Sengoku Night Blood

When hakuouki, diabolik lovers, and touken ranbu are put into a blender, you get the hot mess called Sengoku Night Blood, Senbura for short. Senbura is a mobile game created by Otomate and Marvelous. Otomate decided that it’ll be a great idea to earn a quick buck or two by following the crowd and blending all their games which sold like hot cakes to the masses. Eitherway, the story of Senbura is of a girl, who I shall name MC, landing into the world of Shinga, which so happens to be made of VAMPRIES and WEREWOLVES. They also so happen to be hot warlords from the Sengoku Era who are trying to take over the country. More shit under the cut. Continue reading


Dance with Devils

After the anime, Rejet released an otome game for Dance with Devils to fulfil romances for the rest of the guys in the show. And thus, the Dance with Devils created. The game follows the anime accordingly, where our Heroine, Tachibana Ritsuka, is a normal girl living a normal life. One day, her house is attacked by a bunch of weirdos kidnapping her mother away, in which she receives the help of her school’s student council, who appears to have a strong interest in her for unknown reasons. Well technically everyone who’s reading this post knows the anime already, so let’s cut to the chase! Spoilers all underneath the cut. Continue reading

Format Change & Slow Updates

I think I haven’t been posting much, so it’s time for a small update. I guess? I just updated my background yesterday with a much cleaner(?) and clearer(?) design, so that’s one new thing. I’m not changing much of my theme, since I actually still like this one.

The lack of posts, again.

School always is eating up at my time, unfortunately. And the fact that I have a long backlog of remaining posts isn’t actually helping to improve my motivation to type more. I’ve actually been focusing more on studies more recently, and the early years for me I was actually neglecting studies to work my way up. (or something.) I was posting a lot, but now I’m just taking it easy, hoping to manage everything slowly. Due to the huge amount of posts I have to finish, I have decided that Ken ga Kimi Long Summaries will be on hold. I understand that people would want to know more about the plot, but the length I have to type is tiring me out. I will be posting a spoiler-free review soon, and get the individual summaries out slowly. Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate posts will continue as they are much easier on my sanity to write, so there’s that. I’m hoping to clear Dance with Devils soon, so I can get out a newer review. As for now, games I’m planning to finish before July are MoshiKami, Scared Rider Xechs and hopefully, Black Wolves Saga Last Hope. For information on the formatting of posts and why Ken ga Kimi is on hold, its below.

Post style changes

I’ve always been very indecisive over the format of my posts, whether I wanted the post to be long summaries, short summaries, or a just spoiler-free ones. With the range of reviews I’ve been doing recently, I honestly have some groundwork for game reviews at least. Not sure if I’m still going to do more drama cd reviews, just like in my starting days where I actually posted a lot. So here’s roughly the format for types of posts. For my normal otome game reviews, it will be summaries posted in one whole posts, just a few paragraphs summarising the entire game. This will be normal for DwD and Moshikami. However, in the case of games which have too many dudes for their own good, like Utapri and Dialovers, they will be split so it looks cleaner. It will be something like the latest Dialover DF post.

For series which I really like to be detailed about, they will be in long summaries. As of current Ken ga Kimi is the only one like that so it will slowly be posted. Just, really slowly. These reviews can be up to 10k words long per guy and recently I have no mood to do it. I will be posting a spoiler-free review directly before doing summaries, so people can have an insight if it was good. Lastly, I’ve started posting quite a few announcement posts, mainly for rejet, because I really like them and love to cover their announcements. They’re also to make the blog more lively than collect dust with no new reviews.

That’s all for now I guess; hopefully I’ll get that KgK Spoiler-Free review out soon!



Rejet “FOCUS” Event Announcements

Last Friday, Rejet held a pretty small scale broadcast on Animate Channel with new announcements for new drama cd series, and follow-up trailers and announcements for games revealed at Rejet Fes. From the event, we’ve gotten 2 new Drama CD series, 1 Drama CD continuation, and follow-up trailers for Usotsuki Shangri-la and Doriko no Toshokan. There isn’t much to go through, but it’s quite content heavy! I’m pretty sure people want to stab me for no reviews, but whatever, let’s get on with some new announcements! Continue reading

Onmyouji by NetEase Games

So the game was hyping in my country quite a bit as I heard the character designs of the game were pretty as hell, and guess what, I tried it and and promptly slipped down the hell called Onmyouji. Onmyouji is a “fantasy turn-based rpg”, which tells the story of Abe no Seimei, in the fictional world of probably, feudal Japan. He meets quite a few interesting characters along the way, and that’s so much of the story I can get into. The game is made by NetEase games, a company which actually manages operations of quite a few popular western games like Overwatch, in China. The game is currently available in Chinese and Japanese, but I’m playing the Chinese version. Further details will be under the cut. Continue reading

Diabolik Lovers New Series Announcements for 2017!

Happy Bloody Valentines Day! The Diabolik Lovers More Blood anime had a event just recently on the Sunday that passed, and hopping on to the trend where new content for the series are at their respective events, Dialovers has a few announcements for us! 3 to be exact, with one of them being yet another Super Best Album which I’ll be ignoring details on. While the introduction of more new content is undesirable to many, there’s probably some Dialovers fans out there excited for the new content. Personally, all I pray there isn’t one more game to make this story any more confusing and partially, dumb. Let’s head to the announcements! Continue reading

Rejet Fes 2017 Announcements!

I had actually planned on doing a otome localisation post, but I figured that was pretty much repetitive, so I’ll be doing a roundup of all the announcements from Rejet so far this year. This will i Rejet Fes 2017 “CHANGE”. I’ll be skipping the “best collection albums, as those are straightforward and is a collection of songs + newly recorded song. I’ll be translating whatever I can, but I may be wrong so do correct me! We have a shit ton of announcements to go through, so let’s get to it! Continue reading

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

In the 19th Century in Great Britain, there lives a girl named Cardia Beckford who’s been named a monster due to the fact that she spews some kind of poison which melts anything that she touches. Cardia sits around in a mansion all day cuz her dad, Isaac Beckford told her to sit around waiting for him to come back one day. One day, the Queen’s royal guards led by Captain Leonhardht breaks into her house to try and capture her. Thankfully, the master thief Arsene Lupin intercepts the capture and takes Cardia away to England, telling her that the stone on her is the Horologium, and promising her that he’ll solve her problem. Continue reading