Why should I support?

Well, I’m a student who’s trying to keep myself fed while providing material for this blog and maintaining my mental health. Other reasons why you can consider supporting me are:

  • So that I won’t starve trying to buy games for more contents on the blog.
  • Allow me to have more time to write content on this blog, thus allowing me to have more content such as Drama CDs which I haven’t been doing due to lack of time.
  • Guarantee that I will most content at least monthly
  • Keep me motivated and let me procrastinate less, keeping my mental health good due to the amount of stress I’m getting from schoolwork.

I’m pretty sure you’re asking, “I’m sure games aren’t that expensive here right?” Nope, you’re wrong about that. Singapore’s currency is high value, but it’s still lower than the Japanese yen, especially with the recent Yen rate increase burning me out. You amy have heard of the cost of living being REALLY HIGH in Singapore, and eating out is bloody expensive, so yes I need to feed myself. Japanese games here can be about $70-$80 for regular editions, and $100-$120 for limited editions. Drama CDs are about $30 here.

I am considering getting myself a custom domain here, but I’ll need more funds for that so it will be hard. Just to get the domain costs me a whopping $33 dollars in SGD! That’s like 4 eat out meals, and 6 school meals! Yep, that’s how bad is it for me here.

How to Support you then?

  • If you don’t have the means to help, following my Public Twitter where I’ll post status updates as well as some personal stuff is good enough of support for me.
  • Help me clear my leftover merchandise you can find on my Carousell, to let me earn back some money from sales, especially if you’re a Utapri fan. If you don’t have a account, email me @ if you’d like anything.
  • Commission me for a translation or some writing. Check out my Commission subpage for rates.

Commission funds will go to giving the blog much more content. Currently, I’m a little swamped with work but I will take commissions depending on what they are. If you’re interested in sponsoring me some sort of content to review, drop me an email first @ for discussion.