Happy New Year! A Quick Wrap-up of 2018

2018’s been crazy. I’m really glad it’s over, but a whole lot of ups and downs in life happened (as per usual), and here’s the yearly roundup of things! I apologise for the lack of otome posts after my last review, but I have been ploughing my ass through Norn9 & Code:Realize real slow, and I’ll hopefully get their posts up soon! Anyway, let’s get on with an overview of 2018.

My gaming life is once again, healthy.

I played a bunch more otome games this year! I’m impressed with how I managed to (at least) play some otoges throughout the year despite my stressfull schedule, as well as actually play at my old speed where I could sit through a route in one day. The credit to allowing me to do that is with Trigger Kiss, which was a game that I enjoyed so much I actually could sit on my butt and finish one route within hours. Still not as fast as last time, but much better. Still can’t beat my 7’Scarlet record, but that’s another crazy feat. Overall, my gaming/work balance is back on track, and I’m feeling much better about it. The backlog continues to be clogged, but who cares? I’m pretty sure almost every gamer has some huge backlog they need to shuffle themselves through.

Shining Live is a mistake. Please kill it.

From the period of May – August last year, I was in a bad bad depressive state over Shining Live. That’s right, I was so stressed to rank the event cards that honestly killed all motivation for me to play the game anymore. Now I’m just playing the game mindlessly, just to collect the cards because I honestly don’t give a shit about the whole game in general other than the pretty cards. The stories are boring, it’s literally another case of “hey y’all guess what we’re doing in our idol lives” every single fucking time, there’s nothing interesting about it. Please return Haruka to Shining live, it’s getting really boring. That said, does anyone still remember the utapri game boccocli announced like, 3-4 yeaers ago? When is it coming out?

Mobage keeps increasing and there is no way to stop it.

The number of mobages just keeps increased, especially ones which are about rhythm games or idols. There’s just so much, that we can’t keep up on them anymore. In fact, my motivation to even play mobags are going down. I’ve deserted KHUX for a very long time, Senbura is also collecting dust, along with a pile of other mobages that I haven’t been down for playing. It’s getting really annoying to even try and keep up, that I’m only sticking to a few. By a few, I probably only been Shining Live because that’s all I play nowadays. And maybe GBF, since I got into it over the end-of year season.

Conventions & Cosplays for the year

I did a total of 7 cosplays this year, ignoring the Haru which was a costest but I needed it to balance the collage. The reason why I’m smashing this together, is because most of the conventions this year were baseline, terribad for me. Good lords, there’s was nothing I could see. waste of money to pay for entry in because it’s overpriced and there’s nothing inside which I’m interested to see. Maybe except for doujima because it was free. AFA’s guest list wasn’t too great, Gamestart was terrible for a game convention (no seriously, what happened to all the demos that were available in 2017’s event? what the heck). I really have low expectations for events and I only use them as an excuse to execute my cosplans there. Cosplay wise, I’m actually quite happy with my progress, my makeup has improved quite a bit over the years. Nothing much to say about cosplay except that I’m still having fun. Met a few new people and the value of cosing/hanging out with friends has just increased.

I’ve been thinking of reducing the amount I cos now, since it’s really expensive to buy the coses, and the agony of shipping from taobao, the agony of finishing coses is just so frustrating. I just want to have less stress this year and and focus on having more fun cosing what I truly like, like otome games and other games that I really love, instead of following hype. After much consideration I’ve decided to start abit on photography, mainly from cosplay since it’s easy to think of concept from there. Hopefully this goes well for me, maybe I’ll get into it more and have more interesting things to do, while also getting slowly away from cosplaying. Let’s see how things will go!

Otome Games moving to Switch – My Thoughts

With otome games officially moved to switch, I am planning on getting my switch, maybe at the end of this year when I can save up to get my own. There’s one for family use, but I’d prefer to get my own console since otomes can get very questionable at times. Very disappointed at the change from PS4 to Switch, since playing the 2nd C:R FD has let me see how high-res the graphics could be, and I’m personally not happy with the graphics level for switch, not sure if there’s a difference but I feel Switch is smaller? Don’t quote me on this. At the same time, I’ve personally played the the Switch as a handheld, and it’s honestly so heavy I don’t want to play it handheld. Most likely I’ll play it docked, but the switch games will only start pouring in maybe later this year, most likely starting with some of the ports like Nil Adimari. I’ll see how things go.

Reflections for 2018, and for 2019

2018 was another rough year for me, but it was much less rough mainly because I’m used to the amount of workload in the course, and by this point I’ve already deleted all the bad memories that I seriously don’t want to remember from this hard year. It wasn’t a bad year, but it wasn’t that great either so I’m feeling pretty neutral. I feel I’ve gotten more confident and take lesser shits now, and much stronger than before. I’m running the last year of my current education, so there’s a lot of shit I have to consider this year moving on, but I hope the gaming continues to go along because it really gives me so much stress relief. I don’t have any resolutions for 2019 in general, since I don’t usually follow the, but my goal for this year to actually make a trip to Japan, with my sister kind of. If that happens, I’ll probably make a post about it! Here’s to the rest of 2019, and hopefully I can get through my 1 goal for the year at least!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year! A Quick Wrap-up of 2018

  1. Leafさんの夢が。。。

    Yeah 2018 was a rough year but we made it through it!! Your cosplays are so good!!! I keep hearing so many great things about Trigger Kiss and the game’s been rotting on my shelf for like ever so I should maybe get around to that 😛 As for the Switch…I knew it was bigger than the vita but I wasn’t expecting the whole “hand goes into spasm from cramping every 10 min” like lord this is why the dock is a thing I see that now rofl. I hope this year is a much better one for you ^^

    1. Shuu Post author

      aaa thank you so much!! And yes, please play Trigger Kiss, it’s such a great game I’d recc it to anyone. As for the switch – I have played Bayonetta on handheld before and I gotta say, my hands were dying and I got a camp soon after due to how big the damn thing was, I really don’t reccommend anyone playing it handheld unless you’re using it as a weight xD

  2. Hinano

    I literally only play Shining live when there’s a Tokiya event. Otherwise I login, get my daily free whatever, and log out. You are right, all the stories are boring af, I never read them and only collect Tokiya cards at this point lol. At least this game has automode. I pretty much uninstalled Yumecast because it didn’t have it cause ain’t nobody got time for dat.


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