Diabolik Lovers New Series Announcements for 2017!

Happy Bloody Valentines Day! The Diabolik Lovers More Blood anime had a event just recently on the Sunday that passed, and hopping on to the trend where new content for the series are at their respective events, Dialovers has a few announcements for us! 3 to be exact, with one of them being yet another Super Best Album which I’ll be ignoring details on. While the introduction of more new content is undesirable to many, there’s probably some Dialovers fans out there excited for the new content. Personally, all I pray there isn’t one more game to make this story any more confusing and partially, dumb. Let’s head to the announcements! Continue reading


Rejet Fes 2017 Announcements!

I had actually planned on doing a otome localisation post, but I figured that was pretty much repetitive, so I’ll be doing a roundup of all the announcements from Rejet so far this year. This will i Rejet Fes 2017 “CHANGE”. I’ll be skipping the “best collection albums, as those are straightforward and is a collection of songs + newly recorded song. I’ll be translating whatever I can, but I may be wrong so do correct me! We have a shit ton of announcements to go through, so let’s get to it! Continue reading

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

In the 19th Century in Great Britain, there lives a girl named Cardia Beckford who’s been named a monster due to the fact that she spews some kind of poison which melts anything that she touches. Cardia sits around in a mansion all day cuz her dad, Isaac Beckford told her to sit around waiting for him to come back one day. One day, the Queen’s royal guards led by Captain Leonhardht breaks into her house to try and capture her. Thankfully, the master thief Arsene Lupin intercepts the capture and takes Cardia away to England, telling her that the stone on her is the Horologium, and promising her that he’ll solve her problem. Continue reading

Another New Year Passing, another post.

Happy 2017 everyone! I realised how I tend to gather events from the year into a new year post, so I thought I should make one every year since my schedule and procrastination never gives me time to write individual posts anymore. I’m going to talk briefly about certain events I didn’t cover, but go a bit more into AFA2016. At the same time, I may talk a little about my recent absences from this blog, despite the fact that I’m supposed to be off exams already. I might repeat some things from what I’ve said previously, but I hope it isn’t too much. I messed up and posted this on the 3rd, but oh well it’s still relevant, isn’t it?  Continue reading

Diabolik Lovers ~Dark Fate~: Tsukinami Routes

And here i’m once again back with the shitty abusive vampires, this time added with 2 more shitty vampires who are villains to this huge drama with our Adam & Eve context still inside it! 2 new vampires, Tsukinami Carla & Tsukinami Shin are introduced to this game and they are after Yui. It just so happens they transfer to the same school where Yui & the rest of the vamps are in looking for her, and Yui’s requested by them to show them around the school. There will be more spoilers under the cut as I’ll be covering some pre-content as well.

Due to me finding posts with tons of routes to be long and seem very uh, messy, I decided to separate this review into parts. At the same time, I didn’t want to leave out details;; This post is the first of 3-4 posts, which will be covering the main preface of the game, the very first prologue of the Tsukinamis arriving in the human world. I will write an overall impressions of the Tsukinamis and the separate routes, but the overall spoiler free impressions will only be in the last post of the series, for the Mukamis.

Continue reading

Kokogawari Demo Review

I don’t usually do demo reviews, but since you haven’t heard from me in a while and I’ve been wanting to review the demo for Team Precatio彡, here’s a short review of the demo of up and coming game, Kokogawari!

At the same time, if you do like what you see from my review and would like to experience it yourself, here is a link to their demo! Kokorogawari’s kickstarter has already begun, and if you really like the demo, do support them so they can meet their main goal and stretch goals! Continue reading

Gossip Girl: PARTY Review

I’ve been playing Gossip Girl by Voltage for a very long time now, and I finally got down into reviewing the game officially after collecting all my overall thoughts of the game and after briefly playing the JP Version. The plot of Gossip girl is simple. You, the MC, moves into the Upper East Side, and into the privileged lives of the characters of Gossip Girl, meeting the hot guys in town and fall in love with them. Crudely speaking from one of my friends, “dating rich guys, everyone’s dream”. Enough starter blabbering, let’s get on with the review. Just a note, this entire review will be spoiler free due to Voltage Party’s policy of not sharing spoilers of their PARTY games.

DISCLAIMER: Blur ass me didn’t know of Gossip Girl’s stopping updates until 28 Sep, so a portion of this review may or may not be valid. I will cross over parts which are invalid, since I didn’t want my effort to go to waste when I wrote this review already. :’D

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Supporting the Blog

Because I probably won’t be back with another review until September/October when I have full time to move my fingers at a inhumane speed, I’m making a post on how to support me and why. If you’ve seen, a “Support” page has replaced the request box mainly because I don’t have the time to take requests anymore. As such, an important post on supporting the blog and I’ll be explaining why.

If you’ve read my 3rd anniversary post, I kinda explained my absence for such a long time. I’ll probably go more in-dept to what happened. After a shitstorm of bad luck last year, my family became not so well-to-do, and I’ve hit financial problems personally for myself. I can probably get some games and CDs, and with the number of unplayed games I have at home, I should be able to keep this blog running until next year or so, but the number of games I will review will be lesser and less updated. I do have some Drama CDs bought personally for myself, but with my obsession of wanting to make my reviews of those more detailed, I’m not sure whether if I have time to do those with my piling backlog of writing to do.

As of current, I have the 11 characters left for Dialovers Dark Fate, and 5 more long summaries of Ken ga Kimi routes and the entire review of Code:Realize. I decided to hold off writing Ken ga Kimi until I have a stable writing schedule, but it’s still a lot for me to handle. This also includes the special posts which I want to write, and if i write further reviews of my Drama CD collection on hand right now, I’ll probably have no time for new stuff which is incoming all the time.

This includes the fact that I’ll probably be part-timing throughout my holidays in order to earn the extra cash for myself and my newfound hobbies such as cosplay. However, I’m really small  (shorter than 148cm), I don’t have the confidence to go and apply for any job, especially service and fnb jobs. I don’t want to try any shady jobs for my own safety, but my background calls for desperate measures to earn money. Sadly, I don’t have any good skills like drawing to offer for myself other than writing, this is why I’m reaching out to my viewers for support. Yes, this will involve money definitely. So here’s a list of ways to support me. These are quite similar on my support page, but I just wanted to put this up at the front.

  • Liking my Facebook page for blog updates & cosplays, or follow me on Twitter, if you don’t want to spend any money.
  • Help me clear my merchandise on Carousell, if there’s any anime merchandise you may be interested in there.
  • Commission me for some writing or translations. I’ve been posting some song translations recently to increase my portfolio, and you can look at my Commissions page for more ideas.
  • If you’re feeling generous, you could make a monthly pledge on my Patreon which contains perks for patrons. You can read more information on that there.
  • If you’re feeling even more generous then ever, you could consider making a donation and I’ll thank you forever. You can choose what you want it donated too and I’ll use it there. You can drop me an email at ruby1978@live.com.sg for discussion if you’re feeling really generous.

That’s all for now, this is just a small introduction to what the support page is for. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you guys in the next review I have!