Ken ga Kimi ~Momoyo Tsuzuri~

So it’s been uh, 2? 3? years since I played the first KgK on the Vita, and I’m finally here at the fandisc. Ken ga Kimi ~Momoyo Tsuzuri~ is the fandisc to the original Ken ga Kimi, containing a huge amount of shorts stories which happen before, or after the endings of the original game. As the whole game has a shit ton of stories to cover, I won’t be summarising everything- that’ll take me ages. Instead, I will be making my summaries even shorter than usual, so spoilers beware. More stuff under the cut.


Momoyo Tsuzuri literally just throws a bunch of books at your doorstep for you to start reading and getting into the story. There’s a huge bunch of stories covering almost all the characters, and they’re all presented in a “flashback” style where a character recounts what happens. However these stories can take place anywhere during a route, after a route ending, or as a flashback before the original game even started. Here’s a quick rundown of all the books, and my thoughts on each one. Spoilers up ahead, skip to the next section

Geranium Book

The geranium book takes place during the time when all 6 guys are on the way back from Sunpu to Edo, after the fake wedding procession. The story is told by Tsuzuramaru, and the guys all end up getting caught in a Yokai’s trap who shows them their old traumas. We get a glimpse into each dude’s trauma, but it’s not fully fleshed out. They eventually get rid of the yokai and travel back to Edo. This is the shortest book among everything, and I think it was just nice with all the funny moments like Saneaki getting drunk. ◟(๑•͈ᴗ•͈)◞

Camelia Book

The Camelia book takes place somewhere after the guys returning to Edo, but before any of their routes start. Kayo’s family restaurant wants to take part in this competition set up by the Shogunate to rank the local restaurants, but the restaurant’s business ends up getting disrupted by some goons who are purposely ruining the atmosphere of the restaurant. Turns out one of the restaurants is desperate to rank first so they’re hiring people to cause ruckus at other stores to get them to forfeit. Kayo and her guys ain’t having any of that shit, so they all work together to make sure that restaurant doesn’t win. Kayo’s restaurant wins, but they’re harrassed again the night before they’re about to serve an important customer from the Shogunate. The guys then gather one more time to help her & her father, and they successfully serve the daimyo food. The story ends with a short date with one of the dudes at the 5 swords festival, and some good family interaction. This one was pretty wholesome and felt like a 2nd common route on top of the original one. And if you thought this was a long common route, the next one’s even longer….

Sakura Book

This book seemingly takes place after the Camelia book, but has separate endings for all 6 guys to as a “starting point” for their individual routes. The story starts from a ghost going around stealing katanas from the townspeople and scaring them off. This actually spirals into them finding out that the real culprits for the the katana stealing are Zantetsu & Shiguragi, which the guys then chase after since they abducted Kayo. They manage to severely injure Zantetsu & kill Shiguragi, and the story splits into 2 paths. The Tsuzuramaru, Saneaki & Suzukake path has Zantetsu killing himself as sacrifice to the Marebito to spread yokai all around Edo. Zantetsu’s will kind of merged with the yokai and the chosen guy has to protect Kayo from getting killed. On the other path with Kei, Enishi & Sakyou, Zantetsu runs into Muramasa and goes on a killing spree so it’s up to the chosen guy to stop him. This is the book where they drop Zantetsu as a villian just because they can, not that I hate it but this renders Sakyou’s Ken ending impossible lmao. Uesama showing up in this one was a really good tease though. (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧

Character Books

All 6 character-centric books all have similar stories. 1 story each for each ending from the first game, 1 about the first winter the couple spends together, 2 for the dude’s past, and 1 “concluding” story for the character’s supposedly canon ending. The winter story, the flashback story & the concluding story are done in different endings as well.

Spider Lily Book: Tsuzuramaru

Tsuzuramaru’s stories mostly take place in his Sakimitama ending, except for his past one where Raisei (Tsuzuramarus instructor) comes over to tell him about his past happening in his Aramitama ending. For the ending specific ones, I personally found the Nigimitama one to be the best, despite how much I flipped my shit over it in the last game. It was really sweet because it’s revealed that Kayo wasn’t hanging out with the Marebito, but actually Tsuzuramaru with the Marebito powers. She ends up agreeing to stay with him & not cross over the Sanzu river even though it would be suffering which made me really emotional. :”D The one I flipped my shit over was the Kushimitama one, cuz well uh, having a half eerie Tsuzuramaru coming back isn’t my ideal state.

Eitherway, Tsuzuramaru’s past was actually only covered in 1 story, while the other was regarding his dad Hatsuma. This is mainly because if you read the other dudes, Hatsuma shows up in /a lot/ of them which leaves you wondering why tf was he even there. Anyhow, the past stories explained what led to his dad reviving him. A quick rundown of Hatsuma: he actually was travelling around training his sword skills to improve. He soon settled down and went to win the Sword tournament in order to support his family, and made friends with Raisei so Raisei knows the family well. Life quickly went to shit because he often had to leave his wife Ichi & Tsuzuramaru at home, and Ichi once got abducted because of him. In fear of hurting his family, he decided to divorce Ichi and move her to Edo. (this is important, i’ll explain later)  Tsuzuramaru ended up being passed to a local family to be taken cared off, but was stabbed trying to protect his family from loansharks. Because of his death, Hatsuma was guilted as fuck and decided to use the revival spell to revive Tsuzuramaru, and asked Raisei to take care of his son for him.

Unfortunately though, since Tsuzuramaru only knows of his past in his Aramitama ending, he has no clue about it in the Sakimitama ending. :”D Tsuzuramaru’s Sakimitama afters are really wholesome with him getting worried Kayo’s gonna dump him cuz he really sucks at expressing his feelings for her lmao. The winter story has him falling sick for the first time in his life, since he never did & has no recollection of his past before being revived. His final story happens in the same ending, where they find out the local rice seller’s been threatened to pay up by some goons, and they kidnapped one of their best workers. Tsuzuramaru helps out the local police to rescue the old lady, and Kayo joins him as well. The plan is a success, everything’s peaceful, and it’s revealed that the old lady is actually Tsuzumaru’s mom. Yes. Hecking made me cry at that last moment cuz it was so sweet I died. (⑅‾̥̥̥̥̥̑⌣‾̥̥̥̥̥̑⑅)

Overall Tsuzuramaru’s stories were mostly wholesome af, and you can see he’s just a bumbling idiot at love and doing his best. He sincerely love Kayo which is hella good and willing to do anything to not make her upset. The stories which hit me the most where his past stories, which gave me a good good crying session over father and son, and the final story of course, which is a great conclusion to his overall story, regarding how he’s fine with not remembering his past, and enjoying the now he has wiht Kayo.

Yamabuki Book: Kei

Kei’s stories are a good mix of his Sakimitama & Kushimitama ending. In fact, I think almost all the extra stories happen in his Kushimitama ending other than the final one. Honestly for Kei, I like the Sakimitama stories, but the Kushimitama stories feel more uh…fulfilling. Just personal preference. We do not speak of the other 2 endings cuz you know what happens in those, those are just sad. But it doesnt explain why Kei’s wanted in his Nigimitama ending, and it’s because there were reports of Oni assaulting people in Edo while grandma was on the way back to their hometown, so Kei decided to stall time and pose as the assaulter so his grandma would have safe passage out, which made him wanted. In his Kushimitama stories, Kei ends up having to go through with the Ichibangatana duties of sealing the gates to the Tokoyo, while dealing with his police work and being wiht Kayo. He also has the job of taking care of all the Oni in Edo & making sure they aren’t being bullied. Kei & Kayo also end up moving in together eventually in the story.

For Kei’s past, I think it’s pretty much almost the same as what was already explained? Except for how he met Kinshiro. So Kei was actually shitty crybaby when he was a shouta. I was hella surprised and laughing at the same time until the shit hit the fan where humans came into a village they were visiting and literally murdered all the oni & set the village on fire. Kei survived the fire, but both his parents are dead so his grandfather started asian parenting him to be the next leader of the Onis. Kei was pretty unwilling mainly because he felt that it wasn’t worth training since they’d be killed anyway, but coincidentally ran into Hatsuma, who inspired him to become a samurai & aim for the sword tournament. Grandpa was against him going to Edo for the tournament though, so he ran off by himself and his grandparents followed anyway LMAOOOOO. Grandma ended up staying, so thats why they’re living together now. Kei met Kinshiro after stalking him for a few days straight to convince him to hire him lmao.

For Kei’s Sakimitama stories, the first one has them going on a honeymoon together, where he literally gets Yamabuki flowers thrown into Kayo’s onsen bath while they’re in the bath at the same time. This is literally just bless though, since the flower’s special to them because of what happened in the last games Sakimitama ending. (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚ For the final story, Kei’s summoned by Iemitsu to discuss the situation regarding the Onis, but they end up getting kidnapped by some bandits. They find some other victims in the situation as them, but Kei’s identity as an Oni is revealed so the bandits threaten the other victims to kill him. Forunately, Kinshiro & co. show up in time to rescue them and arrest all the bandits. The meeting with Iemitsu is a success and there’s hope for the future of the Onis.

Gonna be real Kei’s after are kind of uh…lackluster? At least to me. It didn’t really feel extremely special, and I actually liked the Kushimitama stories better cuz it felt like he was achieving something. The “canon” ending ended up being the Sakimitama, but I’m still not convinced since it really doesn’t seem that fulfilling to me. The original ending was really sweet, but the ending was really otome and it isn’t that fulfilling since he just uh got his position already. It just seems that way to me, so I didn’t have that huge ass fulfillment.

Iris Book: Saneaki

Saneaki’s stories are what you call a good mess cuz his winter is are told in the Nigimitama ending, past in Sakimitama, while his final story is in Aramitama. Yep, you got that right. His supposed “canon” ending is in Aramitama. I hecking lost my shit when it played my god;; Saneaki’s got the heaviest backstory too, much to the point I started having to drink to get through his entire book at the last few stories. Eitherway, a quick rundown of what happens. Saneaki actually learns of who his father is in the Sakimitama extra, where it turns out his father just bought Magoroku Kanemoto for his son to become a samurai because he thought it was cool! Ok!! Wow!! Saneaki’s dad sure is something!! Which was honestly light, until we get to his past….

Saneaki was living happily with his mom in the town where most of the foreigners came to do trading and shit, but to protect him his mother always made him cover his hair so no one would find out he’s a foreigner, cuz Hinomoto really fucking hates foreigners during that point. They were in the care of Saneaki’s father’s friend, but everything goes down really fast when the Shogunate runs into their neighbourhood capturing all the christians and executing them. Saneaki was saved because his mom hid him in the shed, but he ran out anyway and saw his mother getting executed in front of his face!! (◦‿◦) This was where the alcohol starting coming it cuz I’d be fucking frustrated and crying at this point!! He was taken in by the friend who came really late to rescue them. Unforunately, the friend left but gave him a place to work at. Unforunately he was always bullied there, and eventually escaped when someone found out he was a christian. (;¬_¬) Since then, he just built his reputation winning the sword tournament 3 times, and killing guy after guy to earn his keep. The rest is as mentioned before, after killing Omatsu’s sister by accident, he realises he’s really sinned too much & doesn’t want to kill anymore.

For his Aramitama endings, Saneaki was supposed to see Kayo every full moon, but eventually decided against it because he felt he wasn’t worth Kayo’s time anymore, from killing too many dudes and yokai again. :”D The stories expect you to have read the For V Aramitama after, where he says goodbye to Kayo saying they’ll never meet again. Mainly because he feels he’s sinned too much, and can’t taint her hands as well :”D This goes on for a year and he’s a giant mess, and even Habakitsuki’s worried for him. One day, young girls in Edo start getting abducted by the granny who wanted to revive the Marebito, and Kayo’s one of the girls who was abducted. Hearing this, Enishi barges into his house yelling at him to go save Kayo, but he’s reluctant cuz he doesn’t want to be involved with her anymore. Habakitsuki & Enishi yell at him to get his shit together, and that Kayo definitely still wants to see him, probably misses him too. Saneaki joins in the rescue effort and successfully manages to save everyone, finally fucking talks to Kayo after a year, who is still extremely happy to see him. After the incident though, he decides he needs to see Kayo more often, so he leaves Ootenta at her house so whenever he has a yokai job, he’ll come find her to pick it up. The story ends with him coming back from his job, where Saneaki stays a while longer to cuddle with Kayo for a while. (◡‿◡✿)

Saneaki’s past hit me the hardest. Too much pain in that whole bulk of a story, and he himself is a giant mess believing he’s sinned too much that he can’t meet Kayo like this. :”D He’s too good of a man, but he has a whole bulk of sad backstory. :”D Please give Saneaki all the love he needs :’D I personally feel that it was really sad that his final story was from the Aramitama ending, but it can go to show that Aramitama endings are not always the worst. There could have been something from the Nigimitama, something like Suzukake’s final where he doesn’t have to always wield the sword to protect Kayo. The Sakimitama ending really had nothing to continue from, I’m seriously ok with it not being “canon”. The final story being after Aramitama made me feel that Saneaki is really glued to the sword and nothing can save him from it other than Kayo, which is really hecking depresso to me at least. It was fulfilling, but this sweet man deserves better. ;w;

Plum Book: Enishi

Ah, another cup of depresso to talk about. Enishi’s stories are the true clusterfuck where his past is explained in a scene happening in the middle of his route! But his winter/final story take place in the Kimi Ends, while his Ken end extras are only the compulsory ones. One of which is the one where he doesn’t remember shit, but Hanzou sets Kayo up on a date with him anyway to get him to relax. Just another cup of depresso for me as Enishi with no memories is still good as ever and the day ends with him calling Kayo “hime” to tease her, in which Kayo starts crying because she legits misses the old him. ;w;;;;

For Enishi’s past, it’s pretty easy to understand, at least to me. Enishi was born into the Matsudaira family and was set up, from the start to be sent to Edo Castle as a shogun candidate because Iemitsu actually remembered him. Desperate to keep the Mito Matsudaira family in the shogunate line, they pretty much harshly trained him so he could get all the skills to be accepted by Iemitsu. In the harsh times though, Enishi really loved looking out for Tatsukage, who was outcasted by the family for being frail & unable to do anything. Unforunately when the time came for Enishi to participate in the sword tournament, their father set it up so Enishi would definitely win. Enishi was crushed after realising his win was set up, and Tatsukage couldn’t do anything about it too, because he had no power to argue back anyway. ;w; This broke apart the siblings’ relationship, but Tatsukage was sent to Edo Castle along with Enishi because “they were close”. That’s just fucking sad wtf.

Guilt-tripped by the tournament, Enishi still received Mikazuki Munechika, the trickiest sword to hold, and managed to pull it out of it’s sheath. Enishi ended up living with his guilt, and had Mitsuyoshi & Hanzou placed under him. He finally broke down one day when he was sent off to kill a giant ass Yokai, but could never unleash the true powers of the Heavenly sword, mainly believing it’s because he’s a fake and didn’t win the tournament by his strength. Enishi ends up admitting to Iemitsu, who came by to save him, that his win was all set-up and doesn’t deserve this position anyway. From then onwards he started being a slob and hanging around Edo getting drunk to get by his days. :”D Iemitsu ended up giving him the spy job in the end to keep him around in the castle, but he’s still a mess until he met Kayo.

For his final story, it takes place in Sakimitama ending where he moves out of Edo with Kayo & her dad to start becoming a farmer. The first story has him learning how to make Soba & him getting some fulfillment about it, but the final story’s the best I would say. One day, Hanzou comes rushing in telling Enishi that Iemitsu has collapsed, and they need him back at the castle immediately. He rushes back immediately, with Hanzou bring Kayo after as moral support. Turns out Iemitsu’s fine, but they’re in trouble because a messenger from one of the region’s in Hinomoto is coming to have an audience with Iemitsu about the famine happening in the area thanks to the bad energy coming from the doors to the afterlife. They need Enishi to pose as Iemitsu, because technically he’s the only one trained in it to do so anyway. After getting encouragement from Kayo though, he agrees to do it, so Kayo gives him her Kanzashi as lucky charm. (*´◡`​*) He succesfully makes it, and Iemitsu jokingly tells him he can have his position due to his failing health. However, Enishi’s content to giving life to the people of Edo through food, so he returns back to Kayo & to his life as a farmer. It ends with them pretty much cuddling and Kayo praising him for a job well done. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Comically though, when the story ends, Hanzou literally rushes in finding Enishi telling him that Tatsukage’s collapsed LMAO.

Whew, my Enishi love is too strong, this summary’s longer than all the other dudes!! (I think) I really, just feel bad. And really sad. Fulfilled as well, since I have so many emotions for the final. I really think Enishi has the abilities to be shogun, he just needs more confidence!! And the final story really shows how he’s gained confidence that he doesn’t want to live the rich shogun life and rather be a poor farmer instead, to help the people of Hinomoto in a different way. He really has that leader aura, but I think it’s best for him to be settled down & away from all the politics crap. Enishi is still my best boy after all of this, he deserves so much more!!! Also I must say, Kayo in this Sakimitama ending looks the prettiest out of all her other Sakimitama designs. (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

Hydrangea Book: Sakyou

Sakyou’s story all just take place in his Sakimitama ending, which I personally thought was the best for him!! His Aramitama is pretty much an old flashback, while the Kushimitama showed an excerpt about how a certain family member of his manages to tear Muramasa away from his hand and get rid of the sword once and for all, which was pretty sad I must say;; The Nigimitama ending has Tsuzuramaru & Taichi showing up at Sagihara house, where Sakyou gets them to fight their retainers so their retainers will be stronger.

Sakyou’s backstory is technically, very self-explanatory since it’s already mentioned, but it’s a little more in depth. Sakyou used to be a very cute kid who really loved his sister, and because of the age difference, she was married off quite early in his life. Sakyou really loved his sister, and was overjoyed when she came back when she was pregnant. Unfortunately that was the exact time when the entire family except Sakyou got murdered by Zantetsu cuz Sakyou just happened to be sick on that day. They were on their way back from getting blessings at the shrine, and Zantetsu attacked them thinking they were carrying Doujigiri. (This is actually explained in Zantetsu’s story) Sakyou then went on a long chase & living the back streets for his revenge, and almost got to him once until Zantetsu escaped his execution.

For his Sakimitama stories, the first one is mainly about Kayo wanting to be more “womanly” for him, but not being successful in it cuz Kayo’s just like that, and Sakyou likes her the way she is. For the final story though, it starts off with a certain kid in their school being silent and always bullied. Unfortunately, the kid turns out to be an Oni, which all the kids are fucking terrified of because they’ve been told by their parents to stay away. They literally start throwing rocks at him, and Sakyou ends the class immediately telling them to keep quiet abt this. He & Kayo then walk the Oni kid home. The family the kid’s from ends up having to move out of town since the kids can’t shut up about it, and the kid doesn’t turn up for class the next day. The kids in the class start to shit on the Oni kid, and Sakyou steps up and tells them that racism is bad & how they shouldn’t discriminate. The story ends with him guarding the oni family on their way out of town, and how he’s slowly beginning to move on & understand not all Onis are bad. (✿◠‿◠)

I think nothing much has to be said about Sakyou. Most of his stuff was already covered, and his after stories are sweet and just nice. I just can’t seem to like him as much because of how tease-y he is. ^^; For his final story though, I really think it’s good because he ended up growing a hate for the Oni just because of Zantetsu. But not all of them are bad, and he learns that in this final story and moves on. If you read the description of his feelings, he actually still has hesitation in him, but still does the right thing in the end. I think it’s great that he’s slowly understanding them and letting go of the hate.

Marigold Book: Suzukake

Suzukake’s story also mainly happens in the Sakimitama ending as well with the final being set up in this ending, although the stories about his past happen in the Aramitama where he ends up serving Iemitsu. His Aramitama stories mainly involve him realising the truth of wielding one of the 5 heavenly swords, that it’s mainly protecting the gates. He injures himself pretty badly when trying to seal the gate which Tsuzuramaru revived from, and tries not to let Kayo worry about him. The story also has him swearing to Carla that he’ll protect Hinomoto, and not use the sword anyhow he wants.

For Suzukake’s past, Carla picked him up when he was dumped in the mountain. Adults would sometimes dump their newborns there because they couldn’t afford to raise them due to a lack of food. Carla had planned on using a baby Suzukake as medicine, but changed his mind after seeing a dream of Suzukake saving Hinomoto using Juzumaru. Due to this, he started raising Suzukake in a cave cuz he pretty much knew the yokais wouldn’t be happy if there’s a human around. Unfortunately, one day when he was out, a curious Suzukake left the cave and ran into a bunch of yokai. The yokai where all “horrey shit” and demanded Carla for answers, and he pretty much explains to them about Suzukake saving Hinomoto & him being raised by Carla. The yokai still didn’t rlly like him though, since he couldn’t hear the tree spirits. One day though, Suzukake finally awakened to hearing the spirits which ended up gaining all the yokais approval. (also because he’s a really pure kid ;D) After that, Suzukake started living with the yokai, and learning from Carla & Nurarihyon about medicine. Hatsuma makes an appearance in this one too, when he was there to ask Carla questions.This pretty much continued where Carla told him about the sword tournament, and him departing Edo.

For the final story, Edo goes to shit when a sudden mass giant hoard of corrupted yokai show up to attack the town. Suzukake tries to talk sense into them, but they’re all messed up due to the energy from the Tokoyo, so they have no choice but to be killed. Carla soon shows up to help the situation as well, getting the people of the town to use an incense to ward off the yokai temporarily. Iemitsu soon shows up as well, asking Suzukake to save the town with Juzumaru. Suzukake then goes off with him to the gate to seal it, and does it successfully, keeping Edo peaceful again. ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧

Suzukake’s final story was really good. It mixed the whole fate of him saving Hinomoto & being together with Kayo, because the former was kinda of thrown out of the window when the Kimi endings started. I liked that they tied that end up because I’d be wondering where it went. (If my memory serves me right, because I seriously don’t remember that well anymore if he did any gate closing in the Sakimitama ending;;) Otherwise, I personally don’t have any beef with Suzukake having the Aramitama ending, because his personality wise, I think he’ll probably do the right thing and keep Edo safe. It’s actually reflected in other routes too that he ends up winning and serving Iemitsu, so I guess he’s the “canon” next Ichibangatana? Eitherway, Suzukake’s a good boy, too pure for my dead soul. Please give him some love!!

Nirinsou Book

Nirinsou is a flower which grows 2 flowers at the time, hence explaining this book. Yes, 3P stories! Not exactly lmao. Some of them are, but some of them are just stories which happened between 2 of the pursuable dudes. Some of these stories actually even happen in a certain route! A few examples of these stories include stuff like Tsuzumaru helping out at Sakyou’s school, Enishi & Kei working as police to find out the truth of a disgruntled dude (this is for Enishi’s Nigimitama btw) and Suzukake & Kayo having a farewelll to Saneaki who’s leaving Edo.

Some are 3P and involve Kayo, while some just involve the guys. An example would be Saneaki running from Tsuzuramaru & Suzukake who are chasing him to fight him, and Kei gets dragged along in the drama, as well as Kayo at the last moment where they hide in a shed together LMAO. There’s also crimebusting with Tsuzuramaru, Kei & Kayo. Stuff which happens behind Kayo are like Enishi & Saneaki performing before the sword tournament starting. There’s quite a bit of stories in this book, and they’re all wholesome, and even funny.

Edo Chrysanthemum Book

This is probably the best book out of everything, because this one touches on the side characters of the game. You got that right, the side characters! This one literally touches on the stories from Uesama sealing the gates & fighting the Marebito to Tsuzumi’s life story. These stories literally cover every single side character you’re interestd to know about, and gives at least some insights about them. I gotta say though, I particularly like the characters involved in Enishi’s route (Tatsukage, Hanzo, Mitsuyoshi), and notable mentions would be on Habakitsuki and Omatsu & Taichi.

These stories would be hella hilarious too, with Tatsukage blabbering on about his life to Kayo & Enishi listening in. He ends up telling Kayo to take care of Enishi before leaving like a shitty tsun he is lmaooo. There’s also Habakitsuki coming up with her whole story where she’s seemingly Saneaki’s guardian angel taking care of him making sure he doesn’t fall sick sleeping on the roof lmao. (I think she is though, just Saneaki doesn’t believe it wwww) I think my favourite, would be Hanzo dressing up like a townsperson and looks too different none of the guys or the castle guards notice her lmao. But she’s really cute and I appreciate that a lot!!! Mitsuyoshi’s was funny because it just described a day in his life running around chasing Enishi, then getting nagged by the brother, poor dude.

Notable story ones would be the story about Carla’s origins, Iemitsu dealing with the gate after Hatsuma died, as well as Zantetsu & Shiguragi’s past. I think these 3 were the most important to story as it tied up some loose ends here and there. Iemitsu cleaning up after Hatsuma cleared up some missing plot as to how the sword was recovered and the gate was temporarily fixed. Carla’s one was interesting though, he was apparently part of an Onmyouji which created the 5 Heavenly Swords and has seen them being passed down through the years. He died & became a Tengu, and continues to watch humans use the swords, and was the one who told the shogunate about the power of the swords. It makes sense as to why he could see the dream of Suzukake wielding one of them. Overall, I think these stories were very fulfilling and clear some questions I had about the plot, and I really appreciate the love given to the side characters!!

Zinnia Book

This is the last book unlocked after everything has been read, and technically just has a short flashback of all of them meeting, followed by a conclusion by each of the characters. It’s a nice conclusion to all the stories you’ve read, just as a nice finisher to everything you’ve read through.


Momoyo Tsuzuri first shows you 11 books to read. You’re locked to reading the Geranium book, followed by the Camelia book in order to unlock all the other books. While you can open the books, all the stories will be locked until you fulfill the certain requirements of each story to read them. The Sakura book is unlocked within itself, and unlocks the stories happening in the Nirinsou book. Because most of the Edo Chrysanthemum books are set in the respective routes, you’re forced to read the character books to unlock all of them. The final book, the Zinnia book, will only be unlocked after reading all 100 stories in all of the other books. As you can see, all books are named after flower, probably because of the Hanakotoba behind it, and the character’s main flower.

Reading stories & picking options will give you Magatama to collect, which can be used to unlock special voices & extra art I’ll be explaining later in the extras section. You can carry 999 magatama at a time. There’s also the bookmark system, where you gain them from picking certain character’s bookmarks in different parts of the Geranium, Camelia & Sakura books. You’ll actually have to collect all 10 bookmarks for each guy to unlock some short stories as well, to complete the game’s trophies.


There are a few extras in this game: the concept art and some cutin art, the voices to get to know the characters, as well as the short stories. These are all available in the special/extras menu with all the CGs, soundtrack & videos, and need to be unlocked by different things. The extra art page can just be unlocked by the collected magatama, and you can get some free concept art of the characters. It’s quite minimal though, so it’s better to bu ythe official artbook for full coverage.

The voices system is pretty much like many of Rejet’s other games, where you go into a menu with the characters, and you can click on the different voices to hear their favourite season, reactions if you said a certain thing to them, and many more. These are not only for the main 6, but for the rest of the side characters if you’re really interested to know more of them. I was rushing to complete the game, so I didn’t manage to unlock everything, but from past Rejet games I know these are pretty interesting to hear.

Lastly, are the short stories which can only be unlocked unless you gather all 10 bookmarks for each guy, spread around the 3 books as mentioned earlier. These short stories has our main 6 posed as different yokai, and is a story about them being the yokai. They’re really interesting though, since it’s like an AU of the character as something else. I read a little of Enishi’s one, and it was really funny. Unfortunately, because I was rushing, I decided to skip reading these as well & only screenshotted the chibi art. Maybe I’ll get back to them when I have the time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think Momoyo Tsuzuri is a really fun FD. Rejet continues to drown in tons of story content, and with KgK it’s quality story content. I really like how the games likes to consider all possibilities and adds extras to even the “bad” endings. I also really hella like how much they love their side characters too, giving stories to almost all of them. Even side characters have stories, and we would like to know more about them too! The side character stories really made me take a liking to certain ones because of their POV of certain scenarios. This FD really has a lot of shit going for it, and is jam-packed a lot of content to finish off. This game took me a while to finish, and it was nice reading 1 story every time on the bus ride home from school. It could have been finished faster, but unforunately I played this right smack in the middle of my project period so I couldn’t complete it until it was over. I enjoyed all the content in the game, so if you’ve completed the first once I encourage playing this!! Everything is wholesome in this game, which is hella great and good for relaxation! A tiny gripe I have with the game is that some stories expect you to have played the For V version of the game, which is understandable since this is on the Vita too, but there might be before who didn’t bother to buy the port and went straight for this. It kind of makes some situations a bit ??? because it continues after the For V extras if you haven’t read them. For the characters, my ranking of Enishi > Tsuzuramaru/Saneaki > Kei > Suzukake/Sakyou remains, the same, but I think I may like Saneaki a bit more after this FD. In conclusion, this game definitely needs to be played if you’ve finished the first one, and obviously I reccommend the first game, so, please try out this series!


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