anyway so she tries to sneak out of bed but Ranmaru drags her back and uses her as his personal body pillow. ლ(❛◡❛✿)ლ He wakes up eventually and apologises for teasing her, and he kisses her good morning. Haruka also greets him good morning and now addresses him without the senpai, and he starts kissing her again which leads to moar sexy time but NOPE, THE CATS ARE HUNGRY THEY’VE GOTTA BE FED! (gdi cats being cockblockers) Ranmaru starts making breakfast for the both of them, and they feed the cats. Ranmaru soon leaves for work and starts acting like a parent or some shiet telling her to not answer the door to salespersons and he kisses her goodbye. After he leaves, she decides that Ranmaru’s next song should be rock. A few days later, they’re at the agency’s recording studio to work on the song. Ranmaru says that he’s leaving it to her to discover a new side of him, and asks what type of song she wants to create. She says rock, but he’s pretty disappointed by the answer. Haruka tries to explain that rock is important to him so she’ll make a different type of rock but Ranmaru says that he hasn’t been very idol-like so he wants to go for such an image. He then lets Haruka decides what type of song she’d like to make. No matter what you pick, Ranmaru’s impressed by the song and Haruka decides to work hard on it. A few days after, Haruka submits some work at the agency and decide to work on the song at the recording studio, and she’s concentrated when Ranmaru comes in with a bouquet of flowers. (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚* He admits that he bought them for her at the station and its to commerate their 1 month of living together awwwww. (*´╰╯`๓)♬ He gets all blushy and Haruka thanks him for the flowers, and says that she’s surprised that he would remember such a date. Ranmaru gives her a hug, and says that he wants to celebrate more special days so he’s trying to make every day special.

Route A

Haruka’s heading to a studio to look for Ranmaru as he’s been taking up more idol-like jobs recently. This time he’s doing an add for some chocolate brand and the kicker is, THEY’RE LOOKING FOR A KAWAII SMILE WHICH IS MAJI 2000% NOT RAN? He does it anyway much to the dismay of Ai who asks Haruka if Ranmaru can really pull off a sweet smile. However that turns into a disaster anyway as Ranmaru fails at uh, posing kawaii with kawaii bubbles as his smile looks more like a shitty smirk. All the staff flip shit and the clients end up changing the concept to Ai’s cuteness + Ranmaru’s coolness together. This makes Ranmaru really upset as he wanted to do better as an idol, but he couldn’t. He then drags Ai off to a cafe with Haruka asking him about his opinion of the shoot. Ai says that it was fine cuz the clients were satisfied in the end anyway, but Ranmaru ain’t pleased because he wants to be like the other idols. Ai tells him that an idol’s image is created by the fans, and they just need to respond according to the fan’s wishes. This ruins Ranmaru’s mood though, and he spends the next few days getting pretty frustrated about it. On their next off day, they’re both as home as it’s raining outside, but he’s still pissed so Haruka tries to cheer him up by letting him listen to the updated song. This doesn’t affect his mood much, and he asks what Haruka wants to do cuz whatever they do together make hims happy. Haruka then says that they should watch a DVD, and secretly dumps the christmas live into the player while he’s making coffee. Ranmaru starts criticising his old performance, and Haruka continues studying it, and they cuddle on the couch until Haruka falls asleep. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Ranmaru soon has another live where he announces him having a new song, but all his fans are expecting it to be rock again. Haruka tells Ranmaru that they need to add a bit more rock to the song as that’s what the fans are expecting, but Ranmaru think they should take a break on the song for now to think through it. A few weeks later, they’re still being conflicted about the song and Haruka doesn’t know what to do. She meet Ai at the agency, who tells her that he likes the honest sound from their music, but Ranmaru ain’t himself recently. He then says he believes Ranmaru can get through this, and passes her some info about Ranmaru. She heads back and finds Ranmaru back already, and he says that they’ll continue with the song since he’s got his thoughts sorted.

They have a meeting with staff later and Ranmaru proclaims that his new song will be an idol song combined with dancing, and all the staff are pretty skeptical about it. He then assures them that he’ll work as much as possible to make it successful. Haruka starts getting worried that his fans won’t accept the song, but Ranmaru says that he believes in her music. Over the next few days, Ranmaru starts his dance practise while Haruka works on the song. She meets him at the dance studio to let him listen to the music, and he works on the choreography until he realises Haruka’s pretty tired. He tells her to get home now but Haruka’s like “no i wont senpai”. He then picks her up trying to kick her out when they uh crash into Ai at the door and he’s like “wtf”. He’s been standing there for 10 mins and Ranmaru threatens him to not say anything and Ai says that he wants to see Ranmaru dance in exchange. They agree, and Ai manages to perfectly master Ranmaru’s dancing after seeing him only one time. Ai then says that he expects the real thing to be different from that, and Ranmaru takes up his challenge. The couple then goes home together, and Ranmaru says that he wants to show a different side of himself, and asks if Haruka is willing to join him. She agrees, and he comments that her fingers are really thin as they walk home holding hands. Haruka finishes the song a few days later. Ranmaru doesn’t let Haruka see the rehearsal though, and the other senpais all say that they didn’t expect Ranmaru to dance. On the day of the live, Ranmaru performs “Not Bad”. Friend End: The performance was a success, although the fans didn’t expect it. Ai appears in front of Haruka saying that Ranmaru exceeded his data, and went beyond his limits before leaving. Haruka meets Ranmaru at the after party, and they thanks each other for the song. Ranmaru asks if she got his message, and secretly kisses her but they get caught by Ai again. Ranmaru tries to get him to leave but Ai brings up the chocolate CM and Ranmaru says that he’s been practising his idol smile so he’s gonna be fine. Then then fist bump as friend & rivals, and Haruka smiles at them. True Love End: The performance ends, and the audience loves it, and Ranmaru asks them to follow him. Haruka then goes and finds Ranmaru in his changing room, and she’s so happy that she starts crying. He kisses her cheek, and they walk home together. They take the next day off, and he takes her to a Rose Garden. The garden belonged to one of the rich fags his mom still know, and he came here often to play as a kid. He then talks about his childhood there where he used to play the bass for his little sister, and says that he can finally remember his past better and understand his dad better. He then says that he’s changed since meeting Haruka, and swears to make her happy and asks if she’s willing to follow him. Haruka realises this is a proposal and panics, but he tells her to follow her heart, and she accepts. He then takes out a ring from his pocket and says that he secretly made is himself and it’s a rose-cut, so it wont interfere with her work. (✿◕ ‿◕ฺ)ノ))。₀: *゜He kisses her lightly, and Haruka starts crying in happiness. They then say they love each other before sharing one more kiss.❀.(*´◡`*)❀. Well Route A for Ranmaru was so sweet especially at the ending, although I didn’t really like it that much cuz he was going for the idol appeal, but it was still enjoyable as it talks more about him wanting to change to do something.

Route B

If you pick the cool song though, Ranmaru gets really fired up as Haruka as it sounds wilder than his usual rock. A few days later, Haruka heads to the studio to watch the filming of a variety program by Masato, Ren & Ranmaru. They spend their time on the show talking about how Ranmaru’s changed quite a bit and how they cant seem to get rid of one another, which amuses the audience a lot. After the filming, Haruka heads to their dressing room to pass them their lunches, we soon find out Ranmaru asked for love advice from Ren lol. Ranmaru starts panicking and tries to pull Ren away from Haruka but Ren starts asking what kind of flowers she got. Meanwhile Masato’s like “????? what is going what flowers” and Ranmaru tells them to shut up and eat. Ren & Masato start bringing up about the past, and he tells them to stop talking about the past and leaves. Haruka chases after him, asking him if he didn’t want to talk about his past. He then says that sometimes past memories aren’t that good, and it’s best not to mention them. He adds he’s pretty pissed by his past self, so he doesn’t want to talk about it. Haruka tells him that she wants to know about him, so she wants to hear more about him to create a Ranmaru-ish song, and he finally gives in. He then asks to meet her at the old couple’s restaurant, Parsley for dinner. Haruka heads there later and finds Ranmaru there already, and after their meal, he starts on his past. He talks about how Hariya (the guy who never ever made an appearance other than ranmaru punching him) made him fall in love with rock as he played the bass, until his Dad died and he lost everything. He then went through problems of forming bands, but they kept breaking up due to different issues and problems. This makes Haruka cry, and Ranmaru tries to get her to stop, and the old couple tells Ranmaru that he’s pretty smooth to make Haruka cry.◟(๑•͈ᴗ•͈)◞ Haruka apologises for causing them to worry and Ranmaru helps her wipe her face, and they leave the restaurant. The old couple tells them that they’re welcome anytime. A few days later, Haruka works on the song with Ranmaru in the recording studio, and she lets him listen to the song. He comments that the song is good, but it’s not wild enough, it needs more power. He then says that he’ll tell her anything she wants as they’re partners, and Haruka is reassured.

Haruka later meets Natsuki at the agency, and he hands her a box saying that it’s a pair item that he got from one of his jobs, and he figured that her & Ranmaru would suit it so he’s giving it to them. Haruka gets surprised cuz Natsuki technically found out about their relationship and he just says its because they always get along lol. When she returns home, they open the box and it turns out to be matching bear parkas! They put them on and Ran’s like “wtf this aint cool” but Haruka says he looks like a wild bear. Haruka starts taking pics of them in the parkas and Ranmaru says that they’re going to be useful for the winter. He then acts like one and says that he’s gonna eat her and kisses her. ლ(・ิω・ิლ) A few days later, Haruka’s out shopping with Tomochika when she receives a phone call from Ranmaru saying that they’re going to America! Ranmaru says that an old aquaintaince of his called him over and it’s good for his rock practise. They head to America a week later, where they enjoy their time together and Ranmaru tells Haruka to not worry about the money. They end up getting stranded as they were too immersed in the scenery until it gets dark. They start walking, and Ranmaru decide that they should take a break, where he asks about Haruka’s dreams. Haruka says that her dream’s already fulfilled as it was for an idol to sing her song, and now she just wants to broaden her horizons. Ranmaru then says that her dreams are clear, and talks about how he was questioning his job when he was first scouted as he just wanted money. Ranmaru says that he can’t forgive his past self, but he’s happy that he met Haruka and found someone to protect. The conversation continues until Ranmaru’s aquantaince Bob comes and picks them up on his truck. Bob then takes them to his studio where Ranmaru asks if he can work on the song immediately when they get there. While setting up or something Bob says that they met through Saotome and they became friends cuz of rock, and upon hearing of Ranmaru having a new song he invited him over. He also says that Ranmaru has grown up since their last meeting since previously Ranmaru said he never needed a woman, and now he has a girlfriend which makes Ranmaru flip shit.

Haruka finishes up her work on the song, and lets Ranmaru listen to it, and he says its ok, and that he’s excited to sing the song. He then high-fives Haruka, and she leaves the lyrics to him. The next morning, Haruka wakes up to hear him playing his bass. She speaks to him, and he says that lyrics are coming out pretty easily with him playing the bass, and Haruka starts crying tears of happiness. Ranmaru kisses her cheek telling her to stop crying, and he says that the lyrics will be a surprise for the live show. They return to Japan, and they meet Masato & Ren again who asks about their trip. Ranmaru reluctantly invites them to his live show and give them souvenirs, shocking them both but they wish the couple luck. Soon, the day of the live arrives, and Ranmaru performs “Wild Soul”. Kouhai End: The song ends, and Ranmaru shouts to the crowd that this is his music, and the crowd loves it. Masato & Ren appear in front of Haruka saying that the new song really resonated in their hearts, and Haruka says that its thanks to everyone’s power that’s why this song was born. They head backstage where Ranmaru asks about his new song, and the 2 say that they’ve seen a different side of him. Ranmaru says that he expected them to say that, and the 2 say that he’s forever their senpai. They all start to leave until Ranmaru trips, and Masato & Ren fall on top of him while trying to save his fall lol. Ranmaru starts yelling at them to get off while Masato gets into a panic, and Haruka’s probably in the background watching their uh, homo going on. True Love End: The performance is successful, and crowd cheers for the song. Haruka heads backstage and meets Ren & a Masato who’s complimenting Ranmaru’s live so much that Ren cuts him short telling Ranmaru it was awesome. They go home together on a taxi, and Ranmaru holds her hand, whispering “thank you” into her ear. (๑^っ^๑) He then says that he can accept his past now and wants to move forward. When they reach the apartment it’s dead silent, and Haruka tries to calm herself since the sexual tension in the air is STRONG when suddenly the lights go off and Ranmaru hugs her from behind. Turns out he’s the one who switched off the lights and starts asking Haruka she wants to do. =͟͟͞͞٩(๑☉ᴗ☉)੭ु⁾⁾ He stops but Haruka’s sexually frustrated anyway so Ranmaru carries her and dumps her onto the bed and they have a good make out session with Ranmaru kissing her all over. Haruka then thinks of how they’re gonna keep making special days together. I prefered Route B for Ranmaru mainly because the seriously went over his past and his struggles better compared to Route A, where it was mainly just about his past. At the same time I related with the theme song better for Route B, and Ranmaru was more cool here so I think thats part of the main reason why i liked it a lot.

~Final Thoughts~

ci7502Well, let me get first started on an overall opinion of the Starish routes. The Starish routes were not terrible, BUT IT WAS COPYPASTA. The routes followed a pretty simple template of date 1 -> date 2 -> Haruka gets stressed -> man comforts her -> MUSIC SOLVES EVERYTHING -> end. Well at least the events were varied among characters, but get this, THE ENDINGS WERE TEMPLATED AS WELL. End A -> sexually frustrated man bangs haruka End B -> unique end. Here’s the even better kicker: END A REQUIRES LESSER AFFECTION THAN END B. Usually in an otome game you need a shit ton of affection to get the sexiest end right? BUT NOOOOO. MUSIC IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SEXY IN UTAPRI! This game was a clear explanation on why Utapri’s catchphrase is “You’ll find the music better than a kiss!” THANKS GUYS. Maybe I’ve been dumb for my past 5 reviews or it’s just only for this game. The templated route styles for Starish just made it horrible to get through Starish at the beginning, but thankfully, the routes were short so it wasn’t that bad. I’m not saying they were the shittiest of the shit, but Starish routes were created for people who already liked them in order to milk all the fangirls $$$ into buying this damn game since the senpais didn’t have enough content. At the same time, don’t buy this game if you’re a die hard Starish fan cuz there’s not new development, its more of a real fandisk style where its mostly sweet scenes.

ci7500On to the senpais. For the senpais, their routes were amazing well done in terms of aspects of their character development. Despite not liking Ai, I felt myself feeling tons of feels for his Route A as well. 4 out of 8 routes for senpais felt a bit lackluster as it felt like they were kinda forgetting all their original problems and shit and tackling something new instead of putting an end to their problems, which made it really dumb. Broccoli kinda wants to tell us that “hey, these are 2 possible routes!”, but it felt like it was one after another instead of being “separate routes”. Forever, Reiji’s route B felt like he was running away from his problems pretty easily if it was an alternate route, but made more sense if thought of as a continuation from his Route A. But well, all the senpais were amazingly great. This technically made me feel better from all the shiet I sat through for Starish of continued copypasta. Time-wise, the routes were pretty compactly short for about 3 hours per route to complete everything in the game. However surprisingly, the Friend Ends actually reduced homo between the senpais, but well the Kouhai end is still homo as ever so I wasn’t really affected by it. Oh yes and if you’re asking why I finished everything this time, well my completionist self from playing the PSVITA kicked in and made me finish everything, that’s why it turned out like that. The conclusion? Unless you’re a diehard Utapri fan like me or your bias/husbando is a senpai, dont buy it. If you’re a diehard Starish fan and you dont really find any of the senpais nice, then don’t get it as you’ll be kinda disappointed, as the route are too copypasta other than unique events.


3 thoughts on “Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret

  1. Hinano

    holy sheit that Ranmaru CG ( ゚д゚)ハッ! Bummer about the copy pasta though. I think I read that in the amazon reviews which is why I avoided this game loool. Well I still have utapri music to tide me over i guess though my fire for Utapri is but a tiny flame now.

    1. Shuu Post author

      They recently got rid of their homo but oh well it isn’t the best content anymore tbh;; Music 3 was pretty fun so do enjoy it when you can play it~!

  2. Kokone

    I love your review it was very nice tempo and neutral stance. I dont mind BL but i prefer it not be in utapri since this otome game.I will say they did way better on Tokiya in this game then Debut. I’m an Otoya fan through and through [hes been pretty fairly good route even in Debut] but i still will love play this game because i really do love this series. I like Haruka in the game and anime, shes not perfect and the anime she lack the better word, common sense but that what made me feel like i could relate to her. I really hope with upcoming Season 5 that the next game besides their newly-ish released UtaPri Shining Live Mobile app, that next otome game will improve on the Starish Routes a whole lot more. I want see Tokiya have more of his randy moments and hopefully they could improve Cecil to resemble his anime counter part and stop being damn brat. Thank you so much and keep good work.


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