6 Years in, and I’m still going

Sometimes I wonder to myself why I still write this blog. Then, my otome backlog looks back at me, silently sending me a message that I’ve yet to finish them. Well, it’s been 6 years. It’s been another slow (but steady) year, and yet another one filled with ups and downs. Has things changed? Probably, but much lesser on this blog. I’m about a day late for this one, as my anniversary (for any new folks) is the 7th of July, but it’s only a day so it’s not a problem. Let’s take a quick look because this post will be short, just for a little something I plan on writing after this.

List of Games I played this year:

  • Ken ga Kimi ~Momoyo Tsuzuri~: A top quality game, as per usual. Ken ga Kimi by itself was pretty complete, but this game completed the plot even more and was super enjoyable. The game had a good mix of wholesome content, along with it dark themes and it was a good mix, although it’s a little on the long side.
  • Collar x Malice: I missed out on the hype when this came out, but I’ve come to love it so much that I probably talk about it too much with a friend of mine. The mystery/suspense is so good, the team developing these are alwasy on point with the suspense. Really hope to pick up the FD on the Switch when it comes out.
  • Code:Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~: Another great FD, only filled with wholesome content & I think despite having lesser content, it was a great closure to the whole series. Would reccomend playing this in Christmas cuz it fits the mood.
  • Norn9 ~Last Era~: Not the greatest FD, was probably a sequel but not really my thing in the end, in surprisingly news. I suppose it’s a slight change in my taste but it’s good to see that I feel differently about something instead of liking everything. That said, Norn9 might be too boring for me now.
  • Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly: Wow. Yet another game I missed out on when it was hyping after release. This game was short but hit all the right points in the feels. Only lacked a bit of romance.

Things that happened this Blogging Year

I would like to openly admit now that I got into GBF cuz of Sandalphon and I don’t regret it.

More Mobage hell? Esp GBF. If you haven’t noticed this from my twitter, yes I fell into GBF. That grindy mess of a game is so addictive I really enjoy farming things in the game as it gives me a pretty good sense of accomplishment. Also, the game’s got very good OST to listen to while working. That said, my career on Shining Live still stands but sometimes I take breaks from the constant grind and repetitive songs which kind of make me go insane. Other than that, nothing much? I guess I also recently started on Love & Producer in the Japanese version, I’ll see how long I can maintain my interest for that game. Mobage has become quite dry to me over the past few months, but maybe its a good thing as it relieves me from the stress of grinding.

Still Cosplaying, as per usual. But maybe lesser. Also another thing from looking at Twitter, my cosplaying adventures continue as I have fun dressing up as mostly, my husbands. I’ve been trying to do more otome game guys & more Utapri, but I’m starting to feel I should slow down to save money. The hobby, after all, is extremely costly at time and my wallet’s feeling the drain. I might slowly cut down over the next few years, as well as re-doing some characters so I’m excited for what’s to come! Also hopefully cosplaying a few more guys from C:R & CxM to fulfill my inner joy of bringing my boys to life!

I went to Japan this year! After trying my best to save up for about a year or so, I managed to save enough to go to Japan for about 10 days or say, and within those days of the trip, I had a load of fun attending events and eating a lot of food (esp. Mcdonalds, not sure why but I really like Japan’s Mcdonald fries). Unfortunately, I have so much to say that I can’t stuff it into one small paragraph, so that will be my special anniversary post for the year! Really excited to share what I did there and (some of) the damage to my wallet from buying too much merchandise there. I had a lot of fun, and would love to go back there again, hopefully in a year or two.

Reflections, Thoughts, Changes

Best boy of the year because I can’t stop paining about him.

Another year has passed. Pretty quickly too. Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who still reads this blog, no matter what the nonsense I write is. Every year, I kind of stump on what to write here because I don’t really have much to say sometimes. I’m happy with my game progress for the blogging, did get some games done and over with. Tried to finish Dance with Devils My Carol before the anniversary happened, but a bit of life issues came up so I paused my gaming for a while, but I’m back on track! Changes would be me shortening my reviews so they’re easier to read and take lesser time to write – a change that I really like and will keep doing. In the past, I did get stressed writing about 2k words per route summary and it got really, really tiring, and this helps me keep the blog fun and easy to write for me. My mental health hasn’t been good the past few months, but this blog is really chill and easy to write on, so I really enjoy keeping at it. It’s kinda strange sometimes cuz after periods of not writing on this, I play a new otome and suddenly realise I have to upload to this blog after it! It’s a good laugh for me, but I still really like writing random things on this blog periodically. It’s a good place for me to dump that creative writing mind of mine, and I’m glad I still have it to keep me doing things. Once again, thank you to all that takes their time to read this blog, and I hope for more otome posts to come! Of course, a post on my trip to Japan will come first!

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